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1. Understanding and Explaining the Secret Rapture

Terry Nelson




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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In so less of our heads for a word of prayer our dear kind Heavenly Father I just want to thank you so much for each 1 it is here today and Lord is we're here today we just want you to be glorified we want your words to be explained and Lord I can't do that but I know you can and so I'm asking for you to reach out and open our hearts and give us understanding on this important topic we love you so much and your precious name Amen Well surely all of you have heard about the secret rapture right OK And the question is OK how do you refute that I know that 1 time I was doing a series of meetings none encounter Mizzou and I had a I had a family that was coming and they came every night for the 1st 4 nights and then I dealt with the 2nd coming and I dealt with the image of Daniel 2 and then I just went in and I nailed the rapture I mean I just nailed it. So much that I didn't see them again and remember and I finally after visiting with them I finally had to ask them the question I said OK you haven't come back why it was rapture was a nice idea or Baptist we believe in the rapture Well you know thinking that through I wasn't too wise to do it when I did it. And that's 1 of the things that I encourage people when they're given Bible studies when they when the question comes up what about the rapture or I don't worry about that because I'm going to be gone and it's OK listen let him think that that is not what you want to start out tackling you want that to be an Indian topic So let let him let him think what they're going to think what they're going to do is they're going to see as time goes on as you study the scriptures they're going to see the bible is going to expose many errors that people in Christianity believe today and because of that you're going to find the fact that that. They will be more open to the whole idea OK then this isn't sound either well I got you a sheep because I want you to have something for you to take back with you want something that you can tuck away something that you can actually fill out and take home with you so the 1st question is Where does the idea of the seeker after come from. Well you know alternately I would believe you are right absolutely right it comes from Satan there's no doubt he inspired at you know why why was that why was this all created OK out of the Reformation What about the Reformation you see in the Reformation period they began to look at the Pope as the anti-Christ of Daniel 7 and so they began to say how do we refute that and so there was a couple Jesuit priests 1 was Francisco Rivera that came up with the idea of OK No this was not the pope but some time in the future and so you have basically 33 views of prophecy your predator that believes everything in the Bible Prophecy wise let's look build in 7080. And I visited with some prejudice on that night and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on that but it's interesting because I asked him the question how do you explain Daniel chapter to the image of never can as Or because that goes well beyond 7080 and his answer was Well I don't know we don't really have an answer for that and I said Well then why would you follow a doctrine that you can't substantiate fully then you have the futuristic view that everything's in the future and yet a lot of people believe that today a prophecy is yet to be fulfilled it's all in the future don't worry about it it's going to happen and then as 7th Day Adventists we believe in a historical view a prop A-Z. which means the Bible Prophecy takes it from the time that it is given and expands it down to the time of the end and it only makes sense when you look at it that way but it was it was a real collaboration to try and take the focus off of Papal Rome during the during the dark age periods in your reformation time I looked up the definition of the word Rapture and the word Rapture out of the Oxford Dictionary is the transporting a believers to heaven at the 2nd coming of Jesus can we subscribe to that. Yes or No Yeah absolutely so there's nothing wrong with the idea of saying well you know at some time we're going to be raptured. The problem and I believe soon but I had the problem comes when you have this whole idea of a secret rapture where Jesus is going to come into phases 1st faces he comes and he takes those that are really really really really ready and then those that aren't quite ready he gives them another chance to get ready another 70 years and then he literally comes but in the midst of the 7 years there's going to be the rise of the anti-Christ or can you see how that would draw the attention away from people Rome Absolutely and that's what the whole idea was a put a couple paragraphs in here that I want to just quickly read to you the origin of the 2 face coming of Christ started around the year 830 in a Scottish Church pastored by Edward urban A Miss Margaret McDonald gave what was to believe at the time and inspired utterance she spoke of the visible opening glorious 2nd coming of Christ but as the utterance continued she spoke of another coming of Christ a secret and special coming in which those who were truly ready to get that. Truly ready I want to submit to you those going to heaven will be truly ready Amen would be raptured However it was John Nelson Darby a brother and preacher and diligent writer of the time an eagle Englan who was largely responsible for introducing his new to this new teaching on a large scale the teaching spread to the United States in the fifty's and sixty's where it was to receive its biggest boost when Cyrus Ingerson school field anybody recognize that name what you recognize it for the Scholfield Bible that's absolutely right. A strong believer in Darby's teaching incorporated into the notes of his Scholfield Reference Bible which was published in $0.10 a time this view has been widely accepted often