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1. Orientation: Intro to Prophecy

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher Jim Howard




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you so much for New Day of Life and Lord we thank you for the many blessings that you pour out on us. As we learned this morning that emotional we are tested by those blessings to see if we will become blessings to others and or that's why we're here in large part because we want to bless others with your truth I pray your Holy Spirit would guide us throughout this class in this entire session that we would be better equipped to win souls for Christ we ask it in his name you men OK There's been a few changes in our program maybe I should back up and tell you this. Emmanuel Institute in case you you don't know is the training school for the late Training School Well it is just late training because we did a pastoral training earlier this year as well for the Michigan conference and that's because the Michigan conference believes in evangelism and so winning and getting the work done and I mean I can't express to you how thrilled I am to work in a conference that's invested there because not all conferences are and. When we started out the manuals to our main program was a 4 month program and we trained a lot of young people while we train people of all ages but a lot of times for 4 months you get you get younger students who would be coming in learning how to become Bible workers and there were a lot of blessings that we had doing that but 1 of the challenges that we ran into was that when a person would come to our training oftentimes there would be some area that would open up for them to go to bible work somewhere else besides where they were from and that may be a blessing to them in the church that they were going to or the state that they were going to in the conference are going to be the local church oftentimes the local churches would be sponsoring maybe helping out as I call this is great they're going to go they going to get training going to come back. No they're not going to come back we're going to go somewhere else and be by workers and set some church on fire and what was happening is it wasn't low impacting the local churches and that's where we have felt as Emmanuel Institute and as our Michigan conference that the change really needs to take place among our laity and again if he heard the devotional this morning it was touching on that idea the work is not going to be finished by the ministers it's going to be finished by God's people in every walk of life and in every career occupation what have you so a couple of years ago now Emmanuel situ shifted its focus to doing short intensives and we do programs where last year campaigning for example we did our witnessing class you can imagine that if we take you know 4 months to teach a class when you distill it into a few days there are things that are getting left out and so typically in our short program we'll go over all the How to about witnessing and how to give your testimony and how to strike up a spiritual conversation that is not what this is what we're doing this year is our Bible boot camp and our Bible boot camp is specifically designed to help people gain an understanding and a level of confidence to give Bible studies that's really. Our main focal point here and I'll get into that a little bit more in a minute now 1 of the things that we did last year is we work with a convert so often and it was Jim Mitchell who pitched the idea that I think I'd like to do in a manual session during can't meeting makes it more accessible to people who can't go any other time and we attached a $35.00 fee to that for the different materials we use well this is a different the and something else I should tell you is all of our menu is 2 sessions our are. Oh what's the word I'm blanking on here supplemented. A good game in. What was it subsidized thank you by the Congress in other words fees never cover the cost of the program. But the reason for that is again accessibility want the programs to be accessible and going into this can't meeting we had to sign up there's a sign up and a lot of you signed up I don't know if there are those of you here this morning who didn't but those who signed up you paid a $35.00 fee we're refunding your fee. With a little caviar here and I'll let you know as we talked about it we thought i want is many people as can attend this to be here because I want our people giving Bible studies. I would encourage you to be in here for the long haul we're going every day for 6 days but if you're going to go out well that's not true we left we left 1 seminar slot open it was kind of selfish the way we did it because that too is that 2 o'clock slot and acting like 2 to 315 we're not having class then and 1 of the reasons is if you've ever taught a seminar at the right immediate after lunch hour. And everybody sleepy was not good either seminar check those out and come back here at 33530. That's right when you wake up but that's that's how running it's all you know 6 days of this evenings are open we don't want to people leave you know things open for a little bit of the can't mean experience but if you're just here trying to sound like hey I've got a seminar I want to go to I'd rather have you get some the nun. With this with this stipulation that you put it to practice everyone here I'm going to tell you right now everyone here can give a Bible study I don't know what the devil's telling you in your head but everyone here can give a Bible study and when it went to sort of Christ and we're going to hopefully encourage you in that direction this week so we've opened it up what we are doing is how many you got got the manual it probably explain this coming in in the there are 3 things that we're giving out during this week 1 is this the training manual what this has in it is all of our Emmanuel Bible doctrine studies and it also has pastor Cameron's. Bible study outlines that he made for his own not revelation meeting and I'll explain that why that is in a minute well explain it right now. Primarily wrote the manual Institute Bible doctrine studies in Cameron wrote his studies and when you do a study when you give a study you always have your own angle that you take with it and so when he teaches he's going to be teaching more from the perspective of his study you also have the it is written studies and 1 of the reasons the key reasons is that the Bible study offer. Program is using the and so we want you to understand how to use these studies in context of what we're going over now that may seem like an odd thing to say until I tell you that the purpose of a Bible Bootcamp is not to walk you through a study we're not just going to give you a study there's nothing more frustrating to me and maybe it's not the case with you than to go into Sabbath school and go over and read through the lesson I read through during the week. Why am I here I can read this at home I don't want you to come and we're going to read through a printed lesson together you can read through a printed lesson you can fill out the blanks what we want to teach you in a bible Boot Camp is the doctrine in why we teach it why it's in the study set I mean you've got to get people today who are like wow we're always talking about the doctrines of we need talk about more about Christ in our relationship with him well that should be coming out in your studies but the reason that we address studies and the reason that most every Bible study set you get the sense they have a church follows the same pattern is because it's addressing key questions that people have that they need to have answered in order for them to make decisions for Christ and so what we're going to be covering in the boot camp you don't have the yes you do because I just gave these out I was trying to figure what I put on here I want you to look at your this outline so what we have is we have the manual we have the fundamentals of faith which we'll talk about a little bit further this week. It's a great resource. And then we've got the it is written bible study lessons so those who registered paid ahead of time will get a refund a $15.00 refund cause they paid $35.00 the materials are 20 now for the rest of you who come in and you're like this what we're going to do when we go over there are things we're going to go over in class that will give you materials for but they're not going to be the complete materials that are for those who have paid if you want the materials we have them at the cost and that's $20.00 and some of you purchase that I think. $12.00 for the this binder these are $2.00 going to the A.B.C. at $2.02 and $6.00 Jim is not these $6000.00 A B C 2 C. can get in here it's around there well it's going to be a little cheaper here because we're not charging the tax work and. So. I would 6 bucks that's all I know I'm not I'm not the A.B.C. manager or anything like that so that's kind of how we're rolling this this week. If you have questions on that you can ask during the break. We will take breaks roughly at 15 minute intervals now if we're finishing up a topic and it's not we get to go another 10 will go another 10 and we'll take the break a little later that happens sometimes just so that you know but we're not going to try to have you sitting here for 3 hours straight OK but if you look at this is not the thing that I want to talk about I had it right in front of me a minute ago I want you to look at that schedule. I just handed you mine because I could you give me another 1 of the schedules I want to give you a brief overview OK we need a few more of those up here so and we have some folks come in so if you look at for example session 1 on Sunday you'll notice that we have an orientation period and then intro to prophecy and. Past cameras going to jump in here in the orientation a moment. Those who are working with us this week I'm going to be teaching pastor Cameron. Disappeared but he's going to be teaching and my brother Jim is going to be teaching in Pastor Daniel we had Pastor Wes peppers he usually helps us out but we gave him a reprieve because he's doing the morning talks this year and he just came off Indiana can't meaning and so. You won't see his name on the list if you look at this you each day is divided up in session 1 day and 1 be part of this was for recording they're recording these so that they would know what we're covering but we don't have. You know and sometimes if you maybe some of you've been through bible boot camp before and I'll do it just by topic so you do on Daniel's do you do on the Bible you'll do 1 on. The State of the dead and you have each doctrine as a class we're not doing it that way partially because of time and partially because as we're trying to teach the Dr we're trying to give a broader view of the importance in the in the framework of of each thing we're looking at so for example tomorrow morning session 2 of you look at Monday. In the morning you've got a great controversy and if you're new to can't meaning you'll know that especially for a cent a lot of your like I said most are seminar start on Monday some start on Sunday but the 1st day of the seminar is always a what's going to happen nobody know we've got about 150000000000 seminars It can't be this year so you don't know is this 1 going to get 5 people or 25 people or 250 people and so you've got to there's going to be just gauging today a little bit uncomfortable but as we find out who's kind of visiting in and what have you so just be prepared for that now Monday morning. For the 3 hour session in the morning Cameron's going to go over the great controversy and you might be thinking well wait a minute that's like an hour presentation or evangelistic meetings or that's we usually do 1 study what's he going to do for 3 hours I want to tell you that's going to be 1 of the most fascinating and powerful studies that you get and it's it's I'm going to say more about it now well I will say something more about it we did a great lakes have an academy we did a boot camp this year for the students and I think that among all of just kind of blew them away and it's because a 7th Day Adventists a lot of administrators don't realize it is sir have forgotten it that our great controversy picture is unique. How many of you ever listen to or watch you to work with. Apologetic Christian apologist arguments against atheists you know this why are Christian and kind of taking on atheistic arguments have you ever heard anybody do that before there's some fascinating guys is a guy named John Lennox Moore really gets into and he's got some fascinating explanations for you know reasonable. Scientific evidence for Christian belief and all that kind of defeat refuting that all the atheistic you know Christians are you know don't know what they're talking about this kind of thing anyway but what amazes me is you get into these things and I've heard some stellar arguments guys like Robbie Zacharias if you know that name and yet you know where they won't go they won't go to the great controversy when we talk about evil you know 1 of the 1 of the main reasons that people don't believe in God is because if God is so good why is the world so evil that is 1 of the main objections that people have to Christianity and so when the atheist when a Christian argues against that I mean I've heard some good arguments. That I'm tempted to go into I'm not going to right now but at the end of the day. They leave out the 1 clearest argument and that is that we're in this great controversy between good and evil that began in heaven that we're in the midst of in this earth and it's God is going to be completing this thing and that well. It amazes me to sit and listen to some of these I mean these guys are mental giants and yet nothing about the great controversy it's unique to 70 haven't Tizen I mean it shouldn't be it's in the Bible but it's just it's just how it is and Cameron's going to share on that is going to blow you away tomorrow and so you'll see segments of things that we cover now in the afternoon we're going over just the topic of the anti-christ but if you look at the session 3 on. Tuesday morning you see the law the Sabbath the mark of the beast and the USA all lumped together well we're not going to exhaust those subjects on Tuesday morning but they're all tied together philosophically and so we're going over the doctrine but we're going to be covering is is what is Why is it why is it so important that we talk and teach people about the law you know and what where the Sabbath Where is that coming why is that why I've had church members say Pastor my my Baptist neighbor is so happy in their religion why do I want to go mess it up by Tell me about Sabbath. Because then they're going to have all this challenge of having to decide whether they want to keep well where we get the idea that truth ruins people's lives. I mean that's the devil but this is that sometimes that's the way we get to thinking so you'll see these topics are lumped together because we're not just going over bible studies we're trying to communicate to you the significance of why we believe what we do and teach what we do a 7th Day Adventists and then to become clear as we go in our session so that's just to give you a little idea you see the layout of what we're going to try to cover this week. I will bring out on session 5 on Thursday in the morning my brother Jim is going to be talking about health entertainment and Christian dress 1 thing that I found interesting is the it is written such study series has nothing about Christian dress in. And in fact many of our churches and sermons have nothing to say about Krista it's become such a oh we don't want to offend anybody and people are so clueless and I mean I know people who walk into my church and they're not dressed at all like Christian I'm not criticizing for that nobody's ever taught them I remember my very 1st church I had a lady and her husband who joined me went through an amazing facts series and they joined our church the pastor baptized them and you know she was wearing all her jewelry and and I was sitting with them to clear them I'm coming in to they come into the church but I will I visited with them as they were new Christians to go over some things with them and just went over our Church believes and I knew that in that conversation were like yeah yeah they're on board with everything but I knew what I was coming up to and I'm thinking OK it's going to come and I'm going swear I must've been sweating I'm just like how my going to bring this up and they're all have been I'm like oh if they only knew what's coming up on this list you know and I went through but when I got to the before even got to the subject of of Christian dress and I got into the subject of entertainment they said we've never heard this before nobody ever told us that there are to be principles that guide our Christian and you know our choice of entertainment I'm just telling you sometimes people steer away from certain topics because they're uncomfortable and you're just holding back what could be a huge blessing to somebody and when they learned it they're like hey if that's what the Bible says we're going to do it and I say praise the Lord but my point is there are some lessons serious that don't cover it but I'm going to tell you that if that person is going to join the 7th Day Adventist Church and be baptized somebody's going to have to cover it some time. Somebody should cover it I say have to but I've run into a number of people who have been bet ties has been covered but that's not. As not how it should be done and that's not how even like I said in inspiration what have you well we'll talk about that a little bit as we go on this week but that segment there is going to you need to know those things and how I communicate how do I teach those things especially when they're missing from the lesson and I'm going to have to go over it and so those things are going to be very helpful may be very helpful to some of you if if if you were never really instructed to well I know there are 7 they haven't to say I know that we dress a certain way and but I'm not exactly sure why you're going to know why from the Bible it's not because Ellen White said so as much as we appreciate the spirit of prophecy some agonist like I think we do know everything we do we do because the scripture says it and you'll see that this week so it's just a little bit of a. Heads up as to what we're going to be looking at this we could somebody swing that door shut they're. Trying to you know we get more people in here and I try to cool it down for you and get the humidity out of the room but you know the door is just we had a litter Vangelis a maggot because here this weekend and boy they're in and out in and out every time just like my kids you know and I thought I'd just tell you to shut that anyway. Who had a somebody had a hand up and I see a hand up over here OK maybe not all right. Just making sure I'm covering everything that I need to now I was interesting and I want to share with you couple statements here from the pen of inspiration in. We call this a boot camp we've tried different media different ministries to do camps and we try to come up well we don't want to call the same thing everybody else does but there's just not a good term is like boot camp what is the dictionary Boot Camp is a short intensive and rigorous course of training and no you want you come to camp and you are rigorous right. 