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Session 2: God's Will - Your Spouse

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area




  • October 10, 2009
    3:00 PM
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however in the father had a question from the last seminar for any questions that you might have the light for those you and you there was a question for my failure no I didn't have what I think you can ask me a question I didn't get a chance to do any lesson answer but I normally like to do during break yes okay personal question and you so the question is how do you relate to money right and here's a very simple answer to that question Jesus had two men in encounter the rich young ruler and Zacchaeus now who is rich they were about they were both ribs right to care for the fact that he was the chief of all so they were both rich now interestingly enough what did Jesus say to the rich I really had to do to be saved sell everything you have and what give to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven and come take up the cross and follow me now Zacchaeus in Luke nineteen says that Jesus behold for the half of my goods I give to the poor and if I have robbed anyone by false accusation I restored him what for full knowledge user you want to hear you got a seller if you say that why not because it wasn't his issue and that Jesus Re: had one or are whether written well you know that unless he surrendered at all even thinking that little will destroy his soul were told as Iron Age as they are presented the only requirements that would save his soul the only requirements as a result and I was accused right Jesus knew the GRE has accused his heart so he didn't have to surrender also as long as God has your heart you would still be a wealthy man right Abraham was wealthy enough Solomon Doctor David was wealthy Zacchaeus was still well be probably happy away half right half of a lot of I still live in but the thing is to have your heart will be using your money for right I think I told you guys already I don't work just for the sake of making much money as I working to ten days a month right eight hour shifts and the reason I do that as I dedicate a week to do things just like this to go to Zambia and medical mission work to do a series of health questions in Sacramento New England prayer at my locality those are some of things that have coming up and that is because our lives are not just our jobs right there also are stopped in our ministry and that this will get started I want to say first of all this is actually my favorite of the three topics an entire seminar on relationships is actually six hours and if you want all the quotes and all the stuff the studies the Bible 's verbosity text just e-mail me at .in a Gmail DOC GIM Gmail and I'll send you everything because this is just a one hour and what I'll be focusing in on these the things that we brought out in the last seminar they apply to this as well but the one thing I want to zero in on is when it is dangerous to pray woo hoo when she do not read I is there a time yes there is and will find out here's kind of a thought process aware device can harm you know we talked about advice about a job this is about a spouse made organic vineyard sites and for myself I can tell you upfront I usually get about three people say oh your Singleton is this the perfect woman for you that happens like using three grams in different places I know it's crazy but the reason why it's dangerous is that people are biased bias means they are thinking about who then sell for the person or recommending unnecessarily you want Discovery Channel they want to venom ER in our sunglasses was one of my professors at Loma Linda and he has a short agreement and the artifacts I recorded a section of the Gila monster fight that he caught the person on heart attack and I remember one Hussein's being absolutely brilliant he is a guy from Texas he got his acceptances Tim when you're not people don't tell you to do the wrong thing to do the right thing because here the patient advocate of the things the wrong way no positions and it's how you do the wrong thing but then I had a little baby twenty seven days old with a fever and what was supposed to do his doctors is that it back will you have anything meningitis pneumonia sepsis in the blood they can be dead in our I look fine on initial presentation so I had my resident who was working with me who is as a physician in training right and you said it so I realize what you know what to do is I need Rob T of antibiotics below spinal tap an admitted child is absolutely so she called the pediatrician to accept the patient and the pediatricians is old ones used in some lab tests are okay send it home that the right thing to do he only located over me now why do I want to tell my residence at him all over the following so he is aware that sometimes the patient dies whose fault is it and he never saw the patient of all old one I envy people do the same thing when the recommending a spouse it's called matchmaking roulette him to and why do they do that live people recommend others that are not sit from the page why do they do not exactly Hebrews twelve for the a and in this passage today is our relatives even for they were a few days chastened us after their own pleasure that he was he God for our profit that he might be partakers of his holiness and see what happens people settling this person girl for you but like there needs with their cousin with her daughter or granddaughter subordinate bias towards they are not looking out for you I know all you try it's very rare for someone to know both parties well and also be objective because of that related to one of the parties with ANSI is of course right but here were saying that God chastens and corrects us for our profit and the Lord commanded us to do all these things to fear the Lord our God for whose good for art and how often are