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11- How to Experience Revival and Reformation

Jerry Page Janet Page


Ellen White famously said: “A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs.” In the last decade, revival and reformation has become a catch-phrase in Adventist circles. Many feel the need for this process to take place. But how do we go about experiencing revival and reformation as the new reality in our lives? In this episode, Janet and Jerry Page join Esther Louw to share about their passion for pursuing a Spirit-filled life. Jerry Page is the secretary fo the General Conference Ministerial Association and ministers to the world church in conjunction with his wife Janet, who is the associate ministerial secretary for Shepherdess International and Prayer Ministries.


  • June 10, 2018
    11:30 AM


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Ellen White famously said Earth 5 all of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs in the last decade revival and Reformation has become a catchphrase an avid circles many feel the need for this process to take place but how do we go about experiencing revival and reformation as a new reality in our lives Hi this is a still love Welcome to the G Y C Beyond podcast in this conversation Janet and Jerry Paige join me to share about their passion for pursuing a Spirit filled life Jerry Paige is a secretary for the General Conference ministerial. And Mrs Church in conjunction with his wife Janet who is he says it and the school secretary for 7 does international and prime ministers join with us as we discuss how to experience a Spirit filled life so hi thank you so much for being a part I see beyond and for being willing to join in this conversation. And for those who are listening in we have Jerry and Janet page with us if you can open up or just let us know what you currently do and a little bit of how you got to where you are. OK Mr Secretary no. Presence. Of us here. Is. She that we work with. So this is children who are also. The world passes over. And this is really your world and your of course isn't. So for all your country. And. So I remeasuring that for you outreach and evangelism revival is is an important aspect of. Well you work with you know. Life things are a luxury where you are just where I was we were going through this. Typical church and the streets are personal assured him he. Said touching on that testimony to help others understand how your lies are changed if you could summarize it how do you experience pressed Ari back in your lives my nearly have been praying for the baptism of all this. And it happened because a guy teaching about the Baptist and Holy Spirit got people to pray for Jerry. And we've He was a new current president. People should get serious to really commit to pray for their good leaders and I ever bought it deals on their grave because I couldn't do because at that time my life was a mess I really didn't hear a lot of the press and it is 2 years later these people you know I mean every once in a while in your church and they tell me how they're cracking and I think well that's nice you know they hear but I think much about it what about 2 years later just 2 different things that happened I've pushed a got me to really start spending time with him or not I got discouraged trying to spend time with God and feel like you made a difference and I wasn't getting anything out of it and I just felt like it was a use I just want to have a Harley other gods it was a boring moment 2 years of these people praying I started really seeking I am it really asking for the baptism in my life and it's like took several weeks before he knew all sneezing just. Came to me through the buying oranges all experiences pure evil. Portion is start sharing. As a 36 year old Congress president. Were. Earth successful in history in a way. I was praying for spiritual presence. That took us over. Knowing Jesus was a. Wonderful. Person and it was reasonable for us to just focus on people who were older harassers. To where you're well. It's true it's not just revival of. Having a relationship with God how the universe is. Incredible So I'm kind of hearing a theme I've relationship and prayer that really changed and transformed your personal lives before it transferred to ministry. So as a young person wanting to get involved more in the church or wanting to have a more personal experience of Jesus how can I experience revival and reformation in my life you know and the reason I say this is that it's easy to go to an event like the way I see and you have this high and then we go and nothing much is happening so how can I make that last. It doesn't really come down to. If we don't take all of it. In the Word be with him this is what. We just brush as Haitian to 6061 talks of Russian troops presence where they are burdens getting no sleep or else not knowing what they're really it's a waste of time with Cicely So it starts with that commitment we always talk about but it's life is so busy that most people who are otherworldly go pastors everybody. So busy doing the work and was a minister our friend told me of years ago as Jerry all over the world at those who go to work for him and his were her. And so are working her own strength and say. It's 1st it. Was Me heard it is you all. But you can have all the way God. Wants us to be it's not just an idea of all. Or what is God wanting to do. But as you know if you don't get involved you lose your desire to study that were fired right in all acts of kindness service witnessing drives you to the word. Or kind of go the experiencing concept to work. It's tempting to just raise your voices and morals and stuff at home while you are right but if their time was God watches ago what are you doing here. Or is it the goal. Of my work on here. In the US now wonderful So once again it's this idea of spending