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1. The Glory of Light

Cinda Osterman Ron Osterman




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Loving harbor in heaven how great we are grateful to you for the gift of the gift of your Son Jesus this whole seminar series is about. It's about the Creator as seen through. And so there we will be looking at your character and it's a powerful message and I just pray that you'll just hired hours behind across. The information that we share will encourage people strengthen their faith and show him a salvation in a way perhaps they have never seen or leave it in your hands just trust each 1 here today to the presence. Of the tree on spirit with us and as Jesus do. I have been specially going to be doing both of the theories that my mother was diagnosed with cancer in December 7th in a lot of time going back and forth Arizona so when they went in about speakers I just knew I didn't really have the time but my husband said that he would but he ran out of time he said would you take 1 of the past I have 1 Thursday so there is them actually going to going through so today we're going to the glory of light tomorrow we're doing found and then when there be a parable the plant. Birthdays going to be a life cycle of a butterfly in the fertile a line in that by that afternoon or that time flat I think we'll be able to talk about how to get your children in nature involved to come up with some of these things and then the last 1 you are going to miss any of them don't miss the 1 Friday that is my favorite of the Gospel in the stars and my absolute favorite so anyway a lot of that stuff that we're presenting actually came about 25 years ago when I was homeschooling our like to say our homeschooling my husband did as much as he could see at a full time job but if I couldn't get something across my husband fastly science he love experiments and he'd get the orange about an apple then he'd show all the compilations whatever you had to show the fan in the moon you know he just he was really good at getting some of the concepts across so this is where it actually came from we're studying in our home school about the lectern magnetic spectrum and the fame time of day my devotion and when I read got of light and I had the thought in my mind I did light Well that's electromagnetic spectrum I wonder if God's character can actually be shown in that spectrum that's where it started and then from there we had a 5 day presentation has to do with the prayer and this is condensing that 5 days into an hour thing nothing a whole lot of it so I want to share with you we were sitting together last night trying to decide how to take out some of this to me slide I just want to know in your hand out the part that's actually on the rainbow which will be this 1 and. The colors of the rainbow I'm sorry we're not be covered during the presentation we decided with this way too much material but it's in there and maybe another time we can do that it is fascinating material but you'll have enough to go away with that you will really be black after the revelation that God's truth can be seen in nature our science curriculum took on a whole different dimension the foundation of our science curriculum ended up being centered around God His creation and the spiritual lessons that he wanted to teach and so that's what we're going to be sharing right now is how to take God's character and see it in the light spectrum from actually turned over to my has been and I'm only going to be a backup for him OK 1 of the things. I want to share right at the beginning there's a lot of material here so we're going to be moving at the speed of thought which is faster than the speed of light source put on your seatbelts and stay with me because there's a lot of material to cover even if you have questions we're going to hopefully have enough time with the answer questions so I'm not going to entertain questions through our present condition so if something doesn't make sense write it down and we'll cover it as we get towards. Trying to forget where you go OK So nature is really God's 1st work it was given to man long before the Bible but after seeing the character of God was misrepresented and due to sin nature no longer fully review or that's the word of God was given that we may see clearly the plan of salvation nevertheless nature still holds great truths for us if we were only in search for them so I don't have a picture of what the earth were like before creation Lou the moon. So what was the earth like at the beginning of day 1 of creation when there were no singing birds there were no colorful flowers no laughing children just cold silent lifeless darkness not the kind of place that any sensible person would want to be yet someone was there God was there and the moment that he came along to see the darkness fled away on all the other days of Creation Week God created or maybe something but on the 1st day the Bible says that he simply let the light shine it was as if he was pulling back the covers over a newly formed world so we could bask in the light of his allow So where did the light come from it was from the presence of God Well how do we know this John the Revelator song vision of the earth made new and years where he was shown and there shall be no light no night there Michelle have no need of a candle neither light of the sun for the Lord God giver them like so a dictionary defines light as luminous radiant or electromagnetic energy does anybody know what this equation is Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity equals in C. squared we're not going to go into that Einstein was a creationist he believed in the God of creation he was actually a Jewish man from what are women but he was a creationist and he believed in the rules of creation so I didn't ary defines light as luminous radiant electromagnetic energy therefore we may conclude that God posed Esther's energy in the same sense that God possesses love. It is 1 of his many attributes God who is an intelligent powerful being reveals much about the spiritual and physical aspects of his character through the end tributes of light to get a picture of God's character it would be to our benefit to look more closely at the light so if you're familiar at all with the electromagnetic spectrum this is the electromagnetic spectrum as much as we know it today all we see is visible light that little narrow band in the middle with all the colors of the rainbow John informs us that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all so if we want to look at the night sky before we go there a new something here or how the minds of men have simply have attempted to