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A Thoughtful Hour- Part 5

Justin Ringstaff




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Father in heaven we're just so glad this morning that we can see of our redeemer Oh how precious he is to us our Lord our Savior our coming key and Lord as we spend this time together to day with each other and with you we pray that you would indeed be here with us thank you for the time you've given us through this week pray Lord that as we finish our time together this day that we will not be disappointed you will have met us once again and brought us a fresh blessing from above we want to open our hearts to you we want our lips to be free Lord to seeing your prey's we want our hearts to be allowed to be unburdened by the cares of this world by the anxieties that can press around us and that we may have a full hope and faith in you so Lord please hear our prayer in Jesus name the men the men Good morning everyone. I'm just going to take is the few short minutes this morning just a horrible couple of things up and just a couple final thoughts in a after yes or. No I wish we had another several hours or so and so I would love to share. Just in. No dialogue here together. I just want to make sure another point. It's OK if you have 3 meals a day I thought you. Know A When you get the wrong idea. And. So I hope everyone got my point about all those things that we want our life to be consciously growing and be closer in harmony with the Lord in the in not everything is the same for everybody I hope I made that claim by a guest on that Laura misunderstood that. And. But I will say it is a healthy ist not between meals and that's a discipline that I think will be a blessing to you but 2 meals 3 meals whatever works for you but I think I do 1 of size also that principle though not eating a big meal at night will greatly impact what happens in that early morning hour I said I wanted to say something briefly about memorizing scripture I do think it's important for us to memorize scripture and I mentioned the other day that there's a chapter they all why says we should memorize that's as a 53 but there are several chapters that she says we should memorize like 1st Corinthians 13 when I do pre-marriage counseling I ask those you know the bride in groom to be for them to memorize that chapter because it is the great chapter of love. But there is an app it's called Scripture type or there's a website scripture type or DUP dot com and on you go on the website it's free but I set all my children up with accounts so they can go and they can practice their memory verses and that kind of thing but it's just a great tool for years I just did it on. And punched a hole and got those ravings and and I'd have my memory versus there but it's just amazing how much bat strain thins your walk the lore when you're when you come into Devil situation largest brings a memory verse to your mind and just gives you that strength and that's why it just proves some 1911 right and what does that say. A word I had in my heart that I might not sin against you and so. The other thing is you know when I look at something like this I think how strong would we be how strong would our homes be how strong would our churches be if we were careful to keep that walk with Jesus each and every day I'll tell you I can imagine that there are some right here in this room who are having a personal and extraordinary revival in their life just in a few days of doing this imagine week after week month after month year after year the strength that builds upon strength in your walk with God. You know we're praying for today's prayer focus for the campground is revival and reformation and I cannot help but believe that these are the foundations of it and where our walk with God is just airy thing springs out of that it's out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks but it's of abundance of our time with God that our character shines shines forth and. So I just I just believe that God can give us a incredible revival and I don't encourage you to be faithful in this and if you fall down I guess I get right back up but lead your family teach them how to have a devotional time you have children get I mean I don't care how old they are teach them from infancy that the 1st thing is to seek the Lord their God and as they grow they won't know anything else they won't nothing else will matter to them as much is their Father in heaven and being connected to Jesus and having the Spirit of God in them. There is also a point here I wanted to make and it came to me very forcibly in my my study this morning and and I I want to make sure I convey that even in the teaching teaching of this. But I study this morning and I share with a few earlier I was looking at John Chapter 10 or Jesus as the Good Shepherd and know why brings up the point in the desire of ages page 480 that it's not the fear of punishment or the hope of ever lasting reward that leads the Disciples of Christ to follow him talks about we see his great love for us and that awakens Lovenox to follow him and. That to me is a key factor I'm I don't want to be motivated to spend the time with a little more exam afraid that if I don't I'm going to. Or if I do it's going to be this but I want it to become I see his love for me and I just longed to be in his presence I saw many come to the songs you can see that that I delight to do I will oh god that. Is it some 16 is