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2. The 2300 Day Prophecy

Terry Nelson




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Our dear kind Heavenly Father we want to say thank you so much for each 1 that is here today and Lord is where here we're asking for the Holy Spirit to come and be our teacher or I can't teach this but you can you can bring this message home and Lord we want to understand it so bless us now in Jesus' precious name Amen I was teaching this class in a church 1 time when a lady said to me out of frustration why do I have to know this anyway. I believe it isn't enough to believe you see if you don't know why you believe it you will eventually lose it and that's the same with all of our troops if you don't believe all of the truth of the Bible and understand why you have made a decision to believe that you eventually will be persuaded to do something different and so that's why this class is I feel very important because I believe in sad going to sweet used to be known as a people of the book but I could tell you were known as that anymore you might think we are but the reality is many people don't study the Bible and many pipe people just show up and they listen it's almost like punching in the time clock. So I believe this topic is very important I want to draw down and aboard as we go but I think you need some background as to why and so I very quickly want to go through Daniel Chapter 8 I'm not going to do an exhaustive study on Daniel Chapter 8 I normally take the whole session and do on Daniel Chapter 8 and what I mean by that is a night when I do evangelism I take Daniel chapter by chapter and Revelation chapter by chapter and it's amazing how they tie together and I'll take a whole night on Daniel Chapter 8 but I can't afford to do that because we need to get through the 2300 days but I think you need to see the background as to what this is all about and I want to share with you. If Siri out there that just goes along with the whole idea of the rapture because remember that's 1 of the reasons we flopped our subjects is because we want to understand the whole issue of this 7 years or tribulation where they get it what is the cause of it in all of that so we're going to get to that today Daniel Chapter 8 Daniel sees a vision and I'm just want to highlight some things for you if you look at verse 3 it says I lifted my eyes to my Daniel does he sees a vision I lifted my own eyes and saw and behold there stood before a river a ray am a what. Am which had how many horns 2 horns and a 2 Warne's were high but 1 was higher than the other and higher came up last and I saw the RAM pushing westward and northward and southward so that no beast could stand before Him Neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand but he did according to His will and became what. Great now I want you to remember that word great. Who came became great. The RE M. is now what I just read were Tom Other am OK now notice we're going to continue on verse 5 and as I was considering behold he go some translations say a rough go out came from the West on the face of the whole earth and touch not the ground and a goat had a notable horn between his eyes and he came to the RAM which had 2 horns which I had seen in standing before the river and ran into him in the period of his power and I saw him come close to the RAM and he was moved with Koehler that word means hatred against him and smote to RAM and break his 2 warns and there was no power to stand before him but he cast him down to the ground in stamped upon him but there was none that could deliver the RAM out of his hand therefore the he go to LAX How much very great now the ram was great that he go was very great no 1 knows where can continue and he was strong and a great horn was and the great horn was broken in 4 and 4 and 4 it came up 4 notable horns toward the 4 winds of heaven and out of 1 of them came forth a little horn which waxed exceeding great so little horn rock slide. The RAM was great he go was very great and the little horn is exceeding great OK very good toward to south and toward the east and toward a pleasant land and it was crazy even to the host of heaven and it cast down some of the hosts of the stars of the ground or to the ground and stamped upon them magnified himself even to the prince of the host. Who is a prince of the host be Jesus that's right magnified himself even to the prince of the host and by Him The Daily what sacrifice now if you look at your Bible what do you notice about that word sacrifice I tell assize What does that mean it means it was not in the original language but was rather supplied by the translators sometimes they do they always do it to try and give you a better explanation I think in this case it had been better off left out because when you think of daily sacrifice what do you think of the sanctuary that's absolutely right the sanctuary and the sin offerings and in all of that but when you look at this he's magnifying this little horn is magnify him self even to the prince of the host which is to do this and by Him who is him the little horn the day Lee was taken away now that we're daily is a word Tommy which simply means continual knowing what is it that Jesus is doing continually for you and me is interceding That's absolutely right so by him by this little horn the intercession of cry East is cast down. Notice we continue on verse 12 and a host was given him against the daily sacrifice once again you see that words I tell assizes supplied in other words against the continual by reason of transgression and it cast down the truth to the ground and it practiced and among prospered Now notice it says in verse 13 then I heard 1 Saint speaking in another saint said under that certain saint which spake its words how long. Shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and a transgression of desolation to give both a sanctuary and a host to be trodden under foot and he said unto me until $2300.00 days then shall the. Sanctuary because you see it it ends there the vision ends there and now Daniel begins to seek out the myth the vision and I want to take just a few moments and I want to take a look at the fact of of the outline here because 1st off we see a ram right and then we see he goat and then we see a a little worn right and so I would ask you the questions who is a RAM How do you know. She's right oh yes. Or. Very good you see the Bible is consistent and when a prophecy is repeated it is enlarged Now if we were to go back to Daniel chapter 2 as everybody seemed a vision or the image of Daniel to. You remember what the head of gold was is valuable and what was the arms and chest of silver you know Persia What were the belly and thighs of brass grease What were the legs of iron Rome and what were the feet of the 10 kingdoms then we come to Daniel Chapter 7 and Daniel Chapter 7 is now is