understand that simple yet profound statement God is light and there is no darkness at all we were really trying to understand as we are doing our homeschooling What does it mean that in Him is no darkness at all so this is what we found if you want to look at the night sky and we'll be talking more about the night sky on Friday when we talk about the Gospel in the stars but if you look at the night sky with your eyes you could see in all the various wavelengths of light not just visible light you would find out that the night sky is as bright as the as the noon day sun This is what we see when we look at the sky in various different wavelengths so. Some 239 verse 12 says Yeah the darkness hide it not from the but the 9 shine it as the day the darkness and the light are both alike to the SO to God night day doesn't make any difference here is the reason why if you could look at the night sky and radio waves in that frequency of light the night sky would be lit up bright like the daylight in radio waves that's a picture taken from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific telescope I think it's in Hawaii and not on a percent sure but that was the night sky taken in radio waves this is the night sky taken in microwaves it's lit up just like daylight infrared in ultraviolet in X. ray and in gamma ways than 1 sky is lit up just like the daylight you can see it is your eyes only see the visible light spectrum Conti's all the light spectrum so there's far more to life than meets the eye the electromagnetic spectrum is how scientists refer to light in all of its various wavelengths starting at 1 end of the spectrum we find radio waves and then moving on up the spectrum we get to cosmic rays on the foreign radio waves travel through space like the ripples in a pond after a stone is dropped in the water and spread out to cover vast distances very fast some radio waves are thousands of miles long and the radio signal broadcast from a transmitter at 1 location can be received by thousands of people at virtually the same time these radio waves penetrate into our houses or offices in our schools to reach us with the message that the Fairy God is like this. King David knew that there was not a place that he could go that God was not there or what King David said is where shall I go from this year where shall I flee from that presence if I ascend up into heaven powers there if I make my bed unhealthy hold out there if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea even their shells I hand read and I write me in shell holes. You know God knows that we are lost in sin and like radio waves he searches for us wherever we are to find us and when we pray we are in a sense sending a chew way radio message to God. Heaven and Earth are drawn close together by prayer 1 of the parts of the 5 day week per that we did on the glory of light were all on prayer showing our radio waves tying in with prayer so frequency and energy increase as we move up the spectrum we next come to T.V. waves and T.V. waves can carry more information because there are higher energy level to higher frequency so they can carry more information than just sound which radio can. Eventually we encounter microwaves much shorter and wavelength than radio waves they can only be transmitted by line of sight or reflected by metal 1 interesting property of microwaves is that there is how the effect of living tissue. They're not as penetrating as radio waves but due to their much higher frequency they vibrate molecules of organic matter from the inside out the vibrations cause the object to heat up making them very dangerous that's the way a microwave oven works because the higher frequency infrared is the next form of electromagnetic energy that we encounter in the early 1800 Sir William Herschel an English astronomer was measuring. The temperature of sunlight that he had separated with a prism as he moved a thermometer from Violet toward red he noticed that the temperature increase continuing past red so would be moving and he put his film ometer down here and he moved the thermometer up and when he got to read the temperature was still going up if he went beyond red because he was in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum he couldn't see it but he knew something was there because the thermometer was picking it up where do you discover obviously was infrared light or heat now infrared light provides us with heat to keep us warm cook our food iron our clothes it's the warmth of the sun that causes evaporation of water that is soaring necessary for the water cycle we'll be talking more about the water cycle on Wednesday and talk about plants and infrared is reflected by shiny metal surfaces particularly gold in light colored objects this is why satellites are covered with gold foil to reflect the heat of the Sun 1 other interesting property about infrared our God is a consuming fire he has a lot of heat Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 29 many Bible passages show that God and he are closely connected together Malakai 32 and 3 is an example who may abide in the day and is coming in who shall stand when he appears for he is like a refinery fire like solar cells and he shells as a refinery and purifier of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord an offering and righteousness so god of the God of mercy. And he often increases that heat those fires of affliction to purge us of the sins that separate us from him you know the refiner of silver when he eats up that silver and his little crucible He's watching the silver and the impurities come to the surface and skim the impurities out and then he put up some oil and he's watching the temperature very very carefully because he doesn't want to destroy the silver he just wants the impurities out do you know how he knows when a silver is completely refined anybody. Sees his reflection that's right so when he can look into silver and see his reflection he knows it's going to want to talk more about that here in just a little while so as we continue to move on up the spectrum we move into ultraviolet light or you the U.V. has some wonderful interference due to the higher energy many impurities not visible under normal white light can be made to glow when exposed to U.V. light this process is called fluorescent this property of U.V. light can be very beneficial in industry when looking for impurities in manufactured products it is interesting that U.V. light causes objects with certain impurities to glow arrests for example scorpions glow bright light under U.V. light in the impurities that are in them God is willing to examine us for impurities of sin if we like teen believe it well