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1. Introduction

Jay Peterson




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Our father result thankful that you have given to your messenger Isle of Wight to tell us about what's coming down the pike for his last days to thank you for your bible also tells us they were still think that you were raised up Jay Petersen to help us with these last days only wilderness survival in these last days and we ask that you'll blossom this entire week and during this meeting right now I will start things off in your name I pray. A man. OK OK Gary told you my name's Jay Peterson. Tomorrow I'll get into more of my current entrails today I wanna. Do something special that I did haven't done the other 2 days the other 2 times I was here and. I go to a lot of churches and do the seminars to do and after several years even different states. 1 of the things that that I run into is that among Scuds people there's a fear of what's coming anybody here willing to admit that you know they have some level of fear about what's going to happen yeah I know a lot of you probably know him him but this is the truth I find everywhere Lord has given me a wonderful job to do. The things that he has given me to do is I get to help squash that fear OK I saw her going to work on this week I get to 2 ways what is sort of her own today is that. I get to. Get to turn your fearfulness to the Lord OK that's what we're going to try to do today so let postscript talk to ya. OK the 2nd phase I get to do. As I get to give you techniques on how to live their lives in the end times and a lot of people. You know we're so use for Wal-Mart Meyer and places like that that we've lost a lot of the skills that the Indians use to have that's what I've been interested in for 30 years now and so that's what I get to teach and still I don't do it. You know but reading through my Bible I just was finishing up the Gospels. And I remember. The gospels talk about me spline alongside the road. And Jesus was coming along. And he found out that it was Jesus and He calls out you know to the point where you see you make a spectacle. They're trying to show you Jesus to me. When he goes to Jesus Jesus ask him what do you want me to do for you. The man replies Lord I would like to be. Hard I would like my Heidi's to be. All of us sit here this morning have a certain amount. Of her clothes and that is my prayer today. Heis will be opened and we will learn what God wants us to know for this time to come so this bar heads for another there father. Thank you that you've told us what's going to happen. Ask you to handle our fear. Also Lord this week teach us how to live here when we have not so so be with us this morning and Super Tuesday and. OK there's a lot of fear. Couple different reasons. 1 is that we already know that Jesus is solace Daniel a soloist that there's going to be a time of trouble. This time of trouble Jesus said it's going to be worse than any other time of trouble and it's going to be worse than any other time of trouble will be a lot of people here that need shutter. You know are. Our local police forces are going to be and we know that God's people are going to be on the brunt of the what our military is going to be and I hunted. And so you know there's a lot of stuff that's going to be going on. Basically. When I have a session I do or it's and I work on the guy there we have a person that's in the green very and. He told us that currently right now our military and our police forces they have the ability to shut a whole city down in 10 minutes nobody and nobody. I've had people ask you know. Are you teach. And I told you no. Our military has the ability to see you even in this building if they're all side OK Our military has satellites up there and the satellites can see from several 100 miles up they can read a postage stamp in the middle of the road through the clouds OK. If God does not do something with their equipment you're not going to hide from them it's not going to happen. So that doesn't that isn't 1 of the things that I teach Hey although I know how to do it I have their manuals and I've seen what they teach it is the God's idea. Will you some stories today. Probably going to be familiar with the stories you mean out of thought of. In the way that we're going to use them. OK but. There was a there was a time when the King of Assyria. And he had built up an army. And this army was the best to her me in the whole world at the time he had conquered all the other harmonies and he even conquered a lot of israel OK this is a time when Israel and I had taken Spart of Israel and split part of taken her eyes off. And they've lost this protection and it's guidance and this this army was able to overtake them. The King of Assyria he decides that he's got as I said under Hussam. King Hezekiah was there at the time and so he marches his general over there with his army and his general gets to the wall and he starts talking bad about gun and how you guys you can't trust your lawyer because he's not going to say who you can't trust in Egypt he's not going to say they're not see you and he was talking about God did not say the other ones of Israel. 1 of the things that I've seen in scriptures if you if you challenge God. That's when he does speak things OK And so the general was talking to his or lights and their tongue and their representatives the King has a Tai-Chi had somehow had told these guys don't talk and talk near mate because then he's on or stand and the general says no I want them to hear this too and he keeps on talking bad about. Well. The 3 representatives the king OK And so now I come back Hezekiah and they tell him what what this general is planning on doing. Is so Hezekiah writes a letter. And he says this letter or the Prophet. In a prophet Isaac is this letter he takes it and he Supreme. At the same time as Kai is over at the temple and he's praying. Because this army. Out there is the best army in the world and he knew that for them to go against an army that was impossible for 1. So I say goes to God and he gets an answer from God and he says the answer back and Hezekiah I guess that he takes that back to the temple and he lays it down he serene. And I say. God has said. God has. That this army will not be too slow so there frak God is going to put a ring in their homes and he's going to lead them back to where they came from OK because they are talkin smack against God. That night God sends 1. Into that camp. And that 1 again Joe in the middle of the night. The steroid 185000 soldiers. Now we have a story of Egypt and Angel went into Egypt and the only thing we hear there that 1 people were realizing when you could hear