2 of you want rigorous the rest you're just going to get it that's all OK but it's often used in terms of military records the military have boot camps and their rigorous courses of training short designed to do what. Prepare those soldiers to what they get active right we want to prepare you for battle right you want you to leave your active Ellen White was in Basel Switzerland and they were stationed in a place where there was a field being used nearby by the military for training people and she would she comments on this in the book Gospel workers and I'm not quoting all of it for you but then she makes this point she says for hours soldiers are drilled to dissing cumber themselves of their knapsacks and place them quickly in position again on the person who can take the knapsack off and put it on and take it off and put it on take it off but on learn to do that quickly they're taught how to stack their arms and how to seize them quickly right put the gun down pick it up put it down pick it up maybe disassemble it put it back together. They are drilled in making a charge against the enemy and are trained in all kinds of maneuvers thus the drill goes on preparing men for any emergency and should those who are fighting the battle of Prince of manual be less earnest and painstaking in their preparation for spiritual warfare oh we need to camp that's page $75.00 of gospel workers and a similar statement in evangelism page $115.00 says ministers should love order and to discipline themselves and then they can successfully discipline the Church of God and teach them to work harmoniously like a well drilled company of soldiers if discipline and order are necessary for successful successful action on the battlefield the same are as much more needful in the warfare in which we are engaged as the object to be gained is of greater value and more elevated in character than those for which opposing forces contend on the field. So we're in a boot camp and we're fighting a greater battle than anything on this earth we see with our our physical eyesight so we want to get you active in. Studies and that's what we hope to get to by the end of the week now there's 2 reasons I've noticed that people don't aren't active in studies the 1st 1 is they don't think they know enough I'm not going to ask you how many of you here have said that before to your pastor or somebody else I don't know enough which always that always floors me because I think some of the 1st thing becomes when mine is this How much is enough. The tipping point that you now oh you know here's the wheel within a wheel with this he can let me explain this to you like I got it now I can go get a Bible study I mean where is the point that you have enough information you're not going to know everything because you know a 5 year old can ask you a question you can't answer right now so when is that point there is no magic enough point and cameras going to talk about that in just a moment. The other reason and I think probably the more encompassing reason that people don't actively give Bible studies is they lack confidence I'm going to tell you there's a lot of 70 having assumed that confidence in the 7th heaven this message not even because they want to necessarily but because there's so many voices even within the church that question why do we still teach all these things and why did and why are we so particular and when you become unsettled in things how are you going to get confidently share with somebody else part of your part of your ability in leading somebody into the truth is that you believe in embrace the truth. And it's funny to me how a. A nonbeliever can believe more in in things that are passing away of this world than a believer can believe in eternal truth I mean if you ever have somebody you know I'm not trying to pick on anybody's ever so for rainbow before we're ever rainbow backing cleaner salesman look they believe we're in the know they believe in that product and you need it and your life is not going to be good until you have this thing and yet we get you know skittish about the truth and I want to tell you something about you maybe have encountered this before when you tried to share with somebody I'm going to tell you that a lot of I was going to say nonbelievers or even non administers or sharing your faith are can be a lot more confident in what they don't know than you are and what you do know and this is what I mean I went to I remember going door to door and I knocked on this door and the guy opens the door we get to talking about the Bible he says I'm an atheist I don't believe in that stuff and I said what you mean you're an atheist and how can you not believe the Bible misses the Bible and I refer him to Daniel 2 and I'm giving the short version you know here the Bible predicted the rise and fall of world empires before they ever happened he says a Bible trip by a bunch of ministers how to much a member Dick that and he said No no it didn't no it didn't I say he talks about I don't know what he said he brought something up and I referred him to Isaiah. Where Isaiah talks about the Lord how he sits on the circle of the earth I said there are scientists for 4 or centuries thought the earth was flat when the Bible says it's round way back in the book of Isaiah he says nobody ever believe the earth was flat and he begins arguing this with me and he argued it with a whole lot of conviction and I'm just telling you that there are times when you're trying to share with somebody and they may counter you and they may sound like they know everything they're talking about and they have nothing they did when a person talks confidently a lot of times will get all timid and will back off. There's something to be said about having confidence in what you believe in and you're not going to walk away from this class knowing everything but I am hoping and praying that you can leave with confidence you know sometimes you hear you hear or learn something as we're going to be going through Scripture going to see it in the scripture you might not be able to know the verse right off the top of your head sometimes we think we got to know that so I got to know chapter and verse to be able to just shoot it no you don't as long as you know what's in there as long as you know it's in there and you have the confidence you can win somebody to Christ you're going to be learning Texas week and you're like oh where was that but you saw it and you know it's there and that level of confidence you know I can look it up and find it or people talk to you with confidence about things that are not in there and that they don't they make it sound like they know and when we get intimidated you're going to leave here with confidence that you know God's truth for these last days and God's and trusted you with that truth to give to others so that truth can make them free a member. I love this statement by Ellen why in the book evangelism is found on page 179 she talks about a certain actor back in her day named better tenor Well maybe it wasn't her day it was in the in the Archbishop of Canterbury's day who she citing here. And. She talks about this there is this this stage actor name better turn Who is everybody is like hey this guy is you know anyway a very good actor she says on a certain occasion when better to the celebrated actor was dining with Dr Sheldon Archbishop of Canterbury the archbishop said to him Pray Mr better to tell me why it is that you actors affect your audiences so powerfully by speaking of things imaginary. Why are people why do people get buy in so much when they see you acting up there like it's the real deal now listen to what he responds my lord replied better to do submission to your Grace permit me to say that the reason is plain it all lies with the power of enthusiasm we on the stage speak of things imaginary as if they were real and you in the pulpit speak of things real as if they were imaginary. Never powerful is something be said about when you really embrace the truth and people can sense that well talk about that a little bit more but I'm going to have Pastor Cameron share a little something he shared with us in our on our pastor worship this week just about you know sometimes we think if we just have more time to study in fact I've had students come to a 4 month session of a manual on and we'd be wrapping up and they say oh if we could just go another 2 months even 1 month you know and we would debate we you know its leadership we thought well you know would it be beneficial and I thought you know what there's nothing that they're going to learn here in the classroom that they won't learn now putting what they've learned into practice is a point where you've got to take what you learn and put it into practice 1 of my favorite statements and I'm going to turn the time over to Cameron It kind of builds on this is in the book education and this is what Ellen White says it is in the water and not on land that men learn to swim you can talk swim and all day long we can talk all about the theory of swimming but you know you're going to have to do it 1 would jump in and when you jump in you learn what you can never learn before you jump in the water and you'll see where I'm going with that when Pastor came in cheerfully this well let's go to our Bibles and go to Matthew Chapter 8. And there was just a devotional thought I shared like so with the pastors this week and. Mark thought it would be good to share here he's given me a limited amount of time so I can't do as much as I'd like with that but if there's more that you could see out of this and you feel robbed of that that is Mark's fault. But it also is this let's go to Matthew church of Matthew Chapter 8 is where we're in I'll give you the the bigger version but faster is that OK because we're going to do as you know this is a condensed course oh yeah you opened up some extra time by the mercies of the Lord that's nice. Matthew Chapter 8 and I tell you before we do anything God's Word can we have a brief word of prayer please spare heads deadly Father thank you so much for this beautiful rainy rainy morning thank you for giving us what we need and Lord what we need now is a clear understanding and a firmer foundation in Jesus Christ so Lord help us not only to know what we should know but know how to share that precious truth with others so bless us as we study this morning we prayed in Jesus name Amen Matthew Chapter 8 just to give you a little bit of context for where we're going at the end of this message here still study with the start of Matthew chapter and I find that in Matthew Chapter 8 there is a fascinating. Back and forth battle between Christ and Satan being played out in the ministry of Jesus it's rather a chess match and for the beginning of the chapter Christ is having victory after victory after victory which is very briefly there's a Christ is advancing against Satan's armies if you will for instance in verses 2 through 4 we see Jesus healing a leper versus 5 to 13 Jesus heals the Centurions servant versus 14 and 15 Jesus heals Peter's mother in law versus 16 and 17 Jesus heals from sickness and frees from demon possession a great number of people so it is victory after victory for Jesus on a March OK and obviously Satan is just getting hit back and Satan doesn't give up he's going to come back and now you're going to start to see some countermoves where it's that's in verse 18 a great multitude of his seems like a nice thing that a great multitude would be interested in Jesus' ministry but look at verse 18 and when Jesus saw the great multitude about him he gave a command to do what depart from the other side is like they're coming after me a little bit right versus 1020 watch what happens here then a certain scribe came and said to him teacher I will follow you wherever I go wherever you go it sounds good right but look at Jesus' rebuttal verse 20 and Jesus said to him Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head is like I can see that you're not really in a long haul out of my way goes on verse 21 another disciple says he wants to follow Jesus but he gives an excuse but slow down I need to go back and bury my father like Satan is starting throw obstacles in Jesus way to throw and there's the great multitude there's the scribe who we really want to do but doesn't really want to there's a God who wants to follow but wait we have to wait trying to slow Jesus down versus 23 to 27 start Satan starts unleashing the big guns right. Now when he got into a boat his disciples followed him and suddenly a great tempest arose in the sea so that the boat was covered with way it was covered with the waves but he was asleep and of course the disciples came to him looking up saying Lord save us we are perishing but he said to them Why are you fearful oh you of little faith then he rose rebuked the winds and the weight of the sea and there was a great calm so there's this tempest So he's escaping from the crowd on the Z. these district detractor people you get in the boat and Satan throws a storm at it right and of course Christ conquers the storm and notice the question of verse 27 and this kind of interest only sets up where we're headed so the men marveled now who are these men his disciples these are not strangers who are just 1st witnessing this but they're seeing the power of Christ in ever increasing examples and they marveled saying Who can this be that even the winds and the sea obey Him Now clearly they believe Jesus enough to be following him and they have witnessed some pretty interesting miracles but now he's taking on nature itself and it's that if you study through the life of Jesus it seems like they have this strata or a hierarchy of power that Christ has that he can heal the sick but not raise the dead he can do this 1 thing but the women the way if that's on another level right and so they're like who is this guy they're trying to wrap their minds around who is it we're following. Which leads us to verse 28 when he had come to the other side to the country of the Gherkin scenes there met him 2 demon possessed men coming out of the tombs exceedingly fierce so that no 1 could pass that way so this is yet another and it seems like Jesus is. Going through the crowd headed over the sea and he has a destination in mind and the closer and closer Jesus gets to where his destination is the higher and higher the stakes of Satan throws at right starts with little attractions than the big storm and now it's just straight out demons attacking him and suddenly by the way this is a good illustration and since we have the extremities do a little 2nd on this leave your finger in my Matthew 8 and go to Mark Chapter 5 mark 4 ins with the winds in the waves obey Jesus and now we have the demon possession encounter but there is that incidental detail that could trip you up because notice what it says in Matthew 8 verse 28 when he come to the other side of the country the Gergen scenes there met him 2 demon possessed men coming out of tombs of seeing the fierce that no 1 can pass that way. Verse 5 chapter 5 of Mark verse 1 then they came to the other side of the seat of the country of the GET IT gatherings and when you come out of the boat immediately there met him out of the Tombs a man with an unclean spirit so people say ah the Bible is riddled with in consistencies it's. Friends let me tell you something please don't get tripped up in your bible studies don't let people get you tripped up on these incidental details is it possible that 2 people could witness the same event and be sharing the exact same story but something like that be different and it still not be a discrepancy Francis is it possible that there were 2 but 1 was the prominent 1 the spokesman of the 2 the front man if you will and the other 1 is kind of slim the background so 1 guy focus on the number of them the other the other guy focuses on the interaction itself with the 1 guy so please don't get wrapped up in the 1 vs 2 thing I just want to throw that out there OK but they complement each other with the details they provide but we're going to live in Matthew Chapter 8 for now now I've introduced Mark Chapter 5 could be critical in just a minute but for right now we're going to live in Matthew Chapter 8 this version of it now. Again it says when you come to the other side of the to the country the good scene there met him 2 demon possessed men coming out of the tombs exceedingly fierce and no 1 could pass that way and suddenly they cried out saying what have we to do with you Jesus you son of God Now I don't know if you catch the almost humor in this this is verse 29 skip back to verse 27 What is the question the disciples were asking Who is this man his own disciples were wondering and the demons come along and say What have we to do with you Jesus you son of God and I'm guessing Peter was in the back like oh there's the answer that's who he is. But do these demons know who Jesus is absolutely they do. Oh we're going to get into why I think this