ask him to search me oh God and know my heart try me and know my thought and see if there be any wicked way in me made me in the way everlasting songs 139-2324. U.V.'s some other properties that aid in healing in purification U.V. kills bacteria his blood pressure cholesterol that's where we need to get sun right it increases blood sugar increases inner Jian in durance and muscular strength U.V. also increases the body's resistance to disease by increasing the white blood count it increases the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and it helps to relieve stress so Malakai tells us but unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings and he shall go forth and grow up as calves of a stall so getting adequate sunshine is 1 of God's fundamentally hell it is interesting that the prove he is versed of this 1 Malakai chapter 41 says that the same Sun of Righteousness that brings healing to the Saints burns up the wicket it's a well known fact that a high fat diet increases the risk of skin cancer through exposure to sunlight we're going to talk more about this concept in just a little bit and here's something interesting about U.V. light Those are the exact same flower the 1 on the left taken in visible light it's pretty The 1 on the right is taken an ultraviolet light now why do you suppose God does that anybody have any idea yes in the back can you speak up me in sex. Yes OK be in sex zoom into that is like a bull's right of him now get an evolutionist to explain this if you would why we normally see yellow but it insects see that bull's eyes what's in the middle of the bulls up. The pollen and the nectar that's what the insect is looking for so that's what God did for the animals for the because you take care of all of these creatures even the simplest little creatures so God puts little targets landing strips landing lights in the flows look at this when this is the same flower 1 in normal light 1 in ultraviolet light the little insects he said and those are like the Laming like America run waiting on the edge of zooms right into the center of that cloud Here's another 1 same flower visible light down here is long wave ultraviolet the brighter 1 in the middle is short wave ultraviolet it's much more dangerous to us that's what causes problems for your eyes that's why people that wear sunglasses wear U.V. blockers that is the guy right there but a bug an insect loves that because he's in right in there because that's what he's after is the pollen and the nectar there's another $1.00 and $1.00 more so as we continue to move on up the spectrum we leave you B. which works primarily on the surface and move in the X. rays gamma rays and cosmic rays exact differently then lower frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum X. rays penetrate to the bones of a person too much exposure to X. rays harmful to the body they are blocked by heavy metal and solid objects like concrete gamma rays penetrate within the bones there particles of energy from nuclear atoms that are snapped as a result of the smashing of those atomic nuclei they're also extremely dangerous to us. That's 1 of the problems that they have with the astronauts the International Space Station are constantly being barred bombarded by gamma rays and on February the 12th the 2nd of this year February 2 2017 there was a gamma ray burst detected by the satellite swift from an object many many billions of years light years away and that burst of gamma ray energy was brighter than a 1000000 suns like that 1 burst cosmic rays have the highest inner G.N.R. the most penetrating of the electromagnetic spectrum even down to the atomic level cosmic rays don't travel like waves but act as particles and again this shows how God works for the Word of God is quick and powerful sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit into the joints and the marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intense of the heart so X. rays stop at the joints in the marrow right at the bonds but God's process of looking at us goes into our it's just like memories can enjoy. The Lord's he's not as man sees but man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart for Samuel 167 David must have known how God can work changes on the inside where he asked God created me a clean heart of God and renewable spirit within. 1 burst and be totally purified by the light of God we must be willing to remain in the light of His love we must not stay in the darkness for you were sometimes darkness where are you light in the board want children of the. 1 of the text here. If we say that we have fellowship with Him call ourselves Christians and yet walk in darkness we lie and do not the truth but if we walk when the light is he's in the light we have fellowship 1 with another in the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse us from all sin we're going to come back to this in a little while so even though it is always around us there is 1 part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see. That is right between infra red and visible light the only visible manifestation of God that man has ever seen is Jesus Christ as 1 my wife mentioned we have had a presentation at 1 time in 1 of our talks that was all on the rainbow all the colors of the rainbow it's an hour long presentation all by itself so I think Newton was 1 of the 1st modern scientists to investigate the nature of light and color by placing a prism in a light beam he found that this white light could be separated into colors colors begin with red which is the longest frequency of visible light proceeds with orange yellow green sighing in your blue green blue indigo and Violet scientists now know that white light is made up of 3 main colors of light red green and blue and stay with me we're not talking here about pigment this is not crayons this is the light beans will go back to the pigment in a little bit but red green and group blue are the primary colors of light. And back in the days of the old style Electron tube color televisions there were 3 beams of light in a T.V. picture tube 1 was red 1 was blue 1 was green and when they all focused together on 1 phosphorus dot They got white light right here in the middle so red blue and green combine together to make white light and when time later on I've got a little experiment will play with and I'll show you how that works because we can make that happen with 3 flashlights with filters on them so this isn't this is what is called the additive properties of light they added together to make white light that's why that's why I stick Newton when you put that when he put a prism in the window and explicit white light he got all the colors of