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3. Mark Your Bible: Death & The Second Coming

Staci Schefka




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Derek I thank you Lord for this afternoon and the time to spin in this Bible marking class to learn how we can share your word with others and this of the Bible will come alive to us as we color it whether pencils then just discover your choose there so was time low that we spent together this afternoon may be practical and the result in us being able to be greater witnesses and. So on record. So we were going to use that did a little. So today we're going to be kind of go it over some more of the ones we did yesterday but we will also be doing spirit prophecy color coding so there will be a new hand there so for those of you who are brand new today and were here yesterday when we started practicing you'll you'll catch up to speed pretty quickly I'll. Explain as we go as well. And you can always ask the person sitting next to of you know they were here because they should be able to help you too so I hope you have your Bible with you because we're going to actually mark a bible study in our Bibles Did anyone here yesterday have a chance to finish the 1 that we started on the science of Jesus coming OK So several of you did so in the handout that you have a Bible studies we were the 1st 1 that we did yesterday was called steps to salvation. And it has the bright red on it and this was our sample that we used where I actually put down exactly what part to highlight Now for those of you are new just a quick review. I color code of my Bible and my spear proxy books using coloring pencils and each color represents some things in my Bible the colors represent different Bible doctrines whereas in my spare prophecy books they represent other things which we'll get to later but in my Bible they represent Bible doctrine so this 1 was on salvation we is the color red for it and as you can see from this example I don't highlight the entire 1st most often when it comes to doing a verse I just pick out the key words are the key phrases the key thought in that passage and there are reasons for that if you remember from the handout I passed out the 1st day I had a sample page of change referencing the color coding which is a good 1 to keep out as a reference in the this is new for you and you will see that there is sometimes a passage of Scripture in the years for 2 different bible studies for example this 1 for 4 years for study on the 2nd coming and the State of the dead and so we're using 2 different colors if I colored it all yellow when I was doing the 2nd coming and then I went back and I was doing the State of the dead in my dark green I would be like oh now it so we only highlight the part of the text that is talking about. Specifically about the 2nd coming in this case is that the Lord descends from Heaven with a shout a voice of the archangel the chapel God and then the dead in Christ rises 1st is the about the resurrection and that's we do in our create so allows you when a verse is used in couple different studies to be able to maybe not overlap your colors that way yes you are. All your studies are passed on all the loans or not. I can think of an example right off but I'm sure there must have been somewhere along the way and I think when it did happen I. I underlined in the other color where I had highlighted above it and then just on the wind it would be another way you could if you were using it but usually the phrase is going to be referring to a specific topic now so. You wouldn't normally run into that problem now the other thing I have shared in this class so far is that in addition to coloring phrases and words I also use assembles in this case is dots or circles to. Point out which verses are in my study and then in the margin what the next verse is going to be and this allows me when I'm reading a passage to know that these are the 3 verses for the 2nd coming study and then when I go to the margin I'm looking for the yellow which will guide me to the next verse and I was talking with this lady and remind me your name. Right net so she had yesterday 1 of the studies that we were marking she had already marked another bible study in her Bible. Yeah she was doing the 20 final mental beliefs and so she already had a mercy there they had a verse in the margins and she's like how am I going to keep these from getting confused and I said well that's why the shapes are so how when you put the little yellow dot there and then you put you next verse you know that when you're doing your 2nd coming study your verse is going to that 1 and the other 1 would be for your other study so that's where they can be helpful and off so the abbreviations of your study we've also talked about how you'll want to have in the front of your Bible a Bible study and then X. and those of you who were here yesterday who started an index because you'd already put 2 studies in there and I have. Here I was said the index is where you have your shape and your. You don't have to put the word the color there because your shape is there they indicate it your if it's in colored and then this title of your subject and then your in your 1st text so that's basically how your index will be. OK so we're going to pick a new study today to do and I'm trying to decide between doing the Sabbath or the state of the day so maybe I have you guys help me decide which 1 would you rather do the Sabbath of the day that the Sabbath OK That's all I needed was a vote All right so what we're going to do you know is in the front of our Bible or in the back wherever you decide you want your Bible study index to me we are going to. And this is going to be easy because I actually have a blue marker here. We're going to put our blue circle and then we're going to put the title and then with the code is going to be just me and then our 1st text. So you want to put this in your index and the far back of your Bible so. The other D I have a list of all my studies written in here with my symbols and the title alone just like is shown