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A Thoughtful Hour- Part 4

Justin Ringstaff




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Oh Father in heaven how precious it is precious it is for us to know that our Savior longs to walk with us just as we heard in our devotional time the call by the sea the invitation we hear that tender voice of Christ calling us even this day come and follow me come and walk with Khan to me Oh Lord how we want to do that this morning please draw. Please give us the presence of heaven the angels Your Holy Spirit to be our teacher draws close to you Father we want to earnestness this morning we want new insight of your great love for us and of our Savior we want to come from this time encouraged and strengthened with joy upon our hearts and written upon our countenance want to be those that will go to bring a light to this campground to speak words of encouragement in hope and in time of trial or in time of need Lord that may even be before us this day that our faith as it is rooted in you will not fail so Lord I pray for this and ask for the you would. Just use me today I pray in Jesus' name. Before we get into just a couple thoughts how many of you have your. Your treasure for the day. Yes mine that I wrote down is actually a memory verse from. The Scripture that I read this morning. When I have already memorized but it was such a blessing to me that I wanted it on my mind again today John 829 anyone know that 1 when having memorized that 1 and he who sent Me is with me the father has not left me alone for I always do those things that please. Oh Lord let that be my life to day that I know that you're with me as you sent me the you haven't left me alone and Lord how I want to do those things that please you so that's that was my prayer this morning and that treasure that I'm keeping with me this day as want to emphasize how important it is to hold that treasure out each day you'll find that if you don't know you'll still gain a blessing I'm a saint any time you spend time with the Lord in the Word and in prayer and gain a blessing you're going to lose probably 1 of the greatest blessings and that is having a treasure to share with someone else and so well want to talk some about the content of prayer today briefly but a couple things I want to address the horror of that couple questions that I got. 1 is vacation time you know they are just for vacation and well I do. Now if I am away and I'll just buy an hour or so and because they cation time I don't have the other pressing thing so I adjust and and that's fine sometimes I'll just get the regular time but then I'll take a nap in the afternoon something but so yeah just the timing. Mean that's just fine. I have something here some were asking about the comments on. Eating and that kind of stuff. I just want to make this comment I'm not an extremist and I encourage you to him extremist. You know I mention about not eating between meals and that thing you know if you go to work in you know a corker brought you a donut that day I'm not saying you know that it's a sin to eat a donut and I say that I was talking about the habit the have bitch oh you know the day in day out doings of your life that's what I'm talking about so I don't want anyone to misunderstand that. The 2 meal 3 meal you want to do everyone is a little bit different I am and a lot of meetings I drive a lot my work is not like outdoor labor so I don't need to eat as much when I was in college and you know I was studying but also working 6 hours a day in a factory Well I hear it a whole lot more. But I was want to read this briefly to you this is from the Spirit of Prophecy manuscript 30 minute script releases page 42 here just to give you a picture of this this is why speaking in our family we have breakfast at half past 6 o'clock and dinner at half past 1 we have no supper we would change our times of eating a little Were it not for the fact that these are the most convenient hours for some of the members of the family. Well I imagine that when our children are you know away when they're out of the house well we'll probably adjust our schedule of it is pretty set right now because they shell the leaves usually takes them to school and she leaves a 745 usually to take the kids to school well where they have the kids take school well maybe with it just a little bit you know. They have you know to get a little bit later. So basically she's talking about well their meals because were adjusted to the situation of the home a little bit later in another place she still talks about their meals wrappers being at 7 o'clock so you can see there was not some rigid thing they adjusted those things as they needed she says here 16 manuscript releases page 173 no eating should be allowed between our meals so I mean so we're asking the world wide to come over the things that I didn't come over to my sister from the Spirit of Prophecy just principles for that on a share these couple thoughts with you too about the. Positive thinking I didn't make that up either this comes from how many of you have the book ministry of healing. You don't have that book or if you have you have read a while that is a just a joy to remain or. Where is it a council and diets and foods I mean just a while of counsel and will is them from God given to us so we can live happy healthy lives for him but listen to this incredible pace to