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1. Weather Preparedness: Summer

Jason Whitaker




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Dear Father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity to study your wonderful creation in the weather that you've given us whether it be good or bad and we ask you to bus this presentation everyone has come running we bring in Man All right how many of you here know who I am well it's pretty good. How many were here. No I'm not I'm not in any of these pictures I did pick some of them but my name is on the the slide there for those who did don't know me and were in here last year my name is Jason whatever I'm actually by train a maintenance manager for a company here in the area and I do weather and work on the side of storm chased both professionally and personally for about 15 years I started back in 1909 when I met a guy about in that name Robby I was anybody recognize that name here Rob Dale is kind of an interesting gentleman he wrote the software that we use to interpret the data from radar to a computer this guy is very very brilliant he's been doing this for as he was 14 years old he's a weather genius but ironically he can actually explain weather to a child and they understand I've seen him do this he's a very very good man he's a very Christian man also he taught me a lot of what I know and got me in a storm chasing funny story I used to be scared thunderstorms and severe weather back out of the kid I think being scared of it led me to want to actually. Find out more when I met Rob He got me in a storm chasing and later became the amateur radio operator and we're here at Camp me of the storm monitor I work for aggression County with the emergency manager on whether issues and I've always worked in the community I live in I don't go off out west and chase I'd like to someday but I feel that should serve the community where I'm at the moment it even if I'm at work I would work with my cost accounting which is where I work now as we go through this presentation if you've been here before you'll see some information you've seen before this is a very basic course this is not storm chasing I tried to get the mother service let me teach that they were not all nice but it's nice of I'll just do my own thing and these presentations were actually originally given to my certain room and Isabella County about 3 years ago a conference asked me to do this last year I did the summer weather safety they wanted to do more so on the do winter weather safety on Thursday which I think you'll enjoy I know what summertime we're not want to think about went there but it's a good time to plan ahead and get ready and this is all about reading this this is very basic I don't want to get too deep but we'll try here so we're going to talk 1st about whether terms and you'll see this again Thursday if you come 1st week go through we have advisory is usually issued with general information relating to an upcoming weather map this does not mean that it will necessarily be in of that it's just advising you to pay attention and be. Thinking about mean read it now the next thing we have is a watch watch me is that there are conditions that are favorable for a weather event happen you hear thunderstorm watch tornado watch highway than watch. And there's many others now this is going to change message are going to change these a little bit but I haven't got any information so I'm not able to present that at this moment and then of course you have a warning a warning means a weather event is currently happening or will be in your warned area soon now I find a lot of people get watch and warning confused I said a work in the tomes go off on the radio and they go Oh there's gonna be a tornado no no they said watch not warning So just pay attention to those words is it getting it to get confused I am sure now we want to talk about some elements of summer storms and there's many elements but these are the basics 1st of all strong winds a lot of summer thunderstorms and vents have strong winds lot of damage power outages is and such become of them number 2 lightning which is actually ironically 1 of the biggest dangers to you and I electricity kills good news here most people do not get struck by lightning I actually know of a couple different cases where people been struck by lightning and survived heavy rain and flash flooding now we were just dealing with heavy rain the other day here. And some people 4 we started we had somewhere between 3 to have 4 inches in this area between about Friday morning and Sunday morning but a lot of issues hail and then of course the tornadoes that we sometimes see in Michigan no good news here tornadoes do not happen as much in Michigan as they do out west but we do have them now summer thunderstorms have a lot of different things involved with them 1st we have the severity we kind of classify them different ways. You usually have moderate heavy rain with of thunderstorms and wind over a few minutes or few hours I want to stop here and just give you an idea here you can have a thunderstorm system that moves very slowly and may dump a lot of rain have a lot of wind and be very damaging over maybe $3.00 to $6.00 hours or more a lot of times you'll see 1 that pops up on where I call the popcorn storms or is to go the thunderstorms they may last less than 20 minutes but I've seen them actually produce similar turn at a. Rotation in the other other things that are not very savory. And can be very name dangerous you got your sermon conditions they can range from mild a mild up to a straight line wind event or even a tornado now sometimes I've seen this a couple times you have all of these in 1 storm and a very small area like maybe a mile wide stretch you have some rotation you have straight line wind damage and you may have even a tornado touch down now it's summer storms can bring things like heavy rain and flash flooding flash flooding is not so much a problem here we do have some trouble with it a lot of times roads will flood. Be real careful not if you're driving you can run into situations where the roads are flooded you don't know until you get into it we'll talk about a little bit more here later on the presentation and of course we've got strong winds lightning hail and power outages now. How many people in here think wind is dangerous. I'm going to tell you a story that I just witnessed a few weeks ago my wife and my daughter and our dog were walking in town where we live and we got out of the door and it started to when the i'd get my phone and look at radar and when all the storms north and south this big deal we keep walking in wind picks up about 20 miles an hour it's not good we can walk along we get around the other side a block from our house I'll son here crack crack crack I'm like oh good I look