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1. Bible Marking Basics: How to Mark Your Bible for Sharing Truth

Staci Schefka




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Let's have a prayer and we'll get started. Here cause I want to thank you for this afternoon and for this group of eager learners to learn how to mark their Bible so that they can be able to share their faith more effectively with others thank you for this opportunity spend this time together and we ask that you would bless this class that it would be helpful and that we could really learn in Jesus me. My name is Stacy I am a pastor's wife and a bible worker down in the Brighton and Wild Lake area. Northwest of Detroit and I learned about Bible marking from my mom and some of you have made it into my Mom's and Dad's classes. As my mom and she taught me bible marking when I was a child. I also I think the very 1st Bible studies I ever marked in my Bible happened when I went to recant meeting by light various ministries and I'm sure many a familiar with that ministry. GIBSON And James Rafferty. When they were in north west Washington are so as northeast Washington they had a can't meeting and when I was a child we would go there to can't meeting and I learned how to mark rival studies in my Bible there so it's been something I've been doing for a long time and it's really helped me to be able to share my faith better and to be able to find those Bible verses and from there are also learn how to mark. My spirit of prophecy books too so I'm actually on Friday going to be showing you the method I use for marking my spear proxy books so that they're not just all yellow because it's all good and then you can't ever find anything is all you want to do a whole page yellow so I have. No you haven't any extra handouts no way right now this is an action on. This you work out OK I have to make smarmy 24 hour by hour so we have more in here then yeah I swear passive Yeah so I'm going to share the method I use for that. But I was begin by. Tell me about a little book I read a few years ago that actually is where I got the title for this class the mark to fire but has anyone ever read this little book and out of print it's been reprinted by P.M.I. which is a ministry to prisoners but it's a little like all Adventists classic probably from the 1940 S. or fifty's I'm guessing it's a story about a boy who was kind of rebellious had an Adventist mother. Father passed away at some point I don't remember when and he wanted really nothing to do with religion he kind of grew up and with God and then was drifting and hey he ended up going out as a sailor and. His mother packed into his truck and before he went all the she had marked and she had highlighted passages throughout his Bible the Bible passages A promise is related to you you know that see and also different Bible doctrines and somewhere in his challenge he was digging in that trunk and he found that mark the Bible and he was like mother you know. What even following me even out here to see and so he is me he ended up getting mad and at 1 point any threw the Bible overboard just where in the picture you see the Bible clean out in the ocean so you can be pitched the Bible and many years went by and he was headed back home and his mother passed away from illness before he got back to center in Cisco and. Through a series of circumstances he ended up giving his life to the Lord and decided to follow God and. He got in trouble with the law and he was being sent out on exile I guess from the United States for a period of time and he was put on a schnauzer ship and before they left port he stopped at a waiting room by the dock. And there was some different literature there for the sailors to take and he saw a Bible that looked very similar to the 1 that his mother had given him and immediately was drawn to it anyway and picked it up and opened it and it was marked like the 1 he had thrown overboard similar passages is look like some of their handwriting and he was just like visibly moved and this older gentleman that was there came up to him and said. Young man if you like to take up i will you may have it it was right here for anybody who would like to have it and he said this is just like the Bible my mother gave me so long story short his mother actually wrote a mark a 2nd Bible and left it there in that waiting room and he ended up getting the 2nd Bible which is like amazing coincidence which was a really kind of this is Providence and so he took that Bible with him on ship and started to read and study it and the story in the book that most of the book is about his experiences on the ship learning about the Adventist message and it covers the Sabbath and all these different things that he met some other Adventists missionaries that were going overseas so this was definitely back and in the time when our Adventists missionaries would travel by ship rather than by airplane and many people on that during that voyage ended up except in the Adventist message as a result of those large Bible so it's a cool story book is you ever want to pick up a copy of it it's a small little thing and they have a copy of it here it's just a tiny little thing but if you ever find it get it because it's a it's a great little story but it shows the impact a marked Bible can have of being able to share God's Word with somebody else and and have those scriptures. OK so why do we mark our Bibles are going to be a chill main reasons the 1st 1 is so that you can fortify your mind with the Bible truths when you take the time to actually write something down highlight something you're actually taking time to think about it and you're putting it in your mind we know that when we write something down we remember it much more so the Word of God says and sounds 1011 your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you when we put God's word in our heart we're not going to send against him and we will follow his ways so that's 1 reason the 2nd reason is so that we can witness you'll be equipped to be able to share Bible truth with others always being ready to give a defense to everyone who asks a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear Peter 315 we're supposed to always be ready but have you ever had someone to ask you a Bible question and then you went to try to find that verse and you just couldn't locate it you know it's really frustrating when that happens right you know like I know it's somewhere and I and you're just like flipping and flipping and flipping and you just can't ever hide it well I know it's in there somewhere and we want to be a 7th Day Adventists in a people who know how to find a Bible answer and go to it and I think the maybe we're better at this in the past. But we've somehow gotten away from that but if your bible is marked you know exactly where to go and you know if you don't know exactly and you have a general idea the verse will pop off the page to you because if it's highlighted OK so I can