have the oneness of the chapter mind here nothing tends more to promote health of body and of soul than does a spirit of gratitude and praise. So not just body but also the spirit was a soul is the spiritual life it is a positive duty to resist melancholy discontented thoughts and feelings as much a doozy duty as it is to pray so if so when asked you what why do you say that we can say well these 2 are connected they are connected it's as much of a duty to do this to have the mind allocated thoughts elevators so when I count the time of prayer. Then it's more rewarding and rich and I can connect closer to our Lord that's a pretty strong statement that's as much of a duty for us to resist those discontented thoughts and feelings as it is for us to pray and the wonderful thing about what God has done with our bodies is that they learn and they are trainable So our mind can be trained to think upon those elevated things if we are heaven bound How can we go as a band of mourners groaning and complaining all along the way to our Father's house. You know I. I like to smile and be happy and that some people that have not appreciate that maybe. I don't have any problems in my life and I can understand their problems I assure you I have problems in my life too. But I do not have a Savior that can make us glad I mean think of this statement same chapter those professed Christians who are constantly complaining and who seem to think cheerfulness and happiness is a sin have no genuine religion it's like I think it was John Bunny and he you know he's the author of poems progress and he was thrown in prison for can't remember how many years 9 years or something like that but were he was its high of who they were you know there was a general feeling that pleasure was a sin to be happy and to enjoy things was a sin because we should be more Rowson and o'er burdened with the cross right. And he that he loved to ring the church bell but he would go and he would go to ring the church bell but before he could really enjoy it he would run out because he thought that God was going to make the bell drop on him because he was enjoying her ring the bell. At that is that the kind of Christian experience we have. That that we go attorneys and we pray and we think that we should be. We should feel the weight of our C.N.N. mission make us terrible through the day no we go we cast our burden on the Lord for he cares for us any good resources to us though what of his salvation and the joy of His salvation it is a law of nature that our thoughts and feelings are encouraged and strengthened as we give them moderns So we write these promises down where in the word of we're going to our time of prayer that's another reason why it's good to pray aloud because you're hearing it and our thoughts and feelings are encouraged and strengthened as we say it so you know I may not feel I mean like this morning I'll tell you last night I was OUR us you know fi the Delamont to be a little grumpy tired got back and of course you know it's can't mean sort is going back a little later in it's about you know getting close to 1130 in. The morning coming so early and I got up this morning ah it was hard to get I said Lord don't let me complain. And. Don't let me utter 1 word of complains I came outside and I looked up and it was dark in and I couldn't see the moon or the stars this morning. But the Lord made me glad the Lord made me glad and he saw the clouds this morning a little later on that beautiful Zuleika a stormy sea going over us and it's pretty incredible. While words express thoughts it is also true that thoughts follow words if we give more expression to our faith rejoice more in the blessings that we know we have the great mercy and love of God We should have more faith and greater joy Take your time in the morning and let it be that fruit of joy for you throughout the day just resigned it yourself just keep it on the funnier mind as you share with those you're going to find that your joy is going to even increase because you can see it becomes a joy to them and a help to them no tongue can express no finite man can conceive the blessing that results from appreciating the goodness and love of God It's a part of this is going to be important to talk about the content of prayer in a 2nd even on earth we may have joy as a in well spring never failing because fed by the stream that flows from the throne of God Now I don't want you to be misunderstanding this either that mean that we don't have trials and there aren't time for SAD you've been sad there are there are said times but do we have to be discouraged what is discouraging No no hope no Kurds right now we don't have to be discouraged there are tons where I mean Jesus was known as a man of what sorrow did he walk around gloomy and and melancholy No he was full of life and joy in the Lord children don't run to those who are downcast very often. Children are attracted to those that are life and happiness and joy in the children love to be with Jesus. Let us educate our hearts and lips to speak the praise of God for his mattress love let us educate our souls to be hopeful and to aid in the light shining from the cross of Calvary seeing praises let praise and thanksgiving be expressed and in song when tempted instead of giving utterance to our feelings let us by faith lift up a song the things giving to God trying to make it a habit of singing at least 