by people who are completely unaware of this not that this was not the belief held by Christians over the centuries many fine Christians hold this view today who have never questioned its authority think that's true absolutely listen it's just like Sunday worship it's like a lot of different things people accept the fact that they've been taught the truth and when they find out it's not Biblical there are many ways and then sometimes we fight it Amen we know we don't want to learn something new if it means a change change in lifestyle change and habits change in the ology we don't like that so we take in decide that we want to fight against it so the question is how do you define the Rapture How do you how do you take improve that biblically because I'm of the opinion that whatever I'm going to take a stance on has to be Biblical Eman the Bible and the Bible alone and I agree absolutely So listen I'm thankful for the spirit of prophecy but the spirit of prophecy does not shape my doctrine. The Bible shapes my doctrine amen and so it's important for us that we taken in I don't want to be misunderstood I'm a believer in this we are prophecy and if you want to know something look all through the scriptures you're going to find God used the gift of prophecy from the time of the very beginning after the fall of man to now and men so there's 3 basic areas that people try to use to say the rapture the secret Rapture is Biblical those 3 areas are 1st US alone eons Chapter 4 verse 17 and comparing it with the word caught up there with the word come up in Revelation Chapter $41.00 when the Left Behind series came out I was really inquisitive is to what this was going to do the impact it was going to make it out to you what it did make an impact last count they had over 63000000 copies sold my father in law visited with a lady that was reading 1 of those series and he said to her you realize that's fiction well yeah he says you realize that's not really biblical oh maybe but I like him better. Listen listen here's the thing and that is sometimes we base our theology on what we want. We want the Bible to fit our ideals we want to fit what we believe if you ever had somebody question you on something or say something to you and then you go back and you diligently search for that verse that you know you can find to prove that you're right and they are wrong you have done that. If you haven't done that and. You're good you're lucky lucky there I've done that several times people say to me something and I say Oh let me show you. But so here's they compare those 2 versus Look at those up in just a minute and then the 2nd 1 is have you ever heard about the 2 in the field 1 is taken 1 is left hey we're going to deal with that today too because that's the 2nd area that they really are popular in going to and the 3rd 1 is wait a minute OK you can take whatever you want there but Jesus is going to come in in the 1 ever heard that yeah absolutely So I want to deal with all 3 of those because if we understand those 3 areas it really leaves no other conclusion other than the fact that the Bible is true and what he says about his coming is going to be true also Amen that some right back here sure if that will make more room. Welcome to the class. So if you brought your Bibles and I want to strongly encourage you I know there's not a lot of competition today tomorrow they'll be more competition and they'll be a lot of good seminars to go to but I will say this that when you come I want to encourage you to take and bring your Bible because I believe the Bible's the inspired word of God and I believe that's where we've got to get our our doctrine from and where we need to understand what it is that God is saying so let's let's take a look at those 3 areas if you have your bible let's go to 1st chapter 4 and verse 17. Chapter 4. Right in there in the beginning of the. First chapter 4 and we want verse 17 and here's what it says I'm reading out of the King James version it says Then we which are alive and remain should be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord now they take that word they're caught up and they say that's the rapture. And then they compare that with Revelation Chapter 4 so if you have your Bibles hold something right there and you put your notes in there do something and go with me to Revelation Chapter 4 Revelation chapter 4 and verse 1 Revelation chapter 4 in verse 1 and here the Bible says after this I looked and behold a door was opened in heaven and the 1st voice which I heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me which said what come up Heather and I will show the things which must mean hereafter Now let me ask you a question does there sound like a difference between this verse that John is getting and the verse we just read that Paul wrote what is the difference. Well OK how do you prove that that is a key phrase absolutely and they're saying that that caught up together in this invitation to come up is the same event and that's the rapture so you get a lot of people that will tell you that you know it doesn't really matter what the rest of Revelation says because we're not going to be here. Let's see about that I meant 1 of the things that you have to look at is you've got to go back and do a little bit of study and I like to take and use a strong record you might say Well Pastor you know you you know those things now I have to use a stance and chords just like everybody else does but if you look it up you will find that there are 2 different Greek words that are used for number 1 for chapter 4 in verse 17 says and then they which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them that were caught up there and I put it in there for you is comes from the Greek word. Which means to see. Now to seize means you don't have any option now I will tell you this as a 2nd Coming of Jesus those that are looking for his coming won't want to go anywhere else Amen so that's a good thing but then when you go to go to Revelation chapter 4 in verse 1 that word there for come up his other is actually the Greek