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3. The Sealing and the Latter Rain

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven as we begin our class again today we do Joyce in the knowledge that Jesus is coming again we are 7th Day Adventists believe in the 2nd ad than Jesus and we're looking forward to that day with eager anticipation but we know that there is a preparation work that you want to do in our hearts and we need to understand that we want to be able to apply that in our lives the pray that your Holy Spirit will bless us in our class today in the words to speak in each 1 ears to hear what you have to share with them I've heard Jesus' name. Well where moving from our 1st class we were summarizing some of the then and over looking at an overview of what to expect in the future again this is a general class we can't get into every specific but in the letter yesterday today tomorrow and Friday we do want to look at some of those specifics in terms of that and work of preparation that God wants to do in our hearts and our lives we're going to look today especially at the ceiling and the latter rain that's going to be our focus today an interesting topic 1 that shows up not to this extent at an evangelist Dick meeting the we do talk about the Seal of God and the mark of the beast always how many of you have attended the public a Vangelis take meeting sometime in the last 2 years. So you know what I'm talking about right. I'm sure those topics were covered if they want please come see me and we'll talk about why they want to live. So we'll have to deal with it accordingly but. The seal of God is an interesting. Perspective 1 God wants to do with so I want to start off thank you very much sign up sign in sheets of A gotten around 1 make sure nobody gets missed is any material that you need be sure and sign it I would appreciate that thank you very much I want to give a synthesis of the feeling right now which mainly mainly means that I just want to boil it down for for a moment here so that we get a perspective and then we would talk about it more in detail 1st of all the ceiling involves what if he joins all tells us in the Fijian shepherd for verse $31.00 he says and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed unto the day of what. So we're preparing for the return of Christ the day I've read pm Sharon is that day and the work of the Spirit of God We are told is to seal us under that day we want to understand what that means so that we can allow that to be happening in our lives the 2nd point is that the latter reigned according to Allen White in testimonies to ministers page 5 o 6 represents the spiritual grace that prepares the church for the coming of the Son of Man. Now we're going to talk more about the latter rain in the last half the day of today. It is a misnomer for us when we put all what the Bible says and what Ellen White says about the latter rain to allow that to be the final statement here it says it represents a spiritual grace that prepares the church for the coming from a man yes it is but it's not a grace that you get by sitting around doing nothing you understand is not where you just suddenly wake up 1 day and and Jesus said well I like you today so I'm going to give you the the seal I'm going to give you the latter rain that's not how that works and I want to make sure that statement doesn't lead you to that conclusion but what is clear from the statement is that it is spiritual grace that Jesus gives to us that prepares us for him to come and the sealing begins in conversion and end the death or the close or probation we mentioned this earlier we're coming back to it now to make sure that is it is clear and that we represent or understand what what it is that God is doing for us at conversion that ceiling process begins what does that mean it means that the experience that we have is that Jesus gives to us when we talked yesterday about the conversion experience and the justification experience that is the beginning of the sealing work that sanctification experience is the ongoing process of sealing us and when we die it's either edge done because there's no more opportunity contrary to what some Christians believe orginally No 7 the Evans believe that I'm aware. Or it ends when the Lord Jesus comes. Was at say the close of probation that's great. The 4th point here is that the ceiling is defined as writing the principles of God's law in our lives including the 4th Commandment the ceiling is going on now it's now in progress your presence here is part of that sealing experience that you're going through it closes when the angel with the writers in corn returns to heaven will clarify that in a few moments it is the marker or the sign of allegiance to divine authority now the author Fernando Chai sometimes uses that works word Mark makes me a little nervous because of the fact that we don't want to come confuse it with the mark of the beast that Alan White as we will see in a few moment does use that work and the bottom line is it's God's mark on our on our on us our sign of our relationship with Jesus or the mark of the beast is God's mark on those who have chosen to accept what the world is delivering right so Mark 1 way or another but we distinguish the 2 by seal the seal of God what he's preparing for us it is also the mark of deliverance so that's a synthesis of the seal Now let's take a look at it more to say the civically What is this instrument that makes up the mark Well 1st of all that instrument is the law of God in general but specifically it is the 4th commandment because the 4th Commandment contains the law givers named the law givers title and the law givers authority. Those 3 elements you're familiar with because you all raised your hands going through an evangelist like meeting and we repeat that there for those who have never heard that concept and that direction there so what is going on here what is it about the 4th Commandment what is it about this process that that is accomplishing this healing work that God is doing for us well the mark that's made is the application of the instrument that produces a Christ like life affixing of the loan in the life and the agent that is doing this work is not me that is the Holy Spirit it is not you it is the Holy Spirit in your life and in my life doing this work as we already spoke of a few moments ago the seal is a mark that is invisible anybody goes around trying to tell you that it's a credit card or it's a mark on your forehead or whatever either the mark of the beast or the seal of God 1 way or another that's not the point that's being made at all as it says in. I think this is review and herald from March. To have that doesn't go today does it I'm not sure exactly what the references that I'm got up here but this is what she says What is the seal of God which is placed on the foreheads of this people it is a Mark Wood which angels not human eyes can read for the destroying angel Must see this mark