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The Inspired Word- Part 3

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Let's pray to get us we begin loud and we thank you so much for the privilege we have of studying your word and we ask for your spirit to please God in the rect our thoughts in Jesus' name amen if you have any questions send us a pheasant Taishan those of you who hear us an opportunity to ask them questions before I begin the next planting Yes sir or to. The store for me to start because the Arcturus assures other people. It relates to Iran in the sense that there are 3 questions that are asked. 4 questions I answered 3 of them 1 is can you guide Arcturus with his sons when God's asking can you lose the bands of Orion and can you. Lose When can you buying the play these so the 3 questions are astronomical questions that were being asked of Joe Of course God has registered those questions for our benefit because he says that these things were written for who for us and so there are many things in the scriptures that. Are there and and actually advance of science but size as a know that because Dion science doesn't read the Bible but the scientists had to read the Bible recognize that there's something in the scriptures that must be beyond human. Wisdom because of. There are in the Bible. Over 1800 prophecies and many. Over 1800 prophecies I think the 117 prophecies in the Bible. And all the other sacred writings that are considered 2nd writings for example of the the Koran. Hindu writings Confucius writings the writings of Buddha all of these writings are actually younger than the Bible the Bible is the actual the the oldest secret writings found in concerning all the each other which means then that everybody that road afterward took something from the Bible and put it in their writings either by concept. They may not want to play with your eyes but they certainly took the concepts are there in the Bible so there are many many many things that are in the other writings and but here's 1 thing that's interesting only the Bible has prophecies. The other writings do not have prophecies. And another thing I should tell you that there are 333 prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the messiah how many. 133 prophecies which means then that God made sure not no mayor human could appear as the Messiah except the true ones. Now let me explain to you why it is because in order for 1 person to fulfill 8 prophecies is 1 to the 10 to the 57 power that means that you have to take the number 10 and that 57 zeroes. In on a full 1 to fulfill $48.00 prophecies would be 1 chance in $10.00 to $157.00 power and mentioned you would have to add $15070.00 S. after it. So Christ the true Christ had to fill all those prophecies and all for him to be the true course how many of them so what are the chances 1 person can satisfy that it's the same and I found out 332 prophecies you slag over 8 prophecies in when I do a revelation 7 the problem the seminar. But. The 10 to the 157 power which has 1570 Sam to 10 is a same ass if you take the state of Texas and you had to fill the set of Texas with silver coins 2 feet deep. Of the state of Texas is filled with 2 feet deep of silver coins and you mark 1 and you throw in some place in that whole territory and then you blindfold somebody an accident with 1 pick to find it. What are the chances. OK The chances are not only slim the chances are almost nil. Show Christ had to fulfill the prophecy right now there are several people who claim to be the Christ as we speak. As 1 in the Philippines The problem is that he's Filipino he says qualified because the Messiah had to be born in Bethlehem just a place of birth of the Messiah had to be fulfilled so the Indian fella and then the press to be the crisis is this qualified he's more in the wrong place the Puerto Rican in Miami who claim to be the Christ his disqualified because he's born in the wrong place so God then protests the only Messiah that you and I should trust. And he did so by prophecy and you say. So you can put your trust in the right person and that's course several years ago this man made a statement he is Stephen Hawkins the astrophysicists who holds the I sick Newton chair of mathematics. Dr Stephen Hawkins. Said the following I fear that since the evolutionary process has worked through the dialect of with determinism and aggression in other words I feel that because we're animals. That's what he means by this evolutionary process has worked through the dialect of of determinism that means the fit is the the survival of the fittest OK and aggression because we are animals we are aggressive and it says our long term. Survival and WOD any hope for our species is walk in question but he says however However what if we can keep from this trying each other for the next how long 100 is sufficient technology would have been developed to distribute humanity to various planets. Then he says and then. No 1 tragedy or atrocity would rather kill us all at the same time. The scientists recognize that we do not have much time on the or if you know that the scientists believe in evolution they do not count time in hundreds or he is a count of time in that is if he has. Millions and millions and millions of years I mean they throw out 100000000 