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Session 3: God's Will - Your Mission

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area




  • October 10, 2009
    4:00 PM
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the father that Lorene is one thing crazy just for the privilege of being your coworker is perform a plan of salvation yourself without our help using angel who work full duty in Iraq right now believes sinful area we human beings of which I am G4 you know that I have no business being on here but hall so I'm here so I created you and using it myself when we can price I saw Annie Jesus Christ the only seen her but fell throughout our lives into the lives of others who previously thanks I appreciate so your mission may remember we discussed that whatever our vocation our calling in life what is our first consideration is little surprise whatever was called his first interview to win souls for Christ he may not be able to speed congregations that he can work for individuals today communicate the instruction received from the Lord ministry does not consist alone in raising those minister who relieve the sick and suffering helping the needy speaking words of comfort to the desponding of those little things teaching the ignorant also read not to far off parcels weighing down my sense of guilt it is not a hardship for poverty to degrade humanity but guilt wrongdoing this brings unrest in the satisfaction of Christ and the service ministries in six holes on the parable of the sewer now Matthew thirteen twenty three says that the seed that fell on good ground is who the one who received the word and understands it and there's what I want is for bears fruit to the fruits of the spirit there counted on a number I believe this is people but I was very intriguing is that her oldest Hans uses what numbers one to five and they multiplied and soon you know to not one for NK brand but notice here how many do it bring forth thirty six Z or is not possible could you win thirty people to Christ I believe you climb some of you could blame when sixty sold by some of you community thousands or hundreds I believe there's a reason those numbers of their think about think about it for a while and commit yourself to doing the talk about the ratio going back to your skills and we talked about in your job right in your job we've look at your skill set now I thought about myself and I use myself as an illustration most of my vacations are for weekly prayers for colleges and academies over fifty percent of what I do is just that I thought for myself why is that it's very clear now is also used in interesting thoughts when I went to the Ukraine with amazing facts we had to the homes and people coming on night was friendly and nominal and I was there during health lecture ring answering questions like that when we were gone there were eighty nine baptized thousands of the end of the campaign that wasn't with the follow-up so I thought that was amazing my last retreat with a couple months ago I did for church for the Filipino-American Seattle church and there were many people that came that were not Christian or not as out of the hundred people that came on the retrieve there are about twelve they were baptized anyone here from Oakland Academy know I did it we can recently out of their forty four students thirteen six committed for Baptist payment anywhere from your BS now I want to share with you what the principal said to me again I week of prayer we got there do you know I said Mister Hess what do you think about the twenty five students for baptism is not beyond my wildest dream with him and that is exactly how is it is a natural he said it just like that but he was excited yet understand he was very excited as after just a short weekend over half of their student body made commitments when I did a week of prayer in springs of life it's an orphanage in Calcutta India it will build all will build dollars that he was in much orphanages the other eighty two of his ninety students came forward but you know some of them were quite young so it is at least sixty but still I get letters to this day to three years from the orphans and there's still moving and you know what I tell you even talking with I called Mike every four to six months and one time I call and surely the stories is not fair patient is now five thirty two ministry there's no holds bar what was happening was is that some of the students were actually seeing my pool wasn't like him say anything on the phone and they told me they said you know uncle they call me uncle to call anyone older uncle pretty much when you're in the sun and you're walking and you cast a shadow but there's no person entity described as a fourteen foot child while and talk to them for the other side is a white ball advances in front and the cost of and when it happened which was as soon as it was trying to get them to go to the garbage and one of them was like putting her hand on her fellow classmate point we need to go to the garbage and the garbage is a fourteen foot compost you can get out these students were six and nine years and a commitment to sleep all through analysis and moaning honey you have to follow Jesus is the only way to save yourself to protect yourself from now and we prayed on the phone long distance and television monitoring the illegals after six soft hair pick on someone like me you know thought I had thought him not got enough problems in the I help us in I went to the other organization I in the other sixty students thirty five from baptism Piedmont values I cannot my sister my favorite little sister Diane I stayed with her over two years ago she was baptized at Auburn County and the day after her bathroom she came with me to model can she share her testimony with you I share the morning meetings thirty five of the eighty campers make decisions about using a treasure when I talk with adults sure this is the results making these young people I and God really works not because I'm any better than anyone else but he's given us all our work is given us all our specific talents and abilities right I would probably go crazy if apologists unionized there is strong demand at my beautiful arrests on the last and the same thing I wondered why we can prayer draws me why his colleges why do academicians strumming is not always the numbers but it's something else and it