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4. The Mark of the Beast

Terry Nelson




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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I do kind Heavenly Father want to thank you so much for each 1 it is here and as we're here we just pray that you will take in letus Guidice directness and that Lord Your Holy Spirit will teach us that we'll understand this topic we love you so much in your precious name Amen. And that's why that's that's fine that's that's a good that's a good 1. What I want to ask is What is the mark of the beast. I would how would you how would you prove that. Let me tell you a story I had a I had a. Person that was that I had baptized that began to give Bible studies in and he was given Bible studies to his nephew and as he was giving Bible studies to his nephew his nephew said to him 1 day he says Uncle Tom what is this whole issue of the mark of the beast now when I teach people to do Bible studies I teach them you keep the topics in order in you don't get out of order because they're a foundation they begin to build to where when you get to the topics then they'll be understandable Well you know family and pressure and all of that and he finally urged and coaxed and finally he said. And he said it is Sunday worship and he said all along that isn't right most of the world goes to church on Sunday that isn't right I'm not I'm not studying with you anymore and he came back and he talked to me and I said well you know the cardinal rule he said yeah. And I said that's exactly what happens if you don't have the foundation you can say to somebody that the mark of the beast is Sunday worship as you begin to think about this whole situation I think it's important for us to understand a couple of items because if we don't many people will simply say oh you're nuts that just doesn't fit it doesn't work so I want to standards stand today how could we explain the issue of the mark of the beast because the majority of Christianity today will tell you it doesn't really matter when I go to church and the thing that I want to standard stand is I believe that it does make a difference as to what we do so I'm going to I'm going to move very quickly through this I'd like to take you and your Bibles to Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel Chapter 7. And then Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel receives a vision of this comes about 1314 years before the overthrow of the Babylonian Kingdom. And notice what it says I'm going to start with verse 1 and I'm going to read right down to it I want you to begin to stop and think of what he sees notice verse 1 in the 1st year as are king of Babel and Daniel had a dream in visions of his head upon his bed then he wrote the dream and told the summer of some of the matters Daniel spake and so they saw my vision by night and behold the 4 winds that they haven't strove upon the great what I see and for great peace came up from the seed diverse 1 from another now let me ask a question in prophecy what are waters or seas. People very good very good where do we find. Write write it down it's in it's in Revelation Chapter 17 verse 15 jump down let's just get this out of the way right away jump down would be to verse 17. $715.00 waters in prophecy represent multitudes of peoples nations now here we see jumping around a verse 17 it says these great be which are for are for what kings or kingdoms which shall arise out of the earth so when we come back to verse 3 where it says 4 great beast came up from the sea diverse 1 from another we're talking about for what kings are kingdoms that's right now it's important for us to understand these kingdoms come up from an area that is populated no 1 Daniel's time where's the area of the earth that is populated around the Mediterranean Sea right Babylonian there over on the east side so you began to look and see that here it is God is is showing what is going to take place remember it when a prophecy is repeated it is in large Another words there is more information we're going to see 4 kingdoms but we're going to see the 4 kingdoms that if we were to go back to Daniel Chapter 2 and see the great image member the head of gold the arms and chest the silver belly and thighs of brass legs a Veyron feet of iron and clay OK Now notice in verse 4 The 1st was a like a what line and had eagle's wings I beheld till the wings are of were plucked and it was lifted up from the earth and made stand upon the feet as a man and a man's heart was given it and behold another beast a 2nd like a what a like a bear and it raises self on 1 side and had 3 ribs in the mouth of it be pinned between the teeth of it and they said the son to it arise devour much flesh. After this I beheld and lo another like a what Leopard which had upon the back of it 4 wings of a fowl and the Beast had also 4 heads and dominion was given to it after this I saw in the night vision to hold a 4th beast dreadful and terrible and strong exceedingly and it had great iron teeth it devoured him break in pieces and stamp the residue with the feet of it and it was diverse from all the Biso were before it and it had 10 horns I considered the horns and behold there came up among them another what little horn before whom there were 3 of the 1st horns plucked up by the roots behold in this horn were the eyes like the eyes of a man in a mouse speaking great things and I beheld to the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit whose garment was white as snow and his hair this head was like pure wool has shown was like the fiery flame in his wheels is burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him 1000 thousands minister down to him and 10000 times 10000 stood before him the what. The judgment was set as some translations say the court was seated the judgment was set and the books were open then I beheld I beheld then because of the Great of the great words which the horn spake I me held even till the beast was slain and his body destroyed and given to the burning flames as concerning the rest of the beasts they had their dominion taken away yet their lives were prolonged for a season in time I saw in of the night vision and behold 1 like the son of man who is that Jesus came with the clouds of heaven and came to ancient days who sat as the father. And they brought him near before him and there was given him dominion and glory and a kingdom that all people nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting Dominion which should not pass away in his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed now that's the totality of the vision then you'll see this now when we stop and take a look at it we see that there is a lion with wings a bear raised up on 1 side a leopard with 4 heads and tore 4 wings then we see this nondescript the sedan you couldn't put a picture to and then on top of this nondescript beast is what 10 horns then after the 10 horns What what is the next thing in verse 8 that we see. We see a rise of a little horn and when the little worn comes up what is a do it plucks of 3 of the 1st horns. Then what's the very next thing that we see. We see the judgment seen then what do we see the very end it well that's part of judgment but that's right the books were open judgment takes place but as a result of judgment the 2nd coming of Jesus Jesus receives his kingdom Amen when does he receive it after judgment when he comes to get his people Amen praise the Lord now I want you to stop and think about some for a moment in the reason I've come to this place is because I want to we know without a doubt that the bear represents