other Drobo a coin. Toss That's correct it's OK so. The this man then later on in fact the not too long ago in 215 in April he appeared. And transmitted from England the technology so that his form actually appeared on the stage of the Sydney Opera House in the shape of a what you call a hologram OK So he then at that time it said just predicted the end of the world but proposes an optimistic solution so he's saying again in the well well. Well in the 1 world well then now there's no question in this mind that the world will end the question he has is how we will escape at the question show here he says I don't think we will survive another 11000 years without escape and be on our fragile planet Now what's interesting is this he mentions 100 years and then he mentions a 1000 years and what's interesting is that the Bible mentions a 1000 years but I'll explain that later on all right. Humans half how long 100 years left on earth this is May 10 what year 2017 so what he's doing is he is getting more and more concerned and he is making it absolutely clear that humanity only has $100.00 is OK and that's based upon all the scientific understanding that he has about what's happening in the world now. His suggestion is that in order for us to survive humanity and the other for it to prolong in the future that the only remedy is to get off the planet to do a. Get off the planet Earth. He recognizes that the planet doesn't have long to go everything is falling apart and he realizes that if we can find someplace else and then we have a chance now and. There are other people who are talking about the end of the world there will end in October 31 Christ return will spin the poles headlines and Global News October 202016 but what will really happen to the end of the world on October 31 it will lead to a polar reversal and there will begin to start to like a drunk is not a $127.00 team will probably be even worse and 2016 is 5 big. The 2817 is when the damage of breast 6 will really hit home the world will end in 2017 supposedly because a rabbi predicted that then former NATO official predicts where was 3 for 2017 and basically is saying then in 2017 they'll be on nuclear war so obviously then when we're going to die 1 way or another or nasty That's the prediction now even There's a group of scientists and doomsday clock move forward closer to met 9. Is a C.N.N. The world is closer to Doomsday that's the message from the bullets and of Atomic Scientists which moved this iconic doomsday clock up 2 minutes on Thursday in other words they use a 5 minutes to doomsday now they moved it up to. 3 minutes OK here it is. Right it is 2 and a half minutes 2 men 1 you have to be serious to get up in front of the world on C.N.N. and say something like that. Right. So and these are scientists so these people are dead serious we don't have much time on the planet now the question then is is time really running out of plan other the question and the solution of course is that if it is true then we got away with skaters what they're saying well let's consider them what are the chances for humans to travel to another galaxy a planet that can sustain life 1st of all you have to find a plan of the can sustain life so several years ago several years ago. The Hubble telescope decided to fix on that 10 dying spot in the darkness and on the picture what they thought was other was darkness turned out the baby just said it was too far away for them to see the 1500 galaxies and every galaxy has billions of suns in them. There's like a medically wing a Milky Way as a galaxy and it has been has been it's a Suns in them now has a statement about $1500.00 a galaxy is a visible in this deep view of the universe taken by a law in the Hubble Space Telescope to stare at the same tiny spache of sky for 10 consecutive days in 1905 the image covers an area of of the sky only about the with about Dian viewed from 75 feet away show that far away from the back wall to here and then that little SPOG 15 who got to see he's so what is out there then. Better yet how much is out there are right now astronauts are beginning to believe in God This was an article posted in Wall Street Journal. And it happened to be done right after Christmas $7282014.00. Here's here's what they said 966 an astronomer and famous promoter of science and Carl Sagan announced that there were 2 requirements for life to be possible on the planet how many requirements 1 requirement was simply a star like our sun It weakens fine another star like our sun and a planet a certain distance from the star then it will sustain life. That's simple all you have to do is find a star like our star and a planet and the same distance to the stars our and boom it will system on this basis on this basis began the something called SETI All right the probability scientists estimated that there are how many 10 to the 7th 27 power in the universe all right there are roughly octillion 1 followed by 200 planets in the universe and there should have been about Sept 1 following 21 zeros by this cable supporting life so they got excited all right that these many galaxies out there then there must be these many planets how India there has to be in 1 knock in and out septillion planets it should be a few of them it will sustain life so they began a program called