of redemption the intelligent mind has seen the sign of the cross of Calvary in the Lord's adopted sons and daughters the sin of the transcription of the law of God is taken away they have on the wedding garment and their obedient and faithful to all of God's commands it is a mark is placed on those who have separated from sin while I do and for some reason they got a little confused there so I'm going to have to double check on it. And it isn't YOUR It is a new material Let me see if I can find it here. Yes but it's not clear so I want to try to I tell you what the problem was when I was looking this up I said you know really want that reference so I looked it up real quick and the 1 that he gave in here was not right I couldn't find it anyway and let me show you where I'm looking it's in this chapter on the ceiling on page 50 and the reference that is here is 4 B.C. 1161 and I went there and couldn't find it. I could not find it there and so here's what I did if you got the CD-ROM or go online and do it the part you want to reference in order to get the statement is. It is a mark which angel if you will typing that in quotation marks it comes right up. For me. A with Narron author yeah yeah yeah now while you know what I just didn't realize Lamar. Thought it's very devotional book Mark Knopfler All right Page 243 thank you for getting that all clarified because I was even confused myself all right we got that clear all right so the reference again is Maranatha I thought something was missing in my mind is all right so it is something that's invisible you can't see it is it is being accomplished by the angel that is is something that they can see and is contained in the 4th commandment. Because it reveals the is revealed in the observance of the 4th Commandment why because that commandment is especially. The commandment that is attacked by the devil the devil want us to believe that the world was created not by God by evolution by anything he wants to take our creation out of the hand of God He is trying to destroy God he's trying to pretend the god doesn't exist he is trying to take away God's authority he's trying to do anything it can to move the world away from God and the 4th Commandment is a constant reminder to the world that God is the creator and that he's in charge you've heard the statement made many times if the world and it stayed with keeping the Sabbath there never would have been an evolutionist. It couldn't have happened because the command itself constantly reminds us that God is the creator and every day that we every Sabbath that we worship we are honoring the God who made that day did you how many of you heard a duck duck a boar. I think is a dog or elder duck or more Sermon on the Sabbath or 1 that phenomenal I had never heard things put together like that many of us came away saying wow that was really powerful you haven't heard it make sure you get a copy of that sermon if you haven't already get a copy anyway because you really want that and you want to share that with your with your with your fellow church members and family members that was a powerful powerful storm. Is that sermon Great thank you for that excellent so get both and make it take advantage of it excellent material and it's reminding us of what God is is trying to do in our lives by the Sabbath and now you can understand why the devil wants to get rid of it it is constantly reminding him of who's in charge. And that's why when we get into Revelation Chapter 13 and we begin to understand the struggle between the beast and the image to the beast and the conflict with God's people why the focal point is on the loose area of controversy and why the Roman Catholic Church wants to place emphasis on Sunday so much because they say that they brought about Sunday and that they have the authority to do that the authority to change God's law and who's telling them to do that well Revelation Chapter 13 tells us that the dragon is the 1 who gives the beast in his authority and the Dragon is the devil so the devil is the 1 who is giving that power to them giving them that direction to them because that is what he wants the world to believe. At is well put I'm going to repeat it so they get on the recording she was making the comment that we have that Revelation $21.00 verse 3 is talking about and the context of Heaven right and the recreation of the world and God wants to spend eternity without that my summary of that whole section and in Revelation $2013.00 that desire of God to be with us and bring us with him is is is symbolized in the Sabbath my word symbolizing the Sabbath because that's what God wants to do with us every week he wants to spend that time with us he wants to connect with us so I preach hate that because it's reminding this is not a legal issue a legal listing issue you all keep the Sabbath because you're legal us and we're not we're not legal us we get to do whatever we want to really no you get to break the Sabbath but you don't do so in honor of God because you wouldn't break any of the other commandments and believe it's OK Christians don't believe it's OK to kill people not real Christians anyway OK we'll keep going with that and get my point. So the point is the getting be a challenging world isn't it. When does the sealing the final sealing occur 1st of all the time is short. It and that it's that vinyl process because the ceilings ongoing that like as we said the ceilings going on now as we get into this sequence of events at the end of time this feeling is not a long period of time is not another word is not. It doesn't take generations when we get into this period of time I mean I can't tell you a long it is because the Bible doesn't tell us but the point is it's part of that final process that comes up to the close a probation that's the sealing work the same thing work is going on now and it ends when probation closes and we'll be talking about that in the days ahead here as to when that is the Angels are holding back the winds of strife until the ceiling is completed you know listening to the news in the last couple of. You should. But I have only because I keep hearing stuff about it so I quickly get on my phone and I look it up there I say you know campaigning that's why you want to leave it alone get away from it so I should probably tell you what's going on. That's about right I'm telling you this world is is crazy I'm not going to get into politics of anything but we already talked with a couple days ago about what's going on with the Russians but now weird we're horsing around with North Korea like seriously we really want to play this game you know Ed Reed made a point in his material 1 that I referred to earlier and he said you know because a lot of people are worried about nuclear bombs and all of that I mean enough nuke nuclear bombs to destroy the world I don't know how many times over and you know what you only have to destroy it once and then what happen again any more than that. And read makes