now initiated with animals so we 1st see the winged lion who that represent. Babylon who did the bear standing on 1 side represent me to Persia Now you remember this RE M. had how many horns 2 and they were they equal in link their height no and so here you began to see the fact you have the bear that represents. Me to Persia then you have the leopard with 4 heads and 4 wings would represent. And then what do you have you have in the set is that is so why old that Daniel's never seen anything like it so he just describes it and with this description we see that it has 10 horns has great iron teeth well if you correlate that with Daniel Chapter 2 in the image which kingdom had iron. Rome That's right so now you begin to see you have a succession of kingdoms again so you see that you have Babel and media Persia Greece and Rome and on his head were 10 horns and so with the 10 horns you have the division of Roman to 10 kingdoms but Daniel 7 goes further right every time a prophecy is repeated it is in large and it goes further now what's next after this nondescript beast a little horn That's right so you now take in have a coming down and then when it happens and Daniel 7 after the little horn What's that. OK you're describing the little horn I'm looking at what happens after the little horn takes rule there's no doubt there's there's there's at least 10 descriptions of this little horn power and to who it is so there's no doubt as to who the Bible is referring to but what it what I want to look at is what is the next event in sequence. I didn't. Say once again I'm not looking for the characteristics of this little horn because you know we we know who that identifies but but I'm looking for the next event if you look at the next event I just go back to go back to Daniel 7 a minute I got to be careful and she got to watch the time for me Daniel Chapter 7. If you look in Daniel Chapter 8 again a Chapter 7 in verse 8 is said I considered the horns and behold there came up among them another little horn before me for whom there were 3 of the 1st borns plucked up by the roots and behold in this 1 where the eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouse speaking great things then verse 9 I beheld right so now he sees something else I be held to the thrones were cast down what Thrones what we just look at Babel in media Persia Greece and Rome the 10 kingdoms So notice he says after that I beheld and the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit who's that that's the father and you say Oh Pastor how do you know that jump down with me to verse 13. I saw in the night vision and behold 1 like the son of man who is that Jesus came with the clouds of heaven and came to intern of days and I want to submit he didn't come to himself he came to his father now let's go back to verse 9 be held to the Stones were cast down in the Ancient of Days did sit those garment was white as snow and a hair of his head was like pure wool his throne was like the fiery flame in the wheels as burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him 1000 thousands ministered unto Him and 10000 times 10000 stood before him and the. Judgment was set and the books were open so the next great event that took place after this little horn power was judgment. Now then it goes on in Christ receives his kingdom and he receives it when he comes against what leads us to the 2nd coming but then you take and you come to Daniel Chapter 8 and you notice it stops with the vision stops with the whole idea that under $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be claims now I got to ask you a question you say I already asked and say you said that the RAM represented. Me to Persia while I was babbling not included in this it had not passed actually if you look at the dates you find Daniel receives this vision about 12 years before Cyrus takes over Babel so why is it that Babylon is not included in this vision OK well the present time is living in I want you to remember what was the focus of Daniel Chapter 7 it all led up to the judgment in it did you notice that he doesn't use the bear here to represent me to Persia and he doesn't use the leopard to represent Greece right and you have very clearly if you are Daniel Chapter 8 and come down to verse 20 it says the RAM which I saw 72 horns are the kings of media and Persia and a rough goat is the king of Greece and a great horned it is between his eyes is the 1st King who is that talking about Alexander the Great you're absolutely right now remember what happened OWS out of the great. When he realized he was going to be able to conquer any more he got sick and he died and what happened to his kingdom. It was split it up split up and it was split up into 4 parts now did he have 4 sons No no his 4 generals actually took control of the Kingdom and of course they fought among themselves because they all wanted to be ruler and finally it narrowed down to 2 and so you find that progression coming down through but it's interesting because you ask yourself OK Who after that notice notices says in verse 22 and that Be Unbroken whereas for stood up for it for kingdom shall stand up out of the nation but not in his power this not in his power in whose power Alexander the Great that's absolutely right now when you begin to see that as he stands up but not in his power and then notice it says and in the latter times of their kingdom when a trance guessers or come to the fall a king a fierce countenance was that time up. The little horn right now notice understanding dark senses shall stand up in his power shall be mighty but but not by his own power and he shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper in practice and shall destroy the mighty unholy people now my question is we already know the RAM is made of Persia right we already know that the he go to is. Greece we then who is the little horn. How do you how do you prove this because I want to read you something most of the Christian world doesn't believe that most of the Christian world and the region just 1 X. are OK as Daniel watched a 5th horn began to rise it started from small beginnings but eventually grew right into the heavens his horn exulted itself and desecrated the Jews Jewish temple we are even given the exact period of time for which this destruction would take place 2300 evenings and mornings so there is no doubt what we're talking about right now notice now this is where things get interesting there is no doubt from the context and history that this little horn is the infamous Antioch opinions. And they ever heard of him. Antioch was it had a small beginning goes on to disk describe what he did and so on Jim down a little bit it says As so as I said The context is certainly about Antioch us and was fulfilled in history a jump down a little bit further this 1 is a coming world leader whose hatred and destruction of the Jews shall