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3. Meiste & Nephew- Saving is Smart




  • June 5, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father another morning in hell thankful we are to you for life to be alive to be your camp meeting and I just pray Lord that as we grapple with this issue of stewardship of the in faithful stewards of the stuff you put in our hands that you would empower us to the Holy Spirit to implement the things that we Father some of the stuff is painful it's going to hurt but the Lord will grow through it in you better stewards and then come your becoming for us so please help us now and Melissa as she shares know we all just go away from this time together knowing we spent some time with you Gryce and you know what you open your Bibles with me to Proverbs Chapter 6 So today we're talking about saving saving is what Martz smart right OK saving a smart so we're going to look here. And this passage Asama wrote and we're going to look at a couple aspects out of this but in Proverbs Chapter 6 verses 6 through 11 we have this passage go to the ant you sluggard consider her ways and the wise which having no captain overseer or ruler provides her supplies in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest how long will you slumber sluggard when we were rise from your sleep a little sleep a little slumber a little folding of the hands to sleep so so poverty come on you like a prowler in your need like and then go to the ant you sluggard Now there's many aspects we could take this passage into you know the issue of work OK which is you know God gave us work before sin was here. Put at Adam and Eve in the garden to tend and keep it says in Genesis $215.00 if I remember right so work is something that we as a human as humans are supposed to be doing OK so if he says go to the ant you sluggard because ants they work constantly don't they you know and what you never have got answered your camper OK yeah deal with them answer my camper you got and sit home what do they do they're always looking for something more are OK and they're always working gathering right now it's interesting when it comes to ants they do store up and don't just well there's a little piece of meat that those that know they're actually gatherers they gather why because it's going to be winter's coming right and they're not going to be out be able to go out there and gather this is like honeybees I do I do beekeeping as a hobby anyone do beekeeping Yeah you know honey bees are another example of of savers they will pack you put your supers on the keep and they keep packing away honey now they need all the honey they don't but they'll keep hacking away Hearn got put in their mind why because winter is coming they need to make sure they have enough reserves so that when the hard time comes they'll make it through it OK Now it's interesting in the spirit of prophecy on this passage what Ellen White has to say she says the ants teach lessons of patient in industry and preserve an insurmountable. Perseverance excuse me in surmounting obstacles a providence for the future that we're Providence means thrift frugality foresight and that's what we're talking about. This whole idea of saying OK I'm not going to live just for the moment Now granted we need in the for the moment the so you have you don't have tomorrow you have right now in that respect yes we live for Christ right now but we're also supposed to plan in that planning there is saving you are going to store up you're going to put aside because there is going to be a time when you might need that extra OK And she also says Solomon points to the industry of the ants. As a reproach to those who waste their hours in idleness or in practices that corrupt soul and body Now it's interesting practices that crap so on by men what I read the other day about debt she says that debt is a snare of Satan to ensnare the soul OK So this whole idea of not planning that saving on it once near the soul and that's what she's saying here the end prepares for future seasons and that's what we need to do you know life can throw you some major curve canted you know Melissa was shared 1 with with. That just kind of came on the blue I mean they were not anticipating this but because she mentioned that they had saved they had done their planning and what they needed to do what could have been a disastrous situation financially you know not be a disaster financially because they saved so what God wants us to do and you know I've had people ask me to sell the time well you know off the Lord's common you know why do I need a why do I need to save money well you know the council we have is that need to live as those come the day the plan is always come in 50 years right so you just have to as in you know what and not and this may not sit well with some but I don't I don't believe you need to have a $1000000.00 to retire. OK. I think that's a false concept because it's because what I believe is this what you need to retire is a relationship with Christ Jesus which you need to retire is good stewardship principles but don't wait until you retire to implement good stewardship principles you start now OK and yeah you need to have a little savings but if you're if you're smart and you're putting all these things in the place in your life when you get to that time of retirement Yeah you know you may not be able to you know lay on the beach and can't do and you know for your rest your life but that's not what God wants to do anyway you may retire from your your employment but you don't retire from your work because you continue to work in that work of course work or the gospel so I would encourage you that as we talk today about this issue of saving the most is going to talk Musson nuts and bolts stuff them some practical things that that you may roll your eyes at some of that I do hope thing. But it works for her all right and I'm not here to judge any of that but you're going to hope we're going to pull away today were some things that you know I can do I can try that that may work for me but the idea is this that go to the AT YOU slugger you now look at what the ants do you know we think oh em you know a lot of this but yet that ant and in some instances is more intelligent than we are because why they're following the principles of God's place in the little tiny bring their work in those principles out we work the principles of the God has given us. Well be successful is that. Once you take this into saving and smart so I was really nervous about this me. I had a lot of anxiety about the class and I wanted to say thank you for everybody who's been coming here every day or if you think coming and going this is actually been a lot more fun than I thought it would be haha I forget how much I love talking about these things because we're doing our best to live it and because it's a lot of fun for me like I said I'm a money nerd savings nerd and so today I get to talk about some of those fun things that we do. We're going to talk to some of the savings things we're going to talk through some ways to save in different areas and at the end we may talk a little bit of couponing We'll see if you're interested in learning about that or not depends how much time we have left so I was looking for a fun picture this morning yes yes we can turn the absolutely. Right so all week we've been starting off remembering our why OK and that was a just a fun picture taken at a wedding