up here and you can also do a label version as well as a show so that's our 1st text so let's go now to Revelation $146.00 in 7 and we're going to practice this color coding and we're going to decide as a group what part we're going to highlight Revelation 14 we're 6 and 7 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that to well on the very to every nation Kendrew turn and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters. Worship Him Yes this is the part that we are highlighting the parlous talk about worshiping the curried or the Sabbath is a memorial of creation so worship Him who made heaven earth the sea and sounds of water is the part we would be highlighting light blue so if you have your coloring pencil and if someone. Doesn't have a kid they just want a pencil to borrow her right now is that a few light blue pencils up here I don't mind sharing with somebody if they need 1 now in my bible for this passage you can see I have actually several different colors and here so if you just look at the passage you ages read. You can kind of probably guess what color colors I have and they're having the everlasting Gospel What do you think I have there that was those 2 words everlasting Gospel is read in this passage in my Bible and then the hour of his judgment has come as you may have remembered from my Bible doctrine color chart I use a red brown for the judgment and that's because I use orange for the saying. And red is for salvation and the judgment is where those 2 kind of come together. The judgment is the blood of Christ applied to us in the heavenly sanctuary so that's why I use a reddish orange for that OK so what we're going to do was in our text for those of you who are new to this if this was my text and this was. And this is where 7 I'm highlighting the part in verse 7 we used talked about the worship Him I'm funny. My blue circle next to the mercer's and in the margin whether it's ridicule or horizontal depending on how much space I have to write with I'm going to put my dad and then in my make using my mechanical pencil which is the just the regular lead pencil and I put the next verse and it is Genesis 21 to 3 and then I put in my code it next to be 8 so from right there if I was reading those various I would know these verses are part of my Sabbath Bible study and that if I were to hear the next verse I would be going to this is to any questions about this OK So let's now go to Genesis. I think you guys are getting pretty familiar with us so we should be able to go I'm a little quicker through these Genesis chapter 2 verses 1 through 3 those that have been on the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the 7th day from his work which he had made God bless the 7th day and sanctified it because then in it he had rested from all his work which God had created in your tummy what part of that text would we highlight blue he rest in the 7th day yeah that's pretty specific as to which day we're talking about anything else yet. Exactly there's 3 things that's telling us here about the 7th day is a day God rested on the day God blessed and the day that God saying to fight so that's what sets this park day apart from other day so those are exactly the parts that I also highlighted in my. And then. We're going to put Exodus 28 to 11 which you can bring effects if you want to Exodus 28 through 11 and of course this is the Sabbath commandment Now when you get to Exodus 28 to 11 you've got several verses you actually have was at 4 verses so. 910 and 11 so what this 1 what you can do as a demonstrated before is you can gives you a circle at the beginning with a down arrow and a circle and 11. So you know you're reading everything in between or you could do each verse it's not such a big issue when you have only a couple verses but you have a longer passage it's nice to show what's in between for example I have verses 1 to 17 in my Bible study on the law and I just put arrows between 0 and I put a blue dot by every single yes. I know where ship the Creator. You don't know what to highlight. Correct what I have in your handout is not the exact wording of the text it is wording that some will or to the tax but it is to help guide you to the part of the text so here it is the call to worship the creator so you want the part that uses the word worship yet the reason I'm doing that is because I don't want you to I want to make you think and also different translations sometimes will word of the little differently and if I gave you the exact wording for the King James or something and you using a different translation it would be the same so that's why I'm doing it like this case so here in Access 2811 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 60 shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall not do any work now nor They son nor They daughter that a man servant nor they made servant nor they cattle nor the stranger that is within the gates for in 6 days the Lord made heaven enter the sea and all that in them in and rest of the 7th day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and Hallett it OK so let's just take a verse by verse and you tell me what you would highlight in verse 8 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. As they can pick my shit part from that OK the whole thing 60 labor and do all your work I actually didn't highlight the anything in there because there wasn't any specific that I wanted to emphasize necessarily verse 10 but the 7th day is the Sabbath the Lord your guide. The 7th day is the 7th Yeah and I also put up the LORD your God because it's showing it's his day and there's other questions in the Bible about was days the Lord's day and it's the Sabbath of the Lord your God so. In fact in my Bible right here you could put. Next to the Sabbath of the Lord your God You could put it as a cross reference when we talk across references are 228 and Revelation 1. K. Revelation 110 is the passage a lot of people take it to when they say I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and they say oh the Lord States and and then Martin 28 is where it