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A Thoughtful Hour- Part 2

Justin Ringstaff




  • June 5, 2017
    9:00 AM
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How Father in heaven. We're so grateful for your love for us thank you for calling each 1 of us here this morning we pray that you would be here with us the you would guide us the you bless us with your near presence open our minds Lord open our eyes Lord that we may see you now we may know that you're here with us pray for each 1 here today I ask Lord that you may be minister to them that you may speak to them they will hear your voice they'll know that you love them be with this camp meeting we've just been so thankful Lord for the rich outpouring of your spirit that you've given us yes there's been rain but Laura there's also been the sweetness and joy of yourself amongst us a joy that is not built on circumstance but that's built on your enduring word your promise to us thank you for the Rainbow a promise that spanned the campground yesterday it's another reminder that your promise is here with us so bless this time now Lord I ask it in Jesus' name. Amen. Of the morning again how many of you were here yesterday they are Saskia how you were not able to be here yesterday OK Just a couple are reminders. We have. I asked yesterday about such a Pam book there's a little as want to clarify that some have some questions and say if you came every session I have a copy for you you may already have a copy and you can take it or give it to a friend if if you have a friend here that wasn't able to be here every time you could give it to them. But I had talked about the reason why I especially think this is so bad will is the whole content of it and I encourage everybody to read through it there's a mentor is a guy that goes with it this is built especially for new members that come into the church and yet I encourage all of our members to go through it it's just such a rewarding experience it helps to ground in and just basic essentials of being a 7th Day Adventist but in the back there is also a Bible spirit prophecy correlated reading plan which is worth more then gold more than buying gold yes. Or. A man. I don't. See. A man like. This. Watch. My. Name in a minute. Yes. It is. A man when you see someone's eyes twinkle with the light of heaven it just does something to you and it's wonderful. Well within that is just a Also a reminder of accountability so when talk just a few moments about some principles on talk about scheduling and then we're going to get into our devotion this morning so. Thinking here I was going to wait my my dear wife was copying something force and I'm going to talk about that here in a moment but when you are beginning devotional life some of the hardest things are to be consistent talked a little bit about that yesterday you know we jump into it and then you get going and then you fall away in then you hear a rousing message at church the I need to get back to and then you get back to it me start going in then. The slide back down so on to talk today about schedule lean accountability in those things that can help to. To protect us as it were from you know sliding back into a life in consistent prayer and devotion so part of the morning devotional life before I talk about timing and all of that is it is so important to have the other parts of your life preparing for her that morning it's kind of like the Sabbath if we were wanting to honor the Sabbath and all of that when do we need to think about the Sabbath Friday night 1 minute before sundown or do we need to have time to prepare before the Sabbath. So you know each week we're we're looking always toward that high day of the Sabbath and it's the same with our devotional life. We want to be preparing for that and so the greatest preparation of course is. Preparing the night before I talked about having your reading plan you've got your Bible you have your notepad you have your reading you have your your card or your book or something that you are right Year message in you've got your water already how do you drink water this morning oh right Freddie you out and task tick. So you want to have those things prepared the night before thank you this is my dear wife Sally. Right thank you. And and then you want to prepare your thoughts and mind for that and the way I believe it's best is to make sure we not just begin the day with the Lord but we finish the day with the Lord and I find that when I take time before I go to rest in the Word of God and in prayer he prepares me to meet him in a in a much more wonderful way in the morning so how many of you have heard of something called the circulating in rhythm What does that mean. It's like our cycle right our wake time our sleep time it's can even deal with you know when you get hungry things. So. I'm not a nutritionist I'm not a doctor and things like that the I'm just tell you things that have worked for me. Yesterday you know I told you that for those of you who are new I shared how the method I'm sharing is just what has worked for me it's not the only way it's a way and there are there are ways that people have done devotionals that have been such a blessing to them so I'm not saying this is the way to do it this is how it's been a blessing to me I find that if I am consistent in the time that I get up each day it makes a huge difference I mean tremendous difference so if I plan to wake up at a certain time and in me to learn that time I actually Stegall that time with the Lord it is maybe tough at 1st but after the 2nd day the 3rd day the 4th day after a week later you don't even need an alarm clock or anything like that you just wake up and it's such a help so how many hours of sleep should we get per night $78.00 hours of sleep right now of course some very. I find that I need 7 hours of sleep sometimes I don't get that I try to get that because I want to be a good steward of. Coast time but as you know and some others may have work that goes late as a pastor often you're not able to get home and get in to bed at the best time but ideally I'm just tell you this is my schedule my ideal time would be to wake up at $430.00. But depending on the time I go to bed my realistic time I try to hit 5 am Now I'm not saying that's for you that's just what I'm saying for me for you have maybe 530 maybe 6 maybe 630 when I tell you something if it gets too late you're going to find that things are going to feel like they're crowding