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4. Metamorphosis

Cinda Osterman Ron Osterman




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Loving Father in heaven how wonderful and marvelous nature is to show us the God of creation and there's a there's a message that we need to hear that message is a transformation what it takes to go from a worldly person to a Christian reflecting the character of Jesus and that story is so beautifully told in the life cycle of the butterfly. Printed special way that each of us receive the blessing you want for us to have today Press specially for my wife that you sustain or with your grace and she gives this presentation for we pray in Jesus' name. Now even though God's creation has been marred by Sen And we do not police the his character revealed in us if we really want to know him he's going to reveal Himself to us as we've been sharing this week we felt that how we could see him in the light we did plant. I just know if my slight change I hope I got the right 1 up here but will find. But anyway instead of the Christ page tenets of God have bound our hearts to him by a number tokens in heaven and earth to the things that they cheer and the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human hearts can know he has sought to reveal Himself to us many illustrations from nature used by the Bible writers and as we have observed the things of the natural world we shall be enabled under the guiding of the Holy Spirit more fully to understand the lessons of God's word in the natural world God has placed in the hands of the Children of Men The key to unlock the treasure house of his word and other words it is the natural world that teaches us about the spiritual world and it was God's 1st book and I told my husband we could have probably wrote Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and stuff we would have had all the concepts that we need to understand his character and Genesis 1 and how to be good parents and Genesis 2 think we need at least in this of lemon Genesis 2 the I'm seeing is illustrated by the seen Divine Wisdom eternal truth and infinite grace are understood by things that God has made children should be encouraged to search out in nature the objects that illustrate Bible teachings and to trace in the Bible the family some latitude drawn from nature they should search out both in nature and holy writ every object representing Christ and those also that he employed and illustrating true that's me they learn to see him in the tree and find in the early and rose and sun and stars. They may learn to hear his voice in the song of birds in the sighing of the trees and the Rolling Thunder and then the music of the sea and every object in nature repeat to them his precious lesson to those who thus acquaintance self with Christ the earth will never more be in the lonely and desolate place it will be their father's house filled with the presence of Him Who wants to well among men Child Guidance 46 and 47 I do have a handout back there that if you want to apologise is a lot of scripture verses and it's all on your hand up to make sure you pick 1 up spiritual lessons since the natural world is the key to unlock the treasure house of God's word Let's see the spiritual lessons the butterfly have to teach us now the butterfly go through a process none of metamorphosis and metamorphosis is to find at the complete change of form or shape or change of character and appearance that means a caterpillar does not look like a butterfly and a butterfly does not look like up out of a caterpillar when comparing the 2 they have nothing in common the kind of pellets clumsy he eats live leaves crawls on the ground he has 1 body part case with of mouth he's fat he have proto legs which of those little legs that run underneath his body called Pro legs and chemicals the butterfly a graceful it eats sweet nectar flies in the air has 3 body parts taste with its feet its limb has 6 legs 4 wings 2 antennas as you can see the parents and characteristics are totally different from each other and major There are other creatures that do not make a complete change in their appearance but try to cram a flag themselves are mimic another creature are things for protection here are some creatures that are able to camouflage themselves can you see those what they are. Let me hear you I know you find a frog the 3 Scroggs And there you see the 3 frogs of her to you Peter oh. That's good. You can see it through the other 1. I was going to miss thing and what does. A case of this 1 frog do for a 3 progs those are frogs taken you see how. There is a here an hour there camouflaging themselves. This is a little harder to see some creatures do a really good job of hiding themselves can you see this creature and I circled it so you can find em to see if he's a spider. The FIA there his head this is little legs and then it's a part of a body and his other legs are out here other creatures are able to camouflage to mimic other things in their environment this is a walking stick this is a leaf tell gecko from Madagascar and these ones are camouflaging this is the stink bug a walking leaf then there are creatures that just mimic other creatures This is a self American African imper moth and I did was show his wing this is a male they have a pattern a grey dark brown and orange colors on their wings this makes their upper wings look like the black and yellow eyes of an owl Now why would a butterfly want to look like an owl I will lead them through. The guys put it in the villa to to hide themselves so alv leave them alone this is the hock mock them Caterpillar what appears to be the snake's head is actually the caterpillars ale Now those creatures that are camouflaging themselves are trying to fit in so they do not stand out the creatures that are using mimicry are pretending to be something which they are not. This is how it is with some people at 1st glance they appear to be Christians but they only have a form of godliness and are denying the power of the gospel I'm the fairy fees for such people and Matthew $2323.00 of us want to use scribes and Pharisees hypocrites but you pay time at the Mint anise and cumin and have omitted the weightier matters of the Last Judgment mercy and fate these I.E. to have done and not to leave the others under UN and Matthew 2327 to 28 as well went to the scribes and Pharisees hypocrites he said it over and over and over to this generation for ye are like unto Why did cephalic hers which indeed appear beautiful outward but are within full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness even so you all saw outwardly appear right isn't a man but with then you are full of pockets the iniquity the Pharisees look pious but they only gave the parents of being religious they were not religious in their hearts and we can have the same problem oh we have a had knowledge of the Gospel and truth but those truths are not changing us internally. Judas' and desired ages 294 to the disciples were anxious that Judas should become 1 of their numbers he was a commanding appearance a man of keen discernment and executive ability they commanded him to Jesus 1 that would greatly assist them in his work they were surprised that Jesus received them so clearly the savior read the heart of Judas he knew the depths of iniquity to which unless delivered by the grace of God Judas would sink in conducting this man with himself he placed him where he might day by day be brought in contrast with the outflowing of his own unselfishly if he would open his heart to Christ the fine Grace would banish the demon of selfishness and even Judas might become a subject of the Kingdom of God Now we know from the story in the Bible Judas didn't do that he didn't let God change of character and enough hanging himself. Some people like Judas will not allow God to change their hearts instead they will put on a father until the very end Matthew 72123 says not everyone that faith and to me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do is the will of My Father which is in heaven many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in the name and in 1 name have cast out devils and in 1 name done many wonderful work and then will I profess unto them I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity you have closed yourself with a self righteous garment