just love this. This song here you turn with me here some 16. Verse 11 you will show me the path of life in your presence is fullness of joy at your right hand are pleasures forevermore always US law of to be in the Lord's presence and I'll say that love is a much better motivator than reward or punishment. And you know that's a principle that I've tried to learn even in the raising of our children that yes I punish them you know I believe the scripture spare the rod or the child it's fun I'll tell you and when we are reading through proverbs together this year you know how fun it is when when your son starts reading you know you know where it is says my son keep your father's command and do not forget a lot of your mother. And I would look at him he'll start laughing you know. I mean just the joy of that is so I'm not saying we don't have those and that it's wonderful to be able to do good things for our children. But regardless of anything I want them to know that I love them. And whether in disciplining them or whether I'm treating them they know that I love them it's such a much better motivator and it just India's those to us there is my share that is because there's a big I think I mentioned the other day of us want to underline it again there's a big temptation for us when we start to get things put right to expect those around us to start putting thing her right and let those around you see the love of God in you know let them see the great transformation in your own life and then we can be teachers and also be teachable and help hopefully be an influence for good as we draw them closer to the Lord as well so there are so many more things I wish we had time to share but I do want to spend the most important time together and that is going through a complete. Devotional time so just as the little quiz What are the things you want to have ready in the morning. Yeah right. So you always want your water. I mean. You want your know Pad. Well your car do you want your Bible you want your your lesson plan your reading and. And 1 thing I don't want to get See the 1 thing I didn't mention is when you have incredible answers to prayer write em down and and and those are those are important the prayer requests you know when you have your list of people you're praying for I mean just. Look back through that and be able to see what God has done and then that's a wonderful thing so we have all those things you've got your highlighters your pants and those things I will say when you're not at camp meeting it is a lot easier when you. Are near I have things all scared around. And. Everything OK we're going to transition now and and begin so what would we do 1st we had prayer right and since we're actually doing it I always. Kneel when I seek the Lord in my prayers in the morning so out on a kneel this time and by you to kneel with me as we seek the Lord's blessing as we study together Father in heaven we are just so thankful that you have awakened us this morning thank you for the rest may not have been as many hours as it were. Like. Yet how good you are to us to awaken us this morning pray Father that you would strong near to us once again we ask Lord that you would speak to us or you know what we need to hear and understand to day you know the path that you've laid out for us this day though we just pray that you might prepare us for that or we pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us we would have eyes to see ears to hear and hearts that yearn to follow you thank you Father we ask it in Jesus name. So our scripture reading today is. Matthew 19 mark tan and Luke 18 so we're going to go to all 3 today. So Matthew Chapter 19 was so neat when you actually compare these as you do get to see a fuller picture and then when you come to the Spirit of Prophecy it's like you know just the whoa rounded beautiful picture. Matthew 19 verse 16 through 22 this morning we're looking at the story of the rich young ruler Matthew 161-9416 now behold 1 came to him 1 came and said to him good teacher what good things shall I do that I may have eternal life you thought about that and you thought about earning your way to heaven is there anything good that we can do to have eternal life and the answer is No I there's only 1 way we have eternal life and that is by the merits of the blood of Jesus or do we want to do good things. So he said to him Why do you call me good no 1 is good but 1 that is God But if you want to enter into life keep the commandments he said to him which once Jesus said You shall not murder you shall not commit adultery you shall not steal you shall not bear false witness honor your father and your mother and you shall love your neighbor as yourself the young man said to him all these things I have kept from my you what do I still lack so it could what do you think in about in this. There may be some things missing but what is the Lord speaking to your heart and then. What do I lack Lord what is it that still lacks that you want to do in my life the other thing is in my mind is that it's true the. Own mixer I say this correctly we take it to Haven't is perfectly keeping in obeying the law gone and there's only 1 who has done that from humanity and had his Jesus so that's still the Oh it's very clear on that that is the. Prerequisite to entering heaven as per the perfect keeping of the Law God can we do that only with Christ living his life within me so Lord what what do I lack Jesus said to him if you want