in and you're not going it will work for a little bit but those things will creep in Journey people call me a 5 o'clock in the morning knowing. If they do it's an emergency right you know in the early morning do you how much hustle and bustle there is in my household very little. So it gives that sanctuary time that time in my closet you know as it were with the Lord it may for you it may be maybe you're all your kids are grown and all of that maybe 7 o'clock but I want to encourage you set that time where it is on interrupted time that is so very important because you'll find that the devil will do everything he can to disrupt that time. I think maybe I share that last year. But when we have 3 children our oldest is alive and he's going to be a senior here next year and when he was a baby he would wake up every time it seemed like I got up in the morning he would wake up and you know I feel bad because my wife had already been up in the night with him so I would take him with me and and he would this is going to sound funny but I had this. My father in law we were poor students OK we couldn't turn on the heat very much so it's freezing in our house and so my father had bought me for Christmas or something but this he did boot thing so I put my feet in there and turn it on in the morning right study and just stay warm but I take a lie deny and you know I'd be sitting in the chair and I'd stick a write down in the booth and he would just sit there. And and I would have you know my study and devotion time and then as he grew it moved from that little booth to the little thing where he'd sit there and watch me until it moved to a chair and he'd sit beside me and tell his about 10 years old and and then he was off on his own. And then a couple of years after he must have been 12 or 13 he came to me and he asked if he could do was devotions with me. Because he felt that he was he needed that accountability and you know I just thought you know praise the Lord that I had that experience with with my son and we've taught all of our children you know to do personal devotions and there's no greater joy then to. You know come out of your office you know call the family to family worship you know knock on you know their door and they'll say OK I'm coming to I'm just finishing my devotions I mean just a blessing to hear that now that doesn't mean that I have to shell and I have to keep Coke you know coaxing them and teaching them but there is something about having that regular routine that just strengthens that that even you know my son got a place where he felt he was slippin he missed that he wanted to come back and get reestablished in that routine of that and but if you're letting that time get too late if it hits to me if the sun is already brightly shining I missed it. Now I'm not saying maybe your shift work or something like that but try to discipline yourself now we need to support herself in the morning what happens at night can you stay up to 1 o'clock in the in the night know you have to go to bed so you can get up early so early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and to wise now I think there's a lot of truth to that especially wealthy in the riches of heaven pursuer and. So you want to schedule sign is going to kind of give you like my ideal schedule for me I give it just as an example I'm not I'm not trying to tell you that if you get up at 5 o'clock you're more holy than if you get up at 630 I'm not saying that at all. What I am saying though you want to schedule it and you want to get into a routine after about a week that routine Oh it just it's so natural. And there are times where I will get home later and I won't get as much sleep but I try to still keep that morning time and ask the Lord to help me make it up maybe I can go to bed a little bit earlier the next night because I find that if I miss that time there are times that I do where August lord I need an extra It's a morning if I'm not feeling well or something like that so I'm not trying to say that I'm the perfect holy. But I aim to be up the same time each day and what does that mean for weekends you know what happens when Monday morning comes and you have a new reteam routine where they call Mondays. The Blue Monday right away to work or whatever and a lot of that I believe is because our rhythm and cycle has changed we have to force our bodies to get back on to that cycle so I find that on the weekend I can vary a little bit maybe like half an hour but if it's much more than that I can really feel it and so I try to stay consistent so I I like to try and be in bed by 10 o'clock and and I typically fall asleep very quickly so. You know I lay down and then you know lights out and then I wake up 7 hours later. Ideally I like to get up even a little bit earlier and sometimes the Lord does wake me up a little bit earlier but that's my idea of time and some times it's like. The other morning here can't mean I go up it 516 and I thought Lord thank you for those extra 16. But. So I what I'm trying to communicate is that it's not like it's not a rigid thing but you do want to try and keep yourself accountable to that because it hits helpful it's helpful and you find in scripture over and over about Christ being in that place of prayer early in the morning and there was no 1 that was laboring so hard as our savior so that's that So the morning get on that and that's on that cycle set that time you know you know Senate alarm that you need I used to have where I put a lamp timer on especially in the winter time some of those early winter mornings are were very hard for me to get up when I was 1st trained myself so I had a lamp timer and when I have the lamp Come on about I don't know 2030 minutes before I have to get up and add shine a kind of wake me up and that was very helpful now you know I don't need that now but sometimes as winter months a you know I have I got 1 of those sun light lamps so when it's early in the morning in the winter time I'll put that thing on it just blaring in me and oh it's just it's is it's a big help as well. I also find that in the winter time I'm just telling you a few principles because I believe that the devote if we set the time with the Lord it helps to govern almost every other aspect of our lives because it encourages us to live more healthfully. And take care of ourselves in a better way but in the in the winter time in Michigan I grew up in the south where the sun always shines just about so in Michigan