relates to who I am as a person acting as an example to seek and think about yourself Ariel nine in the emergency room with a final stop Doctor Stefan 's emergency physicians on my where the last stop between that person many times now consider this passage from moment numbers fourteen twenty nine your carcasses shall fall in this wilderness all that were numbered according to will howl twenty years old and upward which have murmured against me that's very interesting and his scene opens before this verse Israel is on the borders of the promised land and what are they refusing to go in and so got his okay again out here than the one they wanted to and want to know if I got says luck you guys again and I in the wilderness now what were all at once and I know what was then called one years old and upward number has to very important question do you think the nineteen -year-olds were sinners I mean really as innocent as you guys may look I'm sorry I know you're a sinner in need of grace by someone on why you suppose God made such a degree you think uses the arbitrary dissenters were eighteen nineteen seventeen sixteen fifteen as well as thirties forties fifties but what difference between a young person and an old person would you say their change of all thank you their frontal lobe has not fully mature still hold when you're young and also when you're older right but they cannot how many people that were older actually went into the promised land of the millions run to think about it I wasn't making an arbitrary degrees he was just say what will happen because when you're thirteen and nineteen you're making that final transition is we are deciding not only what your manager oh oh you're going to be now is the time to make a final effort to scenarios that relationship with God is the last chance so to speak not that there's more chances later but it is a last good chance I will if you look at the people who stay in the Senate that asserts you know when they were baptized early teens some of the later scenes but later on it's hard cards then so I believe that's one of the reasons that I gravitate I live on being that lifestyle for people giving them a final chance and believe me out of reach my heart out only given the chance is that I do every day at my job and so that's probably why I gravitate toward more college in Academy age and I believe the results are significant and they will be for you to hear is initially thought a lot of people a lot of stock in this study knowledge you know wisdom for their ministry but there is items when it can hurt you Isaiah forty seven ten your wisdom and knowledge what misleading you when when you say to yourself what I am and there is none beside so when you as the missionary are thinking that the results are dependent on you think again it is not the talents you now possess for ever well that's that will give you success in the work of God is the humility of the child and knowing that the knowledge and was comes from who is Ezekiel twenty seventeen talk about your heart became proud on account of your beauty and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor who is Satan that's right Lucifer here's an amazing quote you held July eleven nineteen oh seven paragraph three intellect is here in wealth or physical power interest depending is mightier than the sword is the watch this is sanctified and controlled by the Spirit of God intellect exerts a strong influence for good but intellect alone does not give true manhood Lord Byron had rare and delightful guest that he was not a true man according to God 's standard 's passes were fierce and uncontrollable throughout his life he so seemed the right individual harvest of corruption this man was one of the world 's distinguished man but how did the Lord regarding as one would of used his talents and wasted his life wasted his life when great intellect is made and made to minister to bias it is a curse to its possessor and to all who come within its sphere and so intelligence can hurt you getting more information getting more knowledge can hurt you is it causes you to become for how right so in your preparation for ministry it's going to have more information it's going to learn more it's going to gain more skills but it will all be worth worse and worse than nothing actually if you think for a moment that it's all about you because folks it's not all about Jesus you know what I doesn't matter tonight 's speaker on the face of the earth was fading to the Holy Spirit not wanting to change in but with Jesus all things can change where is both our trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto night own understanding in all my ways acknowledge him and he shall what address do not be wise in your own eyes fear the Lord and apart from evil ways and from Homburg 's three versus Tigers now I'm than his share probably the greatest challenge for my life work by ministry at average for and many of you who were at the first is you understand what was playing in the back of my head all the time I was in that school you remember don't remember who told me that I couldn't get off for my own parents had sat me down at home it wasn't smart enough I wasn't enough good memory wasn't disciplined enough and that I would never succeed as a doctor and I was a teenager when he told me that don't say that your kids is not apparent a but I can tell you that those words started playing in my head like never before as I went through what is perhaps going to be what will make or break your ministry and it's how you deal with obstacles how you deal with road blocks to reaching people for Christ with roadblocks to your job with roadblocks to becoming is now called grandma and here's what happened my final year of medical school I was in a bad car accident there were about four people in the car we were two hundred fifty five miles an hour and one person was thrown from their seat it were not buckled in but thankfully there impact was softened by my head a in my head went through the window on the other side I was knocked unconscious for several hours they didn't know what was in happen of the Tacoma and I regain consciousness only to have told you I couldn't remember what was I talk to you and say what happened and they say you are a terrible car accident is anyone else okay yes what happened Shankar says that someone else okay yes with my landmine what