his motives outweigh always not how many friends do you have who have fully unselfish motives when they give you advice every single time there is not one like the lowly Jesus accepted this girl sitting up in front feeding is pointed her out him and but I can tell you I've had people there well-meaning but don't get me wrong they don't intend for come across as women don't give you advice I was speaking at a news conference a big one and I have to not say because you may know this verse is that the careful and I was there showing the picture my girlfriend everyone it was a young People's conference or people in their late teens early twenties and call to go home she's cute whatever and I have the person to me and look over the picture and say no you need to be with one your own time will him to now I said to her will world when he is an NFL I think no know which kind you talk about biracial multiple don't know that I'm half German Chinese where he sleeps with him so I might in German there is no American and Native American girl will so that there's really anything we organized a localized woman you can do missionary work together and I look at my picture is a popular Caucasian Roman as one can get mission went when a white girl I didn't say anything I decided to live in the smile because again they had a big part for areas in Asia and they felt like since I was obviously Asian that I should want to marry someone who is my kind and go to minister serving you well people always understand right they were thinking of a botanist because they have such a heart for the mission field they even hold me to know that my last day 's receiver is a hands-on manager we talked about people recommending their relatives to you can be very dangerous because many times the reason they're trying to recommend this person is that persons have a hard time getting relationships in life and it's your own the last thing it wasn't true and with that oftentimes comes back in and you know what I was on my own authority to have three or four more carry-ons and my favorite is not a fake on my Korean friends because I love the green church in fact even though I'm not three I've always been invited to teach Sabbath school the church is covalent immunoassay all I is him and they say that after they lie not in the doctrine is I think there's a little fire him now that there is a bias towards education and money yeah there is an you got a merry green but I've seen them willing to then download willing men in fact one of my well-meaning grandmothers she followed me in a potluck line writing down her daughter 's cell phone number and giving it to me someone just wanted just to practice leader to you all why was she going to that you can bring her know God needs to bring her right and know I can do any missionary matchmaking I'm more than happy to come to a week of prayer to come preach a sermon but overcomes the person you're dating is not about Bahrain decided the God issue that makes sense you are not in a win then to God by engaging them you are only disadvantage her own soul and there is number we talked about getting the right advisor 's advice is good but you got to get the right ones this is testimony to sexual behavior page thirty one and this is our life speaking she's giving counsel to a gentleman whose elderly wanting to remarry after his wife died I know as you say that you must be lonely in your old age and sometimes even young age there was one whom you my love and would reciprocate I see no objection by I do not know the lady you have in mind and I cannot speak as one who what no as both parties is the person giving you advice well acquainted with both of you it's very rare and was even more rare is when someone's willing to admit Alan Weiss is low I could give you advice on white on my film obsessed Lord no problem she and Santos are taking the advice I don't know the person and it would be better for you to talk to someone who knows both parties right and the problem is that counselors make mistakes and that's why we learned Proverbs writer is to pass in Congress should ask how many counselors a multitude because it's unlikely that all of them immunity wrong right but remember it's got to be the right time but when I get a set of counselors I asked people who are committed Seventh-day Adventists with me and I just committed to the rules committed to winning souls for Christ I think that's weird for you all the people on my counseling sort of panel so to speak my lifeline to know that I call there all people would want others to Christ some are married some are not some are old some are young some are with children some without but I'm a tell you of my personal sad case when I went to break up with one of my ex- girlfriends only had to go to send anonymous Guatemala I talked to my counseling friends called her being in seven out of eight of them said and now you try to try out I tried well I went to counseling but hurting the first time another center counselors I think the second level and then were working on the third I was engaged as he tried to save your relationship and reference a letter can you put more effort into this and most will do in their own marriage is not the one of my friends that love waiting for the third set of accounting to finish before you break it off and since it was only person who said that out of the agenda what they understood me well in the understood her well and they understand that I'm the type of person who wants to do everything I can before letting go violence like that but I know that I and you know what I feel bad about she's now married she was very like eight months after we broke up and down the figures is that I will never have the opportunity will what I would try that their subaccounts and seventy cents and sometimes you leave yourself without closure now thankfully I have all disclosure nonwovens Mary Young but still right you're not always going to