time with Conrad and getting his vision for what he wants us to do have at that a lot of it and at that lack of desire entirely. Especially as a young person growing up in the church maybe 2nd 3rd 4th generation Adventist How do I keep that spark an interest in God and not just you know become dead inside. To me and pleading with God and it's so easy when you go in to read the Bible even to this day you go to every God's word is like those thoughts. You know you've read that before you start going to do that much good just all these kind of thoughts and thank you Tony even those are from Satan we cannot believe those lies God's word is powerful we made no sense of right at that moment but there is something that happens to us every time we open that door pray for the Holy Spirit's leaders in radio. I have to think with God's it Lord make it meaningful help me to do something how this is a Right now it feels like I'm giving up and but to keep at it not to give up on that constant you know you hear people make jokes about this or finding that oh yeah I'm going to pray with life it doesn't really do any good in Dallas if we will percent. After God it makes a difference. In the end of a thing to me is is just 1 not right you know 1 Piers I've never been able to do too much of that but just trying to douse sure when I was a burden on your heart just in a sentence or 2 and underline it dated so that even come back and see how causing cancer. In the way to do that the more I have blessings is the price is God does there any prayer I may wish in my heart in God try and you know to answer so you mentioned the connection between the Holy Spirit my life and my emotions What's the relationship look like because and sometimes I feel like I well I need to have Faith Center and just kind of from where she's not sad is that what it is or is a bit more practical. What does this Holy Spirit do in my life emotionally heals my emotions. You know is the holy spirit that comes in and changes how I actually feel. You know is somebody says something verbal to mean that really hurts yeah you're angry you want to lash out and. You pray and we say oh yeah we know we're growing and we're going to he really does make it as if we earnestly says he prayed and prayed and the Holy Spirit and it changed me and changed my the way I feel right now I should not change the way I feel I want to kill you this is the way it is terrible that's kept your power to really come in and change those feelings but we are mostly out of this he prayed and prayed to Linda. And again I think that has even saying that so many kind of father that I don't know doesn't really do anything you're just got upright this is a. Clue as to who falls out of the comfort of the church again for the purpose of going to show the reasonable says you are a fulfilled a joy to him so loving 1 core nothing redounds or selfish and British or cedar or interesting over there so we can do that it's not a load of others but of us you can love those are dangerous but he said Oh let his mind to you which was her sister's powerful processor of Jesus it was very seldom British homeowners. Go to the polls so this whole idea of who experienced how Jesus tells you is that never go away because I don't I can say you sneer and spirit is how Jesus was in the season I don't think he you know in the present That's right that's for sure I think it's true he comes into the spirit so really what we're saying is how can my motions vary if my mind is Jesus. No So if he actually makes it if a person is going to hard. Harder when Jesus comes in the area local issues can trigger views like she's going to find myself like you just and all those so is it fair to say that person or a 5 ball is really conversion. Absa going back to there's a book that you mentioned when you're talking about dry apes and his testimony and what was that but King can tell us more about how we get on that a little 100 days ago transit of the Germans or somewhere as it's created more steps of personal revival and this is OK goes there's the city of it is doing well isn't it. Because they are all its own it's now so they have a 1000 No it was I'm still has a little editing done but if you press through sure it's just a simple 100 page book of a how critical is what it does to our sins and liars and or relationships to working in a church in difficult situations of the church trying to work through the Holy Spirit is answer comes in realized. What it says I'm having all these problems this secrecy. In crisis or just holding a debt is because 1st I've got this 1 right now I believe. Why can we get this fact. Well you get other biographer or else who will the 1st phase of unsettling to know it's OK often I like vs 29 doubt that it was or is not what it is you know. Recommended tough resources on that you'll see it there you can also give us and for us to turn a life or something give room for 2 books in her. Class. He's the 2nd 1 to buy the Jesus which is more along the same line with a more even more practical How do you balance it. Was that part of you know it all revival Reformation. You have some interest Marshall was just ready for change. That's wonderful So you mentioned reviving Reformation Dorie this has a few few resources a lot of responses we've got hundreds and hundreds of validation for shoes after she comes and she looked at us or dropped her circle on. Your hundreds and hundreds there were. Churls and some of those who were girls just a lot of resources for were her worthless perfectly wonderful All right so taking him back to a local church setting right about somebody who is you know they go to they go to another event they have every Bible Experience they feel converted they have this wonderful time and they come back and they want to make things happen in the church maybe a church has got politics or something had it how do we how does