to. The bare rep yet you're right what is the lion represent Thank you. I thought I was fooling you and you fooled me. OK the line represents Babylon. And then you have the bear that's media Persia in and have the leopard that is Greece and then you have this nondescript Beast which is to roam listen you can go back in your history books and see all of this it's just. Then Rome when it divided up divided into what 10 kingdoms that's what it's talking about when the this nondescript script beast had 10 horns on it now some time after that you got to take the time zone because as you look at Babylon Babylon ruled from 605-2538 Then you to have the Medes and Persians that rule from 538 down to 331 and then Greece takes over and they rule from 331 down to 168 B C then you have the rise of Rome and Rome rules from 168 B.C. all the way down 247680 now quick checker and that is a fact that when Jesus died on the cross who is in government Rome was he was sealed with the Roman seal he was guarded by Roman soldiers he was crucified on a Roman cross you know said there is no doubt a Roman governor is the 1 that that sent him to death. And so there's no doubt you see that place all out all through history and through prophecy then you have Rome dividing off most scholars will say it was about the year 351 that room began to weaken and as they begin to weaken pretty soon the tribes around a barbaric tries began to attack a way in which a little way and most scholars will set a date of the year for $76.00 A.D. as the actual collapse of room and they did that when they actually succeeded in said they were going to take and we're going to sign over the rights to Christian nations now here it is you began to to look in for $76.00 you have the collapse of Rome into 10 kingdoms and now you have those 10 kingdoms in rule as depicted here but then it says there's going to be another what another little horn and that little horn arises and then it takes an plucks up 3 of the 1st will horns by the roots so we want to take a look at how can we know who this little horn is now we can probably say can we Who is it how do you know it's a papacy I'm going to show you I. I will tell you that I am going to show you right now so let's take a look very quickly at verse 8. Papal Rome or the Catholic Church now want you to understand something very clearly God loves Catholics amen the word catholic simply means universal they are 1 of 2 churches that are truly universal today and that's the Catholic Church in the 7th Day Adventist church so it's a very important understand God loves Catholic people he loves from the costal as he loves Baptists he'll listen I'll tell you right now I believe that God has more of his people outside the church than he has inside the church but that is going to change before he becomes a man. What I mean is worldwide the Catholic Church is worldwide almost every country you go to do you find a Catholic church almost every country you go to in the world you'll find a 70 administering So we're not talking about just a missionary sense of where we're actually talking about established work OK So I want to come back to verse 8 quickly a minute and I want you to see some of the identifying characteristics and I'm going to read them and then I'm going to share with you the lists that you have on your sheet and that's why I wrote it down otherwise you'd be wanting to write them all down and in for the sake of time I wrote them for you were saved I considered the horns of beholder came up among them another little horn 1st identifying characteristic is we know that this warned a little more and comes up from where from among the 10 Now if the 10 is in the European area then that would mean also that this little horn rises from the European area to an IT Amen rises from among them before whom there were 3 of the 1st horns plucked up by the roots so this 1 on its rise to power actually took down or up rooted 3 of the private previous 10 kingdoms notice it goes on. And behold in this horn where the eyes like the eyes of. A man and a mouse speaking great things now here yes. We do we do. I will try just to that I'll give it to you right now actually Actually I'll share with you in a minute as I go through the identifying characteristic OK now let's let's continue on so we've got here to Rice's among them we've got here that up roots 3 horns we've got here that it has eyes like a man we have here that it a mouse speaking great things now jump down with me to verse 20 verse 20 in of the 10 horns that were in his head and of the other which came up before whom 3 fell even of that horn that had eyes and a mouth this big very great things what horns are talking about. The little horn That's right very good whose look was more stout than his fellows I beheld in the same worn 1 horn the little horn made war with the Saints and prevailed against them so there's another die down upon characteristic this horned a little worn makes war with the Saints. Until the Ancient of Days came in judgment was given under the saints of the most high if you look at the Hebrew here it really means in favor of the most high. End time came that the Saints possess a kingdom then he said thus the 4th Be shall be the 4th kingdom upon the earth which will be the diverse from all kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth until tried it took it down and break it in pieces verse $24.00 and the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings or kingdoms that shall arise and another shall arise after them so now we learn this little more not only arises among the 10 it arises when after the 10 Why is it important to know. History markers That's absolutely right if we know that Rome collapsed and divided into 10 kingdoms in the year for 76 a D. We know this little horn is going to rise when after for 76 A.D. That's absolutely right you see it couldn't have happened in 168 B.C. could it know because it had to happen after the rise of the 10 kingdoms Now notice we continue on it says and he showed be diverse from the 1st what's the word diverse mean means different what was different. Had eyes of a man knows we continually will cover that in a minute and he subdued 3 Kings verse 25 and he shall speak great words now we learned that in verse 8 speaking great words but what notices says he shall speak great words against to the Most High and show wear out the saints of the most high and think to change times and laws and they should be given into his hand until the time in times and the dividing of time but the judgment shall sit and they shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it to the inn now I want you to take your list. And you can check it with me I put the verses in there so in Daniel Chapter 7 we see here that this little horn arises from among the 10 is that so yes it arises after the 10 is that so yes it speaks great words against the most high is that true it up roots 3 Kings it's different OK what was what was significant about the 10 kingdoms. They were kings or kingdoms they were simply political entities but you see this power you began to look at it is speaking blasts the means or words against the most high so this power is not simply a political power it is also a religious power that's absolutely right so it's different it's both political and religious has the eyes like the eyes of God. Oh like man what does that mean. Means it's human and it is casting human views and human beliefs instead of God's. That's not a king That's right it persecutes the Saints verse $21.00 rules for time time and a half a time how much is a time in Hebrew language or to the Jewish people 1 year