is fascinating this is fascinating but. Now notice we're question also have you come here to torment us before the what. Pos right there is it possible that the demons not only know the identity of Jesus but they also know the scripture and the prophecies that indicate their destruction are they students of Bible prophecy by the way if you were demon you'd be a student by the prophecy too right because that's the hole in the game that's the whole deal so these By the way the demons have no problem confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord it is a fact it is not fiction they're not like Gessen in him and hauling away well if you show us enough evidence they know they're dealing with have you come here to torment and their fear is that Jesus is coming into that territory he's going to take those demons and get a head start on that destruction that they know is coming 1st 30. Now a good way off from there was a herd of many swine feeding now I get I told you we're going to home base Matthew Chapter 8 but go back to mark 5. And when you see the teen term mini at least in my mind I start to say well how many. First 11 of Matt Mark Chapter 5. Starts that parson of the story now a large herd of swine was feeding there near the mountain so that all the demons begged him saying send us into the swine that we may enter them and at once Jesus gave them permission then the unclean spirits went out and into the swine and parent that Eclipse says they were about how many 2000 now I don't know much about pigs but when I hear 2000 that seems like a lot. So there's this larger they always say a larger to great multitude of swine and thousands of them are on the hillside. And going back to Matthew Chapter 8 or Homebase verse 30 now a good way off from there was a herd of many swine feeding so the demons begged him saying if you cast us out which I mean the jig is up they're going to get cast out but permit us allow us please let it be so do they recognize that they're only allowed to do what Christ permits for sure but they're asking him permission why the great question why why don't just go back to wherever demons live and start over or go hunt some new people or go some Why the pigs What was the purpose in this. Let's keep going verse $32.00 and he said to them go how kind it was of Jesus to grant the request of the demons but he does instead of saying no he says go when they come out they went into the herd of swine and suddenly the whole heart of swine ran violently down the steep place into the sea and perished in the water. Must've been a sight to behold. Don't know that we're not told what is revealed expressed in our children the secret things are for God who we don't know right but the question we're working with is in this because we're talk about this chess battle back and forth crisis made advances Satan's make encountered moves and now this conflict with the demons themselves they recognize Jesus Lord they say please don't or Mrs fact if you cast this out or they should better when you cast us out please let us go into the pigs do you think they had a purpose in going to make sure they did My guess is they think they're outfoxing Jesus here and as soon as they get the pix they for run a mile down the hill off the cliff with little John the pigs look at verse 33 then those who kept them fled and they went away into the city in told everything. Including what had happened to the demon possessed men now what is their job. They are missionaries for whom. The devil thinks they are his missionaries right that's right why do they go into the pigs it was because he hates pigs and wants to kill pigs. But he wants to plant in their mind some dissatisfaction with Jesus the. Swine herders would see it and running give their testimony and when they say they told everything including what happened to the demon possessed men but for them there everything was the pigs and oh yeah the demons are gone and the demon the ministry. To me that by the way I'm guessing every single thing they said was true it wasn't but watch the result of their testimony and behold the whole city came out to meet Jesus Amen. And when they saw him they begged him to do what. To depart from the region there's this chess match going on Match and. There is the rest of the story and we're getting to it I promise you but in Matthew Chapter 8 The story ends there in fact it picks up in chapter 9 verse 1 so he got into a boat crossed over in came to his own city you could get the impression that Jesus lost you can give the impression that Satan won all right fine you lost you I had to surrender to demon possessed man but what I gained from it was a whole city who doesn't want you it looks like Satan won. By the way and were given their work and their friends come to John chapter 4 just for reference there was another example of someone who ran into the city in told everything that Jesus had done and the whole city comes up and begs him to stay What's the difference between the 2 testimonies both of them are completely accurate but 1 result in everyone wanting to Jesus say another 1 wants everybody to go. Thank you that's right. That's right how that how that testimony is given is important OK. The V. observers of the miracle of the pigs put the wrong spin on it instead of the freebie the money X. they were saying he killed our bags sometimes and this is not the point that Mark was landing on his want to make sure we get this in here when you see our testimony sometimes even in sharing our testimony the truth about Jesus we can unintentionally give the impression that things were better before he died of AIDS space 338 says this but the people who beheld this wonderful scene did not reach Oist the loss of the swine seemed to them of greater moment than the deliverance of these captives of Satan so it makes you think that the this is my words now Satan makes you think the cost of following Christ is too high. I can't smoke I can't drink I can't swear I can't fornicated can't lie I might lose my job my family might even my life in and Satan wants us to focus on the perceived. Loss which is incidental at best or fictitious in all likelihood Jesus says John 1010 the feat does not come except to steal to kill and to destroy I have come that they may have life they have it more abundantly things are better with Jesus steps of Christ page 46 God does not require us to give up anything that is for our best interest to retain in all that he does he has the wellbeing of his children in view would that all who have not chosen Christ might realize that he has something vastly better to offer them than they are seeking for themselves man is doing the greatest injury and injustice to his own soul when he thinks and acts contrary to the will of God No real joy can be found in the path for been by him who knows what is best and who plans for the good of his creatures it is his purpose to impart peace and rest to all to come to him for the bread of life he requires us to perform only those duties that will lead our steps to the heights of bliss to which the disobedient can never attain the true joyous life of the soul is to have Christ formed within the hope of glory so happiness is not just something you're going to get someday and right now we have to drudge through this Christian life because I'm earning my heaven life is better now with Jesus keep that in mind all right but the crux that we're aiming for Matthew Chapter 8 we've exhausted the whole story so now let's turn our attention to mark 5 a very critical fortune of the story will start with verse 14 to overlap nicely passing the baton from Matthew to mark so those who fed this 1 fled and they told it in the city in the country and they went out to see what it was that happened. Then they came to Jesus and saw the 1 who had been demon possessed and had the Legion sitting and clothed and in his right mind and they were afraid. And those who saw it told him how it happened to him who had been demon possessed and about the swine then they began to plead with him to depart from their region verse 18 and when he got into the boat here's the distinction he who had been demon possessed begged him that he might be with him you can imagine that's a very logical reasonable request please take me with you don't leave me here in all reality we just met and you already been far nicer than anyone else I've ever known Please take me however verse 19 Jesus did not permit him now the word permit is used twice and are you telling me he granted the demons request but did not grant the restored man's request when his request is so simple so reasonable so loving so endearing I just want to stay with you show me more teach me more help 1st 1000 again however Jesus did not permit him but said to him Go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has compassion has had compassion on you and he departed and began to proclaim and a catalyst all that Jesus had done for him and all marveled Let's bring this to this point that there's a couple reasons that I think Jesus left those poor men there 1st of all as an unheard field Jesus needed frontline workers and capice is just logistics he was going there to spread the message and they were kicked asking him out there kick him away. And he could just turn his back on the whole region have no 1 there needed somebody there OK desire may just Page 340 the to restore demoniacs with the 1st missionaries whom Christ sent to preach the Gospel in the region of the Capitals though the people of color guess they had not received Jesus he did not leave them to the darkness they had chosen when they bade him depart from them they had not heard his words it's not like they evaluated everything that Christ did and said and then reasonably said now we've chosen otherwise they just heard the false report were scared didn't know what to do with and they said please leave it's just too much and Christ knew that forgive them they know not what they do let's leave him somebody they were ignorant of that which they were rejecting therefore he again sent the light to them and by those to whom they would not refuse to listen Jesus might be intense and these disciples might be you know something or another but these 2 guys have a story to tell and everybody knows their name again you can picture the back and forth the chess match Jesus I'll take the 2 to demoniacs back Satan says fine but I'll use the demons to drive the prize pigs into the sea and Jesus says no problem all publicity is good publicity. I'll leave the former demoniacs here as living examples of my power and though through your publicity stunt thank you very much for your help and their personal testimonial with more souls than I could have otherwise listen to this so I may just 340 she comments directly on this in causing the destruction the swine it was Satan's purpose to turn the people away from the Savior and prevent the preaching of the Gospel in that region but this very occurrence roused the whole country as nothing else could have done and directed at tension to Christ Christ took the bad billboard and said Now I can work with that. I'll let you say whatever you want about me in fact tell as many people as you can how awful and terrible I am mention my name all around town tell about what he did to these pigs and where those demons came from Make sure you mention that part tell everybody though the Savior Himself departed the men whom he had healed remained as witnesses to his power those who had been mediums of the prince of darkness became channels of light messengers of the Son of God Men marveled as they listen to the wondrous news a door was open to the gospel throughout that region and when Jesus returned to the capitals the people flocked about him and for 3 days not merely the inhabitants of 1 town but thousands from all the surrounding region heard the message of salvation even the power of demons is under the control of our Savior and the working of evil is over ruled for good love it that's point number 1 Jesus needed logistics help and he was playing this thing to a tee everything that you know there's the idea that he can take the good the bad and turn it into good right all things work together for good why did Christ permit it he saw what they were trying to do but he knew the next movies like I know what you want to do but I know what I'm going to do with you what you want to do and you can't see that far ahead I'm going to run this thing I love Jesus talk about the divine appointments you don't know why you're going to talk to this person you don't know what scene will work or not but just go to work anyway Christ has a purpose that someday we'll see but for right now ours is not to understand why ours is to obey that's it now Secondly So we talk about how this helped Jesus mission out but it seems like a sacrifice for these poor men wouldn't they be personally better off with Christ now counterintuitive as it may seem staying away from Jesus was in their best interest I know it sounds crazy but hear me out these men serve as an example that it is not deep theological theory but rather deep personal experience that is the most needed in our Christian life. Learning less and sharing more would be of greater benefit than had they been permitted to learn more but required to share less I'm going to say that 1 again is a little wordy. But think it through learning less and sharing more would be of greater benefit than had they been permitted to learn more but required to share less they could have encyclopedic knowledge of God in theory in doctrine in truth and it all been right but it wouldn't have been as spiritually uplifting as it would to take the little bit you know and go put it to use the demons who had possessed these min knew more about the Bible than the men themselves they knew the prophecies they could identify Jesus they knew it was coming but by accepting Christ by faith and experiencing true freedom these men knew more about the God of the Bible and their witness would be powerful desire they just paid $39.00 a promise were coming in for landing here we go in doing this work that is the work of sharing their testimony of leading people to Jesus through their little bit that they had in doing this work they could receive a greater blessing then if merely for a benefit to themselves they had remained in his presence why do we go to church why do we come to camp meeting is it to be blessed there's nothing wrong with being blessed but is that our ultimate objective is to receive or are we here to get trained equipped to cope and do and people who watch us need a blessing let me tell you something there's no greater blessing than taking what you already have and sharing with somebody else and how many times people say well when I learn enough French. You already know enough. I'm assuming that the vast majority almost every 1 of you perhaps every single person in here is a 7th Day Adventist and that alone just by us MOSIS OK you know more about scripture than 99.9 percent the population other you already know enough but why do we still feel like I need a greater blessing and better spiritual I need something to feet the feeding of you comes from the feeding of them listen to this again in doing this work to receive a greater blessing than if merely for benefit to themselves they remain in his presence it is in working to spread the good news of salvation that we are brought nearer to the Savior if you want a closer walk with Jesus lead someone else to Jesus the very next page 340 again for a few moments only these men had been privileged to hear the teachings of Christ now we do get the idea that there wasn't just demons possessed and that was it remember there was time at least for them to go into the swine the swine to go and the people to run back and tell the story and then the townspeople to come and see what Mark says when they get there they see them sitting in the right mind talking which is so Jesus was giving them some instruction it wasn't just a high 5 and out there was some level of instruction but it was like oh maybe an afternoon maybe just an hour to maybe just a little sliver of time which Jesus. Bootcamp Yes Should a title that I like that. Boot camp. For a few moments only these men had been privileged to hear the teachings of Christ not 1 sermon from his lips had ever fallen upon their ears they could not instruct the people as the disciples who had been daily with Christ were able to do but they bore in their own persons the evidence that Jesus was the Messiah. They could tell what they knew what they themselves had seen and heard and felt of the power of God This is what everyone can do whose heart has been touched by the grace of God She continues as witnesses for Christ we are to tell what we know what we are selves have seen and heard and felt if we have been following Jesus step by step we shopped something right to the point to tell concerning the way in which he is as we can tell how if we have tested his promise and found the promise true we can bear witness to what we have known of the grace of Christ this is the witness for which our Lord calls and for want of which the world is perish so yes this is a condensed course but for a few moments only and hopefully not 1 sermon will fall on your ears but be instructional be right but I'm telling you the information that you can get even in a very short period of time will be water to a thirsty soul it will be bread for a famishing world into you it may be honest a little thing but to them it's the life right this is the thing there's probably lots and lots of lessons to take away but I want to drill those to home number 1 Christ is the commander of his work right you know what obstacles are going to face he knows the result even before that happens so trust in him and don't get caught up in like I have to perform just right or it's all on me none of the results are on Christ right so don't sweat that your job is not to strategize your job is just to trust and obey and the 2nd point is yes get soak up information listen to audio verse a lot write feed on the word study the Bible go to seminars and sermons that's great. But the greatest benefit for yourself and for the Cause of God is not the reception of those things but it's in