1 song to the Lord a day. To choose a song and saying this I learned a new 1 this morning you know was a blessing to me and I'm going to share with you a little bit later the pure Oh and then also on the exercise and breathe the pure air the glad sunshine the flower entries this page to 64 the orchards and then years an outdoor exercise amid these surroundings our health giving life. So all these things work together to our love 8 in strengthen and Noble the mind why do we exercise why do we eat well why do we avoid eating between meals Why do we avoid those those kind of. Of drinks and snacks and those things that would bring them our downs because we want to have a high and lived in mind so we can discern God speaking to us and hear his voice and so we can be more fitted servants for him so just a couple of thoughts on that and I hope you go and you read those books there are incredible I mean if you just learned so many interesting things like. I mean just ran a pings allow us 1 that almonds are healthier to eat on a regular basis than peanuts. How would I would I know that I would know that but this prayer probably says that and then amazing. Or that all was are are such a good food they could beat at almost every meal and that for some beans are great and others are not so great. I mean it's just incredible that we have such a wealth of that all there is to help us to grow and be strengthened in the Lord and it all comes down to that life of devotion for Christ never when I talk about the devotional life it is where you have that morning devotion but as I think you can probably begin to see it's not just a time in the morning it is a life of devotion. It is a walk with the Lord through the day moment by moment you take time to examine yourself last night. On the LORD rebuke to me on a rough patch the things. I miss my only now but I were there last night. Slower help me help me so I thought about the content of prayer. Just briefly here there are forms of prayer and I I don't want to say that I think those are wrong anyway and I don't where people have made a neat way to remember and I use that like X. adoration and fashion Thanksgiving supplication those can be helpful then there are types of methods of prayer like praying through the saying sure in those things those are wonderful but I'm just talking my own experience so I'm not saying this is the way but when I come to the Lord. I just have a I just want to load my heart and life to the Lord a moon I go in so it's been a long day and you know Shelley and I are at the end of the day and we're talking you know before we go to sleep in my mind I don't think about this in this in this in the now it's a conversation it's natural and when something pops into her mind she'll say I don't have to come in a CERN order or anything like that and I guess I'm saying is prayer should be a conversation shouldn't worry so much about the structure of it as much as you should worry about Lord am I hearing you and in my talking to you I don't know if that makes sense but but with that I'm going to talk about some things that we that do become content to our prayers when we just talked about him as praise and thanksgiving and I am not a I'm not a. Man of many words usually I can just be quiet and. You know in a room in a mean I don't have to I can just sit in the I can be the fly on the wall you know and sometimes it's hard for me even express to the Lord what I'm feeling and. I just can't find the words to do it and you'll hear me saying what I'm so sorry I'm trying to say is but I don't know what to say. But there something that's incredible that. That's Sony when you spend time in the Word of God in spirit prophecy and I think you've seen already that you can take that as content for your prayers and I show you how you can do that and praise and thanksgiving to the Lord which trains us how to praise its holy name so I want to show you a couple of these the songs are many of them are prayers of thanksgiving rites So look at this song 92 I'm going to look at a cup of them quickly here Psalm 92 so I'm on my knees I want to Eloise a bust me so much now I just want to thank him and I can say Lord it is so good to give thanks to you and sing praises to your name oh most high you're taking a songwriter's making it a prayer to declare your loving kindness in the morning your faithfulness every night and you composite you can add to that Lord you are Soul truthful to me thank you thank you for this thank you for that as those things flood to your mind an instrument of 10 strings on the lute and on the harp with her mony a son Lord I can't do that now but I'm going to let my voice. And and be in song to you for you oh Lord have made me glad through your work I will triumph in the work of your hands so you can take the scripture and you can pray it back to the Lord and as you pray it you just make it your own prayer and you can insert things in there but it it does kind of give a structure to that praise or some 19 is another 1 I love to pray. The heavens that Claire the glory of God Those are praying this morning I saw those cars are just so incredible it was just a normal cloud cover it was like just the rich tones of gray in and lightness of it was as beautiful they have the firmament shows your handiwork today and today utters speech and night and tonight reveals knowledge there is no speech nor language with their voice where their voices not heard their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world then you look at this the he has set a terrible for the sun I mean you can just praise God for his creative power and it's like this morning when I in my devotion it was just a picture that had not ever seen before but Jesus when he's talked about he is the light of the world L.