how long was a calendar year 360 days that's right so if we're talking time we're talking about 1 year or $360.00 days if we're talking times how much are we talking how do you know 2 I mean is plural. Very good Jerry in Daniel Chapter 4 never can as or was put out until 7 times passed him over so if it was going to be more than 2 God would have specified how many but because it's plural we know that it's at least 2 So you've got 2 So 736360 is how much $720.00 and this is a half a time or a half a year how much is half of 36180 so if you do the math and you get. 367-2180 what does that give you. A. 1260 days but remember in prophecy a day is equal to a literal year that's right very good so he rules for 1260 years and then he thinks to change times and the laws. Now it's unmistakable if you look in history there is only 1 power that has risen that actually fits all of these characteristics now there's many powers that have risen that fit some of them but there's only 1 power it's unmistakable as you go through history that there's only 1 power that fits all 9 of these identifying characteristics and that's the Roman Catholic Church or the papacy and once again I want you to understand God loves Catholic people this is not about people this is about a system will worship that is chosen to oppose got to go its own direction just like if you call yourself a Christian chooses to oppose the truth of God you 2 are walking in your own path in a way against God And so it becomes very important for us to understand that now I want to take you to the screen for a moment because I thought that's going to be the easiest way to be able to to take you through some of these quotes that I'd like to share with you you don't have to write the quotes down because we did print out them for you so I want you to just just hang with me though and as we go through this so we look at the idea of the mark of the beast in many today believe it's what 666 I could tell you a story about a lady that a couple that had a baby in this baby girl they gave her a social security number and in it was 666. They sued to Social Security commission. And they of course gave her a new card and a new number and told her we would never want to put the mark of the beast on this little girl but you know that's a deception then you have you know people saying it's a barcode or it's a credit card or going to be a chip placed in your hand or in your head or very popular it's going to be the 666 stamped on your forehead you you know you've talked to people they're free to 666 I was in subway 1 day and I got a sub and I got some chips and I got something to drink and in they ordered the lady rang it up and she looked at me and said. So it's a matter she couldn't say it she turned it around so I could see the total it was $6.66. I smiled and I said. So. And she said don't you get it 666 I said hold it are you telling me my sandwich is the mark of the beast. She thought for a minute and then she said well no. I said let me make you a suggestion you ought to go back and read Revelation Chapter 13 because the Bible says it's the number of a man not a samurai. Anyways. So the whole issue is as we go through. As we go through Daniel Chapter 7 there's no doubt and I want to show you this on the screen because I want you to be able see how these identifying characteristics point to this little Hornby and as Papal Rome Well here's our list again arises from the 10 arises from the 10 from among the 10 after the 10 is different subdues 3 Kingdoms eyes like a man speaks against God persecutes God's people rules for 1260 years and things to change times and laws does that fit Papal Rome church Number 1 they come from Italy which rises among the temple horns it rises after them Papal Rome rises to power in the year 538 A.D. and they rule for the Bible says 1260 years now that is after 47680 when Rome divided into 10 kingdoms. Did you have a question oh. No that's OK That's OK I was preaching 1 time in in all of sudden I saw this coming down right at the edge of the platform and I'm trying to preach and not pay any attention to it but I just couldn't help it so I finally went down in anyway. All right let's go let's continue on it's different this power Papal Rome was not just political and you can say they're not political can you know they're very political in fact I'll tell you what you can know that the papacy has an influence in American politics in men so they're both religious and political We see that they subdue 3 kings here you go you're welcome the hurly I in for 93 the vandals and 534 in the Ostrogoths and 538 in so you began the rule of the 1260 years in which rule in which year by 38 why. Because that's when the 3rd 1 was uprooted right you can start before the 3rd horn is uprooted Amen OK then we see it has the eyes like the eyes of a man showing singular leadership man's teachings and not gods we see that it speaks blasphemy against God Now what is blasphemy. Well Jesus was accused of blasphemy twice once because he claimed to be God Well was he got absolutely so he wasn't speaking blasphemy but any other power or any other person that claims to be God is speaking what blaspheming now he was accused of blasphemy another time because he forgave sins but if he was God was he able to forgive sins Absolutely but anybody else acclaims the ability to be able forgive sins as doing what that means committee blasphemy notices the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical dictionary the pope is of so great dignity and so exulted that he is not a mere man but as it were God and the vicar God He is likewise the divine monarch and supreme him for and what came kings I tell you what my Bible says I got 1 King of Kings in 1 Florida lords and as Jesus Christ makes me mad every time I read that. So that if it were possible that the angels are the faith they could be judge and excommunicated by who the pope National Catholic Council Pope Leo the 13 says we hold upon earth the place of God Almighty. The duties indignities of the priests were the Redeemer who did who would that be Jesus were the Redeemer to descend into a church and sit in the confessional to administer the sacrament of penance and a priest to sit in a confessional Jesus would say over the penitent ego toss Lavo the priest would likewise say over each penitent ego to US libel and a penance of each would be. Equally absolved What do they take in the Praga to them God That's absolutely right here comes another 1 the pope is of so great authority and power that he can modify explain or interpret it even what divine law would that include. That include the 10 Commandments that's half the right the pope can modify divine law since its power is not of God or of man but of God and he acts as a vice judgment of God upon earth Now let me ask you a question you can believe that if you want but do you think it's reasonable that God would say to some man that you can change my law the Bible tells me the law doesn't change tells me God doesn't change a man I am the same for today and yesterday today and forever thank you so you begin to look at and realize yeah they did they take that power upon themselves but I know of 1 high priest and as Jesus Christ amen and he's not on earth these in heaven and he says if you come to him and confess my sins He is faithful in just a forgive me my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness praise God Amen Now what about persecutes God's people well go back and look at the huge huge you know those in the wild and seas during the Dark Ages the Reformation and all of that time you'll find out more than 50000000 people died for