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3. Water

Jay Peterson




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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The seeking the 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then what's going to happen whatever your needs are the father knows you need the verse just before this tells you that the father knows whatever your needs are no matter what they are. Jesus CAN'T made a list there of people and their concerns you know but if whatever you need is not in that list of father still knows that a Jesus is trying to say look if you see my kingdom in and the father's in my Holy Spirit's right just then that gives me the right in this controversy between Lucifer and I to take care of you. Say any can and he will. Just keep that in mind so anyways we're going to talk about water now that's a lot of water right there in a now in the end times how many how many support are we going to receive from. Home a tree support are we going to receive from earthly sources OK so this going to be a lot like a survival situation I talk about survival a lot you know I do a lot of survival classes. And when you're in a survival situation you have to treat water differently and when you're not you know this body of water and here's actually a river in this by my house and I've gone swimming in here a lot and there are probably times when I drink some of the water when I was swimming. If I if there were bad guys in a water and I had done that and I got sick well then I just because the doctor and the doctor had diagnosis and he gave me some. Medicine and I would take the medicine and kill the bad guys I'd be OK. Time to do Flagyl you know and but now you know so I was a situation or in the end times you know we may have a doctor in our group we had 1 here didn't. Even have a doctor in our group and he may be value in diagnose what's going on but you know without his laboratory and without the pharmacy he's going to have a little more trouble when he's a yes he will that you can read and it early writings or are very kind of her she touched talks about the bands that are moving into the dense forests and she even talks about how some bands will meet up with other big bands K Yes I believe that absolutely because she told us that anyways it in a in the end times were going to treat water differently then we would now K. now we still have our doctors and we see pharmacies in its exact that and now are going to talk. Thursday about some plants that can be used and some techniques that we can use that would help OK but we don't want to get that situation in 1st place right so this water right here I go this way because you guys don't look at it that you look at this water right here we cannot trust that right off the bat a lot of the bad boys that get in the water come from animals if the animals can get to the water before you do then you have to consider it already contaminated and treated that way. Now. Look at there are 4 groups of bad boys each group contains lots and lots of bad boys. We have the parasites and we have pros we have the bacteria and viruses those 4 areas hows a whole bunch of different. Critters that can cause us trouble make a sec I want to talk about 2 together. Parasites and protozoa we want to talk about those kind of together because there are some crossover between those 2 a parasite say is a low critter most of time is US troubles parasites or something are going to go in and attach themselves. Tasks themselves they'll start reproducing and lot of times you know how many of you have ever heard somebody go into Mexico and they drank some of the water now sudden they start diarrhea and vomiting and that's because the little guys get in there and they started tach and they stare growing counties and these counties are chewing on a colon and cause a real sore spot in the body decides I gotta get rid of that and so that's what it does to get rid of it. And so you know talk about parasites because that's what they do protozoa. There are some of the protozoa that are parasites no protozoa means that it's a single cell organism in those a fall and that group but there are some single cell lines that will attach themselves and become a parasite and a parasitic is what they call that you know but then there are other parasites and protozoa that are free roaming some of it end up in your brain some of you know enough in your heart and you know it does cause a kind of troubles and so on these 2 guys here there's some crossover between the 2 so I I talk about those together and so you can get an idea you know and bacteria now bacteria is something that a lot of us have heard of that word before and those are little organisms as well sometimes more than 1 cell. And some are good and synonymous bad you know we have bacteria all over this earth and I'm not an organic grower and so we rely on God's nutrient cycles and uses the bacteria to release all these nutrients from the plants and so there are good bacteria is good then there are some bad bacteria and when it gets in the water and they make us sick we're going to put those into the bad bacteria for us anyway if it's a those are not good and right now we have viruses and I get to tell my horror story. To tell my horror story C. is about 30 some years ago now I'm losing track of their brothers and I we went up to Canada and we were