this point. He says it'll never happen right and it won't because God's in control and the next thing that's going to happen is not the destruction of the world at man's hands it's going to be the destruction because man has turned his back on God and God is going to save his people from here and then the world will be destroyed and they'll make nuclear bombs look like toys. So but the angels are holding those winds of strife back you and I can look at the news and say Are you the world again the God still in control. And the angels are holding the winds of strike back from our own author page 243 verse paragraph 6 I want to read it again a little bit more what is the seal of the Living God which is placed on the floors of this people is a mark which angels but not human eyes can read for the destroying angel Must see this mark of redemption Do you remember the destroying angel going through Egypt and what was he looking for he was looking for a mark on the doors was an e he was saying when that Mark is there I will pass over if the mark wasn't there the destroying angel entered and the Says God showing us that he is indeed concerned about these things in our lives and he does want us to make a decision for him and that decision I have see if he didn't do this if there was no need for us to make decisions if we were either forced to 1 way or the other which universalism you know what that is. Everybody is going to be saved. Now you you go to a Universalist Church and you know I don't matter what you do do what you want everybody's going to save anyway it's all good really that doesn't even make sense because that means God literally has to force everyone to be good or is going to take everybody and we're going to have a simple war just like this and I don't want that world I'm I've already tried that right have you I mean look at it you're living in it. I can tell was wall isn't where I want to stay I'm not talking about living like a whirling I'm just living in it and that's enough. And so he's the angel wants to be able to see this need to be able to in this market redemption that is. The decision that we have made by our lives. Intelligent mind has seen the sign of the cross of Calvary in the Lord's adopted sons and daughters the Senate transgressions the law of God is taken away they have on the wedding garment and are obedient and faithful to all of God's commands I knew I'd cut off something in that statement earlier and this is that for statement so you catch that last part they have on the wedding garment we talked about that yesterday and are obedient and faithful in all of God's commandments this is not a legalism this is the heart responding to the Spirit of God The Spirit of God then working in US who gives us a new heart who gives us a new mind it's God who gives that to him he is the 1 who takes the heart of flesh out and puts in I should say heart of stone out and puts in the heart of flesh he is the 1 who makes the change in US it's the Spirit of God and when he makes that change in us we respond positively to what God asked us to do and that includes the commandments. All right we keep going there are some conditions relative to the seal that we want to understand this quite a few of them listed here so we're going to work through them right now from Bali in 5 of the testimonies page 50 we learn that 1 of the conditions of submission to God's will X. easy to make that statement but if you're like me as a human being sometimes God's will is not my will you know that I face that struggle just like you do that all right I that God's will but now I've got to submit to that will run reminds me of Jesus in the garden with so many where Jesus said not my will but your will be done and so Jesus is the 1 who comes to us and he gives us the strength to be able to to overcome and to to get that how he was I hearing on the campus here I think it was West Evers talking a little bit about the struggle that he had with somebody was I can't move I was hearing what the West covers yesterday morning I think it was and he was talking a little bit about that and and how that sometimes children in our lives kind of get our attention and you know that's why we need to become like a little child and be when my God uses them to remind us that when you're struggling here but wait a minute Jesus is the 1 who's 1 in control of my life and and he has to help us with that right now to seal will not seal will not be placed on impure ambitious war loving men and women of false tongues and deceitful heart while. The reason this preparation last for me I believe is necessary because we do need to start thinking seriously if we are and I suspect that those who come to a class like this are already thinking seriously. But we can't go on the way we are we can't continue the things that are around us the media today you know I for the life of me there's an interesting struggle going on among young people and older people as well and and that struggle is over the media in all its different forms you know that I grew up you may have if you grow not grow up as a 7 day I've missed you grew up going to 7th Avenue School all those kinds of blessings that that many of us benefited from you know there was never a discussion about whether or not I was going to go to the theatre I mean it just wasn't even on the radar or right and oh yeah I'm sure that they were those who were struggling with it but today it's not even a discussion anymore now it's just I mean all the kids talking about on a lot of campuses about all the movies I saw at the theater and then I come to this and I'm saying this feel will not be placed on impure ambitious world loving and men and women a false tongues and deceitful heart the media is all about all of that. It's what it's about and then the challenge also is not just the theater it's bringing it in our own in all kinds of different forms I'm going to I see I am but I'm going to keep moving here for just a moment my wife and I my wife as a counselor I think most of you know that and a couple 3 years ago we attended the A.C.C. which is the American Association of Christian counselors and then June in Nashville Tennessee that happens every couple years very interesting place to go and if you're a counselor It's nice to be in circle of Christians who don't have the problems that anyway that's a whole nother story and of course it's it's Christians with different beliefs and so on but I remember. Josh McDowell how many of you know that name Josh McDowell getting up and he was teaching taking it was a general act and then 1 of the separate breakout sessions that it was a plenary session where everybody was there and he was talking about what's going on today and also a couple 2 or 3 years ago and it's at least as that today was talking about the issue of pornography and he was talking about the how that is and they did the space of people's lives today starting with kids. And they said that the early age today is generally