to cover up the deployment of sand but this is not the remedy you know not what to conversion in the old man is not dead in you you have a form of godliness but not the clinching power of God Your case is perilous without the transforming power of God 2nd testimonies page $322.00 a complete change has not taken place this person only mimics what a Christian looks like the caterpillar does not camouflage itself and it does not use in the McCree it goes through a complete change and that's exactly what God wants us to do go through a complete change not Mehmet being a Christian or trying to blend in with Christianity but to be changed not having a form of godliness but going through a transformation of heart soul and mind to put away the works of the flesh some of the works of the flesh or anger wrath malice laps left for me filth become communication line disobedience English and 5921 says of which I tell you before and as I've also told you in times past that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God Instead God wants us to put on the fruit of the Spirit but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith means temperance against such things there is no law elation by. 2223 Christian should not have anything in common with the world we're not to look like the world we're not to act like the real world I beseech you therefore brother and by the mercies of God that she present your body for a living sacrifice holy acceptable under God which is your reasonable service Romans 12 wanted to be not conformed to this world but be transformed and transform actually means Metamorpho because a metamorphosis comes from Metamorpho by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God So how does this transformation our Metamorpho take place and 2nd Corinthians 318 but we all with open face beholding as in the glass the glory of the Lord our change metamorphosed into the fame image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord asked with the whole Jesus by reading the word we will be changed to be like Him Jesus shares with Nikka Demas about the transformation that we must go through to be like him in John 3327 Jesus answered and said On to hand Verily verily I say unto you and to be except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God naked Demas they have done to him How can a man be born when he or canny enter the 2nd time into his mother's womb and be born Jesus answered Verily verily I say unto thee Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God that was just born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit Marvel not that I say unto the he must be born again again John 3327. By looking at the 4 stages of the butterflies life we can see what Jesus meant by you must be born again have a conversion experience a complete change in appearance and characteristics all butterflies have complete metamorphosis to make a change it goes to the 4 stages the 8 the larva the pupa and the adult each state have a Each stage has a different goal for instance the Caterpillar needs to utilize the adults need to reproduce depending on the type A butterfly it cycle may take anywhere from 1 month to a whole year to complete from the caterpillar which spends its whole life eating leaves and crawling on the earth to the beautiful butterfly who feeds on nectar and floors in the Heavens We see the transformation we must go through to be totally comforted to be like Jesus The 1st is the A It is the beginning of a butterfly's life now the life of the butterfly starts off with an egg when the female butterfly lays her eggs everything that the baby butterflies or the larva means is provided with in a the egg is covered by a Korean which is a then tough hard shell that protects the a the egg is lined with the waxy layer that prevents dehydration there is a yolk inside each egg that is full of nutrients to nourish the developing larva this is the yolk. Oh it's at the top of each A is a small pit known as some micro pile and in a few can see can't really fit in this picture of the when she can but it's right there at the very top there's a little hole there and why the egg is developing air and water enters the A through this Michael pile the egg a self this perfect to protect and take care of the larva while it is growing most eggs are tach the plant with a fast drying glue like chemical the female butterfly secretes this clue along with the ache this glue hole of the egg of the leaf in such a way that they cannot be separated without destroying the when I was going to my husband said of the little boy and I would have never done this by guess it's a boy thing he would find butterflies that would be laying eggs and he was going to try to scratch off the A on the leaves but he couldn't get them off and it's because the glue that she places on these eggs to keep it in place within these eggs hold the next generation of butterflies so when the female butterfly start to lay her eggs she takes great care and how and where they will she will lay them she knows that the life of her offspring will depend on where and how she deposits her eggs if the aides are not placed in the right place she will not have offspring she knows the eggs need to be kept warm and must have appropriate moisture they will either rot or dry out for protection the eggs are often laid on the underneath side of the leaves so as not to be visible to predators are to little boys it is essential for the eggs to be laid on the whole plant the plants that soon to be caterpillars will eat for that particular butterfly species now for example them are not butterfly which will be talking a lot in the series on that lay the safe at the bottom of a milk weed plant with if the caterpillar will eat as it develops some butterflies will lay their eggs on flower heads others crevices and tree branches and if you like the growth thought they will a 1000. Of AIG why they fly back out by because their larva actually eat grass so it lays it just drops them so it has food as they start to grow so if there are so many predators at every stage of a butterfly for life the female butterfly leaves many eggs during her short life to ensure that even a small number of her aches will survive some species lay 1 a get a time others lay eggs in small clusters while others lay hundreds at a time the female Mar not butterfly usually leaves 1 single egg on a milkweed plant but she can lay at average of $700.00 AIDS over $2.00 to $5.00 weeks of laying them her eggs the size of a pen had our pencil tip and is often white or yellow characterized by the vertical ridges that go up and down from the tip to the base now other butterflies eggs come in a sort of 5 shapes textures and colors some are brown but others are green 1 a can be moved by another have grooves on its surface the shapes include spirit go there will over all and POD shape that's an interesting 1 isn't it pretty These are some other ones they almost look like the monarch butterfly egg and the fun to clear and that dark that you actually see in this is the larva itself the average time for the embryo to develop is $7.00 to $14.00 days but in instances where the age is in the overwintering stage the embryo may take months to develop just like a plant seed whole of the young embryo plant the butterfly eggs all of the young embryo butterflies and we talked about when talked about the feed itself that's what we were saying the seed in the parent seed is the young plant that's growing and in this but a flight this is still young a that is being developed the butt of life being developed. The quote that we were using for the seed is collage in 65 across upperclass in some far 65 the germination of the seed represents the beginning of spiritual life and the development of the plant is a beautiful figure of the Christian growth the germination of the seed represents the beginning of spiritual life and the development of character education 1 L. 5 Now I know when I was studying this I'm specially after read the quote metamorphosis that God was because of that transformation I went to the life cycle of the butterfly because I know for me Nature really speaks to me and there's lessons that I can learn and that's where this came from when I was asked and God How do I go through this transformation I'm calling myself a Christian but it's very obvious to my family that I'm not we can