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2. Mark Your Bible: Salvation & the Sabbath

Staci Schefka




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Dear God I want to thank you so much for each of those that are here to learn about how to mark their Bible so that they can share the word of God with others and help them to you know learn the skill so that the Word of God will come alive to them and that we can better be able to share your chew with those who ask questions and we pray this in Jesus name men. OK So just a little review for those who may be new joining us today yesterday I passed out this hand at how to do Bible marking and in here I talk about the to reasons of why I love Bible marking is actually something that I started when I was just a child I think my parents wanted to get me into my Bible and a lot of kids like lots of colorful books and that sort of thing in the open of the Bible was all black and white and looks really kind of boring but they said no let's mark your bible let's make it beautiful as learned what's in here and in got me very excited about my Bible this viable was the 1 I got when I was about 10 years old 12 years old maybe and it's a wide margin Bible this is a big Bible for a child when you think about it now that I think about it. But I started back then just starting to color code it and write Bible studies in it and you can see some of my really terrible handwriting back then and some of these notes that I put in there but I just don't have the heart to get rid of them because it was something that was very precious you know and those getting me into the Word of God. I need my 1st Bible study when I was 7 years old and the Bible so they gave us the 1 we're going to mark in our Bibles today the steps to salvation 1 but what it allowed me to do was to know how to present a Bible study and all I needed to have within you was my Bible when your bible is marked you don't have to have a set of study guides with you or a D.V.D. with you anywhere you are you could give a Bible study just with your Bible because the Bible cities are chain referenced in there but another thing is that the method of Bible marking that I use. As is with colors using color in pencil so that they don't believe and what it does is it allows me to quickly find bible verses on viable topics because each topic is a by KOHLER So if you look at your hand out that I gave you on the 3rd page yes. And the 3rd page is my Bible doctrine color chart you see that So these are the colors that I use for the different topics. In my Bible and I try to pick colors that made me think of that bible subject so for example the 1 that you see on your table is the salvation 1 and it's the color red because red makes me think of the blood of Jesus sacrifice and this seems like the fitting color for that I use dark blue for the love of God and light blue for the Sabbath he is a brown for topics of sin or the origin of evil the fall of Lucifer the destruction the way kids like hell fire. Then sometimes use a variation of a color like the light or the dark version of it so use the light brown for the origin of evil is the dark brown for the anti christ the fall of Babylon that sort of thing just showing the depth of darkness it goes to. I use yellow for the 2nd coming dark green for the state of the dead these are actually the colors will use in our study today and into tomorrow yeah you don't have to use these colors for these topics you can choose other colors if something else. Seems to fit better for you it's just my what makes sense to me but there's some variation like if you're doing something like on the topic of stewardship and tithing and you want to highlight all the verses in the Bible that tack about finances and stewardship of God's money what color should I pick for that well there are that really any Maybe good or bad color Now you may say Well I think I'd like to use painter or peach or whatever I don't so it's kind of up to you so there's some that are kind of maybe more obvious and others you could have whatever color you choose. There are lots of different variations of colors and you can get pencil sets that have many different colors in them but what I find is that if you get too far beyond maybe like a basic 24 set that you're going to have the difference between the colors is going to be so close it's going to be hard to tell. The difference so I try to avoid getting too creative and how many colors you pick down the other we talked about yesterday it was how I use shapes so if you look at. An example of the. On page 4 the very next page. You can see I have circles and chime on this page I use a circle for my main study on a topic and they all use a different shape if I have other studies on the same topic but they're not going to be my primary study so for example this a circle here this purple circle is represented this is a study on the Word of God on the Bible I was going to give a study to someone on God's word this would be the main primary study but I also wanted to mark a study in my bible that was on how to have a devotional life and the importance of having a devotional life so I used a China for that 1 I also have a study in my Bible that's on Bible memorization and the blessings that we gain from memorizing scripture I think I used a square for that 1 so you can see that you can use several different shapes to differentiate between different studies mark in your bible that are on the same general topic scriptures for example. The in the Now another thing they You'll notice from the way I mark is that I don't mark the entire passage so if you flip the page you'll see my example here of Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 12 where it says the Word of God is living and powerful sharper than any 2 edged sword pierce event of the division of soul spirit and joy and morrow as a descendant of the thoughts and intense of the heart so this scripture is about the Scriptures and what they do but I did