suppress all before him in history he is the Little Horn of Daniel Chapter 7 he is a man of sin of 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 he is the Beast of Revelation 13 or as he is more commonly known he is the anti-Christ of 1st John 2 so you ask why is this important Well how do you defend with a brother or sister that says that's not Rome. That's Antioch opinions and most of the Christian world today will tell you that most of your study Bibles if you look at the notes by Daniel Chapter 8 and verses you know 91011 they'll talk about the fact that it be in Antioch is sufficient He's now the thing that you've got to realize is this there are some keys that you can look at that help you to understand Number 1 remember the ram it lacks what great they go axed very great and the little horn waxed exceeding great so that's obviously more powerful bigger stronger was Antioch this piffle nice stronger bigger then me to Persia or Greece known in fact you began to realize that this was simply 1 of the jet 1 of the relatives coming down the line 1 of the kings of the Salusa dynasty he was about 8 of 26 and so as he comes down did he attack the Jews absolutely gave him a hard time did he like them no he did not so there's some characteristics that apply that you could say OK maybe that works but you couldn't say that he was 1 that actually was exceeding great over the grease member it already said that that their power what did it say. In verse 22 of Daniel Chapter 8 now that the unbroken time of the Little Horn not the little horn talking about the 1 horn in the in the HE GO was broken whereas for stood up for it for kingdom shall stand out of that nation but not in his what So obviously if the little horn whacks exceeding great which would be greater then the he goat How could a king that came from the Salusa dynasty which was part of the Grecian kingdom be the Little Horn The other thing you gotta look at is this and it says Notice this verse $23.00 and in the latter time of their kingdom now if you look that up in the Hebrew you begin to find that that's actually talking about at the in or the very last well 8 out of $26.00 doesn't bring me to the end Amen so it just doesn't fit that it is talking about because opinions remember every prophecy that if we were to go back and look at Daniel Chapter 2 you have Babel a metre Persia Greece and Rome right and then the 10 kingdoms in Daniel 7 you have you have the Babylon media Persia Greece and Rome in the 10 kingdoms and then the little worn or papacy now you begin to look and see what happens here and it says and back coming back to verse 13 how long. Shall be the vision concerning the daily or the intercession of Christ and a trance question of desolation to give both a sanctuary and a host to be trodden under foot and he said then to be under 2000 $300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be clans see the 7 is now Daniel's in captivity in now God tells them under $2300.00 days until the sanctuary be cleansed and he has to be baffled. Why would he be baffled. Because a sanctuary laid in ruins and he recognized that the cleansing of the sanctuary was the same as the day of atonement and the Dave Atonement happened once a year but they've not been able to do that because here it is they've been in captivity in the sanctuary is in ruins and now you saying wait a minute that isn't how how is that going to take place so jump down to the into the vision Well the end of the chapter I should say notice with me in verse 26 and a vision of the evening and morning which was told is true wherefore shut out what the vision for it shall be for what many days if you went back to chap verse 17 and again in verse 19 it says it will be for the time of the end now notice he goes on verse $26.00 and I Daniel fainted in with 6 certain days and afterwards a rose up to the king's business I was astonished at the vision and everybody understood it. I'm glad you're following with me that's right no 1 understood it why didn't he understand did he not understand who the ram was I knew the ram was Gabriel told him that was media Persia did he not understand who did he go was. That wasn't a problem you know that's right the Lord laid that all out for him so the real question that was left unanswered was a question of how long what was the answer 2300 days that's right so we're looking here at a vision. Of 2300 days I love it when I go to use in America board Nancy start praying for me. You know here it is we're looking at a total vision now you're at the end of the chapter verse $27.00 if you go into Daniel Chapter 9. Notice it says in the 1st year driest the son of as or Harris the seat of the Medes which was made king of the realm of the Caledonians in the 1st year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of years where of the word of the Lord came to Germany the prophet that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolation of Jerusalem and I set my face and did the Lord God to seek by prayer and supplication with fasting and sackcloth and ashes and I prayed unto the Lord my God and made my confession and said Oh Lord to great and dreadful God keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love Him and to them that keep His commandments we have sinned and have committed iniquity and have done wickedly and every bell even by departing from the precepts and from the judgment what is Daniel doing right now. He's praying isn't it we with your great. Verse 21. Let's start with verse 20. Daniel Chapter 9 verse 20 and while I was speaking what in prayer and praying and confessing my sins and the sins of my people Israel and present in my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my of my god song about for Jerusalem now it's interest you begin to look at it because of all of Daniel 9 from where we stopped reading to where we just picked up he's praying. I want you can't set I'm not going to read it all for sake of time but Daniel is praying and now as he's praying knows what happens verse 21 Yeah I was speaking in prayer so Daniel was praying and all of a sudden standing beside him is Gabriel you notice it says and while I was speaking in prayer even the man Gabriel whom I'd seen in the vision at the beginning of vision well not just the $2300.00 days but the vision of Daniel 8 I mean as we started that's 1 of the reasons I wonder read part of Daniel Chapter 9 What part of Daniel Chapter 9 is a vision. So far it's all been a prayer right so now when it says Gabriel comes to him who did seen in the vision did no last vision that he's had is a vision of Daniel Chapter 8 right well as a question left unanswered along what was the answer 2300 days that's right very good notice we continue while I was speaking in prayer even the man Gabriel who might seen in the vision at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly touch me about the time