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2. Weather Preparedness: Winter

Jason Whitaker




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Your God we thank you for this opportunity to come together once again and learn about your creation about whether and how to stay safe and we ask that you and each 1 here in your name we pray a man. Anyway I was thinking as I am with. Pondering who I talked about on Tuesday I think that we covered a lot of different things 1 of the things I hope I made pretty abundantly clear is the fact that Michigan weather is very unpredictable predictably under predicted why use that while you hear me say that probably 10 times and some of the information and discuss today we discussed on Tuesday because important to review it because it is important we talk about winter weather turn her talk about winter weather today we split this into 2 parts basically because there's too much to do in 1 hour and quarter sessions like trying to keep teach college level science or college level calculated once an hour some of us never seen it this is not a small subject this is only the tip of the iceberg as part of the other grows. There are classes you can take to the weather service in the spring if you go on the weather services website they have a whole list of locations across the state where you take skyward training I encourage you if you're interested take it you probably take more than once because there's a lot of information it's about 2 and a half hours and while they were making them storm they try to make it real information from me but it's still a lot of information so we continue on here we've got our advisory not advisory is always issued with general information lean on coming whether a map in winter time to get wet or storm advisories wind advisories. Stuff like that freezing rain advisories Of course you have a watch and we have all the watches and such to go with that means conditions are favorable for an event to happen remember watch you're looking for looking toward. Then we have a warning which means a weather event is happening currently or will be in the warrant area soon and usually the issuing warnings for only a few short amount of time less than 6 hours a watch can be for days even weeks sometimes in this area the issue flood watches every year they can be for up to a week. A warning is a hugely short term short duration event now they may issue a warning back to back on something if there's still that conditions existing but they have a timeframe on warning of you know you see when 3 storm warning from 8 o'clock in the morning till 6 at night just think about that now we have elements as we do with summer storms we have elements of winter storms heavy snow sometimes comes winter storms ice and ice is really the greatest danger of all in a lot of ways because think ICE ICE equals weight on trees power lines buildings such like that travel is impacted and when you get a little bit ice road you slippery it can be very dangerous very quickly you're even walking can be impacted really really quick with ice and you have such a small temp temperature range in which it happens that it can be you know you can be driving along and 1 places the roads weapon and a mile down the road it's solid ice and you run into a big problem we'll talk about that little bit here you have coal usually with winter storms and during the winter you have coal and coal can be very dangerous also. But cold is usually more of a long term thing we deal with it in that manner and there's a radar shot this is from. March 22nd 2011. Notice here you see the the various colors here this here is rain that's a mix the blue is I believe freezing rain it was quite an interesting radar shot actually took the screen shot up on the radar as I was looking at that day. And you can see there's just such a variation there and then you had snow no further north you know it's just really quite a interesting little thing and winter storms can bring a lot of different things with them they are severe and you can be anything from moderate to heavy snow or a few hours. Where you live you guys live on the west side of state you said you live in Niles and. Yet you guys see heavy snow few miles down the road it's not it's just light snow showers are nothing like Paxil think that. The further inland you get the less chance you have of of heavy snow if we do you see significant all fall sometimes and people on Lake Shore don't see any women works. Lives or conditions with blinding wind driven snow that last for hours or sometimes several days in order for it to be considered a blizzard a true blizzard S.B. 35 miles an hour or greater when winds over a sustained amount of time over are it's a number of hours how many have ever been an actual true machine blizzard not fun not fun at all they can be very very bad very quickly. Many weather storms bring low temperatures and the lower your temperature is the worse it becomes because you have wind chill and so on we'll talk about that little bit here. Heavier blowing snow some variant severely reducing visibility. Under a quarter a mile the complete white out his image around and white out before I have more than once and it can be very dangerous you don't know where you're going if you can't see the lines on the roads best of it snowed a lot. I'll tell a story I was and my buddies house in Brighton Michigan I was coming back to last year where I live New Year's Day is about midnight I left his house just council up further north I went and west the worse it got I was I figure I was driving on 96 affairs driving between the 2 lanes I really couldn't tell where or how I could see his little markers they have on the far side of the road you know that was judging where I have a lot of cars