it was so hard for me in the winter time out feel myself starting to get a little depressed from the cloudiness but getting up early without a light on having my devotional time and then going and having time to exercise was just huge so when I saw a hand here yes. In the secret place of the most high under the shadow of the Almighty it probably could be I think that we always want to find that secret place with the Lord abide in his presence so it's important to get that timing Now you also want to have the place of where you're going to be so. For me it's in my home office and I have everything there I can shut the door I have a lock the door and my family knows when they're there you know they'll fill the door was locked they just they know that I am shut away and they will respect that so I would communicate to your family say you know this is my routine I'm going to be staying this time with the Lord and I need you to help me. Set the time get the place I like having a familiar place because it just feels like home you know so get that place carve that place out and have that place of worship with the Lord so I must tell you my routine so I get up I drink my water I have everything laid out I have my time for devotion in prayer and in our home as soon as I finish that we have family worship at 7 am so I usually finish my time with the Lord I come out I call honey are you ready for worship you have given me to knock on the doors and we go down we have family worship together I'm just giving you the whole picture is that OK. So and then then we have breakfast I usually don't eat right then because then I usually head out the door and go for a run or a walk I try to exercise an hour a day where I am. Whether it's runny or walking running just to get that her air and. You know it's the sight of nature I'm telling you these things put in combination will strengthen your walk with the Lord. I'm going to tell you because I want to do you know a good exercise I do want to check for size but I do it because I'm telling because I really feel it it adds to the walk with the Lord so you know I head out the door and. I don't want to always say rain or shine sometimes if it's really bad then I'll use the treadmill we have downstairs I even have in my office a walking treadmill with a little desk I've built over Sun I'm studying sometimes I can walk in and but. You know take them bellow run out or it's not too bad I'll just you know put on a wrinkle but the fresh air the deep breathing the scenery of God's creation and I you know I'm going to have all that fresh insight from my mind in in I'm moving in is just helping to to. Whatever a concrete into my mind so if you can't run then walk or if you can't walk then get on a bike or some to try to do some form of exercise and I would tell you have to do it right then I'm just telling you what I do so and then after that you know I am so mad race to get ready and out the door so that's why I said you know ideally if I can get a little earlier he would work those days work a lot better have a little more time on the other end but that's just a routine and then you're off to the day and your what's your goal through the day to share what you learned at least with someone. You may not even. Be someone at work you may have to call someone you you may text and I told you a joke last you know about don't just post it on Facebook but absolutely post it on Facebook but also try to share personally with someone by the way I did find my card from yesterday it was in my book and. Does anyone remember what I shared yesterday before honor is humility and then this is the 2nd part that I I forgot and I don't want to miss this the most childlike disciple is the most efficient in labor for God and that powerful this morning. Powerful I'm not going to share with you but I'm not going to take time to explain it all she says pomp riches and honor cannot satisfy the heart she goes on it say how we become mourners over disappointed hopes we set these hopes and we mourn that there not be reached and there not be a risk is there out of harmony with the Lord we're seeking after those things that are not of God and we where depressed them are down not because of Nestle's circumstance but because of our own mind dwelling on things that shouldn't be dwelt upon so you go through the day when you're sharing that with so many try to pray with someone and course are always looking to find someone who will study the truth with us Amen. So then as the day comes on you come towards the conclusion of the day course you want to have evening family worship Amen. That is something that I think probably has. Been 1 of the most neglected exercises in our church our personal devotional life and our family devotional life and we want to have those now I'm not always at home for family worship at night so if I'm not there Shelley leads out but usually our evening family worship we just we read through you know books of the Bible so this year we just finished proverbs who are now in Ecclesiastes ease were doing more of the poetry books this year and in the morning this year we're going through the devotional Maranatha I didn't mention this but our morning family worship is just you know $5.00 to $10.00 minutes it's short but we pray together we read the devotional together and we sing a song together but in the night you know there's a little bit more time to read through the Scripture we talk a little bit about that we'll sing a song and then we'll have our circle of prayer in each 1 can pray during that time so that's just a picture of that then you know if I depends on when I get a good home. That kind of dictates the time I have you know if I get home you know 1030 then I'm not going to spend you know as much time as if I get home at 9 but I like to take time to spend time in the in the Word of God and. Just meditate on that and prepare myself for the next day but I want to talk just briefly about this because I think it is. It's I'm not saying 1 is greater than the other they're all important but they all kind of fit together and I'm just give you the whole picture because I believe that when we get everything in order in the light it just it's just a strain to us and it helps keep us going so in the. In the night time you know I'll read from the Scriptures and I have prayer but I also want to think through the day seeing Lord I'm examining myself in the Bible talks about examining ourselves whether we are still in