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5. Victory and Deliverance in Jesus

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Father haven't it's been a. Great week as we have been able to study the Word of God be reminded of the Spirit of Prophecy in the tremendous blessing the spirit of prophecy is to us in this class and in all the seminars that we've been able to participate in we've been blessed by your Holy Spirit working and Lorna once again this is our last class in the sequence together I pray that you will bless our time may your holy spirit once again guide what we do what I say and what we hear and most importantly maybe we be students of the word and students of the Spirit of Prophecy and most importantly students of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit speaking to us and teaching us and preparing our hearts for the return of Jesus God our class today we pray and Jesus' name in. It's really scary when everything works we have been talking all week about various elements of end time events and how those end time events remind us of the times in which we are living Jesus made the statement. And used an illustration to help us to understand it and you talked about the fact that there is a tree. And when he gets fruit on it human beings are able to understand when the what the season is and he was using that as an illustration of the season the you and I are living in and saying if you are able to understand when fruit is ripe more importantly you need to know when the harvest is ripe for the return of Jesus. He is especially speaking to you and to me today because we are living in the time of the end we're living in the time that is past the come the investigative judgment and reaching into this point we are somewhere in here I can't tell you how close all I can do is share with you what you know or what you can observe and what we reminded each other of and that is that things are happening now and they are happening rapidly and they're almost happening daily and we must not allow ourselves to bog down on all those events except to do what Jesus said watch what's happening so that you know what is about to happen but most importantly you and I should be preparing for the final crisis because we never know when our part of the Final Crisis is done it may be when the church faces that Final Crisis together and maybe when we as individuals face that crisis. Sometimes you get a thought in your mind and you want to say something and then all of a sudden that brings about a sense of emotion Last year I almost lost my wife this close to losing my wife in death and after talking to the doctors and things that all seem to be reaching in and you pray that they're always rooting and then they tell you that they almost lost. It reminds us that life is short we have no guarantees I'm grateful that God intervened and spared my wife's life but you and I don't know when our time will end when the ceiling for concludes. You and I today need to be preparing for the return of Jesus he's coming again and coming again very soon. Jesus cares about us he's going to be with us through this all the way we heard a story a couple days ago I don't know if it's gotten around at all and I don't want to spoil anybody's story but it fits here 1 of our Maggie bookers was out working this past week and knocking on doors and knocking on those doors they were sharing the wonderful trues that God has given us and there was a man that they met and that the individual met they met the individual met and it was a warm day and the man said you know wait a minute let me get you some water so went into the house came back and he had 2 glasses of water. And he said this is for you and for your friend. There is only 1 person standing at the door. Who is the other 1. The Angels care about us they're real it's true this is the day and age in which we live there are lots of skeptics out there that don't believe God exists but he does and it's happening again and again some of you have had similar kinds of experiences God wants us to know he lets those things happen because he wants us to know he will not abandon us he will not leave us alone and even though we're coming to a time that we're going to be talking about today that obviously is challenging the time of trouble a lot of people get so fearful about it Ellen White herself was so afraid of the judgment early on in her and her experience as a young Methodist and she 1 day she got a brother stockman and her parents said you need to talk to Brother Stockton and and he sat down and he he talked to her and she was so from distraught and he said to her you need to know that Jesus loves you and she were it was repeated to or again and again that was earlier in early in her childhood experience as a young As a young teenager before things started to happen in her life where God started to use her in a mighty way she saw a lot of things after that time some of them really encouraged her in some things I'll share with you a little along the way distressed her and she had no news that Jesus loved her and Jesus loved his people. Well he loves his people yet still today he's coming back for us isn't that good news and that's what we're talking about here today but we've been talking about the latter rain and later see a message we've talked about the ceiling in the process we've talked about the shaking we've talked about the fact that this is all coming to a conclusion today we want to lead up to those final final events that will bring about the end of the sinful world I think we're all ready for that right ready for the end of the sinful world anybody ready for the end of the Civil War But before that comes there are some things in front of us in the Bible talks about the time of trouble Ellen White of vi identifies 2 times of trouble the 1st 1 is sometimes called the early time of trouble it's the 1 that is prior to the close of probation I know it is there anyway to draw their blood where we're trying to get some breeze in here so let's not do that I think you can see it can you see it I mean somewhat it's in your notes by the way so hook you can follow along but the early time of trouble with ends at the close of probation includes earthquakes wars pestilences increasing immorality preaching the gospel in the Holy Spirit poured out in the Sabbath proclaim or Philly happening happening happening really happening needs to happen more. The Holy Spirit being poured out in the Sabbath proclaimed more