word and by know which means to go up there's an invitation the 1 on 1 hand says that your seat there is no option it's no choice when Jesus comes he's gathering his saints and he's taken a moment praise God amen the other 1 says John is invited to come and take a look now let me ask you a question you think John want to take a look would you absolutely no doubt about it but what I want to submit to you is you can't use those 2 words those 2 phrases and say it's the same event could you agree in can't can't do that and so Biblically that just doesn't work now the 2nd area that I want to deal with is I want to deal with this idea of 1 taken and 1 left so if you have your Bibles Let's go to Matthew chapter 24 Matthew chapter 24 now many of us know this a great signs chapter. It's something that is very important because Jesus lays out signs that we can look forward to as to when his coming is near and I got to tell you the Bible says that just like the leaves come on the trees you can know that summer's night you know we just experienced that haven't we him but he says when you see that happen you can know the coming of Jesus does. NOT say what I believe were nearer than we. Things are happening behind the scenes that we don't even stop to think about and I believe that his coming is going to happen in patches on aware if we're not careful and that's what we're going to deal with here in just a minute but Matthew chapter 24 I want to read verses 41 in 42 the Bible says then she'll to be in the field the 1 shall be taken and the other what left 2 women should be grinding at the mill the 1 shall be taken and the other left now let me ask you a question do you want Oh you're welcome come on in the question the question I would ask you is do you want to be taken or do you want to be left. A I got some that want to be taken and I got some no want to be left. OK OK Well you know it's that's that's that's a fun statement because we're going to take a look at Once again that there's mixed views of this even in Christianity even in Adventism there is mixed views about the interpretation of this but I want you to understand some very clearly I don't establish my doctrine based on somebody who's popular book. Even in administering. I have to be able to prove it through the Bible what's the what's the Biblical method of interpretation. Scripture line upon line precept upon precept here a little there a little That's right so I've got to be able to find it consistently in the scriptures and if I can then that's a form of doctrine I can believe a man so I can't just like anybody else take a scripture out and say oh yeah well I wanted to make mean because you look at that and say absolutely every Christian every 70 AD and everybody that loves Jesus want to go to heaven so naturally we all want to be taken but we need to really take a look at what does the Bible say about that it meant so let's come back in read just a little bit more. What Let's read verses starting with verse 37 because remember when you study you got to take it in context correct Amen so here we are verse 37 as it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in the coming of the Son of Man Now let me ask you a question What is it that Jesus got a red letter dish and you know he's talking what is it he's comparing right now the flood to what his coming OK we need to keep that in mind the subject that he's trying to get us prepared for is his coming right the 2nd coming of Jesus and so he's comparing it with the days of Noah verse 37 or 38 Reza days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that no entered into the ark and knew not in till the flood came and what. Took them off all the way so shall the coming of the Son of Man be so Jesus is comparing the 2nd coming with the days of Noah what did he say they were doing in the days of Noah. Even drinking what it was I mean if we're going to talk about it today if we're going to describe it today well how would we describe it. Going about our everyday business that's right you know what it's like you go to bed tonight you're going to get up in the morning you've got all these seminars you're planning to 10 expect that wanted 2 o'clock or 1 whenever I'm supposed to be on. But you know what I mean you've got your day schedule tomorrow and you're planning on being there and then the next day and then the next day we do the routine of things not thinking about that something will change drastically and yet I can tell you there's a lot of people that 1 moment is just fine in the next moment. So you know it's amazing as we're going to look at it but we've got a plan but I want you to begin to look at this Jesus is saying just like it was in the days of Noah we can't just go about our daily business and live like we're going to live for another 100 years I believe we've got to turn our heart to him in we have to get ready for him to come because he never says to get ready you know that you don't say get ready he says be reading Well you know as well as I do you got to get ready if you're going to be ready but it's important for us to understand as Jesus is talking about the 2nd coming of Jesus comparing it with the days of Noah he says in verse 39 and they knew not until the flood came and took them all away so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be verse 40 then shall to be in the field the 1 shall be taken and the other left 2 women should be grinding at the mill the 1 shall be taken the other left and then he says Watch therefore Very know not what what. Are your Lord does come but know this that if the good man of the house had known in what watch or what time the thief would come he would have watched and would not have suffered his house to be broken therefore be also. Ready for in such an hour she think not the Son of man cometh Now let me ask you a question is he dealing with a man or of how he's going to come or when he's going to come home with when that's absolutely right and what does he tell you and I we need to do we need to be ready which mean we need to watch you can't just go about