the giving of those to others that you will have a greater spiritual experience and you can make advances for the Cause of God and by His grace hasten the coming of Jesus that we all make sense today fantastic but as for another word of prayer Heavenly Father I want to thank you so much for the privilege of knowing you and the responsibility that comes from sharing you with others or as we start up another Emmanuel Institute training session a boot camp but a few moments only help us to not despise the day of small beginnings but Lord help us to take the small bit that we might have and put it to use and watch you do something marvelous with it or we know their souls perishing every day every hour right in our own backyards help us to re Dean the time for many of us we've been in this great prophetic movement called The 7th Day Adventist Church for years perhaps decades and heaven forbid we have not even 11 sold Lord let that change today let this be the day that we start to be witnesses for you will be your messengers and that by our humble efforts and your amazing grace souls will be 1 and Jesus will come so great in Jesus' name. Amen Well we're about to give you a break but just before we do we have to bring this home for a little challenge 1st of all my name is Jim Howard I am the evangelism person ministries director and I'm the brother of the Emanuel director. That's a guy back there and by the way ever since I was just a little boy my much older brother has always tried to dress like me and drives me crazy. We really didn't plan that today but anyway. I want to take you back with just a brief. Appeal here take you back to about almost 20 years ago it was Pennsylvania camp meeting and Mark and I were both there neither of us even thought about being pastors at that time but we were just attending campaigning just like you trying to find those seminars that would really give us something so that we would know something of how to share our faith and we went to a seminar by a gentleman by the name of Pastor Tony serenely on oh passed me on oh it was a big fund New York I don't know what was he from New York Yeah and you know that strong accent and he just kept spellbound it was fantastic but the very 1st day he told us something that stuck with us and that I want to encourage you with before we take our break he said to us I can help you get a Bible study in a way that is 9 times out of 10 effective now would you like to know a way to get a Bible study that is effective 9 times out of 10. I'm glad 5 of you would like to know that the rest of you distaste soon so he called it Pastor Tony's sure fire method and we went to the 1st day and got to the end of the day he said OK Are you ready to hear Pastor Tony we are I guess we're ready to hear Pastor Tony sure fire method and pass attorney said OK here's what you do. You simply say to someone Hi I'm taking a class on evangelism and as part of this class they're wanting us to share our faith with someone find someone that we can go through a series of Bible studies with would you be willing to help me out ere would you be willing to do me a favor and be the 1 who goes through some series of studies with me and we all listen to him and we're waiting that's it that's it Pastor Tony sure fire method who's going to try it and. You're going to raise your hand we're you know I saw it I saw your head way up. And about I don't know maybe 75 I don't ever have and it was 57 people somewhere in that range raise their hands I didn't I was you know I'm a little into verted which I'll talk about later but anyway it was very interesting to see these razor him because he said right there OK then before the night is over I want you to call someone and use past I sure fire method and come back tomorrow and tell us how it went I mean it right there on the spot. So sure enough they went came back the next day and this time he didn't wait to the end of class he said OK who was willing to do Pastor sure fire method I want to hear from you and hear from you had them raise your hand the 1st person. They said yes man ever to the next person they said yeah so every 1 of them said yes and they got a bible said so you know a Pastor Tony did all right who's going to do it tonight who's next who's willing to use Pastor Tony sure fire method Well I'm a little you know I'm not the most severe guy in the world but I'm not a coward. And I had made up my mind that if this came to it on the 2nd day that I was going to do it so I raised my hand and I had been thinking about my little brother now I had a very worldly and I parents ravenous till I was 9 years old they left the church and I was very worldly and my little brother was 6 years younger than me and my older brothers moved out and so he I was basically his only role model I was converted at $22.00 so he basically had I mean I kind of fellow guilty because I was the person he was looking up to and it was not good and so now he was in the exact place that I was only worse and so I always had in my heart you know really really should ask him at the time he was dating really been dating for a long time so I decide I'm going to ask him a little brother so I went after class Listen time later that afternoon I went to the payphone. About how long ago. And I dial them up and 1 guy and I doubt I'm up and I said Hey Ron Yeah listen. I'm at this spiritual retreat it's like this weeklong retreat we call it can't meeting with the church and I'm taking this class on sharing your faith and 1 of the things that they're encouraging everyone to do is find someone that would be willing to go through a series of Bible studies with them and I thought of you and Danielle and thought maybe when I get back I could set up something like that with you guys would you be open to that to which he said Is this a trick. Right so I said look no it's not a trick if you're not interested it's fine I'll ask somebody else and he said no I guess we'll do it. Oh man I was so odd fire I was so ready to go back and tell Pastor Tom I did not want to be the 1st guy who got the No on passenger paramedic. So I went back can you know it was a good can't meeting and I went home and I didn't really know how to get a Bible study at that point very well at all I took the book steps to Christ and highlighted texts in the chapters and went liked after much after and started going through and it's interesting because I just recently found a letter that I wrote to my little brother is right around that time and he kind of talked about or I referenced a conversation that had with him where he had told me that he was actually I could tell he was convicted by our study but his girlfriend was not willing to move an inch and he loved her and he wasn't going to move an inch if she wasn't going to move an inch and I kind of could see that and sometimes you have to recognize that I mean I recognize that if I kept going it's only going to make this a little harder so I ended up partway through the study I gave them the you know they already had the books but I said once you finish reading the book in its entirety and then once you get through it you have questions or whatever then will go over and I knew that I knew what that meant they weren't really going to but I knew that I couldn't keep going where I was because of the thing that was happening so anyway it's a sad story that's it already for our break Nonis getting stuck in so then. A few years later he had been dating this girl for several years they were for all intents and purposes you know just about married but they finally decided to get married and the month before they were going to get married she broke up with him. And he says Fire old and it was an awful situation he got more deep into the world than he had ever been before and it was very scary for him emotionally and everything for all of us but through that process he met a girl in his circle of friends and she ended up getting pregnant and he comes to me 1 day and says well I know that you know that. Interest pregnant and you know we decided we're going to get married but neither 1 of us want the baby to. Have to live like we live and we really feel like we need to take this baby to church. And he said so will you tell her why we should go to church on Saturday. So I said well before you decide where you're going to now by the way her brother was training to be a pastor a youth pastor at the biggest non I mean a church in Columbus called the vineyard and so I knew there was going to be some pressure on her side too so I said you know what before you decide where you're going to go to church wouldn't it make sense that you 1st decide what you believe from the Bible so I said you know how would you feel if I just came over we could do this like once a week and we study out from the Bible and he said OK. It was a long process because we had to get through all sorts of things and about a year and a half later as a matter of fact it was the day before it was a Sabbath before the Sunday when I would pack up our truck and move to Michigan to start my fulltime pastoral ministry in Michigan I baptized my little brother and his wife Andrea 1st I had to marry them get to the open bar that we had to get through other decisions and get him to the point where they're ready to took a year and a half but ultimately both of them were baptized and all traces back to Pastor Tony's sure fire method. I learned after Pastor Tony surf our method that Pastor Tony was tricking us. Because not long after that I was teaching Sabbath school in church and somebody came to my Sam a school class and afterwards he showed some interest so I thought I'm just going to talk to her so I went up to her after and I said you know I could tell you really enjoyed the class I just want to be aware we have likes these topical Bible study guides a lot of who don't know where to go in the Bible for there's so many you know it's so big and they don't know if they want to know something on a topic how to pull it all together these pull it all together for you they pull all the passages together a lot of them and people love going through these and find out what the Bible says and all these different topics and I like going through with people so if you've ever interested outside of church or whatever be happy to help give you a Bible study and she said I've been looking for something like that and then it dawned on me Pastor Tony really was tricking us it's not really about how you. Are it's that you have the problem the reason we don't get bible studies as a lay people is not that we don't have that perfect way of asking although I'd encourage you to try Pastor Tony Smith has a good 1 but there are many more people out there who would be willing to go through bible cities if we would just ask and let me be clear about this you're not going to get a Bible study that you don't ask for this is not going to happen even if you follow a Bible study offer dot com interest you're going to go and 9 times out of 10 you're delivering a lesson or something you're not going to ever get to the point where you're sitting down with them and going over that lesson unless you ask them so. Who's going to try to pass a tony sure fire method the night oh yes Amen to that I got it I didn't know the question was OK right there all right yes we got no another 1 all right we're going to check it out tomorrow Amen we're going to see how it works for you and I know the Lord is going to bless you and the rest of you you know you're not cowards I know you're not so you're going to think about who could I ask Who can I talk to you know I had to just mention this 1 last thing with to give you a break somebody came in today and they wanted to know what the class was about and they were really looking for people skills she told me that she had followed up 3 bible study over dot com. Interests and they all kind of fizzled out they when they learned we were administering when or they never remembered signing up or whatever and she just felt like it was her she needed better people skills and I explained to her that no no if you read the parables of Jesus you have to have good ground and sometimes people are just not yet open to the truth right but I also told her I said if you want the highest possibility of having a good Bible study don't just go to the people who found out from a bumper sticker or a billboard but you probably have people who are visitors to your church youth in your church spouses of members in your church or the spouses not a member or coworkers or neighbors or someone who you know who's acquainted with you already or quit with the church already that you could ask and you'll have a much better opportunity of having a study that will be ongoing all the way through. OK are you see we're going to study about the topics and all that and that's all good but when you leave this place you want to get a Bible study you want to really be studying the Bible someone telling you it's by sharing that it becomes plainer to you and I'm saying that based on inspiration so I'm encouraging you that this is going to grow you like nothing else will grow you in fact we're told that ministers to teach church members that in order to grow in spirituality they must carry the burden that the Lord has laid upon them the burden of leading souls into the truth in that incredible Christian Service see the page 5969 but anyway I'm encouraged by all of you who are here and I just want to pray 1 last blessing upon you and take a break Father in Heaven as these who have made a decision to ask for a Bible study go to do so I pray that you'll give them firm from their efforts and I pray for each 1 of us to grow and learn not only as we spend time here can't meaning but especially as we go to share what you have given to us to with others in Jesus name a minute Heavenly Father again we thank you for CAN'T meeting we thank you for the privilege of knowing you in Jesus Christ whom you have sent Lord as we are seeking to understand your word better. That we may be able to communicate better I would ask that your Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth would guide us into your truth where we ask you prayed in Jesus' name amen Now 1 of the challenges always in running in a manual session with other pastors is it pastors are all preachers. And. You know I told Cameron I gave him a time period because I knew that that he would go a little bit beyond I don't know if I'm 45. And then my brother gems like I want to do is going to be 5 minutes and it's all good we just modify it's it's I tell I tell people and I'm telling you now that as you get engaged in ministering others the number 1 rule in ministry is adaptability because you always have curves and curve balls that you get to work you know I want to share with you a statement that came to my mind as I was listening to Pastor Cameron this is found in Ellen White's book early writings and she talks about in the early formation of of administers doctrine how the the. Pioneers for lack of better expression of this church would come together and they would study sometimes spending the entire night in study in prayer to better understand the scripture but listen what it says here. Often we remain together until late at night and sometimes through the entire night praying for light and studying the word again and again these brethren came together to study the Bible now listen to this next part in order that they might know its meaning and be prepared to teach it with power it was never for just the purpose of knowing it was always for the purpose of knowing and sharing and I thought that was interesting and then she talks about how well just continue reading when they came to the point in their study where they said we can do nothing more than the spirit of the Lord would come upon me I would be taken off and vision and a clear explanation of the passages we had been studying would be given me with instruction as to how we were to labor in teach effectively. And so right from the beginning it was never just a matter of learning it was always a matter of learning for the purpose of sharing you find that in the early church you find that even in the Old Testament the problem with the Jewish nation the failure of the Jewish nation is they hoarded the truth to themselves and you know I again I'm thinking back to our devotional this morning for those who are there the man who had the barns plural and he tore down his barns and built bigger barns and we can talk about our stuff but how often is that our barn full of truth and we're going to oh I'm going to can't meaning when to feed myself with more truth and I'm going to feed myself with more truth where there's going to come a time where you take the stuff out of the barns and you give it to others and that goes with the truth that we understand as well so anyway I thought that was what's at. This early writings I'm sorry I should have given you a page number early writings and that is actually in the. Introduction So it's in the introduction page $22.00 Paragraph 4 X X I I. So. What we're going to get into now is I call this class intro to prophecy I intentionally didn't call it more of what it is Daniel 2 because for a lot of 7th Day Adventists Oh I know you're going to go to that other seminar now and I'll come back because I got into too down cold Well there are some things it that I want to explore a little bit when it comes to understanding and sharing Daniel to. Before I do that I just want to tell you that a lot of what we're going to be doing in teaching the different doctrines is interspersed in all of the classes we go over is going to be included ways to teach it so yes it's part of it is knowing it part of it is communicating it because you can't when you're studying with somebody I mean look let's put it this way there's no teaching in the Bible that we're going to fully grasp on this earth I don't believe that I don't believe that I mean there's always something more to learn and you may be a found that when you read through the Bible New think you have got something down and then you read it again or you hear a sermon on and then you hear another sermon like oh I had not about that before and it just keeps on the Bible is is the gift that keeps giving me and you keep