open my Bible if I am like I know that somewhere somewhere and. Let me just try to find an example here somewhere in Luke I know it talks about the signs of Jesus coming I know Matthew 24 jazz but I remember somewhere in Luke It also mentions it too and I'm looking in and I'm thinking and I think it's somewhere maybe around chapters 151617220 maybe and I'm just flipping and I'm just trying and rather than trying to find the verse I'm looking for color OK so when I get to Luke 21 and I see the yellow I know this is the passage on the 2nd coming so I'm just had to do was look for the yellow and I knew right where to go this is it this is the passage I was looking for so when your Bibles marked it makes it much easier to find the scriptures you're looking for to be able to answer those Bible questions or get in a Bible study how many of you are giving Bible studies or have given Bible study OK So quite a few of you you're given a Bible study you know that even if you're following a set of lessons that there are sometimes questions that come up that are in the lesson and or you think of another verse that might help in the discussion you're in and you're thinking oh I should take them to that verse and they're like oh where is are you know in your bible why aren't it's easier to go to that passage and to find it to be able to share it with them at that moment so that's another reason why work in your bible is so helpful there's something very exciting about marking your bible studies not only does it give you a clear understanding of the important Bible truth it also gives you greater confidence to share those truths with others dozens of studies and scriptures are at your fingertips ready to be given to others it makes giving Bible studies easier. So let's talk about some of the tools that you would use the 1st thing you have to have a good Bible I use the King James our New King James primarily for giving Bible studies it's you want to have 1 that's more of a word for word translation rather than 1 that's more of a pair is or a translation. A little bit easier to I think a little bit more accurate and will easier to communicate our Bible doctrines and he uses the similar words too so they see more of a connection between the passages now when it comes to Bible marking new my preferred Bible is a wide margin Bible and why margin Bibles are hard to find someone give you a few places where you can get 1 but you can mark any why will you dish are going to have to write smaller be a little bit more creative this actually is a Nelson wide margin Bible and it is not available anymore. I wish this was actually the nicest wide margin Bible they ever made I actually. I think I got this Bible when I was 10 years old naming it had a long time and it was hard cover and I had a friend who would in that book writing business and. Put a new cover on it and it's kept all these years. You can find sometimes a Nelson Bible like aren't even a I actually went on T.V. today and I found 1 that was a used 1 but it was still pretty much on used so that's an option a couple that I found looking Christian bookstores on line was the Cambridge wide margin Bible and this 1 is a little bit more expensive. But it also has a center column reference I believe this 1 is wide margin on the outside columns and in the bottom but it's more narrow in the middle part. In this area it's a little bit narrower another 1 I found was. And I think that 1 company has a unique Cambridge comes and E.S.P. and a couple other translations too this is the King James Version large print wide margin Bible by Hendrik Sen I've actually not seen this Bible and imprint it but it looks like a very nice 1 and it's not that expensive which is nice. This is another company crossway that also has it wide margin Bible this 1 doesn't have the center column reference it has more in line reference which means. That the texts the comparing scriptures and this case are put at the end of the page you can see it's perverse when it gives it out and here is a little different but it would work just saying. Bibles that you're going to find right here that you see are not wide margin but are already kind of designed for a Bible marking it's like a room the room a study Bible are several you have that. And it already has a lot of Bible doctrines mark in it which you can see by the little chain that's in the margin that's guiding you to the next passage of Scripture so it's kind of already done some of this work for you so that's really nice and it also has a lot of. Pictures and diagrams in the back as well so it's nice for giving studies and then the Anderson the Bible which is another Bible I have has a lot of great notes in the margins of the bond the page this 1 doesn't do Bible marking the same way as like the remnant does but you will notice and if you can see it on the screen here but humor we have a passage this is taken from Acts chapter 10 in the story of Cornelius and Peter in the vision of the sheet with all the animals and you can see in the notes it says hall and it's in capital letters and then it gives you a series of other verses that will help you to understand this topic and in the back of the understudy if I was anybody have an understudy Bible that I did borrow 1 is it says annotated the index. And this is where you're going to find all the verses on our key verses on a particular topic so for example here's the Sabbath it gives you a paragraph summary and then gives you key scriptures on the topic of the Sabbath these and we ones that I would be highlighting in my Bible whether or not I use them all in a chain reference study I would still mark these in my Bible using the color that I'm going to tell you and that was health so you would go in here and health is going to be in here somewhere. So it gives you do the key scriptures on different topics so that's a nice feature and you study. OK So whether you go out and get a new Bible or you want to start with 1 Bible or you have a Bible at home the you like don't use a whole lot but you like to just mark it just to practice this when you want to mark up here you're a normal Bible you could do that to NEW DAY Is it the Cambridge 1. Yeah I didn't pull 1 of those up here but there is 1 yes this is it right here OK So this has the Bible on 1 side and it has a places to write notes on and yeah and this 1 and she can really make it really this is called the journaling Bible and there's I think this one's by Chris is it crossway this is Hendrickson home and you. Got a preview with the bookstores R E book yet it's not. So there are some different options out there to get 1 where you have a place in this Bible when I got it had a lot of pages in the back her note which I thought was really cool because I put a lot of stuff back here so. Anyway you can have a place to write is going to be helpful OK So let's talk about a couple of the other tools that you will want to use. So. I like to carry 8 pouch something like this that I can keep all my Bible