somewhere where kids are being exposed to pornography is somewhere between 6 and 7 years old. And where are they getting it from They're getting it from the cellphone. They're getting it from their friends who got cell phones and they don't have cell phone and Josh McDowell made an amazing statement to me amazing in the sense. It really should get our attention he said I mean this is not a 7th Day Adventist you know when I was conservative legal listing 7th Day Adventists this was Josh McDowell and he gets a he's up there and he says the day of the sleep over is over. And he's he told story at least couple of stories there a parents who had kids coming over to the sleep over and they were monitoring what was going on and then they found out what was going on talking among kids 789 years old and when the mother found out she was R.R. and she should have been and that's why she said the day of the sleep over is over because we can't afford to risk our kids when this this and this is just 1 piece but when this piece in sex our kids it's something that is there for their lives unless God delivers them and he will deliver them absolutely I want to make sure that parts clear but I'm telling you how evil is this world and we're just we're we're we're struggling with on our campuses all where ever I don't care I'm not putting down on anybody understands what's going on out there's a real world is a real devil but we're really having this discussion about whether it's OK to go to the theater are not all we have to do is open our eyes and see what's out there and say there's no way that if I'm preparing for the return of Jesus I can have my eyes the sting on that stuff and my mind absorbing that OK I couple hands quickly here. It's done it's a natural progression of this I've also heard that the next a piece of it on just by the recording he said that he heard that there are those involved in the L.G.B. and all that are talking about the pornography and all of that others are talking out there well why don't we book a polygamy and everything else I mean let's just keep going well that's 1 the world is headed exactly where the world is had it's natural it's coming at I naturally that it follows for that progression of thought and there's no there's a part of this I mean I'm getting a little bit off here but part of this issue. Shortly after the United States. Okayed this whole L.G.B.. Same sex marriage and all that kind of thing we started hearing people talking about now a real goal is to do away with genders period and all of a sudden you know the light should be going on right there right because Genesis chapter 1 says that God did what made them man and then man and man and woman male and female and what is the devil trying to do is trying to obliterate that because by doing that he's obliterating the image of gone we just see that all right I pass by you and I want to make sure I don't. Follow you. I have. And the and that's that's what's amazing to me and yet you you and you look back at that and say I'm thankful for that and so what is that saying to us today about every If parents were smart in the back then to say no what should we be doing today all right I must get going all right we must begin victorious Christians the seal is given and is impressed upon us when Jesus leaves the sanctuary and our characters are fixed for eternity that final sealing is going on now you're getting the picture of what's happening here you know about Daniel Chapter 12 verse 1 and the and that whole process where Jesus stands up and leaves the sanctuary you understand that with me. Were together and where Jesus leads the sanctuary is the time when this is all concluding now obviously you and I don't know because there's not a video monitor up there in the in the sanctuary in heaven and we get to see when Jesus stands up and leaves that but when you see what's happening in the world in the begins to come together the bottom line is you and I are preparing now you and I are in experience the ceiling now we're not I'm glad that we don't have a monitor up there watching that because we'd all be sitting here waiting. I thought I saw a movie. You know can you imagine us doing that how why is God is that he doesn't give us knowledge that sometimes we think we wish we had and those who receive the seal of God reflect the image of Jesus fully. They will not tolerate sin but exchange their filthy rags for a guard price robe of righteousness armor to take a look at a couple of statements here in just a couple of moments because I want to look at it completely as we get into this part of it this is becomes a a a part of the journey where we can wander down a path that is a dead end road for us when we try to figure out how we're going to make this happen and how this is all possible I want to come back to what we talked about again yesterday this is righteous in this by faith. In his rightness is by us surrendering to Jesus it is right justice by his power being imparted to us this is not our power it's his power the aspect of the works we've got to understand that we're going to come to it in just a moment with. As I said we're going to be careful the road we go down here. That's Keep going. I knew somebody be asking that question before here and saw no we've got to keep going let's let's not stop in the middle keep our eyes on it so those the reseal receive the seal reflect the image of Jesus boy they will not tolerate sin but exchange their filthy rags for Christ's righteousness by the method that God uses We must work on the problem of remedying our defects of character and that's what I want to spend a few moments talking about right now 1 of these statements comes from. Bali in 5 of the testimonies page 214 and here is that statement this is what he says volumes 5 of the testimonies page 214 he says not 1 of us will ever receive the seal of God while our characters have 1 spot or stain upon them that sinking in. It is left with us. To remedy the defects in our characters to cleanse the soul temple of every defile and then the latter rain because we're leading into the latter rain right now right then the latter rain will fall upon us as the early rain fell upon the disciples on the day of panic are now here's here is a lesson we all must learn when we study the Bible we study the spirit problem or be careful about taking statements out of their car. Because if you take just back statement alone and you put it on the screen here and you try to digest that and you come away where something that Ellen White didn't believe didn't teach in the Bible doesn't the. And what you're seeing in here is left with us to remedy the detection defects in our characters to cleanse the soul temple of every defilement Well I already know I can't do that so I'm going to walk out of here totally and thoroughly discouraged because if that's what God expects of me it isn't going to happen I'm not going to be an avenue. So when I read that statement I said I've got to