-Y. brought out that the sun was just coming up and shining on the temple and it was a it and they had these lanterns in the in the same area there in the temple because reminding them of the pillar of cloud Jesus was a pillar and as a sun comes up he points to the Sun nice says I am the light of the war and I just have a picture ingrained in my mind was just so powerful to look at Jesus and he points the sun to know it's going to happen now angle when I see the sun. Going to Jesus pointing to the sign I am the light of the world he is that that morning glory in my life. Ziggo see that but then the law of the Lord's perfect converting the soul more let your law be converting power in my life. Detests male orders sure making wise the simple Lord my mind is so dole at times. All make me wise in the things that have the statutes of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart as I follow you Lord let me not shill it as a yoke a burden but as James calls it that it is the law of liberty so you can pray that are some 23 The Lord Is My Shepherd Lord you are my shepherd I shall not want you can take those a make them be a part of your prayer or some of you can see him some 123 I think you understand the point I'm trying to make here until you I lift up my eyes Oh you who dwell in there have ends behold as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress so our eyes look to the Lord our God until he has mercy on us so instead of saying that in in that person I say it to me so my eyes Lawrence look to you until you have mercy on me. And that just such a blessing that you're taking the words of inspiration and you're making them your own for the Lord and then there are ones like in Revelation that are love to. Revelation 15. Great revelation 153 and 4 this as you remember out a gallon was message on last Friday night the song of Moses in the song of the Lamb grade a marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just end shrew are your ways. Try only I dare you try and read those in prayer to God and see if that lift. Your love in your devotion to him just in true are your ways so King of the saints who shall not fear you oh Lord and glorify your name for you alone are holy for all nations shall come and worship before you so and then say Lord all nations are going to come but I want to be in the front of it. All in my home to be among those who worship you your judgments have been manifest in. You see this example in scripture I'm just going to show you this Acts Chapter 4 this is going to show you this is the biblical concept here I'm not making it up. Acts Chapter 4 we find it here yes verse 24 so when they heard that they raised their voice to God with 1 accord and said Lord you are God who made heaven and earth and the sea and all that is in them that sounds familiar who by the mouth of your servant David have said why did the nations rage in the people plus vain things the kings of the earth took their stand in the rulers were gathered together against the Lord and against his Christ. That's from the saw in Chapter 2 they took the words of Scripture in there putting them in their prayer and purring that to God and then you see they finished their prayer when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together was shaken and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with boldness you're an affine in your time of the Lord yes only times that maybe aren't as high on the mountain as there. But you have those times we're just feels like the whole place around you that you are on holy ground. And that the Lord spirit is there resting upon. It even when we don't feel it I don't know where it is right now you know that's something that you can go look up where Spirit prophecy tells us that even if we don't sense it or feel it we can know that Jesus is there in his hands upon. And I have looked to that in my purse so many times when I did not feel that God was near I said Lord I may not feel it but I know it I know it. And knowledge is so much greater than feeling so much greater so praise and thanksgiving confession you know as we examine ourselves the more we come into the light of God's presence the more we see ourselves as we really are and that's why is it in Romans 123 where the counsel is not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think but to think soberly God is going to every 1 measure of faith sometimes we just think so highly of ourselves when we see ourselves or why. Have in. How we are humble before him but as we see those things we want to be quick to confess our sin and ask the Lord Lord's or something I should do about this some things there's nothing we can do but just ask for the Lord's forgiveness other things or maybe the things that I need to do I may need to get up and go and say sorry to have wife as humaine of that maybe I'm sorry honey I was your arm you were right. Or maybe to our children or maybe it's something at work I don't know but we want to we want to have that attitude want to pray for our families to take time to