get the right answer even though you ask several people nominating the example of where I was the only person this was someone near and dear to my heart and they were headed to marry somebody that I knew it was not God 's will it was so clear you know there was no permission asked of the parents the parents hadn't even seen the guy and the problem was they went from friends to engagement in one pass yes you see the problem as it is the kind of warrant I'm trying to counsel but I was the only person suddenly and this person had church members counseling them family members the thing is that one with God in the Bible through proxy is the majority in remember that it doesn't have to be a time of people saying things riot when you at the two kings of Israel and a half right was getting ready to go to battle with Jehoshaphat how many false prophets whether four hundred and who was only one who said no going knee I remember I use actually sarcastically tells go-ahead and all and they are now hunting as I tell you guys coming through there was only one run by he had the word of God 's side one with God is always the majority again look to the future we talked about that with jobs I was carrying one passes for ministers healing listen to this and this is all encompassing the choice of a life companion should be best to secure what physical wall mental and spiritual well-being for who parents and for the children telling me of your choosing life and I encourage you have a person not only will write a few good things God 's way for parents and their children and science as will enable both parents and children again to bless to their fellow man and honor their creator is now looking to the future or what that's looking to the health of unborn children right and to give you an example of that I'll talk about Huntington's Korea it's a disease that autosomal dominant that means it's going to get passed on half of the time to all your kiddos and Arrington five fifty and is not us on that it's like you start to lose function of your motor skills new start to like twitch on responsibly you control your bow horrible you lose your mind slowly right when that ensure health for the offspring you don't gallon why doesn't just talk about the pie-in-the-sky and written by Jean talks about real issues or physical health and mental health as well as spiritual health for both parties are answerable the woman the man and the kids are coming very important think about the future because the problem is is a mere young people will think now enrolling were thinking about while I was looking at and how I think and how amazing is God 's word and him and when I thinking that God is looking down the road right to your ministry and Wells church 's desire for God yes such as important as an here is the main point I want to make with the seminar there's lots of things about finding your spouse but this is the time when you don't pray enough amazing don't fret not check this out member Valen watch this matrix of August four three nine and was once a good man and profitability but he had apostatized and given himself up to covetousness yet he still profess to be a servant of the most time he was not ignorant of God 's work in behalf of Israel and when the messengers announced their area he well knew that was what him to continue while refused the rewards of mail address and initiatives this is an asset that he ventured to dally with annotation for the messengers of discernment and then I learned that he could give an answer so he asked who counselor who does not sound conscientious but remember what he Re: know before we went over it I Re: new his duty watching its worst the second time they almost tested in response to the solicitations of the investors he professed great conscientious integrity assuring them that no amount of gold are similar could induce him to go comfortable enough but he will comply with the King 's request and although the will of God had already been definitely made known to him what he knew stay a little while that he might do what grade I is you are going here my friends as filled in even if one were a man to be personally against worse in the next season the Lord appeared as if the men come to call the write up and going than that yet the word which I sell say unto the sons undo the bar the Lord would now permit e-mail them to follow his own will why this is scary isn't it because he was determined on a case he did not seek to do the will of God but choose what his own course and then endeavor to secure the section of the Lord will not let you go the wrong way oh yes he will when you pray about when you know already what to write a new prison to plan scary very frightening this brings the party there are thousands of resumes were pursuing a similar course they would have no difficulty understanding including you were in harmony with what many patients one hundred and eighty is in the formulas see him all candidate girls out there is a lot better looking I hear all these excuses is plainly set forth in the Bible or is clearly indicated by what circumstances and reasons but because these evidences are contrary to their desires any donations they greatly set them aside and resume to go to learn and every would be very conscious as they pray long and earnestly for the light but God will not be trifled with he often permits such persons to do what followed their own desires and to soften the result my people will not hearken to my voice so I gave them up to what their own hearts lusts and they want in their own councils when one clearly sees it do any dole do what go to God with the prayer that he may be excused from performing he should rather with a humble submissive spirit or divine strength and wisdom to meet its claims now in a raid on the home watch this real letters the names changed to protect the innocent this is a response to a letter I wrote to a dear friend that went to college with