fully needs to really happen these things are real before us they are evidences that we are in this process and let me let me you know I don't want to try to get in a line OK Have we crossed over into the early time of trouble what really matters is that this is going to be a simple process that can move rapidly as Ellen White said and these things are part of it that's where we are that's what's happening with us I saw your enemy come back to you in just a moment the time of trouble the time of Jacob struggle is what comes after that but that we want to understand comes after the close a probation and there's 2 elements in that we want to keep in mind OK quick question. So the early time of trouble would be the 1 that was on the screen a moment and a little time of trouble would be that as well as the Great time of trouble is what I'm talking about now and the great time of trouble would also be Jacob's trouble sometimes referred to and that's because of the Bible story that 1 white picks up on and I'll talk about a more direct we. Know now that was the address that I gave out earlier are should say the name is the I as ceiling time ministries OK some Sometimes people miss that ceiling time ministries and that's where you could get that you need more information come see me I even have the address here you can Google it as well so the time of trouble the time of Jacob's trouble that great time of trouble that Evesham that time after the close of probation. Is the time that has some of these ingredients in it it begins with a decree of Revelation 221112 we talked about that yesterday more is the time when probation closes Let him who is righteous be righteous still he was filthy let him be filthy still that's when this time is takes place will look at a little bit more here in just a moment. Also for angels that are holding back the winds of strife this is the time when they begin to unleash those winds of strife and strife has already been coming I mean look at the world today you and I in the United States let's face it we are blessed there are many places in the world that are suffering tremendously because of man's inhumanity to man because of the wars and the struggles and the and all the issues that are going on but it's getting worse here anger is increasing just look at the politics I mean it's just awful and people are ready to kill each other and fight each other over the president whoever that might happen to be and things they believe and on and on and on it goes. And there is at this time in time a day could trouble there's general confusion and destruction you already sense now that the Spirit of God is being withdrawn that becomes a very rarely great reality during this time because there's no intercessor and no shelter for the impenitent anymore I didn't say for God's people this is the time when probation is closed and there's no opportunity for a sinner to be accepted and to repent this is just similar to the experience of Satan when Satan finally in heaven crossed the line and God said that's it I've given you a chance I've given you a chance to repent I've given you a chance to turn around and you've crossed over the line and that's when. Everything broke loose in heaven and the war in heaven that Revelation 12 talks about took place and that's what's coming before us when people cross that line the time as good as come when there is no intercessor because Jesus in Daniel Chapter 12 or Swanny stands and he leaves the sanctuary in God's spirit is completely withdrawn another where is the the Spirit of God is no longer here for the purpose of saving souls and if the person in the Spirit of God is the 1 who's been drawing people right he's been drawing you he's been drawing need the reason that you accepted Jesus as your savior is because the Spirit of God drew you to him but when the Spirit of God is no longer here there's no drawing anymore so the sinners are free to do as they like to without being drawn to the cross it's done it's over and Satan now has control over what goes on Satan plunges the world in the worst trouble this world has ever seen. But Jesus has not abandon his people. Right don't ever forget it by faith we're trusting in God he still cares about us he's taking care of us will never be able to live without Jesus never even after the close of probation we need Jesus right even after Jesus comes back we still need Jesus but we're going to be able to spend eternity with Him praise the Lord for that. And the elements in this world let loose 2nd Peter Don't forget last lesson is this time this this this week is the last lesson Peter I hope that you study that if you haven't go back and read it again both 1st Peter and 2nd Peter all reminds us of these elements are going to burn with fervent heat and what does he say in all of that he says because the world's going to be like this what kind of people should we be and that's really what this class has been about it's not just about these of then it's but it is what kind of people are we need to be now occurring during this you know this occurs during the time of the plagues coming to that in a few moments and after the passage of the death the CRE another words up until this time in that early time of trouble the world is not yet aware of the death of the issues that are really at the heart of the great controversy it doesn't mean anything to them they're they're involved in their religion they're Muslims are involved in theirs and they induce or are involved in there isn't it cetera et cetera et cetera everybody's involved in their own experience their own whatever but when we come to this time. The world's attention is been drawn to what's going on because the world is disintegrating it's falling apart there's no more discussion about global warming or where they call it the day. Climate change there's no discussion about that it really doesn't matter anymore because the world is disintegrating it's falling apart by the way you know there was another tsunami this is we agree. You know there were. Yeah it was a you all must be a camp meeting turning off your Hallelujah praise the Lord. I think this 1 was in Greenland if I'm not mistaken and I didn't take time to read it I just saw it there and and some of the stuff shows up on the Weather Channel and I've been watching the Weather Channel and it in the tsunami came in must have been an earthquake or something I don't know what it was and I swept homes away and swept people away and and all of that I just keep