sincerely pray for our children our spouses our family larger family for our church family you know how much our world church need your prayers we need to be lifting that's what I mean I you know reading through the New Testament especially you know you looking at Paul how often does he say making mention of you and in every prayer I suggest I mean did he not have so much to pray for and and here is remembering them by name in his prayers so you want to do that so you know I have my list and I go through that list people hammy purry Quest they'll say so write that down now someone asked me to pray for them that doesn't mean that I'm going to pray for that name for the rest of. You know the time I walk this earth but I want to intreat the now some people will know that they need that and so I will be praying to until I see the Lord working in that. There are souls that were laboring for that are just burdens on the heart that we want to be praying for by Nene and you know I pray for our conference leadership asking the Lord a blast and pray for our pastors and Laura to help them pray for your pastor and tell him you're praying for him. Our church schools our teachers so we want to be praying those and I'll tell you if you don't have a list of it you're going to forget it so have your list there to pray for of course mention the special Perri Quest people come and they'll say you could you pray for my sister she is going to have surgery next week so we want to be remembering those in prayer and then of course the prayer for ourselves it's not wrong to pray for ourselves now Jesus prayed for himself he pled for God to give him strength and courage where he think Jesus got his plans for each day from the father he was praying Lord show me this day leave me this day so we're going to be praying for that so that is. A great need to pray for and of course then we're taking the things that the Lord has brought to us in our devotional life and more pray now we're going to transition here and get in China our devotional but I do want to say I want to make this point very clear when we pray and we ask the Lord to bless us in our devotional in my mind that whole time is prayer because I hope that you kind of seen that I've tried to make it as natural and yet some of it is still a little artificial because it's in a. It's not an intimate setting with the Lord but I hope that you can see how you can take as you read from scripture you can take as you read from the spirit prophecy and you do make that time a prayer the whole time as a prayer you're talking to God through that and you're seeing him talk to you and you just make that entire time a prayer and then when you fall to your knees and prayers now like you're just starting you're just carrying on that prayer and I mentioned that the other day so I just want to make that very clear that think of the whole time as prayer with God I mean it's incredible and it does help prayer to be more like a conversation you know you read something you'll see here you re something you just Or do we have. Lord this here this here Lord help me to be like that Lord give me that kind of faith and you'll find that there are many things that the Lord will hit you on day after day after day I'll tell you there are so many times where. Or I've been wrestling with something in my own character and the next morning it's right there A No I just leap he like Lord the Lord knew that and I just think lore have it to me that it just reveals God that God knows my thoughts he knows my life he knows my heart and he knew that I needed a word from him on this and even though I was in like organized plan and. How did it you know to get in that order and he brought me right to that and I just praises his name for it so. I want to emphasize that the whole time is a is a time of prayer and again where we're not going to get through the whole thing this morning but tomorrow we're going to just do the devotional because I sure at least 1 time I'm going to spend an hour or devotion with you and just model that all the way through so tomorrow we're going to do that so I hope that you'll be able to be here for that and then also some are or have shipped handbook the have any need of any materials you can get those on a pass this out now in the past the cards out here and feel free to take a couple if you need. And again I want to encourage you don't leave today without writing something down even though we have a short we won't have an hour we'll have enough time for Laura to give you something to glean from this today and you'll get. You'll get better at pulling those out sometimes it can I mean sometimes you may have just a bible verse like I did today Other times I have other things but you'll start learning in seeing those things that are just short to the point and just pulling those out and it gets a lot easier so I want you to make sure to write something down today and some of us shared what you've written down I mean I've really appreciated that So let's have a prayer together and then we'll transition into our time of devotion Let's pray. There in heaven we just are so overwhelmed at times. By your goodness that is shown to us day by day your scripture is true it's been proven in our lives that your Mercedes they are indeed new air very morning and as a scripture says just before they have verse that these things are a call to our mind therefore we have