the rainbow so he was undoing what God does with his light present and will come back to this so the world often associates colors with character if someone is blue they would be considered despondent or unhappy or sad or glum or gloomy or depressed or challenge the person is often called yellow or red is associated sometimes with anger while Green is referred to as jealous or very India's such as green with in the eye like that well does the Bible associate primary colors of light with character do they have any correlation to the character of God. So we're going to look at read 1st I then Chapter 1 Verse 18 says Come now and let us reason together see if the Lord though your sins be as scarlet. They shall be why this known though they be read as crimson they shall be as will so in this verse read is associated with what with sin and 2nd Kings chapter 3 verse $22.00. It says and they rose up early in the morning in the sun shone upon the water in the mold by it saw the water on the other side as red as blood so here the color red is associated with blood and Leviticus Chapter 17 verse 14 it says so what is the blood it's the life of the flush the blood of it for the life of the life of. Is the blood so this verse makes it clear that blood is what gives life so is there anything in the life of Christ that is associated with soon. And like Jesus said this is my blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of sins clashes 114 Paul tells us in whom we have read through is blood even the forgiveness of sins and then Jesus said unto them Verily verily I say and to you except WESH of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no mind you whosoever eat at my flesh and drink of my blood who are eternal life and I will raise him. John 6534 so Jesus is telling us here that his blood is our law however is there any sacrifice that we need to make Jesus tells us in Matthew 1624 Then said Jesus under his disciples If any man will come after me leg him do what. You know I know him self and take up his cross and follow me so all we learn from White is that red is self sacrifice and. The next color of the 3 primary colors of light is green and we're going to find out the green equates to faith now faith plays a key role in the Christian's experience it's also the catalyst that takes the principles of righteousness and truth into our lives so that we may experience the fruit of the spirit must it is the man that trusts in the board in whose hope the Lord is for he shall be as a tree planted by the waters and that spread of her roots by the river and shall not see 1 comment but her shall be green we're going to talk about green on wins day when we talk about the parable of the plant and shall not be careful in the year of drought neither shall cease from yielding for Jeremiah $177.00 and they so hear the leaf shall be green Now White had a dream and in that dream she wanted to see Jesus and an angel her guide was leading her there she says as I commenced to us in the steps he cautioned to be to keep my eyes fixed upward at the end of the vision her guide handed her a green cord coal coiled close closely up and he cautioned me not to let it remain coiled for any length of time lest it should become not a difficult to straighten the green cord represented Hey tomorrow. That's an early writings page 81. So spiritually we are told that we all have been given a measure of whether you're an infidel an atheist or a Christian a Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or Jew or any other do not every human being has been given a measure of. Faith is a powerful principle in the life of a Christian or whatsoever is born of God overcome with the will and this is the victory that overcoming the world even our favorite John 5 or faith is a vital part of our lives because through it we overcome the world God of given to every man a measure of faith since he gives only a small measure it is only increased as it is put into purpose because we want to strengthen our faith in Christ let us see how we can develop it and put it into practice faith is not believing enough and it is believing in evidence or proof of something to say this is substance of things hoped for evidence of. The 3rd color their primary color of light is blue and we understand blue to have to do with obedience Numbers Chapter 15 verse 38 and 39 we read speak under the Children of Israel and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations and that they put upon the fringe of the borders are written a blue and it shall be unto you for a fringe that you may look upon it and remember all that way all the commandments of the Lord and do what you do them and keep them this is really speaking about Jesus but David spoke this by inspiration. In songs Chapter 40 verse 8 he says I'm to like to do the will my garden gate by law is within my heart Jesus said in John 430 poor my meat is to do the will of Him that sick man to finish his work in desire of it is page 125 were told that Jesus refused to go outside the pair of obedient John 15 verse 10 and says if you keep My commandments he shall abide in my love even as I have kept my Father's Commandments and abide in his law so is there a corresponding obedience that God requires of us Jesus tells us in John 1415 if you love me keep my commandments and the wise man tells us in Ecclesiastes 1213 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man verse John Chapter 2 verse 3 says here by we do know that we know him if we keep His commandments and finally in Revelation 2214 says bless and are they that do His commandments that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city so we see that the primary character of God can be summarized by the primary colors of his light red equals self sacrificing green equals faith and blue equals obedience and the 3 of those colors when they combine together make white light Well why do we even bother with white What's the significance of that the prophet Daniel tells us and Daniel Chapter 7 verse 9 something fascinating. The Bible tells us about the color of the garment that God wears He says I beheld silver thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did say it was the Ancient of Days God the Father whose garment was white as snow Daniel 7 verse 9 David tells us in Psalms out in 4 verse 1 and 2 bless the Lord all minds will over the LORD my God our very great power clothed with honor and majesty who cover myself with light as with a garment so not only are his garments white but they consist of white light speaking about Jesus says that his remnant became shining exceeding white as snow so as no fuller on earth can wipe them this was Mark telling us in March after 