over to my right and I watch a part of a tree come down take out power lines I'm not seeing this area has seen a couple times but you know I was very concerned because my wife a little bit ahead of my daughter was with me I'm like Molly's or something fallen right where we're at the interesting thing about that the tree fell the opposite direction of what the wind was blowing wind of moisture on the west it fills the tree fell straight toward the west I feel is probably rotation in up above where it was at and broke it off anyway it was kind of interesting to see so if you do get caught in a wind storm you know be aware your surroundings you can save your life literally. We have different types of summer storms we've got of course your everything from just I want to call a general thunderstorm corrupt as severe thunderstorms now there's does kind of a. Line that we draw between severe thunderstorms and a tornado but it's a very fine line because a severe thunderstorm can become a turn an external depending on various. You know kind of Henri's and what it runs into. A thunderstorm is usually produced when warm air in cold air meet you more in front cold front or high pressure low pressure or a combination of poles and it depends on what your temperature variation and differential is and your. High pressure low pressure can be in term and a lot of times the severity now we have straight line wind of months has anybody seen straight line wind damage. Oh yes you guys have it is really easy to tell straight line wind damage everything is going going 1 way now if you have rotation everything will be mixed up jumbled up it's a little bit easier and while sometimes it's kind of hard to determine but true straight line wind damage is is easy to spot now you have hail storms now there's hills a lot of times comes with tornadoes and thunderstorms I've seen 2 events in the last 6 years I've lived up here in the Syria where we had hail quarter size or larger and know when and the thunder and lightning and it just came in like rain hail and it made me think of something that is mention the Bible Bob talks about the hail storm that they had in Egypt and Libya in the time of the N. I'm like wow. Think of big chunks of ice rain out the sky up to $100.00 pounds now it hurt. It would hurt big time I don't want to get hit I got hit with piece size hail was 50 or 60 mile an hour winds was videotaping a couple to whom was not fun it hurts. There's hail often Ciro mothers hail on the road now think about a major hail storm or try to drive you hit this hail is like B.B.'s you just can't stop you will lose control there are there are issues involved with that. I wish I had time to show you videos or videos where people. Have got hit with golf ball size hail a margarine is destroyed and windshields or cars. You have microburst events which I was talk of a little bit ago where you have a short duration storm that pops up out of nowhere and usually dies fairly quickly and the like I said some of those are the most dangerous I've seen 2 different ones produced 1 produce and then you have 2 tornado The Omen produced a you have 0 event I'll talk about that little bit later I've got some pictures to show you from that and there's there's a tornado starting and of course you have her magic events. Now most of the tornadoes in Michigan I know about and have been involved with in you have covered or dealt with have come up pretty much out of nowhere usually they're issuing the warning after turning in on the ground if the issue of them and all because they're so short live your radar scan blowing correctly from wrong here is usually about 10 minutes to do a full scan a lot of these events are so short that it's there from 1 scan is gone we might miss it if we're not looking. So you know it's kind of interesting sometimes you don't know what you're going to face it may be him a star as an innocent thunderstorm and build very quickly now you have lots of risk with summer storms you have flooding we talked about that 1 this picture was actually taken down in Detroit number of years ago this was a flash flood event people got stuck in it. On the internet I was googling flash flooding and I got these fish when Michigan who wanted something new from actually Michigan this actually shut down the highway for several hours trying to pull the cars out and the water went away and they were been lancing you know were part of Harkness. There in Pennsylvania you are near is a train bridge right there is really low in that bridge underneath the bridge they've dug it out so you can get out and you know get under it that floods very quickly every time we get much rain I've seen up to over 2 feet of water in there and people trying to drive through it don't ever try to drive through water you know because you can't get your car stuck in it. I've seen some pretty high sitting vehicles get stranded they thought they could get through it best not to drive through it now of course you have other risk lightning strikes and fires not common but it does happen I meant to many fires involving a lightning strike that the Started a house or a barn or a business on fire. And by the way like in a strike more than something more than 1 sometimes not in the same event usually but some things get struck repeatedly lot of things like radio towers T.V. towers. Cell phone towers they get struck quite often and that's a cool picture of like a straight striking that building near a lot of tall buildings have lightning rods to help dissipate the electricity in reduce the fire risk you've got power outages of course loss of power because storm this year so far. Have been a surprise here we does it did they get affected by the big winds tournaments or back in a move of March. That was that was and I'm establishment here in N. talk about that was what we call a pure wind storm and better heard that term before your windstorm you want to call it that kind of interesting well deal Bill stuff in from T.V. It was 1 that kind of coined this phrase we call it pure wind storm because there is nothing else involved it was just when there wasn't tornadoes there wasn't thunderstorms it was just wind and it was very destructive there were people were actually killed by it. And trees and such it was not a good thing it did cover most of the state in a lot of people lost power for. 12 to 48 more hours we lost where I work we lost power twice in 2 days for most of 2 days and that's not a good thing when you're trying to run a business. You've got downed power lines and of course trees and this tree and then when I saw a rebel Myriad's a fairly large tree you can tell which way of somewhat rotten the lower winds that day were probably 90 to 100 mile an hour at 1 point now of course you have risk involved with this too there's there's that inner injuries from wind blown the