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3. Gospel in the Stars

Cinda Osterman Ron Osterman




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Loving Father in heaven please be with us today near spirit got into a river lot of material to cover I'm going to have to be going fast I don't talk Rasul So you have to speed me up and you're going to have to give my audience ears that think fast and here fast so that we can understand this ritual together I just pray that your spirit be in our midst today and again I pray that you wife bless her keep her in your care they are healing hand upon her less now as we open your words will Jesus. Young people come down the store here maybe maybe the handouts can be over the constable story in the stars the Mazzer off before we get too far into this and I'll explain all of this as we go along we do not believe in astrology I don't believe that astrology has We're going to see here in a moment is a counterfeit it's a counterfeit of a real story that God put in the starry skies and you're going to see this in just a moment I don't know if you know where this is this is in south western United States Navajo Nation that's the mittens it's out it's in the Navajo Nation and this is a picture that was taken of a constellation near and dear to my heart doesn't get any better than the constellation of little rhyme so I don't know if you can see it but a pointed out that's Arayan right there and that little star right there will talk about in a little bit as betel geese That's right Joe we'll talk about it in a moment but the 1 that's the most important to me is this little guy right here we'll talk about that in just a moment ancient people had a fascination with the Stars. To them they weren't just twinkling lights in the night sky to make nursery rhymes about they were as the Bible points out in Genesis $114.00 signs prophetic signs pointing to events that God had told their ancestors about this is a astral projection astral meaning in the sky Terra projection meaning on the ground this is in the Navajo Nation my family and I have been at this place that's Walnut Canyon in Arizona what pocky is in Arizona northwest of Flagstaff my wife's parents live in Flagstaff so we're very familiar with AS but the now the ancient Anasazi people the ancestors of the Hopi and the Navajo who laid in their cities out in the shape of the Orion nebula and there was a reason for that and you'll see that reason in just a moment this is a cave painting in France and it's a cave painting that some people think well it's just a bull and it does look kind of like a bull However on this cave painting there are 4 stars this is really 3 stars one's a smudge mark and some stars appear and what that is is the. Constellation. Taurus the bull and if you've ever looked at Taurus in the night sky this is Taurus in the night sky can you see the Bull there I can't see the Bull there well you would think that yeah you think that those are his horns No it's not his own that's his face this is a Ryan down here let me show you how this works. But just kind of give you an idea from that picture that we just looked at a moment ago if 3 stars down on the left the group that's up. There's the 3 stars down below that's the belt of Iran there's the group of stars up above that's the Pleiades you can see the lines there that shows the constellation this is what it really is. Taurus the bow O'Brian mighty hunter we're going to talk more about been in just a moment temples and pyramids all over the world are aligned to view certain stars at certain times of the year were all these people simply pagan astrologers and sun worshippers or did they know something vastly more important that the Stars revealed now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea and the days of your the king behold there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem saying where is he that is born King of the Jews for we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him Matthew Chapter 2 verse $1.00 and $2.00 only the Gospel of Matthew has this story of the Majah Ellen White expands upon this story quite well in the book desire of ages she says desire of age a page with the 9 the wise men from the east were philosophers they belonged to a large and influential class that included min of noble birth who studied the indications of Providence in nature and who were honored for their integrity in their wisdom of this character with the wise men who came to Jesus the light of God as ever shining amid the darkness of heathenism as these magic I studied the starry heavens and sought to fathom the mystery hidden in their bright has they beheld the glory of the Creator seeking clear knowledge they turned to the Hebrew Scriptures. In their own land were treasured prophetic writings that predicted the coming of a Divine Teacher Baylen you remember bail I'm for he was a true prophet was a bad. Anyway Baylen belong to the magicians though at 1 time a prophet of God by the Holy Spirit he had foretold the prosperity of Israel in the appearing of the Messiah and his prophecies had been handed down by tradition from century to century but in the Old Testament the Saviors Advent was more clearly. Imagined I learned with joy that his coming was near and that the whole world was to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the. Great controversy page 8 great converse of this is the 888 version I don't know if it's in the 884 page 314 it says students of nature the magic I had seen God in His handiwork from the Hebrew Scriptures they had learned of the star to arise out of Jacob and with eager desire they waited his call who should be not who should be not only the consolation of Israel but a light to light in the Gentiles and for salvation and to the ends of the earth they were seekers for light and light from the throne of God illumine the path of their feet while the priests and the rabbis of Jerusalem the appointed guardians and expounds of the truth were shrouded in darkness the heaven sent star guided these Gentile strangers to the birth place of them you warm. Back in his R.V. ages page 60 the wise men had seen a mysterious light in the heavens upon the night when the glory of God flooded the hills before him as the light faded alumina star appeared and lingered in the sky it was not a fixed star nor a planet and the phenomenon excited the keenest interest that Star was a distant company of shining angels but of this the wise men were ignorant yet they were impressed that the star was of special import to them they consulted priests and philosophers and searched the scrolls of the ancient records