in the ditch it took our trip to should take me about an hour to mean better part of 3 and a half minute home to way early in the morning not my choice but you know it is what it is I made it home safely thankfully. Now we go on the types of winter storms are lots of different types of storms and these are just kind of general categorizations that we can to use you have blizzards of course that we talked about just a minute ago you have blowing snow now what's the difference between a blizzard blowing snow mean wonder a blizzard is as I said you have winds of 35 miles an hour greater over sustained amount of time blowing snow and be OK It's already snowing and still blowing back and forth across the roads in fields and stuff especially up here if you guys are of this area it's really flat a lot of places you can get complete white out just by blowing snow all of seen it more than once especially in NY that's really bad early morning you have snow squalls which are basically a short lived snow event and they can dump several inches in the matter of an hour or 2 not normal but it does happen usually to bring point out and such it's a small blizzard basically and then you have just your normal snow showers which should be moderate to heavy snow and you can get over an amount of time you could get anywhere from an inch to a foot. And in Michigan it can vary a lot by where you're at you may go a few miles and it's different a given example I live in Elma is where I live now I drive to Remus mission which is north and west of here another about 20 minutes I can leave my house and that me snow and me me perfectly dry nice you're halfway there about just north of 46 ways total snow several inches of snow sometimes roads are terrible you never can predict or it's there the reverse sometimes just knowing where I live and it's nice once I get North Go figure Yes Michigan. And there's How would you like trying to drive on that and looking see through all the some of the road that they tried to plow and it looks like it's been wizard pretty good I actually grew up in the country I've seen roads as bad then driven on roads worse than this sometimes I think for will drive. We're going talk about some risk here with cold in winter you have risk just like you have with summer weather you have risk with cold weather. Or other transportation accidents how many see on the news every year they have a pile up somewhere because of the snow in Michigan back and we'll show you some pictures these are from a couple years ago this was up by Claire and no 1 died in this incident there's a whole bunch of cars I think there is about 30 cars involved there's some semis involved basically people driving along too fast probably and they ran and they probably went from good to bad I would guess and they all just 1 person slowed down to start a chain reaction. I've seen this more than once of the newspaper over the years I've seen multiple accidents in a smaller because 1 person decided to be proof slow down the restroom didn't want paying attention and you know there's I have they may have had some white out too I don't know I don't remember all the. Particulars on this incident but it was it was a local machine and infinite. Sometimes you have plane get ice on them they can't land properly they get blown off a runway things like that there's there's a lot of different kinds of transportation problems you can run into. And we continue with our risk here exhaustion of heart attacks now why would I say that. Even healthy people and a half from a lot of snow yet worn out pretty quickly I shovel snow out where I work and maintenance it can wear you out very quickly especially as wet heavy snow which we get a lot of here in Michigan it seems if you have to shovel take breaks. I've been on calls where somebody had a heart attack because the overexertion themselves trying to shovel it is not common but it does happen if you're in good health you have neighbors that aren't and you feel like doing something nice from Bush on the driveway help them out it's very very important and of course the cold tends to wear you down faster than. When I was around this kind of that moderate temperature whereby does for a while and then Extreme Home or the other aren't good aliment lot of wind chill and if it's snowing Nieman it can wear you down very quickly and even healthy people have problems sometimes. House fires are what I say house fires think about this yet winter there's 2 things that play in here and in this is this is from personal experience more than anything else I noticed a number of years ago when I still worked in T.V. that when the economy went down we had a lot of house buyers and weather people try to heat with alternate forms of heat. They try and use space heaters are made to use inside they try and light fires in a fireplace and they don't know what they're doing they try and circumvent things the normal precautions or if we lose power people trying to do things they really shouldn't it can be very deadly sometimes this is a house fire in Michigan that was started by improper heating and this was an electrical real actually went through this fire Red Cross and. The person have an electrical overload because they were trying to run too many heaters on 1 circuit burner house totally trashed the house these things happen quite often. Is a sickness or death caused by lack of oxygen we talked about small but on Tuesday it was a lot bigger problem in the wintertime think about this in winter time you have your windows close your I generate you have an entrance point or exhaust fumes or you try to run a heater that's not maint and mentor on inside and this can be a problem very quickly they've had a couple different cases this last year machine where this happen and