9 what Jesus looked like on the Mount of Transfiguration But Matthew has a little different twist on this same occurrence Matthew tells us that Jesus was transfigured before them I was going to be talking about that word transfigured on Thursday when we talk about the butterfly his face did shine as this sun and his Rayment was white as what the light and that brings us to us so the question is are we wearing filthy rags or should we be wearing white Raymond's and there was a turning that man also wore back the same exact white robe of light that God was. The robe was a symbol of their spiritual garments of heavenly innocence Genesis $225.00 states that they were both naked and were not ashamed apparently that they did not know that they didn't have on physical clothing white knight of God is self-sacrifice in love they in obedience was their clothing so when God's character shines on a person without fear I'm a perfectly reflect his character Adam and Eve in their innocence reflected the white light of the character of young white tells us in spirit promises Volume 1 page 25 sinless pair war no artificial garments they were clothed with the covering of light and glory such as the angels wear while they lived in obedience to God this circle of light enshrouded them she also tells us in the book Christ object lessons page 310 and 311 the white robe of innocence was worn by our 1st turns when they were placed by God in holy. All the strength of their affection was given to their Heavenly Father a beautiful soft light the light of God and shrouded the holy pair this robe of light was a symbol of their spiritual garments of heavenly innocence had they remain too true to God it would ever have continued to and shroud them but when sin entered they severed their connection with God and the light that encircled them the part of the pleasant 3011 so this is what the white robe of light looks like and it summarized here faith that works by love. Is the robe that Christ wore so you can see they the Green Works the blue of obedience and his self-sacrifice and love red now was the rule that Christ was that was the robe that Adam and Eve wore in the Garden of Eden and while they remain faithful to him they had that white robe of light armor when they send something happen in Genesis chapter 3 verse 10 and 11 says that Adam knew that he was making 1 how did he lose his garment of life well to answer that question we've got to go back and we've got to look at the natural world for answers so for those of you that thought I was crazy or when I talked about the 3 primary colors of light red green and blue you were probably thinking of this this is crayons and actually it's what it's what. Typesetters use when they're typesetting a book that's got color in it so when they're going to print they print inside and the gent and yellow so you think of them as green as blue red and yellow they're not blue red and yellow sign and magenta and yellow that is primary colors of ignorance pigment is coloring the Cheerio that's in Korean paint and these are the colors that are used in the printing industry so when you see a printed paper like the handout that you have there it was science and magenta and yellow that was used and combinations of those 3 make up all the colors of the rainbow moment so there's an interesting property about subtractive pigments remember of light ads when you add red green and blue light together you get white when you start working with pigments you start subtracting light so Primary Colors a pigment work on subtraction. That's why they're called subtract the primaries what does that mean when light shines on an object that has pigment in it part of the beam of light and this in the slug part of a beam of light loses some of its color those wavelengths are absorbed by the pigment that's in the object society and pigment which is on this. Absorbs red light so when white light which consists of red green and blue pretend that that's why just showing it this way so you can see that the red is absorbed by the cyan but the green in the blue are not likewise yellow if you shine white light on it consists of red green and blue yellow Higman absorbs blue and the red in the green compass and if you shine white light red green in blue on magenta pigment The green is absorbed and the red in the blue comes. And that's why when you look at an object if you look at an object that's white it's because there's no pigment in it it absorbs part of the white light spectrum so what happens to white light when all 3 colors of pigment are added together those of you that have ever painted if you paint and you take cyan the gent and yellow color painted you put them all together in a dot on a canvas what you wind up with is that color right there black black is the absence of light that just means that all of the light has been absorbed by the pigment from the white light so what happens to white light black the light is subtracted now Black is the absence of light as the 3 colors of white light shine on an on an opaque jacket. That has no pigment all the colors are reflected back if the white light shines on a black object all the colors are. That's why you see black you don't see white because it's all absorbed we won't talk about refraction That's another time we will come back to this concept in just a moment reflection and absorption has to do with us in our walk with Jesus so what about Adam and. Eve was instructed not to of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil under the penalty of death and the Lord God commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden now may freely eat but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil How shall not eat of it for in that big a that that you despair of now shall surely die. Genesis 2 and 7. Notice how Satan plants the seeds of doubt in Eve's mind regarding what God had said never saw that it was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had meaning and he said under the woman he a half God said He shall not every tree of the garden was that was guided Sarah every tree of the garden you're not supposed to eat them she knew that wasn't what he said but there was a bow planted in her mind. And the woman said under the server we may eat of the fruits of the tree of the trees or the garden or the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden goddess said You shall not even need to show you touch it lest he does and the servant said under the woman shall not surely die for God just narrow that in the day you get there then your eyes shall be open and as God knowing good and evil so well we understand is that the opposite of faith is the word doubt so when Satan