way back. You know way from civilization it took us 45 minutes to make our way out to the trading post in the trading post and you have electricity. It's like P.S.U. there we're way back and we're on a fishing trip and my brothers they are they were was that. They like to drink soda pop you know and I wasn't much 1 for that and so I had a water filter ceramic waterfall anybody here and a ceramic water filter on it we're going to talk about filtering making things safe there water filter and I was pulling water out of the lake and I was making orange juice and drink and just watch it. And then it comes back and this is in August I told her sir get sick. I've got really sick very fact by January I was so sick that I spent 3 weeks in the chair and get up in. The last 55 pounds in 3 weeks. And they never did ever figure out exactly what it was about they figure is that I got a virus up there in the water you know and unfortunately that virus has never gone away. It must be live in him myself. You know in every everywhere it comes back in and and up with that hepatitis to begin with and then I got the spots in my colon and they flare up even worse and so slight like a fluid. Of days together and then or some other things that go on you know with my dreams and stuff and so anyways. We're going to we're going to talk about you know how to actually make water pure its not pure lakes streams can both have animals that use them streams they tend to to clean themselves carried on downstream. So you can't count on that help you out because it may be clean and something from upstream and bringing it downstream to you in the Lakes area are a lot of the worst things because they don't really clean themselves Mother Nature can clean them but they usually build up even stronger concentrations and streams and rivers so keep that in mind we're going to go over these Let's look at some mock let's look at some sources that we can trust right off the bat hey who's water sources that we can trust rain as want to know what happens when the rain is. She got a body of water and list say it does have that boys in it. And what happens is the sun beats down on that now lot of our rain is coming from the Gulf of Mexico we've got all that salt water all that stuff down there and what happens when the sun shines on that evaporates that that water droplets that go into the air they leave all the bad stuff behind. They don't carry that with they go up there and then they come across in clouds and then the clouds get certain conditions and that water forms together and comes down during. That that rain water is good water you can trust that so that's a good source there now you may have a water bottle with you you know when I talk about well or survival 97 percent of the well are survival situations are either day hikers or hunters that get lost they may have a water bottle and so we Show Low way that you know you can set up a thing to fill your water for if it's raining. You know dig a little pit and there get in there get a piece of cloth and wrap around now you do on a pay attention to what the rain is coming off of that maybe contaminated that case you know potentially that. Spring Water is something that you can trust or out to bat OK we're going to see how Mother Nature has a very good filter actually the best filter. The sand if it goes through Mother Earth that it will clean that and so when it comes up as a spring then you can go ahead and trust that off the bat when you're at the spring if you downstream a little ways well your animals could possibly get it and then you can't trust. In I don't know how many here have romp around campus. Feel you have it you. Took this picture up on the board walk to suffer the boredom are there's 1st few little tricks down through there follows up you know run into the spring. That's coming out from underneath that tree and I did drink water from the so. I didn't get sick so. There's a better look at it right there OK see ph. This came from. A man you know again that was 1985 back in 1905 the if you had a body of water and they were tested and you know if you get 3 foot away from that rig go through 3 foot of sand that they felt safe since then they've done a lot more testing and they found that actually twice is. The optimal 1 if you can get 6 foot away from the water source or more Jay if this if it has to go through 6 foot of sand in order to get to your hole then Mother Nature will filter all those bad. 4 of them. Well here's what you're going to do there's my son up there he's at least 6 what he's poor like 10 and 8 and you're going to dig a hole you're going to dig a hole until you're deep enough so the water coming through this scene goes into your hole you see down the bottom. Start to fill now when you're 1st dig the hole you're going to find out that the water comes in on cloudy now that cloudiness is just dust and it's not going to hurt you if you want it you drink it you know if you're really thirsty. Do it otherwise you can dip out of their car on the ground and have water come back through a community hall and usually the 2nd or even a 3rd fill will come in nice and clean and clear. And see that's how cloudy it is on the 1st 1. If you keep at it it'll come in nice and clear and so keep that mine and that you can trust that right away these are called Gypsy wild and I guess because the gypsies used to commit get water out of