unfortunately some people making some were children if you have to run generator you have to run a heater make sure you have proper ventilation or you have your that generator somewhere. Where it's not going to news OSS is not going to enter your residence don't play or don't put in your windows you know things like that I'm not saying everybody makes these mistakes but it happens that's why I lecture on this I've had the unfortunate. Privilege of being involved in covering some of those and it's not upon this sad. Yeah yeah you know when people in put their generator in the garage for the oh now to protect it put it outside put away from your house a few feet so there's there's fresh air around it sometimes the generators over he thinks are fires you try to use. Your kerosene space here inside that may mean actually mean to use your drudgery have more air flow you can have a lot of problems if you don't know your Sometimes best just leave your house and going somewhere where there is heat they have shelter if there is a major event they have shelters open it is usually better to do that than risk it as we go on with going to talk a lot about ice events not I call my cements But we're talking about your Michigan ice storms how many have seen a machine ice storm I think probably or minus room and some of them worse than others. I was talking with my sister who is here today just a few minutes ago. In 1995 we called the 2 year ice storm joking to the happen on New Years Eve 184 to new years soon after New Years Day on in 1005 we had about a half inch of ice where I live in July now I was young and I remember this because you don't forget trees crashing down power lines power outages we actually went skating on our dirt road there was so much ice and you don't usually have that but I storms are very very humid very disastrous they had 1 in Canada number of years ago that they had 4 inches of ice come down in a matter of a couple days I think 4 inches not that much ice all together it took down the all the power towers that they have for the high tension lines that are metal it destroyed them and took out most of the infrastructure in the area which it happened they had a lot of people who were trapped in their homes and died as a result of it because they couldn't rescue them even. I'm not saying it's going to happen here but endure is the possibly people being stranded in their homes because if you've got trees across your driveway you may not be able get out right away and as the power's off longer and longer in your cellphone it's not going to work because the cell phone towers only have so much backup power but you do have the opportunities for a short amount of time to make contact and try might be Mo you're OK The things I'm work with in emergency management is if we have a major incident like that they will send those of us they have for will drive vehicles out and they're amateur radio offers and what not in their train we will go door to door and check every residence in the area it takes time and we we are are actually we'll go and do that. Because we will make sure that people are OK if they need to be eventually we will evacuate them to a safe shelter whatever we need to do is you know to get them if they need medical help get them to a home stuff like that ik it can take you know if you've got a large area can take a lot of volunteers and a lot of hours thank the local fire department police department and the other reserve officers for sheriff's department and any other staff they can get their hands on we go out we would go out and do this they have to do it very often but it is something that would happen if we had a major event. Now we're talking about Iceman's we've got things like sleep so we kind of you know it can be dangerous and maybe not in the past much you get if you get a lot of sleep on the road or something is like driving a ball bearing you don't stop I actually had a situation where I tried to stop the road was fine I got the corner was all sleet I didn't stop very well actually in the front of staff my luck was out middle of nowhere so it wasn't too bad of a thing you have freezing rain now. Freezing rain is kind of odd because if your temperature is just right you would get slushy snow. You you have just a few degrees difference you can have freezing rain or not you have your ice storms which are I consider Nystrom a fairly major medical wrench or ice or better. Than the most ever seen mission in life said by half an inch that was disastrous in the air and I lived in a close everything down for days because there are no power. There are a few places that had generators at that time but it was not very good and a lot a lot of businesses now have a generator to run on least limited power intentionally because of things like this. And they have a rain snow mix think falling slush not good I've actually driven through some of these instances where it's falling slush it clogs up your wipers your headlights and everything so bad you really can't it's not even safe to really drive. At any speed you can get through it but it's not always very good now this picture was taken schlock machine this is my parents' property and the road they live on this is I storm in 2013 and Lansing area knows the road is pretty well blocked off you can't see a whole lot in you can you could get through but it was there was trees everywhere they said took about 3 days to clean up all the mess in Lansing I was down running a shelter for Red Cross for people displaced because there are so many and we had 4 shelters open and at that time was over Christmas of all things and it went from being a freezing rain event to 2 days later of about 10 above so everything froze all the ice state it was just a mess and the 1 in 8485 did the same thing