SETI SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It figured out of there that many billions of galaxies and that many billions of planets all we have to do is put up and 10 of us and catch whatever communication 1 is having with the other and then we can tell them hey we're our hair and so they set up SETI now 1 day I was flying on an airplane going from New York City to California and the lady sitting next to me I asked her what kind of work she was doing she said I'm a scientists I said what kind of science she said I'm in charge of SETI Now I had no idea what said he was so I said what's that oh we are looking for life out there in space and show I'm in charge of all the operad S S pointing up to space to find life out there and I said to her You guys are too late. And she looked at me. Is that what did you say and said you to lay O.O. she said I said yeah the Bible tells us life on the. I open the Bible to show the job and that said you guys are trying to build a city in space right she said yes you too late again. Don't tell me I said yes Revelation 21 says there's a holy city and it even has a name New Jerusalem. And then I said it's not too long ago that you folks discovered how to make transparent gold correct she said Don't tell me yes not in verse 18 and 21 of the same chapter says that the city's walls amid the transparent gold and that the streets of the city of made the transparent gold if you know then because centuries people laughed at the story of transparent gold because it didn't exist. Fairy tale they said but now scientists have discovered how them a transparent gold and it is used in several applications in fact several years ago let me see if I have a picture of that no I don't have it here but several years ago they made a Thunderbird car many of you remember the Thunderbird 1 in a car as it was made as would the windshield with transparent gold that you know the. Sad part about it is that 1 of the drive was a driving up to Alaska on a stone smashes wind chill and he didn't realize that the Schwinn show had transparent gold in it so when he took it in to get it repaired the bill was $10000.00. So now scientists have discovered how to make Waka transparent go if I had asked you before have you ever seen transparent go what would have been your answer No as it exists and therefore they've been your answer No and I've asked the question and people are all yeah they exist in heaven and hell but it exists here on the earth tones so in fact the wind chills and jet planes you know I'm talking about they have airliners all the wind chills have transparent gold in them the reason for it is a transparent gold is a best conductor of electricity so like the lines in the back of your winch twinship into a back window in your car you know the lines and like to lines that warm up your windshield so that the on your back window so that the new 1 defrost Well that's the same application they use transparent gold for the in the airplanes to keep the wind shield flexible so in case something hits a that doesn't shatter as you know it class freezes what happens it can Chad A very quickly OK so now you know the rest of the story while that poor lady was yes baffled. And then after a car conversation she said. It is providential she said that you and I shot together and I don't like that word because that was not part of a cavalry before. Is probably the answer that you and I said together she said The next thing on the do when I get home is by a Bible. So they set up all the equipment to find life out there and 50 years have passed and the silence had been deafening no signal from either space so the government gave up financing it but their private country with use of the still financing the project still believing that they're going to capture some signal from outer space all right and I would be surprise of his devil takes advantage of that and send them a signal all right but however. What happened then Wall Street Journal states that there are now how many over $200.00 program of the necessary for a plan that's a sane liar Carl Sagan said they were true. But as technology continued to develop they found the 2 were not sufficient that there has to be over 200 conditions for a planet to sustain life with that main Well Peter shank all relevant in a 206 and 6 in the Skeptical Inquirer magazine he said in the light of new findings and insights it seems appropriate to put wad excessive euphoria R. and rehashed as he's saying we got too excited too quickly alright we should quietly we should watch not publicly but. Quietly at med that the early estimates no longer may be tenable. So at 1st they got. They invested millions of dollars in this SETI operation and there were sirens and now they discover the 2 conditions are not sufficient there are over $200.00 parameters that have to be in place some of them in a Mini in a 2nd in time in other words if those parameters and not together at the same time it cannot happen right so. As factors continued to be discovered the number of possible planets hit WOD 0 at 1st I thought there were septillion planet that can sustain life but now with 200 conditions it dropped down to 0 no planet out there according to the parameters set and they have discovered it can sustain life how many none then is