breeze or hail now there's a picture of a show on my show right this minute but it is kind of graphic to show some of it got hit by. Some pretty big hail Now this picture here was the last time the semi tornadic event I saw him when they you can see the debris here in the picture I was actually chasing not to park where I live an hour and I was driving along come home from work and I saw what we call dust Nato's metal swirls of dust and in the fields of us it was early May and like oh that's cool i think i'll go take a picture so I go and stop you know my truck get my camera I stand out in the road I'm probably from here to Logan here and from my vehicle and I stand there it's nice and calm me perfectly calm sunny day I'm like oh this is nice to get great pictures I wonder all of a sudden hear this sound like a freight train behind me I'm like This is not good now I have to back up a minute I always kind of pooh poohing that the whole are trying to sound like a freight train and I never actually heard 1 coming. I'm like I'm in trouble because the train tracks are to my east another to a half 3 miles because it was I was not far from where I live that's point that point I knew where they were and when this is not good so I care for and I mentioned to her when I turn my phone to what I get hit in the face with field debris and rocks from the road is a gravel road just pile to me so Mike Well I guess I better get my money back in my truck so I'm trying to walk carefully I'm walking along and a matching wind blowing so hard it just about Max 170 per person on the ground I'm Scott faceplant and when I finally get my truck I try to open the door I had to pry it open I'm gone and this is not good so I get my vehicle some at least somewhat protected 1 thing that we're in trouble now because All right we got was when my truck starts to pick up and drop we can drop to that 3 times that it started raining and I have pictures the room rained hard for about 10 minutes and it was all gone and done you can't see it in this picture but if you look real close at your power lines here those power lines were blowing like this in a you know they didn't snap is amazing in them as well welcome. I feel very lucky that I did not get hurt when I got home later that evening I opened my who to my truck I had stolen from the road feel debris clear up to the fire wall of my vehicle in a blow up and under and it was lodged up there that's how strong the winds were I guess to me in the winds at 1 point just about 100100 miles an hour and we had damage further on there be some other pictures I'll show you the next picture on the shows why I told you is very graphic and somebody got hit with hail this is why you want to be very very careful and you'll say ouch when you see this you was out in a hail storm apparently and he got really good and. You know if you can if you do get caught in the hail protect your face you're lying face to get damage you're injured it can be very Does disasters or people have actually been severely injured. And there's I have motivation but they're really bad so I didn't show as we continue through with our risk here we've got house fires and he'll damage them they see him damage crops never seen I have once and it was bad it was very bad it did where used to live we had a big hailstorm and. Dime sized course size hail it took out the corn we got soybeans because the wheat that was already harvested and actually clipped the leaves off 3 I'm. Going to. Respect. Yes. All. Our young men whiter. Her. Hair and a lot of time ruined towns I haven't. I heard about that yeah. Yeah and in the end a lot of times I know it may seem your car gets damaged by hail and like. That man they can't fix it though if the dents are so much they're like pockmarks they cannot fix that they were almost always to toll car that is damaged severely by hail well. Any. Yeah well if it doesn't damage the paint demise we'll just leave it I've got hail dents in my current V. every vehicle I've owned for last 10 years has held them and had held them to it because when you start chasing you sometimes you run into hail although the 2 it do tonight hail storms I've seen were when I was at work in my vehicle mostly in the parking lot like oh there goes my life our home luckily both times I haven't lost it yet so this is a fire that was started by lightning. And a lot of times lightning will strike a structure this is this is kind of interesting a strike a structure yelling on something happen until it actually smolder for a while and finally catch fire and lot of times if is it wasn't the people always know what usually strikes the chimney or something from them I almost died in a fire it was started by my Lightning Luckily there's a house that got hit my head looks like they have a little bit of wind to the windows are blown out and it's by a siding that doesn't hold up too well Lou I'm sorry doesn't do much better. There is a car that got damaged my home is that one's bad but I've seen worse pictures how would you like it hit by that that's softball size hail roughly and that would hurt that could kill you actually if it hits you just right if the dimwit hail hail is kind of an interesting. I'll call animal because it when I'm with 1 has even more force than is just falling from the sky the more when you have let's say you have 40 mile an hour winds in Guy hail coming down it hits you it's double the force and the bigger it is the more force it gets it's just the way gravity works. We continue with a risk here. I know this is interesting to say carbon monoxide poisoning and which is a sickness or death caused by lack of oxygen Usually this isn't a problem but a lot of times some sort of. Power outages and people are under generators in places they should they run or the garage or too close to window although in the summertime is a little bit different story we'll talk about this more in depth in the winter session but we have had cases where somebody has tried to heat their home because of that it went you know was in the early spring which is early storm season it was cold they tried to heat their house they're using a heater or something and they died because of it doesn't happen often but it does happen that's why I mention it here. If you're going to use a generator make sure it's far enough away from your house your windows or any inlet sure to where you have breathing air because if you got you get exhaust it can be and you don't know you're being in. Having cover NOCs and poison the until it's almost too late and the results are usually even if you have might a minor case of it can cause damage to you that is irrepairable So that's why I mention it now we're talking about flash flooding how many have ever seen flash flooding I have 1 on ones I've got a graphic here and I'm 1 clear here a minute all right we're going to go through this we got a few minutes. When it's flooded turn around and you don't always know how deep the water is says 6 inches of rain or out 6 inches and show them. That wasting sea 6 inches of water past moving water can knock over and carry away an adult and see even less for a child. So yes let's say you have water flowing on this table 6 inches deep this is our road you try to walk through it it can take you on your off your feet and you can potentially drown just think about it you may have flowing water here but it may be a ditch on the other side of the road that will cause you may much you're not down you can't get right back up you can be pulled underwater and drown people and it has happened. 