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2. Shelter

Jay Peterson




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Father want to thank you for the warning to this awful stuff that you. Give us directions today we're going to get into this stuff. Old tradition. Those are still around. So we ask that you send your holy spirit here to help us to pick up on what we're going to need never does. We're going to face. Now it's come Holy Spirit be with us. The superiorities. Her K S Today we talked about several different stories in the Bible that helped us to to understand that God must take care of the danger he wants us to look at him. And that he's able to do that and able and willing so that's what we did yesterday now. We're talking about living in a wilderness in the end times and there are several areas I teach wilderness survival actually. I guess I should introduce a couple here I'm Jimmy Peterson and I've been in survival. I'm a student and a teacher for 30 years now. Student Because there are still things I'm learning to be in you being in this for a lifetime and still somehow come along to hey look I did this oh yeah I thought of that you know so I'm still a student as well as stress so I've been Africa a while and the sex guy on the list Scott says and he's actually the 1 that got me started and Scott has over and has spirit. And Scott actually went to Tom Brown School anybody here ever hear of Tom around got a couple Brown is a gentleman that. He and his friend when they were boys and an Indian that taught him a lot of things on how to live the wilderness and after time Gallow older there were times when. He lives out east there were times when the state police would hire him to have him come and help them find someone that was lost and there were times when they found the person and then it was too late and bother to when they found a person had. Overcome by cold passed away when you just know on skills like we're going to go over today they've been just fine there were times when they found people start. There in the middle of a field that was full of wild animals and that bothered them and so Tom Brown is actually the 1 that started survival training schools that is now gone clear across the nation and even worldwide and Scott got interested in that and he went to school. A little later on after Scott come back here and he practices deals later on it was all around school as a teacher and Scott's are doing a lot of seminars him and I will do less than ours he started on law and even the T.V. show which we will see a little clip of part of that day. And also our military heard about Scott and our military here in Michigan higher Scott every year to go to Greeley and teacher special force. A lot of times our special forces are get cut off from their supplies and they have to make it back on their own without their supplies so they have Scott come up actually there's sometimes 2 times there's an area down southern part of the state. Really And so actually I'm kind of lucky that all the scouts my brother. Chance not as much to. Get together disco play. We've done a couple this year already where we're actually making arrowheads. A couple things we're. Making tools. And so Scott's my brother in law that's got their dream ears and remarries I've never actually shook hands with. You know you can be in this for a long time learn a lot of things and there's always somebody knows more notice that you know even the experts learn expert Some people call me an expert and I asked him OK well where is the threshold X X. You know and. You know all these experts and Ray is the guy that Scott and I look up to their things that are a can do that when you go to the survival schools they tell you you can't do can't do this there are a dozen. And Ray is another 1 Scott and I we've always been interested in the old traditional skills. Is it these are the ways that the union is actually used to live. The way of life for them how do they do it that's what we've always been it's Ray is another 1 said he didn't exactly deal. And he's traveled all over the world and even gone to some of the tribes that are still you know backwoods tribes learned from them their skills and so Ray is another guy and I think couple. Normally when I do this you know the sessions are 2 hours long war and as you will notice on the schedule we only got about an hour to 30 minutes in this 1 so these will be kind of condensed and so some of that stuff to read out while we will have very on our Fire series will do so anyways will have rain to help us out as well speaking. Through the Rain years are real seok So I want introduce those guys this is our Web site although apparently our Web site down there webmaster. Talked to today actually talked to my wife contact. Tech poster. Check to say I don't know if it's opt out but that's the Web site we do have a Facebook page as well with the same name. So if you go if you're on Facebook and you go look and look for the basic survival the number 4 and time even find our Web site and also our Facebook. OK this is why it has told us a lot of things about time. You know we're right at the door actually. Nors opening. We're going to walk through. 