the faith. So I want to own a think and meditate Lord how did I survive this day maybe I was able to share you know my son my treasure for the day with someone so I'm going to be praying for them more please be with this person do this co-occur I rented this person Lord please be with them but then I'm reviewing my actions Lord that I rightly represent you in this that I do that and I'm praying Lord please forgive me for that help me to not do that again. Help me Lord to be like this so examining that I think is very important that 8 each night before we go to bed we examine ourselves and then of course spend time the Word of God This is something that I made some years ago just 1 page and what this is is it is every chapter in the Bible so it says Genesis and then it has little boxes up to 50 because there are 50 chapters in Genesis it goes from Genesis all the way to Revelation and I just keep this in my Bible and know my goal is to go through this in 1 year. And so this is outside of the devotion time to the devotional time I am just spinning the fall full hour and letting the Lord speak to me in a day in a very personal way but I don't want to also neglect just the broad study of God's word so I have this and so what what I love about this is that I can go that night like right now I'm in Isaiah and I didn't read Jeremiah. I mean I'm not going to be Jeremiah after Isaiah I don't have to just read in order because I have this you know after eyes a I want to go and read the book of Acts so because I haven't read that yet so I can just check it off and like a sat with afternoon if I have a little time say oh I want to go you know read I you know I could go and I say what I feel like Marina on the go read the book of limitations just 5 chapters you know I can do that and you know less than an hour you know and then I could check that off and so I can kind of watch where I am through the year and in the year I can see this is kind of helps me stay cannibal too and so I made a copy of that for you you don't have to use it but if you want to I think it will be a help to keep track of where you are in reading the Bible so I have that for you I'm going to pass this just so you can see what I'm talking about. I make it a little smaller just because I like to fold and fit into my Bible if it's too small for you let me know and I can give you a bigger 1 and then hand this right here to you. And this 1 here I also trim it and you can see minus not as large as that so I just turn around so that is a great blessing to so. Just helps to keep track. So you may say on a read like I didn't finished all of the whole book of songs I'm. Finished up through some 77 so I don't usually just read through the book of Psalms I like to read 1 and meditate on here and really 1 here meditate on the air but I know where I've read and what I haven't read and this helps to make all the way through the Bible so that's there for you. And we're going to get into our devotion of time Senate passes that 1 finishing up explaining some of these things there's another thing to pass around because we've got to. Move in here and I had a card you know I passed on the past hour again to some times I like a lot of colorful cars. I usually use a wide but sometimes they use a different color so I give you the choice today but grab a card and we'll pass those around 1 more thing to pass around we're going to take 1 card and pass it around. So as we go through today you're going to want to highlight something underlined something and then you're going to write this down I want to challenge you to not leave this room today until you've written something down on your card OK. So as the evening comes you know you have that time to just reflect examine have prayer in the Word of God and then go to rest now I understand because I have it too there there are things that I have to accomplish you know I need to go through e-mails I need a return call. You know sometimes I want to check the weather. Or take a quick peek you know at at the news but I don't in our home we don't have a T.V. We just I just look at on you know I go to a new site on the Internet but it doesn't matter whether it's the T.V. there or the Internet those things can rob you of time with the Lord and will find will find it hard to sit down and carve out just a half hour in the evening to spend in prayer in reading the Word of God where you can sit down at the computer before you know it half hours gone so in the evening try and also carve that time out and I know I know those transitions you know I remember when we as a family got rid of the T.V. I know how hard that was in that transition. I think some are coming around the side if not I'll have to print more. I'll print more and I'll bring. Out bring a stack tomorrow to did anyone need a larger 1 and OK I'll make it a little larger tomorrow for you. But just look at. The look at it from the heavens perspective in the great controversy what is most important is that I'm grounded with the Lord the other I find that. What I thought I needed to know in in the news in all of that that I could look and you know will minute or 2 is that OK No The world's not falling apart. I can look at that glance and there's something that I you know as a pastor you know I want to be understanding the times on to be a keen observer of the times but I don't want all of that to rob me of my time in the Word of God either so I probably spent too much time on that but I just wanted to give you the whole picture of what a cycle is because if if it's just I'm going to get up and do this I know because I've done it you get going and then you slow it away but if you can order your life in all these other ways it just it just helps to. To keep the other things in place OK Is everyone have this we're going to work through this if you were here yesterday what we're doing is we're just going through an model lean or doing a devotional time together and. I said this yesterday I have to say it again today. Hopefully tomorrow I won't spend as much time explaining things. Now you want to get highlighters and now some are very I've you know known a lot of people that are very good at color coding their Bibles and all those things I told you yesterday that I you know I'm not really the journalling type. And I'm not really the color coding type either. Sometimes I use red sometimes I'll use green or blue it doesn't matter to me I just like her ID. But you want to good highlighter not going to