recently and I love it because it represents the fun and the craziness that is my life. It is 1 of the things we're going to talk about my story today will kind of connect to keep meeting I'm a little bit more and every time I get to spend extra time with my family with my husband and kids and we have to spend more time eating meals together this week than sometimes we do regularly I'm reminded that that they're pretty awesome they're pretty fun I like my kids I think that's a good thing I don't just love them and that my husband is fun to spend time with and we still like each other so I think that that's a good thing but I guess and God's given us our families our relationships around us and as. Clearly showed us that we need to take care of our families 1st and then we can help others and so we've been going through a couple of things this week we're just do a quick review here. On Monday we talked about how debt is dumb OK we can say that but let me get a lot harder so just a few to here in review the key is to get out of debt and to stay out of debt changing those habits they can sure that you don't ever want to go back there again when you're trying to get out of debt do it as fast as you can speed is of the essence here don't get stuck getting out of debt for 10 years you will get nowhere fast pay your smallest at 1st moving from smallest to largest referred to that is the debt snowball this week not an original thought necessarily but you're knocking those things out you're getting rid of them progressively so you can see the when. You consider cutting stuff out of your life what is the stuff that we can live without what don't we really need is a need or a want do I do how fast you want to get out of debt and you start to ask yourself this question what sacrifices are you willing to make and most importantly the ability to tell yourself No biggest parent sometimes it's easier to tell our kids no than it is ourselves that. And so those are just some of the keys that I can't really talk about that on Monday then we moved on to budgeting OK because again we're building throughout the week we want to start out with the idea that we don't want to be in debt but 1 of the tools then is how do we budget OK because budget is better so 1 of make sure that we're making a plan for our money that we're spending it before we get it not as an afterthought making God 1st in our ties and in our offerings making sure that that's our 1st fruit I think that this whole discussion on money is marriage counseling because it really comes down to combining 2 totally different people with 2 totally different backgrounds and usually a spender and a saver a nerd in a free spirit and trying to get you on the same page which is the art of compromise and making sure that you're on the same page when it comes to how you're going to spend your money our money right it's not my money and not his money our money I'm challenging you when you go home to consider it and I'm alone and my suggestion would be to start with groceries if there's something else that you think that would be more important in your life but I would challenge you to consider cash for 1 area and see how that goes See if you notice that you're spending less if that's helping you to control your spending and lastly a budget is really about prioritizing your spending which is really getting to a deeper spiritual issue a reflection of your individual priority which sometimes can be a really. Difficult conversation to have with yourself when we start to see where we are spending our money we may see where our heart of and so that is where this this poll process of money is really about bringing us closer to God All right so I have just 1 hope for today. Saving money isn't about being able to buy bigger and better things it's about being prepared to take care of your family and ultimately then taking care of God's family right saving is it's going to rain something bad's going to happen something's going to come unexpectedly if you've never experienced that I would I would believe you. All right so why is saving money important Well like I just said things are going to happen in life medical medical changes are going to happen we're going to job changes. The dishwasher's going to break the hot water heaters going to explode you can have a flood in your basement tornadoes may come think about so many different things can happen in our life and we want to be prepared for them so that we don't start over this process right we end up back and that we're starting all over again all right so let's talk about some of the things that we're saving for All right 1st of all emergency now I hope I'm not picking on too many of you. And I would challenge you that your credit card is not your emergency fund. And I know that's I happen right I have it for marriage and see it I'm traveling on the road I have these kind of things happening emergencies are going to happen something's going to happen that we didn't plan on we're going to be far away from home. The car's going to break anything like that right. Like I said hot water heater. Appliances right that we need those can think we're going to happen and we want to plan for those emergencies however there is such a thing I would say as an expected emergency. My car is 25 years old and has 300000 miles but the someday I'm probably going to have to replace that pretty soon or that my refrigerator is 15 years old and in today's society 15 years old would you know it's already live 10 years past what it's supposed to be made for. The free there's going to break something's going to happen we need to be aware that these things are things that are going to need to be replaced so they're well anticipated and looking at the sky things that's why we started a household repair envelope. Because we knew that there were more and more things happen in our household and in the last couple years we place the microwave the washing machine and the dryer because they fix they have outlived their their life expense expectancy large purchases this is also something really important to say for now large purchase is going to be different for every family and this again is going to go back to where are you at in the grand scheme of your financial situation maybe it's as much as you want to build an outbuilding maybe it's as simple as. You need some new windows in your home maybe it's a new roof. A new car large purchases things that are not a couple 100 bucks so shocking thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of large purchases and we want to I'm encouraging you don't put that on payment don't think about how much it cost me this month month Think about how much that. Odal planning for that about this 1 vacation vacation is so much fun I think it's good for us to get away spend time together I was excited to hear that there's a couple in our church when they cation without their kids I think that's so exciting for their marriage because bending time together in the port. But pay for your vacation before you go not after you go it's amazing how different that is when you're you're booking those that airline ticket in January for a trip that you're doing in August so when August comes use to go on vacation and have fun and not come back and worry about I had to pay for this and I think for the hotel I was to think I didn't plan for that that vacation will be much more relaxing more freeing and lastly when I can talk about