1 of the things she tells us that is going to happen in that time is that all earthly support is going to be with your own people how much is all your thought about how much does that actually until your doctor. We have any doctors here sometimes I get surprised doing a seminar and I see. Someone are. Asserted talking about some of the medicines you find out there. Then realize that there are 2 doctors in the group. You know if you didn't have your pharmacy would that that dampen what you could accomplish A So anyways all earthly support Well that's. You know we're already told that we can't buy or sell. That takes all our. Seeing or going to have to cover stuff. That we would cover with Wal-Mart. So anyways all earthly support that's She tells all and so anything that you can think of that you have billeted to do right now somebody else is going to help you that's going to be taken away. And so we're going to try and do is we're going to cover basic a lot of things that we cover and we don't have time to do that here even when I teach others classes even if we have to are to have 3 sessions we soon have time to get into everything that are. And so that's 1 of the reasons why we do hands on health. People that go through this and they get up to you begin or hands on and then once they're gone through that they get the opportunity to go to see the dance classes and some point I'd like to actually have a group of small groups centrists actually go to lete be fun and there are times when Scott higher wages strap her knife on our side and we head out go make Tina see how we do. To be fun to have a group well enough skilled. So anyways in time but anyways all her play sports a lot. Of things that we gather together for this time you know I. Use. That I would just I pack my back pack all the time and I have a camping trip. And 1 time. I have a camping trip or backpack or boat I'd be on my way. You think and then I was reading in Matthew chapter 24 and. You know I'd read this before you ever read something in the Scriptures and then you come back to know the time and also the. Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit had a 2 by 4 that are really wanted and he really smacked. Me. This is sorry about Judea which we're also told that is the dual Rousey those original Jia are going to flee to the mountains. Let him which is on the house top not come down to lunch they're going to take. Taking anything out. There out there working on a roof and it's time and all the Spirit says you need to go they're going to go yesterday. Those of you that were here we found out that they can close the city down in. 10 minutes. 10 minutes they can show city down nobody and nobody out in the Holy Spirit says Time to go Center go those who are in Judea and. God told to stay if you go to the site the ones that obeyed they were OK There are others that lingered. In the lead here which somehow stop not come down to take anything out of his house neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. When I started reading this Holy Spirit. God's people go they're going to go and. Do whatever you have with you that that's true. And so I realized that all of the stuff that I've been really interested for so long as a hobby that's exactly what God's people need and you go out there and to have I'm not going to have my team I'm not going to have my backpack unless I have to have the whole experience if you go you know a proud owner and have that and so. You know a lot of survival schools will start teaching how to have a bug out bag you build this bag back door Santa bug I'll grab you may not be there. And what were 5 of those you know you go in your house eat your bug out bag. God's people go oh they're going to go empty and. That's what Jesus you look up it's a red letter this. Don't worry about it. It's going to take care of its people and asked true but at same time I heard. People say well. You know I have to learn. Steps Christ age 123 that's pretty easy to remember she's talking about when Jesus. Is going to provide service even provides for the end of little birds. Outside of his sight. Talking about that as a great writer from in the open his hands lies his creatures of the air beneath notice he does not what does he do it does not drop the food into their bills but he makes provisions for their needs. They must gather the grains scattered for them they must prepare. They must find feed on that going to apply to his people as well. When use I said on start reading because of her spirit writings all the stuff I could find about the very time and when you do that you're going to find a lot of different statements she makes. You're going to find some statements that say that people some people are going to have it really easy now to remind you that all these statements are talking about God's people that are headed to the kingdom. It easer people are going to get there they're headed their way some are going to have really easy you know see statements where some think they're going to start some are going to manage and some are going to be Fred by rabid. You'll find the state and I started seeing all these statements and I started half wait a minute these are all your people why is there such a difference you know these to state that a good question I mean is there are God's people and he's promised to care why they're different such a different. Actually this god. Give opportunity at times for his people learn something that if they don't take the opportunity does that make a difference. Proverbs here is a situation where God has given an opportunity to speak didn't take the opportunity to listen it's what happened in the journey at my reproof the whole I will pour out my Spirit upon you I will make known my words unto you because I have called in you refuse I have. Stretched out my hand no man regarded that you have sat at not my counsel and would not none of my reproof I also laugh. When your fear comes when your fear come a fallacious in your structure and the world around when disaster and anguish come up on you then so they call upon when are they