highlight your Bible you don't want to use a regular highlight highlighted because it'll bleed but these ones these gel highlighters they work OK if you're careful but a pencil a colored pencil works they're good so where you want to have a highlight or something because you want to be highlighting those things that jump out at you so when you're coming back and looking through and what's neat too is when you go back through and you look at like if you go through say the desire of ages the next 2nd time you go through it you'll be able to see what was and what jumped out to then and then you'll see other things that you didn't see before is just need to be able to have that record. OK So we have our Bibles we have our sheet we have our paper have our water take a drink. Notepad for stray thoughts or other things right let's pray together Father in heaven as we open your word please speak to us thank you Lord that we can share this time here together I pray this in Jesus' name. So we're going to go to the Bible and verse Matthew Chapter 4 we're looking at this is looking at the fall by the sea and we're going to look at just Matthew today. Tomorrow we're going to try and do I'm going to try to do the entire thing I don't want to. Just do partial every time tomorrow going to do the entire thing but today Matthew Chapter 4. And we're going to start with verse 18 this is looking at the call what's really neat about this too is that. Because it's correlated you're you'll be reading usually you'll be reading the accounts in scripture that maps to see you get to see like we looked at yesterday Matthew $44.00 is also the same in Luke $44.00 so those things are need that you get to see where and how 1 gospel explains it from a little different perspective than another gospel and those kinds of things. But here we are Matthew Chapter 4 verse 18 and G.'s us walking by the Sea of Galilee saw 2 brothers Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea for they were fishermen so you line your mind imagine the scene then he said to them follow me and I will make you fishers of men so I'm just if your guest I'm just going to talk in this chair kind of things that I'm thinking about because you're wanting to try and understand what's happening here but I also want to see the Lord talking to you so when he says follow me Can you did you imagine yourself Jesus saying to you follow him when he says I'll make you fishers of men I thought I wonder what they thought of that saying you know it's not like a normal thing. But you know they had to imagine I imagine they knew what he was talking about. And here these are fishermen 1 thing a lord all in the. Just in the natural day of work here Jesus comes he calls them says follow me and they were brought to a decision right there in the Scripture says they immediately left their nets and followed him. Now just because I've studied this before I know that they didn't immediately follow Jesus in that they force or forsaking everything right efforts there was a period of time and I think that's going to come in here but I'm saying Lord I want when I hear your voice calling me give me a response that acts immediately whether it's to get that time with you in the morning Lord I'm going to do it. I'm going to set that time I don't think it's going to kill me it might feel like it's going to kill me to get up and get that going but I'm going to do it and you're going to help me give me that strength to trust that you're going to help me in that they merely left their nets and followed him going on from there he saw 2 brothers James the son of Zevon he and John his brother in the boat with 70 their father mending their nets now what do we know about James and John were they known as sons the founder so I'm thinking here. What kind of man was ever to you know here and here sons are they get up and they're running away. Sometimes we we have to respond to the Lord even though our family may not respond the same way and that didn't stop them I hope that his Their father was proud of his sons in their call to follow Jesus but they merely left the boat and their father and followed him is there something Lord in my life that I have that I am on willing you know when we were. Just Mary says 6 weeks after we were married we were on a plane to South Korea were we went to student missionaries we were there for a year we came back to Southern we were. I finished my undergrad in theology there our senior year we lie Joe was born. And we felt that the Lord was calling us back into the mission field for a time and I can't explain the rustling that was how different it was going with a child then before and just rustling Lord and my putting my family in danger or my putting my family before you in that that's that wrestling and sometimes we go through those wrestling's. And so when I see this and that family thing on the left the father of the Father is going to have to these are his sons I mean I don't know what all happened in that business I have to believe that the Lord blessed them but I want to say Lord my 1st and foremost priority is to listen to your voice and if you call me to follow you everything else is going to be right. Let's switch to the page here the call by the sea day was breaking over the Sea of Galilee see the day break upon the campground this morning I was beautiful the disciples weary with a night of fruitless toil were still in their fishing boats on the lake I think or there been so many times where I felt fruitless. I can imagine that. You know my boys are mega booking this summer they're here at Camp meeting but they they took the week to come to camp meeting but they're make a booking and just the prayer each day when they're out in the field just the burden that is to get those books out and and when they call and they've had a hard day so hard. Played Lord please help them you know just that fruitlessness this is awful healing Jesus had come to spend a quiet hour by the waterside says imagine Jesus coming there in the early morning he hoped for a little season of rest from the multitude that followed him day after day so why did Jesus get up early. Yes so he could have that quiet time away from the crowd but soon the people began to gather about him their numbers rapidly increased so that he was pressed upon all sides Meanwhile the disciples had come to land in order to scape the pressure of the multitude Jesus stepped into Peter's boat so magine this everyone's crowding about