marking tools and I do not use a pen in my Bible Now some people do and there are some nice pen sets that are not actually designed for Bibles. But I don't use those I use only mechanical pencils because I want to be able to erase what I put in so I use either A point 5 or 0.3 mechanical pencil. A bio marking kits I've put together that I'm going to ask her for SIA you know what he wants 1 has a point 5 in it and a nice eraser on it or if you don't have. There's a really nice Pentel click eraser that has a really soft. Rubber in it to that can be nice for erasing they won't rip bible pages. Yes those are a you can use things like that but I like how they have a little bit more rioting of colors to choose from and then I think I will use is a flexible pencil. This is these are I don't know how to know how to get a whole bunch of these so that's not what's included in the Kid I have 1 that's more of a little stiffer but it's still findable So that's in there. So they. Really are can be very helpful and then the next thing is I use coloring pencils in mine now today in the coal coloring pencil craze is like crazy it's really taken up so it's easy to get color in pencil and and all that now. But I have to know that I've used but I'm not saying these are the best ones I'm sure there's a lot of different options out there these are just a blech set and it has a nice variety of colors on it and the other 1 I have is a actually these are woodlice so they don't have any wood is just pure color and there's also the 24 set these ones tend to have are a little bit more satiny when it comes to the. The color and because there was less she had to be careful because they can break in half year dropped or something. But you could probably use any set of colored pencils I would test them though 1st because you don't want 1 that is. Going to smudge and you don't want 1 that's so hard that if your paper is fine it's going to break through now I'm going to show you the 1 that I put in your kit which is my favorite when it comes to just a small set and there is this 1 which is the Pentel it colored pencil so I had this 1 since I started by will mark 20 years ago. So it's a it's a color Pentel pencil it's has lead in it it's like 2 millimeter led There's 8 colors and I am and what's nice is that you have all your colors in 1 pencil so you can put this and your coloring and your pencil. Mechanical pencil in your bible case and you've got all your main colors with you so how it works is you just push down the lid and the lead drops each lead has. Going to move to where it says refill and then it opens up a little wider so you can come. So you see the leg has like a little metal piece at the top so that's what keeps it from coming all the way out unless you have it on refill and if you have then you can take it out put a different lead in to replace it or to put a different color and and then you just twist it to a different color and the new lead pops out so very very cool and these are not she they're about $16.00 which seems kind of pricey for I have $24.00 sets of them here so they're going to be on a 1st come 1st served but I bought these through Amazon so if we do run out and you need to get 1. That's where I ordered them from and you can get all the different refills so this comes with a colors red light blue dark will brown light green yellow orange and pink and the kids I'm providing you I've also put together. 2 other additional colors purple and dark green because the green in here is more of like a light green and this is more like a porous screen so those are 2 additional colors that you could use with you could the only other colors that are available is peach and black but I wouldn't really use black for anything in the peach is pretty light so I don't know if I would use the peach so only the only ones that I have but I really like this now I use this pencil when I do my Spirit of Prophecy marking and highlight my books this is the ONLY want to use only use these colors so I don't have to go beyond that when it comes to doctrines in the Bible I sometimes will use more than 8 colors so you might want to have some additional color and pencil set but this will get you through most everything. I did find these which I ordered from Amazon to you this is a 12 pack coloring pencil set mechanical pencils but it's just a different pencil for each color. So that's kind of call but you'd have to have you know a whole bunch of them but that is an option and if anyone wants this. I don't need it. And I also experimented but I'm not quite sure how I liked it. I also experimented and getting some different fillers of the different colors and you're supposed to be able to just put them. In any mechanical pencil. But I haven't tried it to see how it worked but you'd have to guess have 12 pencils or however many colors. So. There are some options so those are the tools that you will use now let's talk about some of the resources so what am I marking in my Bible I'm going to 1st be teaching you how to mark like a Bible study on a certain topic and I'm going to be providing you with. A couple lessons that I'm putting together just for this class. That have the verses and what to highlight but I don't have time to do that for all so here's some different resources that you can use to get nurses to actually know how to mark in your Bible so someone was mentioned to me before class and the A.B.C. they have a sheet that has Bible marking that's like stickers that you can cut out and put in and that's been around for a few years and it's it goes along with that yeah we're studying together so in studying together Mark's family has put together these little mini Bible studies and that color code she. A little stickers he had to basically cut out with an exacto knife are these verses so some people have done that in their Bible before and it is a nice way to do it if you think your handwriting isn't so great and you don't want to write you can cut those little stickers out and Markham that way so that she using that kind of goes along with studying together another resource someone else mentioned earlier that you'll find over there is this 1 the Bible marking guy right now I'm not followed this particular 1 but 1 thing that I can see goes along well with what I do is that her each topic it gives you the key scriptures and it gives you a. Number. So for example and this was like more exhaustive than like a normal set of Bible studies would be so it has. Witnesses is 1 of the bible studies in here and the code is using is a W. and then it has 1 on here on. Prayer. And she is ina she are is the code so this looks like it has some extra studies and topics and it as well there's 1 Sabbath observance foot washing and other really cool things in it too and this is today so for $2.00 it would be a bad resource to have to give you some extra ideas now another a couple that I use at times. Is this 1 the Bible text this 1 is from amazing facts but I think the A.B.C. might have