be a crest Christian to the world but true Christianity really shows in your home and I have to always tell people you want to know if I'm a Christian come to my home and watch because that was best where you'll find out my guards are let down I speak what I feel specially when you don't feel good and so that's the true place to come so for me this was a spiritual experience that I went through to change who I was and what I wanted to be the same allegory can apply to the butterfly A If we are looking at the Christian growth through the seed we can also look at it through the life cycle of a butterfly since God said be transformed. In Luke $811.00 we learn that the seed is the Word of God for the seed equals the Word of God and he replied that same concept in the aid would also be equal the Word of God Now let's look at the spiritual lessons and the aid that we have discovered from a Jew apart and then give you the spiritual lessons and then the next part into spiritual lessons and you'll have all those in front of you too if you want to follow is underneath the eggs and the 1st lesson is the egg is the 1st stage of growth for the butterfly the Word of God is our 1st foundation for spiritual growth and character development aid has everything that is needed for the growth of the butterfly God's word has everything we need in our spiritual growth so if we're lacking in an area I know when I was raising my children of a very impatient mother so I went to the Bible to find out how to be a patient mother and the fact thing is to be patient you have to go through trials to develop patience so I became more impatient before I became patient because sometimes of the trials that develop us with the word have everything in it that we need our Christian experience a has everything that is needed for the growth that the AIG itself produces the larva as it is developing God's word is our protection I mean the egg itself protect the larva developing God's Word of our protection as we develop into this Christian God desires us to be the 8 needed to be placed in a right place plants that would eventually provide food for the larva gods were needs to be the place placed at the top of our priorities where it will provide the food needed for our growth so every morning we need to be coming to the Lord to get this girl to spend time with them because it's going to be what sustains us through our day aches need to be laid in the protected place hid from predators God's word needs to be hidden in our hearts protected right there loss of eggs are laid to ensure a new generation of butterflies God's word needs to be shared to issue a new Jenner. Ration of believers eggs come in different colors size and shape God's word comes to people in many different ways we can study and gain truths we can hear sermons and gain truth literature testimonies these are ways that God brings truth to our hearts to step in stage is the larva are the caterpillar itself is during this stage physicality Eller does all its growing in fact this is just about all they do they're actually eating machines and they take few breaks even for resting a more not butterfly will increase as 53000 times in the 2 weeks from the day and had just until it's ready to puke pates and become a chrysalis 1 slayed the AG is ready to hatch a 4 or 5 days ago I can head of the developing Caterpillar can be seen near the top of the eggs prior to its emergence but right here you can see it very much in this picture but you will be able to see it in the next 1 so there it is he starts wanting to come out so is ready to hatch and is going to not open that AIG with his job soaking eating and eating until it gets a whole large enough for it to start poking out it continues to eat the shell and starts pushing its way through and it pushes his way through and keeps pushing and just keeps coming out until he is completely out and then when he is done he turns around and he starts eating the case the a case of this is his 1st MIL and all the nutrients he needs in order for him to survive he's going to invention we eat the leaves that he's sitting on but he needs nourishment because he's been going to change it took quite a bit of work for him to come out of that shell so he's got to get no more nutrients before he can go on to eat and grow and this is a close up of his little I had eating that shell. Lesson 1 the caterpillar wants to be free there was only 1 way for it to be free and that was eating the top of the shell we want to be free from our sense and the only way to accomplish true freedom is by eating the Word of God and you need shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free so truth equals freedom and John 832 and what is the truth sanctify them through that truth by word is truth truth because freedom and truth ical so I word and therefore the I word equals freedom John 1717 now math teacher said to me this was really interesting I tried to this with all my bible is a 12 B. and B. equal C. than a equal sea ice is a lot of algebra Wyong solving and I offer you the lot of ladders whenever I see a ladder I write the ladder down for growth and I use those a lot so when I see these I get excited but as probably the math coming out of me but even the word is actually what's going to give us freedom less than $213.00 The Caterpillar turned and ate the shell what the word has that up once the word has set up free what less the word has set us free from San we need to grow in our experience with the Lord by continuing to eat God's Word word growth is produced by partaking of food if you don't eat you don't grow we need to be to feed upon the word always if we want to continue growing spiritually. By words were found and I did eat them and the word was sent to me the joy rejoicing of my heart for I am called by the name of Lord of host John 1717 man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Matthew 44 I am the bread of life this is the bread which cometh down from heaven then a man may eat there and not die John 648-5051 I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any man eat up this bread he shall live forever and the bread that I will give is my flesh which I will give for the life of the world so Jesus is the bread of life that we must eat in order to grow after eating the shell the caterpillar started to eat the leaf in which the mother butterfly laid her aches she knew the appropriate host plant which would be food for the newly she know of the propre upholds plan plant which would be food for this Caterpillar for them are not is actually a milkweed that she lays her eggs on so it could eat this and this Caterpillar is not harmed by milk weed which is poisonous to most other plants but for taking of the poison it becomes the protection for the caterpillar against as in a me because the poison remains in their bodies forever it stays in their orange and black wings as a reminder to predators that they taste better the 1st time a bird taste a more knock it will spit it out because it tastes like milk wait and it will never go there again there is a caterpillar that mimics some more not he's known as the Viceroy butterfly and he knows he's almost looks like him is a little different he's the same color because he knows a predator the going to leave him alone because they leave the monarch along. Even though the milkweed if not poisonous to them the 1st bite can be a very dangerous 1 because the milkweed they tax can act like glue so some callup tellers die from the very 1st mill because the mouth comes up if it survives the caterpillar will take a break to shatter a mold skin now more narcs are insects and like all insects they have to shed their exoskeleton and grow a new larger 1 several times as they get bigger a more not Caterpillar Shaz F X X O a skeleton 5 times a go through 5 in stars the in stars is the stage between them all when the caterpillar emerges from it's a that's his 1st in Star caterpillar when it shares S X X O skeletons for the 1st time it becomes the 2nd in Star Caterpillar now the head capsule is the 1st part of the old skin to come off during the molten process then the old skin peeled back to the front of the caterpillar a 1st the new skin is very soft and provides little support for protection this new skin suit hardens and moles itself to the Caterpillar and the shed skin is often before the caterpillar