of the evening ablation and inform me in talk with me and said Oh Daniel I am now come forth to give the skill an understanding at the beginning of the I supplications a commandment came forth and I am come to show the for the hour greatly beloved therefore understand the matter and consider the vision what vision come on Daniel 8 remember and the reason I say Daniel A's because remember you saw a ram and he go down a little horn and of course we come to the conclusion that it comes down to the question is left unanswered how long he gives the answer 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed and Daniel's confused about that because how can that happen when that sanctuary lay in ruins and so now Gabriel comes to give him a better understanding a more full understanding of that vision which really includes in is particular to the cleansing of the sanctuary now we know at the end of the $2300.00 days here that the sanctuary is going to be clinched right so here we know that at the end of the $2300.00 days the sanctuary is going to be Clint's and now it is that Gabriel is going to give him a folder understanding of this vision the reason I keep asking you the question of what vision is because there are some people that want to say today Daniel 8 and Daniel 9 are 2 separate things I don't think you can separate them. Because as I just showed you the last vision that Daniel had was a vision of Daniel Chapter 8 so he has to come to give him conclusions to the answers and the answer that he needed was this whole idea of the sanctuary being Clint's Yes. Between 7 and 8 yeah that's why that's that's why when people say well Babylon had passed on Babylon had not passed on in the reason is you begin to something I don't think I mentioned this but notice the animals are changed to what kind of animals sanctuary animals that's right sacrificial ants and animals why because the focus does not of Daniel Chapter 8 does not bring you to the 2nd coming it brings you to the cleaners in the sanctuary so it's important to understand that and that's why you see Daniel Chapter 8 and Daniel Chapter 9 go together they're not 2 separate things they are all 1 that God is trying to give Daniel an understanding of Now notice what happens verse 2470 weeks are determined upon by people and upon by holy city to finish the transgression to make it into sins to make a record reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision in prophecy and to do up annoying to most holy now I 1st say I have to ask you is this whole idea of what is that word determined mean. If you look that up and here you can be surprised because if you think of determine today that means grit you're going to do it it's not going to Nothing's going to stop you but you know what that's not what that word means that word actually means cut off. Now some scholars will say well that means that this is cut off from the 2300 years I think that's true I think it's a section out of there that it's going to focus on but I think there's also something else that we need to realize in that is that it says that 70 weeks are determined upon by people who are Daniel's people the Jews or Israel lights so it says 70 weeks are determined upon die people and upon the high holy city What's that Jerusalem and then it says to finish the transgression to make an innocence or make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision of prophecy and to anoint the most holy who's at talking about. Have heard a few Jesus who came to finish the transgression when Jesus died on the cross What did he come to do who was who was it that came to make an end of sins Jesus who was a decade to make reconciliation for iniquity Jesus who came to bring in everlasting righteousness Jesus who came to seal up the vision and prophesy Jesus and who is anointed most holy jesus so I want you to catch this if you can put it this way in Daniel Chapter 9 in verse 24 there are 2 players. What 2 players would it be Christ and in what no no no as you read the verse upon Daniel's people right now my making out here is at verse 24 it's in verse 2470 weeks are determined upon died people who are Daniel's people the Jews so here it is you begin to look at this whole this whole section of 490 years 70 weeks time 7. Is what for 90 so if you take 1 is obviously has a beginning here you now take a specified time out of this which is 70 weeks and that's time 7 days in a week which equals what. 400 in 90 Well OK days I'm going to say years now why do we say years. That's good that's right and that's true in almost every denomination scholars included agree that in prophecy a day is equal to a literal year now where do we find that scripturally OK numbers 1434 that's my favorite 1 and is equal for 6 That's right very good write him down. For 6 numbers 1434 you put those right there at the bottom a day for the year principle is equal for 6 and numbers 1434 The reason I like numbers 1434 is because that's the experience of where they sent the 10 spies into the land or 12 spies into the land they were there for 40 days and then they come back and they give the report man is truly a land flowing with milk and honey but we can't take it because there's giants in the land and only to Caleb and Joshua said Now Lords given to us let's go forward but the Tan said no easy for 6 in numbers $1434.00 so God says to them OK you're not going to go in I'm going to lead you out into the wilderness you're going to wander there 40 years each year for the amount of days you were in the Promised Land. So they were any says listen you're all going to die and I'm going to take your children and your women that you think I'm going to lead you in for destruction I'm going to bring them into the Promised Land and sure enough that's what took place and so that's the famous story I like to go to that helps us to understand when God speaks of a prophetic year or Prophetic day it's equal to a prophetic year now as we're looking here you see this isn't talking about 490 years but notice a goes on but keep in the back of your mind this has to do with who Jesus Andy Jews that's right now it's important to remind yourself of that because as we go on you're going to see another popular belief that is taken out of context notice as we go on because we've got to find it a beginning date don't we notice verse $25.00 No therefore an understand that the from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be what 7 weeks and 3 score in 2 weeks or a score is 23 score would be 60 and 2 weeks so you got 62 weeks right so 7 weeks and 62 weeks if you had 7 and 62 what do you have a 69 now notice it says in the street shall be built again in the wall even in trouble as times so we know that this is going to happen what is When is going to be the starting of this incense we're looking at the 70 weeks or the 490 years we have to begin to begin it at the same time