him so the pit a coming I need to get into your boat and he asked him he bade him pull out a little from the shore here Jesus could be better seen and heard by all and from the boat he taught the multitude on the beach. Love this next sentence what a scene was this for angels to contemplate I think Lord if the angels love to contemplate that could I not pause for a moment and contemplate the scene as well as just think about it meditate on that Christ in the boat he's on the water. And not just the people about there watching him but imagine that angels of heaven gather to watch. As a Says here their glorious commander sitting in a fisherman's boat swayed to and fro by the restless waves and proclaiming the good news of salvation to the listening throng that were pressing down to the water's edge I mean just a beautiful scene he who was honored of havin was declaring the great things of his kingdom in the open air to the common people just imagine what it would be like you know if we did that more. To take a Sabbath afternoon and or a Sunday and not just for pleasure but to go into the scenes of nature to contemplate the Word of God I mean just imagine there were crowds or crowds here they weren't coming there to just fall asleep and be bored right. There captivated by it saying Lord what I mean I want to be captivated by the US Yet he could have no more fitting scene for his labors the lake the mountain the spreading feels the sunlight flooding the earth all furnished objects to illustrate his lessons and impress them upon the mind and no lesson of Christ's fell fruitless I think about when I when I read that is Lord never let me use the. Illustration of the world in your work especially you know us begin from the minister you know I don't want to make references to movies or music I mean what place to those have been a. Time secular in a Christians life. No I don't want to stand in the pulpit and say and make reference to a movie and then all of a sudden what or what just happened. In people's minds I just justified them going to watching that movie oh the pastor must know about it. In a fine new about I'm not going to say I'm is I'm going to say look I wish I didn't know how Vashti. Christ illustrated from the things that he had created those things that ennobled enrich them on. IT'S OWN do I want to use those things I want to fill my mind with those things every message from his lips came to some soul as the word of eternal life if you were sitting there would you have heard that word can you imagine sitting there and. Have you ever talked with someone and you know that they know that you can read what their mind is thinking. Fish and have been to me just the other day. I'm not saying this and I don't want to sound the wrong way but 1 of the gifts the Lord has given me as I can read people really well and I was talking to someone and they said a word they have their tongues out and I told them what they were thinking about and they were shocked by I mean they looked at me. And I looked at them and they knew that I knew if they were thinking not that I knew exactly what I could read them you know. But just imagine that you're there at the scene and price looks at you and he speaks a word in it comes to you knew no that he spoke that were for you. I mean what an incredible. Laure looking at you insane that Kamin to the soul as the word of eternal life every moment added to the multitude upon the shore so he's there to keep crowding in they they see the crowd and and where there's a crowd of people coming right. Aged aged men leaning upon their staffs hearty peasants from the hills fishermen from their toil on the lake merchants and rabbis the rich and lured old and young bringing their sick and suffering ones pressed to hear the words of the Divine Teacher to such scenes as this the prophets had looked forward and they wrote the land of Zabulon in the land of Naphtali toward the sea beyond Jordan galley of the Gentiles the people which sat in darkness saw a great light into them which sat in the region and Shadow of Death to them did light spring up this is the prophets knew when you re stuff like this when you go back and you in your reading and your night time I gonna be an Isaiah tonight I mean use the prophecies the test they come in and they come to life when you read that you know that they were seen in prophetic vision under the inspiration of God they were seeing these things to come and fill their hearts with joy and here people are pressing their see what the prophets prophesied I mean I mean that's incredible all is the is the light of this shining in upon me Lord please beside the throng of the shores of goodness or Jesus in his sermon by the sea had other audiences before his mind wow. Let this sink in deep looking down the ages he saw his faithful ones in prison and judgment call it in temptation and loneliness an affliction every scene of joy in conflict and perplexity was opened before him in the words spoken to those gathered about him he was speaking also to those other souls the very words that would come to them as a message of hope and trial and comfort in sorrow and heavenly light in darkness through the Holy Spirit that voice which was speaking from the fisherman's boat on the Sea of Galilee would be heard speaking peace to human hearts to the close of time what does that tell you right there now that tells me. This was looking down the ages it was open to him that Christ knew that I would be here this very morning Christ knew you were going to be here you are in his view how do you have trials today. Anyone here have temptation. I tell you there's not a day that goes by where the guy has a tent me. Anyone in Khan and in sorrow anyone needing light to dispel the darkness I mean is that not incredible So your home and your room and your reading this all those things are very and you read that Jesus you're looking to me and saying this the discourse ended Jesus turned to Peter and bade him launch out into the sea and let down bait and launch on the sea and let down his net for a draw but Peter was disheartened Why was he disheartens No it's interesting to me. He just heard Jesus speaking of comfort and open light. And the next thing he still disheartened I mean what does that tell you have you ever been in church in your mind was preoccupied about other things and you missed the blessing that God wanted to give. I want to say I don't know I'm not there I can't read Peter's heart. But I just wonder