happened and everything I on and on and on in fact that the nurses in the ICU take the sign into my chest and something like this your name is in him and you are working as you are everyone is fine and go down the list one is a you are not married to him and hanging on a little concerned because of all my classmates can instead to see me and I knew that one of my classmates free like me and I was afraid that question with Holocaust is that emanate just me him when we are generally very living in challenging with the fact that not only did I lose my memory right past my board is now uneven only let alone biochemistry and anatomy and physiology arrive and I was examined and they determined that it was dangerous for me to take my boards at this time even when I regained my memories I remember things they told me to study study and take a long time to set my brain heal the worst part was his and my personality started changing and usually I'm a very friendly person but now I'm not going to go just crazy in here responsible in no meaning I got Artie heard it I really only had two girlfriends sent in Athens but at that time I hit my head I just started picking the most attractive people and one for my dating this girl one week and I gave it another go the Mexican was going to do I had wholly lost man conditions and then I try to get health from the neuropsychologist that was helping me she was a Christian no ideology fully Wi-Fi for authenticating all these people and breaking people 's hearts as terrible as the receiver I think your conservative Christian heritage is inhibited and repressed sexuality and this is an opportunity to let it out to him and mommy him and decided I wanted about psychologist anywhere the problem lies in that I was hurting my friends and family by the fact that my personality was not different one person was my Maisel was using patient and I want others was now demanding is that of being diplomatically but I do same with online ordering and it hurt a lot of people and I had to in front of sixty five my friends were at an event and I stood up and publicly confess my sin to them and ask for their forgiveness and I was specific I said I know this unguided baby is a strong wrong sorry sorry I've been patient with an sorry example of my friends started to cry but you are the most was me because I pray that God not even myself anymore I need my mind and he in a free is never prayed before and I tell you the good things that are necessary right after that was the match where you're going to determine if your doctor or not you can determine what university you to go to for training and after the match the results were way I didn't get in anywhere and so what is being played in my head at that moment not smart enough you're not good enough you should be and I was really no place had accepted me as far as I knew I was not the disposition unless I get a position that I do not know what at what options I have well there were still some spots for emergency medicine left in the country and there were seven thousand physician will light on the phone and started on started on and begging for position trying to get a place I spent all day at anything breaks during the time I was trying to get a numerous method several other people from my school had actually come and try to get me to take other specialties and unfortunately they were not helpful because when people know that they now have the advantage always nice when they know you're in trouble in your desperate and always generous I remember I had a professor who looked really I says if I give you position you need to stop all this preaching stops as I know you preach of people and an exit I'm sorry sir I'll try to do that in America there is no way I'm joining a program and him and what our way out of the southern alkaline medicines by because on average my heart out diplomatically lovingly but in the name of Jesus Christ because without you I'm nothing I'm not a physician I'm not even a man when not the man so I might not grace actually got into a spot on the East Coast those of you know East Coast medicine we called and malignant programs New York right they are not evil as Google when I came into the ICU as an intern I was in Pittsburgh something and I was sitting there with the patient whose blood pressure was crashing and the meter is set for Long Swan offloaded into their heart to monitor the pressures and the recent revenue you never really put in more than one or two in the location was written just for the life while just doing in isn't this supposed to be seeing one do one teach one this program is can one do what you want him to call me as I fear is so here I had a program is brutal I'm working age one hundred and thirty five hours a week during my love and I see you I had one day off just sold no forty eight hours without sleep it is time know for no family no girlfriend she was very happy about having to imagine no sign of God I remember coming home to my apartment and just crying sometimes but you know that wasn't the only one doing one of my friends at the moment Gonzales accountable seriously to him and saluted identical what I do at the time that I see you know I didn't get into the program that I wanted him away from my family just forget no I didn't faithfully what the work that lies nearest you will is basically I have the number one score on in-service exam in my program it was a blessing when my CD residency is anything no reason for testing one hundred and eighty nine and as far as there is great I then tested but I desperately wanted to be back all the West Coast where my family and then it went from bad to worse I got a call three months imagination are you using reason murder in other news after that question is always in my yes is your sister Diana Reasoner you get any worse after that question year as she is let it ring and using critical she lost function of the right side of providing at age nineteen can you imagine some of you in your writing a lot of can you imagine being paralyzed that nineteen facing death that was my sister and she was on the West Coast and I was away from her I shaken my faith in God right to put me out here how can this be a well writing I did everything I could I flew back home nine times during my internship to be with my sister support to be liberal to sign but I tell you it was the hardest time I is aware that