set and kept going when Beyond 0 In other words the odds turn against any planet in the universe supporting life including this 1 you and I should not be in existence with those conditions. So the problem of the said that even we shouldn't be here so. Not to hear Ross then the national physicist a compound the 200 parameters that must be in met by any planet that could possibly support life such as us that was over how long and years ago so if 10 years ago there were 200 parameters good chance that there are many more parameters have been discovered and only with the 200 prior Karama This makes it impossible for us to be alive now what of those conditions let me share some with you number 1. It has to be a rug a sparrow a galaxy now and you probably don't know much about galaxies but some are actually spiral in fact Milky Way It's a spiral galaxy. Now it will have to be a certain size not too big not too small it will have to be a certain age not too all not too young these facts with them and then an estimate of how many 90 percent of of galaxies are candidates for a planet that can support mine the reason for that is that most galaxies they're too young or too all too big or too small it has to be the right age and the right size and because the reality is that that's not the real the reality out there 90 percent of the galaxies in space cannot sustain life and then these potential 10 percent OK Now the planet would have to be situated where in the right location in the galaxy it has to be located in a narrow region between the spiral arms of the spiral galaxy if it is too close to the center it will be destroyed because he will travel to fasten run into 1 of the spar arms if it is too far away it will travel too slow and be destroyed as well it can't be in 1 of the spiral arms either so it has to be between the spiral arm that has to be in the right location between us par arms because if it's not in the right location it will be destroyed 1 way or the other so what are the chances that that planet decided to be either decided to be in the right spot in the right spiral where the chances. Now here's our galaxy. And we live someplace in here between the arm. That's that's the Milky Way that's home. That's where you and I are so it actually has to be in the right location in the right place with the right size galaxy and center now galaxy to the much bigger than the Milky Way radiation levels unlikely to be too high for an Earth like planets in support of them slug the star around which a life bearing planet must be a single star of just the right size and age in other words it has to be near a single song The reason for this is that about 75 percent of the stars in our galaxy are twins so that immediately eliminates all stars if there are 2 or 3 together then is the limit so stars it has to be a single star in the US as a born my OK show about 75 percent of the stars in our galaxy a combine in groups of 2 or more stars revolving around each other and thus automatically eliminated this is because a planet cannot maintain a Watt a stable orbit around a multiple they are now or for United to be alive our planet has to keep on doing circles and has to be in the right shirker. Now. It must be a very specific mass starts at us and slightly more massive than our sun burned too quickly and too ironically to maintain life support even for Plan A just the right distance star should a slightly less massive than the sun will not work either the small of the mass of a star the less energy it radiates and the closer in a planet must be in order to maintain the range of temperatures sure the before my so the earth has to be at the right place at the be the right size and to be in the right location it can be close to a big star or a small star a star has to be just the right size. Number 7 Earth has maintained itself in this narrow range of temperatures suitable for the element of advanced life if life were originated in developing strictly naturalistic processes 1 wonders how these blind processes could possibly anticipated the physics of solar burning in other words how did the Earth figure out how to be and where to be if the balance had gotten out of sync then there were the plunge into either runaway glaciation or runaway heating in other words she would be the fizzle or crystal. All right and. Here is the earth's axis it is actually a 23.5 degrees and the health of the Earth's spin axis will respect to the plane of its orbit about the sun is important for half of the war the Earth's spin axis is tilted $23.00 with respect to the ecliptic giving moderate seasons for rent in temperature the extremes anywhere on the planet. So because of the way that the earth is that means then that there are no temperatures on the planet that are beyond our ability to survive in 1 way or another you know and you have people who live in a desert shrine and sometimes at temperatures 12130 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes people live up in the ice and the cold is sort of gotten up and the they have register this 459 degrees below 0 of course you can still survive on their own you have to have is your protection and you can survive up there you know we have scientists some of them people living either in the South Pole or the North Pole so but but. Because