convinced Eve to doubt the word of God the griever of the white light of the robe of right just as that she wore was absorbed by the pigment of this sin of doubt so follow me refer very closely that green is face is absorbed by the pigment. Doubt Here's the pigment down so the green as we saw a moment ago right here is absorbed by magenta so Magenta is the color of death let's see how that will so again white light red green and blue the character of God in His righteousness his robe of white brightness and over here the green of he was absorbed by the pigments in. Doubt and when a woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make 1 wise Wow Is this a wild statement so if ready is self-sacrifice then the opposite of self-sacrifice would be what selfishness. Self exaltation self the Septuagint self love and that's what is going on cue here we find that self is being exalted to number 1 even though a longer cared what got bought or what would happen if she disobeyed she only thought of self and woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes tree to be desired to make 1. So sighing and pigment this 1 over here absorbs red light red was self-sacrifice so the self sacrificing love of Christ is absorbed out of the white robe of righteousness by selfishness myself. So Psion pigment of selfishness subtracted away the self-sacrifice and of go what about the blue line and only the blue light of God's character remain the next thing was disobedience to God's express commands not to eat the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil So the last part of Genesis 36 A She took the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also to her husband with her and he did. So the blue light of obedience out of the white light of the robe of righteousness was absorbed by the yellow pigment of the sin of disobedience So there you haven't. Absorbs the pigment of obedience down in the blue what was left nakedness the white robe of white that was there covering was gone isn't there a way sin happens though 1st we doubt God is instruction. Given by a parent or a teacher or some law of the land then we justify in our minds that it's OK we exult sell and then we go ahead and do it we disobey that's what happens so we use these principles in our homeschool with our girls to show them want when ever they disobeyed mommy or daddy they were causing the white robe of Christ's righteousness to be gone out of there. Because it was being absorbed by the sin the downs the selfishness and the disobedience of the sins of the ignorant of sin and we're going to see how this works here in a little bit with an experiment so there you have offering of him pigment himself took away self sacrificing love pigment of doubt took away a Higman of disobedience took away obedience and what they were left worth was a despicable state of nakedness doubting self centered and disobedient sounds like people today in the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked so they saw the fig leaves together and they made themselves aprons while our ancestors would 1st try to make things right on the wrong and that is never acceptable to God so on to Adam also and to his wife God made coats of skins and clothed woman got in his mercy told Adam and Eve that the consequence of their soon would be separation from Him He took off their garments their fig leaves that they had made and made them garments of skins and I have to think in my mind. That Jesus who was the 1 that was walking with them in the garden. Had Adam killed that 1st animal I don't think Jesus did I think Jesus at Adam killed that 1st animal because that would have been such a profound statement to him of the cost of soon wages of sin and death so the last State of Man disqualified from fellowship with God because of. Here is where we have a problem for all of sin and come short of the glory of God rooms $323.00 we all are as an unclean thing and all of our righteousness is as filthy live. So that's the way we are today we are clothed in the filthy garments of sin forbidding from the garment less cast out from God's presence this to be our guest than what the consequence of losing the light of a little bit of righteousness Christ rubs across the page 316 says all these expected we say by Christ that while they refuse to live his life of self-sacrifice and love to refuse to live his self-sacrifice in the light that stole the riches of free grace an attempt to cover themselves with an appearance of right to snooze hoping to scream their defects of character but their efforts will be of no avail in the day of God For behold the day cometh that shall burn is another 1 in the all the proud again all the good we could leave shall be stubble and the day that come a shall burn them up see it the LORD of hosts that it shall leave in me the root nor branch and then show that we could be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the brightness of his mouth and show destroyed with the brightness of his coming with the spirit of his mouth. And shall destroy with the brightness of this coming 2000 longs to A So why will the we could be consumed by the brightness of God. Now why tell this and deserve a just page 170 then were ever found are God is a consuming fire needs 1229 in all who submit to His power the Spirit of God will consume sin but if men cling to sin they become identified with it and in the glory of God which destroys sin must do what he strongly then so the ultimate end of the wicked is that they're going to be burned up and that's not what God's will is God doesn't want anyone to perish The problem has to do with us I have a little experiment that's appearing I'm going to have a volunteer come up I probably need an adult that would take a child but I'm afraid a child can get them to do I have a volunteer an adult this is my experiment we have 2 things up here we've been underneath this lamp and this lamp was. So we have 2 objects What color are those objects black and clear looking 1 is a piece of black tile which 1 do you think is going to be hot the black 1 touch and I would encourage you to do it really quickly if bachata Right OK Thank you thank you she is that and then the problem when we have the Black Fear in a pigment in our lives when Jesus comes back with all of his energy will absorb that energy because of sin it's in our lives and will be burned up by the brightness of His coming it isn't his will the problem is the fear and when we have sin in our lives that sin is what destroys us. Idea 3314 or 15 says Who among us shall dwell with a devouring fire who among us shall dwell with everlasting burn that's Jesus His energy is devouring fire to sin and we can't live in