says the SAT the Lord the Jews is the Lord of the Sabbath so those are poll passage is that are similar to what this is and if I was trying to explain the Lord's day to somebody I would take on a Mark $220.00 I taken here to the command verses out of the LORD What is the Lord's day at the Sabbath so if you want to do a cross reference and you can't even where it says A south of the larger Go ahead you could. Just put parentheses around that you can indicated this is what we are cross referencing so. Even in your Bible you mean look I'm just looking just quickly to see if this is true no I'm not seeing I was just looking to see if in my center column it referenced either those 2 text but it does it it goes back and it references in Genesis 22. So if you have a Bible that has little letters next to where this taking you to a center column reference or even to an inline reference. And there's a key scripture there that you could connect you could highlight it I could take what you think of as doing right now I'm just going to highlight the next to the 7th today and then I'm going to highlight a in the margin Genesis 22 OK so that's a way that you can. Make a connection between this verse and another verse. Which we would call a cross reference so rather than writing it over here if you saw that there was a connection in the margin you could do that. This is the light blue. Yes yes yes. Very good so just. You know just. You just put. Blue circle next to 910 and 11 and then you're going to put a little blue dot here and then you're going to write down Mark 227 and 28 so when I was looking at my Exodus 20 verse 10 where it said 7th a day I had a little number there next to that there took me to the margin I mean to the center column and it's head to this is 22 there so I just highlighted that Genesis 2 to you to show that that is a parallel passage to the 1 I met. So someone that yeah you and I knew we talked about that yesterday they read a study bible already has some Bible studies mark to it which is a little. There Yeah so you can use that order of tax if you want to have you like that order which is I don't think they're being bad with it. And you can just color those verses and the change part the written out part is already done for you can be printed in the margin that's kind of nice about the room. Yeah that's perfect. OK So now let's go to Mark $22728.00. Here Mark to 2728 and he said to them the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath his so when roast 27 would you highlight the Sabbath was made for man and then verse $28.00 the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath OK So those are the key thoughts that the Sabbath was created for us and Jesus is the lord of it it is his day and now it so we put our darts next to it in the margin or write it our next tax which is going to be easy kewl 2012 and 20 and I would just abbreviate it easy enough. If you are still there Mark Tiro I'm just noticed seeing in mine where says the sun a man is Lord of the Sabbath a little me there I had already done this before in the margin center column I'm sorry I have Nathi 128 to Matthew's Gospel is saying the same thing so I had made a cross reference to that I also added a text so here's a case where I have some room underneath the verses that was listed there and I added Isaiah 5813 for this passage and. 13. This book there really quick. As you turn away from the south from doing pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath a delight so there is GA in the Bible says that the Sabbath is my holy day so I have added that to that list to show the Lord of the Sabbath what is what day does he claim as his own and he's called The Sabbath his holy day so you could add that verse as a cross reference it's not a verse that we're putting in this study but it is an additional verse that you could add. As an extra support. So yes I have a 13 you can highlight to my holy day. And then next to that you could put. Mark 220 X. and Mark 2 to any. Do you see on your hand out here over here and the extra passages on the 2nd 1 is Revelation 1 tin I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and you can see that these passages are the ones that help further explain that so what we've been doing is we've been in Mark 220 you look at Exodus 20. This is kind of a cluster of school for Scriptures so you can in any of these scriptures cross reference to the other 3 and but I would in Revelation 110 put these 4 next to it in fact I'm curious if Revelation 1. Has any of these in the center. So this is a good example where. Where the people who put together the center column references are not inspired. Because in mine where it says I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day It puts in the margin John 2026 which is where Jesus is with the disciples on the 1st day of the. Acts 20 verse 7 where. They are breaking bread on the 1st day that we eat and 1st grade the 16 to where they're taking an offering on the 1st day of the week so they're putting in the 3 passages that they'd like to use to prove Sunday to show which day is the Lord's day but none of those verses that they added there mention the Lord's day you know and when you're doing a cross referencing you're looking for other verses that use the same words as the passage you're steady and they totally violated that principle by say oh this is obviously speaking about Sunday so let's put all these and the verses and if I was to write it I would have put Matthew 12. It was an added 128 to mark 228 x's 2010 and Isaiah 5013 OK So this is an example where your crass references are wrong so you have to be careful because sometimes they're being guided by the theology of the people who are doing these Bible translations yet so that's a good thing for us to notice OK so we were in Mark 227 and 28 And our next text is X. this 2012 and 20 more over Also I gave them my sadness to be a sign between them between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them. And then verse 20 Hello my I said this and they shall be assigned between me and you that you may know that