this a lot today but they've been for retirement Joel kind of talked about that already today I know they can talk about that more tomorrow. But we're tired Lord willing will happen for us if he doesn't come soon 1 mission we're prepared for that all right so what about the why the want let's talk about some how how can we speed up our savings plan and a few questions as we go along the way every day I've been nervous that we're going to I'm going to not have enough stuff to say and we've got over everyday. So if you have questions or something I would talk about this all right so let's give up some stuff our self sacrifice like I said this is speeding up our savings plan or how to get out of debt faster OK depending on what stage you're at and your financial situation this may be I I'm out of debt I'm my budget is in order and now I am working on saving. If I am in debt I'm going to use some of these principles to get out of debt fast OK So giving up stuff for self sacrifice anybody want to share anything that they given up or they think they could give up. Friends call. Me. Ringo Oh. Which is and I think that you bring up that excellent point. When I individual especially who are struggling right to make ends meet and those amenities that you're referring to 1 of that cable internet cell phone all the things that we lived without 20 years ago. How many years has been to 7 college yet we don't have cell phones when I was in college that's how old I am. And we survive college without cellphones. We think to become normal right we we have to have Internet we have to have cable satellite have to have Netflix we have to write those things when you start to take that as a percentage of your budget and or just how much that is a month total. It's a lot of money right it's a lot of money and what you're saying is when it's a choice between 2 things what are we willing to sacrifice and give up. And those are hard choices hard to say no to something that we're we maybe hanging onto might be something that that's getting in the way of our relationships right like I know there are things and and our life that. Would be better that we didn't have right and God can bless us through that both not just in our relationship but offer up or anything else you could think of that would be a great self-sacrifice or giving up of stuff I think something yes you are yes she said 1 car versus 2 cars. That would that be very hard right it is. We were talking about that a little bit beforehand we've lost the art of planning we have cellphones that we don't schedule I'll just call you when I get there call me when you're done and I'll come get you right like we kind of lost the benefit of planning ahead a few here I'll see you there and then keeping those commitments yes I think it could be John definitely a sacrifice a. Rod. That. Not. Yep Yep and there are you know there are definitely lots of different ways to travel depending on where you live when you live way out in the country you probably do need a car to live in town there is public transportation or riding your bike I actually have a friend who lives in town who is legally blind and he's in the thirty's and I think about the most wintry blustery day he's out there on his fat bike riding through that now granted his bike probably cost more than some of your car because he has a nice bike but that's his mode of transportation so yes the transportation is a great 1 for us to think about. Garage Sailing now a garage sales a lot of work. And certainly doesn't appeal to everyone but there is something to be said when we are prioritizing saving or getting out of debt right to merchants you find may be plenty for medical Well those kind of things the idea of a garage sale now I'll take that 1 step further and I've read a couple of good blogs about minimalism Now I'm not there yet because I have an internal struggle between I love a good deal and couponing the chime retiring from by the way because I am Uncle Joel and retiring like Iraq is no longer a store that at 1 point if I had a picture I was going to show you guys in you and only all like drop your jaw. Because I may or may not have been an extreme scoop on her New Year's Oh Jill says I was insane hobby. But the idea that we have. Some really good blogs about minimalism and there's this guy who said that they got rid of like 60 percent of their stuff downsized everything that they hang on the wall has a purpose it's really simple house purging that stuff now as I've talked about this week where we're hopefully closing on the House next week it will be in the process of moving is I've talked to my mom and my sister in law I said so could you imagine having to pick up your house and move I'm going to have you right like think about that if you had to pack up your house and move right Barbara I feel like what would I do not look that stuff. It's a lot of stuff and we keep thinking we hang on to stuff then sure we want to keep some memorabilia or remember our our kids childhood or those who think that as we're going through this and like I have 1 big corner ready that's it a garage sale or donate and I feel like as we pack up I'm going to try to go through it all once. And then when we bring it from the basement into the house at the new house I want to go through it again because we've lived in a small condo for 15 years and I this last year I fondly sure all of the stuff like I was always on top of that I kept saying we're going to move someday I don't want to have to go through all the stuff I lost the battle less 6 months ago like there was Christmas paper in the living room you know last week so right like you know when you're in you bed too busy you've lost control of your house what would you want to add. So she's probably the best minimal Are you of are you minimalist because you've packed our deep Oh right so you have the boxes in the basement that haven't been opened after 47 moves in the barn Yes I think that right so right so to pick out some of you men right outbuilding I think of some members of my family that the House that would be the challenge it's the out building where the tools are the lawn mower and in the the wind Wacker and the chainsaw and. Because they can fit the building there you go what if you want to add a. Yes. Yes yes. So do you know what she said is before they came here they had a garage sale and they use that money for 2 purposes 1 to pay for car repairs and 2 to pay for campaigning there's a lot of stuff in your house that you're not using that you could sell. To do some stuff to pay off some debt to save for a vacation to come to camp meeting right I love that yes they. Are students or. Have. Raised money. In years right. Decades. And bless somebody else and I think that that's the tough right when we start talking about self-sacrifice and giving things up there a step that we become attached to but why because our kid or wants to some special program be. Because it's a family heirloom and even though I think it's really ugly I need to keep it I don't know right like whatever reason that may be so it's and Garage Sailing really from a very practical standpoint has changed a lot so now we have Craigslist and all these things that we're talking about today is all about safety right so please be safe and whatever you do in our community online yard sale sites on Facebook very popular you can sell a lot of things on their. Earlier some new apps I've never done the Let It Go app you