there was ice till spring on the trees and everything certain wind blew there's more stuff that came down you hope for an ice storm that once the ice or half of it warms up it all falls off a few hours doesn't know it happened in Michigan. Especially visit early winter you know before January a lot of time to freeze and amass for months. My dad actually took that picture and shared it with meaning to use here now that we think about playing in winter the sentimental value thing about playing in winter yes that's a good point range freeze thank prosing around frozen ground is not does not yet well if you get a bunch of rain in the middle of winter grounds frozen the ground can absorb it so it runs up your drains are all frozen up like our friend here said then you have water. It can get ugly I've seen it happen it's not nice and then it refreezes and then you have ice everywhere and then you have ice ponds where you don't usually have them not a good thing. You have things like ice dams and rivers we've had this problem up here and now we're used to live there's rumors that have Goodman's in them it'll fall for a few days as it likes to do in Michigan thaw out ice breaks up and then it goes around the bend a bottleneck and never catches you have an ice jams are supplied. It happens almost every year in this area we had over a big gravel shows and pictures and minute we had a bunch of people displaced 1 year because of it you have snow melt Let's say we have a whole bunch snow and it melts quickly but it doesn't. Call the ground starts to flood you know water where you should including your basement sometimes and places you don't want it. And then the other thing you can run into is you have a room warm during the day gets cold at night your blood and water on the road it freezes and you have black ice and other things like that in yes not accidents and I'm almost been victim to that a couple times myself driving back roads a lot. You have and just winter flooding from different rain or other. Instances where you have a lot of water all of a sudden and this is a nice dam the sun Big Rapids it flooded in a. Summer residential area we didn't have as many people evacuated we thought but there were some people live there and someone has much as 4 feet of water in their basement to live near the river they were evacuated Selma had in the 1 house I heard they had to tear down oh so bad it damages so bad. And then this all froze up again as you can see here that's all frozen ice chunks and go anywhere for a while and some people had evacuated til spring when the water receded back into the river it was a mess. You can have a lot of things I've had happen and I took a picture. And then of course we're talking about the whole why it's called interest what coal is dangerous for lotteries and 1 coal and I mention we're time out shoveling snow and trying to get rid of the snow cold wears on your body over amount of time and it's different for everybody I'm impervious to the collection go up for hours on end and terrible weather and it doesn't bother me much now Logan over here might he might go out for an hour and. Ready to freeze and some even less the younger you are and there are young kids like Mr Austin over there who's my nephew it would affect him differently than it would. And I work a lot with search and rescue from through the county the things we always think about is cold because people can die from exposure in a matter of hours in the situation we had a case few years ago for some i went missing in an adult but we're very concerned because Cole and we named we mounted a. City wide search trying to find a found out they were actually wanted to be missing they weren't missing by choice or by by other means they want to be missing they were trying to avoid us. They actually got convicted of a crime it is a crime to avoid means search for the know that until then but yes there. He got a lot of trouble because we spent a lot of time and money mounting this search Yes and we were looking at no driving all over back roads and stuff trying to see if you was missing somewhere because it was cold and we didn't want him to die of exposure it is very cold you can die of exposure if you don't have the right clothes in a matter of maybe $2.00 to $3.00 hours or less. Especially if you're out in the open if you don't have any cover of any sort it can be really bad Michigan isn't quite as bad if you're out west or something where there's not any symbolisation very much it can be very bad and people do sometimes that a machine of exposure is not as common but it does happen I have hand unfortunate experience of covering an infant it's sad we. Hear the stories all tell because it is happening Well this happened in El Michigan there's a college there now 1 kid had been at a party and we don't know if he had been drinking or not that's never did figure out he went missing he called his parents from a cell phone says I'm lost and where I'm at he ended up about 3 cars a mile from my in-laws house in a place the fuel trucks and stuff he hunkered down when they couldn't find him was a roll call but it was in the thirty's had been raining out when he was found dead and then a half later he's sure to survive but then when it was right his phone died they couldn't find him and so it does happen in with he was only 20 I think is 20 is a bit shocked our town terribly going to and not usually have a happen. And them being so close to where I live this thing oh boy but people do die of exposure fairly easily even healthy people we have wind chill frostbite hypothermia which can lead to death of goes too long. And hypothermia is an interesting little phenomenon if anybody known some of the his hand hypothermia. That. Summer were. The worst thing about hypothermia is