I am the LORD your God here's a let's talk about the highlighting part then let's talk about. The symbols in verse 12 what would we have a light I gave them my sadness yes again he is referring to the Sabbath in the possessive sense it's my Sabbath it's in many times when you talk about the Sabbath with a person and they say well you can't do that that's your Sabbath right and I always correct and say no it's not nice to have it throughout the Bible God always calls it his my Sabbath is the Sabbath of a larger that is that my 7 this is the Lord's it's the Lord's day you know and they're like never heard of the Sabbath is the Lord's day you know so correct that it was somebody ever says that. Yes. Yes So that was a good point so in the case where you have. 1 verse here and then another or so later on I would in the margin just put in verse 20 I want to. Put my next text. Because sometimes as even on the next page and I think in this case it is in my Bible so I would just do that to reference to your next verse later on the. Yeah it's easy to see yeah it's easy to see but in mine it's on the next page. Yeah that's what I would do in that case OK so we're highlighting my sad this and I highlighted the word someone I know and I highlighted. Sanctified them. And then in verse 20 I'm highlighting how low my sadness and then sign between me and you that's what I have dated you may decide to do more than that but I was sufficient for me to then our next text is who are 16 now who are those of you who are new to I didn't mention that. I had these bible marking kits that a lot of people ready gotten that has this pencil that we're using and it's color Pentel put pencil that's like a mechanical pencil exists has a thicker lead has it colors in it I'm also. Supplying 2 additional colors a purple and red dark green I'm so there's actually be 10 colors you could use an initial really nice to have all your colors with you in 1 pencil and it were right really nice you get right in your bio Yeah it's easy to read through and it. Really really. OK to look for 16 and it came to Nazareth where he had been brought up in as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read his so what would you highlight here I mean look for 60 in my in the wrong place. As is custom was OK. You went to the Sabbath on the 7th day so what are the 2 points where emphasizing I read this verse was someone that Jesus had to have it his habit was to go to church on the Sabbath Day Yeah and that was his custom this was and he has our example we are to do the same thing have a habit a custom of going to the synagogue or the church on the Sabbath. And now we're going to our next text which is. Look 235-4221 look 235-4224 murder. 1 and that day was the preparation and the Sabbath the Jew won and the women which And the women also which came with him from Galilee followed after and beheld the supple care and how his body was laid and they returned and prepared spices and I meant and rest of the Sabbath day according to the commandment now on the 1st day of the we very early in the morning they came to the septic or bring in the spices wish they had prepared and certain others with. OK so in verse $54.00 at what are we going to highlight. I and mine the preparation that day was appropriation in the Sabbath The drew on is how the King James says I think the New King James as sabbath juniors. And then I did highlight anything the versity 5 and verse 36 I highlight rested the Sabbath day according to the commandments. Now what commandment is it referring to. When it says according to the commandment it's Krikorian to this 4th commandment so you could make a cross reference right there to Exodus 20 Yeah so when you give me you remember to mention this is referring to the 4th Commandment which we find in Exodus 28 to 11 I didn't highlight anything in verse 1 of chapter 24 the reason that we're going through to learn this 1 is to show that the Sabbath day came between 2 days it came between a day that was called the preparation and it came between now and the 1st day of the week when Jesus rose so the Sabbath is the day between Friday and Sunday. So this is important to. Point out which day which day is the 7th it's Saturday the between Friday and Sunday OK there are next verses Matthew 2420 so in the margin you know you can just put him T. for math you're in 80 either 1 Matthew 2420. Yes this is 1 of those where you could definitely do an arrow between and we cuz you have several verses and sometimes I find that to do the arrow is sometimes a little easier to do with my mechanical pencil rather than the colored pencil but it depends how it looks in your Bible Matthew 2420. Pray that your flight is not in the winter and neither on the Sabbath did. He so we're definitely going to be highlighting the words Sabbath day here. But here's a place where I might want to air a marginal note because what is it referring to here when Jesus is prayer why is not in the winter nor on the Sabbath he's very rare referring to the destruction of the Jerusalem of the remember when that took place what year that happened it was the year 7080 OK so I want to put 7080 and the margin because what Jesus is asking is that his disciples are praying that they will not flee on the Sabbath when this event happens and it's 40 years later. Now why is that significant that Jesus is asking them to pray to still be keeping the Sabbath 40 years late. He did change the day and they did start keeping Sunday right after the resurrection which is what most people believe in are tar Jesus' disciples were still going to be observing the Sabbath 40 years later Jesus was anticipating that so he had them praying that your fly is not in the winter or on the Sabbath when this happened. 