their faith their New York dark ages and I want you to know that's the most conservative figure I found I actually saw figures by historians up to 200000000. So I use a conservative number I don't you know there's a lot of people that died for their face and that's why I said to you when we talked about the tribulation if God is going to take God's people in the last day before the tribulation he's going to he's going to have some explaining to do to those that died for their faith in in him. Notice in the Roman Catholic question watchman the church is persecuted only a tyro which is 1 who is uninformed in church astri will deny that history of the rise and influence of the spirit of rationalism in Europe that the Church of Rome is shed more innocent blood than any other institution that is ever existed among mankind will be questioned by who no Protestant who has a complete knowledge of history now we come rules for 1260 years papal rope Rome ruled exactly 12 and 6 years from the year 530 A.D. until what 1798 that's absolutely right what about a tense attempts to change God's law did Papal Rome try to change God's Law They absolutely did now what did they do they actually took out the 2nd commandment and they split the 10th commandment into moved all of them up so they still have 10 but what does a 2nd commandment. To worship not make into the any graven image that's absolutely right and of course then they take and they. Separate the last 1 and say thou shall not not covet thy neighbor's wife and then a no a national not covet thy neighbor's goods basically So also they attempted to change the day of worship and I said why did I say the word tempted. Because no 1 can change God's law we can accept it is a change but the reality is God says that they're going to think to change times and laws yes. They don't even say that they say Remember to keep holy the Lord's day. Yeah see they take it they take away the Sabbath and they keep keep Take away the whole idea why you keep the Sabbath remember this why do you keep the Sabbath. Creation It brings us back is a memorial of creation in helps us to remember the God of creation is your god that can take and recreate you and when Jesus says you must be born again he's talking about a recreation of our heart and soul Amen amen. They Well yeah all the commandments moved up when they took the 2nd out they moved them all up but then they would have had 9 so they split the 10th 1 and half of they still have 10 What's that. That's that's right that's what I'm saying is they took the 2nd commandment out and moved all the rest of them up which means a 4th command would now be the 3rd and in following so on notice in the Catholic converts catechism of Catholic doctrine which is the Sabbath day Saturday is the Sabbath Day Why do we observe Sunday instead of Sabbath because why the Catholic Church transferred to solemnity from Saturday to Sunday can any human power do that no. And when God says Behold I am the Lord and I change not we can know that God is good for his word Amen listen to me if God was not good for his word you couldn't trust he's coming back to get you amen but because he is good for his word when he promises to come back and get you and receive you and take you back where he is you can take it to the bank Amen praise God about that now this is the Catholic Encyclopedia of the church after changing a day of rest in the Jewish Sabbath of the 7th day of the week to the 1st I got to stop there for a moment stop and think was a Sabbath the Jewish thing no. When was Sabbath initiated a creation. In so here it was that you find well actually man was created on the 6th day so here you are for me and that's why Jesus says I am lord of the Sabbath the Sabbath was made for man now man for the Sabbath and so you began to see the fact that here it is from the beginning of time God instituted a special divine appointment that he would spend with his people the choice does not become whether it's right or not the choice becomes whether or not you're going to keep it or not because God doesn't change he expects his people to want to obey him and to follow him and meet with him because listen in our busy work in our busy lives you know we're given 6 days to do what we need to do but he says a 7th day is the Sabbath of who turned Elson of the Lord thy God Listen that's the day. Well we know this we know that God established a special time for this people to be able to worship him and I want to tell you this I believe that the ones in the unfolding worlds and around already worship him like they ought to be were and we are told though that throughout eternity we're going to fly into our city home our mansions he had prepared for us and every Sabbath we're going to come in and worship him so praise the Lord for that now notices continues on the church after changing a day of rest from the Jewish Sabbath of the 7th day of the week to the 1st made the 3rd commandment sketch that 2nd 1 they took out moved all of them out of the 3rd commandment refer to Sunday as a day to be kept holy as the board's day this in the Catholic Meir the Bible leaves no escape for the conscientious Protestant except the abandonment of Sunday worship and the return to Saturday commanded by their teacher who the Bible you see it's not that they're ignorant. The 1 plain ignorant is us amen the reason or reasoning common sense demand the acceptance of 1 or the other of these alternatives either Protestantism and the keeping holy of Saturday or Catholicism and the keeping of Sunday what's a say compromise is impossible let me tell you did I write that no I didn't write that does the church have the authority to change God's Law No it doesn't so what's going to be your guide to Bible or some church manual. And you be careful with that because I don't care which church manual it is. Is the bible going to be your sole rule of the forward you see that's where I'm at believe that the Bible has to establish the beliefs in doctrines of the church in men. Who's going to be your Master Jesus or church leaders. Tell you what there's thousands of churches that are are born if I can put it that way or raised or started as a result of people following a preacher. We better follow Jesus now but take your Bibles you'll need a Revelation 13 Revelation Chapter 13. And I'm not going to deal with the whole chapter because I'm going to deal with the rest of the chapter tomorrow but I do want to read part of this I'm going to start with verse 1 Revelation Chapter 13 in starting with verse 1. Still here a few pages turn I'm going to give you time to look it up here for Kian Chapter 13 verse 1 notice what it says I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea so this beast rises from where. A multitude of people where do we find that. Revelation 1715 very good you see here's a here's the thing and that is notice the beast in Daniel Chapter 7 come out. And there coming out of the sea or the populated area of the earth which we know would be what we would call Europe right now we see this beast rise up it it takes in comes from the sea or the populated area of the earth so it also in the time of John where was a populated area of the earth still around the European area right now notice as we continue on I want you to catch something here. Having 7 heads and 10 warns in upon his horns 10 her arounds did did you notice in Daniel 7 the 4th bees had what. 10 horns That's right very good then warns notice it goes on in 10 crowns and upon his heads the name of the last thing you already looked at that haven't we notice it continues on and the Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and