going to do it when a certain tough. And a game opportunity before that. Then you should call upon Lou but I will not answer you shall seek me early on that time or that they had paid knowledge and did not choose to you or. They would none of my counsel the despised crew therefore So the. Truth. Be filled with their own devices that's pretty strong isn't a God gives opportunity and if his people doesn't take the opportunity they can make a difference and when I saw this and I started thinking you know I think the Holy Spirit talking to me and you guys you take a new opportunity to learn something. You already know that the common lot of people have a fear of what's coming because you know how to live. Your taking you have to next learn something that's good. There are others I've had some people that have come here to class to go back to their church they want us to come to their church and teach their church but the others say no we don't have to do that stuff. You know those who have the opportunity and don't take it maybe those are the ones that are Star think it doesn't say they're going to starve to death I think that's the case. And those that take the opportunity all the skills that I'm going to teach here you guys learn I can guarantee you that will help in that time. Definitely will help. So those that maybe you have learned the safe thing. They're the ones that have it easy now we know that in the very end things are going to happen and people are going to turn to the Lord at that time they are not going to have the opportunity to learn or have an opportunity to learn maybe those are the 1. That's about the only thing I could think that would answer why there was such a difference in states about God's people there as in the kingdom. Anyways that mine were going to last a little bit. Hark. The well safe quiet. Don't worry what we learned yesterday look to him. And he will take care of people who will listen learn anything. Does God want us to handle the danger what we learned yesterday. Is real snakes to God teach them how to handle poisonous snakes you know we talked about the disciples in the boat some of these guys are fishermen and they knew how to handle a storm but this storm when you read a book to mark it already filled the boat they got the Jesus kid up and they woke him up did he teach them how to Belfast are a lot of us still on the boat. God wants us to look to him and then he will handle the danger he wants to be our big brother I have a big brother. School bullies after me. So when I go to school with God wants to go to school with you he wants you to look to him and then he will handle the danger. Not up to handle the danger we talked about yesterday the stuff that was going on around the. Boat The disciples were in the stuff was so great that they couldn't handle. Their own skills didn't have enough and that's why they got afraid because their own bills if they weren't enough to take care of what was going on when Jesus asked a question why are you afraid he asked at them to turn your attention off themselves and their own inability to handle that look to him and then he'd turn around handle that's what he wants and he wants to be our big. You want him to be your big brother look to him and he'll handle a danger it doesn't want us to. Then look hide. Is on his. Father hate that. Therefore I Sandy you take no thought for your life what you see drink nor yet for your body. Is not the life or the meat body the dream the all the files of the air for they so not neither do they read nor gather into barns yet your heavenly Father eat it. Are you not much better than their 4 take no seem so we are sure we 3 are where we are so if you close for your heavenly father know that you have need of all these seeing you knows what we need. No matter what we're in no matter where we're at whatever situation he knows what we need but see he sure. Is Right and then all these things. No water problems that's another 1 where you put on a stick you know stick it on your fridge or read another 1 and you put it on your beer you know in a dash your car seat he fires history and then I think. It's OK We're talking about living in the wilderness in times there are you know survival situations there are 5 areas you are definitely going to run into so at least this week we're going to least touch on those. And. Usually when I start talking to people especially and. Quite often when I just talk about a survival suit you what is 1 of the 1st things that come to your mind you know if you're the 1st group to sever something other than food. Water comes and wires important tomorrow or smarter. But there are a lot of there are 4 other things that you're going to run into when 1 is when the Holy Spirit says it's time to go there are 4 other things that you're going to run into that you're going to need 1 of the shelter we're going to talk about shelters. Anything. You're going to a lot of shelter. And another thing is water a thorough people mentioned water that kind of makes me cringe because I don't know how many times I've had. Every every time now I can't say that but every time food what am I going to eat you know food we're going to cover that to Ellie such. Actually you know as a condensed time where we're going to touch on some. I do have a D.V.D. The actual wild edibles some of her. It's almost 3 hours long and so they're all a bunch more on that and so if you guys want a whole gamut. Anyways and then you know food is 1 thing and then there's another thing that fire you're going to want a fire well if I leave and I didn't intend that or Beck or my. I don't have that. Certifier. We're going to go over some