ingest more plant food. Now these are the 5 stages of the more not butterfly this is actually stage 1 right here which is just the egg the larva itself this 1 is stage 2 and in stage 2 the colors combinations start coming out in the system or not so here yellow white and black in stage 3 he starts getting more of colors are defined and his antennas start growing and Stage 4 is when a lot of growth will start taking place the caterpillar starts growing his little legs which are called for legs right here start growing those have been tennis grow his colors are still getting brighter and he starts eating he can eat a whole leaf in under an hour and so the so they've eaten grow even grow and then we have a fist stage which is right before he goes into being a butterfly that entire law will stage in the more not less from 9 to 14 days under normal summer temperatures less than 3 eating the milkweed protected the caterpillars when we were take our meat of the Word of God It becomes a protection against Satan and his hosts are in the main lesson for when the caterpillar eats and grows and sheds off its can each time it looks different that is what happens when we study God's Word we learn new things we realize that are all sinful traits of character and need to be laid off Hebrews $121.00 let us lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily be set us now the head capsule is the 1st part to come off when we're studying its head knowledge that we receive and we walk in that knowledge we start to look different our outward appearance is changed our diet our dress our music entertainment all those may be taking on a change every time we eat God's Word we grow in that new light and shed our old sins. The next 1 the 3rd stage is the pupil of the chrysalis Now this is actually a time of change the pupa stage of the butterfly life cycle is a time for complete change but have to go through this and there's a time trigger built into a caterpillar that tells him that he needs to make a change and the trigger is actually a chemical called a juvenile hormone and it's in their body and it's made by their brain if the caterpillar sheds its skin and that juvenile hormone is really high the caterpillar know that it needs to go through the next Caterpillar stage so if it's in stage 2 it moves to stage 3 this is stage 3 emotive stage 4 however when that juvenile hormone is very low the caterpillar knows that it's time now to go into metamorphosis it's going to make its final change the hormone change happens 5 different times when this happens the fully grown Caterpillar quits beating and he starts to find a suitable place to make its chrysalis since a chrysalis will be immobile it is important that the caterpillar finds a place where it's chrysalis will be camouflaged in its environment and usually goes. To a twig or other safe area around their host plant the spice bush follow tell Caterpillar his chrysalis will take on a brown or green color depending on the color them Vironment a minute chrysalis are leaf shapes are varying colors from yellow brown green silver or gold some have the ability to wiggle and make a hissing sound in order to frighten predators so if you've ever raised Warnock's you can get into that thing if you move a little stick by them to his statue so they know to leave them alone left and 1 a chemical hormone produced in the brain of the calico triggers that to make a physical change each person that has studied God's word has been receiving had knowledge as you remember each time new knowledge is learned a person gets rid of things in his or her life that are not in harmony with Jesus after a while the person realizes that a change needs to take place the Holy Spirit has been impressing the person to get his or her heart to Jesus to make a complete surrender to hum less than 2 caterpillars find a place to make this change usually by the host plant new believers will seek a suitable place become the Body of Christ and it's usually where they 1st learned about the Lord so if you're the 1 that taught them about Christ they're going to want to go where you go because they you have brought the message to them so they want to go where it's safe and they believe in your message so they want to go to your church 10 to 12 hours before shouting is again for the 5th and last time the morning butterfly spends a Selke which it will use to encourage self-love going through the transition stage the self comes from the spinner at the bottom of the head typically located at their lower level silk generated as a liquid in the saliva glands and acts greeted through the spinner red as it makes contact with the air it turns into us solid silk strands so. Look is 1 of the strongest natural fibers is that pound for pound and its even stronger than still and you can see it had right here and underneath his lip is where he's putting that soak tad out now swallow tells anchor themselves to the stem by the SO button which is right down here but they also make another wonderful cord that holds them right here as well so they get to incur lines here in the here and it's called a girl and the reason why they're going to have to linger lines is sometimes this 1 May not hold them the bottom tell 1 might not hold them so if they make this 1 even if the bottom comes apart or detach just from the stem the chrysalis will still be OK and the string remains even the caterpillar if you paid into a chrysalis so you can see it this is the same Caterpillar the still see it in the chrysalis So it remains until he comes out of there them are not butterfly only uses the silk button to attach itself to the stem or vine when it is ready to grasp the silk button with the last pro leagues and hang upside down when it's ready it will do that and they actually form this nice day and it's called Hanging in Jay I think that's phony hanging and j so before it makes a change it has to hang out in J. and it hangs here for about 18 hours and this position this is resting stage is ready to go through his last change that he's going to make. Less than 3 caterpillars make a fuck button and a cell cord silk of 1 of the strongest natural fibers faith is the strongest gift that we have it move mountains if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed we shove faith into this mountain remove hints too young to place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you Matthew 1720 to $21.00 it gives us victory this is the victory to overcome the world even our faith 1 John 54 we help securely to Christ by the course of study now it's really interesting the butterfly new that needed to build the court so God has put all these internal things inside its little being so it needs to go through these and it knows that no matter what happens that cord is going to be strong enough to hold it through the major process that it's going to go through a lesson for it's been attaches itself to the vine using the silk button and the silk cord Jesus as the vine 1st John $54.00 we attach ourselves to Christ the vine by faith less than 5 months fasten it turns upside down and bows making the J.A. if we continue to grow in our head knowledge we start building a relationship with Jesus the more we learn of Him the more we want to spend time with him and the more who want to be like Him the more we would be hold his character the more sinful we see ourselves and the more humble we become. Now we realize that we cannot change our hearts the only solution is to let Jesus changes so we bow our heads and we surrender to Him to him military is evident that we behold God and that we are new union with Jesus Christ the more they see of the character of Christ the more humble they become and the lower their steam of that self self is lost sight of the view in her own made 119 $187.00 lesson just like the caterpillar cannot make a change and till it hangs in the Jay We cannot make an internal change until we bow and surrender to Jay our Jesus after hanging Jay the caterpillar is now ready for the next step well being held by the still button to the fine it is time for the caterpillar to shed its all skin and reveal the new skin hanging upside down the skins left behind the caterpillars had eyes you can start seeing this slit go off for a feast you start splitting his head the skin looks fine the caterpillars had a new story so wiggle out from the old skins