getting things out of it and so having said that I'm not going to be able to give a study to somebody an exhaust the subject and cover everything where it's like OK no more questions I know everything now and so the question I'm going to ask myself and you can ask yourself is What is it since I can't share everything what is it I'm really trying to communicate and so as we're going through these different doctrines will be highlighting on the essential so that people need to understand in each doctrine but at the heart of it I want you to understand I give you an example I had a student from Emmanuel Institute 1 of our last 4 months students she's down it Anders University study ph speech pathology now and she got in involved in a Bible study there with 1 of the students and Anders Now this student isn't administering grew up administering baptized in the church but she's just had some struggles with her faith and she wanted to go through some studies. But she told this former student of mine that she didn't want to go through the doctrinal studies because she knew all the doctors and so my student is telling me this well the thing is she already knows the doctrines and so she wants to study something different I said let me ask you a question Is she keeping the Sabbath Well no is she you know we went through some practical things and other words no she's not living out her fame don't miss what I'm about to tell you knowing that doctrine is not here if you are not practicing it you don't know it and I want to share with you a statement from the General Conference bulletin something Ellen White said in 1901 she communicated to our peoples in this whole. It's also found the materials now listen to what it says every soul in every conference in every part of the awards Vineyard Who's that. Every soul in every conference in every part of the Lord's vineyard has the privilege of knowing the truth but truth is not truths to those who do not practice it truth is not a theory Bible truth is not something you can just know up here in fact you can never know it up here until you know it here its when we how many of you have experienced this in your life when you knew you may have been learning the truth for the 1st time but it wasn't until you had to make a decision to follow Christ let me rephrase that I've told my church members this that Christianity begins for you when your will confronts Christ's will and you have to yield. And that that could be in any area of your life for 1 person it's if the people they're hanging out with for 1 person is the person they're gauged to for 1 person it's the day they're worshipping on it could be a different thing for every person but at some point or another you know everybody in the world follow some of the Bible everybody there's not a single person on planet Earth that doesn't follow some of the Bible but that doesn't make them a Christian or a follower of Christ you become a follower of Christ when you're away on in his will come head to head and you yield right and when you yield to him then you experience the church right and so it is with the people you study with and so a lot of times I've had church members and like this young girl she's studying this other I said no she this girl doesn't know the truth because she's not practicing it and your goal in a Bible study is not just to give a person more head and head knowledge and information the goal in giving studies in the to in the in the key to your studies being successful is helping to lead somebody into the truth lead them into practicing to embracing it to knowing that this is something I'm going to commit my life to Christ in this area and so when you're going to give a study on any topic there here are some essential questions and I didn't I didn't I didn't have this in the handout and I wish I had came up with it afterwards. Here's some essential questions you want to write these down there's 3 essential questions that you want the things you want to be asking yourself as you're going into a study on any topic number 1 what is the reason you're giving the study. And this is still number 1 what is the response you were desiring or expecting In other words why am I giving a study on Daniel to somebody why am I giving a study on on the Sabbath the somebody who I'm a giving a study on health giving a study on the 2nd coming and the signs of the 2nd coming why am I giving that study you're typically giving a study because you're wanting a person to receive it a certain way to respond a certain way you've got to be somewhat clear in your mind as to what you're expected result is OK so what is the reason you're giving the study what is the response you're desiring or expecting do you want them for example giving a study on the Sabbath because I'm wanting them to choose to honor Christ on his holy Sabbath they experience a blessing of the Sabbath right I'm not just wanting them to know that all that's interesting in history there was this change that took place you know at the Catholics that I would expect I mean I hear this stuff from people and it's like oh I've got it no no no I understand in a 77 I have a lady I study with in. Allegan Michigan and she's like oh I and she was convicted about the Sabbath. To the point where she wasn't really going to church on Sunday but she would go to church on Saturday because in her words to me Saturday is pajama day that's when you sleep in Wayne and you don't have to go anywhere and so you know I believe in the SAP but I just can't look at you believed in the Sabbath you're not going to be like oh lord i'm sleep in today hey there's something that need to know that it's the 7th day is. The Sabbath day is not understanding what the Sabbath is about. And so again just emphasizing when when you're giving a study what is it and you know you have to wrestle some of this stuff through why am I giving this study and you'll see why that's important in just a minute that's question number 1 that you need to be considering what am I expecting them to do with this study. Number 2 what are the key points that establish the truth you're sharing and that's 1 of the things we're going to be doing as we go through each doctrine is you have a lesson with 12 questions 15 questions 18 questions but what are the key points that you're trying to establish usually there's 3 or 4 there's not 18 there's not 15 so you're all your different question answers in the study in the text you're looking up are usually trying to convey some main ideas that you're wanting to get across in a particular study and this is where for example if you're giving a study on the the. Manner of Christ's coming you're wanting to dispel the idea of the secret rapture Now there's a lot we could talk about with Christ coming in the manner of his coming why am I going to 0 in on the idea of the secret rapture OK what's that. Right if this is this is something that is disputed and people have a misconception you want to clear that up that's important clear up and I could talk about a lot of stuff that's I don't say it's irrelevant to a person but when you're giving a study you're the key points or you're trying to help to clear up where the error is you know 1 of the things 1 of the key. Aspects of Christ's ministry was he would go and the truth of the bio had been all kind of covered up by the traditions of the leaders of Israel there were still truths but Jesus had to pull that truth up and get the error cleared away from it so the truth would shine more clearly that's what you're doing in a Bible study so your key points are generally going to be trying to establish that truth more clearly by clearing away the air and that kind of thing and so you're going to want to know what the key points are that's what we're going to be going over this week in the different areas of the studies and then the last thing the 3rd question goes along with the 1st 1 what is your appeal going to be at the end of the study in other words this is going to be what I'm going to ask them to do well if you can answer number 1 you can't answer number 3 because number 1 why am I giving the study what I want to see them do well what I'm going to be asking them at the end of the study is basically to do what. The whole purpose is given to study as if I'm giving a study on the Sabbath and my purpose in giving that is I want to see them embrace the Sabbath and enjoy that blessing the Lord intended for them and when I come to the end of study I'm going to ask them you know is there what would keep you from committing yourself to honor Christ on his holy Sabbath day right it's going to go along with the reason I'm giving that study I don't want to get them of the study and have them saying that was interesting and move on and the reason I'm bringing that up yet question. Number 2 is what are the key points that establish the truth you're trying to present. Yeah I run into this we're running into a lot with Bible study offer as as we meet once a month in our church with those who are giving Bible studies whether the Bible study off or some other kind so that we can have they have some point of contact ask questions or do a little training and that kind of thing but. 1 of the things I'm seeing a lot of is well I've gone out of this you know for example how many of you run on Bible study off or interests you going out with an inch card follow up somebody and you know some of them will say you know just some of them just want you to keep dropping off the lesson. He can be harder to get in home and get the in home study started we had a lot where the people who run the church member will go back and the person is. You know hey you know I'm here with a Bible study offer I brought Lesson number 2 I didn't get less number 1 done yet I really have filled it out I lost it or this and this will go on and on and on every week you're gone back in the person hasn't even touched the lesson anybody running into this now they're not going to get it although there are ways around that but part of what's happening is they're not they there needs to be encouragement in the direction of not have members ask me what I do a in 4 times a house or whatever I said Look I've been 4 times house the person hasn't filled a lesson out I'm going to be having a conversation with them and just saying look at you haven't filled out the lesson I've come by is this something you're not interested in is it sometimes I mean we're so afraid to even have a conversation like that look they requested the studies if I'm going for studies and they haven't filled it out we're going to have a conversation Yeah I'm just wondering is this what you're interested in or is there something else you are looking for maybe then and that will give a little bit of direction but at the end of the day when you're giving a study a purpose for giving the study is it the person follow the truth you don't follow the truth it's not truth to you it's never going to be a per You don't get the truth with head knowledge you get it by practice and if you've experienced the truth. And you've experienced the validity of Jesus' words the truth will make you free you want other people to have that freedom is not true you want them to have that freedom and so if you're communicating you don't want just knowledge you want to walk them into understanding embracing the truth now we're going to talk about prophecy starting specifically with Daniel 2 most lessons sets like these will start in the 1st few lessons if not the very 1st lesson with the study on Daniel Chapter 2 Hey you're that why do you think that is why do we start with Daniel 2. OK So he says it establishes the authority of the Bible what happens if I've given if I'm giving Bible studies to a person who really doesn't believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Take your bible and go with me to John 17 for a minute I want you to grasp something here that just hit me few years ago I mean I've read this text for a long time but this really impacted me John Gospel of John chapter 17 this is Christ's prayer in John 17. And I want you to look at verse 17 this is a very well known verse and probably familiar most of you're familiar with it John 1717 Jesus says as he's praying to his father what sanctify them by your truth your what your word is truth now when I ask if you have a marginal reading Does anybody know what I mean by that most Bibles will have your text. And you're cut and you have a center column margin you know I have no notes and it might have an A or A B. or it might have a little number and say something and if you don't have it in the center column sometimes you have it here along the bottom now I have a marginal note on verse 17 Does anybody have a low number by the word sanctify OK Some of you have that now what happens is like I have a sync I have the word sanctify and I have a little number 1 and what this is doing is in my margin it's going to tell me what the either an alternative word or the actual original word is here so sometimes it gives you a little bit more of a sense of what it's trying to say and I'm going to ask you that probably to save time by just asking you what the word sanctify means a lot of times people will say when asked sanctify it's like say 5 means to be holy is kind of true what is your marginal. Set apart right and that's really the literal reading for the word saying to find other words to sanctify is making something holy by setting it apart from other things right a Bible talks about the sacred in the common the sacred or the holy is set apart from things that are unholy Now Jesus praise was father and he's speaking about us his followers his followers then and his followers now all the way through into the future and he says Father what you to set them apart by what. Your truth your your what your word is truth so Jesus says I want you father to set them apart by your word let me ask you very simple question How are people set apart by the word how does the word set you apart. Let me rephrase it how can the words set you apart from others. OK now I'm hearing a lot of real passive like by believing by knowing the truth NO NO NO NO NO. By living in accordance with it if I listen I read this and I hear it is that setting me apart not sure if I believe it you know we know belief includes acting on it but that's the point I want to make is the word cannot set anybody apart who doesn't follow it it's when I read the word and it says Remember the 7th day write Remember the Sabbath day to keep it and I read that and I can and I sound going to follow that now suddenly I am out of step with those who don't write I'm set apart we are set apart by practicing the truth and so Jesus says sanctify them by your truth your word is truth if I'm studying through the Bible does the Bible Challenge us in the way that we live is there anybody who can read through the whole Bible and it's not come to some point where it says you know what you ought to change this is there anybody who can do that no sooner or later some is going to run into some say or I didn't know that was in there right and now And now now now I'm faced with a dilemma Maybe but what happens if I don't accept the Bible as God's word that's where we part company right like I'm going along I'm like This is good and this is where your person is studying the Bible with you they're all together until you come to that part and it's it's addressing something in their life and going to well you know I'm not sure I agree with that part you know I mean after all the Buy was written by men or but you know and this is where people this is why it's important that a person that you're studying with come to a point early on that they accept the Bible as the inspired word of God until they do the Bible can impact their life. Because when they come to that part where it would impact their life to say you know I don't agree with that but when you receive this is well this is God's word to me now I'm not just wrestling with the person giving me the study when I come to something that confronts me in my life in the way I live now I'm wrestling with God while this is God's word to me what am I going to do with that and so early on in any Bible study series you're going to want to establish the authority of scripture How do you do that people will say and I hear it a lot of the Bible is just written by MEN Well that's true it was but the Bible says holy men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit but how do I convey that to somebody with conviction in the answer is prophecy This is why 7th Day Adventist spend the time we do in prophecy and it really kills me when people tell me people will say oh you guys are we need to talk more about Jesus was talking about prophecy Now listen we can talk about Jesus and we can talk about prophecy in a way that we're not including Christ I'm not advocating that but I want you to understand that when you're communicating the truths of prophecy it brings people face to face with Christ like nothing else can and here's why you remember the woman at the well you remember when. They're having this dialogue she and Jesus by that well of water and she says you know Jesus is like look I give you a living water and his Who are you greater than our father Jacob he drank from this well you got some other well they have this yes dialogue and then Jesus you know tells you kind of entices or with the living water and she says give me this water and Jesus said Go and call your husband you remember that now and then what happens. If things turn around a little bit then go and call your husband well you know you know I don't have a husband and he said you spoken rightly you don't have a husband the fact is you had 5 houses in the man you living with his and your. Well that's a little personal right how little uncomfortable situation but you you know we don't get it is much in the story but I'm going to tell you what that really the fact that she continued the conversation with him tells us that his demeanor even in communicating that was a such a way that she sensed that he wasn't being critical of her but he didn't know things and what was she sed what struck her in that conversation what do you think. How did he know. Yeah there was sit there was an evidence