happening every day you almost don't even notice it anymore it's ongoing the world is disintegrating this world is coming again I'm sorry. Yes I heard that as well I didn't know about that but my wife told me about it and she'd picked up on that I X. just ongoing So these things are all leading up to the time when the world is developing a focus on the issues as they are at the moment it's not a big issue but you understand that the the Roman Catholic Church in the pope has made it abundantly clear that that someday is part of his goal and it's mixed up several ways within the use document on climate change that he came he shared with the U.N. and others it's there it's his solution to the problem if everybody takes a day off we will give 1 7th of the time to letting the world or world rest hey I think he has a great idea I think good you know what Too bad God didn't think of it how. God thought about it he had a very had the right day it's. Always been there but now the pope is going to take credit for it he's the 1 who set Sunday up and he is though going to make that the big deal and this is going to slide into the time when you know what things are getting bad enough let's we better you know I'm not telling you how it's all going to come but I can tell you that those pieces are showing themselves and it's likely to be there I'm not a prophet or the son of a prophet I just know what the Bible teaches and I will let the Lord take care of the details I'm going to let him work through those issues and take care of them and how it all comes together but I know that these things will lead up to the fact that there's going to be a Sunday law and I know that according to Revelation 13. The beast the Roman Catholic Church will work in cooperation or should say the other way around and the image of the beast and the beast that is representing the United States in Revelation 13 we all cooperate with the Roman Catholic Church and together they will begin to take this to the world and the world will realize that they've got to listen United States is still a world power in spite of what Russia might think and others and all of these things are coming together when now the world understands the Sabbath is a central issue when we cross into the time approach. Probation we enter the time of Jacob's trouble we have this whole scenario developing now the world begins to understand that Sabbath really is an issue and there's a problem because there's a group of people that are that are responsible for all of God's judgments that are coming on this world and because of them we've got to deal with it and so there's a Sunday law and they're not obeying it therefore we need a deck to agree to deal with it that's on the other side of the close of probation that's what's happening OK. Absolutely. You're. Really interested in a moral issue which is interesting because a few years ago. Yeah right here 961 the US Supreme Court official he declared that the state. That the states Sunday laws are not religious laws and that they are constitutional OK So that was back in 1961 because if you can if you can make a Sunday law because it's not a religious issue Great now you build on that and pretty soon you find another issue that this is becoming a moral issue because people are starving to death because of climate change people are suffering because of climate change their dying their whatever so now it's a moral issue and pretty soon that law well you know it's not that it's just that if we don't do it this world's going to disintegrate and poor he should assume that's where we are folks we're right on the edge we're right on the edge I think you know about climate change 10 years ago you might have heard about it that you never heard about it coming out of the mouth of the pope and tying it to Sunday and all the things that are happening these a recent developments and and he's taken it to the paper I mean to the U.N. and everything OK I'm. Slow down her eyes this is also the time of physical and mental anguish for the people who go it's a reality. It's not going to be an easy time Alawite says as you all know you heard the statement that she knows that bad things are usually worse in their expectation and they are in reality. She said it's not true in this case it's worse than our expectation mine. Is my heart then fill with fear no because Jesus says that he will never allow anything to happen due to us that we are not able to bear 1st Corinthians 10 years. Where the 1013 that's it and I got the right chapter. Great anxiety G.C. chapter on the on the subject pages 61620 I've given you a handout don't try to go find it right now but it has this whole section on it so if you don't have a be able look it up and all this whole section of great controversy is in the hand up of the gave you today and includes the great anxiety regarding the repentance of sin the severely tempted the Gods people are severely tempted by Satan and there are no condemning sins revealed as they are all blotted out. And you can read through it you find it and try to dig in and now you get a lost let me keep going here because I want to come back and talk to this the time of trouble the time of Jacob's trouble includes. The fact that there are those who have not made a habit to trust God and this is the time when they begin to realize that they've got they've got to learn to trust God or They've already crossed over and it's too late to learn to trust God. Can they the people who are concerned are the earthly nurse and reflect Christ image those are consumed with earthly knows will not be able to reflect Christ's image perfectly I'm going to look at some of the statements before we get done Ellen White warns us there's no use in storing up food or provisions it's no it's not worth it you know there's a whole group of people not in the admin is George in another denomination and a group of people. Pride themselves on having guns and and food and all of that all stored away it's the Mormons OK and that's where that all comes in and they mean I'm not saying everybody does but they they are protecting themselves they're preparing for it and they take care of that Ellen White says don't bother don't bother because what happens when the world goes crazy and you've got food and nobody else does. Suddenly you become a target M.R. right so you might as well just learn to trust Jesus and he says he'll provide it and he'll take care of you that's enough. Let me let me let me I thank you I really appreciate