know so there's a you can tell a e-bay right there's some individuals who used to go around to garage sales and buy There's a guy that bought golf clubs I think right and turn it into a business he buy people's old golf clubs at garage sales and then turn around and sell money even and ship them all over the place and so there's a lot of good ways to get rid of the junk to clear the clutter of your life and get yourself either AAT of debt or build your savings bond or go on vacation or any of those kind of things. Alright I also love getting a good deal I don't know if that's because I'm Dutch I don't know if that's just because I'm just she or frugal almost. Right probably all great I love a good deal I was raised in a home where the art of the deal literally came and art right. Thing is to embarrass me so bad when I was a kid oh so much so. My dad will not pay full price for anything. Hash is king right. So let me see if I'm getting ahead of myself. My life might be a little bit out of order so I get ahead of myself old or that so did a good deal many of us up to today I think I have what. I do bring a right here OK time I'm getting a good deal and I go back your 2nd Alright so I think the key to getting a good deal is to always be nice. I have coupon since Cooper was born which will be 7 in July and we started I started hoop on a nerve saving because diapers are expensive crazy crazy expensive that's how I started and I've been doing it for so long and and I have I have built relationships with the cashiers they like know me by name and Myers I used to shop at Rite Aid I'd be there 8 am every Sunday morning to get the deals religiously for years unless we were out of town. And I was I've learned I'm always going to be very kind OK because they're more likely to help you to give you that better deal. Always always the kind we're trying to get a good deal now this this is a Mike nephew philosophy it is what I have been taught. Now what happens I think for specially women right is we're a little bit more timid a lot of times and are afraid to be offensive or something like that now I'm not saying that the don't ask don't get can be done in a very kind way OK That's why I said Be kind 1st so I literally have been taught Don't Ask Don't get so when I am. Dealing with a utility company if I'm at the grocery store if I'm at a restaurant I'm not afraid to ask because what's the worst thing that could happen know my friend of the word I really am not which is kind of scary sometimes but it's amazing how many things people will give to you if you ask no I think that becomes an interesting discussion we when we come to the end of the week we sort of start talking about giving. That how much are we will if someone would just ask us right who would take the time to ask us how much we would be willing to get right so I spend my mantra practically in business don't ask don't get I've gotten some great deals over the years just because I asked. Yes I love it. Sorry don't ask don't get. Anyone to come to my brain. Don't have. Yes. That's a perfect example yes so we wanted to buy a picnic table for CAN'T meeting and they didn't have they only had the display model and I talked to the person for we can't tell the display model they have 20 an order I called every day last week. So I was like well you have it will you give me the display model a lot of people would say well they told me no I can't I kept asking because of the flame model now they couldn't give me a discount I wish because I said no we have more in order but I wanted the picnic table for campaigning but I think I wasn't afraid to ask them again to do it kindly and nicely yes in the back oh OK. Or at least something in between right yes Drew what did you want and. OK. That's right right and sometimes I say no right or wrong right they use it like 1 of the health systems used to have a prompt payment discount they eliminated that but you know you should ask right if I pay cash Yes because a little bit. You. Yep. Yep because we should pay what we owe. Next Next when I want to get a deal do your research I it's really funny and business I can't help myself we need some therapy supplies and I'm looking it up on Amazon and I have a retailer that we work with regularly and so I'm going through point by point how much do you charge for this I said Well Amazon can beat you by $12.00 on that box if there were to be a goes well that's the best I can do well that I'm not ordering from you. And Grant $12.00 right but that you know that $1530.00 minute phone call we walk through is like OK Will you be Amazon this all buy those things from you and I get free shipping there and then I'll buy this from Amazon and whether I think I probably say $50.00 to $100.00 bucks which I wouldn't be 50 or a $100.00 bill on the ground that's how I'd look at that right. Which because I also I always expect to get a deal and even if that's just a perception of a deal right as I did a little bit of price comparing I didn't spend $4.00 hours looking up every single site on the internet to see what it is or going to 5 stores but because I want to be a good steward at home and at work well I'll take that time yes. Like any other. So I think gas is an interesting discussion right I appreciate that you brought that up because I do sometimes think there is a discussion between time and money and I think we should be good stewards but sometimes I have more time than I have money and sometimes I have more money than I have time right and I think you know and to be reasonable in that it doesn't make sense to drive 30 miles across town to save $3.00 right and I just want to clarify that because that's what happens right as while it's $0.33 cheaper on the south side of town so I'm going to go over there and get 20 gallons and I save myself $0.60 Well that doesn't make sense but if it's a mile down the road right I get that so logic is really really important when it comes to this kind of stuff OK Yes they're. Right right which That's just good stewardship right it's it sounds like there's a lot of good stewards in this room who are making those kind of decisions that you're going well maybe I could get a better deal yes. Yes. I mentioned it the other day because I had said I needed to to buy camp meeting dance to be a speaker right and I went to call. And I could say 30 percent today if I got a card now I'm not mad at anybody in the room if you have a call for the card OK I'm not mad at you we can still be friends OK but because I have personally chosen not to have a credit card for 13 or 14 years I can't remember now right like it's getting longer and longer and trust me based on the total purchase I would have saved over $30.00 right and I love a good deal Oh I love a good deal however that was a principle for me a credit right and again I admitted the other day if I was more on track this last month with my own bloat I would have limited myself a little bit more and because we've been talking about this week there's a lot of stuff at the Macall that you're in the camper that's going to get returned Joe I want to add something he's about to jump out of his chair for 1 more spiritual component to this and my wife is very good at this you know we have the same blood ripped through worse than you were and then the same my sins it's my same Pinney that I 1st learned if if it wasn't for my wife take that wrong. But she says and I think she is spot on is this OK I you know my long more