hope oh lord thank you for the hope you give us and as we open your word as we go to the spirit of prophecy or speak to our hearts help us to find that word from heaven to us to day is open our hearts in communion with you. Thank you for each 1 here and I pray that you would speak to each 1 here and each 1 who might hear after this we pray for them as well I ask this in Jesus' name. The man. So let's open our Bibles this is the touch of faith Chapter 36 in the desire of ages Oh I'm sorry thank you for that reminder. Thank you. Matthew Chapter 9. Again just a note I had intended to get the shorter 1 so just to show you the whole thing but often you'll find that you won't get through the whole they every day I mean there are some times where I don't get past 1 hearse My God My goal is not to just get through reading my goal is to. Connects with my father and have been so. The goal is not to rush through and get through a reading. And. I will make this no though you can and someone else made this comment to me you can if you read 1 chapter in the conflict of the age a series that's the 5 volumes patriarchs and profits profits and kings the desire of ages acts of the Apostles and the great controversy here 1 chapter a day you can get through the whole set and here and it's it's a wonderful blessing. If you do this if you follow this in here if you do and the devotional I don't get through that I don't know it takes me a lot longer to do that that's why I have this salary to my Bible every year and I like to read through several spirit prophecy books every year so I try in choose those I'd like to go through step to Christ every year I like to read I try to read through a great controversy every year and I try to read through the desire of ages every year so those are some but then I like this year because of this class man I'm going to read the minister of healing again. And so those are some things it's amazing what we can do with the time as God has given us when we make heavenly things 1st you'll be amazed at how much time you have and some of that I'll do probably listening while I'm walking you know sometimes they have a thing that's. Up to look it up is it but they have. Lots and lots of. Ella white books on on the Internet Audio Karen was called Is that why audio. So. Yeah Elo I audio dot org So you go there and there are lots of free recordings saw you know probably download those and and listen to those my walk but sometimes I like to listen and read just because I get the way I made it to sing graines the prom I mind OK everyone have their stuff Matthew Chapter 9 where look here at verse 18 while he spoke these things to them behold a ruler came in worship him say My daughter has just died but common layer hand on her and she will live so Jesus a rose and followed him and so did his disciples So what does this right here give you a cation to pray for see I hear several different things so the Lord is putting different burdens right if if your child was sick with this not be meaningful to you. If you're struggling with faith will you not be saying Lord give me faith so Jesus rose and followed him and so did his disciples think I mentioned it last year what was the disciples number 1 of their number 1 rules I've learned this from the spirit prophecy 2 they knew that their place was at the side of Jesus and they were not to be separate. Because they were to watch everything that the Master did so when it says Jesus arose and followed and so does the sight of a days in your garden are wrong with you. Or is that Revelation 14 These are both so follow the lamb wherever he goes Lord let that be me. And suddenly so just on the way a Soliah womanhood a flow of blood for 12 years came from behind and touched the hem of his garment Maybe in your life there is something you've dealt with for such a long time. Say Lord Oh how I wish I could touch the him here garment. If you're in that situation I'd encourage you to read the ministry of healing you know be a blessing to you as does the Lord heal everything the Lord take away every barn out of our last not everything but he can carry us through it a man men know what that is that's the word of faith so she spoke that what happened the words came out of her mouth they went in her ears and where they do they encouraged her I could tell all. Men Then she touched the hem of his garment for she said to herself If only I may touch his garments I shall be made well but Jesus turned around and when he saw her he said Be of good cheer daughter your faith has made you well and the woman was made well from that hour so you just let your mind absorb that. I mean there are so many things that I could pray for in that. And you know I know that are going to come out in this but just all the busy ness area thing all was happening so she could have made excuse after excuse say I can't make it too many people was going to happen but there comes a point in your life. Where all that doesn't matter anymore. None of it matters the crowd the stairs it doesn't matter all you want is to be able to touch Jesus and say Lord let that be me let that be me give me that earnestness when Jesus came into the rulers house and saw the flute players in the noisy crowd wail lean he said to them make room for the girl is not dead but sleep the name they ridiculed him. Lord how many times have I read your word and maybe I didn't ridicule you like they did