it how I the entire thing purple and Stead I select She words and phrases that I think are important part of that verse and the part I would emphasize if I was sharing this verse was someone else. I find that today most people when they read it don't comprehend immediately what they read they're just reading so after you they read the text you have to go back and talk about what did we just read and that's when you're basically summarizing or pulling out from the text what was the key point what was the key thought in that verse that's the part I'm highlighting so it makes it very easy then to pull out that key point so in this case the key point is that the Word of God is living and powerful at sharper than a 2 edged sword and it discerns my thoughts and intense of my heart those would be 3 thoughts from that I would want to emphasize So that's what I have highlighted is that makes sense so they make that a lot easier to. Summarize the poor and part of that passage. Is see if there's a couple other things we talked about yesterday so you'll see in the margin well next to the verse I will use my mike symbol here in this case is a purple dot and then the Martian I also will use it and have my next text and this is the last text in the study so it has next to it but if it was a previous text it would have the text and then the abbreviation of the Bible study and I have in the back of my Bible. A list of all the studies and what their titles and abbreviations are so I have actually have to because I have quite a few studies Mark to my Bible this is a bias of the index that I actually typed up onto a Avery shipping label and placed it in there when I did a Bible marking class at my church and so I was able to print out a bunch of these for everybody and say you had it your her color and the symbol next to it your subject and then the code so word of God it would be W. G. the divinity of Jesus was a D.J. the law of God was you know that's what I think and then the 1st text in your study so you could go to that 1st text and when you get to the 1st text it would have the next text and then you go to that text has the next Texans taking you through your entire chain until you get to the last verse and end in the margin so that's. A label where you typed it up but you can also just write it out this is my written out ones so you can see my my shapes and colors here my titles and my previous In my 1st text and this is what I was doing long before I ever started developing this so that's where you can begin now someone today. An example of some Bible study that I didn't mention yesterday ever seen these before these are little They're actually stickers it's like 1 big sticker so you have to cut it out with either scissors or an exact and. And you have your topic and your text for each 1 and this actually matches with. The studies and studying together by Mark so if you go to Mark family and he you cover a look at the 1 here on the Sabbath it's going to be. This 1 right here and says that these verses that's what I understand I'm the 100 percent sure about them but that's what I understand is that these match together. So this is nice if you. Don't like to write you think you have terrible penmanship or you can't write that's more now this is pretty small print and you can see it's pretty tiny which could be helpful if you have a Bible that doesn't have a lot of space to write in the margin because this isn't require a lot of space now this is it's on color coding method in it doesn't necessarily I'm not sure what the rhyme and reason reason is between them for example they have the origin of evil as ORNGE and they have salvation as blue so to me this doesn't match in my mind but it can work you know also this is an action and this is your Bible study and extra here so you would just cut this out and put this in the back of your Bible and that's your 1st text and everything so it's kind of done some of the work for you and. I know people who like this and so it's a good resource. There are many different kinds of lessons you could mark in your bible I'm going to be going through a couple here that I've already created for you but of course it's not going to be a full list of studies so if you're looking for something beyond that you can take something like studying together that are already has an order of texts on a topic or you can use a set of Bible study lessons like the it is written or any so the lessons that you like or you can use other ones that have Bible study. Orders like this is the Bible Handbook by Stephen Haskell which has been around for like a 100 years it was 1 of our Adventist pioneers the Bible texts scenary is another good 1 that has lots of studies and a bible readings for the home is a great once you probably already have something at home that has a lot of studies in it with each verse in the study and you could pick any 1 of those. Or if you've been to an evangelistic series and got a text I can be nice this is another 1 that they have here in the A.B.C. another Bible marking guide and why this 1 does is it each study it looks like has about 16 or fewer verses. My guess is you wanted to hear that maybe have 20 so it's not like a lot of verses which is nice when you're doing a chain reference study and it also gives you the abbreviations for each 1 for marking 2 so this was just $2.00 So this is a nice little resource that you could get for Bible marking and QUESTION So far yes I think someone told me yesterday that they saw this here. I have been over there you got 1 ashtray. OK. There are maybe they could get some in but yeah I knew someone here said they've got right. So that's the sum of the resources that you can use to find your bible studies and now let's just briefly review the tool Bible marking Like I said I used pencils rather then in pens because I don't want them to bleed through my Bible and I also can get more variety of colors that way and I have used. Regular sets of coloring pencils you just want to 1 that doesn't