you bringing that I'm cutting you off I'm sorry but you're right and here's how the preparation that we do 1st of all we don't stay in the big cities we move to the small cities and tell it's time to move beyond that and we know that comes when it comes to this Sunday law the National Sunday law when that comes that is our call to get out because now it's all going to break loose at this point it is nothing wrong with learning how to live off the land is nothing wrong with any of that no problem with doing that it's not a sin to learn how to do that she's just telling us we're going to have to learn to trust the Lord and we're going to have to deal with that and then the early time of trouble there's going to be strife that's why we move out of the cities and that's why we move to small cities and that's why we move out of the small cities out into the wilderness why because there's no sense in us being in the world anymore. It's time for us to realize that God is going to protect us and he there's no sense in us being here anymore we can't save people anymore there's nothing we can do anymore and God is going to take care of this is that this is OK I got to keep going so that that's right I'm not going to deny any of that look I I need to be prepared you should be prepared what if a tornado strikes your town or power is knocked out for 3 days. No water because the water system has been polluted the U.S. government tells all of us that you should have 3 days worth of whatever you need in your home right. OK I need to put my disaster response had back on you need to be prepared in case something happens if you live in a part of the world where they have hurricanes and you know what we can get them here hurricanes winds over 70 miles an hour that happens here you know but any rate when those things happen those kinds of things happen you know I should be prepared we're talking here about stocking this up thinking we're going to have this all prepared hided are some place where we're going to go to and that you know we don't have to depend on the Lord during that time because we're smart enough we've got all store you know what the Lord will destroy and Ellen White says that's what will happen he will take it away from us because we need to learn to depend on Jesus. That's right. And that's true sharing is a good thing as well yeah absolutely thank you very good we this is. There's a normal cycle especially if you're a farmer and you are a subsistence farmer example you know that like and days past you have to store stuff up from 1 harvest to the next so that you had seed to plant for the next time and food to get you through until the next harvest and all of that OK I want to talk about the plagues right now and so I'm going to go to that 1st of all there is a description of the plagues in Revelation Chapter 16. And would you take your Bibles in terms of there with me for a moment. Just because you're nice people you're going to do it right. I don't have time to really delineate that way IGS out a gala more last year or did a seminar on the plagues any of you attend that Ella gala more seminar on the plagues in his his seminar on the Plague play are not the plates on the trumpets I'm sorry how many of you attended is on the trumpets. His seminar on the trumpets is outstanding I've listened to it a couple of times while I'm driving along and I really appreciate his perspective folks there's a lot of confusion about the trumpets today but what 7th they have missed the believe is still true is a real danger of us wandering and getting off on different tangents in this area and but anyway going to Revelation Chapter 16 and here we're looking about the plagues and the trumpets is integrated into this because these are the churches the plagues the trumpets the SEALs all kind of crossover in the history of the church and and so on but in chapter 16 looking at verse 12 it says the 6th annual poor doubt his bowl in the great river Euphrates and his water was dried up so that the way of the kings from the east my pre-prepared and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the polls prophet for they are the spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole earth world to gather them to the Battle of that great day of God Almighty the old I am coming as a thief bless it is He who watches and keeps his garment lest the walk naked and they see his shame by the way that passage in there is a is an important 1 when you're talking to somebody about a rapture they get all caught up in the rapture and they said how come it's a commits after the rapture and Jesus is told Talking about coming as a thief. This is the what were occurring to here when we're talking about the description of the plagues and the kinds of things that are going on Revelation Chapter 16 and especially the 6th and the 7th plague and how the interim late to each other I don't have time to get into it but look at verse 12 it says then the 6th Angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates Do you remember the river Euphrates back in prophecy and history how it played into the church do you remember that story of Daniel and when the Medes and Persians came to Babylon this is imagery that comes back out of that if you are not familiar with that and the great and its water was dried up what was dried up the water of the river going into battle and correct or that imagery is being brought back again and its eggs set in this in the context of Babylon the Babel in the Revelation speaks of which is a combination of the path of the Roman Catholicism and the Protestants and and all of that made up of what's in verse 13 but then it says and so the way of the kings from the east my pre-prepared kings of the East you know that the Bible tells us Jesus is coming from the east. We're preparing for the return of Jesus the King of Kings is coming back more can't don't have time to get in all so it's similar to the plagues of Egypt only worse we know that the time is after the close of probation we know that it's not universal because if it were it that would be the destruction of the world but the Lord is not yet ready for that final work to be done because part of this work is the final purifying of God's people we are sealed we are centered but the Lord is finalizing everything this is that time when the righteous that are going to be righteous still and the wicked that are going to be wicked still there is a clear denuclearization of this process I can't tell you how long it's