7080 yet so there was a couple ways you can do a marginal reference if you have room you can just write it right in the margin if you don't have room you can always do a number as we talk to you just do a number and then maybe up above where you have more room you can write any 70 instruction. And the nice thing with it writing with it cut away a mechanic will tend saw is that you can erase it if you decide oh I don't like the way that low so doesn't fit it is a race and redo it which is why I write with a pencil in my Bible rather than a pen because sometimes I update my notes or. Change things can I next verse is X. 17 too so this cluster of verses we're doing right now is all on how the disciples were observing the Sabbath even after the resurrection and so we've now had 24 was Jesus anticipating that and now we're going to go to the Book of Acts and we're going to be doing a cluster of verses here where we see the Apostles keeping the Sabbath. 17 and verse 2 and pub as his manner was when in and to them and 3 Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the Scriptures so what would you highlight. As his custom which is a similar phrase as what we saw in Luke 4 referring to Christ and 3 Sabbath days. So Paul had a custom Jesus had a custom to keep the Sabbath now here in the margin because we're already in the book of Acts we don't have to live necessarily put the word X. we can just saying. For. Your next verse that we're going to. Any reason in the synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks so here highlighting the word every Sabbath and I'm highlighting Jews and Greeks Why am I highlighting Jews and Greeks Why is that significant is that just Ridge is yet you have not and use also observing every Sabbath they are coming in worship in as well and now we are going to Chapter 13 so I would put Chapter 1342 to 44. And when the Jews were got out of the synagogue the Gentiles be sought that these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath and when the congregation was broken out many of the Jews and religious proselytise followed Pollin Barnabas who speaking to them persuaded them to continue in the grace of God and the next Sabbath day came almost the whole city together to hear the word. OK. So and mind I only highlighted parts and verse $42.44 and that's the part that refers specifically to the Sabbath. That the Gentiles were asking that this would be preached to them the next Sabbath which is significant that it was Gentiles and that verse $44.00 the next Sabbath the whole city came together. Again we're showing it is not just the Jews that observing the Sabbath isn't this isn't really keep Scripture because if by this point the Christian church was now deserving the 1st day of the week and the Jews were still observing the Sabbath Paul would of said you will you don't have to wait on next Sabbath as well to preach tomorrow when we come for Sunday services. That's what I would have had but he didn't say that he said OK next Sabbath and the next Sabbath they waited a whole week until the following Sabbath because they were observing a new day starting Sunday. So that's a significant passage OK Hebrews for now so you can abbreviate that H.E.B. you like Hebrews $49.10 and here it sans. There remains there for a rest for the people to the people of God For he that entered into his rest has he also has ceased from his own work as God did from his. OK you may be looking at this passes and say well doesn't use the word that but it actually does the part you want to highlight is there remains therefore a rest for the people of God verse 9 but here's a place where we're going to do a word definition like we have talked about before so where you see the word rest. I like to do this in my. Armchair use for word definitions so I'm going to swap colors to read here as an example I'll put brackets around it. And then my margin using my mechanical pencil I will put the definition sometimes I know what the Strong's number is in this case a down. To the word that is. I'm actually going to put down the Greek word because that's in the beginning required is Sabbath. And it means he being of Sam Now I don't know why when they translated it they didn't use this phrase there remains therefore a keeping of the Sabbath for the people got that would mean more sense right because you have some people say well the New Testament never talks about keeping the Sabbath but as we've seen it does in the book of Acts several places but even here in Hebrew so it's using the same word Sabatini's most as word is only ever referred to as the Sabbath day and it's saying that there that still remain so I would add that to the margin in my Bible it actually puts in letter a number next to the word rest and in my center column it says keeping the Sabbath so it actually translated that Greek word for me yeah they did this 1. So we have 1 more text Isaiah 6622 and 23. Yeah yeah good Quite so the other thing is that as you're going to your Bible study you can be emphasizing that again and again the Bible is repeating the same thing here. Yeah it's not the same where. You looked it up. Yes it actually is a different Greek word. What it's referring back to Genesis you know which is another cross reference it is saying as God rested on the Sabbath so we are also to rest and Christ and sometimes people Sunday keepers take this text to say well we have a rest my Sabbath is now Jesus Jesus is my rest he is my Sabbath that's not what it's saying it's saying we keep on keeping the Sabbath we are resting in Christ just like he rested on that day in creating the world OK Our last text Isaiah 662-2234 as a New have in the New Earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your seed and your name remain and it will come to pass ever run from 1 new moon to another and from 1 Sabbath to another shall all flesh come to worship before me says the LORD OK so what would you highlight here. Yeah 1 Sabbath to another all are coming to worship now I'm. Hesitating from highlighting new heavens in new because I don't most want to do that and the color I would use for my study and haven't been in mine I use a yellow gold for those verses so I probably would would wait on highlighting that but there definitely is a point and it would be bringing out in this passage now because this is the last verse in our study when we get to our margin and we do our little blue circle we're just going to worry the