laugh and that whatever maybe I have may have been like Sarah knowing Laura came down and said that she was going to have a child and she laughed right. And then she said she didn't laugh and what the Lord say back to her Oh you did laugh. And that amazing. You can't the Lord. Learn to said no you did and you did laugh but how many times have I done that to the Word of God Lord let me not ever distrust your word but the crowd when the crowd was put outside he went in and took her by the hand and the girl arose. And the report of this went out into all the land so much and that to what I be the crowd that's put outside when I be the 1 that pressed close to Christ when to switch over to reading here so you may a pull something out of that for the maybe the Lord said to you this verse is for you my son today this verses for you my daughter today. And if that is then then write it down if there's something there you want to memorize you know write it down some of the highlights and we're not going to get through this. And. Looking at this here I think. I know because a lot of this here is a description of that I want to let you read through that I want to come here to the 2nd page the backside of the 1st page and if you come down here to the. Where says the wondering crowd. Us want to take our time on this paragraph here. Look at this here. The wondering crowd that pressed close about Christ realize no a session of vital power so what does that say there are people there touching bumping against Christ has gone through the crowd and they are so close but they didn't realize the power of God among them but that it is so and your prayer be yes Lord help me I mean how many times have I gone through the day in just the blur of the day and I didn't have the power of Christ when. I mean it's so easy for me to just look at them. And I say Lord what about me trained me Lord teach me. You go up just to the top of the page I love where that sentence is there he saw that there the golden opportunity had come. She's pressing to find Christ and she was looking for that opportunity to touch Christ here others are pumping up and they don't they don't see a golden opportunity they're just waiting to see what's going to happen not thinking that something that happened to them. Yeah that's of the question how many of them were saying. Yes they didn't realize they were sick and heart and spirit but when the suffering woman put forth her hand to touch him believing that she would be me whole be made whole she felt the healing virtue now to show you this next sentence is a big clue in the Spirit of Prophecy it transitions to what a car teaching moment where it directly is something that relates it to our life today or to a circumstance in life today you'll see this phrase like so in spiritual things or she'll say so it is with us or how often it is the case with us and when you see those those should just be flags to say I need to pay attention especially to the head because it's a direct word it's like a bullet at sermon point coming direct from heaven to me so a Says so in spiritual things so if I wasn't paying close attention before I want to be very attentive right now to talk religion in it casual way to pray. Without Saul hunger and living faith avails nothing. That I underlined that 1 highlight and that's when I'm probably going to write down I'm not sure yet I haven't gotten through but that's probably going to be the 1 I'm writing them down I mean just think about that to talk of religion in a casual way your conversation could be all about spiritual things but they could be it could be in a casual way it's like what the spare prophet tells us about the Word of God that we should never ever speak of the Word of God or use it in a trivial way you should never use the word of God in a joke this is the sacred word of God These arse these are spiritual things we need to keep our mind that these are holy things I mean look at the angels in the elders around the throne of God They fall in their faces and cry Holy holy holy and this is what this is talking about to talk of religion in a casual way just an hour every day way we need to be careful how we handle these things. To pray without Saul hunger and living faith that is just the prayer that is just out of duty and and just that rote memorization without really sensing Lord please hear me in this time that soul hunger living faith that is taking the word of God That's that's. The promises of God are given to me I'm going to claim those by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. If we don't do this we're going to avail nothing a nominal faith in Christ which except merely as the savior of the worlds. Now that's interesting you might think to accept him as the savior of the world is a pretty incredible thing what is merely mean just merely or I don't know I'm not a. Gamer so detected. But merely in my mind is not is not just NOT JUST AS But you know it's like. Is that the right medium like it's not it's like. It's lower you know yes not nearly as this. Yes missing the best part thank you for that a nominal faith which accepts him merely as a savior can never bring healing to the soul this faith that is unto salvation is not mere intellectual assent to the truth so let that sink in so that's explaining really the sins before about him as a savior or us not just an understanding that. I understand the truth of this. He