and have to hold on to the silk button lifeless flipping the rest of its skin off and this is a little harder to see but it's right back there it was a silk attached it continues to wiggle itself out of the old skin to expose a tough new skin this can hardens almost immediately to form a chrysalis chrysalis which protects the developing butterfly at this point it's not quite a caterpillar and it's not quite a chrysalis less than 6 the caterpillar sheds the old inputs on the new 1 holding on to the vine while holding tight to Christ the old man is put away and the new man is born. But now he also put off all the anger wrath malice laugh about blasphemy filthy communication out of your mouth lie not 1 to another being that you have put off the old man with the deeds and have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him kolache and $310310.00. I get that when my questions 3 through him. That you put off concerning the form of conversation the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful left and be removed in the mind that in the spirit of your mind and that you put on the new man which after God is created in right isness and true holiness Philippians 422224 less than 7 the skin hardens almost immediately to form a chrysalis which protects the developing butterfly put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil Philippians $611.00 less than 8 at this point is not quite a caterpillar and it's not quite a chrysalis Paul expresses the same problem in Romans 7 Now here's 3 reference and patients of a person unconverted he's the 1 on the site he's an cumbered if you have the mind service then the flesh serves then it's because it's all manifest and it's living in him and he's actually in bondage and then we have the 1 on the far right with the Heart Knowledge percent now he has the mind he wants to serve the Law of God and the flesh serve the Law God and it's because now we have a new man of righteousness in him and he's actually set free from San this is the place that I found myself with had knowledge I knew my mind wanted to do what was right but my flesh would do things I didn't want in speakers that all manner of sin was very much alive and that's what the callup hello was feeling he had not yet had this total transformation and he wasn't totally a caterpillar he was sitting right here and I have said to say for about 7 years of my Christian experience I was sitting right here I did not know how to make those changes and it was actually studying this that I realized what I was missing I had to be in God's Word I had to be studying and I had to have gone start talking to my heart so that when I felt the flesh pulling on me I knew what I needed to do I need to turn immediately with God's Word to eat it to claim it to hide it in my heart to take care of the old man of San. Now in Romans 714 a feud 21022223 explains what this all man is for we know that the law is spiritual but I'm carnal sold understand for I know that in me that is in my flesh the well it's no good thing for to do is to do it for to will is present with me but how to be formed that which is good I find not for the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not that is what I do for I delight in the law of God after the inward man but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind bring me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members no Christian is comfortable in this state because we just had knowledge of Christian we just speaking Christianity but there has not been a change that has actually taken place in our hearts now some or not wiggles and pushes his act so exoskeleton towards the last pro legs whereas holding on to the self button in must as execute a very tricky feat of feet a few minutes later the skin is near the top and that's what you feel right here is all the black assists can heave at the top the more NOT must pull a small dick like a printed call of a cream after out from that wad of scan and drive it into the silk button for he's right here and you can see it here on some of the pictures that will show you what he's got to pull it out of here before this piece falls off and get that cream master in stick it in just a button at the count teller does not grasp the silk pad with a scream after if Alta death is exoskeleton it's very soft and pliable at this point and it's not sturdy enough to withstand the impact with a hard surface the tip of the cream after is made from many hooks for there's hooks on here and if the chrysalis is turning and twisting and turning into a thing with the motion his hook the going stronger and stronger into that cell Pad since the butterfly will hold on to the screen master until it emerges as an adult and have to make sure it's firmly attached to the vine. So the butt of all of it such that buying so nothing can keep it from falling as it goes through its final stage and here's a close up picture of it to see those hooks at the top this is the cream master and the cream after only starts appearing when the skin has gone all the way up and then you will start seeing the cream after and so the hooks are right there is a close to 1 of the hooks and it's twisting into that silk Pat to hold it in place the gyration that drives the cream master into the silk button is also causes that exoskeleton to fall away so not only is it securing itself but the rest of the death Caterpillar is now gone so all that's left is the chrysalis lesson 1 that Caterpillar gyrate to get rid of the old skin and grabs hold of the silk to stay connected to the vine we are to completely die to the old man he should be forever gone that we hold tight to Christ less than 10 the chrysalis Russel's twists and turns to make sure it securely fastened to the silk pad with the cream master so it will not fall during the final stages as Christians we have to do whatever it takes to hold Christ close to us we may need to wrestle just like Jacob did. We may learn precious lessons in the Christian experience by study of Jacob's repentance and his wrestling with the angel Jacob knew his peril he knew that without the protection of God he would be helpless before his enemy he did all in his power to Tone Press past transgressions and then in humiliation repentance pleaded for divine protection with cries in tears he made a supplication of God and when the strong hand of the angel was laid upon him he ruffled all the energy wrestled with all the energy of his being Jacob put forth all his strength and supposing that he was wrestling with a lawless opponent but when the Lord put his finger with the divine touch upon jack up the wrestling ceased when Jacob knew that it was the Lord he fell upon his neck of the angel and held him pleading blasphemy even in me when the angel said let me go for the daybreak at Jacob's that I will not let to go except that Bless me then his name was changed to correspond to the change in his character for the angel that by name shall be called No More jack ups a planter but Israel for as the princes that have power with God and with men and have to build reviewing Harrell March 28th 1909 paragraph. 