to her in that moment of divinity and that changed her did she left her waterpot went back or village when it was all said and done hey when you share prophecy and people see that prophecy that something predicted was fulfilled just like God said they receive a flash of divinity suddenly the Bible is not just a book written by men it's the Word of God That's why it's so powerful suddenly to come face to face with Jesus another place it comes to my mind is your member when when Peter was on the boat the fishing boat Luke Chapter 5 and the Bible said he'd been out all night fishing and hadn't caught anything right and you just so you understand this OK fishermen who fish with nets fish at night. This have eyes on both sides of their heads OK They see everything you can't pull 1 over on a fish you fish at night you don't drop the net in the daytime Peter knew this is partners knew this they're out all night they're fishing in the clear waters of the lake the fish they catch nothing now it's daytime he's discouraged Jesus comes out he teaches on the boat he turns to Peter he says Now let's go out into the deep and let's let down the nets and I'm just paraphrasing here because this pastor marks paraphrase Peter tells Jesus look Lord I'm a carpenter you're a fisherman I'm a fisherman you're carpenter you stick to carpentry and I'll stick to fishing right we've been all night we try to catch it we didn't catch any fish we're not going to catch them today there's this little dialogue that goes on and then Peter says this nevertheless at your word Nevertheless your word will go out must have been persistent You probably just was looking at Peter's giving his explanations for why it's impossible right like we do with the Lord Lord's impossible or so. Now you go and do what I said you know so he never was your word the Bible says they go out and what happens they throw their nets in the water and you remember the Bible says in the crime. Was the 1st Anybody remember the word the Bible uses. Immediately immediately the net was full of fish so full that they began to draw it and then what happened. It was too too much and they did what they call the other boat so they get 2 boats and they pull it into both boat so both no boats are trying to carry this net and both boats began to what sink the Bible says we can't catch fish all night and all of a sudden bam immediately so full in there put it in the boat so sinking in America Peter does now this is a time of crisis right the boats are sinking we need laborers you got to be on hand right now have your conversation with Jesus later know what is Peter do you falls down at his knees before Jesus and throws his arms around and says Depart from Me Lord I'm a sinful man and this is the same 1 who is arguing with a minute ago saying basically you're carpenter and I'm a fisherman but something changed in that moment because Peter saw the divinity of Christ and he realized he was in the presence of 1 who held all the forces of nature and. That's why you're here because you experience Christ that. That's what you want your bible say that's what prophecy does and sometimes we talk about prophecy in such a I've heard 7 they have a song or prophecy in such a kind of like it's such a I don't know what sort of looking for it's not relational it's it's it's informational it's all no prophesied yet prophecy is what when you see it fulfilled you remember the woman at the well she went out to her villagers What did she tell them come see a man what. Are you kidding me like this 1 relationship or this 5 or late whatever that's all you ever did she said Come see a man who told me all I ever did know what she was saying is this and you can relate to this when you 1st got a vision of Christ what came to your mind. It's like your whole life passes before you as you're in the presence of the Savior all my remember all my sin just came up in my mind nobody brought it up the spirit of God just enlightened illuminated my mind and I was in the presence of the Lord I was sitting in my living room with my wife I was reading the book The Great conferees I was reading and I have this I guess is a bad habit I still do it I don't read cover to cover oftentimes I pick especially out of the conflict I mean of the chapters is so packed so I pulled out the book great conference and never read through the whole book before I was reading a particular chapter in that book about the coming of Christ the 1st time it's called heralds of the morning and it talks about the prophecies and what have you that predicted the 2nd coming but it goes back to the 1st coming and it talks about how the angels of God were it was about time for Christ to be born how all through the ages that there was this build up to this event when the foretold Messiah would come and now the angels of God are going through Jerusalem and they're looking around to see among God's people who is waiting for and expecting the coming of the Messiah with all the prophecies it foretold and everything else and nobody's expecting it they're all indifferent they're all careless all tied up in absorbed in their own there's a lot of parallels that could be drawn and I remember reading through that sitting on my couch as a 7 afternoon and thinking to myself those in ungrateful people those Jewish people what were they and I mean I was just I was getting angry at the at the ignorance and the the the resistance of the Jewish nation. Rejecting Christ and tempted goes on to talk about how Jesus was born in Bethlehem the angels were about to return to Heaven Ellen White says with this sad tidings that nobody is interested in their I caught some shepherds out in a field talking about could this be the time the Messiah would be born. What they found in expecting company and boom have got all the whole heaven light separate glory to God and I as the shepherds are. Here not the angels give this message and I know I'm reading this and I'm thinking goes you know Jesus in fact that there were the words that really hit me were in that in that. Chapter it talks about Joseph and Mary how before the shepherds how they traveled through the streets of Jerusalem they were there for the. Taxation for the census right through the city when I say Bethlehem thank you so they and she and this is what the words say that they travelled the narrow length of the street from 1 end of town to the other vainly seeking rest and finally in a wretched hovel prepared forecast for the savior of the world is born and in that chapter describes all the glory that Christ had in heaven and you getting the sense of all the glory he deserves and then he comes through in his people turn him out nobody opens or doors and he's born in a wretched hovel prepared for cattle Jesus deserves more than this and I I was so incensed at that so angry at that how could they turn him out like that and then the Spirit of God just put his finger on my heart as a young man who grew up knowing the truth and I wasn't practising living away from the Lord and as you have turned me out you are the 1 who has an open your door to me. And all my life all the things I ever did right like that 1 that will pass through my mind and I had an encounter with Christ and that's what happens when people you share prophecy with people they see something awakens him to the divine nature of the Bible and the author of the Bible and. That is that that is what establishes a person in the in get some even in the mode to where now they can start receiving from the Lord and so sometimes we sell prophecy short but that's why we spend the time we do and in it too that's why we spend the time we do on Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and all of these things and it's not to bash Catholics it's not to bash other world empires whatever else is to show people how there is a God who is in control of everything who's predicted it has come to pass and that same God who has a finger on the pulse of the nations has his finger on the pulse of your life so Daniel 2 is a prophecy that we like to call a foundational prophecy because when you start going through what we call apocalypse there are 2 kinds of prophecy in the Bible 2 main kinds 1 is called classical prophecy and classical prophecy is generally local and literal So for example when God spoke to Jeremiah about the coming invasion of the Babylonians it had to do with them then and there it was a local application it was a literal application the Babylonian armies that were going to come in the in symbolize somebody else or something else it was it was a a local literal application but then there is what we call apocalyptic prophecy the word for the Book of Revelation you read you could turn to Revelation read the word revelation if you read the Greek The title is apocalypses and that's where it comes from apocalyptic prophecy is generally. Universal and symbolic So you have all the symbols and are the 2 primary books in the Bible of apocalyptic prophecy of Daniel and Revelation and it's in of course the local literal are interesting as well but there are a lot more relevant to the people of that time period especially now that we're past the Babylonian invasion. But the apocalyptic prophecies have a lot to do with us and as we see the fulfillment of the predictions in the fulfillments then that gives us confidence in in the Word of God So Daniel revelation we spend a decent bit of time there well Daniel Chapter 2 The prophecy of the image that prophecy every other prophecy that we look just about the prophecy that we look at builds on that framework and so when we get into Daniel 2 Daniel 2 is a key found and sets a key foundation for understanding prophecy. More importantly 1 of the most fascinating things within it to how many of you have studied through Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and Dan how many of you ventured to Daniel 10 through 12. And you get into all this more detail Daniel 2 is a very basic prophecy very simple framework OK So when you're teaching somebody it's easier to teach It's a very it doesn't have a lot of detail to it and what's really amazing about the End up to is you can take a secular ancient world history book and verify everything that is poor told Indian and to so if I'm starting with somebody who doesn't believe the Bible for example if I want to talk about the prophecies of the Messiah to some really interesting prophecies that foretold the coming of the Messiah and I can go to the Bible and I can find the prophecy and then I can go to the Bible and find the fulfillment that if you're studying with somebody who doesn't believe the Bible that's circular reasoning right you're but using the Bible to prove the Bible when I go to Daniel in their secular sources that verify some of those things about the Messiah but not to the degree like a Daniel 2 will I can go to Daniel 2 and see that God predicts the rise and fall of or world empires from the time of Babylon We'll look at this a little bit more in the Bible moment and then the breakup of that 4th empire. And the try to they did you ever surreal night that I can look at that in the Bible in a prophecy that was written in 600 B.C. and then I can go to a secular history book written by a person doesn't believe anything about God or the Bible that tells me that that's exactly what happened in his that there were 4 empires Babylon me to Persia Greece room that the 4th empire was divided it wasn't conquered divided up into 10 parts and those parts tried to reunite in it became modern Europe try to reunite over and over and over again but the Bible said they would not cleave together and here we are today and still they have not played together despite the many attempts and future attempts and so in a short the male sketch Daniel 2 gives you a prediction of what's going to happen in the world and a person can go outside the Bible and see that the Bible has told very accurately what would happen and I'm going to tell you I share this Daniel to prophecy in my 1st church in Michigan had a guy that was attending who grew up Christian reform and sometimes you study with people that are very interactive and expressive and you're to share stuff like oh yeah and they talk back in their Wow And then you have those people that are just kind of they just kind of maybe you get a nod but that's about the best you get so you know you don't know exactly where they are and this is how this guy was he was an. Executive here in Michigan had a 6 figure salary and a successful business and young girl Christian reform some starting to know to not a lot of kind of trying to figure out where he was I'm really getting through the study finishing the study in the last question and. Says What do you think he pauses and he looks at me says this is incredible Why haven't I Why haven't I ever heard this before. And where was it did I hear somebody say that here this morning or last night or somewhere else maybe pastor Wesson shared You'd be surprised no no no it's the testimony you showed last night and into some of them in a stink everybody knows and into we all know it oh yeah the image we're all familiar with that you know how many Christians don't know anything about Dan and to this guy grown up in the Reform Church been active in the Reform Church he's like this incredible never heard this before what why are we telling everybody that's what he said to me and never forget that it was I opening to him because again it's verifiable by outsider extra biblical sources so the reason that we speak we share the prophecies is it gives people confidence in the Bible in the God of the Bible it gives them evidence to rest their faith on. The Lord doesn't expect us to believe without evidence and prophecy is 1 of the strongest evidences God gives us and he is who he says. A lot of studies on. It too including mine includes Isaiah $46.00 turn there with me as a $46.00 and look at verse 9 this is really an interesting passage Isaiah $46.00 and verse 9. Bible says Remember the former things of old or I am God and what there is no other I am God and there is none like me so god sets out right here the beginning of this verse and says look I'm God uniquely there is none other like me now is about to give us the reason that he's making this claim and there's probably a lot of reasons that he could give right we could go as well as God because of this because this because of this because this because his creator would bring that up because but notice what he says I am God there is none other none like me. Verse 10 declaring what the and the from the beginning and from ancient times what it would that mean just from previously from the whole before from. Ancient times things that are not yet done with with it with you talking about time or predicting right a time a prophecy so God could say anything that a lot of things he could I'm a creator but he doesn't say that he says this is what makes me different I can predict the future and it happens just like I say and so this when we study prophecy it's an evidence that God has given to people to humanity of. Who he is that we can trust in Him So let's look at Daniel 2 specifically here let's turn our Bibles now when you give a study of the engine to. Again most of your studies are going to run the same course I look at the In fact you might want to pull this 1 out because I'm going to run through it quickly after I make some explanation a 1st lesson in the set can God be trusted if there's a lesson in Daniel 2 and just have it ready because I'm going to refer to that but I want you to open your Bible study to know Daniel 2 is a different kind of study because it's what we call a narrative OK That just means instead of going from 1 verse to another topic Lee were you looking at what the Bible says on a certain topic you're reading through a passage and so it makes for a different kind of study I'm not jumping around in the Bible so much as I'm going you know right through this story and I'm going to tell you that if you're going to sit down and give a study on the end of 2 you're probably not going to have the time to go through and break down the whole chapter there's really a lot in the chapter that sets up the story. Which. Yeah. Yeah for a 1st study it's great because you're not going around too much you to it's right people lot of people are not real familiar with the Bibles I want to take this off of here. And I'm going to write up on the board before I go through this 4 key points that I want to convey when I'm giving a study on Daniel to OK So this lesson let's see what do we have here this lesson has 16 questions I don't have 16 key points and I'm trying to make an end to what is what is it that I'm wanting to establish in my study of Daniel to number 1 and you'll see I'll explain each 1 of these Number 1 I want the background and the setting of this prophecy that is going to be important when I'm teaching and I'll explain each 1 of these Number 2 I want to show how this prophecy predicts for empires. Of Babylon Herschel Greece and Rome that's what that means saving my time to sell some writing time. I also want to go over how the prophecy predicts Rome's division and subsequent. Fair old. Efforts to reunite and lastly I want to show how in the prophecy it says that in the days. Of divided Europe priced will return and establish. His Kingdom and I would put eternal kingdom except for I don't want to keep writing and I'll flesh each 1 of these things out now there are applications that will be made when you give this study but you can't make the applications you know in other words I'm wanting it the end of the study and not wanting them just to know that the Bible foretold Babylon to meet every person Greece and Rome I'm wanting them to believe that the Bible is God's word that it can be trusted that God knows the future and everything else but I can't convey that properly if they don't get this so we're talking about key points in a study we're taught particular doctrine we're talking about what needs to be clear in their mind to make the application that you're wanting to make there are details in Daniel 2 that I could throw up a bunch of other details on here that would be neat interesting side points but these are the points they have to understand if we're going to make the