greasy. But the 1 I am showing you guys which has been 1 of my favorite tools since I 1st started Bible marking. Is a little kid that contains 1 of these pencils so this pencil this well let me tell you this is a Pentel 8 color mechanical pencil so there's 8 colors in it I'm also providing 2 other additional colors that didn't come with the pencil which was a dark purple and a dark green that has a light green in them but basically. The pencil lead just comes out and in the edges to jested and these do not believe and they work good on even soft paper I was using here. I'll bring it tomorrow but I have the a set of spirit of prophecy books that are like these little money micro. And the paper is extremely then and these ones do not break through or some pencil would tear the page if the paper was too thin these dinette So that's really nice and then when you want to switch a color you just knock it out go to the next 1 and then put your new lead in and if you need to refill it or switch out the lead you just change the top to where it says refill and then it opens it wider and the LED will actually come out so these are really cool. You can buy these through Amazon I buy these through Amazon and I bought the refills to Amazon as well the pencil sells about $16.00 and then I threw into actual LEDs for you and a ruler and a mechanical pencil just lead pencil too so if you want 1 of these. They're $20.00 for the whole package I don't want to do that in there that's why. They don't want to 20. Yeah so we're going to actually practice with them even if you don't want to get 1 today but you still want to practice or we're going to did it in a year you could borrow and this picture you don't break anything and then. Somebody else can have and OK. So let's do the basics when it comes to colors and tools that I use is just very simple 1 is I like about this 1 is because it colors and 1 I can just keep this in my Bible case with my other pencil and maybe a pin they use for myself. And I have everything with me if I'm in church and I'm listening to a sermon and they read it really are some text and some topical Oh well that's good you know I can highlight it right then in my Bible so it's very good I also uses for marking my spear proxy books which I will show you how I do tomorrow and the only other things that we talked about yesterday was other types of markings that we do. Cross referencing to reference between 2 passages are kind of creating a link between them even of us not part of my chain Bible study but these 2 verses seem to go well together I will use that we will actually practice that in 1 of the studies and I will use sometimes a number of reference if I have some really good thoughts or notes I want you. Put in my Bible I can write that here in the margins were I have more room and I have to do is put a number next to my verse and then a number up there where my KNOW is and when I say readers will know I have a no over it now here so that's called a number reference so that can be helpful to any questions so far about the slow mechanics what to do you write your a get started so let's practice with when we're going to do you know the steps to salvation. This is as I said yesterday not a full exhaustive study on salvation it's an even simpler than 1 that you would find in a normal set of Bible as it only has 7 verses so it could be called 7 quick steps to salvation is designed to be very short very concise where you could easily lead someone to accept Jesus as their savior if you only had 5 minutes to spend with them and this was actually the very 1st study I ever marked in my Bible and I and this 50 which. Is a Nelson right margin which you can't even find anymore unless you want to eat it. I have my study marked. Pages packed here and I used a in this 1 I used a red diamond and this is my child hood handwriting. And I have my 7 verses and what I was going to say after each verse and this is the 1 that I change reference through so this was the 1st Bible study I am or learned how to get out and. I remember I was at a Kant meeting a group in Arizona and I was at the Arizona can't meeting many years ago and I had just learned how to use this Bible study and it was in my Bible and anyone who would sit down listen to me I wanted to share my Bible study with and I remember my mom had a friend who was a a teenage girl that was kind of going through some rebellion and she was there you can't meeting not for the right reasons but to hang out with her friends and get in trouble and I am she came to our campsite and mom was telling her that I had just recently learned how to give a Bible study and she said Would you like Stacy to practice her study on you and I was eager to have another person listen so we sat down and I took my Bible and I went through each text with Mark to my Bible and 1 point in the study it asked them if they would like to invite Jesus into their hearts and when we got to that point she hesitated and she was thinking about all her friends who are and the things that they were doing that she knew that she gave her heart to Jesus she wouldn't be able to do any more and she struggled and she says I am not sure if I'm ready to do that and at that point there were actually 2 more verses in the study by that point I close my Bible and she said is that the end of the study and I said well actually there's 2 more verses but they don't apply to you because there are those who given their heart to Jesus and you know they're just like a little child. It means sense to me and you know what here are the 2 verses were I think I finally did read them to her but in my mind it was like oh that's where the study ends because you can't go forward because. You know Ray maybe this isn't yet. So let's go through this 1. So the purpose of this study is to lead a person to accept Jesus as their personal savior if you only had a few minutes with him so what we're going to do is in the back of your bible or the front of your bible find a blank page