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10- Why You Should Be Involved in Your Local Church

Moise Ratsara


This week, Esther Louw and Pastor Moise Ratsara have an engaging conversation about how and why young people should be involved in local church endeavors. While not everyone is called to become a missionary overseas, Pastor Ratsara believes every Christian is called to participate in the gospel commission. Pastor Ratsara grew up as a missionary kid in Africa before completing his theology degree at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. Currently a pastor in Michigan Conference as well as the president of GYC, Moise Ratsara shares with us from personal experience.


Moise Ratsara

Pastor, Hartford, Michigan


  • May 28, 2018
    11:30 AM


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The Great Commission tells us that Christians are called to go into the whole world to share the Good News of the Gospel most of us may never go overseas but for each of us there is a mission field right where we are working with the local church however becoming involved in the local church can sometimes be challenging and difficult and hi this is Esther love and welcome to the G Y C Beyond pod cast in this episode pastor Moni streets are jointly to discuss how to become involved in local church ministry and overcome common barriers to success pastorate sorry grew up as a missionary kid and Africa before completing his B. Elegy degree at Southern I've been to Siena versity in Tennessee currently a pastor mission in conference as well as the president N.G.O.s he shares with us from a personal experience. And is very great to have you here pastor etc Thank you for joining us and the 1st question that I have for you is tell us about yourself. Yes well. I was born in Madagascar and. I was born into a very very good family my parents were very mission minded. They took the 3 angels message very seriously and they wanted to go all out for for God So we actually when I was about 1 month old they went to the Philippines to do some studies came back my dad was helping there with the church and they got a call to go to a year at the time and we went to a year in the mid ninety's and we started a life of mission work and. So that's you know full of so most of my life I've been in the mission field in mainland Africa and growing up seeing wars and seeing God's deliverance and that has been kind of my childhood you know what way is a maybe a key moment as you were growing up that made you want to become personally involved I would say you know getting involved seeing the deliverance of God and how God was real in some of the conflicts that we had been in you know we went through about 3 wars several civil wars serving as a missionary family and I always knew that God was real he was powerful he had a plan and that I would say was the point in my life when I realized I want to serve a God like that that takes care of his children and that was the pinnacle point and probably when I was about 8 years old I decided to serve the Lord somehow and you said that you kind of went through as he civil war is even treason how did that impact your life. Yes So in a year the 1st war we went through war there basically it impacted my life because I saw all I had to experiencing what death looks like violence evil then we had to this cape as refugees and went to Congo Brazzaville and even there war broke out again and we had to actually escape through like a canoe back to now this family was called Democratic Republic of Congo and just going back and forth and seeing all those things and and seeing what evil can do but at the same time seeing what God can do are some of the things that just have touched my life so you say that as a young person very young age you experienced some that great controversy between good and evil and saw that the results firsthand definitely definitely yeah so as you got into your teens What were some of the 1st things that you started doing for your local church. Well. You know I I went to a boarding school and it was called maximal awesome experience but after all the wars and things when my life calmed down you know I was about 11 I went to boarding school and Else 12 I did not have a solid relationship with Christ and I kind of went through the motions and different things like that but I always knew in the back of my mind that I needed to be more committed. And unfortunately what did I I was a very good Laodicean I did not do very bad things but I didn't do great things for the Lord either and of kind of in that phase where I was just going through the motions so there wasn't a great peace years or 10 years yet and next on that's in Kenya it's in Kenya so what pulled you out of that lady to see and experience and got in more passion about being involved in your church all K. so what you know that's a that's a good question Esther I. When I went I went to Southern and I still didn't have a deep relationship with the Lord I went to Southern my freshman year I really struggled and a speaker came from G Y C They had a group of young people there called S E Y C that organized kind of a conference and they the speaker challenged us to really study the Bible and that you have a call I mean you are called to be a missionary and if you're not then your mission field and Zac got me involved you know and that woke me up because I said because I knew what the mission field looked like right you know from growing up as a as a missionary kid but I never thought I was a mission field I thought I was going to go help that now was being rebuked and that that changed my perspective that I wasn't there to follow the crowd I was there to follow the calling of my life and I started being involved with a ministry called Penton towers which was to help with the homeless all night the homeless we went to downtown Chattanooga and we had church services at this apartment complex and I just started getting involved helping you know it was part as well the callers deal church and and helping out with that ministry so I just got involved by receiving a call seeing a call from the Word of God that God wanted to use me and I didn't care about the result so I just wanted to do the work that's wonderful So you kind of maybe do yourself for a while as neutral term sounds you don't even need help you don't want to give how and then suddenly you realize there is no need to go yeah tween I did exactly you know I was I remember I. You know I didn't. From my freshman and even sophomore year I was just going through the motions worship was required so I went to worship was a theology. Major but it's I mean I wasn't content and I had to answer the call of Christ to to either be all in because if I was even half way and I was not at all. So if you were to give an advice to other young people who may be in the exact same position where should someone start playing let's say they have to come to this point where they want to get involved and they look around and they're not sure in