prophesy of bail and had declared their she'll come a star out of Jacob a sup to show rise out of Israel couldn't this strange star have been sent as a harbinger of the Promised 1 the magic I had welcomed the light of heaven sent truth now it was shed upon them in brighter raise through dreams they were instructed to go in search of the new born prince it's so traditionally the view developed that these men were Babylonians Persians or Jews from Yemen as the kings of Yemen then were Jews a pastor friend of mine thinks that these were the sons of Abraham's concubine after Sarah died they were told to move to the east country there is an Armenian tradition identifying the magic I am Bethleham as Balfour's are a Arabia Melky or a Persia and gasp are of India these men were astrologers studying the heavens with the hope of knowing the future they willingly travelled all the way across the Middle East in search of a king. Well as the quote from desire of ages stated the wiseman study the writings of bail him there was someone else that had lived in Asia Minor and had a far more profound influence on at least 3 different kingdoms his name was Dan you know these wise men I am sure were familiar with his writings 1 in particular must have been of interest to them it was this prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9 you're very familiar with this prophecy I'm sure 70 weeks or determinants of the people and on to the Holy City Daniel 925 says No therefore an understand from the going for the command to restore and build Jerusalem and so must siad the prince shall be 7 weeks threescore and 2 weeks the street shall be built you're very familiar with this prophecy I'm going to skip through this because we've got a lot of ground to cover anyway as they were studying this particular prophecy Daniel 924 to 27 I believe it was this very prophecy that drove these wise men to earnestly study anything they could get their hands on to know when this was going to be fulfilled because we know and some of the evidence this is the greatest time prophecy recorded in the bible It pinpoints the exact time must saya the prince now be the Luke the writer of The Book of Luke says that Jesus when he was baptized in 30 and 27 A.D. was 30 years old about he says 30 years old which means that he was not born in 08 he. And we're going to talk about that more in just a moment but 1 thing that's of interest to me is that when Malakai closed his scrolls that was 400 A B C 400. So for 400 years the people of God had no prophetic vision total silence from God for 400 years what would you have done had you been living at that time would you have become complacent would you have accepted the idea that the Messiah will never come where we are today the last prophet laid down her pen 100 years ago next year she died and I think in 190-8970. 100 years ago so are we at risk of becoming like the Jews Peter tells us a 2nd Peter 34 and saying where is the promise of His coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation Well Daniel lived during the reigns of 4 kings those 4 kings were never can as or who we are told in. Prophets and kings know yes prophets and kings never can as it was a converted me and he gave his heart to Jesus and praise the Lord for that bell shows there was another he did not he was lost Darius and Cyrus were both converted by the prophet Daniel what a powerful witness he was these men were reading this prophecy so during this time when he wrote Daniel 8 and 9 it was 500 years. 100 years before Malakai laid down his prophetic. So for 500 years the prophecies of Daniel were been told and retold to the inhabitants of these the wise men most likely would have studied these prophecies based on what they knew of the decree of art of Xerxes Jewry storm rebuild Jerusalem and for the 7 See they came to the conclusion that the Messiah was close at hand so they go to Jerusalem and they go to the King who is the king then scoundrel mean here. And when Herod the king and heard these things he was troubled in all Jerusalem with him and when he had gathered all the cheap produce in the scribes of the people together he demanded of them were car should be born they said unto him in Bethlehem of Judea for it is written by the prophet and now before him in the land of Judah are not the least among the princes of Judah out of these shall come a governor that show who among people so the Jewish scribes must have known something about his coming because they knew where he was to be born and told here it was and that for him the city of. David lived something like $1000.00 B.C. So for him this prophecy in Isaiah was a long long ways in the future but here the prophet Isaiah says front to us a child is born unto us a son is given the government shall be upon his shoulder his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor mighty God ever molesting father Prince of Peace we're going to find out the business in the star of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no in upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom to order it into establishment with judgment and with justice from his for even for ever the zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this. So here it Acts chapter 2 verse 29 to 30 it says Mina brother and let me freely speaking to you of the patriarch David and he is both dead and buried in his simple grows with us on to this day therefore being a prophet annoying the god it's 1 with an oath to him that the fruit of his lungs were talking about yesterday or the fruit of his loins according to the flesh he would raise up this up Christ to sit on His throne so why was Herod so interested in killing Jesus Jesus coming from the oil seed was a threat to his crown and his throat we could King F. a lie if you remember tried to kill the seed Fortunately God preserve the sea by spearing Joe Josiah life so Matthew Chapter 2 verse 2 and 11 says that the wise men were coming to see it came they were coming to worship of God That's what it says here saying where is he that is born King of the Jews for we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship. And when they were came into the house they saw the young child with Mary and fell down and worship him and when they had opened their treasures they presented unto him gifts gold frankincense and myrrh remember that phrase right. Young. We're going to come back to that. So now that I painted for you a picture of the magic I wish to try to understand what it was that they studied so earnestly in the Heavens that 1 white called them astrologers and so they were they had been studying the stars in heaven their spiritual background was a mix of eastern mysticism nature study and the study of ancient Old Testament writings. 