actually all that you hear the prayers of those we love I appreciate you reading that was cool one thing I'm curious about who you disagree with John I will then is she is soloing over at anyway no plans now just waiting on seeking his will and working his images however it gives us the go-ahead one reaction as I was of new important to know as far as I'm concerned translated to what God gives us the go-ahead and you know not to do is run a negative go-ahead go-ahead and suffer the consequence is you where this is going here's my response here Jenny and John as I mentioned in my chat this morning there's nothing you have done or ever could do that would change my heart for both I believe just behind patient and committed young man as you described and of course I know you are because we go back to college days my opposition would never because I like love and respect for either of you nor do I think the judge is less than you as a person in my eyes or gods a firm right from the love within you break it down him and I described this way I have two friends they want to get married when the mark my chief resident from internship Marks Orthodox Jews he won't take up his yarmulke in four hundred ten degrees outside he never work on Saturday evenings and here is I like that in fact every Friday night Jeff Woodman 's goods are not just as Mark woodlands with a lightbulb of his friends so that the light would not the gone during the course now consider Rachel met a Jewish friend who went to school with me perhaps already to tell you about her this is a split adrenal around during childhood game in their menorah with little sadder than some dietary searches lives are both Jewish writer one in my people have and so will render legal and on size and I love the respectable to rise and get married even though they were in the same religion even the unequally along the same religion folks you see this example very because I think you really know that I know to they are not all there not together in the most intimate aspects of life how you served on Norton Miramar depression results will come in the line neither kind of hurt of course marks is not how we worship God according to our individual causes is a right so sacred that our forefathers in America willing to die for it and all this should be free to worship as we choose having a spouse is on the other page even in the same religion creed with an interest perhaps one of the other will concede to certain beliefs in an attempt to win the other over me he's now doing the right thing for the wrong reason is still on worship God as inlet only you and the Holy Spirit and so should always yet this freedom is not really lesser creatures against God would do something a person for only ever free to do the right things it would not be true liberty and so that brings me to how I feel me got married though it would not be with my blessing for my presence rule will remember the euro after twenty years ago you couldn't even married people that were administered one anonymous member and surprising here folks he will always be with my love and prayers about the business is because I want all to Fretwell friends want when those around you happiness I have learned that your happiness can never be found outside the past and who knows what is best and plans for the good of his creatures my love for both of you always tend as a real letter I rose two weeks ago the last time there were a lot of I was very busy it's all in there he's just old particularly with some people and guys she is timing all I hear is people beating me over the head with online folks you can evaluate it you love the person which are a lot like Jesus he loves us by telling us the truth that he loves us so much is not to play game with Ryan but when I quote is all is right here here the inspiration five testimonies three sixty four though the companion on the toys were in all other respects so this is the perfect man was a pregnant woman is she has not accepted what the general manager were talking union which is a good choice for when frame and fifty nine for the adjustment for when this is true to my friends the sun the sanctuary is that right he has not accepted at this time he is what old and I'm really a you are prevented of heaven to unite yourself with him you cannot without earlier soul disregard this I don't think it any clearer than that there's lots other post to talk about it but this one really breaks it down if someone has not embraced the transfer this time they are what I believe the whole table by using that your Christian friends horses and well there for I said this a friend of mine was dating someone who was not administered and this was the letter I got back what authority do you have to this obviously you can easily try to confident for my language him to putting the parties united as a direct of people that I feel I need to be like this and and I know you can take it I is him and I respect your sincerity and desire call the whole heartedly and your mission mindedness thank you but I don't always appreciate your attitude am always thinking you're right and everything is black and white although sometimes it is now I really don't want to make excuses for anything of law concern so I'm really praying what we're praying about it a lot perhaps you're right I'll see how what I believe and how he brings God is not impressive contrary to what Peter is the only time you realize what God says okay you really want before you'll see that it's going to be empty and broken I haven't landed too offensive for you if so I apologize but I really needed to express all this to you I think the unthinkable now check this out it's a week later anyway I just wanted you are not angry with you the last thing I heard was that e-mail I do greatly appreciate your concern and I'm taking life seriously I do feel convicted in God 's time to take some kind of action I think but I'm praying about what