it as well it also gives you studies on different subject matters and these are are a lot more verses like for example here's 1 on marriage and a bible verses on that so you can mark a lot of additional things in there as well and the Bible Handbook is by Stephen Haskell So this is you know isn't over 100 years old. But it's also set up similar to like by Will readings for the home and it's a great Adventist classic Here's a Bible study that's on family prayer. So what's a list lots of options of course you can always just take a set of Bible study guides and just mark that So the key is you're just going to be putting your verses in an order so that you could walk them through in a logical progression through that topic and if it's already been put together you don't have to think so much about it you might want to compare a couple of different studies to see which you like what order you like better attacks. But the nice thing about the Bible marking when it comes to using colors is that you don't necessarily have to change reference them to start with you could just go through and highlight all the Sabbath text 1st and then you'll know where all the Sabbath verses are all the verses about God or something any questions about that so far it was so little to colors Let's talk about colors. So I use colors to highlight key words and phrases in a text to distinguish 1 of Bible doctrine from another Bible doctrine and I try to use things that. Connections So for example read it when I see the color red I'm thinking of. And that reminds me of Christ's blood and sacrifice so in my Bible the color red represents salvation. In the verse is talking about salvation or that is a Bible study on salvation those are going to be highlighted in red when it comes to God's law on the Sabbath it's going to be blue shades of blue and the reason for that is because in the Book of Numbers. I was looking for this versus where I was like somewhere in numbers it talks about him other garments being blue where was that and so I'm in my Bible and I'm looking for the verse and I'm like an ocean unders I can't remember where I merged and then I was like oh there it is because of the blue I was already marked so in numbers 15. 38 and 39 it says speak to the children of Israel and bid them to make a friend in the border of their garments throughout the generations that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribbon a blue and it will be for a fringe that they look on and remember all the commandments of the Lord to do them and that they seek not after their own heart and that you may remember and do all my commandments so the blue was unconnected with the 10 Commandments so I use a dark blue for Texas on the log I lead to the command of the 10 Commandments and that and then light blue text on the Sabbath so let's let's practice something let's try something. So if I was to use the color purple What would the color purple go with when you see the color purple What do you think. Yeah I think a royalty King. In the scriptures so I would use purple or verses that deal with the Godhead the character God and I also use it for the Word of God so purple is use for that. Green. When I see the color green I think life. So I use the color green for dark green for. The Resurrection death in the resurrection. But there's no right or wrong color if you see the color green and you think of something totally different you can do that you know this is very personal you want and that you're going to get what you think of the color yellow I think the 2nd coming in the brightness and the glory of it so my eye will yellow is the color I'm going to use for that in your hand out there is a. Link I gave you a list. List in there yes OK So you see a list there the different colors that I use. So Brown and then go brown I'm thinking of death and destruction and stuff so I use that for the origin of evil or how high are those sort of things reddish brown is a combination of red and brown and so I use that for Jesus and his humanity and the prophecies about the messianic prophecies about him so because he came and took our question. And sinfulness. And then the dark use orange for the same show wary and I also use it to her weird definitions of explain that little later red orange I use for the judgment and the Millennium yellow the 2nd coming dark green the stay the dead a lighter green aggression green for health I use like a lime green which is more the color that's in that pencil which kind of here almost looks like the grass green but more of a. Right or green for the Holy Spirit to give to the spirit or about profits. A turquoise for the remnant church grade United States in Bible prophecy pink the new birth of baptism magenta for Christian standards and witnessing Aqua her stewardship and tithing and yellow gold for heaven in the new or now that's not an exhaustive list like I said you can kind of you have a lot of variety when you come to coloring pencils little only problem is that you find that some of them start to look so much alike that it might be kind of hard to decide. But if you go if you stick with just like a 24 set. And there's a little bit there's another variation that it doesn't look like exactly the same so you might have to play with that a little bit. To decide we're going to do a couple basic ones in here Sabbath and 2nd coming in. And then you'll have to come up with your own from there so in the back of my Bible this is just a screen shot of that I have kind of created my own color code written in here. So this is my colors and then I have the topics next to it so I put that in the back of my Bible so would be easy for me to always remember what color I used for each 1 now beyond colors I also use shapes. And you don't have to use shapes it maybe makes it a little bit more advanced but I like to use them so I'm going to show you how I do that so if I'm using. Glue let's say for the Sabbath my main My main study would always be a circle close just the easiest to. Dance always my main study now if I have another study on the same topic but the variation I will use different let's say. So this on be my I mean study and this might be a variation of like. Principles on like Sabbath observance. So that gives me the ability to have 2 studies chain referenced in my Bible and when I go to the text I will know if I am on the right which was a lesson I'm going through because if you come to a birth let's say it was Exodus Chapter 21st it to 11 is talking about remember the Sabbath day to keep holy what in there it also says not to do any work and all that I might use that verse in Bible studies but when I come to that verse and I'm trying member now which text I go to next if this is a symbol in the margin is going to remind me which 1 I'm on of I'm on the main saddest study that someone's going to say OK this is the next verse I go to that's right next to that symbol if I see it on the Sabbath observant study when I see this symbol I'm going to the text