of the tilt of the year it will never get any colder or any hotter OK In other words. There are temperatures on the sea on the that have been discovered that are over thousands of the grease foreign. Where those temperatures of don't happen as a sun radiates as he thought the are fortunately because our otherwise we would all be not talking right now all right so the planet has to be a near to a wad of big sister why does it have to be in the close a big sister Jupiter. Is quite large and then the benefit of having a big sister next to the earth is this all the asteroids and any projectile fly into space is actually pulled into Jupiter them by missing the earth if it then not been for Jupiter earth with already experienced something like this. So a planet in a just survive with human life it must be protected from projectiles that are flying through space a massive amount of speed in fact most of these things in the Finder space of flying about 21000 miles per hour so $21000.00 prowar you know her head something. You get him. But fortunately because of Jupiter all of these things that the fly into space toward the are actually get swallowed by Jupiter so as people we should be thankful that there is such a plan the call Jupiter What is it and what are the chances of the plan of there who are so smart to figure out how to hide behind Jupiter you and I know that the planet has no brings so they couldn't figure those things out well lets continue. Recently scientists has got a really excited because they think they found a planet that could sustain life. And it's called Kepler call Kepler $4052.00 B. Now the interesting thing about this planet that they discovered. While mining the troughs of Kepler trash collected between 2 o 9 and 2213 so far it's the only known where all of the system which lies how far 1100 light years away in the in sickness constellation and we're not going to get the too soon you know why that 1400 might is this you know where this here's here's where the light year is a light year is a speed that light travels in a year the distance part of a light years the distance that light travels in a year so. Here's how you figure out how far like travels in a year you take it a multiply by 60 seconds because light travels 186000 miles per 2nd so who want us finding out how far it travels in a minute you multiply by 16186000 by 60 is 11160000 miles per minute. Right so light has already travel and since I've been talking millions and millions of miles then if you want to find out in an hour you multiply that then you now have 669000000000 miles per hour so in 1 hour that's how far light travels but then if you want to find out how fast the light travels in a day there you have it and in a 30 days and among There you have it and then and the year so. How many of you have gotten exhausted trying to figure out how hard it is. That we're talking about minutes and billions and billions of. Of miles just 1 light here. And that earth did they discover that by this cover there's 1400 light years away so how fast you think we're going to get there. Is no chance you know what I said in the conditions that we have to there's no possible chance that any human would ever survive travelling that distance. In Jeremiah $3137.00 said the Lord if Heaven above can be 1 measured and the foundations of the earth searched out the news but God is trying to tell us is that he's the 1 that organized charity and he knows how far things are and he also knows the limitations as human kind house in reference to the madness of trying to escape the planet the lesson what are the possible ways of space travel let's suppose that is possible for you to find a planet to travel to the want to try to go to now is called. Mars where they're trying to go to Mars. Well let's consider some of the nearest space is itself about how far our cold minus $256.00 degrees so space be in a vacuum then just to be clear that this temperature of object exists in the shade in the 1 in the shade but if you were not in the shade it would be $239.00 degrees Fahrenheit. So as soon as you get out of the planet you immediately are facing extreme. Temperatures either too hot or too cold and you would not be able to. Surviving therefore you must be in some kind of protective element. Including a space suit so let's consider then humans venture into the environment of space can have negative effects on the body yes the negative effects number 1 significant adverse effects of long term weightlessness include muscle atrophy and it your reaction of skeleton system number 2 includes a slowing of back kind of vascular system function number 3 the increase of production of red blood cells than before there's a balance a saw the number 5 the eye side gets the disorder while there were 6 weakening of the immune system number 7 additional systems include fluid redistribution causing the moon face appearance to go in pictures of astronauts appears from weightlessness number 8 loss of body mass nasal congestion sleep disturbance and excess clatter once so already you're in trouble and that's with all the protection that we have right now now it's when the astronauts travel and go off into space and then that space camp is a capsule the last 1 I was brought down on thing was a Russian was brought down he spent a