1 very important point I need to mention right here is the fact that the paths of truth and air life so close to each other that there's scarcely distinguishable Can you see this in the world today yes we can let me give you some example spiritually I'm going to skip through a lot of these because you have them in your hand out the truth Jesus is the light the counterfeit Lucifer is the light bear Jesus was the lion of the tribe of Judah Lucifer is the roaring lion Jesus was the serpent lifted up on the pole listen for was serpent the destroyer. Jesus was called the star and a number of plans Lucifer was called the problems of Jesus was called The Prince of heaven Lucifer was called The Prince of you. Here's some more from the secular world we're going to look at a few issues the rainbow a promise and the New Age rainbow we're going to look at this in just a moment I'll come back to the streets of heaven anybody ever see the movie was because the streets were paved with yellow brick road streets of gold that was accounted for God on His Throne how about back in honest US the charlatan account how about angels with light swords that guarded the gaze of they were just swards they were light sabers and I'll show you about that in just a moment lightsabers Star Wars How about the Holy Spirit what about the force now for spew with you Luke Skywalker was till the Holy Spirit counter there's a whole bunch more you have them in your hand now so for every truth the devil has a counterfeit I have a chapter just exit 8 verse 20 says to go on to test me to speak not according to this word they have no like. All that the devil can do is provide the truth he has no creative process he can mingle a little bit of air with a lot of truth and to many it appears to be truth but a half truth is still a foot long that's what is' is here is it possible to know the difference yes it is a very important part is verse 15 I will put emitted between B. and the woman between Di seed in verse seed it seed SHA brews by head and thou shalt cruise in as we were going to come back to that just a moment so how did Adam pass along the prophetic promise that he was given here to his offspring Well word of mouth for sure but you know how it goes I tell you something you tell somebody else they tell somebody else or before it gets back to me it's all jumbled up and stuff and it doesn't sound anything like what I told 1st so how did Adam pass along the prophetic programs I have to believe that there was much more that God revealed to them since they didn't have the written Bible that we have God gave them a different kind of Bible something that would remind them of the plan of salvation month by month and year by year so Paul tells us in Romans $1013.00 that for whosoever shall call upon the name of the board shall we say then he gives this these verses here 14 and 15 he makes a bold assertion here that people must have heard about the Savior he says that the in the verse 14 and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not and how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except maybe since. As it is written How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things the answer for that question is in the next verse verse 15 but I say unto you have they not heard oh yes their sound went into all the earth and their words and the ends of the world were as Paul quoting from here he's quoting from the book of song Psalms Chapter 19 and we can see the story written in the skies so beautifully and Psalms Chapter 19 stars in heaven The heavens declare the glory of God in the firmament show of his handiwork day on today under it speech night and tonight show of knowledge there's no speech no language where their voice is not heard their line member that their line is gone through all the earth and their words to the end of the world in him how he said it I'm going to go for the sun so it says The heavens declare the glory of God Well the word glory here is the same as the word air. And the heavens reveal a lot about the character of God We can appreciate the immense innocent space the beauty of the night sky but there is more much more that the heavens can tell us we're not going to read this I'm going to show you 1st 1 through 6 David is talking about the starry sky the heavens versus 7 through 14 the lower part he's talking about the Word of God So he's prophetically tying the 2 together the story in the stars and the story in the Word was the word even written yet in his day. Not much other book of June not much more 5 Books of Moses then some of the minor prophets I Sam Maybe I don't even think Isaiah was written. But the main theme of the constellations is the must Siva the Messiah to come the Word of God the Word made flesh 1 thing comes to mind in songs 19 the fullness of the glory of God cannot be understood apart from God's son Jesus he alone is the brightness of His glory. His character. Chapter 1 Verse 3 the Apostle Paul spoke of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in 2 Corinthians forces and that he is the image and glory of God in 1st Corinthians 117 and John declared of Jesus we beheld his glory the glory as of the only be gotten of the Father full of grace and truth John $114.00 only through Jesus Christ is God's glory fully. How much to David know about the star him he couldn't possibly know about quasars Paul stars supernova in the millions of distant galaxies that we see here complements of the whole the public space telescope while these certainly show the power of God They really don't reveal His glory for the heavens to reveal the glory of God they must tell the story of Jesus being familiar with the Old Testament Scripture David knew that God created the stars Genesis 114 through 19 you also knew that God or gained him to tell a story why do I say look at songs 8 verse. I have a declares when I consider the high heavens the work of by fingers the moon and the stars which now has or doing the word ordained there means sets or a point set or a point so Adam knew Adam had been given the task of naming all the animals but gone named installers and he had a reason for that names in Old Testament time and special meanings Jacob meant the Seaver right Abraham meant father of a multitude Well David tells us in Psalm 147 for he tell of the number of the stars he calls them all by their names most of the name stars have Aramaic names why Aramaic Well this was the language of the patriarchs as we will soon see the names of the stars paint a complete picture of the entire plan of salvation each