sex for that so it keeps me from getting lost and going down the wrong trail. So that's mostly helpful if you are chain referencing studies in your Bible. Those of others that I do that with is the divinity of Jesus verses like a study on the 70 weeks prophecy. Or the 2nd coming the manner of his coming and then the signs of his coming would be like 2 different states if I wanted to break that apart I could make it all 1 study and it would just be a much longer study but I decided to split that into 2 different bible studies I would use 2 symbols color coding your Bible a lot of find the colors and shapes help you to find the verses and they can make your Bible look really beautiful and appealing and it makes your Says a lot easier to find Now the next thing is having a Bible study index so you are going to need a list of all the studies that are marked in your bio and your index into would include the title of the study its abbreviation the 1st tax and the color or shape associated with that study this can be written either at the beginning or end of your bible or you can print it out on a label so let me give you an example of this this would be a case where it's printed and this ratio in the back. Is just a regular label that is from like an Avery shipping label and just printed on there and then stuck in the Bible this was trying to come up but it's been in here about 10 years now. But I think it's about time for me to. Put it back in there so it's just going to have your shape your color the title of your subject matter the code they are using and the 1st text in your study. This is my list of ones that I started in my Bible 1 e many years ago and it's right across from my list of my colors and you can see it's just my own handwriting which isn't anything great but is just the way the 1st 1 there was the nature of Christ and the 1st verse and in seeing was the the Word of God is 2nd Timothy 317 and had a purpose all. For that 1 so it has a listen as I add more studies I would Diskeeper added them to that list OK so how do we get started it will pick a topic and then in the margin next to each verse we're going to place our shape and then at the end of the last text in the passage and the outside margin you're going to place the same shape and the next text you're going to and your group creation so here is an example so this is a study on the word guide 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 were put in our purple circle at the beginning of the verses and then in the margin were put in the same little dot and the next texts are going to and then W G is the Word of God as we know that's the study this. And then we would go to our next text and we would do the same thing any questions about that Safire group basic yet. Not not yet not yet I'm getting to that in this case I'm just putting in the. Symbols yet you have a question that same question OK. If your passage of lengthy You can put a shape at the beginning and end just place arrows in between I have done that if it's like a longer passage and just let me know everything you need to in these 2. This actually is a study and. It was the devotional life so it's also on the Word of God but it's more on like how to have your own personal devotions So that's why it's a different. OK So now let's talk about highlighting the key phrase using a cut you're telling pencil you're going to highlight key phrases in the passage you can highlight by either underlining the words are by lightly coloring through the text I use the color through the text but that's just my personal preference and most cases you do not want to highlight the entire verse the verse may be used in more than 1 Bible study because it might speak on more than 1 Bible teaching and also when the whole thing is highlighted that you're not you're not emphasizing what is the key point in that verse when you just highlight 1 phrase. More of it comes out let me give you a quick example I was just looking in my Bible to day and I was in these E.Q.. Chapter $28.00 which is where we have to follow Lucifer right so. OK I'm not you can see the C.C. Brown ground is the color I'm using poor the origin of evil and actually in this 1 I I use the arrows so I started verse 12 and I go to verse 17 and I just have arrows in between now in Egypt hers you can see I only highlighted like maybe 1 phrase so in verse 13 I have highlighted that has been an Eden the garden of God but I didn't highlight every precious stone as your covering the start is a topaz. I didn't highlight all that the key point is that he was in even the garden of God. The next verse says you are the anointed cherub that covers I've set the so you are on the holy mountain of God You walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire so in that verse I just. Use anointed cherub that covers you are in the mountain and you see them doing it is they taking the key thought from that verse because let me tell you how this is going to be helpful when you're given a Bible study and you read a verse. People don't know. What to pick out from that verse they just read. When you're done reading as a Bible teacher you're going to go back and say OK so what did we just read and you're going to point out the key thought that was in there verse and you already highlighted it it's easy to remember what was the key point because you've already done that work OK this is the point that you're wanting to emphasize from that passage that Satan was in the garden of God He was the anointed cherub he was on the holy mountain of got and the next version that was perfect and i ways from the day that was created till iniquity was found in the SO of how late it was perfect till iniquity was found in the just those he words and then the next 1 by the multitude of your merchandise they filled you in the midst of you with violence and now has sinned therefore I cast he was profane now the Mountain of God I will destroy your covering chair goes on I just highlighted that has sinned Now you might want to highlight more than that that was the point that I wanted to emphasize and that's what I did so that's what I mean by highlighting the entire thing you're Hyland is the key point the key thought and you can ask yourself a question to kind of help you with that what is the key word from this text that helps me better understand this topic That's the part to highly OK so let's go back to the 1 we had earlier that was not highlighted before and now is this is the 1 on the word oh god so what part are we highlighted all scripture is given by inspiration. I didn't highlight profitable her Dr reprove in the such and such because next to it I have put the color and with my symbol so I know those 2 verses are speaking about the Word of God I will only has highlighted the key thought I'm going to emphasize when I take someone to these verses that all scriptures inspired. So let's look at a couple of other examples this is my Bible. This is. A Roman. And it's red orange so it's on the