them but they're called Gypsy wells and they're they're 1 of my favorites I talk about these a lot and you will not find them taught very much in the schools across the nation and I don't know why because 1 of the best things you can do you know Mother Nature or clean off for those groups out and make clean for you a sis is Gypsy Well now if you dig 1 of these you're going to a lot of protect it here I put some over the top because once you're done using it if you are away the animals are going to find Oh thank you and they're going to use it to integrate a contaminate for you and many are going to get on. So you're going to put some bottles or something or protect it so that they can't get into it and then when you come back you begin to go. There are times when you have areas that are just mud say and and Here Mother Nature can go I cleaned that up for you but you know if you dig a hole it just fills back in of years see those kind of situations here's what you're going to do you're going to make what we call a sip well and you're going to go out in the field when you're going to grab some grass and you're going to be a soccer ball or even a basketball size and then you're going to come back to this area that's all mud and before you start digging and you're going to find yourself a straw. Where am I going to get a straw if I don't have 1. Mother Nature makes a whole bunch of stress and so here's where I'm going to invite you to go ahead and study your plants because there are a lot of plants that are Hala stocks some of you could use directly as a straw some of them you cannot say poke we'd look weird as a hollow they have some segments you can punch not really easy hook wheat is poisonous you would not want to use that as a straw. Japanese knotweed that's 1 you could use for a straw actually there's a whole bunch of if you if you get the D.V.D. on water I have 1 a dozen different plants that you could use or have to bet to make straw if you get a straw you're going to get a mob big batch or a grass you're going to dig your hole you're going to shove that grass in there and you put your straw right down into the middle of the grass and then you can either help it or just let it a fill back in and so on what's going to happen is that grass is going to hold a lot out but the water so going to find its way through you know to fill the center and the ideas you're going to want to make several of these because you're going to come to it you're going to get about a couple of water out of it and then it's going to be dry drained you have to let it refill so make sure all of you know come in and get a couple out of each 1 and then you'll then refill and you come back Newt again and so so files are very handy sometimes if you have a water bottle or we're going to show you some ways you can make containers if you have 1 you can stick 2 straws down in there and 1 of the straws you can get a leaf and you can poke through the straw so the straw sitting up top and then you're blowing the other straw and it will make some pressure down there. Now you can't blow hard enough to make this square. Where they will loose and when it loses it will lose out on to the leaf and then we go over to the edge of the leaf you know drop off and that's right where you want your water container to be and you can actually feel your water container that uses a sip Well they say so water from violence now we have to we have to. Do a test 1st to see there are some that are good and there are some that are bad so there's a couple things we have to do 1st off when you cut it you want to see if the water's clear if it's cloudy you know on a lot of times the be yellow or red that's that just failed to test the 1st 1 if it's cloudy if it's not clear then you can't use some of it's clear then what we do as we drip some on our hand and we let it sit there for a lot of that if it does not burn our hand then we take a little bit and we put it on our lip tongue and wait and see if it burns that if it's clear and it doesn't burn our hand and it doesn't burn our lips or tongue then you can use our watter now here in Michigan. Well we have you know this works for a while Donna jungles. Got a lot of rice down there all over the place here in Michigan we had some great nights and my Where. You know you guys know where the closest 1000000 years from year. You know. So you know here in Michigan that doesn't help so much but 1 of the neat things about Michigan there was a guy that decided he was going to figure this out so he said down and he took a map to show it all a lot of sources here in Michigan little cricks pounds and ran up to the rivers and lakes and everything and he tried to map out the longest distance he could find between 2 water sources here in Michigan and the longest distance he could find was 8 miles. So not too bad here in Michigan before we can find a water source of some kind OK So again as we clear it cannot burn a hand it cannot burn your lips or tongue and if it passes over as you can use it now what you want to do if you're in such a way sure they're there you're going to cut the 1 off of your or as a kid or maybe when you're older had had a straw it was down in your drink plug top hole there that straw is full of drink and and then when you let go of the top it all comes pouring out. Yeah sealed bunches of trees you know. It's. These vines are the same way you're going to cut