the quest for singing they can do the 1st thing I would say pray. And I know it sounds very simple but no man is bigger than their prayer life and once you pray what God does is that he will start giving you divine appointments for you to be involved in. But even more importantly is being in the Word of God. Because you don't you you want to have a relationship with Christ that when he's telling you this things you're able to respond and say well that's the Lord's leading and I had never read till my freshman year and college I had never read the Bible through and so I started reading for myself not for a grade or in the Simon and I started with Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1 in which it says you know in the beginning God created and I said Lord you are a creator god you could wreak recreate things out of nothing and I want to be part of your work I want to be part of your work of healing of giving salvation to people so that's where I started and that's where I think people should start getting feeling their minds with the Word of God learning how to pray with your heart in other words praying because you really need help now because you think you have to do it and God is going to give you divine appointments who are going to open doors and because because because God is alive he's not dead and he knows the people that need need help and that's what he will do you lead you to them OK so I guess what you're saying here is like Step number 1 is really get that personal relationship with God and be praying as being time with him exactly once you've maybe taken that step you know I know for myself when I was at that point I looked around and looked at all these things that other people were doing and I thought well I don't have abilities of any kind so who wishes someone who really doesn't have any skills or talents what should they do well you know 11 good way is find a local church and be involved in the local church other advice people that if you really want to get involved don't 1st going to a mega true. Each this is that you know fine maybe and midsize church or small a church or even maybe a church plan in your area college towns have so many churches you know the other day at Andrews and and go there you know learn the culture of the church by watching and just say you know can I help you know what you want me to do as a pastor myself I pray for people to come to me and say can I do something you know and that's that's the 1st step and you know the 1st step once you you understand you have a calling from the lord go to a local church and you say what can I do. I guess that sounds off and say you you mentioned specifically avoid maybe the bank churches anger for the smaller ones yes maybe I'm practicing a little bit more why would you give that advice yeah so I think big churches are good you know they they have a lot of skill and all those different things but sometimes a very large church it's hard to see what the big needs are of the community because you're forming a community of your own already and that had a so you know it's a local church is there to serve the community and if you really want to get involved and you want to be part of the success and I'm not saying you can't get involve in a bigger church but you know usually they already have people that are doing stuff they have professionals and all of that but in a smaller church you know most of the church is well and this is just most saying they might be the members might be a little bit older and they might not have be able maybe a lot of the members are caring different paths and they just need help as to serve the community so that's recommends 1st start with a smaller church where there's a lot of need and not many people that are ready to take over responsibility OK so if you can for something to do go to a church that has not enough people yes OK that's it that's really practical saying that in any way young person can do now who should they talk to you said maybe talk to the pastors or someone else you know like what kind of. Opportunities are available in the church as well OK great yet so who did it who did it talk to 1 thing I used to do really was I would 1st pray for everybody in the church in my heart I'll enter into the church even as a pastor because you you know when you coming to church you kind of want to feel who don't talk to other people who really need help and pray for everybody in the church and the Lord you know pray for a sister so and so for her brother so and so and then as Val was going on I'll have divine appointments and and then I want to connect with the pastor but you know from the past this perspective sometimes is you you want to understand what the motives of the person why they want to get involved and you because you want to trust them as well but you know as a pastor sees that wow this young person really wants to help they they don't want to help the community then it gives more trust to them and church is a function based on trust OK And so that's what I'll do pray for everybody get divine appointments with members pray for them work with them and as you build trust then they're more receptive to you know giving you responsibilities is great all right I want to just transition now to talking about overseas mission trips you know a lot of young people that my family members of them is here and go to another country or maybe do a fly and build a call and we go when you build a church or something like that how do you swim do you see those being and is it something that maybe we should get involved in doing. Building churches overseas or just some other kind of overseas mission trip Yeah I think I think those are great because you know they give you a different perspective sometimes us here in the global north we have so much and we have so much debt sometimes we're growing cavities or spiritual cavities because we're like you know we're fed all this good this does all of this we have so many resources so many churches all of these things but when you go overseas and you help people that are really need it gives you a different perspective about life and how blessed you are and it's it makes an impact in those areas and that's that's missions and when you come back with that perspective you start realizing what really matters are building relationships and being content and being there to serve I think that's why it's important. That and maybe like an overseas mission chip might be more helpful to the person going on the people that are already there it could be both ways but I truly believe that when you go overseas you the person going is going to be changed you will be changed and when they come back they just have a whole different vision of what they can do that's wonderful So talk about the vision now I mean this is happened to myself it has happened to friends or now and you can backtrack a disgrace period but it's an overseas mission trips or maybe like you went to see any did outreach for the 1st time and you Y.C. and it was just