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A Thoughtful Hour- Part 3

Justin Ringstaff




  • June 5, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for your love for us this morning Lourdes we do want to take time we want time to be set apart time to dwell upon your goodness toward us we thank you Father for your holy word thank you for prophetic writings and the we pray that as we deal with spiritual things this day you'll give us the Holy Spirit that we may be able to discern. We may discern your voice and hear you speaking to us other we thank you for your promise to be here with us we claim that promise this to. Those who still may be come in the Lord as for each 1 here we ask that you it have a blessing just for them I prayed in Jesus. Amen. Amen this morning I had this letter here this is hurting me as. Dear God please be with Pastor Justin as he leads out in prayer send your angels to the girls' dorm chapel and help him answer questions about prayer and give him the answers that help teach people how to pray let him lead the listeners of his prayer to the Lord we pray many will be impressed to come and pray with altering staff sincerely to as the day to day harmony. And now wonderful. I'm going to have to go and in personally thank them now it's very kind of them a little sticker on the back. 316. I wear I will and that wonderful. Junior Department has kind of teamed up with this year this year has anyone been prayed for in the campground by the J. 2 team OK Wonderful they've had prayer stations and around the camp this year. As wonderful as that that is believe 11 and 12 year olds yes. I have. Updated copies for you I made today is a little bigger. I saw some of your eyes yesterday so if you are on a passing around if you want to take 1 or 2 you wanted an extra 1 feel free. And then if I have extras I'll just leave up here if you want to grab when you can but just before we get into our devotional this morning a couple points that ought to speak about I'd intended to just. Do the devotional time each day then they put this microphone on me in the can. I better give some instruction to you. Yeah I am in I hope it's been a blessing. You have your Bibles serve me to some 63 says OH GOD YOU ARE MY GOD early will I seek you my soul thirsts for you my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water your soul thirst for the living God this morning Jurf last long or God this morning so I have looked for you in the same Shura to see your power and your glory because your loving kindness is better than life my lips so crazy oh I have made a foe when you go through the Word of God You see over and over again. Just the heart going out after God and you come down here to verse 6 see when I remember you on my bed I meditate on you in the what in the night watches you ever just sometimes a little restless and can't sleep well. We can remember the Lord and meditate on him in the night watch. Some of the. Most Precious times I've ever had with the Lord or he's welcomed me up in the night a burden that is placed on me and just to have that time in those night watches. Because you have been my help therefore in the shadow of your wings I will rejoice my soul follows close behind you your right hand upholds me i love i think its. Version this is that my soul hard after you and I just love that language just that there is going to be nothing between me in my state there are a couple other verses that are just incredible they just show about the. Constant blessing the Lord will give as we meditate on His word Joshua 18 this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night they you may observe to do according to all that is written and then the promise for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have. Just the call for us to meditate on the Word of God So as we have that morning time that morning devotional we want to be training our minds to see that with us through the day to keep Jesus at our side course this is another. 1 and oh I picked these on the out this morning. Because these were my memory verses that I had over this morning however fantastic lemme share. As they are 55 this 1 is. Beautiful to me verse 1 and 2. Oh every 1 who thirsts. To the waters and you who have no money come by and. Yes Come buy wine and milk without money without price why do you spend the money for what is not. A single or how many times have I spent my time my energy my thoughts for that which did not. And your wages for what does not satisfy you listen carefully to me and eat what is good and let your soul do what the law ain't itself in a bun. Of course it's just a few verses later or says in verse 6 seek the Lord while He may be found call upon him while he is near Oh you have such a wonderful year know it so in this I thought for a new left the Lord gave me an added blessing so you know I was in Isaiah last night and you know I have my. My reading. No not that 1 my this right here that I marked OK were oh yeah I was in Isaiah 9 you know what I read in Isaiah 9 which was neat you'll recognize it from yesterday so as a special blessing to me. The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light those who dwell in the land of the shadow of death upon them a light has shine as 1 who read yesterday in our devotional together. There was need just looking at what what blessing it is when Christ comes and lets his light shine upon this earth. When we let our minds develop on Jesus we the light glory of His presence but all those. Clouds of darkness and despair just be swept