how is he disheartened thing Lord would I have still been disheartened all night he had taken nothing during the lonely hours he had thought of the fate of John the Baptist. Who is languishing alone in his dungeon he had thought about the prospect before Jesus and His followers of the ill success of the mission to Judea and the malice of the priests and rabbis even his own occupation of failed him and as he watched by the empty nets the future had seen dark with discouragement master he said we have toiled all night in have taken nothing nevertheless and I word I will let the net down and lead down the net what we think has a powerful impact upon our feelings upon our attitude here is Peter his dwelling on these things is the same thing when that night on the lake member they were in gloom and despair because Jesus has sent them away and in the storm came upon the spur prophecy says to keep because to take their minds off of that at least Peter even though he wondered why the Lord said it and he did it. Praise the Lord. You have the attitude even though you don't want nevertheless Lord that your will. Nevertheless or that your will maybe there's a you know a struggle with something in your life you want to give. But you don't really want to give up maybe it's not necessarily you know a terrible sin but something that you just want to change and say Lord Nevertheless your word I know you're going to help me. Night was the only federal time for fishing with the Nets in the clear waters of the lake after night tolling all night without success it seemed hopeless to cast the net by day but Jesus had given the command and love for their master moved the disciples to obey say Lord May my love for you always be the motive for me to obey. I love you Lord. Simon his brother together let down the net as they attempted to draw it in so great was the quantity of fish enclosed that it began to break so what point did he start being in the world of going on here. They were obliged to summon James and John to their aid when the catch was secured both the nets were so heavily laden that they were in danger of seemed keen. But Peter was on mine full now so before he was so burdened with all those things but now. When there is really in imminent danger in a sense even mindful of it. He's done mindful. Where was I oh yes this miracle above any other he had ever witness was to him a manifestation of divine power in Jesus he saw 1 who held all nature under his control the presence of divinity revealed his own on holiness I'll tell you day after day you come to the Lord and you see who he is he say whoa is me or I am undone we see ourselves in the light of heaven the presence of divinity revealed his own unholiness love for his master shame for his own believe gratitude for the Condon sensient of Christ above all the sense of his uncleanliness in the presence of infinite purity overwhelmed him while his companions were securing the contents of the net Peter fell at the savior speed exclaiming Depart from me for I am a sinful man overlord it was the same presence the divine holiness that A caused the prophet Daniel to fall as 1 dead before the angel of God So it talks about Daniel Isaiah whoa is me coming down here after Isaiah 6 verse 5 humanity with its weakness and sin was brought in contrast with the perfection of divinity and he felt all together deficient and unholy this is the next sentence is 1 that I'm going to underline the US It has been with all who have been granted a view of God's greatness and majesty. I just think Lord have I released seen myself in the light of how. Have I seen Jesus the way Peter saw him there Lord give me a picture of Jesus. Like that this morning because that response is with all who have been granted a view of God greens and majesty so I'm praying Lord grant me that if you grant me that view of God's greatness and majesty Peter exclaimed Depart from me from my sinful man yet he clung to the feet of Jesus so what am I thinking right now I'm imagining myself right and go a little fast because I would've you know you know when he sees that you want to take time and meditate on that you want to give time for God to give you that view of Christ and then with Peter you're saying Depart from me from a simple man yet what are you doing you're clinging to the feet of Jesus feeling that he could not be parted from him so you're clinging to Christ this morning can you can you feel your heart kind of going out after God you want to you want to thank you want imagine Lord. I'm saying I'm seeing myself more clearly in that and I feel that I have no right to be in your pres but Lord I cannot be parted from you. And clinging to your feet how was it Jake up I will not let you go less you bless me the savior answered fear not from henceforth Thou shall catch men he talked to Peter that way because that was a struggle Peter was having all that doubt all the the discouragement he was under because he sensed God calling him and he Lord how can I do this. How can I do this I'm going to lose everything my my life is to going to be thrown in prison in my life to take in. The Lord said Fear not from Henceforth you shall catch men no she's pointed him to the work that he is going to give you. Sometimes if we just keep our mind on the task that the Lord has given us to do all the other worries they cut a test pale right. It was after as they had beheld the holiness of God in his unworthiness that he was intrusted with the divine message it was after Peter had been led to self the nuns renunciation and dependence upon divine power that he received the call to his work for Christ says until this time this I was hadn't fully united the in witness many of his miracles they listen to his teachings but they had not entirely for saken their former employment if such I mean the president John the Baptist had been to them and bit them all the bitter disappointment of such were to be the outcome of John's mission they could have little hope for their master with all the religious leaders combine against him under the circumstances it was a relief to them to return for a short time to their fishing but now Jesus called then to 1st take the former life and unite their interest in his Peter had accepted the call and then of course Jesus busy others to follow he go down talks next about Jesus showing that he has supply their need the next paragraph during that side sat night on the lake when they are separate from Christ they have been hard