application and they're going to see that Divine Divinity of Christ in the prophecy where they have that moment realize wow but the Bible for Told the future and it happened just like the Bible says. So those are my key points and here's how I'm going to go about that and Daniel Chapter 2 you'll notice there's a lot that I'm saying in this 1st session that will be kind of it's going to go with the rest of the sessions are kind of introductory for all the studies that we're going to be talking about all the things that you give. But all of your studies have an angle for example when we do the law of God study when I present the law of God in an evangelistic series which is you know similar a lot of times just set the study up like what approach I'm going to take so I've taken the approach of morality sometimes if this world is immoral write the Bible predicted it 2nd Timothy tells us that in the last days perilous times to come a member be lovers of themselves boastful proud covetous you may be familiar with that passage of pleasure more than lover of God All of these things the Bible talk about the last days of it being a very immoral society so sometimes I'll take that angle and I'll say why is it so immoral How do we know what's right or wrong how do we what's our standard of morality Well the world doesn't seem to have a standard of morality everybody's standard is different you say 1 thing I say another thing they say another thing but God has a standard of morality a moral compass if you will know that's the 10 commandment law got so sometimes I'll use that to lead into the study on the law of God and the importance of the law of God but that isn't the study itself and every reason to bring that up is you'll get into certain lessons and there are always a few verses that may bring you into the main points OK there's a framework I'm a Brit coming to the main point by going to is a a 46 and that we just read in showing how new guy gives prophecy as an evidence and usually there are a few other passages I'll go into and so will say so let's jump into this prophecy and see how it works. You need to understand that when you're when you're comes to giving studies because you'll notice that every lesson you get into is going to take an approach but when you get into the core of the lesson you're going to be down to the same basic points OK and if you get into writing your own studies you're going to probably do something similar where you're going to say what angle am I going to present this from and that kind of thing you know that'll do the more studies you give the more that will you understand what I'm saying there now I want to jump in the Daniel 2 I'm going to give you 5 minutes before I do that so anyway let's take 5 minutes and then come back here and then we'll jump into the and go through explain these points here OK if folks we want to get back at it because we're close to wrapping up I had a very good question during the break and actually it's been repeated so I want to spend our time with that I'm going to start with prayer and write about your hands with me please. Heavenly Father I thank you so much again for the privilege we have of coming together to study you we ask again for your Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth to guide us into truth give us clarity of understanding confidence in your word where we ask it in Jesus name Amen. OK Now the question came up I want to take your binder I want to point out something in the binder. The beginning section of the binder just the 1st front back page is the outline for a presentation I gave at a c This year you can go to audio Verse dot org and get a copy and you can listen to the whole thing or you can just go over the notes I mean the notes are pretty clear but if you want more explanation you can get that on our universe now if you keep turning. I'm going to explain the the Bible Doc's marking lesson codes and all that stuff that should be on like your 3rd page in I'm sorry the studies aren't numbered because it's there they're put in here as. The way I printed my Bible Doc studies you can do it on a front back piece of paper and then I have notes that might go along with it and that 1st 1 you'll see in the bottom so you see an index on the left of all the Bible Doc studies that are in here and then you'll see the 1st Bible docs want to 1 Daniel 2 you can trust the Bible you see that just a few pages in OK Now you'll notice at the beginning of every Bible Doc study I have texts at the top that are used in the study that's for marking purposes explain that later on this morning. Then you have the study itself which is a question answer study remember I told you I usually start with as a 46 you see it there now if you go past that there's a section called difficult text in objection. You see that OK in the 1st question was already objection that's brought up is Daniel wasn't written by Daniel or Daniel was written later this is a common challenge and we're going to do this with each topic we look at there are for some studies you won't have a lot of challenge or a lot of objections to it but there are certain studies like when you get into the Sabbath and law there's all kinds of well look at a lot more there's not a lot that comes up on Daniel but there are a few and this is 1 of the ones that comes up people will say well look Daniel here's the thing you're going to show me how Daniel predicted the rise of and fall of Babylon and Persia and Greece and Rome and then Romans division Well the reason is that Daniel wasn't written by Daniel was written by somebody else later on who pretended to be Daniel and he actually was just writing history that had already happened how many of you heard this before OK now. There are a couple ways to easily disprove this 1st of all and I've done this with people who people will say well you know Daniel was written by Daniel critics have come up even given saying that. Why do you think people make that challenge I want you think about a permit Why would somebody say that. OK What's another way if you don't want to believe in other words if what's another argument you could give what's the easiest argument you could give against Daniel if you didn't believe it here's a prediction that the Bible said would happen what's the eat that it didn't happen right that's hogwash that never happened why are they given that argument because it did happen is 1 of the strongest evidence is in favor of D.N.A. to the critics can even come up with the argument that says it didn't happen because it did happen so they got to come up with say OK the only other explanation is that it could have Couldn't been written before it happened it had to be written after but there's a big problem and the big problem is the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls because the Dead Sea Scrolls found copies of Daniel that were in existence in $200.00 B.C. OK So the critics the best they can do is say that the Book of Daniel was written in the 2nd century B.C.. Because we have it we have it we have the evidence OK now we don't have a copy that we can prove existed in 600 B.C. when Daniel lived where we have 200 B.C. and when you're in 200 B.C. you still have much of the prophecy yet unfulfilled so sometimes I'll give the print the personal challenge will say look I'll give you the benefit of the doubt let's just say it was written in 2nd century B.C. how the author that you say isn't Daniel have written everything that he did beyond 200 B.C. and been pinpoint on it it's accurate because his prediction says that the deceased scroll saw read they can't put it later than 200 B.C. And so even if it was written in as late as 200 B.C. you still have the Rise and Fall of the Greek empire the Roman Empire the division of the Roman Empire and the attempts to pull back the kingdom together which will cover in just a minute OK So there's a couple other evidences Now that's that's from that's from archaeology biblically Jesus in Matthew $24.00 says in Matthew 2415 when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the guy who wrote the book of Daniel anybody know the text book it up as ever Jesus says he doesn't say that's right and say by the guy who wrote the end he says by Daniel the prophet so Jesus attests to Daniel's authorship of Daniel now here's the To me this is 1 of the funniest ones and these are all listed here you have all listed here at the top and that difficult in that 1st answer critics who argue that Daniel Here's 1 of the biggest arguments Daniel couldn't have been written by Daniel himself no you have to understand that Daniel the Book of Daniel how many of you know what language the Old Testament was written. OK primarily Hebrew. OK in the New Testament Greek book portions of the Old Testament were written in Aramaic OK And did you know from Daniel Chapter 2 all the way to Daniel Chapter 7 was written in Aramaic and I'll cover that significance a little bit later this week but they argue the critics will argue this that the language the Aramaic the language you know languages change over time and the Aramaic language that Daniel used was not 6 century B.C. Aramaic it didn't match and so Daniel couldn't have been written by Daniel in the 6th century because the type of Aramaic he used did not match the language in use at that time among the common people and that's what the critics will tell you now I'm going to tell you what they leave out here's what they leave out neither does it match 2nd century Aramaic you know it does match it match a 6th century B.C. Imperial Aramaic the kind of language in the tone in the end and that what I'm looking for the dialect that would have been used in the palaces were to do any work in the 6th century So I mean we have Archelaus we have linguistic evidence so the very linguistic evidence that these guys say Oh Daniel it doesn't fit it doesn't fit in the 6th century doesn't fit in a 2nd century there on that scale as far as his the common Aramaic but the language of Daniel perfectly matches the 6 century Aramaic used in the Empire and the palaces of Babylon and Persia. Which is where Daniel was when he wrote the book of Daniel. But like I say a person can argue that so I don't believe it fine that's called 2nd century B.C. How do you predict the rise in the fall of the other empires that would come the breakup of Rome I mean look you have world conquest Kingdom after Kingdom after Kingdom all the world has ever known is 1 conquers another here come the Persians and they conquer the Babylonians right before the Babylonians it was the Assyrians rightly pick up with Babylon in prophecy because Ghazi are weighing in on his people and that interaction so the Assyrians were conquered by the Babylonians the Babylonians conquered by the Persians then the Greeks conquered the Persians and the Romans conquered the Greeks Now we come to Rome who's going to conquer Rome the pattern has been the nation gets conquered but now all of a sudden a new thing happens Rome isn't conquered Rome becomes corrupted because it's all love for ease and pleasure and it fragments and Germanic tribes come in from the north and they sack Roman is divided up now if you're going with prediction Have you ever predicted anything before I'm not talking about you know like OK this is what I'm just saying Have you ever tried to say I think this is what's going to happen what do you base a prediction on. Previous history a pattern right you look for a pattern you say based on this pattern I think well who could have possibly predicted that that 4th empire that was stronger than all the others would fragment into pieces it's just it's just not logical that somebody would say OK there's going to be there's going to be here's you know Daniel's day OK King this is going to go it's going to happen you can have empires you can have your the Empire BABYLON You can have 3 more empires are going to conquer just like they always have but you know when you get that 4th 1 nobody's going to conquer it it's going to divide up it doesn't make sense you understand I'm saying. It gives credibility to Daniel because it's a kind of prediction that nobody would predict. Right it's the long shot it's like you'd never know know it's going to divide up what has never happened before though it's going to divide up into 10 toes now there are people today who will argue the division of Rome and how many parts it was divided into it that there aren't 10 divisions today those those divisions became the modern nations of Europe in this far more than 10 but I believe originally there were 10 and I believe that's why those 10 toes on the image and 10 horns we see in the end but I don't people there are things that people can argue people will say people may argue that and say well how do you know there are 10 toes how can you verify that well you got a lot of different if you if you're used to reading history you'll know the historians don't always agree with each other there are some things that are clear than others here's what you need to understand there are certain point sometimes that you can concede in a Bible study because it really doesn't matter for example and I'm not trying to pick on our speaker but bore went over the other morning about the Sabbath and we did Sabbath begin that 1st Sabbath or you know we rested 1st never as never an issue I'm going to get into a Bible study it's irrelevant to demonstrating that the Sabbath is a 7 day you understand I'm saying in other words there are certain things that people may pick at and try to throw at you that really don't make a difference so somebody says well I don't believe Rome is right in a 10 parts OK fine it was still divided it was still divided the point of the prophecy is Rome would be divided now let's I'm commenting on that let's look at Daniel and. Go to dinner too with me and when you're when it when that when a point number 1 the background and setting of the prophecy This is not taking a lot of time sometimes I'll go into Daniel Chapter 1 so if you look in your bible at Daniel 1 it tells us right there in the beginning in the what. 3rd year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Juda never can as her king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it hey that 3rd year of Jehovah come was in 6 o 5 B.C. just so you understand this because it will come into play this is 1 of those things that people will try to trip you up with some time we use a Gregorian calendar that calendar runs from January through December the Persians and the Babylonians and the Israelites did not use Gregorian calendar OK and their calendars would run from our fall to fall or spring to spring that the Jews had to calendars had a spring to spring religious calendar and then a fall to fall civil calendar for the government and so what you'll find out by it when you're reading a real I don't want to say I don't want to say credible but when you get into historical dates sometimes you'll find this date here being listed like this it won't be just 1 little nice neat 6 o 5 because it runs across the limits of our calendar so sometimes you get into this this week we talk about 202200 a prophecy in the beginning of that and some other people will say well this history book says this state this history book says whatever OK fine you find that most of your prophecies aren't real dependent on like 605 B.C. for Babylon I'm not dependent on that to prove that Daniel predicted the rise and fall of 4 empires the division of the 4th the attempts to reach unite and those attempts have all failed you understand my main point so people might pick up stuff and you've got to learn and someplace to say fine that's not the point of the study but it also can help you to know that they may be understanding these prophetic dates from a Gregorian calendar not understanding that different civilizations use different calendars and we do now I'm going to tell you I. You know I get into those discussions with administers or people who simply just don't want to believe no matter what you do OK sometimes we get all worked up if you have a person in the seeking for truth you'll know the difference then I'm going to nit pick stuff OK And so I'm saying that because when I put some of this stuff up you're like OK you got to remember all this you know it'll probably never come up in any study who ever gives but it's good to know there's an answer and that's why I share it because you you could you might forget all that you like I know there's an answer for this and look call me up e-mail me get in a go to your pastor or whatever else and say you know I know there's something if you if you ever get in that situation but no there's a good explanation for it doesn't take away from the crux of the prophecy so sometimes I'll go him. Chapter 1 and just give a little background as to the timing of Daniel because the prophecy gains its force from the fact that it's prediction right I mean if we read it today and that's what happened some time to really lose some of the force of it is it becomes in our mind like a history it's not history it's prophecy and we've got to remember it was written in all this detail that we're reading before any of it ever happened and so when I'm giving a prophecy when I'm giving this Bible study I've got it that's all we're talking about here is giving the background and setting letting them understand that is Daniel was taken captive into Babylon with his people and this whole situation comes up and never can has or has this dream We're back in 600 B.C. before this stuff ever happened and never can as or has a dream and so your studies are going to walk you through some of the narrative of never can is Dream who gave God. Gave it away who gave never going to see his dream. It's interesting and there's there's so many interesting things to bring in from Daniel that are practical Christian things that I'm not going to get into now but you know never can as I had all this dependence on as wise men as astrologers and a soothsayer and evidently they had a real convincing way of explaining dreams and things like that so God says watch this I'm going to give him a dream that he can't remember right he comes in and says he had this dream I was out this field and the wind was blowing and I said and this in