as the 2300 why because he's given a magnifying glass you know. These glasses are helpful to me and I can see. That you know you're just a little bit fuzzy. But when I put these on. You clear up in here it is that Daniel God is giving him a glimpse into what is going to take place during part of the $2300.00 days so you have to combine them together and we know that go it goes from the command to resteal order and what. And build Jerusalem now is a key there and that is that you have to be able to see the restoration of the Jews now which shows higher I'm sorry so you want to write down at the beginning in that is the commander store in build Jerusalem now the question that you have to ask yourself and that is the fact of when was the command to restore and build Jerusalem what's at that's a great answer. How do you arrive at that. As Very good I don't have time tell you a story that happened 1 time in a ministerial class so. People were asked a question in who told them they could use their Bibles and in the short of the story is when it got all done nobody got it right they said to him Well how would we know that it's not in the Bible and he said it's in mine. It's good to good to write things in your Bible that you can want to remember and in take note of but here you begin to look at the fact that how many commands were actually given to restore and build a. 3 year member who gave the 1st 1 as are Chapter 1 Cyrus OK you know back then what was a 2nd 1 member Sam Ballade in them they they took and made trouble and wrote letters say in the Jews are trying to defect and trying to rebel and and you need to stop this building and it was a halt to that. And then they sneak in my just simply said check check the writing it's in the King went back and checked the Writings so the 2nd 1 was given by Darius then we find the fact that the 3rd 1 was given by Arctic Xerxes and that was given in the your fork of the 7 B.C. if you take any of the other dates you find that they come way before Christ and remember this said No therefore and understand it from the commandment to go to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince who sat Jesus OK So over here we find the fact that this brings us to the Messiah we know that's Jesus so now let's take the year for $57.00 Notice what is said in your time verse $25.00 No therefore and understand it from the going forth of the Commandery storm Bill Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks right so we now got a break up here so we got 7 weeks 7 times 7 days a week equals what. 49 that's right what happens in 49 years. OK Not only did they finish the mission of the temple was actually sooner than that but remember what 1 of the keys was the restoration now it was that Israel even though they were under the government of media Persia still they were allowed to operate again as their own independent government and stop and thing wasn't the same way when Jesus was here. The Romans I mean they were answerable to the Romans weren't they they couldn't just do what they want that's why they couldn't just crucify Christ they had to take and get him to a Roman governor in order to get that done yes. That's correct why why 49 years. Day for a year that's absolutely right so we're looking at 49 years now so that brings us 49 years if we do the math and subtract it what is it what is a what date does it bring us to this here's the story of Jerusalem might want to use more man just do it or 57 minus 49 Hey I got to take can borrow from the 5 and that makes that a 4 makes at 1717 minus 9 is what I my guys say that's how you got to help me here that's 8 case and now we've got 4 minus 4 is 0 and then you get out bring on 4 so brings you to 4 all 8 B.C. So here in $408.00 B.C.E. is the restoration not just the rebuilding up but the restoration of their government now notice he says because he could have just simply said 69 years right there you didn't he broke that up because that's significant but then now he takes us on for how many more another 62 so 62 weeks time 7 days in a week equal what. Else do the math $62.00 times $77.00 times 2 is $147.00 times 6 is what $42.00 plus 1 is $43.00 so now you have another 434 years OK so we're a 408. And we got to come down another how many years 434 years but did you catch something what's going to happen OK that's right there is this date time that you're going to cross over called B.C. 80 now as we come down I can't take 434 away from 4 to 8 some to put it on top 434 or so 8 I got to borrow that's a 2 let's add OK thank you 14 minus 8 is 6 to minus 0 is 204 minus 4 is 0 so what does that mean. That means that after I cross the line here between B. C. and they D. I've got another how many years another 26 years that's absolutely right now it's interesting as you come down through the time because you come down for a way through a weight 108504020154321 and then you end up where. Something to remember history does not have a 0 year I've heard a lot of preachers try to say oh yeah no you throw in an extra year because there's a Year 0 Year look in history anybody knows history will tell you there was no 0 year in history so when you're done with 1 B. C. the next date is what 180 that's absolutely right now what is the C. stand for. Before Christ what does a D. stand for. It's actually comes from the the Greek word an early Latin word and a dominie A which means the Year of Our Lord. So here it is you begin to look you go from 1 B.C. to now 1 A.D. but how many years we got to go. What did we do the math we got to go another 26 years right to get to the Messiah is the princess right so if we're at $180.00 and we add 26 years where does it take us 27 A.D. on the right that down 2780 I hope you're follow along with me so did this bring me to the birth of Jesus you know when was the anointed Messiah. Ah it is about to them so what you really find is here the Messiah the Prince Jesus is at his baptism now so that would bring us all the way down to the ending of the $400.00 in 90 years right with me. I'm wrong it brings us down to the end of the the 69 weeks let me clean it up a little bit OK So brings us down to here which is 2780 in a brings us to Jesus is baptism OK and that covers how many weeks of the original 70 weeks. 