somewhere where you could start making a list of studies. Oh oh yeah there are some other ones in here it is red and orange and black I think you can Those are the only 3 No no problem. You're going to find a place in the front or back of your bible where you can start creating a Bible study index Yes that's a new 1 I may have. A red pencil on here too if you don't know you want to get 1 and just. OK cool yes there anybody who's actually want to get a kit you know but just need a red pencil to practices so they've got 1 change so you're going to be putting down. You're going to create a red triangle. Because it is going to be like this 2nd study of salvation this would be your primary way a Red China. I would just give yourself enough space that you could put 1 about it yeah yeah I know you I know I'm like that you go I don't know I don't want to I layered leave a space of the tower where I would put my Bible study index and then below that yes somewhere in there now let me just tell you about your pencils are you using your mechanical pencils China to put too much lead out because you don't want to break off OK so you just made a good hour out there you got a good tear but not you don't want to have a big piece or it's going to break. So they get to the color you just turn the knob. As the indicator. And then. Anybody else and somehow get in your pencil figured out. OK good and so I can borrow mine if you need to feel OK so being anyone needs a bio mind it's up here because you're going to make here you're a little red triangle and the next you're going to put what the subject is the steps to salvation so you want to use your mechanical pencil for that I want to write that with the color. If I have an extra mechanical pencil too if anyone needs that. Know so you're going to use oh so you can. Get these and. So you make your your red triangle 1st just so it's going to model of those here I would eventually put it that. My Bible study index. This marker is not very good but I kind of put that up at the top and then you're going to do your study you can make your trying goal here a triangle. And then using your mechanical pencil. You're going to put the title steps to salvation and then end Prentiss sees you're going to be. An ass and us that marker is gone so I'm going to switch to a different marker but don't let that throw you out pretend it's black history your title you are abbreviation and then the 1st Bible text which is. Romans 323. So you're going to put it. Yeah you could do in the back. Oh my They're out of there OK Well you know what you could deal later if you could. Yes you could and then you could just tape it right here. Or you could do it here the end of your concordance to. This a lot of variation of this looks really good yeah like it. You know on this years this piece of paper now oh. OK I'll go on this step then OK so let's go to our 1st text which is Romans 323 and can I have someone read that for us. OK so what part are we going to highlight if we were to read those verse what is the part that is the key part of this verse all have sinned so we're going to take your pencil and you only have to undermine or lightly go through it what's nice about these men this particular mechanical pencil is you can read through it pretty well OK so you can is Mary lightly and you'll see the words through it I don't have any trouble even though I'm using like a dark the dark blue it still comes through pretty good so but that's up to you if you want to underline you could underline what I like to to highlight through it OK so we put our 1st Roman story trying 3 and then. OK so here's my here's my text I just highlighted. All have sinned and now what I'm going to do know is I'm going to make it a triangle right here at the beginning of the rares and then in the margin out of your margin is why you can do it like this. And then write your next text next to it if it's not which is Roman 623 you can agree a bit on our end if you don't want to use it. If you don't have a lot of space you can go sideways you can go like this. You can you can just do you see a 23 or you could just do 613 if I'm in the same even in the same chapter August say the 23 or whatever just verse Yeah I do there I like in Daniel 2 when yours do in the story of Daniel. OK So depends how much space you have if you if you're taxed even a little bit early and you can squeeze it in right at the end you can even do that you know you can put it wherever you can find space. Yet you always put it here and then wherever it is next to the verse. If you have no room you can even put this up above like if you have more space at the tab or at the bottom you could even do it there and just put your little sis your little symbol is a reminding you where you're going it's connecting these 2 together. So there's a little bit of variation there yes OK so she's very not a good point some by both some by both have your verses at the beginning of each 1 and others. In the text you see that OK so if you have 1 that has it in the text another option you could you know. If you could just highlight the number. You couldn't do that even the whole Texas on 1 topic the only prying all run into you is of the topic later is on end of the verse can be used in 2 different studies. You would. Yeah right you might have to like and then put a circle around it and the other color I did and you had to be a little creative you could just do a little guy next to our I don't know if you know room to do a triangle you could meet underlining. You want is have to adapt it for your bible format. Yeah not all Bibles are the same so I can kind of make it a little bit challenging OK So everybody has. To go the next verse OK Oh before we do that in your notes this particular 1 I actually wrote out kind of the script you would say after you read it OK so we've just read Roman 623 and we will be emphasizing what we had just highlighted we are all sinners this means because of sin we failed to reach the perfect standard of