12 inches which is a foot of water can carry away a small car that's kind of scary 12 inches of want a fast moving water that's not a lot but a foot is you know I mean we could walk to a white or who is not flowing easily and then if you have 18 to 24 inches of fast moving water it can carry away most large S.U.V.s band and even semis we had a case number of years ago with about 4 years ago now over by. On the west side of state we were out delivering papers in the middle of night they're driving along the road was washed out whole water they ended up in that because they couldn't see it from there on top of it the car flipped upside them both of them died as a result of that they drowned they were not being foolish they were not doing anything wrong they just were in the wrong place at the right time is a very sad story and this does this does happen occasionally luckily in Michigan we don't have roads washed out very often but they do sometimes wash out you may have a situation where OK like the other day when gallant rain that came down that was like 4 inches or so it rained so much and once it starts washed always in the dirt roads you may have a spot where it's really deep that normally would be fine to drive through but it's not you don't see it you may get in waters flowing it can get ugly I don't want somebody that gets if you see water and you don't know how deep it is or whatever just turn around and find a different way to go. Now we talk a little bit about preparedness how do we prepare we need to understand or is thinking. And we talked about some of the risk and the risk becomes even worse if you have health problems or you know if you're you know people who are elderly if you have pets there's lots of things to think about and of course we want to have a plan of what we're going to if we have issues also we'll talk a little bit about that prepare your home how you prepare your home well there's lots of things you can do. Have extra water available for flushing toilets to drink whatever and your house. Make sure if you have a generous time of generators in the go it works make sure you have you know a good place to put it. You have a plan in place should your house be damaged by a storm we have extra water you have a bill ability of that you may have more your windows up you have a hailstorm attorney who comes through that your house actually has damage falls in your house you have tarps to cover so you don't get more water damage things like that now luckily that than have but if you have trees near your house it can happen and I always put their service generators in chains of how many in this room have chains on how many have a change of actually runs. I have 1 but it doesn't run. Luckily my father in law who lives 2 miles away from me has 2 or 3 of them so I have a bill ability in 1 room is a very small price to pay to get a change of service to just think about this to have a tree removed after a storm can cost anywhere in Japan side of the tree can cost anywhere from $300.00 clear up to several 1000 by tree service your insurance sometimes pay for it sometimes they do not. Now I recommend every work for tree service many years ago taking last name is trees out if you can't do it safely it's marked far more far cheaper to pay somebody to do it than try to do yourself and get hurt or worse. But if you have a chainsaw that works you can least you know let's say a tree falls right for your door you least cut some of the limbs off to get out you least have that much but these are do it with an axe or a handsaw among people who do it. Do that here and keep your vehicles gas tank full now why would we do that and I'm the worst about this because I've run till I have nothing and I think pretty much I should be better I'm trying to be better by Welcome. The reason you do that let's say we have a major power outage because of a storm you may not be able to gas for a while and you may need to travel you may need to leave the area even you least have fuel to get hopefully somewhere where many more fuel and if you have fuel for generators or if you like to have someone on hand also in reserve you don't want to keep a lot necessarily but enough to run for several hours and this is the big 1 Pay attention of watches and warnings watch T.V. or listen to no weather radio or use your cell phone how many have weather after cell phone oh wow like this you guys are all prepared already 1 of my teachers. And how many people have no weather radios you do use them. Good good I don't are becoming kind of a thing of the past almost They still sell them in bio and a simple 1 for about 20 dollars at the store and actually if you're over 65 or you have other special conditions you can get them free through your county usually they'll give you 1 in a program everything is moving. Well or. Abit. More. What he was talking about some filing but usually your mention is really your radar loop is about 10 minutes you talk about they can run a shorter loop and see more stuff and were shorter duration of time to some of the stories we're talking about build and die within less than 10 minutes the worst of it is over before they can even issue a watch or warning. During a thunderstorm when we do during a thunderstorm and I know some of this and you've probably heard before stay away from windows and doors now you all laughed because this was I hear thunder storm warning I grab my radio I get my car I start I'd been ready to go out chasing you should never go chasing if you're not trying is very dangerous even those of us in the toll already who have chased for years and chased with people are far more expert than us get into trouble sometimes we don't always you know Michigan is 1 of the worst places on earth to change the weather changes so fast we say wait 5 minutes and change it's true I see change in less than 20 seconds and you know. You want to stand doors and reason stay away from windows is OK you get a wind storm surge wound rear window breaks you can get hurt from the glass or flying debris lightning can hit it can you can actually get injured by that if you're close to him window or