69 so we got how many weeks left 1 week OK So we're in the last week so we know here we've got 1 week left in 1 week time 7 days equals what 7 years. Now let's return continue verse $26.00 and after threescore in 2 weeks so when does that bring us to. Well stop and think we had 7 years or 7 weeks and threescore and 2 weeks right so at the end of this threescore and 2 weeks or the 62 weeks brings you to win 2780 range of the baptism of Jesus right Notice it says and after 3 score into actual messiah be cut off not for himself to jesus die from self. Would he die for us that's right but not for himself and the people of the prince that should come shall destroy the sanctuary in this or the city in the sanctuary and the end there I shall be with a flood in unto the end of the wars desolations are determined and he who is he many will point you back to the fact of the people of the prince the prince. The destroyed the city and the saying sure you come back to that in just a moment and he should confirm the covenant we know that's Jesus and I explained you wind just a moment so confirm the covenant with many for how many weeks 1 week and in the midst of the week What's the Mits mean the middle and in the midst of the week each of cause a sacrifice in ablation to cease and for the overspreading of abomination he shall make it desolate even unto the consummation and that determined should be poured upon the desolate now in the middle of the week we know we've got 7 years What's half of 73 and a half so you've got 3 and a half and you've got 3 and a half what happens in the middle the sacrifices cause to quit to see why. Because Jesus died for our sins that's why so here in the middle of that you have the cross Now that brings us down to here. Which would be the cross Jesus crucified now what would be the year now let's just take it easy because here here we have easy math it was given in a follow $457.00 it was in the follow for a wait it was in the fall of $27.00 A.D. and then we have to come another how many years 3 and a half years OK so if I'm going to make easy math and I say 3 years if I'm at the fall of $27.00 and I go 3 years where does it take me to the fall out of 30 but I go another 6 months right I go another half a year so if I go from the fall of 30 another 6 months where does it take me the spring of what. I'm here at the spring of 3180 now correlate that when it's Passover. In the spring when did Jesus die in the spring OK so now we've got to take him to get to the end of our 490 years we've got to go another what 3 and a half years so if I'm at the spring of 31 A.D. and I go 3 years or does it take me. OK you're right but the question was if I go 3 years from the spring the spring of $34.00 but I've got to go another 6 months so you're right so if I add another 6 months or a half a year to the spring of $3480.00 where does it take me. The fall of 34 or 80 now remember what it said in Daniel 92470 weeks are determined or given as a cut off date for who. The Jews that's right what happened in 34 a D. that was significant with the cutting off of the Jews as God's holy people. They cones they stone Stephen what happened then the gospel went to the Gentiles Now listen to me very carefully a Jew can be saved on the same premise as a Gentile imagine they have to accept Jesus Christ as their personal say Amen that's the only way anybody's getting to heaven there is only 1 name given among men whereby which we must be saved and that's the name of Jesus Christ so a Jew or a Gentile can accept Jesus now we know the Jews as a nation did not ever do that today and so here you now have what is called as Paul describes it as spiritual Israel is anyone is baptized into Christ and is put on Christ there is neither no longer Jew nor Greek male nor female. Bond for we are all 1 in Christ Jesus and if we be Christ then are we Abraham's seed and heirs according to promise So now God has a whole new group of people Jesus when he was here was rejected by his people by his church and created a new 1 now I want you to know for sure you don't have the right to create your own new 1 Jesus already did at him in time to get discouraged in frustrated and decide well I'm going to go do my own thing doesn't give you the right to do that listen to me if you read about The Last Church in Revelation it's a church that's pitiful poor blind naked it's in trouble in it doesn't even realize it and Jesus gives counsel and when it wakes up and receives a council Those are the people that are going to be ready for Jesus to come. So you begin to look and see that here in the fall of $3040.00 you have the stoning of Stephen and the Gospel says the Gentiles Now we've covered 490 years now it's interesting and look at this because Did you notice it says here in verse $26.00 it says and after threescore and 2 weeks of the Messiah be cut off and not for himself and the people of the prince shall come and shall destroy the city in the sanctuary. This is where they get the 7 years of tribulation so any place of talks about that and so here they say this last week is the 70 years the tribulation and in the midst of the week or the middle of the week is when the anti-Christ is going to arise and so the rapturous would say OK God's people are raptured before here and then a literal 2nd coming is here and in between you have the rise of the end of Christ yes. To the Gentiles I'm sorry this is my writing isn't that good anyways when you put in a wiggly board it's even worse. But when you began to look at this you ask yourself the question can you take this last week of the 70 weeks and say. Boom and put it down here. Come on can you do that now you can do that why. Because who gave the prophesy. Among who gave this prophecy Jesus did he gave it to Daniel and so when he began to Lucky's now get sent Gabriel to give him further understanding so now you can just say well I'm going to take this last week and put it clear down in history but see that's what the rapturous theory all does they pull this out they put it down in the last week and you surely can understand why because this whole last week deals with Jesus his baptism his crucifixion for you and me and the Gospel going to the Gentiles if they can pull that out of history if they can pull that out and get rid of it if they can pull the focus off of Jesus they have won and obviously who is the instigator of that saying that's right and so you begin to look this is where they get the 7 years of tribulation but can you apply that to the 7 years of tribulation No because really when you look at it it says it says well wait a minute pastor wait a minute is says the people of the prince came and destroyed a city and sanctuary who was at the destroyed a sanctuary I'm on the Romans did that's absolutely right so here it is they weren't Christians so you must have a and to Christ power that comes in to destroy that how do you answer that take a side note take your Bible hold it hold your Bible right here put something there go with me to Matthew chapter 23 Matthew chapter 22 excuse me. Matthew chapter 22. Matthew chapter 22 I'm going to start very 1st verse Matthew chapter 22 verse 1 of you there same an imam and Jesus answered in spake unto them again by parable St The Kingdom of Heaven is likened to a certain king which made a marriage for his son and called forth his servants and called them that were bidden to the wedding and they would not come again he sent forth other servants same tell them which are been the pole Behold I have prepared my