to be perfect Lord I want to be perfect. I do want to be part. And I wouldn't you know I wouldn't say that probably too loudly or. Could be with a Oh you're not perfect and this is the message but in that secret closet lore I want to be perfect for you I want to be perfect he says go sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me so if I want to be perfect Lord what is it that you would look in my life say what is it that I lack in that so just take a moment I mean there's a Lord bringing things to your mind I can think of some things that the Lord bring into my mind. That I really I do want him to. Fix in me so I'm I be praying for that Jesus said to him if you want to be perfect Yes Lord I want to be her I do want to be perfect but I know Lord that I can't do it outside of you I can't do it outside of you. Do you Lord do I want to have treasure in heaven you want to have treasure in heaven whatever it is Lord Our give it to you and I want to come and follow you but the young man when he heard that say in you went away sorrow for her he had great possessions so in my mind thinking what kind of emotion did he have when came to Christ he. Must have felt pretty good. I think is probably pretty highly of himself he was hopeful when he's confronted with that he went away sorrowful What was the deception in his mind that his is rich is without his riches he would be. Nothing and may be sorrowful not happy when he goes away from Christ with all of his riches and what is the. He sorrow for. Their amazing. So I'm thinking about that Lord whatever I think my motion may be really if I don't give it up that's probably what is going to be but if I can do you know what if he would have given all and he were to follow Christ or the testimony probably be in Scripture of him or in the spirit of prophecy. What I get was nothing compared to what you gave me a 10 fold 50 fold a 100 fold in this life and a life to come eternal life I mean there's nothing so I'm praying that So let's go to Mark Mark Chapter 10. Mark Chapter 10. And starting with verse 17 mark is my favorite account of the story. And everyone says different but this one's mind out tell you why in a moment now as he was going on the road 1 came running knelt before him and asked him good teacher what shall I do that I may inherit eternal why so what added picture do you get. The Christ any falls that falls before him kneeling before him and says good teacher what shall I do that I mean every turn a lie in Jesus said to him Why do you call me good no 1 is good but 1 that is God you know the commands do not commit adultery do not murder do not steal do not bear false witness do not de Fraga honor your father and your mother such as a fuller picture of that and of course on these you know if there is a sin in the life was the Holy Spirit going to be doing it if you are reading this as if God is speaking to you you can be convicted of a right and he answered and said to him Teacher all these things I have kept from my you then Jesus looking at him loved him. And that's why I love this 1 most just that picture so this young man he comes running to crises kneel before and he says this This interchange in Jesus looks at him and scripture says that he loved him when someone that loves you looks at you and loves you can you tell that. Dance you I hope when we look at our children our wise or your spouse that they can tell that we love them but Jesus looked at him and loved him probably in you mean Bible studies are the hardest thing I've seen people be able to realize is that Jesus truly loves them and and I mentioned before and I've realized you know that's been hard for me to but least ties to me Larry added you you know they say that's how they set the face only a mother could love. But you know this is when the Lord looks at us we're so oh lord how can you love us of that but the Lord looked at him and loved him so just imagine that if you think through the week you've learned that the Lord's what is what is Jesus's voice towards you tender and full of mercy and love and then what is his look towards you so the law so imagine it imagine Christ you're in your devotion time you're here you're reading this account in this as a crisis speaking to you and he's looking at you and what is he doing he's lost. And then incredible and then he says to him with that great love 1 thing you X.. Go your way sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven in COM take up on the cross and follow the Christ adds me the picture is a little broader here there's a cross to carry but he was sad at this word and went away sorrowful. Because he had great possessions Yes as an attachment to that are we attached to worldly possessions we need to become less and less attached to this world Luke 18 just. Account of this continuing in Luke 18 verse 18 now a certain ruler asked him same good teacher what shall I do to a parody turn alive Jesus said to him Why do you call me good no 1 is good but 1 that is God you know the commandments do not commit adultery do not murder do not steal do not bear false witness on your father and mother and he said all these things I have kept from my youth so when Jesus heard these things he said to him you still lack 1 thing so all that you have and distribute to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me when he heard this he became very sorrowful for he was very rich. What did Jesus say about the rich. How hard it is how hard it is Lord as a