and when and how I've been corresponding with someone about a missionary friends in Africa please look my church and then pray search will send the article reply was I'm chewing on I'm certainly not wanting to align human opinions and was an physical the Lord will teach us his duty just as willingly as you look to somebody else if we can't demonstrate you will speak as Mistress us personally those who decide to do nothing in any line of this pleases God will know after presenting their case before him just what course to pursue and they will receive normally with understrength powerful obedience for service will be part of them as press promises I reason making but I'm still really scary softening up using since is hard for me to believe and understand that someone so sincere searching and loving can be called an unbeliever are struggling drug with a quote and could lead me astray and since I've never been happier with anyone else in my entire life but I've been telling God all along I don't want to idolize anyone get so attract anyone that I would not follow I definitely want to do the right thing and please God I've been praying like crazy I is full-time with the data using his guidance of this is in his will he makes it clear he wants in this relationship I'll be heartbroken in extreme pain but I will do it on the resume says for I know what kind of pain that will bring I'm afraid in this time of the more painful than anything ever expressed I'm so tired of change and instability in my life and loneliness but whatever that requires I want to do I just know this is too much I watch this I just thought you should know that Larry and I broke up ever since you call first the first letter three months ago I did feel convicted in our relationship wasn't right and that God showed me through several ways that he was leading in this way it surely for spiritual reasons and scenario the way we were very very happy citizen and very painful and less Taliban city for the trust and obey there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but was so I choose to trust God that he has everything enjoy my best in my I have many other certainties in my life right now but I'm not too worried by God is always limited he will continue my familiar as one apologist for me from straying with you when you call back in June I was caught offguard by Hubble I can see that God was using you I pray for God 's guidance so that's how you find out my cousin at a time I do appreciate your concern so my friend K so happy I but there is more of a and the reason why share this is this young person is not one of the most committed VP eleven oh they have done missionary work recognition of friends in Africa is like that they are very found of an according the Bible spare posse hymns are solid but I can tell you six months later they got back together will say this and a few months later they were engaged and then a little bit before the wedding he was baptized as an end Southwest was a question for what reason you never know you'll never truly know you have to assume that someone sincere until proven otherwise but how would you know they are married now I'm not saying it was wrong technically he did become an administrative but consider this first Corinthians eleven one Paul tells us follow what I hope you realize you watch what you do and what they can exactly now check this out when you have young kids and their data is someone I was just wondering if any of all revenue and will him and him alone and what you say you are is you are in one is there to listen what you say what you do we only follow resulting from Shaquille O'Neal never what they say only what they do so the implication is that is that you now have nothing to say when your children go down the single and believe you me I will and the reason why share this is because I'll close this quote we're all here because we love Jesus right hand and that's what we decided on the Christian college I so right over where Southern listen to this professed Christians whose lives are marked with what integrity and who seem sensible on an every other subject make your mistakes you would want about relationship based that manifest manifested self-determined will that reason what cannot change they become so fascinated with human feelings and impulses that have no desire to search the Bible and come in a close relationship with God there are many other things about finding a route spouse but the thing I would read to you is that this is our Achilles heel as young people do realize that we can be solid on every other every other area right to me but this is the change in the arm where Satan is in aim to source the dear for most of us will be deleted from by God 's grace for me right when you see something as clear as I got crazy over at hot air don't ask somebody about it if God is already holds you a you know what I commit my life right now in a song is not the disguises not discuss her on the commitment of the church whatever you know MLB single because all these have the smiling Jesus my Savior who was single in his entire life but you know I do I realize he doesn't want most of us he wants to be happy by making the right decision for him not just in other areas but in this function loving father in heaven Florida thank you so much for your grace humor see below we have made mistakes like I have like my friends have them there is mercy that you are still bleeding in the sanctuary above Lord let us listen to what you say and buyer agrees doing is not how to pray our way out of it or ask advice our way out of it or excuse ourselves for the lettuce coming to lie with your will and your plan for our happiness and joy when the woman Hannah Martin Jesus this media was used by bodybuilders a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how to use you like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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