know what more is there but here's the rest of the statement can you read it no but it's. It's on page 214215 I'm going to read some of it if you're close enough to be able to read it I should have broken it into stew slide so forgive me for doing that but Mark down the reference maybe it'll encourage you to go and look it up for yourself and get it now here's what she says we are too easily at a satisfied with our attainment. This is sounding familiar from yesterday we feel rich and increased with good and no not that we are wretched and miserable and poor and blind in a can now is the time to heed the admonition of the True Witness I counsel the to buy of me gold right in the fire that thou mayest the rich and white Rayment that thou mans be clothed and that the shame of the naked is do not appear and anoint die eyes than eyes with I said that Val may I say calling from what we were talking about yesterday in Revelation Chapter 3 then she continues in this life we must meet fiery trial and make costly sacrifices but the peace of Christ is the reward there has been so little self-denial so little suffering for Christ's sake that the cross is almost entirely forgotten we must be partakers with Christ His sufferings if we would sit down in triumph with him on his throne I heard Ella bore say what do you think I am a masochist is that what you think I am in any to hear him say that. Is not the we're looking for suffering is because that part of the process by which Jesus is referring to is refining us and that suffering can come in many different form the going on she says so long as we choose the easy path of self-indulgence and are not frightened that self-denial our faith will never become firm and we cannot know the peace of Jesus nor the joy that comes through conscious victory the most exalted of the Redeemed hosts that stand before the throne of God in the lamp clad in white know the conflict of overcoming for they have come up through Great Tribulation you see the Lord is preparing us. For a time and would we will suffer. I can't tell you what that suffering will be for you or what that suffering will be for me I don't know what any of that for me is that the suffering whatever it is the Jesus knows I need. He knows that what I need. What is needed in my life to perm Param me for his return what I have to be willing to do is submit to whatever it is that he brings into my life I don't like suffering I don't like a cold. I don't like I had a cake but I do want to trust Jesus that whatever comes into my life is leading me to understand that he's in full control and that he's going to get me through what I am as a soon to come through great tribulation those who have yielded to circumstances rather than engage in this conflict will not know how to stand in the day when anguish will be upon every soul when though no on the job and Daniel were in the land they could save neither son or daughter born every 1 must deliver his soul up by his own righteousness again don't get the wrong picture here this is a picture of total and complete submission to Jesus this is a recognition of the fact that the battle you and I are facing today is the battle that we. That is preparing us for the battle with the head you know what it says and in Hebrews Chapter 12 take your Bibles and look at Hebrews Sheffer toil. Really. Realize. That. My. So let me repeat it for a horse you said here you said there's a there's intentional scent and there's unintentional and the work of the Spirit of God is helping us with both of those and helping us to understand that the unintentional Sen You know the unintentional Senate driving down the freeway and somebody cut you off and you whatever it is that you didn't plan on that wasn't intentional but the circumstances lead you into that experience what about that on the intentional scent and how does the Spirit of God working with the Spirit of God want to work with us so that even the unintentional sin is not the direction of our heart but look at Revelation Chapter 12 and that's what you are saying Revelation Chapter 12 I'm sorry Heber Chapter 12 I'm that's where I'm out actually. In a verse chapter 12 worse 1. And 2 very well known verses therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses that is lay aside every white and the sin was so easily ensnares us and let us run with and Durrance the race that has set before us looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and is that down at the right hand of the krona God ever heard those verses before. And a lot of the times we read those verses and praise the lord for them but what Jesus wants to do for us and what he's doing but we often don't read the next verses of a sermon that I preach on this and I get stuck in that in the 1st 2 verses and then I quickly go through verses 3411 But this is the part I want to stress right now verse 34 consider him who endured such hostility from sinners against himself lest you become weary and discouraged in your soul you have not yet resisted to bloodshed striving against sin. You and I haven't fought against sin really fought against sin you know we have a little struggle Well you know I like Vicki Griffin I'm sure you heard the Griffin top 1 of our favorite illustrations is talking about eating Twinkies or something like that. So I resist eating a 20 that resisting sin OK I'll let you decide that I really it's a lot more than that in resisting it I'm not going to send even if it cost me my life and I'm going to do them Lord help me I've got to resist whatever it is in your life that the board is talking about here have you and I have resisted to sin to bloodshed he says I'm song not God shutting somebody else's blood to our own blood shed I had is it so serious that like Jesus at the garden of good family that he was shedding blood even before he got to the cross where his blood was shed. That's resisting sin that is submitting to the will of God That's what Paul is trying to tell us here in Hebrews Chapter 12 and this is the kind of experience that God is leading us into in our experience now I can't digress too far here and and get away from what I'm talking about here but I want to make sure to make sure it's abundantly clear this is not the work that you and I are doing except that we are constantly doing what Paul says in submitting to go or resisting to bloodshed I'd love to preach a sermon that I have from there but I don't have time to do that wreck now by way of illustration so this is the sealing process the sealing process is the work of the Spirit of God in our lives he is the 1 who is leading us to this full and complete submission and he comes and it centers around the works of the 10 Commandments in our lives and the 4th Commandment is a focal point of that now let's keep going because I want to talk about the Holy Spirit in the latter rain which these 2 are working in conjunction with each other the latter rain is going to be poured out on God's people when they are ready to