it off but it's still got topline case you can get it aimed and then you're going to go and cut off the top and look out because just like you did that if you don't have a name great you get a face. So keep that in mind you know that's but they're good you know you can use them. Water From do do again something that has evaporated from a source if there is bad stuff in the source it doesn't matter that's all left behind and it goes into the air and then it Rican dances and stuff and there was a group like. You guys have a whole bunch of that type of stuff if you save any This week need it because you got a father there. This is a military 1 here where they they end up tying rags around their feet to doing. Your shoes also paying ants and stuff that's awesome That's good stuff. To get another guy soaking up a rag off a surface you do have to want to consider what surfaces you probably wouldn't want to be soaking us up off of poison ivy these poison Oh it's something like that keep that in mind. That but. I always get excited because there's all kinds of clubs out there that are survival clubs and this 1 club had about 30 people and they had a morning that had a really good 2 they took 20 gallon drum. Now you want to go out before the sun comes up and you go on his Because sun comes up and it's just going to readapt read all that but they got started early in the morning knows 30 people in an hour and a half they fill that 22 gallon 22 gallon drum that's almost a leader piece. So Dog the lower 1 OK So you know that's pretty awesome amount that's doable and actually the Indians would cross the desert you can read about their lick the rocks and get their moisture in the morning and pick off. You know this is a source a very good you can trust her out about. OK We're going to bottle here we have here we have a cliff and you can see the gone down the cliff there's moisture Drew and down those rocks see all that moisture there and we have a way that we can. Capture that color we're kind of. Saving it that string they just got a little stick and that stick need to be wide enough so that it can't come back through that hole and you drop that down in and wedge it and then you make sure the string is long enough that you can get it wrapped around a spanker point that rock and let's show some pictures here OK there's a string and it's anchored Can you see the string there and Sanker and it's in that well you see how the string is it's waken up that water and the spring it down a string and all we got 1 of these made us look inside see the string are tied inside and it is Chip and water and look that's a quarter full already. So that's the idea that's work in a bottle. And actually on a D.V.D. These clips are taken off the actual video you doing 1 of these out there that's kind of a nice thing about those is I'm not talking about Sony Pictures I'm actually doing it there on the video so you can actually see it happen so there's a work and that works pretty good on on a surface that's got moisture there and you are trying to get a hold of it and you can do that on Friday will teach you how to make cordage if you don't have any string that I had came from my hoodie. The hoodie to that point so that works OK so keep out my it's a good little trick OK we have. Different areas pointed out here where if you have a crick river in and it dries up that doesn't mean that there still is water in there. Dr for country life he may from a country like natural foods look at you. And I drive for them and I go Missouri in Arkansas lot and down there it happens a lot up here we don't have too many very often the fall in the dry up sometimes they do in Michigan and what'll happen is is that you know you go down there and you'll see these things are just flowing water quite a bit of rain down there so there's still flow but then also I don't want to start drying up so today pretty soon it's just a little trickle and then after a bit at all there are some puddles. And then after bit those puddles are gone it doesn't mean there isn't water there and these spots here show you some areas wherever wherever it Assa take a turn. That's a good spot for 1 of those puddles if it's gonna go over a log it's going to dig out that's going to be another spot for a puddle and even know the puddle dries up you want to go dig in their day and if you start Degen a lot of people are surprised at all of sudden hey I'm seein oyster sheep they can say you know ya get 6 inches down Sansbury get wet you get 18 inches down you got yourself a gypsy well and you got good water right here it's so a lot of the spots here you want to keep keep in mind you know back here a bit we should see a little tough love green sitting there hey that is getting water all summer long and if you spot something like that oh there is water there I get up there and get back in there maybe I could soak some up a heap that minute we're going to have a I have to be quite a bit of water in there for support a tree maybe you can get some of it up there just be careful to know your mechanical injuries really dampen your abilities. So. So anyways places like this are very useful. Water from snow and ice OK's. OK Larry let's talk about snow 1st snow is about 10 percent water and a 90 percent air and when it started out it evaporated from the source and we are to learn that when evaporates from a source that leaves all the bad stuff