God's glory or righteous character just taken Nevers and we've just explained it in our own words and this helps people to understand more what they've just read in the Bible now we're going to go to Rome and 623. Is Over a couple of pages. Romans 623 and I have a volunteer who would like to read that OK So for this 1 and the part we're going to highlight is the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord now you may ask why didn't we highlight the wages of sin is death. Because I don't know when I hear or see the word death I don't think a read I think of brown. I would probably if I was tiling in that I would put the wages of sin is death in brown which you can do that even though it's not a study on salvation. That's what I think of so that's why I wouldn't do that in the red OK so the leads to death but God offers eternal life would you like to have eternal life as the question we're asking as we come to this verse now in the margin we're putting our next text which in this case is John $316.00 so again you're going to follow in these methods putting it either. Horizontal or vertical or in line with the text depending on where you might have space and you can abbreviate Jun J N N If you want to go to give yourself a little bit more room and then we're going to go to John 316. Yes the verse. OK now I'm just noticing something in my Bible. I might change here you guys can tell me what you think I actually have this verse John 316 in my Bible for 5 Post and he's. In the margin. But it looks like I have this verse in the study on how fire and I had highlighted should not perish in brown because I was emphasizing that. The the opposite of eternal life is to perish which is what happens in hell and perish means to cease to exist to be gone and that's when the fires of hell would do so you may want to keep it should not perish. Not to highlight it read if you thought you might want to later use this verse in a bible city on how and then in that case their part would be brown that's up to you. On the nose had it all red like you can see there some of them very Here there's no real right way or wrong way it's kind of how you. Feel led to do. So after we were to read this verse we would be emphasizing God loved us he gave his son and if we believe in Him we can have eternal life now this point in the Bible study is where you would describe what Jesus actually did for us you'd be surprised how many people today don't really understand the cross or maybe everyone grew up hearing about it there is a whole generation of kids today that are growing up in a home where their parents don't talk about God there's no religion and there's no church go in there's no prayer there's no Bible reading and hearing the story of Jesus went through her ass would be like a brand new story to them or you're speaking to a person of another culture or religion someone from a Hindu Buddhist or whatever background Muslim background they may not have heard that story that way before so we can just assume that everybody has heard the Gospel story so this is what I would describe what Jesus did and he left haven't he came here to earth he was born as and sent grew up and this. Plays this horrible plays and went and suffered much agony so that he could save us and what he experienced wasn't described. How he was beaten and how he was mocked and how spittle pot and how he was. Carrying had to carry a cross and was nailed to that cross and couldn't eat or drink and hung there for hours in the sun and and wondered if God had her sake in hand and he didn't do anything to deserve any of this you know we're describing live only what Jesus experienced out of love for us so that we could have eternal life and after we described that the question there were asking is can you love a God who would suffer all of that for you Could you love a God who would do that for you there are many gods in the world many religions have many different gods and different leaders and spiritual leaders but can you love someone who would give up all of that and do all of that for you if you had a friend who did that for you or someone who did that for you or a stranger who did that for you to save you from something I would you feel you'd be so appreciative you'd be so thankful that person would be a friend or a true friend for life that's Jesus and what he did for us so there's a we would be doing at this point in our study is describing the cross. OK So let's go to now 1st $316.00 so in our margin. We're putting J N 1st John 316 and then lead us to an X. or so this is kind of easy you're going from John 316 their 1st John 316 so that's pretty easy to remember so 1st 2 or Romans 323 and then 623 and then you have the the John 316. Makes it easy to remember this Bible study. Very Shan 316 OK mom and I like Have someone read this verse for us. Men OK So what are we highlighting in this passage love and how do we describe today people use love for many things. I love my cat but how does the Bible describing love here he lay down his life for you that's love this is the kind of love that God had that he would give up his life so that we could live but God of heaven loved you so much he lay down his life for you Could you love oh god he would suffer all of that for you. OK And then now in our margin we are putting our next text which is revelation so I would put our E.-V. me to abbreviate it R.E.B. $320.00. 