techniques the way we are going to go over everything we'll look at we'll look out for areas. For areas of different ways in each area that you can start fires will look at those 4 areas give you ideas and then there's 1 that nobody ever has and that's according to row street. You know we are aghast but that's not me you know if you are last the other lean to look at the lean to today if you will last together lean to all you've got to shoot laces. Of cars are going to go you can start tearing off some You're sure to soon you're going to want to keep the rest that. They're going to get what we're going to do is we're going to look at some techniques and the Tiriel is what Mother Nature gives you out there so you can actually make some cordage. So we'll do that on Friday lot of times I. Makes this group's too big and so you have to come in on 1 hands on and get into that. Make a piece actually piece. If you come to the to the advance lot of time to make something. From our We're going to make cordage think. That's kind of fun everybody likes. To. Say nice we are given shelters today and actually. Have a little video clip I don't Scott and we're going to talk about degrees here degree has probably 1 of the well it's 1 of the best shelters that you do there in the wild and if it's anywhere near going to be a cold night this is a good child or not called at night these can get a little too warm the T.V. very hot they get their name to be hot because they're going to use the degrees on the force for. The debris huts we're going to show you can actually use this way below 0 and it will still keep you warm now. We can actually go through all the steps to make 1 it takes about using $45.00 minutes to an hour. Right there sometimes a little over an hour but we're going to Ascot show us how you can do a level. Street. Person because. So anyway let's look here. See because we're going to go through the microphone here so. OK. There for. 1. Day I. Ever. Heard the person I. Think that ever wondered what the water water bottle. For whatever it was that we were in the water. For the next 10 days or the 1 they were the only. Think about water very immoral and then there's. Hope and we're going to go everywhere for the record here where. I get. My my basic allow are my get out get through the night. If you want to do my. Thing I want to cover the whole hall when I heard it was a wall of Congress I'll. Give them. And if you got to get help. Don't know. We'll. Make it a point when you don't do. What you will personally. I would go with more than just the people or. Those who use it for love and if you are well you know. There. Are ways to make yourself. Well However there are the lack. Of the law. Which is a survival of the government this is why the right. Now. That's. How we got our home right here. Well in the battle of. Hope I was. Aware. Of all of that will go everywhere I go on. The way. Home I will of. Probably. Will or will or will there. Will be. Help. Wherever who are. Going to want to. Go while they. Are all. Now. Well. Oh. I think. It will. Bring. The. OK that's a debris hut and we have to have a ridge fall along that ridge fall need to be you get it to full longer and you are tall gives you a little bit of room down there and you have braces a little wider actual higher than you are wide so if you can roll over night your body is going to give off about $400.00 be to use heat. 400 seems like a big number on your furnace take a little to be to use that pitot that's hundreds. Of foreigners now that much so you need to build a cocoon it's going to hold your he in there in that area. So this is 1 that I found a lot of years ago on the Internet and this is a very well built on we're going to look pictures there a little bit grainy but it's still there. So this ridge ball then we're going to put the ribs on there and I want you to notice that all of these ribs there you notice all these are snapped off just a little above our ridge pole that is a very good thing. If your original is here and you've got 1 sticking way up if it starts raining what happens is the rain hits this and drooled underneath and it brings that water $89.00 you're going to want to cover all the leaves. How much leaves DO WE WANT A NEW reach down into there you want to be in your debt. If you get it that the stuff you're he. Even in subzero weather at a loss will last for all we can drain and you will not get wet. And it varies you night to worry about that. So once we get our ribs on there then we're going to put some cross brace on these aren't very many. I'd like to go again or need to pine trees where limbs of died. Limbs if you have those use of sight they work really well. Then you go throw leaves on and. Look at how much leaves a gap that that right there very good job to keep you warm even if it is really really cold. So this a well built 1 let's take a look at some others. And other view there where you think that 1 those are problems with that 1. There again as your 403 to use going to heat. They have found on. What they do inside that strip the ground there if you lay on very ground it's going to have a Pathfinder series ever done that. Conduction is called you're going to call the K. they are low iron to a range they're going to get there OK how about that 1 maybe it's a good thing. That would be fun to play and. OK here somewhere close are you going to plug that hole. Scott said he'd make his hole smaller so the. Bachelor leaves and plug it up. If you're in a warmer temperature is face seventy's at night like it is now. You know a different kind. Shelter you know and sometimes Mother Nature can give you stuff right there ready