broken down I go it's going to cost 300 bucks somehow honey it's going to cost me in bucks to do a little research we can get it for half that but we end up doing is giving difference to charity so $300.00 but we got a $450.00. I was going to spend 300. $150.00 we're going to the church with some charity and we found is it so it is not so much about the money of space but my mind my heart what it does it keeps my heart soft so I was like Thank You Lord you were able to I mean I was going to spend this I got her this well thank you and that's what we do so with the saving aspect and some throw out there that you know make an issue a pair of you know they're saying it's going to cost this for this to get this fixed do you get the set a better deal for us you know feel good about that and we'll give you the difference and you may not you may say well I can give the whole difference but you know you're a percentage of that savings back to God because you still are in the hope you have the knowledge wisdom doc you were the good she was the spiritual thought an excellent very good and again keep in mind as we're talking about this all of you are at different phases of your spiritual journey right some of you getting out of debt is a priority right now some of you are at the Phase 3 completely debt free and everything in between right so as we talk about these things we're all going to be in a different stage of that by law is bringing and that this is all ultimately a heart issue in our relationship with God. Right by you. Of a 2nd my husband here a 2nd who's managed to jump in water 2 or 3 times with his bonus pocket. And God bless him. We both need to really actually do need sound bites my phone is like dying and I actually it is a need for me and my world. But when he jumped in the pool with the kids the last time and we had fun he had I think it was his 1st smartphone too I was like Are you kidding me you had it 3 months and that survived God bless him he went on the Internet. And some of the pastors I think are making fun of him the other day get these like an i Phone 4 which is like a dinosaur right and he put something on the back of it cause it cracked it so I had like put that on the back and it's dying and and he deserves to have something that works right but he bought a used 1 on e Bay or something which does what it needs to do We needed a new key because we lost our our truck it can't be last summer went on the Internet bought a used 1 of some go to the dealership I use is a great thing to do Used cars are great. Now somethings right buying new is worth it I do and I think that quality often does matter right you get what you pay for however do your research and depending again where you're at on the spectrum right here if you're drowning in debt you should get what you can afford right now. So I think use is great there's a lot of great things my brothers are trying to get us to buy used dirt bikes and they hold their value pretty well actually right like they don't go here like seriously that's an $1993.00 dirt bike and it still cost that much because they hold their value so. Be prepared to walk away this is this is a hard 1. So I don't know we're talking about me a lot the 6 are in this can take your story so we're hoping that we close in this house next to me but I had an e-mail last night that the Rick they're asking a question about the stuff that we've submitted we should be going to fund final underwriting all this kind of Staff and this question popped up that I thought we'd already worked through and I'm a little nervous and so mentally I'm excited about this house but I'm also mentally going this deal may not happen right like we may not get this house which is hard because it's it's a priority for us however it won't be the end of the world and I try to give myself a perspective we start to see something that we like that we want that we save for anything but I repaired to walk away if it doesn't fall within our budget if our needs in our life change if new medical bills pop up all of those kind of thing so I think that's a really great negotiating tip. Now I hate to pay regular price for anything. And I would say buy only when it's on sale can be a great philosophy a lot of times when it comes to groceries or clothes. Never pay full price of coal right for some occult earlier because it will always go on sale like a hobby lobby I know man that's probably 1 of your least favorite stores to go through. The Hobby Lobby is on a cycle where it will be 50 percent off $11.00 week every 3 weeks I think is what did it so there was 1 picture I wanted so badly and I was like which week is that going to be on sale so I go and no. Oh I got it this week right so I want to save my 50 percent off because I think that that price is negotiable because it is Hobby Lobby That is how they sell stuff so when it comes to that buying and selling stuff knowing the store that you're buying it knowing that sales cycles as silly as us is we love black olives in our house. Correct you get 40 percent of the Hobby Lobby but I know I can get 50 percent off so that I weigh. So I like grocery shopping we love blackouts at our house and Meyers always has the 10 for 10 sale get $113.00 and all of a $1.79 a can and when they go 10 for 10 if I buy my 11th item that's $0.91 a can I do not buy all those but when I buy olive I buy like 20 right 20 cans I stock it up. That's how cheap I am yes. Well part of that is the paycheck cycle Too right it's why restaurants have discounts your kids can eat free at Pizza Ranch on Tuesday night because it's it's a slower night for them right whereas the weekends they know they're going to be busy no matter what they're not giving deals and discounts on the right absolutely So those are just these practical frugal frugal simple ways yes. I agree I agree it's kind of fun to to laugh about it because frugal maybe is a better term right because I want to say that we have cheap stuff in our house right. Not junky it's not you know not falling apart. But I like to be for goal in really it's fun for me I and the ox it's. I come from a family of hunters to love to go out in the woods and in and hunt and do all of that kind of great stuff I don't think I could sit in the woods all day long waiting for a deer to walk by I just I don't think I could do that but put me at my iris where there is an assailant shampoos and I'll check out for an hour just to make sure I get that right a shot for an hour or a check out for an hour just so I get that for $0.27 a bottle. And yes right because it's. Because our guys our money is not limitless right. And when we are frugal with what we have I think we're giving more to manage night. As I talked about I have a physical therapy clinic and we have grown slowly and slowly and slowly and God has given me more to manage and God and I wrestle sometimes because I act like I own it and I'm reminded that he owns it and it's been such a great testimony as I have other individuals in our office who I think all of them are Christian but they'll be a day we're gonna like all the schedules looking slow and I'll say out loud like God I've got a guy will take care of us and is going to satisfy referrals tomorrow and he might spend 3 that afternoon right and and the same all of us that a lot of well because I believe that God is providing for right and it's given me more to manage over time and I want to be a good steward of that both at home and at work. My go