heart for me those things have an attachment with me is. Our possessions and money so important to me Do I not have in my heart and desire to give all to you. Chapter 57 desire of age is 1 thing though lacking. We see now when you read this know where to count comes from right and we had gone forth into the way there came 1 running and kneel to him and asked him good master what shall I do that I mean Harry for a life where that come from Mark right in the fire on. The young man who asked this question was a ruler where we see that Luke is a great possessions and occupied a position of responsibility he saw the love that Christ manifested toward the children brought to him he saw how tenderly he received them and took them up in his arms and his heart kindled with law of war the savior so he's watching this and just the character a life of Christ draws his heart after Christ and His heart is kindled with love for the savior. He felt a desire to be his disciple wow he was so deeply moved that as Christ was going on his way he ran after him and kneeling at his feet so he sees this his heart goes out and what does he do. Says I cannot let him get away so he runs out after Christ falls at his feet and asked with sincerity and earnestness the question so important to his soul and to the soul of every human being a good master what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life why I call as though me good said Christ. There is none good but 1 that is God Jesus desired to test the rulers sincerity and to draw him and draw from him the way in which he regarded him as good did he realize that the 1 to whom he was speaking was the Son of God What was the true sentiment of his heart so when you read that what are you what's coming to your mind what would you be how could you be seeing Christ speaking to you and you cleaving with him. You has said Jesus to I see you has this today do I see you as the Son of God and Lord do I have a true sentiment in my heart for here. The Lord is my sincere Lord I want to be. In if I am not more and make me since year for you. Make me since you are you. This rule had a high estimate of his own righteousness Lord do I have a high estimate of my own righteousness am I so easily offended at my going around thinking that I have a higher stature than others for what our How do you see me or I don't want to have a high estimate of my righteousness he did not really suppose that he was defective in anything yet he was not all together satisfied our often I probably have felt that way Horace. Lord I am Laodicea. Lord don't let me be 1 who feels in need of nothing help me to recognize that without you. I am not altogether satisfied and let me not be complacent and I don't want to learn to go through life not altogether satisfied on a miserable thing that would be. Right I mean who wants to go through life not altogether satisfy I want the satisfaction that a balance in the goodness of the Lord. Yes Yes It goes back to Isaiah $55.00 Why do you spend wages for that which does not satisfy so I'm be free for that he felt the want of something he did not possess the Lord in my life this morning is there something that I feel that I don't has this in you I'll tell you I can be on the top of the mountain 1 day the next day I can feel like I'm just lacking that that possession of the Spirit of God upon me. And so. Do I feel that wants Lord do I feel when you're not close beside me do I sense that our earth do I go through the day and then end the day do I found the Realize that you aren't with me. No Lord I want to I want to sense if I don't have that could not Jesus bless him as he bless the little children and satisfy his soul want that your prayer this morning Jesus to bless you Lord bless me satisfy my soul's desire. Replied to this question Jesus told him that obedience to the commands of God was necessary if you would have tamed eternal life and he quoted several the commandments which show man's duty to his fellow men the rulers answer was positive all these things have I kept from my youth up what lack I yet Christ looked into the face of the young man Sawyer reading this you train your mind to see this don't just read it imagine it God has given us an imagination the world has twisted that we use it for a good a magic in this Christ not look into the face of that young man alone but Christ look into your face as if reading your life and searching your character he loved him and he hunger to give him that peace and grace enjoy which would material materially change his character now I think right here Lord as much of a blessing a was for that rich young ruler to see Jesus with the children the prompting of the hard to chase after Christ for him to see the look of Christ love toward him this morning I have even greater manifestation of Christ you know why I know what Jesus was thinking. Look at this he loved him we knew that right he hunger this is Jesus so he's looking at it with love and what is in Christ there is an earnestness in Christ to give him that peace and grace and joy which Jesus knew would materially change his character I mean just to think about we have a greater blessing a greater knowledge than Matthew man did when he was in the presence of Jesus. All I can say is Thank You Lord and I know that the Lord is hungering to give me peace and grace and joy in a file will accept it what is it going to do in my life oh I hope. It is going to change my life and and I don't have to think