going to be the author of the book that we've been using here Fernando cha and the 1 who wrote some outlines that we've been working off of as well says Oh is it going to be a year I don't know that's because in Revelation Chapter 18 verse 8 what does it say. Anyway we don't know how long it's going to be my mind's blank right in a moment yeah 1 day in that so that's where we get a day is a year that's what I wanted to say so thank you very much I would want to be sure that's where it was protection of the sealed is Psalm $91.00 you'll know so I'm not the 1 I referred to it several times memorize Psalm $91.00 the Angels a promise to protect us from plagues from past the lenses from anything that comes along this is a time when the Angels are especially real but they're real now they're with us they're taking care of us there's no reason for harm to come to us in the sense of us dying but that doesn't mean it won't be stressful that they won't be pain and that it will be a difficult time. This is a time for the where the hunger of the word becomes over we had known the message why didn't you tell us about this they go to their their ministers and they say you knew about this you know the 7th day was a Sabbath people want the Word of God but it's too late time has passed become an of the time of the 6 and 7 the plagues that I was just referring to and this is the time when these 3 great powers spiritism the papacy and Protestantism they now are so united they're all concentrating on 1 thing doing away with the people of God that are fighting against them and they're standing on 1 side now there are only 2 sides Satan's and God's and the wicked are an utter utter despair or a controversy page $64.00 and White talks about the level of their despair and how awful that despair is in another place and some of the materials are given you there. The. The statement Ellen White May says she saw some of these things happening and she saw these things happening she said or I can't stand this I can't I can't bear what what I'm seeing here and then she says why would anybody not want to believe the 7th day sabbath and be able to avoid these horrible things that are coming why would people not stand on the side of God she's she's looking at this and seeing that what a what a time would you take these notes that I've given to you please forego any farther I want to make a little bit of a mention in relationship to the issue of the plagues. Folks there are a lot of ideas and a lot of thoughts that are out there today and and. I'm not trying to talk about any. About all the area variations that are out there but I want to share a couple of things with you that I think it's well for you to be aware of and to know. And so I'm going to read a couple of these statements and then you need to recognize and work through these conclusions Ellen White in a section that found in last day events that's what all these east ends for the island the white book compilation on last events and it comes out of the review in Harold March tan line 1000 know for and is repeated there in L.T.E. she says this is the glory of God to be merciful full of forbearance kindness goodness and truth but the justice shown in punishing the sinner is as variably the glory of God as is the manifestation of His mercy is really easy for us to get confused on this issue God is still in control but there comes a time in which just as God cast Satan out of heaven he is going to bring He is going to bring judgment on this or it's not going to be an automatic thing it's going to be because of the decisions that people have made that you and I have made that we are experiencing in the situation but it is because this is it it's all done it's all over a little farther down she says in all the Bible God is presented not only as a being of mercy and benevolence but as a god of strict and impartial justice. The next statement says God's love is represented in our day as being of such a character as would prove it is destroying the sinner men reason from their own low standard of right and justice though that though though thought is that. In a right here that how thoughtless that I was altogether such as 1 is that I self they measure God by themselves they reason as to how they would act under the circumstances and decide that God would do as they imagine that. Imagine they would do but they forget what East what Ellen White is saying here that God will destroy the sinner is not just God I'm just the sinner destroying themselves God will destroy the sinner God is the 1 who brings the plagues on this land God is bringing the judgments that he said he would bring on this land go down a little farther there's some underlying statements there at the General Conference of believers in the present truth hell that sudden September $850.00 I was shown that the 7 last plagues will be poured out after Jesus leaves the sanctuary said the Angel that is the wrath of God and the lamb that causes the destruction or the death of the wicked God is in control of those going on to the next page says The bolts of God's wrath are soon to fall underlined section here these are highlights by the way are my own. And if you look closely you can tell it's also highlighted because it's black and white the yellow didn't come through but the gull bolts of God's wrath are soon to fall and when he shall begin to punish the transcripts or there will be no period of respond until the end the storm of God's wrath is gathering and those only will stand who are sanctified through the Truth and the love of God they shall be hid with Christ in God tell the desolation shall be overpassed he shall come forth to punish the inhabitants of the world for they are Nick witty and the earth also shall disclose her blood and shall no more cover her slain 1 last 1 that I want to mention is down the middle of that page where I underlined it says to our merciful God the act of punishment is a strange act but nonetheless it's God's hour God's involved in this process he is the 1 who's involved in this the plagues are coming because the world has turned its back on God and God is taking the world back Satan is trying to gain control and say God says now it's over sin has crossed the line when you decided to rise up against my Sabbath and make it a now not only a national law but a universal law when you rose up and the Beast has risen up and says that I'm the 1 who's in control and really pretends to be God not is God or continues to pretend to be God and does