dinner by accident I oxen in my fat means are killed and all the things are ready to come unto the marriage but they made light of it in winter ways 1 to his farm another to his merchandise and the remnant took his servants and treated them spitefully and slew them and when it came heard thereof he was raw. And that means angry and he sent forth what was armies his armies whose armies was at. The King's Arms right and destroyed those murderers and burned there was their city nuts interesting Jesus is speaking here and he's trying to let us know something right I mean he doesn't just talk the talk there's a there's a lesson to be learned here so who's the king wait a minute he's making a marriage for his son so the king would be the father he makes a marriage for his son and he invite guests to come to it so he sends out people to invite people to go any into they come know when did that take place by the way see Jesus is actually talking literally here even though he shared it in a parable you remember when Jesus sent out the 70. They went out to buy twos and he said to them don't go to the Gentiles they go where the law sheaf of the house of Israel he's trying to gather them in did they accept it no they did not accept it so then you take income and he says OK then he says in verse 4 again he sent forth other servants same tell them that are been Behold I have prepared my dinner my oxen and my fat Lean are killed and all things are already come into the marriage so when would that be remember when Jesus died on the cross What did he tell his disciples when He came back and spent 40 days with them and just before he went back to have and intercede for you and me he gives a great gospel Commission and he tells them wait here for the promise of the Father but when he is come you'll be witnesses of me into Judea into Jerusalem and. Into Samarian into the other uttermost parts of the world so here it is he's telling him wait you're going to be endowed with the Holy Spirit and then you're going to be my witnesses and it's going to go all over the world but what happened to the disciples notice what it says but they made light of it verse 5 and went their ways 1 to his farm another to his merchandise and a remnant took his servants and treated them spitefully and did what. Lewd slew them or so or killed them now I want you to know how many of the disciples were martyred all but 1 who was the 1 John they tried to get him back tradition says he was placed in a pot of boiling oil. And I can yeah but he's got their own opinion doesn't say but I think when he came up from that bought a pot of boiling oil I had that he said to have. You know our God He saved the 3 Hebrews in the fire and when he could they came out they didn't smell like smoke I meant God is able doesn't matter what you go through God is able he's still in charge and he is the 1 that you can lean on in trust he will never let you down Amen but notice what happens. Verse 7 but the keen who's a King the father heard thereof he was wroth or angry and he sent forth his what armies and destroyed those murderers and burned up the city and what is the same Who was it that came in destroyed Rome or not room but Jerusalem the Romans did it now the interesting thing is you go in look at history they they marched on Jerusalem and then upon no apparent reason turned around and retreated Drusilla thought the Jews thought hey they're afraid of us but the Christians recognize that is a sign that God gave them in Matthew chapter $24.00 and what did they do they left they got out of there in a couple weeks a couple of months later when Mark when Titus marched on Jerusalem and Jerusalem was destroyed history records that not 1 christian die because they heeded the warnings of God. So the interesting thing now to come back to this though is when you come back to Daniel Chapter 9 the King talking about the father. Claims that the Roman army was his right why could he claim that. OK because of the sun listen this is when we gave in to sin Satan took claim of this world when Jesus died he reclaimed this word in men even though he never really gave it away he proved the fact that everybody here was so valuable to him that he was willing to die for them he now reclaims the world whether they accept it or not whether they believe it or not Jesus is our Lord. Now you can choose to walk away he gives you that right but that doesn't mean he doesn't own Amen and so here he takes credit for the fact of leading a Roman army in to destroy the Jews that destroyed his son and their His followers so when you will come back to Daniel Chapter 9 and you look at this fact that it says after 3 score and 2 weeks shall the Messiah be cut off enough for himself and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and sanctuary and it comes down to verse 27 and he should confirm the covenant with many for 1 week that's all time of Christ it's all talk about the messiah it's not an a Christ remember in verse 24 it says 70 weeks are determined upon who died people which are who the Jews and Jesus right is says it says 70 weeks are determined upon by people and upon the only city to finish the transgression of Macon in a sense to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision of prophecy and to anoint the most holy all time of Jesus so your players in verse 24 of the Jews and Jesus and verses 252627 are simply a magnifying glass of verse 24 there is no room for the end of Christ in their Amen. But you see the devil if he can get you taken away if he can get shoot to believe that this last week is taken out and you can somehow leave that 70 weeks prophecy was 69 years and put a huge gap and there and take it down to the end of time he's got you see yes. I'm totally with you it doesn't fit but let me tell you it's prevalent in Christianity Today I mean you talk to people about the Rapture and you talk to people about some years AAA should they say I'm glad I'm not going to be here let me just say this very quickly if God takes Christians in the last day out before they have to go through tribulation he's going to know it's own apology to a lot of people the Hyuga knows the Walden sees all the people that died during the Dark Ages all of his disciples you know Lord could have raptured them away saved them from that but the Lord doesn't say that in fact take a Bible with me in Matthew Matthew chapter 24 and I want to start with verse 15 Matthew chapter 24 and I want to start with verse 15 and then he to come back and finish your math Matthew 24 in verse 15 the Bible says and we need to show see the abomination of desolation spoken of by who Daniel the prophet we are just look at a part of that stand in the Holy Place whosoever read it let him understand. Then let them which are in the Judea flee into the mountains let him which is on the house top not come down to take anything out of his house neither let