about what is going to do to my life next week or the week after I think in the immediate Too often we pray for a blessing for the future we need to learn to pray for blessings for now Lord give me this now 1 thing the lack of said go the way so what so ever that hast and give to the poor and Thou shall have treasure and have an income take up the cross and follow me Christ was drawn to this young man So 1st it looked like the young man was drawn just to Christ but Christ is what he's drawn to him and that a beautiful picture a crisis drawn to you. Jesus does love me he's drawn to me he knew him to be sincere in his assertion all these things have a kept from my youth the Redeemer longed to create in him that discernment that would enable him to see the necessity of heart devotion in Christian goodness so what of my praying Lord create that discernment in me I want to be like Solomon Lord give me that wisdom to discern between what is good and what is evil namely to see the necessity of heart devotion so as a tell me about my time with God in in devotion my life of devotion. Is it something that is should be casual or. Deep and focused and a necessity. Or is necessity me can do it can't do without it I can't do without the board I can't nor do I want to without you. He longed to see him in a humble in contra I heart conscious of the supreme law of to be given to God and hiding its lack in the profession I asked Wow Lord give me that humble and contrite heart give me that consciousness this morning give me a consciousness of the supreme love that I should give to God in all of my lack of perfection I want to be perfect but if I lack it what I hide it in the perfection of Christ Jesus saw I'm gonna underline that 1 for me that's his powerful Jesus saw in this ruler just the help he needed if the young man would become a cold laborer with him in the work of salvation so Lord just as you saw that in him I know that you see that in me this morning if he would place himself under Christ's guidance he would be a power for good in a marked degree the ruler could have represented Christ for He possessed the thick ations which if he were united with the Savior would enable him to become a divine force among men so what is that I mean that's incredible that connected to Christ. He would be unable to become what kind of force. Does that now throw your saw how you would like to have a divine force in your home. When you're interacting with your children as a parent to have a divine force their. Lord do that for me I want to be that divine for is not in a not in the sense that Lucifer wanted that height of heaven but with humility and earnest desire to lead people to Jesus Christ seen into his character love him love for Christ was awakening in the rulers heart for love begets love. I hope you're underlining some stuff so what is love beget. So if you love your spouse or is that going to do. You know how many times I've sat in marriage counseling and my prayers just been Lord if they could only love all the mountains that they see all the things or complain about each other. They would be seen in such an entirely different light love begets love and what is also love do covers a wide. And so glad Shelley loves me. Jesus long to see him a coworker with him. He long to make him like himself a mirror in which the likeness of God would be reflected is that not a prayer of your heart this morning Lord. I love that you long that you long to make me like you. And I long to be like you make me a mirror Lord in which the likeness of Jesus will be reflected to those around me today he says you pray is does it not start to shape the path that the Lord has you for the leading of the Lord in your life in that day that path so what's going to be in the funnier mind you want to be that mirror to reflect he longed to develop the excellence of his character to me that's incredible that the Lord can shape us Philippians 16 he who has begun a good work in need he will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ Lord you doing that work in me you want me to be excellent God wants me to have an excellent character know what cause my mom I think of that surety of speech the way I handle myself around others carefulness in my work care that's character is not just something that's on the inside it's the. Outflow of the work of the life. The Lord wants to make us excellent Lord is going to elevate mean he's going to saying to Fi to the master's use if the ruler had then given himself to Christ he would have grown in the atmosphere of his presence Lord if I give myself to you this morning I know that I'm going to grow in the atmosphere of your presence is that not a promise. If you want to grow in the atmosphere of his presence you know you might think about what that means war would it mean how to grow an atmosphere here presents you know I imagine in 2 ways 1 you know I'm going to grow in Christ but also I want the atmosphere of his presence to grow. That lore wherever I go I want that atmosphere of your presence around me if he had made this choice how different would have been his future lord my choices to day will shape my future and you think will that doesn't it doesn't matter what we've done in the past to a degree understand that boa matters more as what I choose today and forward. When I say it matters we have the past because some some choices they do affect the rest of our lives you know if I. Was not careful with a saw on top of my