our normal business and so now he's do uses the the description air of 1 will be taken and 1 will be left how do we then interpret it that 1 should be taken 1 and left. OK 1 was ready 1 was not ready but which 1 was which. OK. Here's here's the thing once again you've got to take it in context look at the story Jesus uses to illustrate this whole idea 1 taken 1 left what is the story you know in a flood OK That's right so annoying to flood who was taken in who was left. OK they were what they were already OK which meant they were taken or they were left. Were they taken. The Bible says it says that day in verse 39 and knew not until the flood came and took them all away social also the coming to this and it man be. That's exactly right those that were not in the ark were the ones that were taken away or destroyed Now let's look at it in another gospel. I understand and listen Christians today that's why even people in Adventism say why I want to be taken so that taken has to be Christians so I understand that we're going to go through that so you know once you take your Bibles and told me to Luke. Luke Chapter 17. And Luke describes the same event and I'm going to start in verse $26.00 Luke Chapter 17 and I would like to come to verse $26.00 and they're all right notice what it says As a was in the days of Noah social to be also in the days of the Son of Man and we've already read that right. They did eat they drank they married wives they were given in marriage until the day that no entered into the ark and the flood came and did what took them took them all away. To says. The Bible says what destroyed so now is there any doubt that we're talking about those outside the ark. So where were Jesus and Matthew it records that the flood took them all away describes it as the flood destroyed them all now would you say that Floyd to the flood destroyed the wicked or the righteous knew it could that's right now notice it continues on verse $28.00 likewise also as it was in the days of Lot they did eat they drank they bought they sold they planted they build it but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and took them all away it is sort of what I'm trying to get you to see is what the Bible is describing is 2 different events where the people of the world that were not ready were destroyed Matthew says they were taken away the day and in Luke here says that they were destroyed either way it means the same thing now notice as we continue on verse 30 even national it be in the days of the Son of Man When the Son of Man is revealed when is that. At the 2nd coming that's absolutely right in that day he which shall be upon the housetop in a stuff in the house let him not come down to take it away and he that is in the field let him likewise not return back remember what Lot's wife why would we want to remember Lot's wife I want you to understand something very clearly lot in his family were walking out of Sodom. Were guiding them by hand they didn't want to leave and they were given a message Don't look back as they walked away you can imagine they had family there they had children there had grandchildren they are in it was more than she could bear and she decided to turn back because her heart was not in Levy. Her heart was in the fate of her family and so she turns back and what happened to her to turn into a pillar of salt. 3 whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it I tell you in that night there should be 2 men in a bed the 1 should be taken and the other left 2 women should be grinding at together the 1 should be taken and the other left Does anybody see that word men and women. Notice anything different about those words. There I tell us size was that mean they were added That's right they were not part of the original scriptures the translator supplied it trying to give you definition but you know to me it adds maybe sometimes a wrong definition. But you can know that's not what Jesus was saying when he said it in the 1st place he just said to would be in bed 1 will be taken 1 will be left to will be granted together to 1 will be taken and 1 left or the other left 62 men should be in the field the 1 should be taken and the other left and I noticed something very interesting here in verse 37 and they answered INSEAD Now this is disciples people that were with him people he was teaching and he answered in 70 M. What where Lord now I have a question for you where what where are they going to be taken or where they're going to be left where they can be taken how many think it's where they're going to be taken how many believe it's going to be where they're left how many are for a dancer. That appreciate the Odyssey it's OK I want you to stop and think about it he's already said that 2 men will be in the bed 2 will be grinding together and 2 will be in a field so he's already told them where they are correct so there's not a question of Where Are They left Lord because we know they're in the field they're in bed and they're grinding right so the only logical conclusion is where were they taken right we say at Praise the Lord they were raptured Well let's continue to re once again the Bible has to have the answer. Verse 37 it continues and he answered in 7 to him where Lloyd and he said and to them where so ever the what body is that word means corpse What's a corpse. A dead body yes a dead person says there will the eagles be gathered together now it's interesting because that word eagles which is the Greek act toss which simply means eagle or mulcher Well let me ask you where do vultures and eagles like these. It's not Mickey D's to man so you begin to look at this and in realize it's talking about a time which there's going to be a big bang quits of flesh for these animals to eat well does that correspond with what we saw in Matthew when he said that the flood came and took them all away Well when it took him away did it rapture him away what happened to him they drowned what happened to them when they drown that's right and when the floods came down there decayed bodies were low now you say Well Pastor