someone get around difficult church situations to get things happening. Even Know What To Do they want to do something or want to pray pray for God to show them to open the door. But don't miss the boat because by. His son's eyes they all were praying you know was like the guy on the roof of the houses applaud him he's praying for God to save those Isaac why does that help you know no gas and take care. Of Allah. Need to be sensitive to what God's pushing you to do when they got to be what you want may not be what you picture should happen it may be something as simple as cleaning the bathrooms of the church passing out Wolens or whatever it was that ordered the part of the new that was so many stories were such a holes yes president of her sisters and all these women haters I wonder and I wonder if this is as a pro or pastor stressors spiritual creatures I just you know yes we will say Sure they do you know yeah get ready for Pastor she said records for this or a person. Who dances I want to pray and as she pray for a whole history of us. There really urge you to be here he'll be here through there if you can reach and she is preaching on prophecy register Greetings I mean the sisters are going on because they don't agree meetings 30. 2 or 3 years old who bought it but we have to assume over and over can change her as I know there's overpasses for their own people where we are many times I mean our compromise minibuses that sure so are we so see knows better self respecting those in authority when they seem so corrupted or whatever Jesus did others at home and so we pray for them we work with them respect is important or who Jewish leaders a home or thing yeah the manager criticized Hillary about their Truth them she so true. This all those who are to pray for them then go to the humble and ask why you know Council TARP because you want to do this and other don't know yet if there compromises were for churches or so. But. Again if you get 2 or 3 who say so whose Trimble's of those. Telling him. On her she changed her son if not he will change people she's her sister it doesn't happen overnight usually sometimes it can in fact a lot of times if we start in the other frame even if it's only 1 other person trouble will break out I'm really in the church people start fighting words just trial is a start up and everybody wants to have a way to bring in why that all happened I don't know I think part of it is safe scared doesn't like us crazy knows that's where the powers and ways that we can stop us but God's about it why not allow it and I'm convinced it's because God works through the trials and problems to help us to grow to help us be more converted they will hang in there not could you know I'm finding the 1 of you when they start reading this book says a person revival usually problem happens almost certainly And why is Saints trying to stop them but God's allowing it why he wants to be fine or care changes these thing is this we get that we will keep persisting and yeah we'll do what God The thing about going to the church and saying hey I'm going to help what right they need here no response they may get along all this line people are intimidated or they're afraid of their little positions or whatever and why that doesn't always work it's for the tried but the pray and pray God you want to do some of the church you know are there for better the Holy Spirit we're going to go for it we can go on a letter from him that's got really used to start with when this whole culture heart do something here to help this issue out we're going to program for you know really here for a few young people or rock and or overhaul discraft or reduce him he's going to use her little dog here up there I mean right I look at the work of the boy who gets pulled over there we overthink we go there. So it's hard but I just read the whole research actual person says that I'm for the usefulness of 1 regional person. Because every prisoner of their group who were homeless or. 100 will. Require it so what impact someone's trying to work in a church like that they're praying make serious opposition maybe and feel discouraged what things should at person do to continue encouraging themselves and how can we move forward that reacting and going into extreme on 1 direction or the other has a few questions fact and I think that's. A really good it's a good system where if I would go fast. Just keep waiting with God to show you where we do or see you see what's happening here what do you want me to learn and this is where you and if we use you persisting in pursuing God he is going to he or his you. And break up with things in ways that might really shock you but her so sure there are things where it is now yeah there were 2 other people. Have your her whole school on her most of them from her from her films and there's little support for all of them. The thing is if you get discouraged at all don't just be yourself and you know I can't do this or Satan wants. God understands he understands us being discouraged he understands it all and if we just keep coming to this he encourages and support us. Sometimes I think we make it so difficult think and I hear you I have asked God to help me more because of where I am pro but it isn't true he wants us to keep coming. And yes our God understand you know like I have a friend who grew up in a pastor's home theologian he knew that he grew in the Greek backwards and forwards into every detail of what he was so good at this he tutors to kids you know not here is that people in graduate school or in Hebrew and and yet this man abused his honor and so she did it here already and you know beat up a son couple of times a week in both of us kids have mental issues of the gods you know working through it but it's terrible man who knows the bible inside out do that to his hands and yet that's not the only case out there this morning