judgment well why does that I would judge my brother or why discuss said it not paper rather for we shall all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ where it is written as I live says the Lord every knee will bow to me and every tongue shall confess to God so that every 1 of us will give an account of himself to got so what have I highlighted we stand we're going to hand before the judgment and we're going to give account. So those are they see points that passage is bringing out you see how this makes you actually think about what you're reading and studying it's really very helpful you are you come away remembering was the the point of these verses are going to help you as you share that Bible study was someone else. Yeah so sometimes I very. You can only problem with that is that if the verb dealt with 2 Bible topics. It would be hard to decipher in this case it's only a 1 subject matter and so it's not really hurting anything I sometimes will highlight just the verse if it's not in a sense an actual chain referenced any but is just another passage I found on that topic. And I'll just highlighted then but yeah you're right there I have a little variation there's no right way or wrong way to do this is. I'm just. Yes. Yes Yeah let's see it well here's just a printed example so this is 1st us on the INS for 15 to 18 so this passage is on the 2nd Coming but also on the state of the dead so in this case you're going to be using your colors green and yellow and we're using versus 15 to 17 for the 2nd coming and 15 to 18 for the state of the dead so when you go to the margin where your next verse is the color of the shape the yellow circle is telling you that's the next text for the 2nd coming study and the Green Dot is for the day the day this is I believe on the last page of your hand oh that that example so you can see how important it is to not like highlight the entire verse like verse 16 because the part of the verse is dealing with the description of Jesus coming being loud and all of that and then the dead a crisis right as this is referring to the resurrection so we're using 2 different colors and we're only highlighting the parts that are specific for that. This is Romans 15 for this is on the study on the Word of God and it's also in the Bible study on the devotional lie. Where things were written a poor time were written for our learning I have that highlighted written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope highlighted who are learning through the scriptures might have hope so and then I have a little note there to. Related to the study. And then you go to your next oh I'm verse and you do the same thing you put your shape your next tax in the margin and the. When you get to the last text in your study you're just going to put the word in in the margin so you know that's the last verse there's no where is this after that for your chain reference. Now let's talk about. Some other types of market so we've done the coloring marking chain reference marking is what we've been describing but there's some other forms of marking I use to cross reference the number referencing a word definitions so let's talk about each of those so crass referencing is where there's a complementary text to the 1 in your study but you don't want to be part of your change you can write this additional text in your margin so let me give you an example of that then you go to the supplementary text and then put a reference in the margin back to the original text for me a link between the 2 So let's look at an example of this so this isn't my Bible on ecclesiastic is not 5 and 6 so if you were to open my Bible and you saw that green what do you know this text is about this day that in. So the dead know not anything is the key point in verse 5 and in verse 6 their love their hatred their envy is now perished That's the part I've highlighted there. And then in the margin I have job 1421 as the next text I'm going to let you see above that I've put next to the didn't know not anything in 3 other scriptures Psalm 651-151-7146 extension 4 his Easter a passage is also arts discovery being how the dead know nothing they don't praise the Lord they don't know the Lord their thoughts perish so if I was. Let's say I was talking with someone about the state of the day and I wasn't taking the time to go through an entire bible study with them I just went to this 1 scripture from this 1 scripture I could easily get to 3 other scriptures that would support what this scripture was saying. And so that's why I put them there in the margin so they can very easily remember what the next 3 are so then when I go to. This is Psalms 11517 the dad prays not the LORD neither any that go down to silence in that case actually highlighted the whole verse because they the whole thing was important. There highly the whole verse Any see in the margin I have put chapter 65 and Ecclesiastes 95 and 6. So I wrote down Psalms 1 party 6 to praise God while we live so so my additional verses I have put put in the margin. Also got something up there death can't praise God I see 830001000 Psalms. So some additional scriptures I found that support that now this verse is actually part of my stay the dead study so you can see how the green dat and in the margin is kind out off the page a little bit is kind of are you see these are the green die and the next text I would go to was 1st Thessalonians for the 1st essence for passage if I was doing this in a chain study it makes sense. Well right there Ecclesiastes 95 and 6. Was where I had been originally So my point is that if I went to any 1 of those 3 or 4 scriptures all the other scriptures in that cluster would be in the margin so that I could easily get to any of the others no matter which 1 I thought of 1st you know and sometimes you remember 1 of them with a camera the other so if you can remember what a bomb then you got the cluster of the other couple such as 1 waking to it I'm going to get to the word definitions in a 2nd but you can see there Psalms 1161 as an example of that or use the orange brackets around the word and in the margin I've written the definition from the Strong's Concordance the word supplications means. And I've put a scripture there as well in brackets. OK so the part that's the part is the chain which is kind of hard to see because the page is going up the side. This is actually the next it's 1st US on is the. Yeah this is just a crash reference so I have 2 things going I have my chain which And I don't remember what verse came before the Psalms 117 here but without some passage from there I came to hear and from here I'm going to 1st Thessalonians but I also just created a little link between this verse and Ecclesiastes 95 and 6 because even if I just was coming to this verse not part of my chain study I would want to remember Ecclesiastes 9 in Psalms in the $65.00 yeah basically it has it has a symbol next to it it's part of a chain if it doesn't it's just an extra notation Yeah sorry