can you prove that anywhere else was your take your Bibles and go and meet him to Revelation Chapter 19 Revelation Chapter 19 in here Revelation 1000 is actually an overview of Revelation 2021 where you've got coming down to the 2nd coming of Jesus than the millennium the 1000 years and also the the new Jerusalem coming down but notice as we as we look here. I'm going to start in verse 14 Nala me back up to verse 11. Verse 11 of Chapter 19 revelation I saw have been open to be hold a white horse and he the sat upon him was called Faithful in true Who is that Jesus and in righteousness he does judge and make war his eyes were as a flame of fire in his head were on his head were many crowns and he had a full name written that no man knew but he himself Now it's interesting because you've heard probably before that there's 2 Greek words that are used for what the English transfer or trance late round 1 is STEPHANOPOULOS Which is a victor's crown and 1 is a dyed denim which is a kingly crown it's interesting because here Jesus is wearing a diadem he's wearing a keenly crown Why is he wearing a kingly crown. OK Because a king I like to ask right has absolutely which means we've passed through the judgment in Jesus is now coming to get his people right OK Notice knows what it says verse 13 and he was clothed with a vis vesture dipped in blood and in His name is called the Word of God member it says in John in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God in the Word was WITH God no notice what it says it continues. Verse 14 in the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses clothed in fine linen whites in clean and out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword that with it he should smite the nations and he should rule them with a rod of iron and he tried if the wine press was of the fierceness and wrath of God of the Almighty God and he has on his vest year in on his thigh name written what. Came Lord of lords and I saw an angel standing in the sun and he cried with a loud voice saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven common gathered together and to the supper of the great God that she may eat the flesh of Keane's and the flesh of captains and the flesh of mighty men and flesh of horses and of them to set on them in the flesh of all men both free and bon both small and great talking about. A slot or that's true a slot or you remember what happens when Jesus comes. OK The witness or slain by the brightness of his coming or do we find out. No no that's a reaction see him that's true in the end all tribes will mourn because of it that's true but when you look at 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and verse 8 Bible says they were destroyed by the brightness of His coming let's look at another passage though that supports the same thing and that's in Jeremiah Chapter 25 Old Testament Jeremiah Chapter 25 in notice with me starting in verse 32 Jeremiah Chapter 25 and I would like verse 32 Jeremiah 25 and verse 32 The Bible says Thus saith the LORD of hosts behold evil shall go forth from nation to nation and a great whirlwind should be raised up from the coast of the earth and the slain of the Lord. SHELBY at that day from 1 end of the earth even unto the other into the year they shall not be a lamented what does that mean they cried over they should not be lamented mourned cried over neither gathered nor buried they should be done upon the ground was what does it mean. OK they can lay their route why would they lay down right why would they not have somebody to mourn them why would they not have somebody to gather them together why would they not have somebody to bury them. OK because it's describing the same event. Just like we look at it as a flood the flood came in took them all away or destroyed them all and so it is that here in the end of time when Jesus comes there's going to be a group that Jesus looks to there watching for him to waiting for him Isaiah $2059.00 says they'll look up and say low this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us but there's another group in Revelation Chapter 6 and verses 151617 the says that they're going to run to the rocks an amount and ask him to fall on them and hide him from the face of him the sympathy on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb for the great day of His wrath this coming who should be able to stand so you have 2 groups of people when Jesus comes to save them last right in so you get him the ones that are ready are those that have had their hands of protection of the lord over them the ones that are not ready are not able to stand in the brightness of His coming but ultimately the Bible says they will be destroyed by the brightness of the coming now if they are destroyed by the brightness of His coming who does that leave well. Wait a minute. Well OK but I mean I mean let me read you this I missed something. As Jesus comes down to you with me as Jesus comes down in and this little cloud gets bigger and bigger and bigger and pretty soon you see is Jesus and you see it's as angels and all of heaven is is is come down to get God's people and you coming down in the righteous are on earth are looking up and say yes it's time Praise the Lord and you see the wicked are running for the mountains and the rocks and the downs and trying to trying to get cover because they can't keep their stand in the presence of God Sin can never stand in the presence of God You need to understand God calls us to be overcomers because we wouldn't die in his presence in sin and so here it is you have the wicked that are all densely. So who's left the righteous are left now the righteous then God gathers them together to take them home right but when you look at the sequence of events and look at what is going to take place you have to look at the Biblical pitcher and the biblical picture shows that the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of His coming and the righteous are then there for God to gather together so it makes sense OK Now when you begin to see this you remember the idea of