word. And. So we know that's the last reverse in the set. Very good you got another Bible study marked in your bible now there are some extra things here I will let you take the time to do on your own because we don't really have time to do it here but there the extra passages are cross referencing you can go to Isaiah $5013.00 or 14 which is a passage on Sabbath the servants and you could put some of these other texts as other texts you could take someone to you to study out that topic and I've also put a few difficult techs explain their Romans 145 and 6 and Galatians 49 and 10 and clash and 2 is talks about that. Not to judge an eats and drinks and sabbath days and all of that and I've given you some thoughts that you can use to write down to help you in answering those passages. I want to make sure we have time to get into the sphere prophecy stuff so that's what we're going to switch to now there are several other studies you have so feel free to go home and do any of those as you have time so let's go to the Spirit of Prophecy list now. So when it comes to the spear prow see I don't do it by Bible doctrines this is more of a way to help you get more out of your personal devotional reading time so if you are doing let's say a Bible reading plan where you are reading a passage from the Bible and then the part in the spirit of prophecy that expounds on that on how many of you have a Bible reading plan for the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to get. It done a good resource I could recommend for you is the discipleship handbook that was undeveloped or conference committee in the back of there is a Bible reading plan that combines these 2 together and you can also get a book called correlated Bible readings which is what we kind of adapted from that has I think 3 plans depending on how much time per day you have to remain so this is where this would be very helpful so in that this the colors that we are using are the colors. While the 10 colors that you'll be getting in the kit so I use yellow for principle also red for what God does for me blue for my response to God This is my obedience to blue and scripture represents the law and obedience is the result of obedience Brown is the result of disobedience are the natural heart orange is cautions warnings reproof. Green are examples of things or calls to faith. Dark Reign in the promise is an purple characteristics of Brad and his children OK So let's look and an example where it's going to kind of come to you so in here I've given you a passage from in heavenly places and also 1 from stuck to Christ in holy places is my favorite Spirit of Prophecy devotion I just love this book and I have mine is all highlighted you know and it's highlighted in these colors so when I go back and I'm looking in my book I can see immediately what is a principle what is the result when I obey and what my part is that's those 3 on that page this is right here this orange is a warning. To those who feel free to read story magazines and novels I say you are sowing see the harvest of which you will not care to gether there is no spiritual strength to be gained from surgery OK you reverendo sphere prophecy quote It's like Danger Danger OK that's Or that's what gets highlighted orange. Here is to give close study to the word let the youth be taught to give close study to the Word of God it will prove a mighty barricade against temptation so here is telling me what I am to do read is what God is doing for me his spirit was never so full worldly cares as to leave no time for holy things I think this is referring. To Christ receiving friend. Now and is flipping in here just briefly Oh. Oh oh dear. Well Pedro we just. Did. But I have no idea what because it is colored in the spirit in a way I should be able to find it goes right where that orange was very. Good at. Page 214215215 was I want to talk about magazines and storybook OK So let's look at page 67 here. So our scripture was James 15 if you lack wisdom let him ask of God Only give him if the privilege of every believer 1st to talk with God in his closet and then as God's mouthpiece to talk with others in order that we may have something to impart we must daily receive light and blessing the press applause are there just that they're there like ensure action is saying this is how things are OK or this is how things need to be. Men and women who can commune with God who have no abiding Christ who because they cooperate with the holy angels are surrounded with holy influences are needed at this time the cause need those who have power to draw with Christ and power to express the love of God and words of encouragement and sympathy as the believer bows and supplication before God and in humility and contrition offer to petition from unfeigned to let you know that is Blue who has the what we are to do as we do this. He loses all thought of so his mind is filled with the thought of what he must have in order to build up a Christ like character this is paying because it is the result of that act of obedience to guy as I as I vowed before God and humility and contrition praying this will be what will result and that's why it's pink. He prays Lord if I am to be a channel through which I love is to flow day by day and hour by hour I claim by faith the grace and power that has promise he fastens his hold firmly on the promise that any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God and it will be given him so this is grain because green represents examples of faith or call to exercise faith and here we are having a description of that of claiming a promise and holding onto that promise by faith how this dependence pleases the master how you do like to hear the steady earnest pleading with the wonderful and ennobling grace the Lord sanctifies the pummel petitioner giving him power to perform the most difficult duties this is unread because here is what God is doing I have my part is to pray I claim this promise and what does the Lord you he sanctifies us with his wonderful and Noble in grace giving us the power to do that and then we have what it will