month as Adam observe the night sky a new constellation with new names came into view at the end of 12 months the story repeated this was Adam's experience for 900 years 900 times Adam saw the plan of salvation carried out in the strong. David would not have been familiar with the writings of Isaiah but we can certainly learn from him as a chapter 40 verse 26 lift up your eyes on hon behold who have created these things that bring if there. By number the host there is the starry sky in calling them all by names by the greatness of his mind for that he is strong in power not 1 thing. So normally Hebrew names and possibly being familiar with the Arabic names David and I say I would have known the meaning which we will discover in this seminar more important they knew that the stars had a divine purpose they were like a story written in the night sky Genesis 114 and God said Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for saw on the Hebrew word is a mark and let them be for seasons and for days and years the word season there is not winter spring summer and fall it's not that at all never refers to a season it's a fixed or an appointed time the starry sky was a time prophecy so Job tells us can still bind us we'd influence a pleadings or loose the bands of Orion can still bring forth Mazza Rawson season or can star guide Arcturus with his sons the signs were to indicate prophetic events and the seasons were to indicate a tour and pertaining to the signs. Month by month year by year the Gospel story was told by the constellations of them as a run as they travelled across the 1 sky the story in The Stars tells of God's great love it tells of his care for his children it tells of an arch enemy It tells of warfare it tells of a glorious in the all this misery crime violence and. So in this 5 A tells us we can read this text I'm not going to go ahead and read it it just mentions the 7 stars in a row are in its day we have the written Word of God in the Bible what used to bother me was that the ancient people particularly the N.T. delusions that lived before the good didn't have this written guide book to guide them on the way capital W. Jesus is the way job is arguably the oldest book in the Bible long before this book was written however God had written the entire planet salvation. Once I came to this understanding I can see again the love of God and the care of God for all of his children because people that lived before the Bible was written didn't have the knowledge of the plan of salvation Oh yes they did was written in the stars he would not leave them in the dark spiritual I am fully convinced that God told Adam and Eve the names of the stars and associated the constellations so that month after month year after year plan of salvation will be written in the night sky to encourage him David tells us and songs honored $36.00 for his 5 to him that by real is done made the heavens for his mercy endures for. You've heard of the Big Bang Loney there's no truth in that God through the stars in the heavens in a particular way. He did not scatter them randomly through that big bang explosion but they were set on a pre-determined course through space by the hand of God They are there they are where they are because you are game then their job 3832 against us can still bring or as a rock in his season in his appointed taller. Men as a rock here if you look at you have a King James Bible in the margin it says Zodiac that's what it says it's the 12 signs in the drama of the plan of salvation. The word means the word Nazarite means separated divided or a portion it never was intended by God to be a fortune teller's tool to predict your future although it certainly does predict the future astrology is a corruption of the prophetic message revealed in the stars the devil wanted to destroy the message and as he has his normal style he mixed truth in error so here you have a definition of the Mazur law and I won't read the definition I think I may have put this in your head now but it just tells you from the ancient languages the Babylonian languages the Egyptian language the Hebrew language what the name meant it means no way the word comes from the Greek zodiacal smiting a circle it comes from a primitive word Zola do you know that in a way or a path or going by steps this is the path across the sky that the sun travels and that's what you normally would see in the sky each season out of the year. OK so the zodiac is divided into 12 parts each part pictorially represents a prophetic even to revel in relation to the unfolding story of salvation in the history of the world the 12 signs as originally given by God were a prophetic outline of the purpose of God in the history of salvation there understood however only if they are seen in their proper order since they form a circle the problem is knowing where to start and to finish modern astrologers begin with the constellation Aries that's a counterfeit it's not true but this is a corruption and it doesn't correlate with biblical revelation a comparison of the prophecies in the heavens with the prophecies in the Bible clearly shows that the starting point is the divine promise concerning the seed of the woman Revelation $315.00 the ending point coincides with the climax of scripture in the triumph of the law in of the tribe of Judah Revelation Chapter 5 Verse 5 so the promise of the seed is the 1st book of the Bible in the 1st book of the Bible as seen in the constellation Virgo and will come back to that in a moment the promise of the triumphant 1 in is seen in the constellation. Oh why do I say that show you in a moment this is Virgo this is Leo so as it goes across the starry sky the 1st 1 is Virgo not areas sorry here in astrology or in your in this room and you believe in astrology I just blew your whole theory out of the. Virgo is the 1st Leo is the last so it goes this way around the circle show you how that works or in just a moment in in Egypt in Dan there are there is a zodiac in the ceiling of a temple and that Zodiac looks like this and all the signs of the zodiac are here but the ones I want to point to you Are these 2 right here this guy what does that look like to you. And this 1 right here it's a woman sitting with a branch in her hand we're going to come back to these 2 in just a moment but that's the Zodiac it's in Egypt in didn't dare let me show you another 1 this is. Another temple in Egypt it's the temple of as not and in the ceiling there is a painting and that painting has a in the portico of that temple there's a in the ceiling there's a painting that shows 2 particular parts of the zodiac 1 is going on. And the other is the woman