to make yourself a fallen tree or you can stick some old bark up there and you just climb into neat stuff a quick little shelter a few Look underneath pine trees I've never found 1 that had a cavity that the you can find cavities. And a lot of times you'll pick them up and you can just roll in underneath and you got stuff to go to the shelter and you'd be surprised how much that trying to keep mosquitoes out 1 thing I want to give you a warning as we go through these are give you warnings so what am I going to give you a warning if you pick the limbs up to find this tree and here's a good spot to limbs up and you find a whole bunch of bird exhausts under there there are times there are certain trees birds they all like that tree day and that's a telltale sign that this is 1 that they like and that's not 1 that you're going to like. You hear a 9 in the night it's not going to be a lot of robbers. So if that's the case and you don't want that tree. Is your lean to the lean to can work especially in warmer weather and a lot of these pictures I got out of an Air Force survival manual 1 of the 1st things I tell them to take is a parachute cards and stuff like that and there's all kinds of stuff they can do. So here they're using that lean tos are very good lean tos can work with you when it gets cold if you have a long gated fire on. The skin now and even then the thirty's stuff if you keep a fire going on the lean to still work. No shelters. Jesus had something to say about our plight Verity said pray that. You know where does he say that it's not going to be a new enter he just says praises. It would tell us where the. Grave is the winner thought Oh yeah 1 hemisphere sphere and 1 I'm going to be and then I got thinking. You know did the fall or spring Well 3 years and tolerable maybe not mark in a day or a time. Maybe maybe that's what is planned we'll find out. Pray this not so you know when our time. Here's 1 things they thought their guys had to do they're going to take their stuff full of a bunch of stuff make a big ball out of it then they're going to throw it snow on top pack. And then when they get done they're going to pull the stuff out of there pull the parachute out and then they got themselves a little. Heat. Now of us when we go we're going to have a parachute I'm going to lay a vat that none of us have so why J.R. even cover you know the end is use make a night shelter and it's called a Quinsey and it's very similar to this what they would do instead of parachute stuff and they would just make a great big mound of snow and then they would let a cell for half an hour hour and then they would start big Well 1st of all. Once you're in there. You can't tell far so the outside you're on the field or you're going to go in there and you're going to you're going to break off some sticks and you've got the feeling very Golf Week and you want him about the slot. And then what you're going to do is come back to your mound and then you're going to stick these into the snow and everyone you stick you're going to point it directly to the center of that mound so the top as they're going to go this way if you cannot on the mound they're going this way and when you get down the bombs are going to go this way you're going to point to the middle and then you're certainly going to haul doorway and then as you go when you run into the end of 1 of those sticks you're going to stop digging that way you continue digging until you expose sticks and now you've got a little but that deep around in there called Quinsey interviews and that's their name they would do over and over or there were night lauch in the wintertime and so it's Quincy is. So you can do the same type of thing as it is what they're doing here so that's why I cover that now whenever you packed snow Scott talked about you know whenever you pack No No longer will breed. You have to give breathing. Air some you can do if you have a drift a lot of times it's been a mountain. You have a draft and that draft that's been about 5 foot this way. If you start digging in your make tea and save those 1st blocks that you pull out you're going to use them you know and then then you're going to dig this little hole back in there in the shelf and use 6 blocks back and that's going to block all that air traffic I mean here's a better look at it a lot of pointing out a couple of things. Cold air sinks and that's what happens down here then you got kind of a working area here to where you can get a time. When you're sleeping up here this is what I really want to point out there. Is that when lawn is packed it will not read don't have an air vent you're going to run neutral. So you have to keep track of that there if you have snow that has been driven by when her every rule stiff with. Eskimo. If you get a wind driven surface and I've only found this kind of. Like this when the snow actually gets a point to where you cut out a block and you rub the blocks together and it sounds like Styrofoam. Then you can make these kind of things now you're going to cut in the snow and unit pull the 1st black and then you're going to go underneath lift the other ones off that 1st block make it short. I'm going to tell you right now you're going to break. It's a make the 1st 1 short and sacrifice and then go ahead lifted the other 1 and you can stack these you notice that. Back in this way but then he's put knees up on the END block he's got a little bit of an air hole up there he had an arrow. And then this is really elaborate he's got a regular that and then a yellow tunnel that he makes and then he puts a wind block for that tunnel so. Anyways Oh that's a snow shelters there. What