be the result all that is undertaken is done to the Lord and this elevates and sanctifies the lowliest calling it invest with a new dignity every word every act and links the humblest worker with the highest of the angels and the heavenly court so this is paint a result of what happens when the vanity and humanity are combining basically when I'm doing my part God doing his part this is what result was with the Spirit is doing through me. Sons and Daughters of God Have a great work to do in the world they are to accept the Word of God as a man of their counsel imparted to others they are to diffuse light this is my part in the blue Now we have another principle all who have received the engrafted word will be faithful and given that were to others they will speak the words of Christ and conversation and if department will give evidence of a daily conversion to principle to choose such believers will be a spectacle to the world in jewels and to men and God will be glorified and them that he say by doing this how it makes us actually think about what we're reading and from that we've actually pulled out all kinds of new little gems and I can go back and look at it and I can say when I finish my my study time and I'm about ready to have my closing prayer with time with God I can go back and reflect on what I've just read as well that reflect on the principles and go back and reflect on what is my part and then I can praise God for what he is is going to do on his part and I can't thank God for what is going to be the result of that and I can ask God to help me to avoid those things that he's warning me about they didn't really mean to get more out of your reading time. Under the what was was mostly in lieu. Of a little. 1 of those will I'm sure this is 1 of. A. Yes all around me. And I would lose. A man but a beautiful viable promise that is absolutely. Yes I love that bible promise. So let's go now to the test of discipleship which is on the next page and this is the book sceptic race is a really easy 1 to start this on if you want to try this color coding in a book you'll find so many of these you'll be using So let's just practice here this is in the chapter test of discipleship a person may not be able to tell the exact time or place or trace all the chain of circumstances in the process of conversion but this does not prove him to be unconverted So this is a principle is just a statement or matter of fact to me wondering what is a principle is just a sense something is just a statement a matter of fact this is how things are Christ said to Nick a D.M.'s the wind blows where lists and you hear the sound there of they can't tell when it comes and whether it goes so is everyone born of the spirit John 3 like the wind which is visible yet the effect of which are plainly seen and felt is the Spirit of God in its work on the human heart that regenerating power which no human eye can see the gets a new life in the soil it creates a new being in the image of God Now who is this referring to this is what God does right so this isn't red that regenerating power that we can't see which is recreating us so we would highlight that red while the work of the Spirit is silent and imperceptible its effects are manifest so this again is another principle of the heart has been renewed by the Spirit of God the life bears witness to the fact that could have highlighted that yellow as well as a kind of a continuation of the same principle and this next part is a warning while we cannot do anything to change our hearts or the brain ourselves into harmony with God while we must not trust at all to ourselves or to our good works. This is saying you can't do this and don't do OK it's warning us about a mistake that sometimes people fall into our lives will be the weather the grace of God is welling within and a change will be seen in the character the habits. Will be seen in the character the habits and pursuits so when the grace of God is to only menace this is the result and that's why I have it and paint the contrast will be clear and decided between what has been and what they are the characters revealed not by caging the good deeds and occasional misdeeds but by the tendency is this a vigil words and acts again that is another principle now we're coming to BROWN We haven't had brown yet it's true that there may be an outward correctness a department without the renewing power of Christ the love of influence the desire for the esteem of others may produce a well ordered life self-respect may lead us to avoid the appearance of evil a selfish heart may perform generous action so when you're reading a passage and describing what the simple heart does Brown this is what the unconverted heart. I will highlight that Brown who has your heart with whom are your thought of whom do you love the convert who has your warmest affections and best energies if we are crying this is asking us who are you thinking about who do you love who do you this is our part our thoughts are with him and our sweetest author of him all we have are is consecrated to Him We long to bear its image greatest fear doing His will please him that is the result when God has our heart and our thoughts can I'm not going to go to the next paragraph because I want to just switch to the next page you can actually practice a paragraph. So to make it easy what what is in bold print is the part we would highlight to make it a little bit easier give you a little bit of. What we're going to say what color it needs to be OK so the top Senate says there is no evidence a genuine repentance and less that works Reformation that's a principle. It's stating that you can't have genuine repentance and less it works reformation so that would be yellow if you re stores the pledge gives again what is Rob confesses his sins and loves God and fellow men the sinner can be sure he's passed from death to life now you also might say well I wouldn't want to highlight that who would you know this is kind of a matter of your own personal opinion to me it's just continuing the concept of the principle let's go down to the 3rd