even in the early stages of it you would get very confused and people do things they would never do they will walk the wrong way do all sorts of strange things that's why we find out some admissions of talking about earlier we mount the media search for them if we think they are all in open country because if we can catch them fast enough they usually can be same they sometimes do air searches even in this area they've done it before looking for somebody because they just bought them better from the air than we can from the ground a long time special. And I will talk about that just a minute here about some things to do if you do you know this is a wind chill chart and can't see the whole thing but you've got your win in miles per hour on the here on the left hand side and then you've got your temperature air temperature let's go down to 60 miles an hour and 25 below 0 you have a 62 below 0 wind chill. And that's that's a in 5 minutes you can you can start having issues I've been in 40 or more Winchell working me for hours on end didn't bother me a lot but you get more now just by sheer nature being in stuff like that. And yes I could go inside more mob some but I joke to my wife I says I don't know horribly warm and. I mean it you're you feel cold you're not. Yeah even if you're inside you still feel cold and you know the whole month and then my own breathing now and this went on for days and I was helping Bill ability to work in the middle of winter they should have really suspended construction but the last 1 and done had me no 1 ever. If you guys want to copy this you can look this up online bailable just type in wind and of us wind chill chart it's something that would be bad to have you know at least a general knowledge and the higher you until number as you can see here the hours or so it gets. You know if you've got 5 mile an hour winds at 40 degrees and you know 36 but think this let's say you get wet for some reason it's rainy being drenched and wet or if you're sweating a lot wider It's like an insulator it makes you colder faster because you're down and what happens is as your body cools down the more cools down the more shuts down yeah and this sends blood your brain in vital organs and it's not until you finally are unable to function anymore and you hear stories occasionally people survive for weeks in extreme cold because they took some emotional more survivalist are people who had a lot of training not always but a lot of times are people who you know there is a plane crash in the mountains and cold winter and whatnot but it's not real common unfortunately now we're going talk about her parents why should we pretty Be prepared. Well we talked about this the other day a little bit Prevention announced prevention goes a long ways you need to understand the risk we talk some of arrestors other risk involved in winter weather you know what if you get stuck when if your car dies things like that you know you have a lot of things to think about now like I said here in Michigan it's not as big of an issue as where you're in an unpopular there usually there's a few cars going by you can hopefully flag somebody or know call 91 for you or you can call 91 yourself members talking about your cell phone how many people in this room don't have a cell phone of some sort. I'd say that's pretty good last time a disaster a couple people in that your cell phone when you call 91 even from 1 of the most basic of phones they know where you are within 100 feet usually if you never say a word they know where you're at they won't send help if they develop a line cell phone call and then when they have to send help to the nearest location where that cell phone call originated. You will get help from an officer they will check it out. Things to Do If You're off the road turn on your flashers if you can on your car your car you're more visible that way if if it's possible to do so. Prepare your home and we prepare homes well everybody goes through winterization every year this in Syria but make sure your furnace works make sure you have if you have a generator it works make sure that you know if you need service on something that some winter or item haven't done a little extra money and do it in you may be thankful you did. The money remembers service your snow removal equipment make sure snow blowers work or if you have a tractor or something you make sure it works or you know somebody that you can call upon to help you put your driveway I feel need to get out. Keep your vehicles gas tank full now we talk about school but the other day and I I preach on this and I'm really bad about not doing it myself why would you I keep forgetting all them or what I said the other day longing you know answers but then they also reply said about him yeah I think. Yes exactly and you want to have at least enough you can get somewhere and usually there's a Snickers usually at least 1 station in some town nearby where you live but if you live in a bigger town where they have power and they have a generator and pump fuel that's not always true but you have a better chance of my vehicle that I have it doesn't get great gas mileage big Obama 300 miles on 1 thing gas so you have at least a way to get out or if you keep warm you can run your vehicle safely and he warm that way too if you know having heat your house I don't recommend it but it is an option. I would be more of the 1 that conserve fuel drive to a shelter but you may be evacuated some point in the disaster such as this Ashley may seem Univac what you mean you drive further than on fumes so please keep your tank recently for gas I know it's not possible all the time but try if you know storms coming up make sure you have a full tank of gas before you go home. Pay attention to watches and warnings review