7. And mine I have it all written in the back but if I didn't have it in the back I probably would put it in here I do that a lot of other Bible studies if I have a certain thing I want to remember to say our point I want to make I will write those down the. OK Revelation chapter 3 and. 20 so we get there we're going to again put our little symbol and then highlight that part that I have. Given you there. It says here Behold I stand at the door and not know how many of you have a read Bible are ready so you have the words of Jesus in red but even still I think when you're marking over it with a red pencil you can still if you still see us through yeah I love this pencil for that reason we could Yes That You Are they had before so what I would do is I would. My little triangle and then next to that in the pencil put your next verse that way you are now getting them confused. I know this is my steps to salvation study so when I come here if I am doing this by I will see I did this for I know I'm going to 1st John 470 but if I'm doing the steps to salvation study the 1 with the red triangles I know I'm going to 1st John 316 of them make sense if you have the same verse and 2 studies that's where you're trying go or your abbreviation is going to help you know which version my go into because you'll see 2 verses in your margin and you want to go to the right 1 to stay on the right foot on 1 of the yeah so that's where the shapes can be very helpful for that you know it good question all right so we have Revelation 320 highlighted everyone. So here we are same Jesus is at the door of your heart wanting to give you the gift of eternal life and it has to be your choice to open the door and invite him in do you want to do this and if they say yes you just leave them in a very simple prayer G.'s they open my heart to you come in and save me this is where I was at in the study when I was talking to this teenage girl and inviting her to invite Jesus into her heart and she was struggling with that and I had 2 worse is left but those next 2 Merce's is what God will do for us once we have invited Jesus into our heart. So the next 2 are in the book of John so we have children Romans then 1 in the John's and then 2 back in John so. Makes it easier to remember John chapter 1 and verse 12. John chapter 1 and verse 12. Have someone read then OK so what is the key part of this. Why do we just talked about him receiving him inviting him so we're highly received him and then we become children of God as so we are. In this text that when we accept Christ as our Savior we become His child and he's now our father and he's there to take care of us and to be there for us and every child wants to have a father whether you have a father or not you long to have a father to take care of you and be there to help you and someone this support you and to encourage you and this protects you and Jesus becomes that our father. When we become His child OK And now we have just 1 more text John Chapter 102-7229 OK. Yes that's it so in this particular he had 3 verses so you have an option of putting your somebody by each 1 or in this case that wouldn't hurt but if it was a longer passage I would probably put an arrow between so if you have like 6 or verses you don't want to put a symbol next to everyone you could just put an arrow up an arrow down knowing I'm reading everything between and we're highlighting here I will give them eternal life and they will never perish neither will anyone snatch them. And now we are telling them that Jesus is the shepherd if we continue to listen to his voice and follow him no 1 can take us out of his hands we are safe and guaranteed eternal life now this passage some people have used to say that once your savior can't be saved you know once saved always saved by the passage doesn't say that actually it says My sheep hear my voice and they follow me and no 1 can take them out of my hand so is it is a condition all passage if we are following Jesus and obey me I am saying he has no access to us we are safe in the father's hand and eternal salvation can be secure Yes. So we didn't have the choice to stop following we wouldn't have a true love true love is a act of choice yeah as a religion. So this is the last text in our study so when we get to this 1 we're going to in the margin again put our little sheet and then we just right next to it the word in. So we know that is the last text in the. So you mark your 1st study in your bible how that feel the 7 verses isn't easy when you go home and he says 1 to your kids and then mark their 1st. And then practice it. OK we only have about 20 minutes left so I want to practice a different 1 where it's not all spelled out exactly for you what to highlight so you can get some practice now you have a we have some our actions to show you tell me what you would like to do we can do you want on the Sabbath. I want to change the Sabbath radio so you have the option of Sabbath 2nd coming or. Death now when the death 1 and the Sabbath when we've had our extra stuff in there. Passages I might actually practice 1 of those tomorrow. And this is an example cross referencing as is the difficult text explained once but if you want a 2nd coming are ready. And you want to do signs or manner. The signs it is coming OK so if you are going to sign it is coming in I would just leave a little space in your thing and your list of index so that you could put the manner of his coming 1st because that would be your primary study with the like a secondary study OK so we're going to use our yellow pencil so hit your button and release your lead. And then move to your yellow. And your outfit out and just get a little just a tiny little bit out so it's not going to break. What is nice about this yellow is that it's not like a highlighter yellow which fades in stuff over time it's really clear to see what it last for ever I mean I look at my. Studies I marked 20 years ago and my spear process works and it's still vibrant as it was the day I did it so that's really cool this yellow and a lot of high later yellows fade over time OK So we are going to. Put in our index. I wish it had a yellow highlighter. Appear so we're using this it can be another try and go pretend this purple is yellow. And then we're going to write it down using your mechanical pencil. Signs of Jesus coming and there was a very real oh S. C. So in this case I used S.C. 2. And then your 1st tanks. Were 3. And the man I was coming considering the primary 1 to the. C 1. S C 1 would be for the manager We're going to be doing signs of use coming to see to OK So our 1st Texas