had to end his feet where is a feed of a bear and his mouth is a mouth of a lie in and a dragon gave his power and his seed in his great authority and I want to stop there for just a moment stop and think you have a question. Or you are good that's exactly where I was going to go see the issue is is is Daniel is living in what kingdom. BABYLON So he looks from Babylon forward Babel and media Persia Greece and Rome but John is living in the time period of who Rome so now to catch the t'ai God gives him a vision the of this be said is a conglomerate of a lion a bear and a leopard. And so now in Notice he does it in exactly the opposite so now John in a time of Rome looks back at this research and sees that there has it's the it's the leopard and then the bear and lion right so he really is making a connection here with what we just saw in Daniel Chapter 7 very important key notice we go on notice the dragon gives him his power his seat is great authority Now let me ask you a question who is a dragon. Where you prove that. You don't have to go that far go back to Revelation chapter Chapter 12 and look at verse 9 Revelation Chapter 12 in verse 9. And a great dragon was cast out the old serpent called The Devil and Satan wish to see that the whole world so when we're talking about the dragon gives of his power his seat his great authority there is no doubt you have 2 powers in this earth 1 Christ 1 Satan right there both vying for your love and for your allegiance and your loyalty and your worship and so here it is you find at the dragon he uses what people imagine just like God uses people when you see the 3 jewels message and and these 3 angels come it's symbolic of his church giving the message Amen and so it is with the devil he also uses agencies on this earth to accomplish His will in so here notice what goes on John is living in a time of Rome who then is. The devil going to use to give How were to this power that we see and this 1 head of the beast knows we continue on verse 3 and I saw 1 of his heads as it was wounded to death and his deadly wound was what healed and all the world wondered after the beast in all the world and they what worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast and they worship to be used saying who is like unto the beast who is able to make war with the amount want you to catch them here the whole issue is over why worship Don't miss that point the whole theme of Revelation is worship peoples are doesn't matter when you were ship or how you worship or what day you worship what church you worship listen to me it's particular to God It ought to be particular to you amen notice we go on verse 5 and it was given unto him a mouse speaking what great things and blasphemies and powers given to him to continue 40 in 2 months. How long is that. Do the math there are certain days to a month already 2 months is $1260.00 days or literal years very good karma same time period he opened his mouth and blasphemy against God to blaspheme is name and his tabernacle and them to dwell in heaven and it was given unto him to make war with the Saints and overcome them and power was given unto him over all kindreds and tongues and nations and all that dwell upon your show all worship him but catch this whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world any man have an ear let him hear he that lead us into captivity shall go into captivity he that kill it with the sword must be killed with the sword here is a patience and the faith of the sings now jumped out of universe 17. We're going to get into this more tomorrow but I want you to catch this characteristic verse 17 that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here's wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a Subway sandwich. The number of wide it's a number of a man please don't miss that point it's not your 666 stamped on your forehead it's not a computer chip it's not a barcode case so notice we continue on the 666 is the number of a man for his number is 600 threescore in 6 a score is 63 score would be a score is 23 score would be 60 so 666 let's look at the identifying characteristics once again identifying this beast rises out of the sea did we see that in Daniel Chapter 7 yes requires worship did we see that yeah require speaks blasphemy did we see that it's rules 42 months or 1260 years do we see that time times and a half a time or dividing of time persecutes the Saints did we see that yes number 666 is a number of them and where do we see that in Daniel you know the eyes like the eyes of a man that's right leads into captivity and that's a new 1 has the authority from pagan room he said wait a minute says the dragon gave his power his seat is great authority but remember this as you look at all these characteristics who can this be. Has to be Papal Rome because it fits all the same identifying characteristics I gave you the sheep if you take and draw lines you'll find that they pretty much all match now God gave us some new ones there because he gave us a deadly wound that was healed and he also gave us leads into captivity but what you find is the devil used pay Pagan Rome to give Papal Rome the authority notice we continue on the net of course the deadly wound that is healed now the bible reveals that the Beast of Revelation 13 in the Little Horn of Daniel are while. Same power John seen it from his day Daniel seen it from his day and yet they meet together and you find that the same characteristics the same things that existed then God foretold would exist in this piece of Revelation 13 Now let's compare em both rise up out of the see both a religious political powers both speak blasphemy both rule for 1260 years. Math there $42.00 times certain equals $260.00 Prophetic days are literal years both persecute the Saints we come back you're both have singular leadership teaching man's doctrines and not God's Now it's interesting because on the pope's miter No it's not on every minor that he has but on some of the miters that he has the letters are written in the crowns miter by carious. Which is Latin for vicar of the Son of God Now you notice there in the quote from our busy Sunday visitor April for April 1915 I was doing a series of meetings 1 time and I had a wonderful Catholic lady there and she walked out that night and she said to me I've never seen that before I'm going to ask the priest and I said please do and I said please tell me what they say. So she went to ask priests A didn't seem to know much so she wrote our Sunday visitor. And about 3 weeks later she came in she said I can't believe the pastor and Pastor you're right. And I said about what I mean by that time I had a mom was 1 of the things that she said about what you said about what's on the pope's pope's crown and I saw was a show she actually took it she got a response from our Sunday visitor and it says yes on his miter is the word vicariously idea which stands for vicar of the sun about and they go on to explain the whole thing I said and I copied it and I did not put it my file so vicariously I day he were talking of course Roman numerals does that work to 666 Well yes you come down through there you see there vicarious equals 112. To $53.00 days Eagles to $5501.00 and of course add those together in it is $666.00 I want to say 1 thing before you say ah he's missing something you notice that the V. is equal to 5 and I come down in the you is also equal to 5 you ever heard that. Well Roman numerals the Roman numerals and they all have they all have a. Numerical value think you would the reason that use find out is it started out with just the V. there was 24 letters in the Alpha bit and it