behind and then it collects and comes down and snow. You can use snow right off the bat you can trust. You can just snow you do not want to melt that with your own body. OK When we talk about survival we talk about your energy as you number 1 resource it yet pay the most attention to. All the others resources you gain or in you're going to subtract farmer add to it and if you live your energy to go the basement you lost your survival situation here in the end times through isn't going to be any help from other. Lesser be other God's people. So you want to pay attention to your energy if you try and go ahead and now this with your own body heat your body has replaced that he is going to use energy to do it so you know how to set up something near your fire to go out and melt that now if we're told Jesus told us to pray that it doesn't happen when I. Say that it wouldn't happen. So I just pray that it doesn't happen where but if it did happen aware and you got your clothes on if you do layers a lot of times the outer layer garment isn't going to. Be harmful if you use that layer to go I know some stuff if you stick some snow in a can bag here whatever in there and you do not feel the cold on you then you go out and use that to go out and melt that otherwise don't do it if you could feel the cold on your skin and you know don't do that is a different way to do so here's a way where you can see. Your fire go ahead. In is that we are talking about snow gobs make a snow ball put it on a stick and you're fired after a bit of a start up and you catch that he saw snow gobs work as well. This is ice What about ice Well I say is kind of the absolute snow and it's about 90 percent water you know only about 10 percent here where is the ice coming from sources that we can trust or source that we can't trust know this 1 is actually coming out between the shale and so Mother Nature had a chance to go out and clean this up before they die so what I would do is I'd make my way over there and break a big chunk of this off and wraps recorded your honor with me and then when I needed some a good big piece off and I'd melt it. If you're in the pond at the bottom of this then I wouldn't trust that water off the bat you'd have to do so to peer fire we're going to talk about it to you but there was come and Cliff that special right up top there I would trust souls and believe me I am fussy when it comes to water I am more fussy than all the other guys out there teaching this type of stuff. So that I would trust the ice there's no hope they're. OK We're going to talk about some ways we could peer firewater and 1 of the best ways there is. Talk about Gypsy well that works really well cept Wells another good way is to boil it. Boiling water will kill off or groups and so that's a good way to do it there are no well in us and I was working in the field in the Holy Spirit is time to go and I didn't go back to my house to get paid. I used to hassocks question you know we talk about people just getting started you know wilderness survival and we call them green there was a time when I was green and when I was being I started asking because they were saying well you got to boil your water. I don't have opinion how do I boil water. So your question yeah for on our house when I'm going to going coat there's no way we're going to get the paint and carry opinion with us I am going to bet that we're God's people go none of our going to have a plan so hard or we're going to use this to our well we're going to do is 1st officer we're going to use of rocks. You know and I. And I find my rock say because we're going to throw the center fire. We're going to make them. And I have actually boiled water with these 2 stones says. Don't think I have scorched. We're going to throw these in the fire now I like to get a nice smooth stone when I find my stones because then when you toss it in your fire it gathers less yes OK. If it DOES HE other hash but you pull him out a lot of other smooth. Caused by a guy who wears a. I'm going to ask you guys where do you think is the best source to find a nice smooth stone hate her you know what you guys are no different and all the other classes are hot and you're right that is 1 of the best spots to find a nice smooth stone and I told you before I was going to give you some mornings right I'm going to give you a warning what am I going to give you. This was this was bigger than the other warning I gave you and you can yeah hear rocks from anywhere where it was wet where certain and well. You cannot do that why what happens well rocks are really down so it's weather. But they still have some teeny tiny little holes in them all the way through and if they said Moise to or for quite a period of time that moisture over. To the middle of that stone and make it side now you're going to take these you're going to throw them in your fire and you're going to try and find the hottest part of your fire you can find actually if you if you're lucky enough if you're doing this you can actually get these a glow red when you yank him out of there it's got a lot of energy and if you do that all of that moisture inside is going to turn to steam and it cannot get out fast enough and believe me it is going to get out but it will turn these rocks inter name and if you're standing over your fire when it goes off Scott when he was green he was going to make an Indian sweat lodge. And