paragraph the loveliness of the character of Christ oh actually we've got to go that we're going to change that 2nd paragraph when as erring simple beings we come to Christ and become partakers of his pardoning Grace OK I don't have this ball but we're going to highlight it when we come to Christ and partake of his pardoning Grace what would that be that's that's an action that we are doing so what color is. Is that we're highlighting that blue love springs up in the heart Now what's that as pain as a result of our active obedience to die every burden is light and the yoke that Christ imposes Azizi this is all still pink duty becomes a delight sacrifice becomes a pleasure. The path that the forest seems shrouded in darkness becomes bright with beams in the center right you could I light all that pain that's all Result no this 1 is so beautiful about this is what well our part come to Christ and partake of His grace what does he do when we do that the read the paragraph that is so cool. So many times we're trying to do God's part and then we get frustrated and we fail but when we start to realize what is my part is really kind of small and God's part is big and the result of what he does is. And it starts with just my part so I can get down what my part is which is usually surrender. Then everything else is his part and the result of his grace and it makes it very beautiful the loveliness of the character Christ will be seen and his followers again this is another result it was his delight to do the Will God love to guide zeal for his glory was the controlling power in our saviors life love beautified and ennobled all the actions love is of God the consecrated heart cannot originate are produced OK what would you do that as ground as is the result of no problem thinking Good glad you are here OK let's skip down the Senate and the heart renewed by divine grace love is the principle of action I would highlight that and yellow to me that's kind of a principle it modifies the character it governs the impulse it controls the passions the dues in the tea and noble thing affections these are all things that God loved. OK now let's go the next sentence this 1 should be easy there are 2 errors against which the children of God particularly those who have just come to trust his grace especially need to guard what we're going to be going into right now a warning so is orange so you know what you're doing if you're flipping that pencil like constantly. Switching colors switching colors but it's fun because you're actually taking this paragraph and really taking it apart and really thinking about what you're reading so to err is we need to guard against the 1st 1 is that looking to our own works trusting anything they can do to bring themselves into harmony of God The 2nd paragraph is the 2nd 1 the opposite and the less dangerous error is the belief that Christ releases me from keeping the law those are the 2 errors I could highlight 1st 1 I lay the 2nd on both an orange the 2 warnings that were given as I'm going to do some thinking why I have a have I ever done 1 of these this is a warning these are 2 errors I want to avoid when I look back in my bed in my book afterwards and I see the oranges and there is a kind of like warning to me that I am not going to forget so it doesn't make your prayer time with God part of prayer is reflecting what God is speaking to in my heart to God Prayer is me talking to God but God talking to me too so I pray to start my study I have my devotions and then afterwards I'm talking to God as I am really you know he's speaking to me and speaking back and this is really helping need to focus on what he's really saying to me. Well that's about where we have to wrap up. But I think we've done enough for you to kind of get an idea of how it works and I was. Doing. Reading from my little pocket library books these are the books I was telling you have super thin pages but those pencils work really good in here and I was doing the Lord's Prayer and you can just see how I was marking out my little book with my pencils and here what here's 1 orange How can we ever doubt and how can we ever be in doubt and uncertainty in feel that we are workin so when we're praying Our Father which is and have it Jesus took on him human nature he became like us as was his part so that was in red and we might have everlasting peace in the pain so you're welcome to come and just kind of look glance through my books if you want this kind of see what I did but it helped me get more out of my reading in the spirit prophecy and. These little ones they come in a little tiny box about this is big and in it yeah it has the whole conflict of the ages set and then there's a man the blessings and steps are created in those 7 books and. That's also some as all the spear crafts in those 5. Wells. And Christ object lessons. Yeah so I I keep like these when I go camping or go on a trip I just can stuff this in my suitcase and it's easy to take 1 of your spear crafts to books with you yeah so these are very very nice. I think you can get them from the AM in his books and. I know. That they haven't eaten there. I'm sure this pocket library 1 is there are now that it was originally produced by Oklahoma a candidate me out in Oklahoma but I'm not sure who else carries it. All right well thank you all so much for coming to my class this week I hope you had some fun and get excited about reading studying and marking your bibles up and it'll be a blessing for you personally and for sharing so let's pray as we just. For I thank you so much for the time we could spend together this week and just are marking their rivals and are here prophecy and just learning more and. Just making the Bible come alive for a less each of these words that we're here this week as they go home and they continue studying. Which is guide them to other cities that are that you want them to remember and to share. In Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about my audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio 1st dot org.


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