was watch me and I remember. You're watching 1 about warning yes it's happening somewhere near by you or will happen very shortly and mornings I've been telling you today about hell here warnings are issued based on several criteria radar information actual observations by spotters myself and others or law enforcement. Assessments of what's going on or data other data that they get they don't just issue words because there's a lot of consideration that goes into it anywhere in this issue 1 is serious and I mentioned the other day they're changing how we want to lecture on this again the different information because my this ball this post changed the criteria for some of this will be alone more universal less confusing it's this is men the way they've done it since the fifty's when we decided there's been a lot of research and a lot of stuff done to try and make it so in this day and age people actually he and follow what new information Me given Now you watch T.V. and listen no weather radio or look at your phone apps that warn you most of those are pretty good I have a couple on my phone that if you have your phone on silent it'll still go off it will and you will know it's going off in SNAP. It wake up a dead sleep it's a good thing if they can save your life but remember summer weather presentation the other day now during a storm or things we really should do and these are just kind of sense stay indoors and dress warm or would you do that well we're talking about cold and you know the longer you're exposed the cold the worse it gets if you don't have power and you have a limited amount of heat your house your doors closed to keep the heat in line is possible if you don't have a source of heat in the residence your house will stay at least unless it's really recall outside in your house is moderately insulated they've said I've heard them say up to 3 or 4 days will stay at 40 degrees or a bot. Yes Close unused doors. Put grapes over windows that don't if you've got sunlight coming in let sunlight come in if there's some light available that will heat your floors and stuff and give you a little of what we call radiant heat. Not a lot but it's enough to hopefully keep your pipes from freezing stuff like that. How many people here don't have a basement you guys are roaming trouble because your pipes can freeze Hopefully you have them insulated some way and what they tell you to do a lot of times is to run your water out of your pipes so they don't freeze because you have a worse mess and once everything comes back up on line. If you're your crawl space and insulin you have a little bit better chance of not having problems but why risk it save your water you know take some 5 gallon buckets a water use flushing when every few That's a lot of people do that and if your mother if you are going to have the power be out for a number of days sometimes it's better to flush your pipes anyway because they start the it's on a moon is not real good save some water to drink and some to to use for other things I always recommend that before a storm Nasi I have city water sign to worry about I always have 1 unless the city loses power their water supply but if you live in the country you know well I am too that's a whole nother lecture and discussion we're not going to talk about that today that's a whole nother story and I have my own thoughts on that but that's more that's not for here. OK so you might as well just keep up. OK It never hurts to have a 5 gallon bucket of water that you put a lid on and just keep somewhere where you know here is that for flush your toilet or you know keep it clean water now I'm. Good idea that's that works you know down to the time and you know you can if you're water sent too long you should really drink it but if it's been a month or so it's probably good idea very good idea and if you don't have water available you might go store and buy some bottled water I recommend not drinking water has been to your pipes long time because you can get sick you know if you have clean water bacteria starts to build so on so forth we want to be safe we don't need to be seconds then it can create a whole other disaster that we may not have the ability to deal with of the moment. Yeah that's that's a good plan and bottled water is fairly cheap you can buy a case of it for a few dollars we have somewhat used their house my daughter loves it whatever. Eat and drink regularly drink lots of water you want to stay hydrated because as soon as you get that into hydrogen like in summer your body starts to do strange things and you have issues that you just 1 normally have and if you're even if you are don't have power if you eat regularly your body will keep warm you've got it's kind of like a punish you gotta keep the fuel there it won't work. And don't drink coffee and all those things the most things do a lot worse damage and that. Conserve fuel I want to I say conserve fuel Let's say you have a fireplace or a wood burner some sort of you can run when you don't have power you may have not have power for days seeming to have a 1000000000 more fuel right away C. may have to earn not burn or if you have a kerosene heater that's a movie used in the house was telling us warm shut off for a while and then run it again you know and sometimes we don't know there's because the power coming home with work has passed they have staff to work and they if there's a major. Stroke showing pictures of here just in a while ago they call them people from other states. To come and help there put them up in shelters and such and that took them a better part of a week and a half to get the power restored everybody there's some people me as much in 2 weeks as they do in 6 months because I work around the clock pretty much we appreciate their work trust