receive it the latter rain is going to finish that work in us but it's not going to come just our being while we're out having a good time in life and then the Spirit of God says OK time to quit having a good time so now we're going to do this I got I need control of your life all right zapping a he doesn't do that it's now that we are preparing for that experience and the latter terrain comes well let's look at it the Spirit of God to work is to convince of soon. The war spirit of God is to direct the mind in the study of the words the Spirit of God is to bring to remember once the word when it's needed God's Holy Spirit is to intercede for us before the Father the Holy Spirit is to give us proof or internal assurance that we are children of God the Holy Spirit is to enable the children of God to proclaim the gospel with excess and power so we often think about this aspect in terms of the Latter Rain when we talk about the early rain. Penned in the day of Pentecost our focal point is in the fact that in Acts Chapter 2 on that day when it happened there were 33000 people converted in a day and then after that it says the daily they were those that were joining the church and that this is the work and that the latter rain that we're looking for to us that is part of the work of the latter rain but the latter rain is much more than that as the early rain work was the conversion of the hearts of the disciples that prepared them and brought them together in unity that work is the work that still must be done today are really of wanted to just not enough time how many of you saw the video just before General Conference and 2015 brought out by the General Conference of the dream that Ellen White had you know what I'm talking about of the unity of the brother and coming together and then you remember the end of that whole experience and she said this is what might have been. What that's what must be for Jesus no he's not going to force it's what must happen. And. I mean just look around you and ask yourself in your own church could that happen today in your own church let alone church in the world while 19 them 100000 W1X9W members and 7 AM the church and when we come together $50000.00 strong for our leadership event like General Conference 506070000. And we're squabbling over. And we're making fun of each other about what we believe and we're waiting for the spirit of that we're praying for the latter rain at the same time we're behaving like this and I don't include myself in the I'm not pointing fingers at anybody you didn't see me say which side we're on on that I'm just talking about the general state of all of our hearts what God is telling us is that all of this has got to be surrendered to him it must be submitted if I'm in conflict with my brother or my sister and my church and I expect the latter rain to follow me and I've decided I'm going to keep this this anger or this the sick this feeling in my heart and I'm going to harbor that and at the same time I'm pleading for the Spirit of God I need to get back on my knees and play that God will 1st take away that and help me to get this right with my my brother my sister and then come back and pray that the latter right will be poured out sounds a lot like Matthew Chapter 18 and other places where God reminds us Jesus reminds us that before we. Come with something against our brother we must take your Of within our own hearts right so. I just want to get this point that's a synthesis and that's going to the specific parts of it the purpose of the Latter Rain is to give power to the 3rd angel and to prepare the saints for the time of trouble to pieces there catch them. Latter Rain is not. Is not to begin the experience and is a finished new experience. And Ellen White makes it clear that it will not happen while we've got these other things going on our coming to that anyway the 3rd giving power to the 3rd angel the 3rd angel is reading the message that has in my mind I'm summarizing it with 2 parts a warning of the mark of the beast and the message of the rightness of faith and by faith in Christ those 2 pieces there Ellen White says that the 3 a 3rd angel's message is the message of righteous by faith in verity Yes Right so but part of that message is warning the world of the fact that the mark of the beast is coming why then is the 3rd angel's message also the message of righteous by faith the reason it is also the written message of Russians by faith is because the person that you want to not get the mark of the beast is not going to be do be able to resist the mark of the beast any other way than submitting to Jesus right the warning there is to turn to Jesus the warning there is to listen to the the true witness and revelation for free and the message that he's trying to bring to us in preparing us to receive the seal which we just were talking about and to resist the world and the mark of the beast all that happens to write is by faith so that message is what he is giving us power to proclaim at the same time he's working on our hearts as the jewel. And he is preparing us for the time of trouble to come and we'll be talking about that tomorrow. The physical will be the focus of what we will be doing or talk about shaking and the conditions in the world and that all relates to. The time of trouble and we'll look into that also on on Friday but in this work also ripe and the harder this time of shaking as we will talk about tomorrow as we saw in the overview the time of shaking is a time when people who have resisted God that are in the church walk away and not allow gone into their lives they are following the ways of the world and don't realize that all these things that are out there that the devil is using to draw them away from God have accomplished their work and they say I don't need this anymore 7 am his church is to legalize it for me and I'm out the door that's why you're seeing what's going on today is the tip of the iceberg where that will go but here's the good news those people that are walking out the door will talk about tomorrow will be replaced by those that the Spirit of God is ripe and waiting for that moment and those ones those faithful ones the ones that are being reached today by 3 A.B.N. and and strong tower radio and and your are taking Bible studies to them those people that have resisted are making a decision for the last 5 years at an evangelist igniting they are the ones that are going to turn around and walk into the church while there are others walking out because God is purifying these church and he's preparing his people and the Spirit of God is accomplishing this work and finishing that work. Praise the Lord for that the importance and the necessity of the Spirit of God It is based upon the promises it brings all other blessings in its frame. All White says why don't we pray for it more the angel I don't understand she says tone understand and you know I take that really seriously it's not just somebody saying you know us some