I want to be with my sister right she was stabilized in Seattle in action transferred to Stanford University to continue work on her brain so where do you think I wanted to be Stanford University slack talk Limited you want to transfer in the middle of the program we don't have any openings we have openings for first years we wouldn't take in your program is simply also see any slots opening up now over the next ten years latterly our spot open the first year as they normally are in two months a spot opened up right in the year that I could transfer culminated in October made my sister sure I went through the whole song and dance routine play the violin they said we have four hundred physicians this application one spot so you will put in your application and so I very narrow it down to twenty other physicians unless they are in a five negative three then I entered Stanford University as a resident emergency going from nothing to not only one of the most prestigious program that will now be right next to my sister I went in to the operating room with her held her hand I went into the MRI during her scans and was with her by her side through that whole time and she was not a Christian and that time with her started softening her heart I think given up many times as the leading taste of playing in my head when the challenges of their but I see God working costs I see God taking me from nothing and putting me at a program I couldn't even get into under normal circumstances let alone scrambling into it and how I know that my sister was convened their current home but God and he knows that you just don't give up on your mode don't give up when obstacles appear don't say why God is a lot living in that you are not really my liable for a week or so to all you know when there's obstacles and I can tell you even when the happy ending comes I can tell you I finish ninety fifth percentile on all my boards and graduated from Stanford University addresses and I sat at the banquet with my parents and one parasite a new talk to I simply well wouldn't you say a friend as well you know God has led you versus religious and apologize as well you come a long way grade daughter but I can tell you have never to this day acknowledge the role that but I have chosen to forget just as Jesus prayed right he's forgiven because they ultimately this turn doesn't understand that kind of damage that it would do for young teenager like me a siren to minister aspiring to serve others and to be told I wasn't smart when memory was for that you know what unifying isn't when you find the ministry that is right for you they got has chosen you for there will be something that keeps you going I know that the end one one shares although few realize that it most of the things I've share with you any seminars are they positive or negative sort of thing outside Omaha another humiliating and aided in this thread is not fun to get a head injury is not great to get a job right leverage to majorly rejected by everybody right is not good why does it so often seeing that God 's will is through the path of suffering hideously one of why some of the obstacles while we always get beat down while I know that for my life is most likely because I unfortunately have to learn the hard way as it sounds pictures and profits eight five sixty seven God fondness is well bit through Samson he would begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines was fulfilled was God 's will done yes with a delivered yes but how they delivered here's the key but outdoor and have the record of that I wish you might have been appraised and not an ad valorem finish aging lifetime use trials is when I will be doing when they say if I get into my thick head you but he has to use his methods this means me right at Sampson and children calling the purpose of God the will of God right click and accomplished in what he is on her and exaltation but he yielded to temptation him proved untrue in his trust and his mission was fulfilled but how in disease bondage and that you know what is that what it takes for God to fulfill his will in my life I take it all taken that humiliation all take the suffering it means that God 's will be done and people will want to have altered the people talking behind my back constantly stabbing me I'll take the discouragements if it means on the season people in heaven some day because of what caused on to me one thing help me to overcome that obstacle to my ministry in that tape playing in my head also you these are two letters actually gotten the patient and I'm not many letters from patients but this is one industry representative not to give you some context I will give my address or e-mail address to my patients most of my patients have some sort of psychiatric disorder in the emergency department so not giving it out what happened with this patient and she was actually seen in the ER and then looked up my name online on the hospital website did a Google search and sent her a letter to the last college I did a week instead please forward smart please get to Doctor receiver I don't know if you remember me I was only twenty years but I wanted to write you to let you know unless you really hit home I was brought to half I was I will on an intentional wrong and alcohol overdose at the time I was just trying to end my life I want to thank you for sharing Christ with the and covering my mother with your kind words I truly believe that God is using you as you is you that is to impact my life forever I would let you know your dentist or the entire story is that it is in context was younger I had dropped out of college I started smoking drinking using drugs carousing gave up everything she became horribly depressed as she had planned to kill herself she taken a massive overdose and all her friends in an attempt to save philosophy there's a party going on in this house over here so she kind of staggers over there in the police and the paramedics are waiting for to handcuff her and force her into the hospital she comes in the hospital and I remember the first impression as I pulled back the curtain and walked into the room and asked how such a wonderful women here is beautiful which is holding us that this is like a waste of a life and I remember talking or just a very short think I said you're fooling your life away God can help you out of this do you want me appropriate design