1 of the all skin is gone which what is left of the new chrysalis and it still doesn't look much like the chrysalis the wing area the broad smooth part at the bottom I hear the 6 wings and then the head part right here is his abdomen that's starting to develop all the process of complete metamorphosis looks like for very distinct stages continuous change occur actually occurs within the larva the wings and other adult organs develop some tiny clusters of cells already present in the larva and by the time the larva a paid the major changes to the dulled form have already begun doing the pupil stage to transfer mission will be complete. The pupa are the chrysalis a soft and delicate but it's in about an hour the shell hardens to protect the growing butterfly within is beautiful shade of green is helped to disguise it from product stirs while going through the metamorphosis change the insect body basically is liquefied by digestive fluids some people believe that at this point the more not is really nothing it's just a lot of loose soup and if you actually open up the food open it apart you will see that it's just a lot of glue but it actually has in it the beating heart the respiratory system the merging wings and senses in the eggs so even that looks like a green mass is not has all the genes in there that it needs to form into the butterfly itself and other words in this watery state cells are changing relocating old no longer needed Caterpillar pipes must be reabsorbed and the Butterfly parts must be complete for example the mouth changes from that Caterpillar needed to choose milkweed leaves into a straw like tongue that the butterfly will need to step nectar and for this new creature is actually being developed and you can see the wing color coming through right down at the bottom and this is the 1 that's the Swallow tell his chrysalis lesson 11 the caterpillar body turns into a watery Goo never to be a caterpillar gun now new parts are developing to make a new creature in order for us to be new in Christ and must go through the watery grave of baptism testifying that we desire to put off the old man in the grave and never to rise again Jesus told nikka demons that he must be born again Verily verily I say unto you except a man be born of water he cannot see the kingdom of God John 35 Baptism is the beginning of our transformation of the Christian into a new birth. Lesson 12 a new creature is being created 2nd Corinthians 517 therefore of any man being Christ is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new 2nd Corinthians 517 those who claim to be Christ's followers pledged themselves to obedience at the time of the baptism when they go down into the water into the water they place themselves in the presence of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost but they will henceforth be dead and the world of this temptation and that they will rise in the watery grave to walk in life even the life of obedience to God's requirements Volume 2 sermons and talks to page 228 now the person is no longer between the earthly and they haven't really having the mind to serve God. Mind for God and the flesh that serve God he's able to now because now he is a new creature as you look at the Heart Knowledge person he she serves God with the mind of flesh because the old man is gone and the new man of right business is living in the heart and he's a new creature you know I took heart to this when I was going through my Christian experience as a young mother because I was so impatient with my children that I know once I surrendered the Lord I had to remember I gave myself to Christ that if I choose to pick up the old man a felf that is choice but it does not hold me anymore does not bind me there I have become a new creature and so therefore I can submit to Lord and I don't know how many times I said OK I don't look like it but I nominate creature by faith I'm going to walk forward being this new creature because you feed me I don't I'm not sinning between limbo anymore I have made that choice and my prayer used to be just show me where the old man is raising his head because I know he comes up in the Lord gave me that illustration of a gopher and there's a actually I again when we were young I don't know if it was out now but there would be a gopher that pops up in a hole you had to take a mallet and hit him down and listen to him down he'd pop up in another air and you hear him down in the pup again and I had to tell the Lord that's what it's like when I get 1 down he pops up someplace else I need you to start showing me what's causing him to pop up the something obvious in my life I'm holding onto that gives Satan grounds to show his ugly face to me because he died I laid that all Manison in the grave and I choose not to lift him up and the last I take me through the process of how to constantly lay that only Aniston in the grades. The monarch will be a chrysalis for about 10 days longer if it's cooler shorter if it's hotter right before the butterfly emerges you can see many different body parts on the pupil and this one's really coming through clear you see the wings taking place on this land very pretty this is not of my not butterfly very pretty you can see if abdomen so the several place things that you can see his legs and Tana and it will take about 2 weeks before he actually emerges if the temperatures are correct after day before the adult butterfly emerges the chrysalis becomes transparent and this is a more not more an ark so you can see his wings their orange and black. Finally the beautiful butterfly is ready to come out it starts pumping fluid from his abdomen and had his upper body causing the chrysalis to flip and make a small hole now the hole is really too small for the butterfly so it has to exert a lot of work to push and struggle out so as he pushes the struggle of the liquid goes into his wings and pumps his wings out there's a story about a man who is watching these butterflies coming out and he felt sorry for this crystal of the fighting so hard to get out he decided to help it he took a pair of scissors and he actually cut the chrysalis opened so he could help the butterfly come out and it did help them but the butterfly just fell out on the ground and his body was really fat and the wings were really skinny and he waited to see what was happening and the Butterfly ended up dying it was the struggle that he had to go through he had to pour all those fluids into his body in order to live and so he's still coming out here so still pushing him pushing and then he'll crawl out and see there he's all crumpled up his wings aren't full yet and his body is really fat and he's really soft and tiny and his wings are wet so he just sits here for a while and he just clings to the shell along with his allowing his crumple crumpled wings to hang downward and as he's doing they're digging Fuller the liquid coming out of his body and it's filling up those shelves and he just waits and he waits also he's exhausted he has just gone through a major trial so he's really tired and I don't know about you but when I go through major trials in my experience of the Lord I'm tired you know because usually I don't know about you I don't know we surrender right away I fight and I think I don't want to do that I don't want to I have a right to be upset right now I have a right to be mad and I hold on to it and the more I hold on to it the battle gets more intense when I just surrender in the battle of the. And I can go on but I'm not 1 for always disarray enduring really easy I'm learning more by going in the hospital they're all out of must have a good purpose for this not sure whether this is what is going to be something good out of this so I just have to wait on the Lord and spend time with them by hanging there the butterfly pumps body fluids call him a lamp into the wings to make them grow big and strong and as you can tell the wings are growing the body's getting less getting skinnier now the once crumpling start to take shape as they fill with the liquid the wings must be filled quickly are they will harden before they reach the full size if they harden before the wings are developed the butterfly won't be able to fly and it dies the butterfly continues to cling to the shell until its wings are strong and the sun has dried them out it will attempt to fly it will not attempt to fly until it's ready in a couple of hours the butterfly wings a dried and hardened to their correct shape and now they are no longer bound to the earth by a body of flesh and the Butterfly takes to the heavens on the wings of the wind and search for its 1st male less than 13 butterfly is transparent we have Christian should be transparent what people see is what we should be everything that Christians do should be as transparent as the sunlight truth is that God Truth is of God defection in every 1 of its myriad forms is a faith and we cannot speak the truth unless our minds are continually guided by him who is truth sons and daughters of God 64. Lesson 14 butterfly struggle to get out to be free the caterpillar has to put forth an effort for us to experience eternal life we need to exercise our faith without works even so faith if it has not worked is Dad being alone James 217 works are definitely important if we would enter heaven we must make personal efforts to be there I pressed the words the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus Philippians 314 look 1324 Strive to enter at the street gate I sounds like a work not just something going to come easy lesson 15 after struggling to immerse the butterfly rest clinging