Matthew 24 verse 3 now when I open my Matthew 24 I have a lot in my margins because I've really marked up this chapter but you don't see how much yellow is in this chapter and in the other passages in the Gospels that are on the 2nd coming they're also bright and colorful and that's why you don't see how beautiful that yellow comes through isn't it I mean you can see right through it but it's still very vibrant. OK So Matthew $24.00 verse 3 are going to put a. Little triangle there now even if you say well my China although my circles are starting to look the same you know how can I tell the difference in some other colors or they may be with the yellow that might be a little harder to differentiate it but that's where the code is going to help you even more so when it has you you know it's different from your other words so that dreamy and if you ever remember your index is telling you yes. OK I'll help you as everyone else to do it so so with this 1 Matthew 243 let's read it and he said on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to Him privately saying Tell us a when show these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world now I have not given you what to highlight but let's think about it what about this passage is the key part. What is the sign of your coming and the end of the world that's the question that they're asking and that's the question that we are asking as we start this study what is the sign of Jesus coming and at the end of the world is near so that's the part we're going to highlight and I've given you kind of in the notes there Jesus' disciples as what would be the sign of this coming the end of the age to kind of help guide you to the the part we're going to highlight OK Now the next 1 is going to be the next cluster of verses verses 4 through 8 so what I would do this and here's my story and here is my favorite shoes for. 7. So I'm going to you know I don't have you know also just pretend So in other words and I am going to put bursts forth through age now when I get here because I have a longer passage I'm just going to do that triangle with the arrow thing you know I was talking about and then I'm going to my next checks over here. For the next passage. 1720. So when you're in the same chapter you can is give the verse The next we're going to and then we have a longer passage you can use those arrows to gauge you OK so here in verses who are through 8 it gives us a list of the different some of the different signs Jesus mentioned he says G.'s answer said take either no 1 deceive you many will come in my name saying I encouraged and deceive many you hear wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for a nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom they'll be famines pestilences and earthquakes in divers places and all these are the Beginning of Sorrows So what I would highlight is the specific events Jesus said we would see so. I am the Christ many saying I am the Krays wars and rumors of wars nation rising is nation is kind of the same thing so you could highlight it or not if you wanted to and then famines and pestilences earthquakes those are the words that I would use to highlight with my pencil. OK And then we go to look 1726 to 30 I don't know want to get ahead of you so let me know if you are not ready yet. Here I don't have the actual words written down so I would use what I have here. The word wars famines as Dylan says and. I like. Anyone who is. Still Matthew 24 not ready yet to go to Luke about ready OK so let's flip over to Luke 17 and now we're going to read 26 to 30. And this is another 1 that like I said before where we have 80 series of verses and we can use these arrows and between them and as it was in the days of Noah so will be also in the days of the sun and then they did eat they drank they married wives they were given to Mary Shelley day that no into the ark and the flood came and destroyed them are likewise also it was in the days of wot they ate they drank they bought they sold they planted they built it but the same day that Lot went out Assad in Iran and fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them are even that will be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed OK So in this passage what is what is the key point what is the time of the end described like. As it was in the days of Noah. And it was a days a lot and then so it's going to be when the Son of Man comes to that would be the part I would highlight you could go How highly do they married in they do all that in between but that's just a summary of it it was like the time of Noah would lay the time a lot what were these 2 time periods like when we read about them in the Bible what was it like in the time when it was a very wicked right and what was it like in the time and what it was very immoral right so in the same way it will be when the Son of Man comes so those phrases are enough to give you a discussion point to talk about in your Bible study and then we go to our next text which is. Second Timothy. $31.00 defy Now if you have more room in your margin you can always write additional notes on mine and look 17 I have I have this phrase the moral breakdown of society I put that in my margin there that's what I'm really emphasizing at this passage is that there's a moral breakdown in society that's 1 of the signs it is being described which is also in 2nd Timothy. No there. Then I would. I would put. 20 years as it was in the days of Noah and then as it was and it is a law that even so be in the. Parts I would have it right so we're now going to 2nd Timothy Chapter 3. Verses 1 to 5. This no Also then the last days perilous times shall come men will be lovers of their own selves coaches both proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection Trish breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traders heady highminded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power their search turned away now is a long list of. Describers of words so