he had gone down to his pond because they had some really nice smooth rocks and that's what he was going to use to make his steam in a sweat lodge and so he'd come over and throw nose into those fire and he was over working on the Lodge while they were he not and they went off he says sounds like a shot was off and he still today as pieces better than the trees around his fair share. Oh you guys are watch the guys on T.V. David Cody anybody watch those guys scary. Cody has a scar. Yeah they there's no Cody does as a scar on his cheek that came from Iraq that is for. So these things will be lethal her good name is that warning is you cannot get them from a place that was. OK So what you're going to do is you're going to throw these in your fire in. You know turn those all red hot. If you can see him down and there. We're trying to put them right in that hottest area there's a couple there but there's more down in here are to see and we're doing this on a hands on. A place where we did go and use opinions. But if you don't have a pan we're going to cover that 1 way that you can I still got that question on shit and you were borrowed attacked me way back there. You mean without your hands when you pull. They see what you can do is you're going to find a tree that has a limb coming. And continues on and here in a cut that rate below that limb. Cubism the other par slim then you're to cut that off as well so that you're going to make a hook. Then you're going to find out why stick and you're going to Jan rock between Weiss that you're going to take a look over there and you'll be surprised what kind of control you're going to have or a rock and it's good if you get green ones to do this because you use the others and that's fire's pretty high you know and up was. Flame coming out OK So that's the way you're going to do that OK we do some of that hands on we play with this type of stuff and that's a good question I going to do it because you know I blisters. So so anyway Howard OK what I'm going to use for a pan. So. You can take a piece of wood and you can burn it out there so it was not we're going to have shown tell back on a table or after we're done OK in a half an hour we're going to be shown there you can burn the house and then you can use it for a ball now this type of wood was not meant for doing water the safe was meant for processing seeds nuts and stuff so I wouldn't use this kind of wood to use a wood makes a nice coal in your fire and that would tend to split when it dries out when you look at this and less splits right through and all your water See now if you find a wood that just makes a whole bunch of hashes that works a lot better and it doesn't split as bad as this well so you could do this any ends when they want to buy a lot or they would make a birch bark pot. These on display back there so you can see them this is done the same way that they made their canoes that back there so you guys take a look at it and then we use a pine pitch to seal up we use this. Evergreen tree roots to sew it up and we use the white birch to make container OK. I have this all video of it I don't have to you. So that we could put it up so then you ace you can make them different sizes actually on the D.V.D. I boil water in this 1. So well these on display back there. Yes it does. The weight on the outside of the work as well and that's because the pitch sticks better the inner side the side. And so the white sides on the inside and the Brown is on the outside you go look at all those canoes then it can do and you'll see that's the way they did that to. Have those on display out there and then you can ask more questions on that so. So that's what you're going to do you're going to. You know throw them in your fire be thrown in your pan of water and the guy had this go on you know you're going to throw a couple in there you're going to find several rocks OK 6 or 7 and you're going to rotate them and we threw some in we put 2 and pan and it takes low there says Oh and you drop me and then pretty soon you'll get a little bubbles coming up you know no slow down around energy you're going to pull it back out and you're thrown back you're fired. As. I wait for the question wait a minute. Yes you can do that because they have sat in water for a long time and they are so hot there are no let that water it is good steam case you're going to rotate them and then you take um are out and we had boiling water and we rock left and so he thought well let's just put him in and you'll notice that he had these things boil and saw. It was the pan all of the lead. That was so very good technique is used to cook or used to purify water use in a 2nd A before the fur traders came with the copper pots this is the way they did it OK. Here's a little filter you can make much he had done with the filter you still need to boil it because there's not enough here we got top we got grass and using a hands on will make some of these types of things a grass you've got charcoal Grasso catch a whole bunch of the chunks of stuff charcoal will help to filter out bad boys charcoal you guys from mill you know that it is going to douse some of the coals of your fire and that's going to go in there and that works almost as well as the activated stuff and you've got sand in the bottom now the 1 thing you're going to have to do with these is you're going to have to be patient I see a lot of people