arm I may not have an arm the rest of my life right. That's what I mean by that but choosing Christ today how different Lord of my future be with you 1 thing the lack of. Jesus said Jesus saying that to me if thou wilt be perfect go and sell that thou hast and give to the poor and the treasure in heaven and calm and follow me Christ read the rulers heart the Lord's reading our heart this morning. Only 1 thing he lacked but that was a vital principle he needed the love of God in the soul this lack unless supplied would prove fatal to him his whole nature would become corrupted by indulgence selfishness would strengthen that he might receive the love of God His supreme love of self must be surrendered I'm underlining now by indulgence. Selfishness would strengthen love of self must be surrendered Lord what are those things that I indulge in and what are those things in my life that I tend to be selfish and you know I know Lord that unless I let you changes in my life it's Narges can be 1 area that is reserved from you my whole nature will eventually become corrupted Lord let my supreme love of self be surrendered to you Christ gave this man a test he called upon him to choose between the heavenly treasure and worldly greatness the heavenly treasure was assured him if he would follow Christ but self must yield his will must be given into Christ control the very holiness of God was offered to the young ruler he had the privilege of becoming a Son of God and it co-heir with Christ to the heavenly treasure Lord that is what your calls on my life. But he must take up the cross and follow the Savior in the path of self-denial as you're praying Lord help me to pick up the cross and follow you. In this path of self-denial. You can see as you pray through this. The themes often repeat and it just rains it on your mind it just it etches it in stone on your mind Christ's words were verily to the ruler of the invitation choose you this day whom you will serve the choice was left with him and dear brothers and sisters that choice is left with us even this morning right here he had the privilege of becoming a Son of God. I skip. Or lost my place. Oh yes Jesus was yearning for his conversion he had shown him the plague spot in his character and with what deep interest he watched the issue as a young man weighed the question something that we don't always think about Christ sitting there watching us in the valley of decision way. The cost of Heaven or the cost of the world while we decide it's imagine how Christ must weep for us he decided to follow Christ he must obey his words in everything he must turn from his ambitious projects with what earnest anxious longing what soul hunger to the Savior look at the young man hoping that he would yield to the invitation of the Spirit of God Every power Christ bent just pleading that this young man would choose him just let your mind imagine Christ doing that for you know it gives me comfort as a parent that I know Christ has different from my children men Christ. Made the only terms which could place the ruler where he would perfect a Christian character his words were words of wisdom though they appeared severe and exacting sometimes following the word Got it can seem severe and exacting you know for some when I said don't eat between meals that much as started. Exacting. And except in obeying them was the rulers only hope of salvation his exalted possession a position and his possessions were exerting a subtle influence for evil upon his character if cherished they were they would supplant God in his affections to keep back a little or much from God was to retain that which would lessen his moral strength and efficiency for the things of this world are cherished however uncertain and unworthy they may be they will become all or being. Under lining now it doesn't matter if it is. A love of sports alone work a love of cooking a love of a T.V. program a love of music a love a fashion a love of display whatever it may be it may seem so little in our eyes but if it's not given to Christ we come all absorbing the ruler was quick to discern all that Christ words involved in he became sad if he had realized the value of the gift offered of the offered gift quickly would he have enrolled himself as 1 of Christ's followers if we could just contemplate just for a moment and understand what it is that God is offering to us if he would have just looked at the face of Christ for a moment longer. How's a song go turn eyes upon Jesus look on his wonderful face and then what happens. Oh if he were to just look into Christ face he would have quickly unrolled himself he was a member of the Honor Council of Jews and Satan was tempting him with flattering prospects of the future he wanted the heavenly treasure but he wanted also the temporal advantages his riches would bring him he was sorry that such conditions existed he desired eternal life but he was not willing to make the sacrifice are you willing to make a sacrifice this morning I know that as we've been going through this a spirit of God has been speaking to your heart there is something now we can give to the Lord today where was I the cost of eternal life seen too great and he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions his claim they kept the Law of God was a deception he showed that riches were his idol he could not keep the commands of God while the world was 1st in his affections he loved the gifts of God more than he loved the giver