about wet climate shelters we may be down rain forced. To go. In there are 2 things that are going to be very common amongst all of the. Climate shelters 2 things 1. Is you going to have a race bet a that 1 is very important it's more important in the 2nd it was the race that import Well when you're down there in those warm areas that rain every day and it's wet all the time there are a lot of creepy crawlies. A lot a lot more than we have here and if you lay right on the ground in the night those creepy collars are going to come and join you. And. A lot of those creepy crawlies can bite you know wake up with a rash everywhere in your view which shows plants help. If you do a raised bed most of them will stay on the floor. Sometimes you'll find claim it's all out less later on for. The 2nd thing that you're going to find is they're going to have a roof because. Every day at some point maybe all day they're in a monsoon. You're going to have a roof. Raised bad as number 1 and then the roof helps as well your roof is going to be shingles the singles here they're made with banana leaves Iraq Michigan's was a lot you know I have never run into it. And when you're single you start at the bottom and you're a layer roll and then YES NO you the next row so that overlaps at the next so Jay Why are we showing banana leaf shingles well here in Michigan you know we could use tails we use long grass if you use read just make. It if you make 3 bottles if you got 2 of like this 1 more like that that would work as a singer. We go out and teach English because no we don't have an analyst's you may be an area where a whole bunch of bird those are typically like rhubarb. And you can sing Oh I was. So anyway throughout show shingling and that's a good method we got a whole bunch of stuff we talked more to. See 1st Gene and his rage is it whatever you need this is a promise a river you need he will provide money OK at this point in invite you guys not here can he but when you go home to go practice. Or practice to come out of the hands on we we go I had billed 1 as a group. You can use some bark if you can't find leaves a lot of times are there if you you know you gotta look if it's in the fall you go. After that the wind and they're going to get trapped somewhere you gotta find a spot. For you and I we're going talk about poison and I were going this week hey did you ever get poison ivy very much allergic poison ivy good bush various plants a little help that any other question. All right let's back up a little bit. You know I. Have these parts here last time and then they have a cross member here they've got a hammock in there and this is not only were they lash it on their Here's another 1. That's how you're going to make that takes a Polish lash other poles so this floor a straight tortoise Yeah yeah probably going to shoot laces and tell you right now that we could. Maybe get a barrier probably. And then tell him. Or maybe we could go to Friday and learn how to make the tough there Mother Nature so that's how you're going to do those yes. You have pine trees. Perjuries you can use pine needles they're a little bit OK but. 1 of the things that the unit uses do. Every 2 days they would change it out they would go. For trees area and limbs they would line their floor and really cut 1 off they all went to see direction for growth or for. Every 2 days they would change that. So that kind of work or. If you know if you didn't have leaves you can use you're going to want a 2nd home. You can use pine boughs pine boughs can be used on your and your lean tos those are pretty good to not have to be as thick what you want to do is make sure you make enough layers so there was no water go through the 1st layer is the 2nd you have enough layers on the ground. So if you got it square layers. You can use those on the inside. That would work when and I would save you a shoelace. Bury those in the ground and then you could use those to support. Yes or no Atlantis land climates where are you going to have. Garden Yeah I hear she say in the last couple days. Here the body ventured out of the can. See the tree on the truck they finally got the truck covered. Yes which had to winter. OK but she taught us is that we have a hand on this 1 and all those pictures appear in writing we do have a hand on that 1 and people like to hand out and they start asking for a deal so we switched off to it handouts goody O's we have but we do have a hand out on this 1 that we have your email address she will go ahead and send you. To have any other questions did you guys learn anything today. It was a softball the feel of it better now about going out there and at least something to sleep. We're still going to be hungry we still need to fire and we but if you don't have shoelaces come Friday on Friday because we're going to show you how to make sure laces out of stuff that Mother Nature gives us a we're going to show you how to make a little string around up a big row. Well that's been fun I enjoy this especially when other people want to join my hobby. But anyway so I asked a large to be with you guys as we depart here so let's go out of our stern father thank you for things that we learned today help to cement things that we're going to need in that time in our brains that we remember help us actually alert you have time an opportunity. Now will learn what is useful what is it what works what doesn't. What a time comes we can help someone else. Thank you Lord with us of a fuller and more discreet here in. This medium was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave W W W audio 1st stop or.


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