the crying from inside out was this 1 seems like when you read it that this was actually more like a hand to hand thing that this angel was doing with this army because it talks about the king coming out in the morning and when he come outside he saw the corpses out there and saw 1 angel 185 very best trained soldiers of that time no 1 else could overdo up even with another army and 1 agent was able to do that. Another story I want to tell king of Syria. He was serious he said that he wanted to overtake the king of Israel and so he was laying plans and then he was trying to set these traps in the traps that he would set every time Israel heard. Didn't take too many times and the king of Syria realizes I've got a traitor group and so he pulls his group together. And he sets them up and says OK every time I try to do something the Cain Israel knows what I'm doing I want to know which 1 of you are telling him what we're going to do. While they realize there's a major trouble for them. As so right away they said well it's not us this is telling became Israel what you do. It's the king is the prophet Josh or. So then. So then the king says oh there's America fact they tell him that not only is he telling you he hears things that you're planning but he's even tonic King things that you're talking about in your bedroom OK you're better. And so. And so the king says OK well where is he where is he and they said oh he's And both he and both their right King says. Pull together army I want you to go to Dothan and I want you to capture him and bring him back here OK So the army goes there not get the doeth and in the middle of the night they surround the city surround the city and in the morning. The servant. It's up goes outside and he sees this massive army all the way around the city and he knows that they're there for the profit. So he goes into the prophet and he says what are we going to do. He was afraid was me what are we going to do there there I know there are you. Proud. If you guys have a stick you know bad if they go home get 1 a prophet looks a servant and he said our side is numbers their side our side numbers their side and then he prays the service ice appeal and the Serb walks outside and he sees that army is still there but the way around that army is another army of angels and fire he chariots OK our side numbers their side is a stick you know right there on top our side numbers there side and then underneath that put a 1 and a slash and 185000 and then a stick that on your dash your car make another 1 put it on your fridge you're taken oh and put it on your dresser put on a door knob whatever door you're used but those are everywhere and hang on the US are side numbers their side and just 1. Of our side. Was able to do 185000 of the very best trained soldiers at that time he quipped. You know. It's going to be a lot of danger in this time coming. And I worry much for how some of the asked well. Are you going to teach us how to hide are you going to teach us how to evade. And I took no. Israelites they were out. Wandering in the wilderness and as they were wandering the 1 point they finally lost sight. And they saw her room 1 and snakes right. Now there are lights we don't know exactly their numbers but we know they are somewhere around a 1000000 half to 2 1000000 strong. Many snakebites does it take to get a group of a 1000000 and a half excited and run the most as well I mean help me take. You know how often asked this question and then my wife and I were read I think as Peter profits. She tells us that almost every tent had some has been snake OK. So they go to Moses Moses Moses you got to do something where we're in trouble here enough to get everybody's attention and God had an answer didn't eat he did have an answer did he OK what I want to look at 1st is what the answer was not 1st law God's answer was how much it take to make an image to the snake how much you put it on a pole and I want you to lift it up. Who is that. Jesus he said if I be lifted up just like that snake Hey So 1st of all I want to look at what God's answer was not. A God's answer was not to teach the Israelites how to handle poisonous snakes that was not his answer was. OK it was not to teach them how to handle the danger God's answer was not to teach the Israelites how to make an antidote for the poison that was not his answer here was it his answer was that if you were betting What were you to do here to look and if you looked what would happen you would live. Right and sticky you know too if I look I don't live there was a group of guys that was in a boat some of these guys are fishermen he's fishermen had been a Stars before. And this time a storm brewed up they knew exactly what to do you know storm and. So they started doing what they do storm. I've done some fish and. I have a store. I haven't done it for a living and so these guys some of these guys have done this for a living they better start before. And accept that this storm this storm is different and we had it 1st or hey this storm is different this was more than any other storm and. The storm we're headed for is it going to be more than any storm has been OK these guys they do what they do and and still it wasn't enough. You know I talk about. Being on a boat or a ship. Get in a storm and look around and the other passengers at the other passengers get worried look on her face well that's 1 thing. But if you start looking at the crew and the crew starts kinda worried look on their face and that's something else and this crew doing everything they could do and all the stuff that's going on around them and they were not able to handle that stuff where they they finally get to the point when you read this in the book Mark Mark tells us that they have boat was already full of water and they're free and so they wake Jesus up when they wake him up Lord Lord that you care we're going to perish Jesus gets up now could Jesus see the storm. He could see the storm good he see that the boat was already full of water could he see the fear how their faces Yes he could and yet when he stands up he wakes up he stands he looks down and he asked the question why are you afraid. Of Jews is an asset question so that he get an answer a list from them. As to the stuff that was going on around the home that their own abilities were not able to handle that's not why he has the question he asked the question so that he could get their highs off themselves and their own inabilities to handle that stuff that was going on around down and turn their heist to him. And when they did that. Then Jesus turned and handled the stuff that they couldn't handle we are headed into a store jesus soul is going to be a bad 1 and the stuff that's