to a shelf new born Christians will face many trials without these trials we would never develop the character of God desires of staff trials of God as a way of preparing us for heaven during the trials in this claim to Jesus and rest in His love lesson 16 but if life path fluid into their wings to help them grow big and strong after our baptism we need to be spending time in God's Word in prayer to help us continue to grow into the Christian God wants us to be. But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2nd Peter 318 lesson 17 wings need to be filled quickly is but if life is to let the butterfly have to live and fly as we are studying and receiving light we need to walk in the light immediately lest it become darkness to us or house of Jake upcoming me and let us walk in the light of our Lord Isaiah to 5 then big Jesus again to them saying I am the light of the world he that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Light John 8 well but if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship 1 with another and the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanse us from all sin John 117 lesson 18 the butterfly waits in the sun until strong enough to fly we need to wait on Jesus the Son of righteousness to direct our path where I am the Lord be of good courage and he shall strengthen my heart wait I say on the Lord but they that wait upon the Lord shall we knew their stream the show mouth up with the wings of the Eagles they shall run and not be weary they shall walk in the night not being I see a 4031. The last stage is the dull stage this is the final stage when the but butterfly completes of metamorphosis cycle it perfectly respects the image of its parent a male and female Mar not can be distinguished very easily males have black spots on their veins and on each hind wing is not present in the female police black spots right here identify the male these sponsors are made of specialized skills which produce a chemical used during courtship in many species of butterflies in Moscow although such a chemical does not seem to be that Porton to them or not but if like during its courtship the ends of the abdomens are also shaped differently in the male and female the female often looks darker than the male and have wider beings on their wings the primary jar job of the adult is to reproduce to mate in lay eggs and it will go through Fika of 16 hours to mate and then females begin laying their eggs immediately afterwards. Each year the final generation or more not adults that emerge in the late summer early fall have an additional job they migrate to the overwintering grounds either in central Mexico from Eastern or not for eastern monarchs are in California for Western monarchs here they spend the winter clustering in trees until the weather and temperature conditions allow them to return to the breeding grounds these adults can live up to 9 months from a Fed and I've never been there they said that's an amazing place to go to see all these my next and they always know the place to go to rest there until it's time to go back and finish up their cycle the monarch butterfly migrate for 2 reasons they cannot withstand freezing weather in the northern and central continents climates in the winter off all the larval food plants do not grow in the winter overwintering sites so the spring generation must fly back north to places where the plants are plentiful the migration of a long journey it takes about 3000 miles for them to go here specially the 1 in Mexico the journey is hard and many die along the way who guides them on the way researchers believe the insects have an inbuilt biological compass that allows them to sense the direction of the Earth's magnetic field and we know that it's the Lord that guides them in February March the final generation is hibernating of hibernating why not butterflies come out of hibernation and find a mate and then they migrate north and east in order to find a place to lay their eggs again but the process starts all over again creating the next generation of butterflies less than 1 the butterfly perfectly reflects the image of a parent the ultimate goal for us as Christians is to perfectly reflect on his character. But we also with open face beholding as an eye glass the glory of the Lord are changed to the same image from glory to glory even if by the spirit of the Lord 2nd Corinthians 318 beloved Now are we the son from Sons of God and it does not yet appear what we shall see but we know that when he shall appear he shall be like we shall be like him for he for we shall see him as he is 1st and these 2 that said to the primary job of adult stage is to reproduce as Christians our goal should be to make more disciples for Jesus God gives us a commission freely we have received freely give Matthew 18 Go ye therefore in teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the sun and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even until the end of the world Amen Matthew 281220 the change begins in our home children should see us as Christians we should set that example and if you spend time daily with Jesus people will technologist you've been with him you will be a new person the old irritable impatient self will be gone and Christ will shine out through your life the transformation is complete and others will desire it for themselves less than 3 more not have an internal compass that directs them where to go God speaks to our hearts leading us and the ears shall hear a word behind the saying This is the way 1 unit when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left $3021.00 so the a conclusion God wants us to go through a metamorphosis change a total conversion from our birth our sinful nature is only desirous that the self when we realize we cannot change ourselves we need to turn to Jesus to start reading us where do we start understanding that there are areas of our life that are not in harmony with God's Word we have a head knowledge we start sharing the old habits and characteristics making an outward change. In our dress diet entertainment except when we realize that we need more we need a complete surrender to Jesus We want a hard experience we hang our has and heavenly summit to our Jesus we enter into a watery grave an emerging new creature in Christ with the love in our hearts and commitment to serve Him we are now ready for for the heavens and share his love and mercy with others. Can like to share before we close and I don't have these last 2 slides in here that nature actually gives us an opportunity to find spiritual spiritual truths the futon that earlier the light 1 that we share and the plants that we shared came from our own studies our girls were like 12 and 13 when they start doing this studies and if young kids can do it anyone can do it the stars was actually already done gone to the stars he put those up in the sky for us so that the plan of salvation would be seen every year the butterfly this isn't the only truth but you can find some butterflies you probably can find other things but the thing is to use nature to teach our children I mean we 1st started this every Friday we had what we called a nature walk it was a time to get our children out with time with God and they brought a little notebook with them and I'll show you we had a backpack that they always carry but they had a notebook with them and they were to go look for these lessons and I remember the 1st time I sent the children out on him was quite young and I just kept a Lord please give her a lesson please give her a lesson I don't know why I doubt it so much as if you could do that but I kept praying just give her something and asked if you would come up with something she was older but I didn't know about him and we as he was walking she found this glop of dirt and had graph in it and she picked it up and there was a leaf damage to say that was green and was going straight up and then it had a brown 1 that was going off to the side and it was dead and she said Mom this is like our Christian experience if we stay close to Jesus we're going to grow in the am and we're going to keep growing and it's even getting ready to put out a flower but if we start looking to the world and we start putting our mind that way we're going to become like Cam and I thought oh well that was pretty profound really good and then the next