away there are so many more but those just ones ahead this morning I have a couple things I just want to cover had some questions yesterday and some comments and I thought maybe I'd be good to address those what about is it OK to say your prayer and read your Scriptures while you're in your bed. I'll tell you that the Lord it's not as it's not as important where you do it as a time when. And I know that you know if specially young mothers our children aren't young anymore but I remember how hard that was and that's why I took the wide me. But. I know that it's hard because you're worn out your schedule it's hard to keep a regular schedule and that thing. Thing is that the Lord wants. That's what's important to remember so if that's where it is or if it's in a recliner some I know some that when they kneel down to pray they always find themselves fine asleep. And I've had that happen many times too. So they'll watch. Is that less holy than. The other now is that the Lord wants us to the with him so some you know they'll have their their study in them but then they will know it up in their walk and sometimes in the winter time I told them a mass of a treadmill desk sometimes when I am studying a Marine I walk I don't walk fast I walk you know it's like 2 miles an hour so you know it's really slow but just for me it keeps my mind active but so I guess my point is do what works and helps you and that the Lord for me having a place that undistracted. And that is regular has been the best help we read in the Scriptures Jesus he went out to a place through that meant you had to you know hawk there. So he had a walk wherein And then. He had nature I thought this morning you know as I was going out you know the grasses where I just thought about how often Jesus was in the do the morning and. So it wasn't probably always comfortable. But he wasn't there that wasn't what was on his mind his was on his mind was connecting with us. In the Lord each day so I wanted to just mention that. Sometimes you'll come in Scripture where it gets a like the 1st several chapters of Chronicles. Get into parts of Exodus and Leviticus looking at the sinks or where in. The ritual service is and they may not be the most exciting things to read. And I understand that here's just. I know that there are going to be those days that are. Side they're going to be ones that I'm reading because I want to I don't want to neglect any part there there's a reason why God put it in Scripture and so I read through that but I'll tell you. I'm just trying to be transferred. Some times it when it's endless genealogies them you know if. I will read the Spirit of Prophecy portion on that chapter now save those for when I'm not on my devotion time because our read them when I get to get to here so sometimes I've done that and I have to admit sometimes I've read through that a little faster than I've read through other portions. But I'm still looking for why. And sometimes you were like Genesis 5 you're looking at the early genealogy and if you're not careful you'll miss that that's where it says that in UK walked with God and God took him. So right in the mist that is is find this just incredible gem or you get to where you have Jay Baz in the genealogies you know and he has this incredible prayer Lord increase my territory so I mean you find those kinds of gems and then there are times where you see the connection between this family and then oh wow it will connect their family of this was his grandson and those things are pretty incredible too but I I know that sometimes it's not as exciting as. You know Jesus healing a blind man or calling Lazarus from the grave understand those things some are not as narrative in there in the writing so that's on that sorry this isn't more organized but I had to do it on the run here. I talked about exercise yesterday and how important it is I want to make sure that you don't you know misunderstand that if there's 1 area that I have most room to grow in is the math. But I do find that some days you know I'll only if like on Monday morning at the office we have or 7030 so I know I can't spend I can't go for an hour run so out of 30 minutes and then I'll do the rest the rest day my point in that was is to get blood flowing let the Word of God sink into your mind. Several years ago when I was training to run the Detroit Marathon and then later the Chicago Marathon which I'm not sure I'm recommending that. I had to get up very early in so I had so much time because when you're when you get up in the well have you progressively have to train longer and longer so you know you're running 18 miles 1 morning that's a lot of time and. What do you want to waste time so I started listening to things while I would run and I just have to carry that over into what I do now so I I got the testimonies for the church on audio from remnant that's you know. Reading that and I mean I listened I've listened to all you 1 all the way through 9 while I've been running. And I'll tell you there are some times where I mean I have to stop and make notes to myself just because this so powerful I don't want her to get it and you know I've listened through 1 run listen to the whole Gospel of John and or listen to scripture songs so under saying you don't have to let that time be wasted so I encourage you you know sometimes people for they need a certain type of music to get them going I'll tell you if you let the Word of God or the right kinds of music it will become a greater strength and you could ever imagine there classical music I'm not saying