with a branch in her hand that's not a spear it's a woman will be a branch but there's this interesting looking creature right here this creature has the face of a woman and it has the body of a and never seen anything in Egyptian pictures that had been face of a woman and the body of a Mayan So between the 2. Men what is showing you here is that the face of the woman is pointing this way so. She's the beginning of the March of the zodiac across the sky Leo use the N. G.'s the tail She's the head he's the tail. Let me show you this little guy. You remember him the great Sphinx Well what does the Sphinx have it's got the face of a woman in the body of a lion and there's 10 face of a woman in a body of a woman the true riddle of the Sphinx is that it binds together the 1st son of the zodiac and the last son of the zodiac seen in the temple it is now and a gives is the correct beginning of the year according to the constellations this understanding gives us a new light to see Virgo the virgin as the 1st sign and the 1st coming of the Messiah and Leo the lion as the 2nd coming of the Messiah as the line of the tribe of Judea Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega the 1st and the Last the Beginning and the in the story is all about Jesus the beginning of Jesus' life in the world when Jesus returns 4 times in the Book of Revelation little ation $18.00 revelation want to leaven Revelation $2016.00 and Revelation 2213 Jesus declares himself to be the alpha and the Omega the Beginning in the end the 1st and the last the story in The Stars like the story in Libya in the Bible begins with Jesus His birth to a virgin and it ends with his 2nd coming the line of a tribe of Judah everything in the heavens and in the word focuses on him he is the way so associated with the 12 signs were additional constellations 3 in particular for every 1 of the 12 so that maybe a $48.00 total and we'll look at some of these in a little bit but. Here's Virgo and her. Her deck and Houma. And 1 of the 1 and it's not on this but you will come back to it. As you would see by watching the drama unfold the main theme is the great controversy between 2 reporters posing forces 1 of evil and the other good evil character represented Satan he is represented by a number of constellations Draco serpents Hydra as well as leap us C.T.'s and Scorpio the other leading character in the drama is Jesus Christ in every 1 of the 12 signs he is glorified by the Holy Spirit he can be seen in the seed of the woman Virgo the Redeemer in the sign Libra that paid the price LIBOR was the balance scales is the enduring is enduring the suffering of death and Scorpio and is the triumphant. Everywhere in the heaven the Lord Jesus shines with the vine brilliance in his person and his work in his deity and his humanity in his suffering and in his glory in his 1st coming in humility and his 2nd coming in majesty just as Christ is the focal point of the written word so he is the focal point of the heavenly drama no wonder that Satan has corrupted this beautiful story. Unfortunately many of these stories have been twisted by Babylonian astrologers and expanded by Greeks into fantastic Miss However the basic core of the facts from the constellations is essentially the same wherever they are found in the world Hebrews the Indians from India Yaz text the Babylonians and Persians the Norsemen the Egyptians the Greeks the Romans the Central in North American Indians in the Chinese all recognize the same constellations with essentially the same meanings and the same names of the stars also with the same meanings underneath the pile of myth corruption and idolatry emerges the same basic pattern the only explanation is that there was 1 a riginal source of truth who identified the constellations with their meetings before the dispersion of the peoples of the earth at that table God is that source you have this handout I'm not going to go through this I will mention the 4 that we're going to be looking at today Virgo the seed of the woman that's what the constellation means in the Aramaic language we're going to be looking at. A piece of Taurus not Taurus but we're going to be looking at Orion we're going to be looking at. And we're going to be looking at a piece of another 1 which is a fire kiss and we'll come back to that 1 in just a moment so let's find out what the original meaning of these constellations me where you have it it's in your handout Acts Chapter 1 The suffering savior deliverance from the penalty of sin and Acts Chapter 1 is expanded upon its Virgo the virgin birth. Libra the scales is the sufficient prize paid Scorpio the scorpion seeking to wound but itself being crushed Sagittarius the archer with a drawn boat the victorious Redeemer that's actually act act 1 of the drama in the skies suffering savior deliverance from the penalty of sin act to the glorified bus or deliverance from the power of sin the main sign is Capricorn the sea goat the life was altered from the sacrificial death of Christ Aquarius the watermen the water of wife cord out on the reading Pisces the fishes the blessing of salvation to. Arabs the lamb delivers realize that's act to act 3 in the drama the reigning judge by the way prophetically in the world's history this is where we are here Taurus the while bull the judge coming to rule come back to Iran in a moment Gemini the twins the coming Prince and Savior cancer securing a secure rest of the place the redeemed held safe Leo the lion the triumph of the. Hour 2 So let's go to Act 1 Genesis 315 I would put him in between the in the woman between Di seed in her seed it shall bruise that I had a national Bruce is the drama has to begin right here and as we saw the magic I studied the stars in the Hebrew Scriptures and they knew the time of the Messiah as Burr I may surprise some of you with some of the things that I say right here but you're going to have to bear with. Revelation 12 a verse 1 says and there appeared a great wonder in heaven where. In heaven and a heavenly sky none a great wonder in heaven a woman. With the sun a moon at her feet and upon her head a crown of 12 stops if you can see the date or the date according to still Lariam. Is 1 B.C. September the 1st 1 B.C. come back to this in a moment I propose to you that Jesus was not born on December the 25th year 0 He simply the 25th was the birthday of Tammuz the sun god pagan deity I am convinced that he was born some time before or around 1 B.C. September 1 and I'll show you why sure although millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus all over the world at Christmas not 1 of them can tell you for certain when it was that he was born