door specially metal door frame to romance Sam I don't know don't do this Miss number you're standing outside watching this car to do to you that's a bad idea I've seen people do it honestly I have and I have given them but when I want to why not you interesting story. Sure go ahead. Lines. Yeah. Well there are people who've been struck 1 time on that subject who will talk about a minute but if somebody struck by lightning as soon as the lightning is gone they are not charged it's not like an electrical you know normal lecture you should THEY ARE NOT there's no residual electricity you can do C.P.R. on them immediately if they're not breathing you can treat them immediately no worry about it you won't be hurt it's not like you go off to Logan here and he's going to you know he it's not like he's touching letter a line he's going to shut the power off it's gone. There's different several different strikes there's direct strikes there's indirect strikes. Usually if you suffer an indirect strike you probably will survive unless it goes through your heart and sometimes it will stop your heart that's usually what happens. Be alert for rapid changes in the weather. Anybody noticed last night I started rain just out of the blue. Rapid change in weather my wrist my wife and daughter and I were standing outside and my wife talking phoned her friend and of a sudden start down point interesting I looked around like software that just I don't work. That's mission for you now you won't see this is much other places you usually get a little warning Michigan it because of beings run by water and it can be quite interesting. Take shelter in a basement or in a room of your house if needed and why do I say that we have done a lot of study over the years I haven't but meteorologist and storm chaser and such in general and a lot of study if you're in a room in an inner room of your house with no windows you are protected as much as you're going to me or in the basement your house is the sturdiest in the center there's more support for the truss and such if the house is just damaged by tornado usually will have the chance of being rescued and survive not always but you have a better chance if. Little A. Little bit. Of a. Well I don't want to. Hear about well I didn't you know I don't. Oh well. That's the worst thing you can do actually I've actually done thanks for mentioning it long enough that I was storm chasing 190 F. 2 tornado I saw you have to I should say I actually outran it because I got scared I ran. I drove faster never drove my life and you know what Rob Dale to me said you did actually absolutely sure none but do not do that do not try this at home please never. Now if you're caught in a thunderstorm protect yourself from hazards get under don't get under a tree please. That's the worst place you can you can go. Do not go stand by a door metal door hang onto a antenna and go I'm going to stay right here there are people who are put your golf open area I mean there are some people do some really foolish thing and yes they didn't live to tell a story necessarily. I will tell a story that happened here can't me a number of years ago it happened something I know very well. There's an antenna hole over here on the south side of campus they have for the repeaters here for camp she was in her camp for getting into a camper let me stress the antenna the power went around the lightning went through the ground went up through her camper steps she never shoes on actually shocked her. Not severely but enough to make her heart go crazy for about an hour her son having me empty so he helped her out but it was kind of scared she won't do that again and it was 1 of those she just happened to this lady's and Bella very smart. Coolest just happened to step in the right and wrong time we're glad she's still with us. But like I said cover exposed skin if you have to if you get caught in like a thunderstorm in a hail storm it the lower you get the less sure it would be struck by lightning 1 time on a minute go like this so your hands down in your knees so you don't get your face hit because you can your face is some of your more vulnerable skin and facial injuries are not gone I've been hit in the face couple times with stuff that's not a good thing yes go ahead well I can assume what probably happen when it rains a lot won't talk about this for minutes and you mentioned it to me a lot of rain quickly the ground is very saturated water. The trees when they have leaves catch wind a lot better if their roots are real shallow they will fall right over you know 40 mile an hour wind or so it will take them right now I've seen it happen more than once. And stronger wind is worse than this I was what I always look for when storms when it's the trees aren't normally them they don't break as easily. Now thing is in the summer time the trees are a little bit more flexible because they're not frozen but there's a lot of different issues at play in that so we have to try to travel there in summer. If you're traveling make sure your vehicles in good working or I know this sounds silly but if you have problem accounting problems in your vehicle get them fixed who wants to be stuck out in the he or in a storm or something with a broken wheel not fun been there keep it charged cell phone and your moment charger with you at all times. The reason I say this your car your biblical breaks down you have trouble you call they can find you fairly quickly you know if you don't know where you're at your cell phone will tell them when you call it tell they give them a location and they usually ask you Are you near the US and such even if you cannot talk they can still get help if you just think about it the technology is there in fact a problem I'm charged with my keep this much truck at all times and I have my cell phone here's I have a couple of them. You can get you can even use unactivated cell phone you can afford to buy a cell phone you can buy 1 that's not activating still home on 1 permit and the phone will let you call on 1. Yes it has to be up even if this lot you can still you still can call now 1 from an it's federal law now carry a disaster supply kit and across in water with me to numb straight carry water with you you don't have to carry a lot but enough to keep you hydrated to you can get you especially if it's really hot outside. In your disaster supply kit I usually carry jumper cables up flashlight a blanket and you know some Your old bars or something to eat if I need them is trying to stay with your vehicle with you cane now your vehicle is in water you should get out of it because if it sinks you're going to drown but if you can stay with it reason will stay with it for Shane and some protect protection from the elements until you can be rescued turn a dose 80. And this is something I hope none of you ever have