me it's not nice I've had to watch them. Outside protect yourself from Hansard you're in an ice storm you're trying to walk watch out for falling branches in the breeze. And like we're talking about summer weather protect your skin think frost bite frost bite is not nice you can lose. Limbs from an or have current permanent tissue damage that you don't want deal with and we don't hear a lot of Mt frostbite anymore but it does happen. And some people are more susceptible to it than others now for travel and in winter the last things 1 do I have traveling pretty much everybody I travel any miles a day no matter what the weather I have to go to work I'm 1 of the key people who has to be there pretty much every day or else. So I went on this eerie trip to impossible don't plan a trip to the U.P. when it's been snowing for a week and there the weather gets worse the further north you go probably a bad idea now if you're some component reason you have to go of course do it but do it prudently and there's been times I said a friend of mine got married in the wintertime 1 time I want to go away Ms mother of Venice is not going I just want me there I love to be there but it's just too bad on Iris you know sometimes you say forget it. If you must travel in the winter and she loves have travel times I'm talking not necessarily just a trip to the grocery store I'm talking you know a 20 mile an hour trip although a trip to a grocery store can just me as bad as going to 20 miles or 30 miles or 40. Make sure your vet vehicles winterize you have good tires is in good working order you know if your batteries getting low you probably should replace it for it dies when you get stranded somewhere not usually very fun if your battery dies here Mikko strand you have nothing you know I have power keep your cell phone charged and your mobile charging I brought my mobile charge with me my friend I carry this everywhere I go and these are you can get the this is a fairly good Amine yet ones for. 5 to 10 dollars usually not a bad idea to Ham was a very good investment reason I say keep a mobile keep your charger with you let's say your phone is you in the cold your phone dies faster if you're with your vehicle you can plug in your vehicle and and power to at least 10 tax or call limit in the obviously but you know these have some backup power the other thing you can turn out and put in here they sell the whole battery return a battery passion plug your phone into those were for a while so I got 1 of them that I use some to not unlimited power but they are good battery backup power if you need them and also during a disaster your family's trying to get a hold of you. When they had the Ester in the show the picture my dad took I can get ahold of them for a better part of the day I kept calling my sister because she had power and like what's going on I don't answer the phone Well I didn't have the right cells number and so on and so far they finally called me so we're fine you know but if you can keep your cell phone lease on people can get a whole year if you don't talk long just really know that you're OK or if you can send a text or an e-mail or something. Contact other families a good idea don't worry as much trust me. Here in disaster supply kit in your vehicle Now we talked about this little bit the other day and everybody's different but I recommend carrying a flashlight a blanket jumper cables. Someone a couple bottles of water. Some kind of a flare or reflective device you can put you on your car or on your car. Some nonperishable food like raisins or bars of some sort. Energy bars just so you have something in case you need it now the food stuff you want to replace every so often you want or I once every 6 months or so but in doesn't hurt have in case you get stranded and you really have something. Flashlights really handy no matter what time year. I usually have 2 or 3 because I have all my tools to work in my truck but a lot of people don't carry a flashlight in carry anything from a simple couple dollar flashlight to 1 that is withstand almost anything it's up to you make sure you keep your batteries up and make sure it's working check in every few months and during the winter the batteries tend to discharge more than in the summer. And if you're standing stranded stay inside your vehicle why would I say that your story or just tell if you miss go Joyce if you stay with your vehicle you're protected from the weather elements more than if you try him why not if you're really if you know there's a someplace you can go to fairly close and it's not too bad that would be an option but with your vehicle you can turn on your flashers you can run you carefully run emu make sure you just type isn't plug or anything by snow or something. You least have the protection and you can turn and run a little bit for heat hence having a full tank of fuel you're running for quite a while on and off to keep yourself warm until you're found. Now the things that will happen a lot of times and this is happening even in Michigan let's use my sister an example here you're driving with Austin and you go off the road somewhere nearby where you live and you know your phone goes dead no have your charger bring were making this in the outside and then this happens and so this is not unusual but it's not common. You don't show up back home your husband says well where in the world this he he goes looking for he can't find you they would file a report with the police department they're looking for you then we mount a search for you and depending on where we knew you might have gone we would start looking in those areas if you have your car flashers on or something and people will seem in at night your M. F. to be found a lot faster even if you wreck your car you go off their own