Christ had offered the young man fellowship with himself follow me he said but the Savior was not so much to him as his own name among men or his possessions wow to give up his earthly treasure that was seen for the heavenly treasure that was unseen was too great a risk do you believe it he saw it as a risk Lord let me never see the things that have been as a risk he refused the offer of eternal life and went away and ever after the World was to receive his worship how many times have you heard someone say. Well we hope that later on he turned back to Christ we hope that maybe he woke up and realized his mistake oh what does this say he never did. When he turned away from Christ he never turned back Friends us not take that risk. Today is the day of salvation. Thousands are passing through this ordeal Wayne Christ against the world and many choose the world as I go through this on the read through the rest of this and I try to reframe without you think I hope you're doing it already but think how you'd be praying this prayer for your life OK Like the young ruler they turn away from the they turn from the savior same in their hearts I will not have this man as my leader Christ dealing with a young man is presented as an object lesson. Those are key words and can refrain and object lesson is something we should study right and learn from visualize understand God has given us the rule of conduct which every 1 of his servants must follow it is obedience to his laws not merely a legal obedience but an obedience which interest into the life and as exemplified in the character God has set his own standard of character for all who become subjects of his kingdom only those who become Co-workers with Christ only those who will say Lord all I have and all I am is the line will be acknowledged as sons and daughters of God all should consider what it means to desire heaven and yet to turn away because of the conditions laid down. Think of what it means to say no to Christ when assessed think of it what should we do should take them off and think of how they're right. The Ruler said no I cannot give you all do we see the say the same Lord Is that what I say to you the savior offers to share with us the work God has given us to do he offers to use the means God has given us to carry forward his work in the world only in this way he can save us the rulers possessions were entrusted to him that he may prove himself a faithful steward he was to dispense these goods for the blessing of those in need everything I have Lord use it how you wish so God now in trust men with means with talents and opportunities that they may be his agents in helping the poor and the suffering Lord was the last time I helped the poor in the suffering he who uses his intrusted gifts as God designs becomes a coworker with the savior he wins souls to Christ because he is what a representative of his character what a promise to those who like the young ruler and high positions of trust and have great possessions it may seem too great a sacrifice to give up all in order to follow Christ but this is the rule of conduct for all who had become his disciples nothing short of obedience can be accepted that's powerful. Self-surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ often it is presented in an joined in language as seems authoritative because there is no other way to save man than to cut away those things which if entertained will be moralized the whole be when Christ followers give back to the Lord his own Whose is it anyway. That already is their accumulating treasure which will be given to them when they shall hear the words Well done good and faithful servant enter the into the joy of the Lord who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and to set down at the right hand of the throne of God The joy of seeing souls redeemed souls eternally saved is the reward of all who all that put their feet in the footprints of him who said follow me. Oh what a man that so then I go back through. And what my going to write down as my treasure for today. So you can see why sometimes it's hard sometimes I write down more than 1 but discipline yourself to not write down too many because remember why it's hard to remember them all so what is it that I need for this day. You're writing years down now I do want to make it very clear that you know I talked through with you but when I would go through my SO I would be praying that to the Lord right. So instead of talking to you in tell you everything I be saying those things the Lord so the whole time is a prayer to God And so now you're going to your knees and what are the things that would be praying for you remember where some things that we would be including And we have this that is that just the burden the Lord placed on our heart for us for our character for today we would be praising him I'm I find a song or something and I just shout to the Lord and just thank him and then to be praying for my family my church family for the Lord's leaders for his work for those that I'm laboring for the Praying for those requests that have come and I'll be asking Lord as the Lord's reveal those things to in my life and say Lord forgive me for this or I need to do his Lord and then I'm going to be praying for these things year for Laura to do that in my life so let's go to our knees you can see can you see how time you need time with the Lord. Is that it would be pretty hard to do that is the cover when I thought it. But