to do until you anyway heat up and I'm way all warnings as as long as mentioning here earlier and I have some pictures of when he was here with us take cover in a basement or an inner room with no windows. If you're outside they say you should get in a ditch I tend to not prefer that but that's better than getting hit trust me people have been picked up by turn events have survived but I wouldn't want to be. Where a sudden change in weather you may think the storm is over and you may have more coming through Pay attention it happened Michigan this happens occasionally I've seen of the couple times now some may think these people are crazy Debby me stand there taking pictures this is actually a tornado in an open area looks like it's not a lot of danger there just picking up dirt dust so you know. If you can reasonably photograph tornado do so and take cover immediately Now we talk a little bit about human kind are getting sore on him here he is another 1 of those killers that we don't want to think about and don't think we can take for granted is there anybody here that runs a business where they work and have people work outside or they were going to hot environment all day during the summer Think about it and I work in a shop that we have an oven and it's hot in $120.00 degrees in there sometime during the summer it's far more efficient to give your employees an extra break and give them extra water and stuff during the day and a lot cheaper than sending 1 person in the hospital it costs a lot of money doesn't your event there are costs especially that go by a month is very expensive of course you should dress accordingly and in Michigan it's sometimes hard because it's cool in the morning it's hot my afternoon it can be 8090 degrees and who is terrible dress in layers if you can and if you're prone to heat issues try to limit your time outside I do pretty well of heat some people don't I know people who just ruin them. Drink lots of water but I say walk water is good for you don't drink. Don't drink coffee or anything else like that. If you're going to drink anything I usually recommend something like that but it does replenish some of those things you lose when you sweat but water works for a while even lukewarm water is better than none and you should drink twice as much you usually do. Yeah keep you hydrated you get hydrated you're going to be you're going to be very susceptible when he issues even if it's only 80 degrees outside I always recommend checking on sick or elderly family and neighbors and or pets how many of you have pets they are very susceptible with my dog gets over here really easily you know as would I he still gets quite overheated some of these and I have a chart here not of Him see this very well we start out here is very warm we consider that somewhere a 90 degrees you tend to get more tired over. Exposure and physical activity. Would be $90.00 to $105.00 sun stroke heat tramp's exhaustion and so on. Berry has 105130 I think the highest ever seen here is 106 degrees in Michigan and with the heat index is about 110 now how many people bend to other parts of the country where it's very very hot like 120130 as in Death Valley a few years ago and they are signs all over please drink water please drink water you know they have people die there every year hence the name Death Valley there are not very smart. Tramps and so on you can and the higher up we go here 130 degrees or higher. And should see the possibilities tally goes up the higher the temperature goes if you get dehydrated you know having water. You know if you do get found and rescued the damage can sometimes be permanent and sometimes even not in Michigan normally but if somebody gets I do search and rescue for in the county I work with if somebody is lost for a number of hours or days in heat like we have sometimes a machine they might not make it just because of the heat if they don't have water and the any source of water now we're talking about lightning I have a graphic here and I hope you can read it this is house unravel what you straight and people question this last year and so I did much of who are research trying to find out better information Ironically this is the best way to survive lightens right I hope you never have to do this but it says crouch down low like a baseball catcher is low as you can the near you are the ground the less likely you are to be struck by lightning but don't ever lied out like he usually almost 100 percent of time strikes the highest object nearest ghostwrite not always but that's kind of a general rule. Don't touch any possible conductors use it as a golf club there or anything metal or tree or something. If you're here begin to stand out and. A lightning strike in Yemen not going to necessarily happen but it's quite likely. And merely get in the crushing position let me strike without warning however now you want to place your hands over your ears to minimize the hearing loss but a lot of clap of thunder that a boom very close you think about this thunder is actually low frequency sound waves low frequencies can do a lot of damage to your ears very quickly and if you have had lightning strike very close to me a couple times it is very Wow you have even if you plug your ears you still feel it more than you hear it it can be quite scary. And when you're down make sure the only thing touching the ground is the balls your feet. The reason we do that. Is because lightning hit the ground 1st and then enter your body the more you minimize your contact on the ground less your chance of electricity running through your body so what they're saying is the less surface you have touching the ground the less chance you have of. Potential voltage entering you think about this both. From a lightning strike me 50000 possible of electricity your normal wearing coming in to a belly a somewhere between 220 and 480 your high tension lines going along we'll talk about this in a minute are usually somewhere around a 1000 volts we're talking already $9000.00 times more voltage. I'm getting movie. It says touch your heels of your feet together and electricity from the ground or ground straight answers your feet this increases the chance of the electricity going from 1 foot to the other rather than going through the rest your body what do you not want pointing to do is start from here go up and around and now there goes your heart you have a chance your heart stopping your mean having serious issues because of it we're missing what we. Know no. The reason being is if let's say you're out in the middle of a film in this news a big tall tree this is just an example lighting if you feel you're going to be struck lighting probably is going to strike that tree 1st because it's the call staying near now lighting does sometimes just strike the ground not very often but it does and like I