astrologers come in and say. Yeah I think that field represented kingdom of such and such and then I mean you come up with anything right and evidently it was very convincing until this but the king could not remember the dream Well these guys know all the answers right so should be hard for them they're always coming up with the interpretation now to be able to come up with a dream to write and they couldn't the Bible says if you look at Janet chapter 2 verse 10 Look at verse 9 well where in the man he says the king says if you do not make known the dream to me there is only 1 decree for you for you have agreed to what to speak long in corrupt words before me till the time was change or has changed therefore tell me the dream and I shall know what you can give me the interpretation what's happened is now that they can't give the dream the king is questioning these guys ever were being honest with him he says you guys have been lying to me because if you weren't lying to me you could tell me with a dream so God is shaking his faith in all of his religious gurus let me tell you something when you're giving Bible studies the same God of heaven will shake the pay think of the people you're starting with in their religious cures I've had it happen people go back and they talk to I'm going to go back and talk to my pastor and guess what their pastor can't give you an answer from the bottom and this person is laypersons come in the house studying the Bible with them can give me answers from he has a way of shaking faith just like he did in in this situation within. Well long and short of it the King has a dream he forgets his dream nobody can tell him the dream but Daniel and the study any Bible study going to set that up with question answer and then we come to Daniel sharing with the king the dream in the interpretation and so in verse $31.00 now 1 I should say this 1 verse that this particular study doesn't bring out and 1 that I might insert in a study and I'm wrote wrote a note of it and here is verse 28 where the Bible says there is a God in heaven who reveal secrets and he has made known to King that it can as or what will be when in the latter days already we know the vision is reaching into the latter days that can be important in the study but even then this study doesn't bring that out and it still makes the point. But we come to verse 31 and this is where you have the dream where Daniel tells the dream and describes what the king saw I saw this great image and what is the image of Daniel to look like you say like this. Right head of gold chest and arms of silver belly and thighs of brass or bronze legs of iron feet of iron and clay right we're just going through the studies going to go through and ask these questions and establish again it's a narrative so it's kind of a read through in your studies breaking it up but when Daniel shares with never can as a dream and never can as a recognizes the dream is a dream of an image made up of different metals and then the feet were made of iron clay and what happened to the image. And now this is interesting to me and it's something that sometimes I bring on later on it says that there is what well how was it what happened to the image. Broken by OK there is a rock What does the Bible specifically say about that rock. Says there was a rock a stone. And it doesn't its doesn't say that in the in the initial part of the vision just as a stone. Struck the image and became a great mountain so says in verse 35 in the are in the clay the bronze I'm sorry no it doesn't verse 34 you watch while the stone was cut out without hands just tells us it was not a human thing that was done the stone is representing something else which the Bob's going to tell us about in a struct the image on a sphere of our own claim broke them in pieces and what happened to the pieces says they were what So let me ask it this way did the stone hit the the feet and then the image kind of topple like this and break into 4 large chunks What does the Bible say look like. Kate is a may know its half is ever seen a grain like yeah if you have a grain like we in there's an outer hole and so they would go to something called a threshing floor and they would be there would thrash the grain and the grain would fall out of the head and then the chaff the like airy part. Would come and he was fall in the threshing floor and then they'd use what was called away doing fan of his back in Bible times you see this language and then you got more modernized methods but the fan would blow away the chaff because it was light weight and the grain was heavy and so the grain would remain in the chaff and blow away OK So Daniel's using this imagery with the image even though it's all metal is ground up and then the wind comes and. How much of the image is left none of it OK The image as does the stone hit the image the image is polarized and every trace of it is gone now this can be important from a standpoint of they're Christians who believe that when Jesus comes again he's going to establish an earthly kingdom here and we never heard that. It did there's going to be a seeker rapture and then the Saints are to be taken to Heaven and then he is going to come back and they're going to stab he's going to have an earthly kingdom right here with the kingdoms of this world as they are OK but then you too tells us that the Kingdom is that this world are going to be completely blown away OK So there are just little points that that. There's a lot in the prophecies obviously that I don't bring that up in a study so should we bring it up here as 1 of those little side points so the great sometimes I'll go through this portion of a study you day see the dream and I ask the person so what it never can ASEAN have the receipt that was on it what it looked like it was a head made out of wood of the chest and arms anyway but it's pretty straightforward especially if you have a picture in their study and I got an idea of what that is now do you know goes and gives the interpretation and this is where I want to 0 in on something Daniel says in verse 36 this is the dream and now he will tell the interpretation of it before the King and I don't want you to miss verse 37 this I always emphasize when I give the study you okaying are what you OK in our. Verse 37 a king of kings not our just ask you right off what is a King of Kings What's the 1st thing you think of. God or Christ right because that's a title that goes to him but it's not talking about Christ talk about Nebuchadnezzar. OK And I asked people this so King and King Oh yes talk about Jesus knows not talk about Jesus so why would you call now because the King of Kings what is a king of kings. He's a we're ruler now this is key because we're 1 of you so here's the Bible predicting. There's this image in this image it's going to go on to tell us is representing these nations OK verse $37.00 this will do or read the 1st $37.00 to $39.00. You are king of kings for the God of Heaven has given you a kingdom power strength and glory and where are the children of men dweller the beast of the field in the birds of the have and he has given them into your hand and has made you ruler over them all you are this head of gold so here in the interpretation we see that never can is or is that of gold and right right now we may just think now because of the king himself is what is represented by the head until we come to the next verse but after you shall arise what another kingdom so the language right there tells us that when we're talking about Nabokov as years ahead of gold we're not talking about never can as or himself but what his kingdom. But there's going to come another kingdom inferior to yours then a 3rd kingdom a kingdom of bronze which will rule over all the earth OK so we know we're dealing with the image as a representation of coming kingdoms following that now what kingdoms are we looking for and this is why this is where I had to go. Not the head of gold but the King of Kings a King of Kings or king over the other kings means this is the he is the head honcho he is the big cheese he's the king over everything so in other words we're not just dealing with some small nation somewhere we're dealing with a world that dominating empire that's why he's called the King of Kings and when it talks about the conquering kingdoms that come it says a 2nd kingdom is going to come a kingdom of silver and then he 3rd kingdom of bronze which shall What is the language say which shall rule was how much of the earth. OK this is important when you're trying to point to extra biblical sources it gives us a little stability and solidifies your study because you're making the point here's a Bible predicting what kind of kingdom is going to come never can is the King of Kings he's a world empire Well let's just ask the question Do the history books I mean this is the Bible this is something written in 600 B.C. OK does the Bible bear out. That does history rather bear out what the Bible saying that now because it's going to be a world ruler Yeah Babylon was a world empire OK What about Persia is a bible bear that out or does world history rather Yes what about the next 1 says a 3rd kingdom of groans was Babylon conquered by another empire Yes it was and that empire was me to Persia was made of Persia conquered by a world empire Yes it was that was the empire of Greece and I can go outside the Bible to a history book and I can find that now we're not talking about world empires we're talking about some small little civilization it might be harder now to verify it that's the beauty of D.N.A. too it's not hard to find a world empire oh world let's see world dominating Empire who would that be see who conquered you know you can go back and anybody can see that that's why the critics are like know how to be in $200.00 B.C. because it's so plain so the 3rd king going to rule over all the earth and then he says a 4th kingdom shall be as strong as Zion in as much as our breaks in peace and shadows everything in that like iron crushes it cetera it's going to crush all the others so again you've got the 4th world empire and then the Bible begins to describe the division and says the kingdom is going to be divided. Verse $42.00 as the toes of the feet were partly environment partly place clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile and as you saw Iron mix with ceramic clay they will what they will mean gold with the seed of men but they will not add here to 1 another they're not going to stick just as iron does not mix with Clay and I like to ask sometimes that if you put some iron in a bucket and you put clay in a bucket and you stir it and Stourton stir it how long you have to stir it before you make wire and you won't because you can't make yron because it doesn't stick it doesn't mean will together and the Bible's using this imagery to say that Rome is going to be divided up so we go back in history and when we finally see Rome divided in fact have a handout I'll give it to you after the after the lunch that gives you a parallel of dinner to 70 and it gives you those 10 divisions of Rome initially Rome would be divided what we see that happened and it became what we know as the modern nations of Europe and then the Bible says they're going to try to and here together right I mean who doesn't want to be a world empire and we've seen that throughout history we've seen people like the Kaiser's of Germany and specifically Wilhelm and we see and you know some of these names like. The pole in. Charlotte mean in some of these other just a few people who have tried to come in you reunite Europe right and there's talk today some is accurate some not about European Union and other attempts to unite Europe but what does the Bible say. This is not going to cleave together not going to stick together just like iron doesn't stick with Clay a point that I like to bring up just for verification of history is interesting to me I mention Keyser Have you heard the term Kaiser before OK I'm not talking about ready there but it comes from that you guys are rules what have you but the Kaiser's of of of Germany it was a title like likes like you know like Nepal like. The told me is in Egypt right you have the Kaiser's Kaiser means Caesar Why would the Germans adopt a name that meant Caesar as a title because they wanted the last what was the last remaining world empire was ruled by the Caesars. And so we're going to call ourselves Kaiser's right in Russia they have czars What do you think the words Army says or why they're dumping his name because the Bible said it and we see history bearing it out that everything the Bible said would happen Indiana to happen everything has happened to this point and all the attempts to reunite have happened just like the Bible said way back in 600 B.C. and here we are living in 2708 D. and everything is happened you can find no fault in this prophecy everything has happened just exactly like the bible said would happen every attempt to reunite has failed there's 1 thing left to happen what is the 1 thing if that stone kingdom that is going to come and crush all the others and fill the whole earth and it's going to stand forever and I love the way that Daniel finishes up in verse 45 is the dream is certain and its interpretation is sure when you share this study with somebody and they grasp the significance of it it brings them face to face with the Divine there was a divine hand over human history. And this is where you help to make the application that as much as there's been a divine hand over human history that divine hand is the hand of a personal God and that divine hand has been over your history and your future if God knows the future of nations and can predict him with such accuracy does he know your future what does he have in plan for you and 1 think this so there's a few different ways you can go when you come to the end of the Daniel stuff there's always an application like OK we see that the Bible has said all these things this is where I can make application now now are we willing to look at this and accept that the Bible is more than just a book written by men that there's a divine and behind it that is the inspired word of God a God who knows the future and knows my future in your future does that give me confidence in the Word of God or at least an interest to say I'm willing to continue studying the Word of God to understand it better as generally are people when you come to you're going to have 3 different appeals that come at the end of the end of 2 there's that as far as trusting the word of God there's another 1 that has to do with can you see where we are in the image and you've probably heard people say that the toenails at this point were way down at the end right we've seen everything else happen where are we in history we're down at the end time we're just about to see the coming of Christ if the prophecy is correct and we've seen that every other part is correct you know what it does to a person when they realize Jesus is coming soon makes them think about things different right in the in the in the last appeal that I like to make on this is you know we've seen these world empires and in a study you might have a little more time when you're actually going to the study to embellish a little Baelish but how great was BABYLON How great was Persia I mean in the IT in the day the new if you lived in these kingdoms what what. What would it have been like were they just a little passing kingdoms these were the greatest kingdoms of the world right. To It was it 2 of the $72.00 of the wonders of the ancient world 1 at least 1 was in an ancient Babylon the Hanging Gardens of Babylon you got these magnificent kingdoms if you had lived then it would have seemed like the kingdom would last forever you lived in Persia would have felt like your kingdom was going to last forever the greatest most powerful most influential kingdoms of this world have come and gone and God has predicted it the whole time the whole time when it looked like Babylon would last forever and look like Greek Greece would last forever and Persia and Rome God said it's not going to work they're going to fail there's only 1 kingdom that last forever and I like to ask people which kingdom are you investing your life and. Now we're living well we were in America just like all the others look at the great kingdom I would probably have a few more signs now that America's got its challenges but the point is this why did God give this visionary can as Or why did he give it to dinner why does he give it to you and me so that we can choose to invest ourselves in the 1 kingdom that lasts forever. So I get down to the end of the study I don't want to person say oh that's really cool I want them to say yeah I see that there's a God behind the bio I want to commit myself to that I want to commit myself at least learning more about him I want them to be able to say I see that if this prophecy is happening just like a 7 Jesus coming soon I want to be ready for that coming I want that person be able to say I want to invest myself in the kingdom of Jesus eternal kingdom and stop investing myself in the kingdoms of this world that are going to fail right and so when you get to the end that's your appeal is going to be able to talk about this more. After lunch but you kind of get the gist let's we're we went over so let's go ahead and dismiss and we can pick up some more. Afterwards thank you for your time and attention and let's pray you get hungry as about lunchtime on the just perfect sun sign and Amen hey this afternoon as per the rain holds off Let's pray together father haven't we do thank you so much for the testimony of your word lord everything has happened just as you said it would and father you've given that to us just to give us more confidence in who you are to give us more confidence in your word the word of truth that it may separate us that it may sanctify Aswad that set us apart as your holy people last us to that end Lord as we go from here and as we come back together to study you word I just pray that your Holy Spirit will continue to guide us and blesses in a mazing ways during this can't meaning we ask you pray it all in Jesus' name for his see in. 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