all classical music but especially like the Baroque Classical music we it's been proven that it strengthens the mind. And I'm told yesterday amounted to churches or doctor and things like that but there is a shown that if you list a 1 hour classical music a week out that strengthens the mind. So you know you can put it on while you're running getting that fresh air and that deep breathing learning to breathe from your diaphragm. In those things I'm just telling you they help when you get the body more regular regular in in that circadian rhythm is a strength when it comes to your morning devotional life and you're going to think I'm meddling here in a moment. I forgot to mention this and this is probably 1 of the hardest things to overcome but it will have a significant impact on your morning devotional life and that is a snacking between meals and don't eat big meals at 9. Yeah I'm battling now aren't I. I'm telling you I've done it arriving in meal big meals at night in the morning I can tell a huge difference how clear my mind is and how much I have discernment to hear the Lord's voice and the same thing with snacking I'm not saying there's some you know with health and that I'm not talking about those needs but just the normal thing and snacking that includes what you drink try and trying just drink water in between your meals. If you want to drink juice or whatever now I'd say get rid of the soda and that kind of thing I say that but on Father's Day my little Emma bought me I don't drink soda very much but she bought me the kind I like very thick I haven't drunk it yet learn on a weight after Cammy. Non caffeinated. You know we those things those habits I'm telling you they directly impact our mind and how does God communicate to us through our mind so I just don't encourage try to have a good healthy breakfast a good healthy lunch a very light. And most of the time I you know I don't I won't eat supper if I do I'll have you know light fruit or something like that and I'll tell you it makes a tremendous difference in the morning and so. I'm not saying that you can't eat I have it in at night sometimes I've. Just been so hungry and I be in and I've Why did I do that. And so we learn from that it's not a sin to eat I'm not saying that it's not a cent. Suffer. I'm saying if you want to have not just what is good but what is extraordinary is principles that I believe are very firmly. Explain the Spirit of Prophecy make a tremendous difference in our morning walk. Are you still you still in a smile at me. OK. Thinking through the day practice not leadin wrong. Have a place in your mind there are some things that we don't like to do and you know you've heard you know what. Modern psychologists are learning you know you can say I don't like it but I can do it anyway instead of complaining and murmuring try and be positive if comes your mind about 5 really don't like it when they do that don't do well on those things the Lord how can I be a blessing. If the devil comes then with a temptation is it a sin to be tempted No what is Jane say how does it become sin we dwell on it and then our thoughts become action but Jesus made it clear that even just. What a Jew to say if you a man looks at a woman to lust for her what has he done the essence is already committed adultery curtains are so we want to be controlling those thoughts and the resources because as we start controlling the mind and how it thinks then we can start choosing what we are going to think about and we can learn to meditate on the Lord. And we can start training ourselves to really walk with Jesus. As it mean that you know you have to change on your car that you don't have to think about which wrench to have all those kinds of things. But we want to do it knowing that whatever we do whether we eat or drink or whatever we do what do we do at all to the Ori of the. And when we start adding these things together. We come into that time who are in the morning what are we going to be seeking every morning we're going to be looking for God to give us his will his plan for the day I'm saying Lord take my life this day use me in your servants hours it's a it's that's a Christ I lay all my plans. And and we do that and then we play with the Lord to use us in His service we pray for and abide with us and let everything we do to be done and that is the prayer of our heart and that's the intention when we have that morning time you miss a day get back up and start again if you sleep in and get up in say Lord I slept in. Help me hard to get on track because I really need this time with you learning before I start as the UN Mr take a few moments that I can with you this morning you really master then and Lord please forgive me and ask him to start you again or is it in a Proverbs 24 a righteous man falls 7 times but does what rises again so get back up don't be discouraged OK I think that's. Probably have some more tomorrow. OK And a pass this Alex. And the cards how do you like the orange card better than the white card. And you can take 2 cards because you'll need 1 for tomorrow morning. OK. My from this morning and this was. The last thing to me this morning. I wrote down Christian love is slow to stand. On what a blessing to me Christian love slow to censure quick to discern penitence ready to forgive to encourage and how often it is that where so quick to center how many things are there to be centered in our own lives how the Lord is long suffering with each 1 of us. Are right so I have my Bible I have my reading for the day. I have. Card. I