said you don't want the voltage to go through you and it's the last thing you ever want him happen because even if you survive getting hit you have often have Joyce said here you have to tissue damage and such from from uni yet we're going to talk about a mile power line safety now how many here have seen a downed power line I've seen more than 1 in my life we always assume that a downed power line in slides Why do we assume that there's 2 reasons A It may be alive be they may not know it down they energize the system again you have the potential to be shot DO NOT GOING WHERE NEAR this is a picture from that same storm I was telling about that truck around that's a power line that came now that's green grass on fire. You know quite how. Yeah what you can see in this picture I actually saw witnesses have it took a picture like mushy go off the house and tell them that there's a power line you know who they maybe it was the best around they maybe not even know yet well what you don't see is over here what are in the ditch they were in the water electricity like. That they're like. They're their best friends I mean like really best friends what electricity water is 1 of the best conductors what Christie on earth even better than gold you want if you go and live power line in water you don't want anywhere near it you want to stay at least 25 feet away or more in the bigger the line if it's a high tension line want to double or triple that because here's what happens here OK so here is your your power line here and you have radiant voltage around in circles. Like this. So the further out you get the lesser voltages here is you're you're pretty much you're full voltage smaller smaller and smaller until it is totally no voltage Now what if a put your ears and I hope this never happens but if a power line does fall near you and you are standing there what they tell you to do is put your feet like this and bunny hop until you get far enough away the reason being you don't know walk like this because if you get between 2 voltage lines it will. Same thing is it getting struck by lightning and there are people have been killed that way. So just think about that bunny hop if you get stuck in you know if you're in your car and I'm in line call the car. Because you're protecting your car you're much more safe in your car than you are trying to get out and wait till the rescue people get there and they'd buy you what to do because they'll turn the power off and you can you know. And always report downed power lines to local law enforcement and the power company if you don't know who your power company is written report of law enforcement and you know if you've got a fire you need to call the fire department get them on the way. Another thing you have 1 times a mission here not as much as you used to trees falling power lines you go to cut the tree in your eyes and power lines or people may kill doing that make sure you're very aware of your surroundings and check everything out before you start cutting you know you go to help your neighbor a power line a fence think of it about this and you get a chain link fence like we have a lot of us have I have 1 of my backyard power line falls on that is still energized and illiterate as a whole fence. Just think about not a good thing I've actually almost stepped on to power lines my lifetime or Ossman or dazed not knowing they were there so you have to be very careful and they tell you which is power line which is a telephone and cable in that picture I don't know for sure I think the top ones here are power but I don't know don't assume the stay away we're talking about some apps you can use in some of these you may have on your phone ready I use my rare radar all the time when I'm chasing I love it I've got it up here on my screen and I can know whether free all these apps are free you don't have to pay anything for and they're available on Amazon at her and her in the router through apps door there are similar apps for. For Apple I don't have an Apple phone so I just go with Henry 1 so whether we're work for a while actually alert your phone 24 hours a day wherever you're at. Weather Underground is very very good there are there 1 of the pioneers in Internet based whether we use them here can mean a lot and are very accurate and then this is the team a website this gives you not only weather alerts but other safety alerts and safety information. And a lot of cell phones now they're doing push notifications. To wherever you're at and with weather information you progress out Amber Alerts and such those those are sent out to you free of charge as a courtesy of the cell phone company. Doppler radar is pretty good to that when we're there but I use these 2 all the time and they use Weather Underground some There are many others out there you find the 1 that works the best for you. If you can't find 1 you really want to know of several senior hit me I'll help you find them. I want to close in here the reason I do these seminars is is I want people to be safe I've seen too many who will be hurt or killed because I'm not following some of the simple things that presented today and this is this is kind of my way of trying to impart a lot of information most of what I presented there is very basic lot more there's a lot more in-depth if you want to learn how to be a storm chasing the Weather Service provides classes every year in the spring you look on the Weather Service website and they have a whole list of them a lot of Monsanto to them and say it's not a bad thing to go to on Saturday. If you're interested there it's really good it's about 2 hours on I recommend you take the class more than once. It's it's a lot to absorb if you're not familiar with it I've been many times and I still learn new stuff every time and they'll tell you all the criteria how to report. If you do see something unique and you think is worth reporting you know you see rotation and. Bad weather coming in you can always count call on 1 alert yourself of this batch in your area they like that because they'll sent Dell DELL advise people like me their spotters and their police officers and sheriff's officers to keep their eyes open as are as are patrolling and you know. You get better data that way then oh well after effects of all I saw them and saying thank someone you know we like having information we will investigate I guess have some time to investigate reports of stuff weather events happening in the around work and the Call me on the radio or call me on my phone and say can you go to actual cation and see what's going on or what has happened so we appreciate that. I do have on my tablet here if you want to look after get done here in a couple minutes. With mention I have live radar up you can see what's going to happen here in the next couple hours and I can explain limiting. Now