all of that God says thus far and no farther you've reached the point. There are some other important events that we want to talk about here a great voice from heaven proclaims it is done there's a lightning's of voices and thunders there's a gigantic earthquake the greatest in history we've been seeing enough of those already as I said on Monday there been 9.0 is in the last 50 years and you just hardly ever seen them at all and they can see that kind of thing continues the great city spiritual Babylon Rome is divided into 3 parts it comes in remembrance from God the other cities of the nations fall the islands flee in the mountains disappear hail falls from heaven each hail stone the weight of a talent this is that time on this chart it's talking about here after the close of probation and before the 2nd Coming of Christ these are the events that are taking place this is the time of a national saw 1 Sunday law becoming a universal Sunday law and all of these because in the 7 last plagues and death decree the wicked have to flee the wicked die but the people of God don't die anymore Aluko. Is still in control during that time we question. OK this is coming from. Me. This comes for a. Revelation. What with chapters. I'm looking right at it and it's not jumping out at me that not certain then that's not the 3 parts whereas the poor were 19 that's it. Thank you burst 1000 now the great city was divided into 3 parts and the cities of the nations fell and great Babylon reserve member before God to give or the cup of the wine fierceness of here Erap another words that was Chapter 16 revelation 16 verse 19 In other words it's part of the 7 of the 7th play the 7 last plays and as part of that and we don't have time to go into those details but that's what's happening so that's the connection thank you for asking because that can get confusing to people sure. And so this continues on and now this leads into the time of the liberation of God's people these things are all coming to a final conclusion we're going through this most difficult time and I haven't talked about the time of Jacobs trouble we'll come back to that in a moment but when defiance becomes universal and the wicked seem about to destroy the Saints and it's at midnight the God's people are delivered the liberation time includes a mighty manifestation of God's. Power The weapons are gone to be against God's people are useless they might try to kill us but no it doesn't happen because there's no sense in it no maters anymore because nobody will be saved by the blog of the martyrs martyrs will die up until the close of probation in that early time of trouble. The reason is because there's still time for people to make a decision and if you and I are called upon to die that someone else might be able to live that is the spirit of Christ that's he is living and saying I'm going to let you rest I'm coming I'm going to I'm going to take you home but if you buy you dying and someone else seeing that and if they are in the kingdom of heaven because of it it will be worth it for you. Stream seas to flow the mountains shake the sea boils the cities fall God's voice announces the coming of Jesus. No that no believers will die OK now that no no people that have received the seal of God will die after the close of Asian during the time of Jacob's trouble and I gave you some statements here and if you take a look at the miscellaneous statements take them out and by the way it's all part of that same same thing of. Yours dear I don't blame you it's I staple them all together and after the plagues 1 after that go a couple of pages in and you'll see it says miscellaneous statements like this all right so it's all in the same thing you know why are people looking confused because I confused you. That's why not are do not hard for me to be confused as well. On the 1st section of there I just want to read that we read it earlier in the week I want to come back to it again and be reminded of what's there it says the power of the Holy Spirit is the defense of every contrary soul you with me. Not 1 that in penitence and faith has claimed as protection will Christ permit to pass under the enemy's power a savior is by the side of his tempted and tried ones with him there can be no such thing as failure in possibility or defi we can do all things through him who strengthens us when temptations and trials come do not wait to adjust all the difficulties but look to Jesus your helper so God is speaking to us now right he's talking to us and saying this is the time to learn to trust me I'm not going to leave you alone now during the early time of trouble or during the Great time of trouble Jacob's try time of trouble I'm going to be there for you there are Christians who speak continuing on their all think and speak altogether too much about the power Satan they think of their adversary they pray about him they talk about him and he looms up greater and greater in their imagination it is true that Satan is a powerful beating being but thank God we have I'm mighty Savior who cast out the evil 1 from heaven Satan is pleased when we magnify his power why not talk about Jesus why not magnify his power. And his love Jesus wants us to learn to trust same to a couple pages past that. Couple pages past their words underline is where I'm going to paragraph begins such will be the experience of God's people everybody with any. Such will be. If we get everybody OK Such will be the experience of God's people in their final struggle with the powers of evil God will test their faith their perseverance their confidence in his power to deliver them Satan will endeavor to try to terrify them with the thought that their cases are hopeless that their sins have been too great to receive pardon they will have a deep sense of their shortcomings and as they review their lives their hopes will sink but remembering the greatness of God's mercy and their own sincere repentance they will plead his promises made through Christ to helpless repenting sinners their faith will not fail because their prayers are not immediately answered they will lay hold of the strength of God as Jacob lay hold laid hold of the angel and the language of their souls will be I will not let the go except that Bless me notice the context of this passage is patriarchs and prophets page 2 out to the context of the chapter is the chapter about Jacob who is making his way back to his brother and he's confronted with the fact that Esau is on his way and he's got an army of $400.00 with him and Jacob knows this could be it and he's out there and he's praying and he surrendering to God and he's given everything to God and the angel comes to him the angel of the Lord comes to him and he they wrestle all night long. The next paragraph says had not Jacob previously repented of his sin in obtaining the birthright by fraud God could not have heard his prayer and mercifully preserved his life so in the time of trouble the people of God had unconfessed sins to appear before them while tortured with fear and anguish they would be overwhelmed the Cerro would cut of despair would cut off their faith and they would not have confidence to plead with God for deliverance but while they have a deep sense of their unworthiness they will have no concealed wrongs to reveal their sins will have been blotted out by the atoning blood of Christ and they cannot bring them to remember and it's that's why this class is preparation for a Final Crisis because the preparation time is now the preparation time is now on the ceiling time is now we may be in entering into the intense time of the shaking of the church these things are all here we have conflicts within the church we have differences of opinion but sometimes those difference of opinion are stretching us and separating us and dividing us God wants to unite us together and he wants us to be warned of the dangers that are out there. I've cautiously spoken to you about things that are up this week some of you have known what I'm talking about when it talks about some of the things going on in the church some of you don't know what I'm talking about and that's OK because this really isn't trying to polarize us it's trying to bring us in. But we need to recognize that just because somebody claims the name of Jesus and claims that there are 70 AD newest on the church books and may even be under some level of responsibility of leadership in the church The only way you know whether what they're talking about is truth and that includes me is by knowing your Bible. The only way you can be prepared for what's coming is not assume that because somebody is teaching it and it comes from this division or that division or wherever but that it comes from God or it doesn't we do have issues of the emerging church making its way into the end of the church there's no question in my mind and few really question that but I know some do some think that were a little paranoid about it whole conferences have gone after the emerging church movement and have accepted that it's a fact just a fact and brought people in who are teaching what they believe in relationship to this but they're not on 7th Day Adventists and when you pursue them I question whether they're really Christian they claim to be Christian but they are mixing together with their theology the way it is a Satan and their mixing together with mysticism and all those mysteries that go with it and that have come out of the Roman Catholic Church and all of these things are blended together and what I had up on the screen a little while ago of the earth of spiritism combining with. The. Spiritism and Paganism combining with the Roman Catholic Church and combining with Protestantism all these things are getting blended together in in these areas and they look good and they look nice and people say but this is Jesus and this is just how Jesus wants us to be and it's you know if that's all we need is we just need Jesus and that's happening in the 7th Day Adventist Church. What happened to what Ellen want. About what's coming on this. Is the revival trying to spread its way into our church that is not based upon truth but a based upon Satan's ways you have to make that decision in your own life but you need to be asking those questions all along the way I don't care where it happens I don't care what happens you and Jesus need to be in your word and the spirit of prophecy and asking who is in charge of what's going on Satan or God is this coming from God or is it coming from Satan the next page top of the page this is coming from great controversy paid $614.00 when he leaves the sanctuary darkness covers that happens of the earth in that fearful time the righteous must live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor I've really not spent a lot of a lot of time talking about this but I hope it's becoming crystal clear at a question asked a couple of days ago ago so I want to summarize it today some of your coming in for the 1st time and I want to make sure it's clear as we're wrapping this Jesus is preparing us for his return there comes a time when we are crossing over from. Miss period of time and crossing over after the close of probation we will still be alive during that time we will not have an intercessor in heaven during that time that means we must not sin during that time and that means the only way that can happen in our lives is for Jesus to have full control of our lives and for us to be fully surrendered to Him I will not ever reach a point this side of heaven where I can trust on me and don't need Jesus I will need Jesus I will need the Holy Spirit in my life I will need the angels guarding me and leading me and protecting me but I will have been sealed before the close of probation I will have made a decision that there is nothing that I'm going to allow into my life and the Lord says you have surrendered to me you are now ready to say. But I'll never be able to say I don't need and Jesus says I'm going to take you through all during that on this is not about me this is about Jesus Jesus has finally been able to prepare a people ready to stand against the enemy and be translated to heaven praise the Lord for that good news middle of the page they're a little further down and if any come short of the last they have heard the truth as they have have in this land of light it will be their own fall they will be without excuse the word of God tells us how we may be perfect Christians and escape the 7 last plagues but they took no interest to find this out this is where Ellen White's talking about those who come to that point they may have grown up especially as 7th Avenue as Christians they may have become a 7th Day Adventist Christians receive the knowledge of the truth but still not allow God to work in their lives and as a consequence of that they're not ready to stand next page. Next page it says those who delay a preparation for the day of God cannot obtain it in the time of trouble or at any subsequent time the case of all