was expanded into the you and the W. so in room the Roman numeral values the V The W. in the you all would have the same numerical value I see with me OK Anyway check it out you don't take my word for it but look at it and listen I do have to say this and that is that if this was the only thing that I had to go on I would be preaches message. OK but it's simply 1 more because you make your name me well maybe not. I'm just simply saying a lot of names could be made out to $666.00 I'm simply saying to you it's 1 more point 1 more identifying characteristic that you have so what about the 3 additional points well he gets authority from the dragon which is to say but he uses a power on earth called Rome notices from the professor of history University of Rome to the succession of the Caesars came the successions of the watch contests in Rome who is he talking about the OK the leaders the Catholic church that's right when Constantine left Rome he gave his seat to the pontiff Here's from Stanley's history the pope still the place of the vacant emperors of Rome inheriting their power prestige in titles from paganism Why does he say the vacant emperors of Rome. Because you had the collapse of Rome see Rome had lasted the longest of any power and so now when they collapse he had the division of 10 and they all wanted to same powers Rome and so they started to intermarry but they couldn't ever have that same power that Rome had so now it says the Popes fill the place of the vain vacant imprisoned room and Harradine their power prestige and titles from paganism the papacy is but the ghost of the deceased Roman Emperor sitting crowned upon its grave. The beast is not a person it's a what religious political system that's absolutely right what about 2nd will go into captivity well in the year 798 go back and do a little history I don't have time to get into it now but if you go back and do a little bit of history you'll find that just before the collapse or the taking down of the papacy in 798 you had the French Revolution. Study that out and look at look at all that took place there because that's what led to General birth year coming in in $798.00 in taking the pope and putting him in exile and he died in exile so the collapse of of the papacy exactly 1260 years after they started. That was the mortal wound that's absolutely right that was a mortal room that they did but I want you to understand some of them when they took him captive that was not the stopping of the Catholic Church that took away their political power and I don't know about you but I don't believe a church ought to be in charge of politics anyways Amen you don't want to put me in charge of the government I got some things I do amen but I can say you don't want to do that it's not it's not a good thing but the deadly wound is then healed so when did that take place in a word in the year 1929 when the papacy it says here in the San Francisco Chronicle is really interesting because here you have a secular newspaper that reports on this historic Pat mousseline aspire he signed a historic Roman hat Now notice what it says in there there were 111929 the Roman question tonight was a thing of the past and the Vatican was with it was at peace with Italy and a notice a warning in affixing the autographs to the memorable document healing come on the what the wound extreme cordially ality was displayed on both sides so once again a secular newspaper writes in recognizes this is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy they had a deadly wound and the Wound was healed they did that by giving them their 100 acre Cardus parcel and explaining proclaiming them their own independent government. All you got to do is stop and think back here a few years ago when all those priests were accused of being pedophiles how many of them did you see go to jail but you see the thing was if that had been an admin is preacher that man and jail been a Baptist preacher they'd been in jail that been a Pentecostal preacher they'd have been in jail you can you know you could go right down the list but they were not put in jail because the paper papacy came to our government in said listen let us deal with their own because every priest here is actually a diplomat he's here in under deploy a diplomatic community and so they said let me do it let us deal with it in the government says yes we will let you do this in so once again you begin to find it now that's why they're their own government they make their own laws and $100.00 in 5 countries around this world recognized by the United Nations has ambassadors at the Vatican including the United States of United States. It's a shame that's absolutely right now so when you begin to look at there's no doubt the fact that that this 1st Beast of Revelation 13 is none other than Papal Rome My question now comes to what is then the mark of the beast now we're we're dealing with symbols right we see a beast record represents a nation right you begin to go right down through and you realize that it's talking about symbolism in all things doesn't it also also make sense that there is this mark of the beast is also a symbol. Well let's let's take a look and see what the Bible has to say because for every counterfeit there's a what a genuine Now you can also turn it around very genuine there's going to be a counterfeit that's awfully right what is a counterfeit. OK it looks like it now because I love you all so much. I decided to give somebody $100.00. You want a $100.00. I can't change it but let me ask you a question Is this a real $100.00 bill no in if I gave this to you and you went to Wal-Mart and said I want to buy groceries what would they do with you they'd laugh this in the good enough that they call the authorities probably they just laugh at you because it's not a very good counterfeit if it was going to be a good counterfeit what would it have to look like exactly like the original or a wooden fool anybody a man keep that in the back of your mind as we go forward here we want to know then what is the mark to be now I believe that Jesus has a stablished assigner mark of his people to identify his people don't you take your Bibles and go with me to Exodus Chapter 31. Second Book of the Bible Exodus Chapter 31 and I want to start verse 12 Exodus Chapter 31 I want to start in verse 12 Now notice what it says ex a certain 1 in verse 12 the Lord spake unto Moses who spoke the Lord can you trust what the Lord says amen the Lord speaking to Moses same speak though also into the Children of Israel verily my sadness you shall What you keep for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that ye may know that I am the Lord that what. So he says a Sabbath is a sign you can see you can you can interchange that word with Mark or seal Jesus says I've got a special mark I've got a special identifying point that is going to take an identify my people and it's an identifier that they do what. And mom was a say. No you're missing something. It says. It is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that you may know that I am the Lord that doesn't fire you what does it mean to be sanctified set apart made holy so here it is only only God can make you holy and he says the Sabbath is your recognition of Him as your god that can make you holy men never forget that he says it's a recognition you have by identify me as your god now does God Change know this keep. Each of keep the Sabbath therefore for his holy and do you every 1 that defiles the defile that should surely be put to death for whosoever do it then he work there in that soul shall be cut off from among his people 6 days may work be done but in the 7th is a sabbath of what rest holy to do to the Lord whosoever do with any work in the Sabbath day he should be surely put to death and I've had some people say all that's just 1 of those you know feast Sabbath wait a minute what does it mean when it says 6 days may work be done was every for you to. Back to creation it also refers you to the 10 Commandments. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days shalt Oliver and do all they work at the 7th day is the Sabbath the Lord God. No actually the interesting thing is that when you read the Catholic bible out of the Book of Genesis of the Exodus it reads very similar Now remember they have a couple different versions of the Bible it's where you get into their helps in their catechism that they rely on that they change those things. I've got a I didn't bring a with me but I've got a Darby's No a do a version of the Catholic Bible and it was amazing to me some of the things that I read out of there in fact 1 of the points says under a footnote of Revelation 17818 no Revelation 1318 that's the 1 says that it's the number of a man in His number is 600 threescore and 6666 under footnote there it says the numerical values of the letters of his name make up this number I said who I like that they would go ahead. OK Notice we continue to read so there's no doubt this time of something a Sabbath of God's moral law were 16 where for the children of Israel should keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations for a was her pecial covenant Now people say ah that's just a Jew see that's perpetual covenant if God expected it to be for ever did God change not say what I don't have time to go through the study on the new covenant but what you find in the New Covenant is the fact that God doesn't change the parameters of the covenant he decides to write it upon your heart and upon your mind now it's amazing to be some people say Well see I don't have to worry about keeping it because it's in my heart my mind I'm saying ha. It's in your mind you know it's right it's in your heart you want to do it because you love him amen So it's amazing as you begin to look at what we used to do away with God's law notice verse 17 it is a sign or a seal or a mark between me and the children of Israel forever for in 6 days a Lord made heaven and earth that on the 7th day was refreshed and crew was create was written he rested and was refreshed once again pointing you back to creation and to the 4th Commandment let's look at another 1 goad me to easy chapter 20 just before the Book of Daniel easy chapter 20 notice with me in verse 11. Chapter 20 and I'd like verse 11 the Bible says in verse 11 easy kill Chapter 20 it says I gave them my statutes and showed them my judgments which if a man do he show even why live in them moreover Also I gave them my sabots to be a watch sign or a mark or a seal between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that what. So as God changes mine No because God is the same yesterday today and for every good jumped out with me to verse 19 I am the LORD your God walk in my statutes and keep my judgments and do them and how my sadness for them and they should be a sign or a mark ory seal between you me and you that ye may know that I am the LORD your God So once again we begin to see God is very in phatic that the Sabbath is a special sign that he has with who with his people that's right now listen to me when did Jews rejected him in Jesus establishes the new Christian era starts a new church Paul says there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond or free there's these are male nor female for you're all 1 in Christ Jesus and if you be Christ and Him seed in errors according to the promise that means that though my D.N.A. is not Jewish That means that I can be grafted in and God takes all those people both whether Jew or Greek and Gentile and takes in combines them into what is now spiritual Israel and spiritual Israel is who the new covenant is made for. But it doesn't do away with God's law a man begin to look at and see that the Sabbath is a very significant part of what God has in helping to identify his people but remember we already talked about the fact that where there's a true there's a counterfeit and where there's a counterfeit there's a true that's right so good to scream I want you to notice this here's a pope sitting on His throne but I want you to remember back to the sanctuary for a moment on the ark of the covenant on either end what was there there was an angel that's right on either end there there the Bible describes it there when would come across and touch each other they would be facing towards each other in down towards the mercy seat representing the guardians of the throne of God Now notice here if you can see here on the side of the throne What are those wing cherubs or angels Yeah you began to look at it in see the fact that here it is somebody sitting on a throne where only God belongs now I tell you what once again it comes back to the whole idea of him taking the place of God we have to understand the mark of the beast we must 1st understand God's seal signer Mark what did we just read what is he a seal signer Mark 77 Now let me ask you a question Would a good counterfeit for the Sabbath a day of the week be 606 stamped on your forehead now would it be a computer chip would it be a credit card no a social security number no see those are all things the devil has devised to be able to draw people's attention away from the real issue what's the real issue. Worship. It's all over worship what does the Bible say it says the 7th day sabbath is God sign or seal the Sabbath is God's sign of loyalty or faithfulness to the creator but you know here comes along this power that rises as this power rises it decides to take it's own authority because that's what God or that's what the devil wanted you can write this down go to Isaiah Chapter 14 and read about verses 12 through 15 or so and it talks about the fact that that he's going to put his his his throne on the Congregation of the sides of the north and he's going to exalt himself above the stars of God and he is going to be as God So you begin to look at the fact he wants worship and now you have a counterpart you have 2 powers that are virus vying for your soul and your decision and your loyalty and your worship what does the Roman Catholic Church claim is the sign of its authority. Well Catholic record says this Sunday is our mark of what of authority the church is above the Bible and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact. I don't know about you I don't know what you but I don't I don't accept anything above the Bible even my own church Amen I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God I believe the Bible is the love letter God has given you to help you to understand the love he has for you amen but it also warns you of deception it teaches you the truth. Notice here Faith of Our Fathers of course the Catholic Church claims that the change from Sabbath to Sunday was her act and this act is a mark of her ecclesiastical power and authority and religious matters let me ask you question do they have power in religious matters listen every country around this world bows in the to Papal room tell you what it's amazing you can look at the influence that the pope has noticed this in the Catholic universe will attend the change church change the observance of the Sabbath to Sunday but the right of the divine infallible authority given to her by our founder Jesus Christ the Protestant claiming the Bible to be the only group of faith how many of you believe that's true. Ron that