an incredible experience and then you come back to your small church and no one's excited. Yes sister Esther that that that can be a hard experience. Even the you know as me now serving as Jew as the president seeing the excitement and everything and I have 2 beautiful churches be you know what we're not there to be served by the church we're at the church and yes it's hard to see a you know you go from the spiritual high you know you Marc Lamont Carmel experience and then you almost feel like you go down in the valley but you have to pray to the Lord. To say Lord send out the laborers you know what I want to do and this is your church and I'm your church and you know by the zeal of a few people get inspired and eat but you can't base your experience based on other people's experience you have to have you know only say Lord and that's what I'll tell somebody you know don't be discouraged pray to the Lord of the harvest and then also build relationships with godly people also That's the most important thing 1 of the most important have a community of people that support you I think that's what you I see so important because you have people that have the same passion have the same values almost and they want to do something big and you have to network and build those relationships to sustain you OK So. This kind of draws back to the purpose of having networking I think right yes and there are people you can talk to them and maybe you can keep in touch throughout the year as well yes but let's say that you try all of the evening and maybe I don't know sometimes there's a key people in the church to just shut everything down what should a young person go that way to bring these are and to be keep trying let me tell be very blunt with you go in souls go consult go insoles like I remember there was. A. A good member in my church who you know was an fire and. And you know they had all the zeal and everything and there was some resistance and different things like that but as soon as that person started to bring in new members and they got inspired. And because now you know when when you bring a new member into a church the church members do 2 things 1 either they panic or either they're so excited that they overwhelm the person and the 1st to know them know what to do you know that maybe they'll come back or maybe they're like this was too much for me but I would say go give Bible studies and the more people you bring in the more they're going to change that culture and because because now you're a leader once you come to you I see are different things you become a leader and you follow 1 person and that's Jesus Christ and he told you to not Jesus didn't say analyze. And just wait he says and go yeah he didn't give us a great option he gave us a great commission so when you meet resistance nobody can debate success that's fair and nobody can do that you know if you're very successful at winning souls if the people are not excited about that then they need to be some deep heart searching in a revival happening in that place this is so I would say anybody can win souls so go give Bible studies and bring new members in OK I guess just wrapping that up do your thing with God Yes and legal consequences to God as well exactly because you know you we as young people are leaders we. We are the future of the church and we're not in it to be entertained because if we are then the administrators is it's an army. You know we are called to go to all the earth and that's a mission and as a young person you have to be humble focus on your relationship to the Lord and do what he calls you to do and don't worry about the politics or the. You know the dynamics I mean we have to be wise about those things but if you win souls nobody can debate success that's really great advice that I guess is the big question the end of all of this is what is my involvement in the little church matter I mean there's a lot of people that come to church every Sabbath and they do that much why do I need to get people. Well number 1 the church is the apple of God's eye. And you know Ellen joy tells us still however defective it might be whatever might be going on this is the apple of God's eye and God expects you to worship him on his day and you are his bride. So number 1 God wants you to get to go to church. Number 2 is that you will find the grace of God in being involved in church because you will see the great controversy you see that we're all sinners but also you'll see how God can change people's lives by being involved in church number 3 it will mold your character like nothing else you know God will put you with people that are going impress your buttons to the point that you don't even know how you're going to survive and he's going to get also bring you in contact with people that love you so much that such a blessing but you know the only thing at the end of the day in this earth that we take with us well there are 2 things the souls with brought to Christ. And our character. And the church is is this Where is he your character is going to be choose old like nothing else. To your story yeah. So in 1 of my churches I was blessed with having very good churches very good in the sense that God was working mighty ways and 1 day I was having a hard time working with 1 member this 1 member was the love the Lord wanted to do whatever for the Lord and they were very committed I wanted to do the same but we could just not get along and ice to pray to the Lord I said Lord what what's going on we want to be passionate we want to win souls we want to do all these things but we just can't get along and I said Lord I need divine intervention. And by the end of my time of that at that 1 church God just worked in such a wonderful way that we we started to work and you know together with that member of the community was being blessed and tell us something from the Lord and I need a damn my character to see that I cannot be self-sufficient I have to depend upon the Lord and I wouldn't have had that experience I believe in any other arena in that local church what God can do and that's why young person needs to be involved in their local churches because that's where God is. Wow so that I think that's a really great place to and it is very minor that God wants to fellowship with us in a low you know shirts and reach other people through us in that church and exactly and that because they are local church is the church is the apple of God's eye and you want to be where God is and don't go that you know they won't be discouraged if people if you see a lot of negativity or a lot of. Challenges or different things. Don't be discouraged keep your eyes on Jesus when souls live for the audience of 1. Thank you very much and she very sharing with us in this episode. And she will be here thank you so much Many thanks to pastor at sorry for sharing his time with us I hope that you have been challenged and encouraged to engage with your local church in a more meaningful way.


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