going to happen we are not going bill hand on her own it's not going to happen what Jesus was us to do is to look and if we look what happens when he lives OK that's what he wants us to do you know me up here teaching you how to hate how to hide how to do all that for 1 thing I already know that you can't hide. For military service are going to be an honest you know you can't you know you're not going less God masses without equipment you're not going high. What he wants us to do is look to him. And then he would turn on and all that stuff. Remember that but another sticky you know look she's a song and all the stuff. That's what he wants us to do. You know. If we will follow what he's telling us to do. You know we probably can't even describe what's going on. Here OK. You know you can read a lot of things she's told us Jesus told us a lot that's going to happen. But think of this as he is able and he is willing to take care of his people OK he wants his people who look to him and he will get them through it you know yeah other stuff that's going to go on but you know we keep looking to him. You know he's talking about a wilderness and he wants his people to go to the wilderness and this week we're going to be talking we can stay out there and still exist and when his people are out there in the wilderness and things are getting really bad keep looking to him and keep looking to him and keep looking to him because he's going to handle it she talks about. Bands that are moving toward wilderness and she talks about some of these groups that are out to get those bands and some I want to jump the gun and she talks about. Hands. She talks about other little bands that are moving now to the wilderness and they're the other bands of bad people and they walk right past on and even right through them and they did you see. Hey that's God taking care of the stuff that is going around outside his people to take a hand. Hey keep your eyes look into him and keep your eyes look into him and pretty soon. We're going to see this little black cloud off in the east is what I'm talking. BLACKWELL gets closer and closer and it turns break white Cloris white and God's people recognize that. See that's the door that's east that way. Hey they recognize that you know our Bible tells us that point lift your eyes because your retention trot. They recognize that and they see it coming and he gets more glorious and they say Lord this is the people this is our God right there and he is coming and he will save us Thessalonians search going to be a shell and when it happens all the sudden God's angels take off and they go grab his people and they take his people and he cuts him up and Dad Christ tries to and they're caught up and all of us are taken to me Lord and. Keep your eyes turned to him he will handle stuff let's pray. I thank you for your protection I want to thank you for your love for your people want to thank you for the opportunity we learned some things a certain us we thank you that cloud is coming. And her who are sitting on the throne as he comes to be with us Opus remember that officer right our sticky notes a stick please remind us Lord. This is our prayer she just came out. OK I want a few announcements so. Today I'm trying my best to give you some things so that you will turn your eyes to him and look to him and he will handle that danger. The rest of the week there are a lot of people who don't know how to live well or more. A lot of people and. And I've actually been studying these things for 30 years and so I get to share these things that I've learned and how to live well or this and in the end times you know I talked to she talks about these bands and some of these bands that are moving out of this will end up meeting up with bigger beings that are already out there you know before you know like their lives through and I wouldn't mind being out or help and he's been. So during the rest of this week we're going to we're going to look into some things I can't. I can't hold everything and so there are 5 areas that are basic. We're going to cover those 5 areas you know never whenever somebody starts thinking about the time of trouble and they have to exist what is the 1st thing comes across to your mind. Otter Oh it's time I hear a food. You know OK so we're going to cover so there's a lot of things that you're going to run into that you're going to need a good news shelter. That's 1 of the things we'll cover that tomorrow. And actually we're here at 2 o'clock tomorrow at 350. Another thing you're going to need is water and I've heard many talk about water and we're going to go over water you know if we find water 1st lot of we find it and then if we do find it. Well is it safe. And if it's not safe well how do we make it safe. To see how the Tuesday. There we're going to be talking about I'm not sure to see what order but those are now the thing you go on as you go on some fire some point. You know. And so but if you're out there and don't have anything start a fire if you don't have a manager or BIC that's when the wife hey we're going to talk about several areas that have different kinds of fires in each area we're not going to talk about because we don't have our 15 minutes here normally that would take me a little over 2 hours to cover that but what I'm going to do is we have a table we're going to set up a side saw a quick leg run through things here and then we'll take some show and tell there and so we'll have another class come in here right after and so then we'll have some time where you can look over some show and tell if you want out there ask questions who do that kind of thing out there and so you know a lot of people want to see the fire stuff and while some stuff for water and food that's another thing people talk about oh we're going to. We're going to heat and so we're going to have a day we're talking about that and again that 1 that we're going have to sail through on the screen. 1 of the things that I do have is I do have a D.V.D. series and I will add those available on the. I don't think why I'm here tomorrow but he buy a sensor stick to get a D.V.D. even a specific subject or the whole group. So food is another thing. 1 of the things that nobody ever has. Scored each. Street rope and paper thing you know so when you get a survival situation there are phases she got a lot of bind together and you know they have to shoot he says OK and the concert tour and some You're sure after what are you going to keep for us is that and so 1 of the things that covers Can you make Cordy age from the south of Mother Nature there this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio verse or.


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