back to your 2nd I don't want to forget this we talked about this a little bit earlier and I don't have a slide in the right order of where I wanted to be but here are some of the things we have talked about this earlier but here's some stuff to consider would you give up temporarily or permanently write that starts to change your life to give something up you're better off without it. I think that I don't think that going out to eat is immoral but when you're going out to eat every night of the week and you're spending thousands of dollars maybe that's not the best use of your money right but when we're talking about again jetting out of debt saving what would you be willing to give up to have an emergency fund to save up for that new car send your child to a Christian education even talked about that the right like that's a priority for us then as that is 1 of my wise is that I want I'm excited for my kids to go through their education experience and. We're in the values that our school can teach as is the world around us keeps changing so going out to eat and retain it whatever that is for you I mean that is a wide range of things and as we talked about the other day we're not messaging and asked the question should you cut that completely and I say now. You probably should still do some fun things right but the pay what works for your family maybe that's you going to the beach. You have a lot of fun at the beach you can there's a lot of great parks bias when you go hiking but if your wife really likes to go out to eat maybe once a month you can go out to eat right if you're in this process because you want to make sure that you're still in meeting some of the same enjoying some of the things but again when we talk about getting out of debt or say you know saving for something doing the bass and intentionally vacations and then of course we pick on those other things right internet cable cell phone for some people that is necessary right if you work out of your home and and you do everything on the Internet that's necessary right. If it's just to check Facebook maybe it's not so necessary. But again that's why this is also individual. OK but try not to head down this rabbit hole too deeply. I embrace hiring from couponing I don't think my uncle Joe Believe me I like I said I started a number of years ago. And I I like couponing but what and it got us through some difficult time when income changes stuff like that in really a lot of fun but as my boys have gotten older and I don't want to spend every Sunday morning at Myers or right data or Walgreen's getting every deal rather be. Going to camp mediated camping and you know doing other fun things it has changed and it's priority but 1st season of my life I. I was in extreme couponing now 7 cars if you've ever seen the T.L.C. see show which I think is totally not true anybody who coupons thinks that shows completely a farce but yes maybe a grocery cart full of stuff for free I would say probably really close there was a season where I was I was killing it and who but it was a lot of fun right and I really enjoyed it and I actually made some friends. Really the idea of couponing is that. You're going to take advantage of all the different deals now this is not most people they say 3 percent of all coupons are every day and so my guess is most of you would have 0 interest in who can it who bought it in this room because most people don't have the patience nobody wants to cut a coupon most of them end up in the dumpster on that and their Sunday newspaper OK but for me. The idea of saving at the grocery store which is what really gets in trouble a lot of times is that you get it when it's on sale and then let's say there's a manufacturer Scooba right so the Sunday paper comes and there's you know $0.50 off the block bang for the zip lock bags are on sale and the manufacturer's coupon if there's by chance I'm either coupon to go with that or a Walgreens but if you're right you combine that then it's got to store reward right to spend $20.00 get $5.00 back and then Myers has em perk So for every It's really the terrible now but forever $100.00 you spend you get $2.00 back I mean now it's 2 bucks right 2 percent so the idea is you're stacking your deals and so that's what I did for a number of years again I don't have a picture because I'm totally clean at my garage but I had a wall this big top to bottom probably before my sister's garage sale if I don't know I had probably 500 to a 1000 miles of shampoo and conditioner which is why I said I'm a minimalist who's conflicted with who bought it. But as but as God has as my children have grown and as God has grown our business right like it carried us through some of the lunar years it's just gone but I'm going to tell you a little story about our camper OK So we have this is our 5th summer camp meeting. And every year gets easier my boys are. 6 and 4 almost 5 and 7 so our 1st year for the whole week Grady with 10 months old and Cooper was a couple weeks away from 3 so they were little and we borrowed and stayed in my and uncle's camper which had no slide outs did not have hot water I had ants everywhere and the only open space had to pack and play and I cried every day till Wednesday I did it was hard because I wasn't used to having go to the bath house and bedtime took 2 hours and and all of these things and but we were a camp meeting and then actually part of the again and during that time I'm couponing I am Garage Sailing some of it I'm doing lots of online yard sale I'm selling clothes where purging the house trying to keep the clutter down like I said I lost control that 6 months ago and sold and sold and sold and so on I would I had an album blow up I kept a home yes it was in our safe at home right and every time I get enough money I turn it into 100 dollar bill. Because it's because when you start counting 100 dollar bills and you think about I went out every Sunday morning my husband stayed home and made the boys picnic so I could you know get us some deal so I could get diapers for $3.00 a package or free so I you know so we could save so we could save and that step grew and grew and grew and we would say yes let's get a camper and Mitch would go on Craigslist and look and I would go you know we should spend all that money and that I can't for now let's not do it and then we would say yes let's say no to him back in for at and a couple of years ago right this is our 3rd year using it. We had saved the US $9000.00 I mean and that is a lot of hours of buying and selling and you know. A lot of a lot of no shows on those on line yard sale sites people not showing up people telling me I was terrible because I would donate my whole supplies to their charity I mean right it's the Internet people are rude. And so we took that money. And Mitch was looking and he found this camper and he went looked at it and you know are we all went to me like we think this could work for our right and that's I think it's a 2000 or 2003 like it's not brand new it doesn't have all the bells and whistles. And my husband went back in the Go shoot and now I'm traditionally more of a negotiator if you can tell in our family but again if you met my dad it would totally make sense. So the match went with my my husband was my brother because by Brother knows a lot about campers I said lunch guys look at it and we had decided on what we were going to offer and what our top was going to be right and they took our initial offer