pressed by unbelief and weariness with fruit fruitless toil but his presence kindled their faith and Brockton joy and success what does that tell you. They'll do the same for me so what would your prayer be if you read that how would you make that a prayer Jesus if you were with me and my work isn't going to be fruitless. And Jesus is here with me I know that I'll have your faith in. Jesus of you're with me today I can face whatever comes maybe that day you have a trying time at work maybe have a difficulty in your marriage maybe there's trouble with your children and you just feel like you're just down in the dumps but when you read something like this with Jesus my faith is what is kindled the Lord when Jesus is near me. My faith is strengthened when Jesus here there is joy and success so it is with us apart from Christ our work is fruitless and it is easy to distrust and murmur and. You find yourself murmuring young mothers when you're children are testing your patience the ever find yourself murmuring. Oh you know I find myself so tempted to murmur already told you I'm naturally critical sometimes this. Oh I don't want to murmur so I know that I need to keep Jesus with me I don't want to distrust says when he is near and we labor under his just direction we have rejoice in the evidence of his power it is Satan's work to discourage the soul it is Christ's work to inspire with faith and hope so I just you know I just want to made a tape on that. And you just you pause and you let your mind grasp those words apart from Christ our work is fruitless apart from Christ our work is fruitless Yes to day I may come in the day and it may feel like I got a lot accomplished but if Christ wasn't with me it's fruitless Oh yeah maybe the the sticks maybe up and you know the roof on or whatever but it was fruitless for his kingdom for sure is fruitless for what he wanted to do in my life and in my character is fruitless for what I could have done for those around me is fruitless in the development of the character of my children. And it's easy to distrusted him or aware of those things Lord that I and distrustful. Know 1 of the things that I have always had the probably the hardest time with is that our ways felt that I could pray for others and believe that God wanted to do it for them but I had a hard time believing that God also wanted to do it for me. But God does want to do for me he loves me he loves me Jesus loves me and he wants to be with me today and if he's with me my work will not be fruitless I won't be prone to distrust his promise I won't be prone to murmur. So when I now murmuring is probably different than critical right murmuring as close to complaining. Why all that rain Lord. Right. Yes the Lord gave us his rainbow but he is near we can rejoice in the evidence of his power. So I'm saying Lord today what am I going to be looking for it's going to be another kind of treasure hunt today why because I'm going to be looking for the evidence of what of his power with me. That's pretty incredible and let my mind's be state upon him and I'm going to be looking for the evidence that he's with me and when I do that I'm not going to distrust his promise I may be faced with a trial today but I'm going to face that with courage and with strength and if it feels like I can I say I'm not here I mean this to turn to Jesus right I tell my children you know I know I got to finish here. When I say you know when I teach them how to overcome temptation I tell them you know if I were always at your side would you be tempted to do things. If you were going to get up at night and sneak to get something out of the fridge trader if I was standing right there would you do it. Right course about. You know if if Jesus were standing right beside him and I could see him would I be as tempted to murmur would I be tempted to distrust his promise jesus was right there and he looked to me and he said just in today you know you've been in this trial don't worry about it I've already got another plan for that could I not handle that a lot better when I be so prone to murmur Why is the air conditioner keep freezing up that's ours an arch R.V.. I don't have to murmur why because Christ is there and he has a plan so I'd be writing these down so what are you going to write down your card today. This is a bus in for me because I have 2 cards today. I'm writing the sentence down apart from Christ comma our work is fruitless and it is easy to distrust and murmur period this or I do sometimes but when he is near. Dot dot dot because it lets me think. Because it's not just limited to this song if wherever I go today I feel myself starting to science going to turn to my savior he's near. Everything's going to be OK So we take this and then we would go to our knees and prayer and to day I'm going to close with a prayer for those who want to stay by a little bit longer we could have. I want to give you time if you want to go to your knees and and pray this prayer. To do that here I'm going to close because it's time to close in for the recording sake but I encourage you to take time in prayer you have if you had another 15 minutes to stay in prayer that he wonderful tomorrow we are going to do that. I always hate to promise but I'm going to try and do that tomorrow we're going to we're going to do. The entire. The entire thing will have a devotional No a prayer I want to show you how how rich and rewarding that is and then we'll sing a song so let me close with prayer as we finish today oh Father in heaven thank you for the richness of that scene our Savior the commander of you of the universe in a small wooden boat tossed to and fro on a small lake. In the Middle East what a scene yet he was the same there as he was when he commanded the sea to be calm he is a same there as as he is today for us Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever and I know that the same Jesus who took the doubt and murmuring in discouragement away from Peter and the other disciples that day can do that for us this day apart from Christ we know that our work is fruitless and it becomes easy for us to distrust in the. But when Jesus is near and we labor under his direction when he is at our side we rejoice in the evidence of his power. So Lord let us keep Jesus' outer side this day. A cry for each 1 here as we go. I pray this in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a plea to visit W W W audio verse or.


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