have my notepad have my playing and. So let's pray Oh Father in heaven as we open your words please guide us or speak to our hearts give us the Holy Spirit so we can understand holy. Lord you know what each 1 of us needs to hear today and we know the Lord that as we seek you you will give us what we need. I pray this in Jesus' name in. Matthew Chapter 11 this is a good 1 to memorize I hadn't memorized it already I would write it down on my notepad to memorize. Matthew 1120 eight's come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest so it's a little different when you know in a group like this because. When you're along with God You can sometimes plead for things there are little more earnest then you can when everyone is around that through but in this at the beginning here I be pleading for the Lord let me hear him calling me to come to him again I be wanting to see Jesus looking at me sane yes even you Justin. I'm calling even you because he knows my labor and he knows how sometimes I feel heavy laden and I know that he knows that but Lord help me to trust when I come to you. You fill a need of arrest today this isn't just talking about a physical. It's talking about a spiritual rest take my yoke upon you and learn from a Lord let me learn from you today imagine that yoke Now we talked about yesterday about Jesus being with us and Jesus was with US Navy temptation when it seemed as our whole think of that think of the yoke yoke with a net coherent and that call here just imagine Jesus wearing that he says here. And yoke up with. Us Our law says for I am gentle and lowly and hard it is so meet your fine rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light that tells me Lord when I feel overwhelmed when I feel stressed out when I feel ancient THIS. What am I missing. What am I missing I'm missing being yoked with Jesus because his yoke is easy it's burdens love doesn't mean that there's not trial but how we handle it. That's why you can have Peter and John going out from BE persecuted praising God. Allah and Silas. Ankle shackle probably up in the air all hurt and they're singing songs their minds were yoked to Christ and they were thinking positively. My yoke is easy and my burden is. So you see that here at the top of desire of ages Chapter $34.00 the invitation Jesus saying Come unto Me Are ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest these words of comfort were spoken to the multitude that followed Jesus you following Jesus this morning yes or now. The Savior had said that only through himself could men receive a knowledge of God he had spoken of his disciples as the ones to whom a knowledge of heavenly things had been given so think about that for a moment he spoke to them as the ones to whom have we been given a knowledge of heavenly things. We sure have but he left none to feel themselves shut out from his care and. All who labor and are heavy laden may come to Him So who here cannot come to Jesus. Now. We can all go to Jesus. Scribes and rabbis with their printed ileus attention to religious forms had a sense of want that rites of penance could never satisfy how many things have I done that have not satisfied you know I have a tendency sometimes to even though I know the Lord has forgiven me sometimes I think or really. You know you just wish they could go back and do things differently but there's only 1 thing that can satisfy and that is trust in Jesus to take that burden publicans and sinners might pretend to be content with the sensual and earthly but in their hearts were distrust and fear. Underlying that as is powerful. If you ever pretended to be content. We pretend its own counsel How you doing today. Buying. It inside your broken inside maybe their heart is distrustful and fearful. Or I don't want that kind of content that. Pretended. 1 thing I prayed. You as a minister you are in the public eye I live in a glass house as it were and 1 thing I've always wanted prayed for Lord let me be the same in my home as I am in a pub. That my children are not seeing me for 10 AM in the poll. Now there are times where I've had to deal with difficult things and. No one's ever known as I I'm not sharing my her house around but I don't want to be different I want my children or my wife to see and. Read in. Person and then when I walk out of again I say oh faster you. Think about that for all of. Us not pretend a snob pretend Jesus looked upon the distressed and heart burdened those whose hopes were blighted in who with earthly joys were seeking to quiet the longing of the soul and he invited all to find rest in Him So we're pleading for the Lord to give us that rest even this day. Tenderly he bade the toiling people were as tenderly need. Kind of creature as Jesus. What is that tender voice sound like you know Revelation want to talk about the voices at the sound of many waters. What is a tender voice just listen try and imagine that voice and Jesus sharing this with you think of the most tender voice you've ever heard in imagine that Jesus speaking to you that way not a beautiful picture Jesus speaks to us wants to take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest unto your souls in these words Christ a speaking to every human being so he speaking that to me. Whether they knew it or not all were weary and heavy laden. Maybe there is someone here today that doesn't feel it doesn't feel that heavy laden share. Whether you know it or not we carry that unless we have come to Christ all are weighed down with burdens that only Christ can re move misson hears powerful