only half of you believe that's true OK the Bible the Protestant claiming the Bible to be the only guide of faith has no warrant for the observing of what Sunday in this matter the 7th Day Adventists is the only consistent Protestant. I didn't write that by the way. Hey Catholic extension magazine regarding the change of the observance of Jewish Sabbath once again there we go to the Christian Sunday I wish to read draw your attention to the facts number 1 the Protestants who accept the Bible as the only rule of faith and religion I don't know but that includes me in men should by all means go back to the observance of the Sabbath the fact that they do not but on the contrary observe Sunday stultifies them in the eyes of every thinking man number 2 we Catholics do not accept the Bible as the only rule of faith besides the Bible we have the Living Church the authority of the church as a rule of to guide us we accept your change of the Sabbath to Sunday we say for we frankly say yes the church made this change number 3 we also say of all Protestants the 7th Day Adventist are the only group that reason correctly and are consistent with their teachings it is always somewhat laughable to see the Protestant churches in Paul put in legislature demand the observance of Sunday of which there is why then nothing in the Bible but pretty powerful in their men so you now have the 2 oppositions to powers. Jesus Christ in calling people to accept his seal his mark his side of the 7th day sabbath that you recognize him as your Creator God then you have the beast power coming along which is governed by Rabbi by the devil and here it is you begin to see that they say our mark is Sunday we've established our own day we've transferred the solemnity to our day and now you do as we say and become part of us I'll tell you what I want to follow Jesus' name in an no notice system as this was a bulletin that came from the St Catharines church down by Detroit Michigan May 21905 that's fairly recent perhaps a bold as thing the most revolutionary change the church ever did happen in the 1st century the holy day the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday not from any direction noted in scriptures that. But from the church a sense of its own power people who think the scriptures should be the sole authority how do you think they finish it. Should logically become 7th Day Adventist and keep Saturday all evening No I didn't write that but listen to me listening the leaders of the Catholic Church know good and well what they're doing and there's no question in their mind about what day is Sabbath which day is Sunday what we need to do is we need discover that God has a sign that he's calling his people to accept and it's very clear you can fight it you can argue it you can do whatever you want to do and you let you do it but the Bible's very clear the Sabbath is a sign of God's people. In the future the whole issue of loyalty will center around what are around worship the central issue regarding the mark of the beast is over worship Now take your Bibles and go with me back to Revelation Chapter 13. Revelation Chapter 13. I've got a raft this thing of. Revelation Chapter 13. And notice with me in verse 6 Now let me read verse 15 Revelation 13 in verse 15 and he had power to give life under the image of the beast at the image of both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be what killed and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive the mark in their wad right hand or in their foreheads so do you think that you once again the devil has people thinking that God's going to go through or the devil's going to go through and he's going to write 666 on your forehead and you're going to be forever marked but we've been talking about symbolism through this right and so God has already stated that the true issue is over worship that his true sign is the Sabbath the 7th day of the week the devil comes along and through paypal Rome now has people believing that it is the 1st day of the week or that it doesn't matter WHAT DO YOU KEEP But here the Bible says you can receive the mark of the beast in your right hand or in your forehead Jesus says in Revelation 7 write it down you can look it up Revelation 7 it says the people of God are given the seal of God in their foreheads only so what does it mean when he's talking about the the the forehead or the right hand. OK you can choose to believe what they say and make an intelligent decision that says no I'm going to believe what they say and that's right and that's final I've had people to say to this have said to me listen I was born Catholic I was raised Catholic I'm going to die Catholic. OK it's your choice. But that does make a right amen that does make a right the other 1 the hand did you notice it says that you can't buy or sell. You see because of coersion because of convenience because we don't want to go through persecution we may not agree with it we may know that it's wrong but because we want to feed our families because we want to not have trials and tribulations we go along with it that's shown by the action of the hand. So you can either believe it or not believe it but by following it you are choosing to receive the mark of the beast as in the 4 he ended convinced to be right or coerced along with it now I want you to understand Revelation Chapter 14 is all about worship go back and read Revelation 143 angels message verses 6 through 12 in verse 7 it says in worship him that may have been an earth and sees in the found water let me ask the question how do you worship God as a creator 7th day sabbath but then in verse 9 is says don't worship the beast or is image so here it is the whole theme of the 3 angels message The Last Day message to go around this globe is a theme of don't worship the beast worship God in the true Sabbath it's all over worship Amen amen So who is going to be your guide now the bible is going to be my guide who can be your Master Jesus could be my master and what is the foundation of your faith the Bible or what man says the Bible is. What is the basis of authority in spiritual matters the church or God's will God's will absolutely right God never uses force. And just says it wasn't a days of Noah God invites his people to take a stand as it was in the days of Daniel God invited his people to take a stand as it was in the days of Jesus God invited his people to take a stand in the days of the early Christians God invited his people to take a stand and in the dark ages God invited is people to take a stand in the last days God invites his people to do was take a stand the question you have to answer and you can only answer for yourself and that is are you willing to accept his sign of creator and that's by keeping the 7th day Sabbath I want to invite you if you want to make a renewed that decision today to keep his Sabbath or to follow Jesus that he be Lord of your life on invites you to raise your hand right now are your kind Heavenly Father want to say thank you so much for each 1 it is here and Lord as we're here we're asking for you to renew our mind helpless Lord to be new creations in you the Lord will keep your Sabbath and the Lord will honor it not because of us and not out of duty but because we fallen in love with you and you're the creator of the Sabbath and and you've asked us to. Because you want to take time every week to spend with us so Lord bless us now I pray you take us back and help us to enjoy the rest of the day and then Lord bring us back out tomorrow in Jesus' precious name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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