what are we going to put down here. Well 1st 1 to me as a this summer is ation of all those verses right in the last days perilous times shall come case I would definitely highlight that and mineral lovers of themselves I think is a pretty good summary of all those things as well so in mine you can you could highlight as much of this is you want it's your own personal choice but in mine I put men will be lovers of themselves and then in verse 4 their lovers of pleasure more than lovers of guy so it's showing where their allegiance and where their love the parts that I have highlighted yellow now who has a keen James Version anyone working out of a King James region OK so in the canyons a version has as word in continent now when we use the word in continent today we mean something totally different by it so when I read this I was like I don't know what the word in continent means in the Bible so I looked it up so let me show you how I did this and we talked about word definitions yesterday OK so I have my word incontinent. And my text so if you have a word that you don't know what it means or you have a feeling it means something different than what you would think now because Old English you know years I use an orange and mine. That's the color I use for word definitions and I meek little. Brackets like this around it and then in the margin 1 of the things my montage of me when I was growing up too was how to use a kook or a strong court and I hope you know how to use 1 or know have a Bible software program you. Yes I love Blue Letter Bible app so her Bible website is good to have it and app. But what it allows you to do you. With Blue Letter Bible you can put look up your word and then what is the number on the margin to know to click for the definitions and. I just click. On the and then you click on concordance OK And then from concordance it gives you every word in the. In the verse and what the Strong's number is you can click on any 1 of them and I'll give you the definition so this is John's number 193 and it means without self control. Yeah yeah that's cool. And I'll give you the Greek word and. So you have a Bible that is an older English Bible like a King James E.M.I. you want to look up certain words and read the definitions death even more modern translation am I have already done a substitution for you can't say now we're going to our next text which is James $51.00 to $5.00. And this is going to have to be the last text because we are getting close to being. James far I wonder if I. Go to now you Richmond we then how your miseries that will come upon you your riches are corrupted and your garments are marked eaten your gold and silver is cankered and the rest of them will be a witness against you and you eat your flesh as it were fire you have heaped treasure together for the last days behold the hire of the laborers who have reaped down your fields which is of you kept back by a frog cry and the cries of them have which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord. You have lived in pleasure on the earth and been wanton you have nourish your hearts as in a day. Now in the margin ever in the words financial troubles because that's how I am kind of summarizing this passage is describing people who are very rich and they are exploiting those who are poor and is describing the poor middle lower class who are working very hard and they are being taken advantage of and they're crying out to the Lord for justice it sounds a lot like today doesn't it the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and there's so much corruption when it comes to it but it's also describing people losing their wealth and their wealth being worth nothing so it's describing financial collapses and. You know all those things which we're also going to be seeing a lot more so what would we highlight in this passage Yep I highlighted that your riches are corrupt in. Your garments or mark each in your gold the silver is kinky I think that might be the. Also her lady you re treasure for the last 10 days because the last is to me is indication you know we're terribly in times and that's what this whole studies about you know what I would just highlight the 1st just to make it easy for you. Yes. OK Any other thoughts on this passage so this is where we're going to end today because we don't really have time to go finish it but I would encourage you to maybe tonight finish it there's only 4 verses left and then and if you have an eternal load let me know come back tomorrow if you get ahead and say oh I'll try to do the manner to 0. Like I said there isn't a right way or wrong way to do it when it comes to 0 deciding what to highlight it's personal opinion but just ask yourself what is the key thought and this passage what I want to emphasize after reading this when you read James 51 through 5 that's a long passage but what is it that I'm going to specifically point them to that's probably what I'm going to highlight and I can help you and knowing what part of the passage to colored. Tomorrow we will do a little bit more I will try to lay it into 1 that has some cross reference seen I like to do you probably when the Sabbath or stay the dead and Charlie do a few difficult Bible text so that you can have the answers Martin your Bible and then I'm also going to show you the personal color coding method I use for my spirit of prophecy books I will bring a couple of my books with me so you can see them and we will also look at a passage from steps to Christ and we will practice that method as well so that will be for tomorrow all right let us pray to close. Dear God thank you so much for your word it contains so many beautiful truths and we can mark our Bibles. Come glowing off the pages and we can then easily find them later to share with us so prio bless each of these bible students as they are marking their Bibles so that they will be able to give an answer to every 1 of them a reason that we ask. 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