such is hopeless that's why the title of this class is preparation for the Final Crisis a preparation for the coming crisis the 1 that is just before us it matters not to you and me exactly when that happens our faith is not built on seeing these events take place it will help us to understand that what God said would happen is happening and Jesus did say that it would helps to strengthen our faith when we see these things happen that he said would happen but the perp aeration that we need is a hard preparation ahead preparation of total and full complete surrender to Jesus next paragraph now while our great high priest is making the Atonement for us we just seek to become perfect in Christ not perfect in us but totally surrendered to Jesus further down there said he had kept his Father's Commandments speaking of Jesus and there was no sin in him that Satan could use to his advantage this is the condition in which those must be found who shall stand in the time of trouble I'm not trying to get into perfectionism I'm not trying to get into. Whatever those kind there are kinds of labels that are use out there all I'm saying is that clearly when the pros oppose a probation comes. We are totally dependent on Jesus period it is in this life the next paragraph we are to separate sin from us through faith in the toning blood of Jesus Christ our precious savior invites us to join ourselves to him to unite our weakness to his strength our ignorance to his wisdom our unworthiness to his merits underlined part just below that it rests with us to cooperate with the agencies which have an employees in the work of conforming our characters to the divine model none can refer this work but at the most fearful peril to their own to their souls so you and I are here at this time last paragraph down there at the bottom that page on to the next will the Lord forget his people during this trying hour did he forget faithful know when the judgments were visit upon the end of Libyan world did he forget a lot when the fire came down from heaven to consume the cities of the plain Did he forget Joseph surrounded by a dollars in Egypt did he forget Alija won the oath of jazz a bell threatened him with the fate of the prophets of Bayeux Did he forget Jeremiah in the dark and dismal pit of his prison house did he forget the 3 worthies in the fiery furnace or Daniel in the den of lions do you think there is an answer to that question. All of those stories are there for us reminding us that he will not forget us Zion said the Lord Arthur sake and me and my lord I have forgotten me can a woman forget her sucking child that he should not have compassion on the son of her womb yea they may forget yet will I not forget the Behold I have a grave in the Upon the palms of my hands Isaiah 49 the LORD of hosts is said he that touches she touches you touches the able I can't speak in that a language you write in here and in the Old English the apple is our way. You are the apple of his eye you are the apple of his R. he will not let the devil touch you but now is the time to learn to trust him now is to be fully and completely surrendered to him because of the return of Jesus is coming that glorious cloud is going to come draws nearer brighter more glorious becomes a white cloud with a rainbow above Jesus rides forth the resurrection of the righteous takes place the return of Jesus involves the transformation of the righteous living the Saints are caught to Christ the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of Christ's coming Saturday on this earth but it is Christ conferred comes along and confers his followers the emblems of victory Jesus opens the pearly gates of the holy city and the redeemed enter Jesus is coming. And he's coming. And very very soon. You want to do on that picture a little bit more it's 1 of my favorite pictures of me in greens. Hanging up there in the lobby of the admin ad building if you haven't seen it. And viewed not so much reminded of the artistry the BRE mind of the Christ at the center of this picture is coming again and he's coming again soon for you and me now is the time to prepare for the is the beginning of eternity the time now is to prepare we must take seriously the time in which we live and the necessity to prepare this is the time to be studying the Bible and the spirit of prophecy it is time for communion with God and and fervent prayer it is time for cleansing from sin and victory over weakness because Jesus is there for us it is time for complete surrender to God we it which was must be renewed every single day it is time for a diligent work for Christ in our lives why because Jesus is coming again. 1 last thought. And then I have a question for you. This statement from Ellen White earlier writings page 67 it's in your material it's the last page you have. Ellen White says this heaven will be cheap enough if we obtain it through suffering we must deny myself all along the way to self daily I'm sorry die to self daily let Jesus alone appear and keep his glory continually in view. Heaven will be cheap and. Now is the time to prepare a many of you want to make a commitment and say Jesus I know is coming. I know that I need to be serious about my commitment to Him the Lord Jesus Christ I need to take this to prayer morning I need to take prayer every night I need to study the Word of God I need to be involved in sharing the truth even though it terrifies me to death the Lord's going to help me to be a witness to my community to my neighbors to my coworkers I need to take it all seriously because of my commitment to Jesus how many of you want to say I'm I'm there with you Pastor I want to be there when Jesus comes bless you let's pray Father in heaven. This world is full of deceptions already and they're getting worse Satan is using all kinds of tools in morality is increasing in ways that we almost could not imagine and yet it's here we're seeing the signs around us being fulfill rapidly and we know the stage is set but you're holding back the winds of strife so that we can finish our work and so that you can finish your work and. Oh God of Heaven may not 1 person in this room deal last because of not taking seriously the need to prepare. May we all be ready when Jesus comes because of what Jesus does in our lives every day as we leave this room today we go with rejoicing in our hearts knowing that Jesus is coming and that you will stand by us until that day in Jesus name we pray in. 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