it was in the 3rd century when the Roman emperor really and proclaimed the winter solstice December the 25th as a feast day dedicated to the Romans sun. Tan means we're going to skip past this but I want to show you this this is something that took place in the starry sky and I'll come back to this in a moment but I wanted to show you how this work August the 12th 3 B.C. there were 2 planets Jupiter and Venus that rose in conjunction conjunction means they're so close together they look like they're 1 in 4 and a strong ledger like the wisemen that was very very significant Jupiter signified kingship for most side and Venus meant birth and motherhood This occurred in the constellation of Leo about a lion. Which is the symbol of the Hebrew tribe Judah since the magic I were studied in the Hebrew Scriptures they probably knew from Genesis $4910.00 that the Messiah would come from the from the tribe of Judah so the celestial of insider will show you told the wise men that the prophesied Jewish Messiah and King was being born. Or when the. Easiest astronomical statistics of and printed in a number of places including guidepost magazine each number on that step chart right there I don't know if this is in your hand out or not a case of September through September 3 Obs 3 excuse me September 3 B.C. they saw Jupiter rise in conjunction with regular us a star in the front of the constellation a LEO February 2 B. C. a 2nd time they saw Jupiter rise in conjunction with Regulus all this happened this is never happened before and it never happened before in the history of the world May 2 May of 2 B.C. me a 3rd time they saw Jupiter rise in conjunction with Regulus all this took place within the course of 1 amp years 3 times Jupiter rises in conjunction with regulars that star June to a 2nd time they saw Jupiter and Venus rising conjunction again Jupiter referred to kinship or the Messiah Venus meant birth or motherhood September of 2 B. C. the 3rd time they saw Jupiter and Venus wise in conjunction this occurred again in the constellation of Leo August September 3 B C 2 B.C. December. Jupiter was located directly in the womb area of the constellation of Virgo which I think is interesting so that was around the symbol to be see right around December to by the way Jupiter's Hebrew name is a deck which throughout the period of Jesus and the 1st apostles was a term used for the side so the magic I knew something special indeed was about to happen they were seeing in the stars everything lined up however on September the 1st 1 B.C. perfectly matching Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1 Revelation 12 verse 1 says a virgin will be giving birth the sun will be clothed with the sun that's her clothing right there the sun the moon is at her feet she has a crown of 12 stars on her head there's 2 ways that this happens there's 9 stars in the constellation of Leo Then you have Mars Jupiter and Venus 3 Planets that made up the rest of the 12 stars there were crown above her head we now know today that Jupiter itself has 12 moons. So twice in the alignment of the stars in the heaven in 1 B.C. September the 1st imagine I saw a Messiah had been born now I believe I believe this with all my heart that God in His infinite wisdom did not mean that the wise men would get there the moment that Jesus was born Why do I say that because the shepherds that were in there feel watching their flock by night in September of the previous year 2 B.C. as you saw a moment ago that's when they went to the A Manger and Bethlehem and the baby was wrapped in swaddling clothes but as we saw moment ago in another text when the magic I got there Mary and Joseph weren't in a manger anymore they were living in a house and they came and they worshiped the child Jesus he was 1 or 2 years old that's why Herod sent his troops to kill all the children 3 years old and under because he figured if he got 3 and under you get them aside now if you were God in your infinite wisdom would you want your baby son traveling from Bethlehem to Egypt in the dead of the winter from septic as you would take him from September to probably February 5 months to make that journey in the dead of winter carrying an infant newborn baby I don't think so but if you are taking a 1 year old or a 2 year old not so bad so that's what I believe happened on that day she had the sun on her shoulder the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 on. The Latin word Virgo means of virgins. The Latin word Virgo which is a variant of it means the branch So you know about the branch of David and there chapter 11 verse 1 and there shall come forth a branch out of the Stem of Jesse any branch grow out of his words she's holding a branch in hand I'm sure there's a moment Matthew 123 Behold a virgin shall be with child and shall bring 4 things son and they shall call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is God with us so the Hebrew name for this confirmation is best through the or burgeon the Arabic name is that Dora version while the Greeks called it parthenos which is the word for virgin in the New Testament and is the word for virgin in Matthew Chapter 1 Verse $23.00 we saw in the parable of the plan Jesus is the branch he's the seed he's the corn that must die to raise again and bear fruit so what about the stars in Virgo they tell the story of the birth of Jesus that big bright star at the bottom that's FICA spike at the branch or the seed of the branch in this case Jesus the Hebrew word for Spike. To Mock I think is the way that that is pronounced there are more than 20 words in Hebrew for Branch but this is the only 1 which refers exclusively to the Messiah. As the branch Christ is revealed as King in Jerusalem Jerome I am 235 and 6 servant in Zechariah 3 a man in Zechariah 612 God in Isaiah 42 now through shows Christ as king Mark shows him a servant Luke shows him as man and John shows him God he was to bruise this he was to be the seed of the woman that would bruise the head of the. Zaw a Zaba job a star near Virgos head means gloriously beautiful look at that text as it's up to former stews in that big shove a branch Jesus of the Lord be beautiful and glorious and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and common for them that are escaping Israel Vinda me Atrix a star in the right arm a Virgo snarkier is it is there in means the son who comes or the branch who comes Genesis $4910.00 the scepter shall not be part from Judah nor a law giver from between his feet until Shiloh come and then to him shall the gathering of the people. On a star in a right hand means an ear of wheat there's a text John 1224 marker read this we get a