the heaviest burden that we bear is what. Burden then think about this for a mom. Let your mind. And your life has ever. Maybe for a moment maybe for just a brief scene. Or wasn't a true 1. The heaviest burden we bears the burden of sin if we were left to bear this burden it would crush. It would crush there maybe someone here today or someone that will be listening to this later that fills that crushing burden of sin but the sinless 1 has taken our place he's taken your place as a 536 The Lord has laid on Him the iniquity. You know Isaiah 53 is 1 of the chapters that prophecy says that we should memorize. As 1 of the chapters that we should put commit to memory. And. Beautiful picture of the humble servant Jesus Christ our Savior he has borne the burden of our guild he will take the load from our weary shoulders he will give us rest the burden of care in sorrow also he will bear in vices to cast all our care upon him for he carries us upon his Our. Imagine that Jesus carrying you upon his heart right now just imagine Jesus look at your name written on his heart and it's the Magin it just isn't the most holy place and here is carrying you upon his heart. That's your savior I mean there's not not just make him love him the elder brother of our races by the eternal throne he looks upon every soul who is turning his face toward him as the savior so I'm thinking Lord worth my where my lurking my face turned towards you he knows by experience what the weaknesses of humanity what our want what our wants and where lies the strength of our temptations What are my weak areas. For some it may be die others it may be in lust others it may be using time unwisely others it may be a poor attitude others it may be a critical spirit the devil has learned us well and he know every 1 of us the devil knows those things that are are our weakest points but Jesus knows where our weaknesses are Jesus knows he was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin. He is watching over you trembling child of God. Here right now watching us is he really. Is are you tempted he will deliver are you weak he will strengthen are you ignorant he will enlighten Are you wounded he will heal. The Lord tells the number the stars and yet he Hill with the broken heart and bind it up their wounds coming to me as his invitation what ever your anxieties and trials spread out your case a case before the Lord so what are your anxieties in trials. What are they you know at this point I'd probably write a couple of those down that I'm pleading for the Lord help me with this but for some reason this always makes me anxious and I want you to give me victory over that. When every time my son does that I could just ring is next you know bird in the vitriol. Every time this happens at work I just feel like quitting or I mean up. Under me pleading for those I can spread my case out to the LORD What is my case there's nothing that I have I have no nothing that I can give and say Lord this is what I am and I know that you can help your spirit will be braced for insurance. Amen so that's a promise I can claim Lord you have a promise that my spirit will be braced for and or it's what is in durance me. Just a moment right. Now means it may be a it may be a battle right there may be something that you're dealing with that's not going to have a quick fix but the Lord is going to brace you for that and you're it's and he will be victorious. The way will be open for you to dissin tangle yourself from embarrassment and difficulty Wow. You know for me probably the. Most challenging things about mistakes that they are embarrassing anything you. Know we don't want to admit them. But look at that the way will be open for you to disentangle yourself from embarrassment is a call. And you know I'm just you know we're doing this together so I'm just thinking about this right now what causes me to be embarrassed. It's. So. You know as I was thinking. How is a lawyer going to keep me from being embarrassed because there are some things that happen is just given to know but he can't disentangle me from bears because he can take away a love for self that I don't have to be embarrassed because I want God to be who are not me embarrassment is. Maybe I'm wrong but it's a. Kind of a pride self if staying in the net maybe amazing at the Lorcan 3 years from now. The weaker and more helpless you know yourself to be the stronger will you become in history so the Lord I can't do it but I'm going to believe that you can do it. I want to be as that child the heavier your burdens the more blessid the rest and casting them upon the burden bearer you want to cast that burden of sin and mines the you know progress and Christian making his way to the cross loaded down with that burden of sand. And he sees the cross in. The way oh what a rest that is the rest that Christ offers depends upon conditions but these conditions are plainly specified they are those with which all can come by there is not 1 condition that the Lord has asked me to do that I cannot. He tells us just how his rest is to be found take my yoke upon you Jesus says the yoke is an instrument of service chattel or guilt for Labor in the yoke is essential that they may labor effectually by this illustration Christ teaches us that we are called to service as long as what So my committing myself just for a moment none committing myself for my life and sometimes we think of a commitment like that we can shrink back from it but that just shows us how much more we need Jesus to take away that burden those selfish desires