His presence of we have sin in our lives he that walks why just lean speaks up rightly that the key since our God is a consuming fire and possesses infinite energy we must reflect his character perfectly back to him by his 6110 says I will greatly rejoice in the board my soul and joyful in my God for it clothed me with the garments of salvation and covered me with the roles of righteousness God wants to put the white robe of his righteousness back on us so how does he do it I hate this painting I don't know who painted this painting is a steel logical nonsense Proverbs 2813 says he that covers his sin shall know proper but who so confessor and forsakes them shall have mercy this is a powerful scripture Zechariah chapter 33 and 4 Joshua the high priest was clothed with filthy garments and he stood before the angel now if there's anybody that was going to be good it was the high priests right no he was clothed in filth and garments and he answered and spake under those that stood before him saying take away the filthy garments from him so what happens 1st filthy garments goes away 1st and under him he said Behold I have caused dynamic with the to pass from the and I will closely with change reigning So we have to have a change of brains. He that overcomes the same shall be clothed in white rain and I will not let out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels Revelation 3 buy. Out of youth instructor August 8th unserved August 11th $886.00 and the white write this if you were to sit at the Christ table and feast on the provisions that he has furnished at the Marriage Supper of the land you must have a special garment called the wedding garment which is the white robes of Christ by just so we must regain that white robe of righteousness how do we get the white robe of righteousness back you know only comes through the character of Jesus he was the 2nd Adam he gained victory where Adam and Eve were defeated so let's see how this works in the life of Jesus where Adam and Eve doubted Jesus trusted he gained back the green of light through faith and trust in God Notice this quote amid the awful darkness apparently for saken of God Christ to drain the last dregs in the cup of human will in those dreadful hours he had relied upon the evidence of his father's acceptance heretofore given he was acquainted with the character of his father he understood his justice His mercy and His great love by what by face he rested in Him whom it ever been his joy to obey and as in submission he committed himself to God the sins of the loss of his father's favor with was withdrawn by what by faith Christ was Victor. Tells us a glacial structure to 16 knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith what what's next were of Jesus Christ that doesn't say faith in Jesus Christ although we need to have bat it's the faith of Christ that we need to have put to our credit even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the they. Used not by the works of the law for but the works of the law shall know just. So Jesus restores to mankind the green the light of day what about the red light now the 2628 for this is my blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of sins all comes from cautions 1 for team in whom we have read in Sion through his blood even the forgiveness of sin so where Adam and Eve exalted selves Jesus died to self this is how the red light was restored through death to sell his self-sacrifice and. This quote here desire Biju 75 really covers it all the spawn a Son of God hung upon the cross his flesh lacerated with stripes those can soften reached out and bless of mail to the wooden bars those feet so tireless on ministries of love spike to the tree that royal head pierced by a crown of thorns those quivering lips shape to the cry of woe and all back he endured the blood drops of flowed from his head his hands in his feet Yagami that racked his frame in the an honorable anguish that filled his soul at the hiding of his father's face speaks to each child of humanity be Querrey it is for be. That the Son of God consents to bear this burden of guilt for the he spoils the domain of gas and opens the gates of Paradise he offers himself upon the cross as a sacrifice and this from love to the he the Finn bear endures the wrath of divine judgment and for that I say he comes soon now. Remember that we're going to come back. So that is the epitome of self sacrificing love so the red light was restored by Jesus self-sacrifice and what about the blue line Jesus said Psalms 40 verse 8 David speaking prophetically about them I go along to do THEY WERE MY GOD GAVE by law is within mine cause Jesus says I have kept my Father's Commandments John 1510 so where Adam and Eve disobeyed Jesus obeyed him to death and this is how the blue light of obedience was restored Christ was obedient to every requirement of the law when he was on earth he said to his disciples I kept my father's can help thousands of Libyans chapter 2 verse 6 through 8 to being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon in the form of a servant and was made in the lightness of men and being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became obedient how under DADT even the death of the cross so the blue line that was lost through disobedience was resort by Christ's obedience. So here we see the light fully restored Christ now victorious is again clothed with white with the white robe of righteousness so why do I say again clothed with the white robe ablaze when Jesus took the sin of the world on himself the light of God's glory was absorbed by the pigment of sin so he became dark the white robe was gone because of sin my crazy look at this statement desire of ages page 7 he said in silence the beholders watched for the end of the fearful scene the sun shone forth with the cross was still what envelop in darkness everything was dark around the sun of. Summer in the gloom lifted from the cross and in clear triumphant trumpet like turns that seem to resound throughout creation Jesus cried it is finished father into the hands I commend my spirit in light encircled the cross and the face of the Savior. With the glory like the sun even Barton set upon his breast and done so when he did it all when his faith his self sacrificing love and his obedience was already combined at Calvary the light came back therefore as by the offense of 1 judgment came upon him in 1 to condemnation even so by the righteousness of 1 the free gift came upon all men under justification of life as by 1 man's disobedience many were made sinners so by the right obedience of 1 shall Many be righteous so Jesus now offers us is white robe of righteousness I'm going to read through