rush. These are there the Deccan of Virgo coma means the desired butis means the coming Shepherd Sentara means that the spot just Orion has to be my favorite constellation in the sky not only is it easy to find and identify but there's a very special things about this constellation Orion is right here that's that obese We'll look at in a moment that star right down here is right Joe I'm going to tell you about that star in a moment. It's very easy to see there is that stars Here's the line so you can see what it looks like in the night sky that's him or on the triumph of and the brightness of His coming that's what this constellation means the Triumph and the brightness of His coming coming for as like Orion is to remind us that coming at the coming glorious Prince of Peace in 1 hand he holds a great quote the other the skin of a slain lion and the devil himself this shows his victory over war and winds. At the feet of mighty Prince or Ryan is a serpent You can see the serpent there it's really a river of fire but it's also a serpent right here this little guy right here is not leap us now you've shown in many Zodiacs of the hair but it's really the enemy it's not a rabbit it's the enemy in the original language the foot of Orion is this star right here. Right Joel in the Aramaic means the foot that crushed us and he is crushing leap us the enemy and the head of the serpent Genesis 315 fulfilled in the stars the other star right back here saying. In the heel means bruised Genesis 315 he shall bruise there he is they head bruises. And I'm not going to read these tax they just are more on the Constellation a warrant in the interesting thing here though is the word in the Hebrew for Ryan is the word Kate Isi I Y L I don't know how to pronounce it. Casio a strong 1 a hero in Egypt it's an Egyptian It's the Word of God. He who try and. So he has won 3 says who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of this person upholding all things by the word of his power when you had by and sell purged our sins sat down on the right man of the majesty in heaven Jesus is the brightness of God's glory $2000.00 warnings to wait then shall that we could be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of those coming back 33 and 4 God came from to my and the Holy 1 from Mount pen seal of his glory covered the heavens and the earth was full of this person and as bright as was as the line he had horns coming out of his hand there was the hiding of this that's an interesting quote horns coming out of his hands do you know what the word of warning means there it's the word camron which means beings of light coming out of his hand what are in the hands of Jesus holds his light is coming out of those holes when he comes back and that's what i'm back the prophets. So those are the stars of Iranian battle beast the coming of the brain which we saw this same branch in Virgo we won't read the text we're going to time Bellatrix quickly coming or swiftly destroying say half the bruise on the talk the wounded 1 Rigel the foot that precious and taka dividing as a sacrifice there's 1 final thing I want to show you about a rhyme the Middle star of the sward right there the Middle star of the school it's a song. It's the great nebula in $42.00 that's what it looks like and astronomers have looked at this this nebula and it's a tunnel that goes back into the inside of that nebula and when White said Goodness dark heavy crowds came up and crushed against each other the atmosphere part of it and roll back then we could look up through the up open space in a Ryan that med winds came the voice of God the holy city will come down through that open space. Arayan special that's where my saviors come in so now we come full circle and come back. In the full circle Mazur off we started looking a Virgo the virgin giving birth to the seed we now need to look at Leo the tribal. Line of the tribe of Judah and I'm almost out of time but I'm going to make it through this final sun Leo this constellation means is in the means destroy Can you see the ship in there it's 1 of the only ones but I but again the lines are not there in the night sky you'd never see that their ears line a line of a tribal chief the Syriac is the name are you the rending lying the Hebrew name of Arya the lying so we need to look at the meaning of the stars. Regulus trending underfoot also called Corleone it's the heart of the lion's den a bowl of the judge who comes he's rolling your hand out by the way I'll Java exaltations Ozma shining for men char of size the tearing of the line al the fair enemy put down Al Zubayr that heap up as sin and he laid punishment out surf on the burning of the funeral pyre at the fire burns when Jesus returns there's an interesting thing you remember the lion are not the line you have a cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz this lion does not have a heart it's a cow and even Cain 4 times in the zodiac we find the symbology of the enemy being trodden in the foot sign of Scorpio by a casus crushing the head in this of the scorpion Hercules is crushing the head of Draco the dragon Arayan is crushing the head of repulsed the enemy and now finally we have Liam crushing the head of this. Good. This pictures from the din din there is already a Can we just see the serpent the look at the deck and so we need to look at the deck and Brooklyn that's these other signs we're going to look at Hydra Hydra is the serpent right here the lion is crushing the head of the serpent that's what this constellation means it means the old serpent destroyed. Let's see. How far is a star in Hydra and it means to be excluded or put out of the way I love that meaning the ecliptic and is already acting the way he is the way the stars go across the sky and this says that the devil is going to be put out of the way for ever never again will he be. And the devil of the Sea of them was cast in the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast in the false prophet are and shall be tormented day and night. By the multitude of their merchandise they have filled the in the midst I'm going to fast forward I want to show you 1 thing here is you kill 28 he's going to be destroyed from the midst of the stones of fire the stones of fire 12 stones around the throne of God 12 signs of the zodiac 12 stones in the breastplate 12 foundations of the New Jerusalem 12 gates into the city 12 apostles 12 ancestors of. Israel Jacob 12 sons of. 121212 Those are the 12 stones of fire and he says he's going to be destroyed from the midst of the stones of fire notice this next. I will bring forth a fire from the midst of the speaking about the devil as he