time we went out her cat was following her and Asia was her name and she said mom I just realized the cast and following me all day to day that my influence influence people if I have a wrong character I'm an influence those around me and people follow me if I need to make sure my characters correct for the. And so they were learning these lessons and that I went to every Friday with a time just to be in nature for them to find God's answers and I also used it in chemistry which I didn't do once but I did on relationships in the. In chemistry the bonding ionic bonding in covalent bond ing because I knew if I caught it early when they got to that stage in their relationship with a star like in boys we've already caught the lesson I could go back to the spiritual lesson So nature is a way to speak I actually had a mother that went through 1 of my talks and she had got a child with being so panicked It was a little girl thing fell that she took a wet sheet and Lord what I do and she said I think you need to make the child a coon So she took a wet sheet and she told the little child I'm a wrap you up into a cocoon because right now you need an old self and it needs to die from a wrap you in this cocoon and you're going to stay there until you spend time with Jesus and when you're very open up the cocoon and you're going to come out of a beautiful butterfly now you have to make the change because I can't make it for you I will pray that you who's going to change your heart but that's gonna make that change for the mom prayed and the little girls that I'm ready for after she unfold the logo just went around the house flying like this but our whole character changed so the whole thing is to use nature if you can't get across spiritual things we're able to do those through the word so in a nature walk we always pick up an object observe it we would draw it right out of spiritual lessons from that and if there is that something that would represent Jesus because that's what I wanted why look for scripture verse to go with the object and how can you apply that lesson to their life so that we do this every Friday this was our devotion time on Friday. If 1 of these are the things that we care if you buy a pond I always had a net so you could collect water I always had a microscope at my house so we could look at things under there so I had small backpacks a pocket Bible magnifying glass tweezers journals pencils color pencils buckets from all fields nature books plants on plants flowers birds and trees and if you went to auntie's class at all sheesh demonstrated some books that you could get at the A.B.C. that will talk about all the birds the Bible our plants the Bible so there's a lot of books out there that can help you the 1 character sketches that the picture of those appear the 3 volumes that those have a lot and you always have the Holy Spirit that's what we use and 1 day we were walking we cornered this lizard in future and it was running so we went got wire so we could corner it and then we took pictures we do it we came back and searched for it with colic collared lizard they in Arizona and if have don't corner them they bite when touch and discarded the surrogate fitters of it when they were little we collected grasshoppers and you know you could tell the difference between a boy and a girl grasshopper So we've got grasshoppers we charted how many were boys and how many were girls and we plotted on a graph that's how I did my math without nature so you can do a lot of things with nature to teach and for God is really good when he teaches us and I'm fab afternoons if you're not getting out in nature a stab at the afternoon is a good time we did nature dire am a fool would actually do a Bible study with nature and then we would go to each other's dire Rameau what they make and how to figure out the Bible study and I remember years later we did a bunch of these in Tennessee and we had left the area and we came back and went on that trail and when I die around us was still there and I thought I want to what people thought I was actually Jericho where we had we made little people what these little Baltic a stick to had then made us a head you could stick sticks in and then we had string and with a string we used leaves and had rocks catch them and we were showing them building the tower and so they had these little string them for all these low. Heads are sticking out with rocks at the end of the tower with growing that there aren't ever been by where by the what in the world would they making you know. Their dire end of a really gets above their way yes. It is really good I'm going to show you 1 and then we're going to close because it's time and I'm and you can take any lesson I'll let you guys get the lesson there are 3 of these. We did this I'm not going to be what I used apology decide. To look like a kid there is a Venus flytrap and he is a lot of red right here you know why he's blood red because he looks like dead meat and they drop life and he's a business like dress so he wants a rough life it's got these little hairs on here and when a fly lands on it it tickles on those hairs and as it tickles on those hairs than it will shut and digest him for that 1 there's us a lot to plant he kind of looks like this and I have a a trough here and this is all of glue but it's real pretty it looks like nectar and just looks really good for the little fly will just buzz in here and he goes to this and he will get in here he needs to meet the needs of our compound and then he tries to get out and because this is going and sticky he can't get his feet out and he ends up dying in there and this is another 1 this is called Picture plant and this is always fun to draw right here there is water down here and there is a as you saw the plant yesterday remember how we had the landing pad for the plants nowhere to come there seeing the infected seeing this and ultraviolet light but this is actually a low a gear a like a landing strip so the little like comes any fees that's landing strip and he thinks Oh good there's food and then he sees these little membranes back here and in that acute drawing is of being a little monster So here he sees those and he's as well as OK I'm going to go in and I'm going to get the nectar connectors right inside he's going to go in and gets of nectar and then when he's done he tries to fly out the membranes but he can't get out so he flies and he tries another 1 and tries another 1 and finally he just goes right down here in this liquid and he dies they say if you're on the desert and you really need to survive you can drink the water I don't think I would but the effect that maybe you can drink of water also if he comes in here and he gets on these little hairs they are actually turned this way and so he just slides right down to his death are develop a hairs on this side that if he goes over here he'll slide down to his death now if you want to teach a spiritual lesson to your children what would you use teaching these. Traps the trap of the enemy we happen to use diet because our girls want to think that when healthy for them so we use these to teach him why have good the things and why it's not the devil have a trap for you we have a whole presentation on spiders and how they're different traps and so you can take any lesson that you want to teach your children turn it into something spiritual and from nature and believe me the lessons stick and that's why we have Christ object lessons and if you haven't read that book go back and read it again because the purpose of that is so that when they were gone when the Lord of these people would walk by the things that he was teaching they would remember the spiritual lesson and that's why they want to bring him to nature so they remember the spiritual us and they have I have been part of the prayer. The. The. Loving Father in heaven thank you so much for the illustration of the butterfly a transformation metamorphosis the old man as soon die as goes into a watery grave and comes out newness of life the life of Jesus not prove that each of us in every walk of on lines will reflect the character of the 40 character of Jesus to the world. So that people will have a desire to become Jews. Sms Russian. Jews. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W W W audio verse or.


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