and we were like sweet because then what we had saved after we had to pay the taxes and stuff like that it was that amount of money and we have enjoyed this cameras like the Taj Mahal for us it is 3 times bigger than the camper I borrowed it has hot water we have a slightly slanting floored It's not perfect but we get to come to camp meeting every year we get to go camping with the boys we can spend time with friends and family going we can camping trips we're hauling it all we have to cancel goal for 4th of July which is like 10 hours like way up in the U.P. we did that last summer for the 1st time which was great because you're taking your whole house with you and you just slide it in and take that message home right like I love that so this camper literally didn't come from any of our income this was all extra because I was I was taught if you want extra you do extra right it didn't come from my husband's income or my income or anything we did extra and as a teen and this is really with a team effort has a smidge wasn't going to take care of the boys while I went grocery shopping and sometimes Adric the boys on those trips to once in a while I've dragged Mitch on those but he loses interest really fast. We use the principle of saving and selling stuff and all that has not had a camper to be a camp meeting so that camper I appreciate to no end because I didn't put it on payment right I didn't you know it's not I'm not worried about if something happens to it because he asked for it so that's just 1 of many saving stories but it's really kind of the funniest 1 I think and and 1 of the biggest kind of happen though. So if you have your sheets and if anybody wants 1 we're talking this week about. Giving you a chance and I know if you brought home a front of me wants 1 right we're talking about what's your why so if you want to take a couple of minutes. Any takeaways that you have from today anything that you might implement that you like oh I want to try this or maybe we need to say for this I don't know how many more copies I have left. How how what we talk about today change your family tree and how you better be able to serve others because of it and going back to your wife so I'm going to take a couple of minutes and then well we'll have about 10 minutes left today look at that we have some time. Are you. So let's come back to that couple minutes to make some notes and then let's talk about that I'm going to write it down so I don't forget as OK I want to everybody I want to do take a couple minutes if you would if you have a take away just to kind of reflect what we talk about today and then we'll come right back to those questions I promise but your 1st. OK So can we ask the great question we're talking about saving for things and we're still in debt right now I. Just had to use Dave Ramsey's debt snowballs as a point of reference OK. And I tweaked us a little bit and I'm kind of do you know I kind of think those things happen at once and I think yes actually I like the house 1st I like getting rid of the house I think there's a huge sense of security right but 1st and foremost of this is the right is in a current over to of all your debts right don't be behind right so you got to bring everything current 1st OK. Then you need to be mergence right you've got to have a little money in the bank just so that you don't go backwards and all. That stuff will happen. And his suggestion is a $1000.00. What do you. I don't think it matters right I think it whatever works for you right I mean that could be an when you're safe at home being your sentences. All depends on how you bank right you know I can transfer from my phone right into my checking account in 30 seconds right now if you're not using your phone to do your banking then you may want to have the safe at home if it's in a save a home in your 500 miles away from home then maybe you can access that right like so whatever works for you in regards to that we have a we have a savings account that's emergency fund slash house fund at this point I like that's kind of this so then getting out of debt right that would be then it's really all about that you've got a got a wife the debts off that's why we started with that on Monday being debt free minus your house you have to start there because otherwise you're pushing and pulling yourself in 2 different directions at the same time and you're not going to go anywhere you're not going to gain any traction go at saving for bigger emergencies or saving for a car or you know saving for vacation comes later right that's what we talk about that 1st then you know figure out how to budget and manage your money better so that then we can get to saving OK so getting debt free and really I mean this is probably 18 to 24 months. Most people that do it do it that fast which seems can seem like a really long time when you have a lot of debt hanging on but it can be done when you start and you can implement some of the saving principles at that point so we do the where who do. These words start. Yes it's addictive to get these. Huge where you live and you try to see it everywhere and it becomes a whole Again you're playing. So engrossed in the. Euro you're. Right it's all in 2000 oh it is amazing and it's not about income like the I Am the stories it's amazing how there are because I listen to that Abramson show because I enjoy that and the people who call and who make $100000.00 a year and have $50000.00 and that think that's going to take them 10 years to pay it up based on my plan that could take me 10 years you know like what are you spending your money on right like criterion you tell me you can't cut you know how much money out your budget each month and that's where it comes down to lifestyle right this really right here this is what gets us in trouble. More than anything it's lifestyle it's what we're used to spending money on stuff that's not important I mean we've installed a piece of her furniture in our garage in our living room because that wrist wasn't enough room in the living room any work side kids play in there so we sold a piece of furniture because yes it went with the set and I don't need it anymore so that's where you know this is and that's what we talk about this is the garage like getting out of debt I would garage sale sell everything that you can I mean my kids for a while because I was selling so much on those on line yard sales are like Mommy are you going to sell my whatever like they are that question came up a lot. Yes I made my get money I do sell my whatever I keep saying to them when we don't need it anymore they were probably going to sell them right you know if you're playing with those toys yes right like I'm not selling your matchbox cars those used all the time and you like them and their phone that selling that they saw for a couple years when we when we got the camper and we were paying off our smallest loan on the building I mean I we were going nuts and I owe right so frustrating to deal with people on line yard sales and garage sales but it worked right then we're going to save that for that emergency and we talked about that a little bit yesterday a brave couple kind of talked about this and kind of asked this question afterwards yesterday this is you want to get this done and then you're saving for that rainy day right and this isn't. Just this is not 3 to 6 months of income but that sink in a 2nd right. I said that's wrong and should be expensive. So the