who waits for entire knowledge before he will exercise faith cannot receive blessing from God It is not enough to believe about Christ we must believe in Him I mean that's powerful Lord help me to believe in Christ and then I'd want to think about that. Want to spend a few moments more what does it mean for me to believe in you what does that mean so I'm 1 and meditate on them now on a map I would want to you know use my imagination to imagine what that is I'm a very visual person so I want to know what does that look like or is that Lord. It is not enough to believe about Christ we must believe in Him The only faith that will benefit us is that which embraces him as a personal savior so then just telling our savior of the world this is talking about savior of me which appropriates his merits to ourselves so what is that imagery give you you see Christ taking the robot His righteousness. And putting in upon your shoulders rappin you in it maybe even put it over your head out of the home Lord cover me on. Every part of me Lord Many hold faith as an opinion as faith in an opinion to you this is what I think. Saving Faith is a transaction by which those who receive Christ join themselves in Covenant relation with God genuine faith is life a living faith means an increase of vigor a confiding trust by which the soul becomes what I mean when you read those words that. Living faith isn't encrease in vigor what does that mean I mean that in a selfish rank right. That's very that's strength in the life a confiding trust what's a soul becomes a conquering power Christ in you Christ in me the hope of Lori Oh what a blessing that is what a blessing just because I know this chapter there's 1 more sentence I want you to see and it is powerful the very last paragraph of the whole paper. Oh the whole thing I'm sure is a problem I hope that you'll take time to go through this but it is look at that that 1st sentence it is for our benefit to keep every gift of God fresh in our memory thus faith is strengthened to claim into receive more and more there is greater encouragement for us in the least blessing research we receive ourselves receive from God then in all the accounts we can read of the faith and experience of others I could tell you here all Dechen give my testimony it encourage you I'm sure it encourage those who hear but it all will pale in comparison to what your experience is going to be with Christ. So take this time now give you 1 minute write down something to define something to write down. OK write it down in that powerful. To sing credible you have that it in treasure have it memorized yet it's on my list and them arise or if I read it enough times the are going to remember it some 119 I memorized the reference 162 because you have your treasure for the day I rejoice at your word as 1 who finds great treasure I rejoice at your word as 1 who finds great treasure Oh let's hide the Word of God in our hearts as a great treasure on a close with a prayer and then I like to give you time to pray from your heart to the Lord in clay whatever you wrote down prayed at for your life today but I do hope that in your morning prayer and let me back up in your order of your life today is going to be a life of devotion today Amen tonight you're going to examine yourself. You're going to hide something from the Word of God in your mind you know pray for Lord's blessing you know I ask the Lord to give me dreams good rains I pray for that and he does that not every night but I I thank the Lord for that I pray for that but then pray for the Lord awaken you and then in the morning when you have your time glean that will glean your thought but then you also be praying for these other things. Pleading with God your hold of time will be a time of prayer right and then the end of it's just going to be that pouring the heart out to God in those things so I'm going to pray and then take a few moments here some of you may need to go but I hope before you go you'll take at least a moment praying for the Lord to take whatever he wrote down and make it a part of your life lest our heads in prayer Dear Father in heaven I thank you for your words indeed it is life to us we rejoice at your word as those who find a great treasure Oh Lord our hearts can just be overwhelmed with joy in your presence or I I've just been so blessed this morning in this time just cleaning for a few moments those eternal treasures I feel like the woman in the crowd who noticed that the golden opportunity had come and I didn't want to miss it I don't want to miss it I don't want to miss that golden opportunity each morning each evening before we go to rest or let us not miss those Lord I pray that. Each 1 here woods just sense that you have sent them with a purpose and that you are with them and that none here need be alone for you are with them and each 1 of us would always clean and pray for Christ to live in us that we may do those things that please you help us this day Lor not to talk of religion in a casual way in our prayers give us a soul hunger and a living fade now we will have the treasures of Haven't opened before us now we will not go away empty now our time will not avail nothing but it will a veil All That Heaven desires to keep. So Lord I pray for them. I pray that you are bless us. I ask it in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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