and a new type if I talk about this in the seminar you see they has not how how can these people who knows her she's not around to do this but it's lame Jesus talks about the fairest season the scribes you know they know they know the title of all very good whatevers call them but they don't call the God of it in all important that we don't just read scripture but that we open our hearts up that search reading and why I need to change what it is that I'm blind to in my life because we can read it memorized know God's word all we want but if we're not letting it changes and that's the problem we have in our churches Ray you know as we get you're still with people who know all our beliefs but they're not living in Ching. Sorrow talking about change letting the Holy Spirit change your life letting our Bible say change our life and there are some questions that we can ask ourselves to keep on check and see what the state or heart is and if there is something that we can pray specifically to really is is praying Jeremiah's 70. 139 there was no trying no. Present for the course of her ears so yes it was you who said I might personally still sin sins are all there. Is and I spent time with her from her images were. My you know of course. There were who were your were just for her for the. Most part of. Her growing daily So yes it's the Russians there. Were years ago or 3 months ago. He said here. Are. Some very practical to me so just in summary. I keep hearing. The same thing over and over again and that is No it sounds like it is the big thing that's prayer prayer and prayer is a Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit will show you everything for or she should. Hope the future. That. You will be sure we were all of. Us. So. That everybody will Reformation get handouts and we just hope we. Believe in God in what is the power of the word. And the other 1 of this is hearing your voice I wish your journey was a little bit of those those 2 handouts I read just something I was like to do just put together you know whites writings of Bible scriptures. Because I. Think we get it sinks in or else we forget how powerful healing God's word is and these quotes really I don't begin to have any list there but just help should be a concern to us because speaks to us personally. And it also lets Jesus very wife come into it just as we may think this is to read about some war go into the regular little bit is there something that happens to us as we're open to God and praying to the Holy Spirit to lead us changes as it fills us with peace and great peace in the same is the section here in Gaza or is. I never realized how that really would speak to me but as you leave you. Can Tell me more about that how how can I fear God's fights you know can sometimes be here this people talk about it but is that is that like a new age experience or is that you know that's something that's very clear being. In that had as a quote from White same to be careful has taken this as it's seldom a case against God. But God never goes against his word it's always you know all the answers were if you get in the idea I had a lady or wife in her house and she said I'm God just only leave my husband this morning is the real. Assets of the world in committing adultery you know what I need to live in because God told me I said but what is the final say about that you know don't tell me that is God doesn't go against his word right. So. There's those that gray area that we don't know because you know someone who gets the Bible how do you know you need a spiritual mentor in your life really it's Jerry if I were very sure if you know maybe some woman that I know was going to pray for us who has a relationship with God I can go to and say hey this is the idea. A lot have in Ukraine was made about. God speaking to us more than we realize I think that I think sometimes he's yelling that is we're just going why don't we see the writing on the wall he is just 1 of what we don't want to the way that I do think the statement is more than we realize. And I don't. Know what it is suitable Bible the words that time with God The word the more I sense this is God speaking but even just as impressions in your heart so perhaps it's a matter of tuning and getting familiar as rice and I think over here yes of course it's every time you read the word situation. Just books. Was were the person. Was warm water here. You know part of the reason is how does we try to eat right well 100 shares are hard it's not that it's so that I can hear God's voice clearly. The reason I want to exercise more and do stuff is so I have a clear mind and I'm here better the more I'm in the work the more we understand it was always. Quite impressions he was in your heart your mind it is learning not just have that time with him every day but why even Jesus all you want to say continually into the generals who. Were doing this explored is this wish to really now or whatever. Of the needs is now and I'm listening and I keep Let's again it's this theme of the Holy Spirit and keeping our hearts open through confession and through asking for forgiveness and to spend time with him to get to know him our. And to smooth thank you so much wary the time that you shared with us. And I appreciate just that reminder again to take our. Sound lies enough problems and decentered all back on God And so trying to do that strength just the prisoner was yesterday where it's round the world. It's happening we see a different vision. She was HE IS SO or so or it's not just going to meetings and we're going to hear is changing young people's lives right we see so many want a leadership ministry as it was. Thank you very much thank you for spending this time with us it is our desire that this episode has sparked a greater passion in your life for a meaningful experience of Jesus.


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