do we want to be taken or do we want to be left. Now I can only tell you from my experience what I see from the Bible the Bible tells me I want to be left out because we're not talking about being left on this earth we're talking about being left between the righteous and the wicked That's what we're talking about and remember that's what the Bible describes as take your Bibles to Genesis Chapter 7 and that's see what happened to Noah Genesis Chapter 7 verse 23 Genesis Chapter 7 and verse 23. The Bible says and every living substance was what destroyed OK So obviously we're talking about after the flood right the ending of the whole flood experience and every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground both man and cattle and the creeping things and powers of the heaven and they were destroyed made from the earth now what was it that Luke described the flood came and destroyed them all is that consistent with scripture Yes notice it goes on only or know only What's the next word remained alive and they that were with him and you are so you have those who were destroyed on the outside of the Ark and you have those that were saved or left right and that was no as the Bible says that was known as family right now it's interesting because what's another word for remain. Well OK you could you could you could use remnant to describe it really yet another word another word for remain would be. Take your Bibles and go with me to 1st settle a new chapter for we are only there a minute ago Persis alone eons chapter 4. Chapter 4 and notice I'm going to start in verse 14 I want to read it down in sequence this is this is he's given blessid hope and let me just start with 13 it talks about blessed and hope of sleep or death notice here in verse 13 in chapter 4 percent Saloni NS But I would not have you to be ignorant brother in concerning them which are asleep in it is talking about what death that's right. That you sorrow not even as others which have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him for this we say and you by the word of the Lord know we which are a lot and remain OK What's another word for remain left that's right those of us that are of the those was say that we which are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord why does he say under the coming of the Lord. OK That's exactly right you survived his coming no you're looking for him you are ready for him to come and when Jesus came you were not destroyed by his rightness OK so here it is it says that that we which are alive and remain was another word for remain left until the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep now sleep means what debt what does that word prevent mean preceding what does that mean to go before I want you to catch something here is saying that those that are alive are not going to go to heaven before those that have died now you say was OK They're all in heaven Well we're going to deal with that on Friday. But in once again when we go through that topic I want to deal with the difficult text because you know I'm hoping or trusting you understand the basic text but I want you to I want you to understand something here and that is Paul is describing that those that are alive and remain until Jesus comes. Are not going to go to heaven before those that have gone to sleep or die well how can you have a secret Rapture when the resurrection of the righteous dead haven't happened yet. Amen and the unfortunate thing that I see is the fact that they use just 2 verses hone in explanation for the sea grabs you but notice you gotta take it in context Notice it says they will not prevent them which are asleep or preceded go before verse 16 for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise 1st why does he say for years. We need to go for I mean what do you mean. For what. You know Anyway this is a righteous Jesus comes down and calls him forth. OK Simple simple explanation for that is Jesus describes in John Chapter 5 in verse $28.29 Write it down he says Marvel not at this for the hour is come which all that are in the grave show here is voice and shall come for they that have done good and the resurrection of life and they that have done evil on to the resurrection of death some say damnation Now it's interesting because Jesus talks about how many resurrections to where they placed. On either end of 1000 years we're going to go through that on day after tomorrow. So it's something that is very important understand here it is these describing the fact that when Jesus comes those that are risen 1st are the righteous dead right but it happens at the literal 2nd coming of Jesus and so you begin to see and it says is says that he comes a dead chill Rice 1st then what does that mean same time basically then next we which are alive and remain what's another word for remain left why are we left. Because I love it we survived his coming. That is in a way it's true because you've survived the 7 last legs the wrath of God the fall upon the earth but here it is you notice it says then we would Charlize even remain shall be caught up together with them who is them. The dead in Christ have just been raised and it says gathered together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord where for comfort 1 another with these words Now it's important for us to understand something here in that is that with the Scriptures that we have read can you really say that the when Jesus describes 1 is taken and 1 is left that the 1 taken is and haven't. Known what we've learned right now is the 1 taken is what. 1 destroyed right just like when Jesus comes you got some that are going to be destroyed and some that are going to be left and once again in Adventism in another Christianity as we we get this whole idea that what we want to be taken so that taken asked to mean the righteous. But biblically as we've looked at these stories and compared them with the Bible can we say that those taken are those going to heaven no those taken are destroyed in so Jesus comes the wicked are destroyed the righteous are left he gathers