I also want you to see how just by the space of time there is just a a saddling in the. Presence of God It just I mean all the cares the world just kind of sweep away and you're just in the mountain with God. And then you go to your knees in prayer and plead that and then after your prayer or before your prayer or some time what else would you do it make a kind of joyful noise to the large right and we call that singing. So I think let's sing. Before prayer today and then will pray. Also for those who have been here I have your decided Chapin book they're up here you haven't been here through the whole week and you really wanted to south of Handbook after everyone else says that's been here I those who did know I told those who came through the week I had that as a gift for them but if I have any extra be happy to share that with you so that's that and then I'll stick by for a few moments of anyone nice to talk well let's sing a song together and 1 I sung this morning on a seeing thing we may have saying this 1 already here but it's such a blessing to me him Number 321 my Jesus I love the we sing that 1 already and I'm just thinking when I sing it myself that's in the I'm not sure what it is in the green him know what number 79 wonderful So let's sing 2 verses of that 32179. My Jesus I love the. 79 will sing 1st in for. Now you're saying in this kind of in a prayer to the Lord. These. Reads. Read to me they. Say. You're. The. First. In. Laurie and in. Steve. Her door the. Door. Is just to. Join me in prayer Oh Father in heaven. Ever there was a time. That we loved our Savior it's now oh Jesus we love the now we know that you are ours Father thank you so much for Jesus. Thank you that through Jesus we see you how we want to be like you. CINC of this beautiful song that bad if we do dwell in the secret place of the most high we can abide under the a shadow of the our mighty There you are our refuge and fortress and in you old lord we put our trust Lord we are just so grateful that you have set your love upon us because you love us you will deliver us you long to set us on high because we have known your name oh lord how we want to know your name how we want your name to be written upon us and to be known by your name and that we will call upon you and we know that you hear us now you answer us now you'll be with us this day if there is trouble now you will deliver us from whatever may be before us this day and with your presence with us Lord we're always on and though we know that you long to give us your life. That satisfy us and eternal life that endures forever for you have shown us your great salvation Oh father I plead that you forgive us of our sin Lord I just pray that you would polish those areas of our life that you refine us this day that we would be tried as gold as in a furnace now we would come out gleam mean to be that mirror that reflects the glory of God There may be specific things on our hearts this morning Laura we lift those to you forgive us for them we don't want those things in our lives. And we claim victory over them in Jesus's name oh Lord we lift up our family our children Lord we have their names written upon our hearts and it gives us courage to know that they're also written upon yours we lift them by name from our hearts to you right now Lord. Angel at their side this day surround them and keep them Lord May they see your love through us and may they go to reflect that love in their influence to those around them keep than the Stave Lord help them to make good decisions. If they are caught in hard circumstances Lord give them the way of Xscape Lord I pray for our church families I pray for revival and reformation I pray Lord that we will earnestly seek you day by day together and pray there that you would give us unity in refocus in the mission that you've called us to do it together we can rise and shine because the glory of the Lord has risen upon us I pray Lord for our conference for other gala more an elder Mitch If an elder Brooke of the leaders Lord I lift them to you pray for our union conference for world fields Lord I just pray for the mission field they are work with go forward or are my in mind right now I lift once again those special requests that people have entrusted me to pray for. And I lift them to you once again. Are there some that are just such burdens on my heart. And I just pray that you would work and your name would be glorified in each of their lives in through each situation. Lord May we see the picture of Jesus once again this morning him looking at us and loving us yearning for us to be connected to him May we always remember that love big gets love how me to remember that Lord when I feel frustrated or impatient how many remember that Lord in dealing with difficult situations help those around me this day to see that I love them Lord I pray that any indulgence in my life any indulgence that strengthens the selfishness that is naturally within me that I could put away and Father I pray amply that I might be once again the mirror in which the likeness of God would be reflected and I keep Jesus always before me today I would know that indeed in his presence is joy forever more I pray Lord lastly for each 1 here. Bless them Lord. And keep them in you and I pray this all in Jesus. Name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about yours or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit. Or.


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