year up there when he finally landed he couldn't walk he had to be carried so the reality is that an average lifespan for a tank of oxygen is how long $6.00 to $8.00 hours and if you happen to be doing space walk and somehow you're disconnected from your tether in the string that holds you to the space capsule you're limited A begin traveling and increase until you reach 21000 miles per hour or you will be flying at 29000 miles per hour and you cannot be stopped unless you bump into something and that speed to bump into something you did anyway. And that's the reality so even though Hollywood makes all these films of people you know being shot off from Mars and being caught by somebody. Not reality at all not reality at all All right so 1 of the most dangerous places for an asteroid it's a launch and Rianne tree of their rocket a lot of rocket fuel for reaction mass mass and energy is required to attain even a low orbit Earth orbit the spacecraft needs to get up to 7 miles per 2nd or watt 25 miles per hour which is a very scary and dangerous speed so just to get off the air if you're going to have to get up to 25000 miles per hour. So. Question since. The astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said 100 years how many of you will be living 100 years from now so how many of you have any hope of survival. None is no hope of survival period for you there's not 1 of us who will live up to 100 years. Well and then the point is this they don't believe in the Lord so what they're trying to do it trying to say look we've got to get off the planet OK 100 years has not provided any hope for any 1 of us who are sitting here some of you already getting close up to that age right. And there's your white hair betrayers then and so the reality of friends has that things are not what they think the average distance between the 2 planets is 140000000 miles between Mars and her How far. The 140000000 miles from here to are which means then that that time and of travel to Mars can be from 202254 days. So another for you to get to Mars which is a descent of 140000000 miles traveling at 29000 miles will take you about $200.00 days or $245.00 days if planning how close or how on there are from are because sometimes they go around they get closer to each other and sometimes they get farther from each other OK so all depends when it is so $200.00 days yes in travel that's almost a year. And then you have to get back home which means to be $100.00 days so just in travel it take you 1 year plus 1 year plus and if you're like that astronaut and that is in excellent shape because they don't send action ons up there who are weaklings you understand what I'm saying they usually have to be in in in good physical condition if 1 of them go come back and can and can't walk what would be your chances of being a year away yes and travel. So the reality is friends that 2000 years ago Christ predicted that we would have to get off the planet. Who that. Jesus already told you that you have to get off the planet how do we know then when did he say then well he said then in John 14 it's what they said that not your heart to be why you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are. If it were not so I would have told you I wad I go and prepare a place for you and if I go I will come again and do 1 and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be old soul 2000 years ago Jesus already made it plain and clear that you will be taken off the planet so assuming the Hawkins is suggesting he didn't realize that he was predicting when Jesus already predicted that you would have to get all the OR and you and I know as Christians that Jesus coming is pretty pretty near I really seriously doubt it will be 100 years before Christ returns now you may say wow you know the coming of Christ been predicted now for years and years and years my great grandmother believed that she died my grandfather believed that he died and my dad belated he's dead then and Jesus has not come but I should tell you this that the 7th from Adam predicted the coming of Christ who 7 from Adam how do I know that how do I know that. My know you're going to tell me. Where is it Jude verse 14 the hall of the Lord coming with $10000.00 His saints. It says Jude it says in not the 7 from Adam predicted these things look at you 14 you will see that show the 2nd coming of Christ has not been predicted recently as something new the 2nd coming of Christ had been predicted now for over 5000 years along over 5000 years and people who only live 100 years think that Jesus will never come because a 100 years a long time when you consider 100 years to 5000 years 100 years is nothing but reality is this that all this happen in science simply reveals the reality that the Bible is true when you say. That your hope must be where and the Maya not in man Christ has made it plain but this we say unto you by the word of the Lord by whose word. And the word of the law or that we which are alive for remain on to the coming of the large shall not prevent or Go ahead of those which are sleep over or dead for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with a troubled God and the dead in Christ shall rise 1st then we which are alive from remain should be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we have a be