preacher like me saying you know angels whatever she saw the angels and then Jules are saying we don't get this my language we don't understand why aren't God's people pleading and pleading and and thinking the outpouring of the Spirit of God we don't understand why that's not happening if we are willing we would be feel she says and actually Apostles page 50 we had may have the Holy Spirit if we see can we pray for it at this very hour she says it may be hours if we take God at he is word there are some conditions and we need to talk about those conditions is quite a long list and I'm going to work through here in the next few moments the conditions are these. The 1st of all we have to claim by face the promise that the Holy Spirit will be given to us and that he will give us a the it will be given to us in accordance to our capacity to receive. You know I try to understand exactly what that means but I know that God will only give me what I can stand and what I can handle I don't claim to be a Moses I don't claim to be a Joshua when Moses was on this earth there was only 1 Moses that was needed and his capacity to receive the Spirit of God and to be controlled by God was equal to his surrender a commitment to God that didn't mean that people like Joshua and Caleb were bad people. That they may not have needed that extra Spirit of God to do what God was asking them to do or they may not have had the capacity at that moment to be able to receive that God knows what we can receive He knows what we can handle he knows that he gave me too much power I'd be totally dangerous and I mean that seriously I would be dangerous to me. As and give me the power that I you know to heal people if I am going to wind up saying wow look how powerful I just became. In this world in this time of I know I'm not going down that road that 1 was going the wrong direction on or so it. Was going to face us in relationship to our capacity to receive that's what God is trying to help us with I saw handy I'm going to have 1 more comment then I have to race to the end to make sure I get done. Absolutely. Absolutely you to an illustration that I think parallels that is Martin Luther him self you know Martin Luther was a man who was growing and his relationship with Jesus wasn't and the more he submitted the more God was able to use when he was not ready he had to come to Jesus every day in the capacity you said just like you and I must and he was not ready for Wittenberg Rittenberg I guess is closer to him and that he wasn't ready for that experience when he was climbing the stairs on these knees but he was so wasn't ready for warm until he had gone through the experience up to that per point and when he got to that the point where he had to stand up and say you know this this I can only stand on the Bible I can't do anything else but that he had to take the steps along the way and the Lord was concrete thing is the path of the as he took those steps that's what God is doing with that's that sanctification process that feeling process is going on in line hey let's keep going according to our desire and our consent is it your desire for the Spirit of God to have control of your life I ask myself that from time to time and I and I say you know the simple part of me is not sure it wants to get into the spirit of God because sin is enticed thing and I have to get into the spirit of God And so the Spirit of God has to say I've got a whole lot better than what you think you've got in this and whole world so according to our desire and our consent in other words he doesn't bypass our will he's not going to force us to do something we must surrender our will to him it follows revival that revival of primitive god and his then wife spoke of in great controversy page 464 she said that revival going to take place and of course the devil along the way is war. Thing to sidetrack that that's another discussion will come up to that later must feel the need and pray for his presence we not only enough honesty Zire and consent and consent to it but we must feel that need and pray for is present that's why that 5 minute prayer I am in the morning running out the door is not what her air is needed in this regard because God is working to change us and only if we are praying because we sense our need and the more we sense our need the more time we realize we need to be on our knees asking God to help us with this experience in our long term it must be a priority of our spiritual lives Alawite makes it clear that this must be the direction for our lives and not the purpose of our lives we must the Zire to go this direction as we already said but it must be a priority in our spiritual lives that's why I believe that our presence in this class is leading us to talk about the preparation that's necessary and realize that we can't just keep on keeping on there's there are changes that must take place by submitting to the Lord we already talked about this but coming back to it the 1st the 1st the early reign must take place in our lives before say King of sin and the cleansing of the heart by confession prayer consecration thus preparing for added power God doesn't give us power until we're ready to be able to use it to His glory and not to ours and he can't give it to us until we have set aside sin and forsaking it confessing and praying and consecrating our lives to him some more conditions that we claim it by faith it's given the cording to the capacity to receive that film from. Now OK we're good growth in grace and walking in light already receive is what we must do in other words we must we must respond to the light we have is if I've received light that that working on Sabbath is the wrong thing for me to do and I'm expecting the Spirit of God to be given to me in the latter rain and I've not yielded that issue to him and realize that I've got to learn to trust him that he can handle this problem I'm a me working on the Sabbath Another words the fact that I need income that's 1 of the reasons that the Sabbath and other things like it are tests for us because if we can't give if we give in to that test and and say I'm going to work on Sabbath because I just can't see any other way to do it and whatever you're right you can't and that tell you get past that point he can't give you additional power you wouldn't know what to do with it but it's when you come in your life to that particular point that he's able to work for you starting with a lady that had the privilege of baptizing here a couple 3 weeks ago and as we were studying in. Preparation for a baptism. I was kind of Johnny come lately in this experience or whatever it was that in studying with her 1 of the things that I was studying about there was was going over the the. Baby in the belief and clearing her in preparation for Baptists. And 1 of the things that I asked her you know I don't mean to step on anybody's toes right now I'm just telling you a story and let the Spirit of God do with what that whatever the