shoes that were just trying on her head her monster yes please favor us her friends like and I prayed I minute with this family that's it but it changes from Ken five minutes make a difference yes it can if you're doing what God is all who share Jesus Christ wherever you are I shared with her today and she told me later that I have to force her to be admitted to the hospital she was not able to leave because she was actively suicidal and she said that she ran away and broke out five times in his advertising robots he had right to the bridge and every time someone would tackle runaway AEG every person she ran into text sharing Christ with her to see it was everybody along the way is everyone's around me sharing Jesus with me and she finally gave a practical and eventually her life turned around she went back to school she gave the cigarettes he gave up the promiscuity to give up alcohol and drugs went back to school to be an education major to help orphans and I can tell you I went and actually visited her family later this was like years later like just the two of three years online and this is the second letter Jenna was so wonderful to see you again thank you for taking the time to come and visit and also for taking us to lunch I would love to write my testimony and send it in also thank you for the book I gave instead of the Christ I know that God is really using you where you really touch my life and I know that you are touching so many more I would love if you keep me in your prayers noticing for you of your having and we can talk to you soon as when I hear the devil tell me that I can't do it I read the letters and crisis in me you can do all things when that will tell me you don't belong here Jesus as you belong to me and this is what I read this is what life is about saving people physically and spiritually I saw this young woman and I didn't even recognize her she has been the sole mess up before when I saw her two or three years later when Jesus had cried and immunology one I remember asking her cuts among what's going on now she's really whingeing sex is more committed than I have now at the last time I knew her she was engaged in Christian young man and her cousin said before it was colic cloud over her seconds are her eyes were glazed over and now she was lying and I think often of answer is not but I think of her and I wondered to myself could not every one of us bring another to Christ five minutes and only have one to share to pray to smile God 's ministry for your life your mission will only be discovered as you begin to share Christ with others and you'll find the most effective way that it ends up being for you is the one that kind of pics you know the one that you see more people affected you see more of your skills used to reach and I can tell you every letter you got every person you share with will only strengthen you in that path it will enable you to overcome the obstacles what has shot off than in my head this is I can do it the hundreds of letters I have from young people and old people who is common to Jesus Christ as a result of what he's done to me and I believe with all my heart that I am a sinner in need of gracious like everyone in this room in fact I'd probably end him a worse person than the vast majority I really believe that as I've had more time to actually make the mistakes they do I believe what I believe that is also true that is all we have sin he has mercy and pardon and he uses sinners to each articulate he uses people not their perfect better angels even those you are nineteen hundred and ninety games as human beings to reach other human being and I can tell you there is one thing that I look forward to more than anything else I'm shortly a physician don't get me wrong it's great to save people 's lives it's really exciting but you don't excite me more than my job is what I'm doing right now is sharing Christ because I said before all my patients who live together twenty years old they got the second one or I've accomplished nothing but you know you guys can walk out of this room right now and you could lose your life but in this seminar you decided you know what nothing more than God 's will nothing less nothing more his little from my life in every area my job be in my spouse or my ministry for him even walk out the door lose your life off to Matt and people that you reach for Christ wormhole will come up to us in heaven they will say I'm here because of you is not in believe you need is a noonday part in my house when I see the young people from the week of rationalizing my patients there because of what Jesus and he will get all the praise and all the blood that site on her behalf because you are leaving for him and we can talk only to laugh and we can remember Haiti in a attempt from the time he met me in the ER while I was really messed up on the noun phrase the Lord I'm here because you prayed with me because you show me Jesus because he took the time to spend a moment for myself and I pray that each one of you will commit your life 's things and if you need to contact me via e-mail it isn't often e-mail .com announces writeup DOC G.I. Gmail .com and if you want to find me on Facebook Facebook is the recent murder on the only reason murder on their list of the seventeen hundred friends so we'll find it for usually and I will answer you send a message of people out there I do answer when people send a message I don't answer right away sometimes I'll certainly try and ease land use in my heart and my thoughts and my prayers I don't we don't hear the better permanent there is one who never forgets us in Jesus Christ and I like to close the seminar was and he knows now praise to him as we kneel in prayer is loving father in heaven for truly you are the reason for our you on your recognition came from heaven to reach out to Oslo we were not to give us a chance to come back home with you Lord help us to extend the same hand and show us the way that we can best little show us what you built us for what you need is for whether it be speaking or preaching or teaching or stealing or perhaps just speaking words of comfort to others what you know but made each one of us do our part others are just for your this media was brought by an audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than the visit www. on U-verse .org


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