them together and he takes them back to heaven are we are we clear on that so no no I no way to say that the 1 taken 1 left that 1 taken is a secret rapture because they all deal with the literal visible audible 2nd coming to Jesus it meant OK I got 1 more thing to tackle in 10 minutes and that is what. The thief Jesus is going to come as a thief peoples out oh yeah what is going to secretly gone because he's coming as a thief Let's see if we can deal with that take your Bible and go with me to 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 10 2nd Peter just before revelation 2nd Peter just before revelation you get to 1st 2nd 3rd John you've gone too far I want a 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 10 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 10 the Bible says but the day of the Lord will come as a watt see from the night well you know there you go pastor what more do you need let's keep reading in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements show melt with fervent heat and the earth also in a work Syria and. Now let me ask a question we've already dealt with the whole idea that the believe in a rapture or the literal going to heaven when Jesus comes at a 2nd coming we have no problem with that right the question is the secret Rapture is or time Jesus going to come and take you away and leave your clothes. Yeah it's something that we have to look at the fact that when it says the thing and night is it describing how he's going to come or rather when he's going to come. In See that's what you've got to really look at because here this text describes what's going to happen on Earth because the whole theory is uses comes he secretly takes some of these people away you now have a 2nd chance to get it right with God in the midst of the 7 years of tribulation the end of Christ arises and so you've got the 7 years before the literal miserable autumn all 2nd coming of Jesus but wait a minute the Bible says at the time that he comes as a thief it says a heaven shall pass away with a great noise and the elements show melt with fervent heat and the earth also in the works that are there in shall be what burned up can that leave you 7 more years no way so it can't be talking about a rapture with 7 more years Amen so you begin to look and say OK well OK that's just 1 text so another 1 would be to Malakai chapter puir last book in the Old Testament Malakai chapter 4 in notice with me in verse 5 Malakai chapter 4 in verse 5 it says Behold I will send you a lie just the prophet before the coming of the Great in dreadful day of the Lord what's a talking about now it's interesting because it's actually 2 fold because it's actually talking about also the 1st coming of Christ and it's talking about the 2nd Coming of Christ now the 1 that he was going to raise to be alive because I've obviously by the time a Malakai Elijah was was gone right he was in heaven in so here you begin to see that it's not talking about the literal Alija it's talking about the Alija message what was allowed to message. OK that's true by doing what. OK declaring him. Worship the true God repairman's repent in so who did God raise before the 1st coming of Jesus John the Baptist What was his message to repent now God says before the Great in dreadful day of the Lord what's a really talking about what event is he talking about literal 2nd coming of Jesus who does he raise before the literal 2nd coming of Jesus to give the Alija message his church that's absolutely right so you know I know today it's not popular to preach repentance but I gotta tell you something the Bible's clear that's the message that needs to our need to be in love and it needs to be the focus on Jesus because Jesus calls you because he loves you in men and we need to love people but I want you to know you're going to look at this it says that the before the great dreadful day look we're talking about the 2nd coming of Jesus will look at another 1 go with me to the book of Matthew chapter 24 where they're just there a minute ago Matthew chapter 24 and look at verse 43 with me we read through it I didn't make a wave on it then because I want to do it now notice what it says verse 43 Matthew 24 Know this that if the good man of the house had known in what what watch the thief would come he would have watched and would not have suffered his house to be broken. Therefore ye all be also what ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man Herman now once again are we talking about how Jesus is going to come or when he is going to come a month when that's actually right so if we're talking about when this doesn't deal with the secret rapture issue it deals with being ready for the literal visible audible 2nd coming of Jesus and we agree Amen let's look at another 1 go with me to Revelation Chapter 3 Revelation Chapter 3. Revelation Chapter 3 notice with me in verse 3 Revelation 33 Remember therefore how the has received and heard in hold fast and repaired and If therefore thou shalt not watch is that deal with how or when. When that's right I will come on the as a thief and not know what hour I will come upon the SO is that dealing with how he's going to calm or when he's going to come when he once again it's consistent through Scripture the Bible does not declare a 2 stage coming of Jesus Amen it's all talking about being ready for him to come I'm praise God he doesn't have to come in stages because he's only got a single bus a man I'm thankful when he comes he gathers all of Us Saints both those that have died of those that are living and gathers them together and takes them back they have an AMEN AMEN last look at another 1 go me to Revelation 16 and verse 15 revelation 16 in verse 15 the Bible says behold I come as a Seif. Bless it is he that watches and he put his garments lest he walk naked and they shall see a same or shame listen is this talking about how he's going to come or when he's going to come when so it once again it leaves no no leeway for a secret rapture just because it says he's coming as a thief is coming as a thief as Jesus