this really quick. Heavenly places page 51 it would be a terrible thing to stand for guard clothed in sinful garments with his eyes reading every secret of our lives but through the efficacy of Christ's sacrifice when we stand before God pure and spotless our sins of whom will and pardon if we confess our sins He is faithful in just a can Quins us of our sins and I'm sure to forgive us of our sins and occurrences from all unrighteousness reading sooner quote in the robes of Christ's righteousness they stand in the presence of a sin hating God need her by the merits of the Savior faith is the condition upon which God has seen fit to promise pardon sinners faith can lay hold on the merits of Christ the limit he provided person faith can present Christ perfect obedience instead of the sinners transgression and of defection so by faith we can now have Christ white robe of righteousness by faith we can bring to God the sinner can bring to God the merits of Christ and the Lord places the obedience of his son to the sinners account God's right Christ's righteousness is accepted in place of man's failure and God receives pardons justifies the repentant believing soul treats him as though he were righteousness righteous and loves him as he loves his son this is how faith is accounted to righteousness so while we are all given in little measure of faith there are 2 things that are lacking in our lives we may have a measure of faith in knowledge of the theory of truth but unless self guys unless we live Christ life of what obedience our profession is worth was having us review. The hero artist to teams so what is interesting from this court is that even though every person is given a measure of faith they are lacking the other 2 essential character traits of white light. So sacrificing 11 obedience man is selfish and disobedient by nature self-sacrifice and love and obedience are 2 character traits essential to happy to Torrance Christian These are the characteristics that must be supplied by God 1 selected messages 364 while God can be just in your justify the sinner through the merits of Christ no man can cover his soul with the garments of crimes righteousness while practicing known soon or neglecting their own duties God requires the entire surrender of the heart and core just OF THE NATION. And in order for man to retain justification there must be continuing obedience through active living that works by and purifies the soul so here we see that we must surrender our heart to Jesus and our faith in him must result in obedience to all that he asks us to do. When Nation 1008 says and to her was granted that she should be a raid in fine linen clean and white with a fine linen is the righteousness of. Christ object lessons page 312 practical terms we may ask what does it mean to put on the robe of Christ's righteousness by his perfectly obedient he has made it possible for every human being to obey God's commandments when we submit ourselves to Christ nor does the 5 steps the heart is united with his heart the will is merged in his will the mind becomes 1 with is mine the thoughts are brought into captivity to him. This is what it means to be clothed with the garments is righteous John the Revelator says in Revelation 35 he that overcome of the same shall be clothed and white reigns and I will not write out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name for mine. So Paul tells us the walk as children of life have no hellish it with young Hoople works of darkness but whether we prove them transformation of characters run through the operation of the Holy Spirit which works upon the human aging implanting in him according to his desire and consent to have autonomy nature in the image of God is restored to the soul in day by day and strengthen any renewed by grace and is enabled more and more perfectly to what reflects the character of Christ in right useless and true holiness within hero September 17th 1905 in July 10 1894 read here and here over serve and all who are teachable all who are humble all who serve from love are as mirrors that are being polished to reflect more perfectly the divine image their souls are becoming purified their ideas are becoming broader and there can characters are being transformed after the divine simile. Proverbs 14 says that the path of the just is as the shining light that shines more and more under the perfect. This is my favorite Spirit of Prophecy quote out of everything she ever wrote Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church and when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his children he will come to claim them as his own Christ article as was Page 16 so why is waiting for the white rule of righteousness to be on his children why is he waiting for us to reflect his glory of the 1 thing that we haven't talked about this is a mere we just read a quote about we need to be polished like a mere. 1 of the things we haven't talked about in light of the last thing that I'll share those of you that are familiar with the way a laser works laser light pretty bright that is the most intense energy that man knows of today is a laser a coherent light and lasers are so powerful that they'll burn through steel believin burn through Diamond the hardest substance known to man but you see this little thing I'm holding in my hand the most powerful laser on planet Earth will bounce right off a laser and there it is up on the ceiling bounces right off of a lot of the mirror the most powerful intense light that we know of now we know that Christ's righteousness is far far more powerful than the laser bounces right off of us when we reflect his character back to him and that's the reason why God wants us to have the lobe of light use you so that we reflect his character so that we can live with him so that we will not be consumed by the brightness of His coming when we return we're going to talk more about that morrow we talk about sound. We'll be talking about it again on Friday when we talk about the Gospel and stop. If we have any questions at all I can take maybe 1 or 2 questions will really out of con Radhika Father in heaven. How glorious You are in your current. Self-sacrifice obedience. They will roll back rights and that white rule you present that you want to ask for help or we can hear by faith because Jesus did it for I pray that you will help each and every 1 of us to reach out in favor and take that white robe of righteousness and allow you for the indwelling of your spirit to work out soccer for whom of. An obedience to the middle of Europe. The clergy. Of the lesser. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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