other day I shared how my husband got fired but I didn't share that I've been fired and laid off also because I think I'm not a good employee. I'm a I'm a better leader I'm a better leader than I am impolite. But this is expenses and so 3 times so far in my adult life I've had to shut it right you're like what what do I really need to live on which is very different than what you currently spend a month. Where you're going to find is by the time you get to this point your expenses will be less than they were when you're of here because your lifestyle change. So maybe they can right now expenses you know where you know what as you are doing this your license changes so your expenses are going to be last year so this is it's amazing right this thing how this inserts change your whole life exactly and you might be a live on you know a $1000.00 for $200.00 a month if you I mean it's amazing how you know you think about just what your expenses are and eventually get to that point where you don't have a mortgage or those who think like you can really live on a very little and eat out of the freezer and eat out of the pantry and right it because those situations don't last forever right maybe a couple of months that somebody is out of work I didn't work for 3 weeks I think I had surgery which didn't wasn't I mean I think I took a paycheck that month haven't contributed anything to my business but it didn't affect us we were OK We had more food that we in the freezer at the pantry because I was couponing. So then right so then he you know Dave really says he's really retirement's really important again I always had to remind myself this is coming from somebody who you know doesn't believe in the soon coming of Jesus right like we do right and yes it's important if we learned anything from 844 is let's plan for the future but you know live like today may be our last. Plenty for kids college we're not doing this well we're in debt we're not doing you know we're not putting money in the. Educational Savings Account for the kids but someday that's coming and yes the benefit of compound interest and the cost of college is a real gift right like that's how we can change our family tree he says half the house as a 6 I love Ed read the book and it's your money isn't it and hey that was I mean I read that 15 years ago and the thing that he talked about was paying the Hausa and and that there so no you lower your risk right when your house is paid for you a place to live. I think that changes your whole world right so so there's that and then. I think this is the thing right like poor Dave is known as the you know if you drive the Dave car it's the $1000.00 junker car and if you're Dave Ramsey person like you are you know it's all about the debt called a talk and some of the dates 1 of my biggest talking to Drew about this. They have 1000000 are millionaire theme hours people who are. 1000000 dollars which is property and retirement look I think but I love the questions that a F He's like how much what's the most you've ever paid for perishing. Right what do you do for a living I mean there are teachers there airplane mechanic I mean these are not Fortune 500 C.E.O.'s that are calling in and trying to take some of the other great questions that he asked Did you borrow money to get where you're at No. Have you ever bought a new car like that's kind of some have some haven't. And just kind of gets their story and stuff like that right now they're just regular people but the idea I love those because we're not just talking about the people who are struggling right or time of people who are winning with money which means they're making good choices in their life right money is just a reflection again we talk about this is the money is just a reflection of our priorities where our heart is and I added this right because he really does like no went out the idea we're talk about that on Friday. It really truly is more blessed to give than receive and we're reading it and Arthur's bedtime story the other night about these kids that we're going to have a thing for Christmas in the older brother and sister who must've been you know. Tenant made out of cardboard like this you know doll house or whatever their little twin sisters right and how excited they were and they made little furniture and put wallpaper and right and they had their Christmas morning for their little sisters and I thought of the boys who got done it's not exciting like it's fun to do yeah and so how do I teach my boys that it's actually more fun to get presents to other people like you can't let them to open it that it's fun to give to missionaries overseas it's fun. To give to a church project it's fun to give a can't mean it's you know that that's really fun and so the idea of all of this is really to be in the space and what jolt the examples that Joel keeps getting. It Right and that's when he's here right Joel is looking for any aspect in his life to give more. Like Isn't this a fun place to be what this be like like you've raised your kids you know your house is paid for you have no debts you're playing out where your money is going in you're here so when something comes up you've got money already in an account right it's not going to sacrifice something I've already set money aside because this because of whatever projects are going to come yes I've already done that because I am looking for more and more reasons to get and that's and that's where I want to be like that oh and right that's a lot of fun. You have the No 1 else. You. If that's that's really the that's 40 this is where we need to be like the most of that extra giving you're giving throughout this process you know stop you're good for just that when you get here now there's no restrictions nothing as he. And this is a matter you can do that but you know it's a it's a changed I mean my wife and I are here right now. My attitude that I have now is given I did not have. I mean I used to be I was you know like a set of haves that have a personal I mean I was a stingy is what I was very sins were you know it's a it's been a beautiful transformation in my life where I can look you know I don't have to have all the answers you're in me. You know where before I have all the answers I want to make sure that the you are wasting your life's money and all this but I you know what I really don't care so much about that yet I want to be able someone and you know we can practice but I'm not so concerned because you know I've come to realize the whole lordship issue and I'm just here. To or my Lord's will you know that's where he once was that's when all this is on hold so we're hoping to let's wrap up and then I get if anybody else has questions I'll stay after Joel has time I'm sure he'll say after. You are we thank you so much again for. That's great groping these great questions and and it's so fun to see how you the whole experience working in this room I can see it I can feel it personally and thank you for showing us that that money is just a reflection of our heart and please God we pray that you change our heart. And so that we can really live and get like no 1 else. Please be with us all the rest of this campaign and continue to keep us safe and we thank you just for the blessing that can't mean it is and I look forward to that the greatest can't mean of all which will be in heaven. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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