histories later not unconscious and if you're flash or store turn them on hit your brakes every so often people will see that you know if you're down a ravine Elsie don't go I'm certain right back in the wintertime when I'm driving and I drive back roads very rural roads a lot of times I see tracks author I see a car off the road I will stop and make sure it's not got somebody and. I have flashing lights on my vehicle in lots of things I'm trained in this so I stop if they're OK I thought and they felt and tell me they got help and I go on and whatnot so far I haven't found anybody that wasn't but you hate to read later that somebody perished because and you know only I went by there and if you don't feel safe doesn't get your phone and call 91 report the proper action location telling you like an officer to investigate you can do that and it takes only a couple minutes you have to stop and call 91 just remember how to location between which 2 roads and what side of the road they were on and then they'll investigate it. Usually a dependent and if it's in bad weather it's a lot less but usually it's you know especially if it's people like you and I that are real problems and stuff they tend to a little more serious than all the whatever. And if it's bad weather they will investigate a lot quicker. And sometimes they'll go Oh we had a call in this serious probably this person and they sometimes it's fairly they find you fairly quickly and they know what's going on just messaging you back to the other family but sometimes people who go far enough other road in the trees or water or whatever you don't find them run away we had a couple here in this area that took them several hours not your lot or your car is calling your best getting out because water will. Bring on hypothermia lot faster in fact and then tell us in the summer recollection of how to quit. If you're in water even in the middle summer is 50 degrees or less you can die of hypothermia not very often but it does happen and in the winter to have seen worse it is a see you Ross Road going to river this flowing still water to be somewhere around $30.00 to $33.00 degrees but their temperature may be a lot less than that you can succumb to hypothermia in a matter of a couple hours alas some There's a lot less. All summer here to questions we have a little bit extra time I did it on purpose they might have questions on either lecture I gave Yes go ahead. Yes. Yes that I didn't mention and I'm glad you brought that up because thunder snow is basically a thunderstorm except you have snow we have the Michigan quite often and I want to hear I've seen probably 5 or 6 of them you know and well it was ever regular thunderstorm except it was snowing we had the wind and everything snow coming down just like hammering. That's that's not a normal phenomenon but it does happen it's quite cool if you can see it especially in the night and 1 time if you use it when it comes on you see the snow is coming sparkly it is it's actually quite pretty. Yes Yeah well you take the same precautions you do with the right of thunderstorms stay inside. Don't. True and I'm aware of them at least you have if if your vehicle can be seen at all you have a little bit better. Opportunity to be found quickly. And. Yeah exactly now sometimes if you got off the road you hit a tree or something you might your vehicle may be deceived me on the point of that working but if you can Another thing I saw somebody heard about somebody doing their wealth around they hit a tree in their vehicles This able to point their pleasures and work but they were hurling a fairly large vehicle they took little triangles like truckers use so that by the road so he would know there was something there then went back to their vehicle and stayed in their vehicle to their rescue just a thought. Not that it works but you know sometimes you have to be creative. And I hope and pray none of you ever have to be stranded somewhere in the wintertime I've got off the road once and actually had to be pulled out I just waited I got out of my shell I was digging on my truck and some A came along pulled me out but you know he will race by like homeowners a vehicle there I've got flashing lights and everything on 1. Was in and then up this is by the county because I found the guy stands just are you stuck. A light relief. Yeah exactly. I'm like I'm in the ditch dude what you think wrong here. So yeah I mean it's not just side I drive off the road just because I want to. But you know and I recommend if you don't feel safe staffing to help somebody at least call. You know. In these call they will send somebody eventually divest again it may not be right away have at least somebody will you know either send a fire personnel or somebody that is trained to go investigate it in this day just kind of a. He never know it's almost a gamble but I always tend to err on the side of I'd rather stop and help them and know they got help or we're taking care of them oh well you know so I'm going to have prayer and then he got here other questions of who had taken my got I have radar up here again that you can watch look at. And I appreciate everybody coming in it's been a pleasure to do this and I hope you guys learn a lot of different things and. I'm I'm hoping that some of the information I gave you was new maybe just refreshing in a way and you know I appreciate the opportunity to hear so let's have prayer Dear God we thank you for this opportunity today to learn about weather and to learn about how to stay safe and we asked in that bus each 1 here in me asked you to keep them safe as they go home and that they'll be able to do some of the things they learn your name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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