so it not to pretend to be content we can be truly content in him where to take upon us his yoke that we may be co workers with him to serve the yoke that binds to service is the law of God The Great Law of Love revealed in Eden proclaimed upon Sinai and the new covenant written in the heart is that which binds the human worker to the will of God. So what is it the law of God The new covenant right if we were to were left to follow our own inclinations to go just where our will would lead us we should fall in the same tunes rings and become possessed years of his attributes so what are my inclinations. What is an inclination like a natural tendency is we're kind of on to it and we have those that are cold of no say that I'm trying to I'm just finding out about the health message and I'm trying to get rid of caffeine in my life by maybe throwing them in inclination when it's a hot day instead of going to get that guys who are unwilling to get that caffeinated drinks right or if I feel more just tired I The natural inclination is to get that. And as we follow our own inclination what's happening to the character beholding we become changed therefore guard confines us to is the will which is high in noble and elevating He desires that we shall patiently and wisely take up the duties of service the Oka service Christ Himself has borne in humanity he said I delight to do that I will my guard Yea that I love as within my hearts came down from heaven not to do mine own will but the will of Him that sent me love for God zeal for his glory in love for fallen humanity brought Jesus to earth to suffer and to die this was the controlling power of his life this principle he bids us adopt that is a point to meditate on what was the what was the controlling power crisis line. It was love for God to deal for his glory in love for. So what was the controlling power of his life love for God zeal for his glory and love for humanity my butt that in my prayer Lord help me to love you with all my heart. My soul with. All my strength. Praying Lord give me love for you give me a love for your righteous. Give me a love any zeal for your glory when I have a zeal for his glory am I going to be embarrassed. I might be remorseful I might be ashamed that I brush a man the Lord's. Own a zeal for his glory Lord give me love for fall and. If Christ had that as a controlling power of his life I want to adopt that. For a and I plead for that so did you find something to write down not every day you'll see now every day you'll get through a whole I haven't got the shorter once a trying it or the whole thing we'll see that it's not just reading through your digest in a year or train it your meditating on it. So write down something that you're wanting to remember. For me I'm writing down the controlling power of Chrysler I. So I was wrote the controlling power of his life and it's listed a money love for God zeal. Or is Lorrie was of or all in humanity there was something I was dealing with in my life that I felt in chain willed and trapped in you know I might write down this 1 whatever your anxieties and trials spread out your case before the law you know might be dealing with that or maybe I'm afraid of what people are going to find out and I say. Lord You're going to open the way for me to be disentangled from embarrassment and difficulty you are going to honor for a that you help me as I give my life to you today. So whatever that is. Write that down then I'm going to have that and then I'm going to go to my knees in prayer then I'm going to have a song for the Lord to see me to sing to him. It may seem awkward at 1st to sing when you're on. I just started that a few years ago sometimes our Think about it and I would start and I feel embarrassed but I learned something new about the very same today a. Sound of the thing you know 1 of the angels think of me you know here they go to God and I can't even stay on key but I. Know early in the morning on the lift my voice. You know that the Bible says that God's. 317. So I have a song for that so what I'm going to do now and then have a prayer for the recording sake then because classes and over yet. What I want to do on a tape the next 10 minutes I'm going to go to my knees you can do your knees you can stay seated you have to do a silently because we're in this setting but I'm encouraging this to start learning to pray out wow I don't always pray out loud like I'm talking now maybe in a whisper at times but I find that when I pray out loud My mind doesn't wander. It's when I stop and I start praying finally that my mind starts to wander and there are times when I'm just quiet and I want to learn to speak to me and at make sure my mind doesn't wander by here we'll pray silently for 10 minutes and then we're going to sing a song and where my fan a player go oh yes we'll sing 567 mirror still nearer and then we'll finish So let's take 10 minutes and I'm going to close with prayer and ask the Lord to bless our prayer time with him this. Oha there in heaven what a picture of Jesus you've given us today. That his calling me my name is written upon it's that his voice speaking to me as the tenderest sweetest sound in my ear could ever hear no condemnation no fault finding spirit nosy I told Jews only call for us to come to him and be yoked to him. That we may find rest. Of Lord please speak to our heart. Lord I pray thee a job very near. We would hear you speak to us. You may hear us. Sincerity of our heart. Speak. They prayed in Jesus. 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