to Michigan if everybody's Gammel funny story quick when I worked at T.V. 6 I worked with I was actually a news photographer by was in the weather department a lot I was assigned to help out with their stuff because you want to go and chase those for when they're walking the weather office and whether it mean you're on this or sitting there flipping a coin I said what in a row are you doing. And they're all sitting there going Well we know exactly no 1 is going to happen where you know what requiring you go or what's the most. Common and you know what it's about how bad it is it really is mean surrounded by 3 sides by water does not help us in fact I've had people tell me the mission is the most difficult place to predict the weather on earth because you. Just don't know what's going to happen you have stuff come from Wisconsin to be severe hits like a dies or it comes across in a lake and it builds its force once it gets here or it'll die over the lake you know hit Grand Rapids and then it gets even worse the further inland it goes we actually know all of that and you know I hope I didn't scare anybody that I was not my my intent my 1 mind you to be informed and I appreciate you coming and taking time to be here for the lecture and I hope you can come back on Thursday we'll talk about winter weather safety which is a whole other subject and. Because winter and I know it's summer right now but winter is also very dangerous in equally as dangerous in a lot of ways that summer ends so I'll take a couple of questions and then we'll have prayer to close your question. Like I said you never assume the wire is dead now I have a tester that I carry with me for work I do maintenance so I have a lot of equipment to test with I can test if there is voltage in the vicinity but don't even trust those those those are not always accurate and I'd hate to see somebody you knew I don't know if you guys have heard the answer consumer power put on the radio or you know this guy calls and says why there's a whine in my Ark I move it like no no no don't touch it no don't ever get near it you see kids playing in water near a line get him out of it you don't want to risk it like I said water and electricity love each other. And you may have any other questions yes it can be very dangerous I'm not familiar with it but I've heard event like an explosion almost a lightning right. It's like it's probably more of a electrically charged atmosphere and then you get the right conditions it's probably. Like you know a foot or 2 and diameter far right OK Now I've heard of it but I've never seen it that that you got to see something most people never see so you should call yourself fortunate that you got to see it and didn't do any serious injury or damage to you. Absolutely anything to do with lightning or electricity is very dangerous. And you. You know if you're not that close you still you know you can get even when lightning strikes you have the potential for the Grammy in charge for a few signs that you know a story told you minutes ago boss lady got shot here she was quite a long way here's several 100 feet away and got shot you know it's not always you know cut and dry your hair does stand on end sometimes lightens about striking had that happen couple times but not always. My work of T.V. station real quick here I used to run our live trucks for the station to have big master go up 4050 feet in air and we almost had a truck has struck a couple of times by lightning. And they have had trucks like that and you know utility trucks and stuff get hit and it's not a pretty sight. It can be it can be quite deadly. So you know I don't want to carry my my wanted to beat to think about it. Some people don't get to experience whether it is raw. Forms but. You know and I have a story out tell about it thanks for mentioning it I witnessed I witnessed this happening this happened back when I was a still a teenager part of a machine there's a lake that everybody goes to is called Black Park day this happened has been July there's about 100 some people in the water no human beach I was working about a mile away from there and I saw lightning come down Blue Sky 1 finally hit the water pump on water and hit a lady is laying on the beach ways away went through her leg through her heart she survived with no lasting effects thanks in part to some who mean there the new C.P.R. and 1st Aid the fire department only about 2 miles away but they actually stabiliser in in my own hometown in Fluor in Ann Arbor and they she was in the hospital for about a month and she survived she's been on lots of different T.V. shows because she's very it was not a direct strike. Most people and there are a number about 20 some people in the water that were also. Shot as a result of being in the water when the line actually hit the lake which is very usual here that does not hit a lake usually hit a tree and actually hit the 1 in the water a couple people that were there I know for a while their time on my home. And it remained there in river it made her legs and hands tingle for sometimes several days but all of them survived with serious and lasting injuries and be checked out and you know but it can happen yes or. No. Or. Not Yeah. Well. Sure when the silly. I find out. About eyes. On. The way. Out. I don't while. I have bus. Boy over. Like me. Or. 3 miles then it will. Get out. If it's a special device he had. Hello Brown. And another thing you can do is if you do if there is a train warning issued Usually I want to sing a mission 1 in my whole entire life with the necessary it's usually a good idea to take cover even if you go. And if you if you have radar in your phone you can always look at that. And so on tell you what you're looking at unfortunately have to close out for a change when me here then we have prayer. And then you guys can come up here and look at stuff we have another similar story in a few minutes I have to. Everybody that is here and yet 1 of the preparedness guys you coming in on Thursday you will get I have another guide give you on Thursday also those are courtesy of Gresham County Emergency Management I have to know the emergency manager quite well and he was gracious enough to give me some give out today Sal and next year just real quick we're hoping to have a weeklong class of some sort about words you preparedness we're working on the details of that right now so. Appreciate you guys whose interest in this let's pray your Father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity to study weather and to learn more about your awesome creation we ask the last 1 each 1 here and then keep them safe as they go back to their homes at the end of your name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio through a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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