that makes that was more clear. Now the green tie next to it is the that's saying that this verse is part of my stay the dead. So it's if this is the giant that. So is the DOT that's right next to the verse. Now. Yeah that's representing these dots that are right next to verse Tim No this worse is part of my study you know it is in this case here this is like the left margin so it's easy to put the dart right next to the verse number but in this case we're on the right margin so you could put the doubt there but I put it always in the margin so it's it's kind of the near image chapter Chapter 65 song 6. That is a cross reference so Chapter 65 any cause us 9.6 is just a crash reference as it is this is a cross reference to this 1 that has the green dot next to and which is off the page which is a little hard to see guys this 1 has the green dot next to it and the dad asked the 1 that's connected with the chain reference so yeah I was a little hard to see yeah I was trying to pull back the page but. You're welcome to look at my Bible later to you you go a clarification on that so here's another way you can cross reference some Bibles have a center column or an inline scripture cross referencing that does something some OK so. Is listed in that center column or in line cross referencing you can just highlight the letter next to the word in the tax and the letter next to the verse in the column or at the end of the rares and this remind you there is a comparative verse that's helpful to better understand that text OK So this is. 1st thus alone Ian's no 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 is a passage on the anti crazed which I use dark brown for so I use light brown for the origin of evil and I use dark brown for the NE creased or the spiritual babble on or the work of the end. OK so you can see that my and in Christ passage started up in verse 1 down arrow and it goes up to verse 7 on the next column which I didn't show in the picture and then. There's also as a cut study and here are a text in here on the 2nd coming that started in verse 2 you can see that from the yellow and then here. Here's an example of the. Word definition those phrase falling away is the word apostasy A which means apostasy 7 note there about that and then. Here where says the Son of Perdition I have the letter and the number D. is a reference to go to the center column and I am highlighted that morning because I use orange for either word definitions or too like me you couldn't use dark brown to guess when her. Now if I go to the middle which is not you can't see but if I go to them then all John 1712 is how there is I've colored the D. next to John 1712 so I just made a connection to to look there and if you go to John 1712 is the only other time in the Bible where the term Center preditions is used. And it's using in reference to Judas which is why I've put a note there Judas. That he was 1 of the 12 and yet he was the be traitor so he was the anti christ is described as the son of perdition because like Judas he's coming from within the church and he's against Christ and he's attacking Christ to be train Christ and he's coming from the inside so I use I wanted to take him to john 712 to show that's the other times is used but I looked in the margin like Oh they already made that connection using the chain reference there the center column. And so I was able to highlight the text and get there so that's another way you can do it crafts are. Now the only other reference idea is a number reference and that is when I have something more I want to write but I don't have room right there and so I want to like write it up here somewhere or down here somewhere or maybe I want to go to the back and I want to hurry you know a list of notes in the back so a number referencing is just something I can put in the margin to take me to that place where I have more room to write so let me just give you. So this is the Good Samaritan story and I put the number who in my neighbor heard the number 1 there and then up above where I had more room to write I wrote out the quote desired ages our neighbors every person who needs our help our neighbor is every soul who wanted improved by the atmosphere I mean everyone has a property. I would have room to have written that all next to the verse where the 1 to remind me I have a note of written somewhere on this page to go and then if I had another note somewhere else on that same page that 1 would become number 2 and then number 3 so that as allows me to put additional information somewhere else on the page I have more room to write and if you have a Bible that's not why margin this will be helpful. Because I have a wide margin I don't have to do that because I have pretty much room here but if I had a lot of notes I would have to do that I think I put in here how you would do that. So there are the biases in the same mind in our margins above or below place the same number and write the note there or you can write the note in the back of your Bible on a page that contains all your numbered references you know what your new number should be look at the last entry you put on that page and the number you put with it use the next number in the sequence. In the put the reference for your text of the interview information in tree for CROSSFIRE. Here is another 1 this is look 23 this is on the Sabbath and the in 1000 of Jesus and the his disciples keeping the Sabbath so you have see I have 5455 and 56 I put arrows between 4 and 56 my next text is in the margin but I had a note I wanted to write I didn't have room there so. I have written my note that I wanted to say about that you were careful Sabbath keepers when Sabbath came they stopped anointing Jesus body till Sunday Jesus rested as a sign of our deliverance I had to this is where you can just write other additional thoughts that you have I mean as I read in notes in might we with my mechanical pencil Yeah. OK it's only going back to the word definitions I shown you this 1 example already and it is my last slide on this is Romans Chapter 6 and this is a passage on baptism and I have certain verses that are part of the study of the ones that have the dots next to them but you can see that the word buried that I've put it in those orange brackets again and in the margin I've put that tease Oh oh. To submerge under to immerse that's what the word buried means so whereas like that when you're given a Bible study and it's going to be helpful to know what the word means I would like to put it in my Bible so I will remember that I put another example in your term Hebrews 49 there remains there for a rest for the people of that this word rest is the word Sabatini smokes and it means a keeping of Sabbath so when it says there's a rest that still remains it's the Sabbath rest is referring to that's why that verse is in my Sabbath study and why it's also important verse to show that the Sabbath is still continuing in the New Testament. But having that note in their debt where