killed 28 here's what I believe is going to happen I think those 12 stones in effect when you look at the 12 stones in the breastplate of the high priest they all will ways they all have laser properties every 1 of them there is 12 of those around the throne of God There. I believe every 1 of them raises in the way a laser works as it pumps with the energy when energy pumps a laser stone it gives off a coherent light What's the most powerful thing in the universe changes it's the Father the Holy Spirit sitting on the throne the 12 stones are around there being pumped with energy energy energy they're going to put out a beam of light at the end of this world's history and the beam of light is going to hit the devil and incineration. From the midst of the stones of fire give you a little side trip crater that constellation right here. Crater the wrath of God poured out on the serpent critters a cup that holds the round of God Revelation $1410.00 the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture in the cup of his indignation some $7057.00 a name a god is a judge put it down 1 son of the another 4 in the hand of the Lord as a cup and the wine is read in it's full of mixture and he poured out the same with the dregs there of all the wicked of the Earth show bring them out and drink them Corvus this constellation right here that consolation is a raven devouring what's left of the dead serpent revelation 917 and 18 and I saw an angel standing in the sun in the crowd with a loud voice saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of Haven't come and gather yourselves together under the supper of the great. Then they eat up all the wiki quitting them all good stuff the stars of Leone Leo's deck and alchemy a cursed I'll go read the Raven men Charo go read the Raven tearing to pieces insure. The D.C. for torn to pieces 1 of the constellation we need to look at we're going to run out it's on already out it's on the we're going to take on this I'm not being kicked out here of fire. I love this constellation it means the evil 1 Hello Serpens is the other part of this group of stars and I want to show you something here you're going to see this in a moment but on the show you here see this constellation right here looks like an upturned ball that's the constellation Corona Corona means crown this constellation right here we're going to look at this in a moment I'll show you how it's all laid out in this constellation right here Draco the dragon. This constellation right here is O. fire curse the mighty hunter let me put him up there so you can see there's the lines there's Corona. Reiko of fire cuss Let me show you how this works to constellations the strong man the mighty man is holding the serpent back from getting the choir. And the foot of the mighty man and TAR race is crushing the head of the school what a powerful lesson that was now the ancients didn't see these pictures like you're seeing what we saw with the Stars the God told them the meaning so when the constellation came around the new king Jesus you're coming some day you're going to get rid of this problem look at this Isaiah Chapter 1412 to 14 how at the phone from heaven as for Son of the morning heart of cut down of the ground which did weaken the nations or the onset and I don't I will send him to heaven I will exhaust my throne above the stars of God I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north all I will ascend into the hearts of the crowds are I will be like the most. I'm going to wear the crown but the Mardi man holds him back and he cannot get to the crown what a glorious constellation. 1 final quote. Patriarchs of profits paid $68.00 the plan of redemption had yet broader and deeper purpose then the salvation of marriage a broader in a deeper purpose it was not for this alone that Christ came to the earth it was not merely that the inhabitants of this little world might regard the law of God as it should be regarded but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe to this result of his great sacrifice its influence upon upon the intelligence of the other worlds as well as upon the Savior look forward when just before his crucifixion he said now is the judgment of this world. The prince of this will be cast out 1 thing interesting the unfallen worlds don't see this plan of salvation in the stars there are in the wrong perspective there out there somewhere and office and turn some other cons some other galaxy. They don't see it we are the only ones in the universe that see the plan of salvation and stars from the perspective of. 1 man's quote I'm sorry if you're surprised me $68.00 continue on and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw men to me the act of Christ and dying for the salvation of man would not only make heaven accessible to men but before all the universe that would justify God and His Son in their dealing with the rebellion of Satan it would establish the perpetuity of the Law God and would reveal the nature and the results of. You have 1 final handout in your pocket and then explain this to you you can see this if the sky clears off tonight tomorrow night Saturday night you can see this looking to the south of the campus towards information you'll see a fire ECUs the Mighty Warriors holding back Draco the dragon from getting the crown Corona that will be in the sky also in the sky will be Virgo the Virgin also in the sky will be Leo the lion of the tribe of Judah all for the whole plan of salvation is right there in the sky and you'll be able to see it of the sky quitters off after $1030.00 at night that is the end of the story I have 1 other thing to say and I don't know what it means. September the 1st 2017 I'm sorry September the 23rd 2017 that star alignment that took place in 1 B.C.. Heralded the coming of Jesus will happen again the 2nd time in the history of the world. Or the 23rd this year only 17 something significant is going to happen I don't know what it is something significant. Evangelical world thinks the Rapture is going to take place but we know they're going to be major That is when I'm done we need to close a prayer. Loving Father in heaven thank you Jesus for winning the battle that's been shown in the stars for thousands of years and you win in the air and praise you Jesus. Thank you so much for showing us the plan of salvation thank you for showing it to the end of the movie and those people before the flood didn't have an excuse only a people got on the ark they saw heaven. They would. Thank you Lord for your story in the. West with its jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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