is cried if you were watching right if you were watching you would not suffer your house to be broken into a man. If you're watching you would have been caught off guard if you were watching you would have known when Jesus were coming was coming because you would have seen the signs if you were watching and keeping your garments which means doing what he asked you to do you would be ready for him to come you would not be caught off guard and he will not come to you as a thief a man that lets go to. Chapter $51.00 more on this whole idea of the verse us alone and Chapter 5 and I want to start in verse to. Start in verse 1 verse us alone aeons chapter 5 I want to start in verse 1 the Bible says but of the times in the seasons rather than have no need that I write unto you for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a lot in the night so here it is all says listen that day is going to come as a thief in the night 1 who noticed for when they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape but who. But ye brother and or you know the words fellow believers but she brother are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief What is the same. You know better you've been given the Word of God you've been given is truth you've been given the signs of the time if you are watching and you are ready it will not catch you as a thief in the night so it's not describing a secret event it actually is describing to me literally miserable automobile 2nd coming of Jesus is simply saying are you going to be ready or not you meant no as we continue on but she brother in verse 4 not in darkness that the day should overtake you as a thief but are all the children of light and the children of dawn of day you're not of the night nor of darkness Therefore let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober so here you have it that God is trying to forewarn his people not that he's coming secret we're going to get a few of his people but rather that God is going to come and when he comes the next time he's going to come as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS he's coming with the angels he's coming with power and great glory Praise God even. Now there's no doubt about it now what I did and I'm not going to take time because of time to go through them but I put them on the sheet for you in that is several miserable signs several signs of Bible talks about about how Jesus is going to come you see Revelation $616.00 to $17.00 the Rycote wicked are going to run to the rocks and mountains in Matthew $24.00 verse $27.00 it's going to be like the lightning shines from the east to the west 1st Corinthians 1552 the trumpet sounds in a righteous dead take place to eventually should miss him in Revelation 17 every eye shall see him a man. Psalms 50 versts 3 our God shall come in shall not keep silence. That does away with that secret thing done. Matthew 24 verse 30 all tribes or nations will see the Son of Man coming with power and great glory and invert Matthew 24 and verse 31 it says he sends his angels to gather the elect from 1 end of the earth to the other yes. You know you know what really happens is the people that in the question was if you didn't hear is how do the people who have that believe in the rapture explain it most of them don't know what happens is that they have been taught that maybe from a little child on up and they just believe it and I got to tell you it's a popular belief today and it is 1 if you're given Bible studies you will get into but I'm asking you I'm pleading with you don't make that your 1st 2nd 3rd study. Because because they're convinced in your mind of something let them see the Bible disclose the errors that are happening in the world today and then tackle the subject the issue is many of them have not studied through it they've never taken the time to look at what is it really mean if they were to have the hour we had right here really looking at the Scriptures they would have simply said whoa I've never seen it like that before. What they actually look at it in 2 stages so they look at it there's a rapture time a secret time when Jesus comes and it's part of it there are 7 years of tribulation and then there's the literal visible 2nd coming of Jesus so they believe he is really going to come. Well they try to deceive ascribe this to the secret rapture in what in what I'm simply and what I'm simply trying to say is that you can't tie that with some other event other than the final literal 2nd coming of Jesus and that's why you want to be able to go through these these texts and help them to be able to understand why it is you can't take it and make it what you want it to be but rather what the Bible interprets it as. Yeah. That's true that's. That's that's true there's no doubt and we're going to deal with the tribulation tomorrow like I said I'm going to swap those subjects and I'm not going to deal with a 1000 years from good deal the 2300 days tomorrow because the whole idea of the tribulation I want you to see where that comes from where they get it from and what and what you really do with that so because they tied together I'm going to I'm going to deal with that tomorrow Any other final questions All right well I want to thank you for joining us today I want to encourage you to come back I want to bring your Bible because once again we want to look at how the Bible teaches and what it says God bless you and let's have a word of prayer are your kind Heavenly Father Lord there's a lot of deception out in this world today. And yet you warn your disciples take heed that no man deceive you Lord we want the Bible we want the truth and we want to be able to understand it so we're asking for the Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us Lord I pray as we go through this week will have a greater and better understanding of these topics where we can then help share and explain it with others so Lord bless us now the rest of this day in Jesus' precious name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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