him that is in the field return back to take his clothes and woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days but prayed that prayed that your flight be not in the winter or neither on the what Sabbath day for then shall be a what. A great tribulation. Such as was not begin since the beginning of the world to this time nor no nor ever Shelby and except those days be shortened there should be no what flesh saved but for who the Alexei those days shall be short now who's talking Jesus is why would he have to shorten the days for the elect sake if the elect weren't there. Amen amen So listen God is never promised you a primrose path that it's going to be easy just become a Christian just accept me and things will go great so I was just the opposite because you really bring down the wrath of the devil when you decide to do what's right as long as you're complacent he didn't even mind if you go to church if you're going to sit in a pew in war McKeown be critical of others and backbiting and just cause havoc he'd rather have you there but when you get excited and you begin to pray and you begin to study every day and you begin to get closer to Jesus you become a witness for him you get the devil excited against you so it's important to understand that here we see that the Tribulation is going to go on and we are going to go through it and I'll tell you what I do is look at the plagues of Egypt and realize that God is able to protect you through the plagues Amen All right let's go back to Daniel Chapter 9 I want to finish the math here Daniel Chapter 9. Now remember we're looking at a bigger picture right not just 70 weeks we're looking at what 2300 days or really we're talking about years. So if we've ended in the fall of 3480 are you with me. 1 yes or no OK thank you so we've covered 400 in 90 of the 2300 years I'm just going to do some math here 2300 minus 490 K. Well I do some borrowing here that's got a that's actually got to be a 2 Rule 1 in that's got to be a 2 and that's to be a tin and that's got to be. A mess yeah OK that's a 0 that's the 1. I messed up when I crossed out that 3 didn't OK. So you really come down you got you got 22 Yeah you got 20 that's really a 2 there so you just becomes 22 minus 4. Let me do let me I know let me start over you know that's what happens when you try to get in a hurry anyway so we've got at 2300 and we're going to subtract 400 in 99 I don't need to borrow anything to from 0 to 0 right so I can simply bring that 0 down but it in order to take subtract 9 I've got a viral from the 3 that makes at a 2 right makes at attention so 10 minus 9 is 1 now 22 minus 4 is what because I could borrow this and I can make it a 1 and add make that a 1212 minus 4 is 8 every now and 1 that means 800 in 10 are you with me what does that give me it gives me the space of time between here. And here are you with me so if we take and I'm to get this out of the way you guys 800 in 10 years to this date what was going to happen on this date sanctuary would be Quins That's absolutely right now if we're at $34.00 A.D. and we go another 810 years this is a math real plus for is. For what's 1 plus $34.00 and you've got 18 there brings you to the fall of 1844 now what was going to happen in a fall of $844.00. Well that's what they thought but when you read this the Bible says under $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleanse Daniel knew that as a fulfillment of the Day of Atonement what happened on the Day of Atonement a time period in which the sins of Israel that had been attached to the sanctuary through the High Priest were then clinched What is it Jesus is doing for us right now is the cleansing the Sanctuary while at what is or sin in heaven no but the record of sin is in heaven who sin our sin Jesus as our lawyer is our mediator is standing there in our stead in his taking in applying his blood to you and to me and you need to understand some clearly people want to end it at the cross and so there's no have a nice actuary and there is no judgment it Jesus did it all on the cross let me tell you some if you stop at the Cross we're all lost. Why because at some point in time he had to take that blood that precious blood that he shed and apply it to your life and. He does that through the judgment and that's what it foretells little brother and sisters once he's done with judgment. He stands up good new 1 more passage Daniel Chapter 12 about 2 minutes Daniel Chapter 12. Notice with me in verse 1 Daniel Chapter 12 verse 1 and at that time shall Michael stand up hoose who's Michael it's Jesus that's right at that time show Michael stand up the great prince would stand up for the children of by people and there should be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time and at that time the high people shall be what delivered what's he talking about 7 coming that's right 2nd coming now listen to me Jesus when he is done with this high priestly ministry he's done with judgment every case is been decided the Bible says the come a time when he says he that is filthy let him be filthy still and he that is unjust let him be unjust still and he that is holy let him be holy still and then he says and behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be here we began to see that just before Jesus comes every case has been decided and there's no change inside Jesus then comes to get his people he takes off his priestly garments he puts on his kingly garments and he comes as King of Kings and Lord of lords and gathers his people to take them back Hallelujah Amen I'm looking forward to that time I look at this an insane OK since 844 to now how long is it been. I think it's about 173 years with Noah it went how long. 120 Now let me ask you a question how much longer do you think he has I want to submit to you that he's holding off for you and me to be reading him in and I'll tell you what I want to be ready for Jesus to come in now. How many of you would like to say today I want to be ready for Jesus to come regardless of the cost I want to be ready for Jesus to come Amen Let's have a word of prayer our dear kind Heavenly Father I want to thank you so much for each 1 that is here and Lord as we spend some time looking at this prophecy I just pray that this is brought to light an understanding of the importance of this prophecy and how unique it is to the 7th Day Adventist Church and Lord how important it is that we understand what you are doing right now on our behalf and so Lord we just pray today that you will accept our decision that we want to live for you and we want to be ready for you to come Lord May we honor that by how we talk and how we live and that you Lord will be supreme in our life so bless us now today and thank you again for CAN'T meeting may you continue to give your spirit to all of us in Jesus precious name him in. 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