definition is helpful for that Ecclesiastes east coast 7 here you have and the Spirit will return to God who gave it most people are thinking that the spirit is like their inner being going back to heaven so I would make sure I defined that word in the word spirit here is the word Ruach it means a breath or wind so the breath of life it's going back to that it's now the inner being going back to got so put a little the word definitions in your Bible can help you when you are sharing those texts yes. Yeah that's a go quite. Well sometimes you discover these things as you're studying the passage and you are taking the time to look up the meaning of each word but sometimes you're going to humor it in the sermon or you're going to see it in a Bible study guy or you hear it in a presentation like oh that's good and if you haven't YOU ARE Bible marking tool with you in your Bible and you have your little mechanical pencil in your little thing with you right then you're listening to Pastor Stephen Moore preaching a year you can you jot in the stuff down in your Bible as you're learning it and he read it. And that's probably how a lot of my stuff got in my Bible I don't even remember the setting when I learned most of this but probably a lot of it was when I was at church listening to the pastor preach or it was a can't meeting you know and I was going to a class and I was able to market in there right then. That wouldn't have been necessarily a no I would have shared for a Bible study that what it was just a note for my own personal understanding. Yeah then you think it. Is hard for people to read other people's handwriting to oh so. Yeah I've I've heard people some people express concern about that. Either that's a decision you have to make my Bible doesn't have any end in this 1 which as the 1 I get by I will say from doesn't even have study notes in it. But it's the 1 I've been using for so long. That's where everything is marked so I know where everything is so that's helpful OK So any questions about anything we've covered today you have a basic understanding of the principles that we have looked at. I am let me just tell you what we're going to go over tomorrow I had planned to do this today but we're not going to have time to do it so we'll start with us tomorrow tomorrow I'm going to be given you several lessons and we're going to get started in those we will mark a couple studies tomorrow and we'll finish up on Friday so the 1st 1 we're going to be doing is called steps to salvation this is probably 1 the 1st studies ever marked in my Bible it was a study designed to if you only had like 5 minutes to lead someone to accept Jesus as their Savior what would be the text you take them to so it's only 7 text it's short it's concise and I learned in this Bible study of this file study when I was about 7 years old and I would practice it on people and I ended up doing it with my grandpa and leading him in a prayer to accept Jesus into his heart and this was on the 1st day as my mom ever taught me so I went teach it to you know it's not a full study on salvation so I have another study that has more scriptures and fills it out more this ones like designed for quick you know quick. Short short story. The as Exactly. Sitting on the plane. Whatever So that's when we're going to start just to start practicing and in this case I made it really easy because I've actually highlighted on the she already what you're going to do and what you would say after you church so that was probably the most thorough. I didn't then go we're going to do 1 on the Sabbath and the change of the Sabbath and where I'm going to we're going to look at the verse and you're going to help me I'm going to help you figure out what part we're going to highlight we're going to decide as a group and so you're going to get familiar with to know what is the key point was the key phrase here what the key words that we're going to do and you'll have the study completely Mark there's also a few people cross references in here and I've also put some explanations for some difficult tax related to the topic so we can go to those passages and you can put in the margin where you would go to answer that text if someone took you there like you know it doesn't matter what day everyone is can be persuaded in his own mind so they took you to that verse what would you do you'll have already in the margin where you would go to help explain that passage or me within the same passage so we're going to go through Sabbath We'll see how much time we have like it so we can finish this up on Friday I have to say the day 2nd Coming and. I have I have more here then we're going have time to get through I have 1 on the Word of God and 1 on baptism as well and then come Friday I'm also going to share with you the method I use in my spirit of prophecy books it's different than my Bible my bible is color coded by doctrine when I get to my spirit of prophecy books I'm coloring more based on personal spiritual application so what is a principle what is God's. What is God's part what is my part in responsible medians What is the promise if I do obey what is it about where there are the warnings that I'm not supposed to do so I'm going to show you that and then Oh and I didn't bring my spare prophecy book here with me in the camper. But I'm going to show you. Well you can see this but this is a. Block from the mount of blessings on the Lord's Prayer and you to see there's just different colors on the same page but each color represents something so when I go back to look at it I know right immediately what each sentence is about so that's my method. But that will come Friday so that's where we end today I will have so if you are planning on marking tomorrow grain the Bible that you don't mind marking this with. I also have these I think I have 24 of these little kids and I think. The pencil is like about $16.00 and then there's that mechanical thing if you do it $20.00 cover everything that's in here let me say like a lot but I think it would be a good investment and I love about the pencils it's just 1 pencil and you can keep it is the pencil a color Yes with 2 additional colors the purple and the dark green. All right so that's where we're going to and thank you all her coming even if I don't see you again and if there's some reason you can't make it the next 2 and you watch it just get the lesson of the the studies I've shown you and I gave you but I encourage you to come back and this and practice it because they'll help you to remember it better right let's pray as we close. Dear God thank you for this time we have spent together this afternoon talking about how we can mark or Bible so that we can be ready to give an answer of our faith to those who ask us and so that the Word of God will also come alive and will be excited to be in our Bible excited to study them and we will enjoy this in. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio or.


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