with the Lord obviously now that you know science is saying get off the planet now you know that there are only parroting what Jesus said a long time ago you will get off the plan whether they say you will get on the planet. But I like the way the Lord will do it. I don't want to be in a astronaut suit sweating in going to all of the things said 1 goes through as an astronaut obviously as humans we know that we cannot bear the rigors of space travel. In terms of Stephen Hawkins for addiction about a 1000 years here it is the my will assess and then that after Jesus comes there will be a 1000 years and then the earth will be destroyed so whether he realizes or not he by the way when they ask him in that interview and in the Australian you believe in God He said no the good thing is this that now that all these things are coming out in July they asked him the question again and he shocked a community scientific community he now says there is a god. You cannot see all the facts and remain stubbornly atheistic any honest hearted person can see the reality that the Bible is not just a spiritual book it's a scientific book it reveals things that are far advanced to science and science a simple amount of catching up but there's a lot will come as a thief in the night in the wish to have and shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall not with Herman he the earth also and the worst of them are there and shall be burnt. Saying then that all they stay shall be dissolved what manner persons are you to be in all the conversation and godliness looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God were in the heavens been on fire shall be dissolved in the elements shall meld with Herb and. It is better to trust in whom. In the morning then put your confidence in man Put not your trust in princes know are in the sons of men in whom there is no. Friends have there have are time. When you need to reflect on is to where your hope is it is today even the atheists agnostics can for themselves recognize that things are pretty scary out there. They realize that we have no much time not much time before something has to happen their hope is like the people in the tower obey them to build themselves a tal to escape the destruction that's coming but it's few of them the idea of getting off the planet and going off to another planet now and hope for me. There's no question that they can figure out how it is that human beings will be able to travel far distances because the equipment that we have is not sufficient when you have to travel. Several years just in travel to get to a place we don't have any mechanism that can enable you to survive Marr Show that's why they're hoping Mars and they'll spend millions and billions of dollars just to try to get to Mars but the sad thing is that it would be a lot simpler for them if they just simply will accept the offer of Christ and He will come again and take those who have believed in him to home now they have they may argue and say when our bodies can't handle space how we're going to do that travel the answer is found in 1st going south to 15. In 1st for it correct to Chapter 15 it says that you will be changed in a way and then moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last on and then says this corrupt it was put on right and there's more to must put on it 1 time and see and so when Jesus comes our bodies will be change and we will then be able to handle spaceflight as we are now we can but when Jesus comes to take care of that problem I'm sure glad that he knows how to take care of. You and I don't know how to do that but thank God he does what he say and so there are many many things in the Scriptures that the far beyond beyond science and the more we study the scriptures the more we realize that the whole world is brighter and brighter the more we study the Word of God the more we can see that is not just some manmade book written by some poor illiterate fisherman It is a book inspired by the vine being who has knowledge and understanding that far exceed any knowledge of man and if you put your trust in Him your hopes will be realize you put your hopes in man your host will be shattered because man cannot save himself only God can do that and so where is your trust today where is your confidence today. I hope that is in the Lord when you say how many of your great grateful for the things that God reveals in his word that solidify our hope in all that he has probably heard you say I'm very thankful I rejoice in all that God has given to me I'm sorry that I used to be kind of ignorant of all these things it was a time when I was God less than believing on how foolish I was but I'm thankful for the mercies of God that give us a 2nd chance and make that which we thought in possible reachable reality and so our only hope is a coming of Hamas to that's prayed together loving God we thank you again while your promises and further revealing Elfie what we really have in our hands a treasure Oh God help us to more more fully believe in your Word Help us to live your word to eat and drink the word and granted Lord that nothing will shake us from our whole confidence in our Lord and Savior Father we thank you for Jesus in His name we recommit ourselves. 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