Spirit God wants to do that in her life at this particular moment we were talking about some of the things and help her living and so on and she had given up you know the unclean foods and other kinds of things in her life and she had an add in this father and mother and and that she you know not really made a commitment to the church and non admin husband so and so who wasn't she surrendered all those things and was making progress and so I know I asked her So how you doing with Kathy. Coffee's a bit of her all over a lot even it up the poor and and and I did it but I got back into it and then the last time that I did I gave up coffee I had terrible headache and and translation was I don't want to go through that again but we're coming up to a baptism and she's struggling with this and some of you know some people might say really you know yes anyway. And so the lady than that I would that we that I was working with and studying with here. She had a little her own testimony of why and what God had done in testing her along the way and bless her heart she agreed that we would pray for her for the next several days that we would pray that she would number 1 be able to quit drinking coffee and number 2 that God would take away those headaches and she wouldn't do that. And there were there was there were other issues I knew that she would face in her life not particularly that moment the decisions that she needed to make and would need to make and I reminded her that these kinds of paths are helping us to understand that God can do for us what needs to be done but we have to be willing to make that decision and we asked him Are you willing to make that decision she said yes she was willing so we book we committed to pray for her and we did pray for her and I wasn't hearing anything for a couple of days as I told her I said I you know you need a program let us know when we can stop praying I'll never stop praying but you know what I'm saying and I haven't heard a thing for 2 or 3 days so I talked to the lady that had been studying with her and all I said you heard me think oh she's on the phone and she called her and she said How's it going he says well I haven't had any coffee since then and he said I haven't had a headache and so but you to keep praying so we continue to pray and add her baptism her testimony was that God had delivered her from that caffeine without a single hit. Why does God do that why does he do that number 1 he hears prayer a man and number 2 even wanted her to know that the struggles that would be in front of her would be just as easily handled as he handled that problem of gapping and that was headaches that she was sure he couldn't handle. That's what God is doing for us in all of these kinds of situations he's helping us to grow in here to learn by safe what it is that he wants to do for us. All right I see that the clock is telling me I'm almost done will it be going. Conditions or growth and grace and walking in the light recede that was what I was just talking about we must be fully surrendered to Him We must eliminate dissensions and misunderstandings those throw struggles that are going in our church we our prayer meeting should be saying if there's a dissension or their problems going on in the church the prayer meeting should be about solving that problem. And and I don't mean maybe you know making it public and whatever I'm just saying we should better pray that God will take those things away from us because the latter rain is not coming to us as a church and not coming to us as individuals until those dissensions are put away the differences must all be put away we must surrender to self self idolatry must be crucified and we cannot do this ourselves we must consent for Christ to do do it to do it in a Christ object lessons $159.00 and also see about her and that. In and the results here are the results praise the Lord here are the results great power and glory attend the closing work there is a revival that strengthens the church the struggles that we see in the church now when this is essentials are set aside and we all begin to realize that a United Church is the only church that God can use in the end of time God will then turn around and revive us and strengthen us there will be bonds that will bind the people that are broken and they will step out in faith to obey the truth some leading man won't even allow be the truth leading man as in I don't know who that might be maybe it'll be President Trump I don't know you know whatever people that are leaders in government people that are leaders and in whatever capacity will accept the truth the whole world will be enlightened how much of the world the whole world will be enlightened when this whole issue of the sabbath that is at the focal point here together with the Satan's attempts which will talk about tomorrow and the spirit ism and all of that that Satan uses in this regard God will use these to lighten the world in an amazing way can you imagine this whole world understanding what the great controversy is all about. And choosing 1 side or the other because Jesus is calling them to make that decision that the light will lighten the whole world it'll be similar to the day of Pentecost but it will be on a whole world wide scale not just in Jerusalem the last message that will be proclaimed will be proclaimed by 1000 and there will be miracles that are wrought and the sick will be healed but. But the problem is that while the art of God is working so is Satan. And as we've been reminded through other presentations the deceptions that are coming on this world was deceived even the very elect not enter tune with. Righteous life away and say by faith in Jesus not by my knowledge of then on my desire even to resist the devil but total by my relationship with man and the Word of God that he's provided prepare me to resist those temptations to morrow will continue on where we left off here into the next segment where we get into that time of the shaking what God wants to do for us as the world around us is crumbling apart let's pray to God. Loving Father thank You for Jesus. Demonstrated by his life his death and his resurrection that you are a loving Father thank You that we are reminded that we live in serious time there is a work that you want to do in us and for us that we cannot do our own of our own the we need your power and strength in our long the ceiling experience that we talked about doesn't leave us with some unanswered question. And Lord I know that you will give us answers that you will help us as we seek to come to the conclusions we need to come to understand your truth in the meantime Lord I pray that you will continue to bless us your work in our hearts and lives as we go to our other classes simply this day and then your spirit walk with us moment by moment may your angels watch over us thank you in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio dot org.


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