that learn this little technique and put it together dump their water in a quick hurry and in a row through the grass and go through the charcoal and it'll hit the sand and if it's seen any speed at all it'll run rate to the edge of the sand and then go down over your Holder has it come out it didn't go through the same. So you got to be you've got to set up a drip and if it's dry up and go ahead and go through the standards that are going over the scene OK So we've done these and we had a gal that really got into this and she's actually the 1 that taught us that we had to be patient. So keep that mine water from the desert now everybody seen the movies right and when you're in a desert where you're going to get your water cactus that's what they tell you in the movie is that this is it is not now it's a show you. Have you know Tony a Tony is actually 1 of Scott's best friends and Tony lives in Arizona and he's probably 1 of the best There's a dozen or survivalists in the nation. And he has a couple books he wrote and in his books he talks about these things. Right here when you get the water out that water is going to be at least as green as this lady says great here OK see how green at court is when you get out of stack green or this these guys over here OK and what happens is that saw alkaloids you know alkaloids are so strong that most people most everybody can not tolerate it they'll start vomiting. If you try to get rid hydrated through this and you started buying it here in a worse situation nurture than when you started you should have been you know better off and so you know. I'm going to sneak a last you know whatever you see in the movies it's now true. How is true this is the case now there are 2 cacti that you can use. This is a barrel cactus or fish hook is another name for it and it gets its name because it looks like a barrel doesn't OK Another thing if you look at the spines the stickers some of what turned into a hook shape so fish shark or barrel cactus Now if you're out in the desert I talk about survival situations and and also in the end times. Mother Nature is trying to take care yours so I always talk about trying to help her out as well see this turtle there that's a pretty good sized turtle and and that cacti that sit there and that took about 60 years for that cactus to grow and when you go to use it you're going to kill it. Here's are you going to do it you're going to cut the top off inside there's spongy growth similar for like watermelons as water's watermelon this kind of like that and you're going to pull out your suck the water but when you do that you're going to kill the saying so if you really really need it you can't find another source this does work OK here's another 1 perfectly pear cactus and we have these here in Michigan and these are also are out of all. This watch out because these things have armor. Plated 1 they do have armor don't they. They've got the stickers now some of those stickers you can see but I want to tell you that all the little spots right there they got a little stickers. OK And if those stickers stick in your hand it's like 3 or 4 days before you get rid of and they're very annoying OK so keep that in mind but here you would usually take your knife if you could scrape it you know and then use a pat on the inside a lot of times you can just eat these because they're good food as well. Jonna does or sometimes you find the cisterns OK And and the ecosystems in these are very very delicate. And you know you go ahead take some of the water purify it I saw a bear grow in time find 1 of these it was about sizes room and he threw his backpack off and he dove in and I cringed because found his skin good ups set the ecosystem the whole thing could die. So keep that in mind OK. Things not to do water no no. We're going to find a thing called the solar still that is taught and it's taught for the desert you could use I'm here but you've got so many other types of things you can do here and 1 of the things you have to have as a long chunk a hole was you have to have a great big piece of plastic you notice this about 3 foot across the top so you plaster cast be bigger than that. And then you have a container that you can put. And you have to dig this hole now 1 of the 1st things I ask is if you're a survival or if you're out your field and God says Time to go or if you're on your OF TOP and he says go in you're not even going to get your coat or you're going to grab some plastic to you're going to have that stuff. Again I'm a go out on a limb of the say that. God's people are not going to have that equipment but anyways if you did let's say you come across it if you did it in a desert Tony talks about these things and he says again you get done dig in and build and you're going to end up sweating more than what you're going to get out. Maybe get a cup meet these things and yeah you're going to sweat more than what you get out so you know you have to look at it and say OK I'm much going to take for me to do it what's going to be the payoff from it and because the payoff is not great enough the because 1 of the water no no's another water no no and this is taught in a loud Survival School of clear across the nation drinking your own year I'm going to tell you right now a lot of people are just cringe and I'm going to help here cringe OK it is impossible for you to hydrate yourself with your own here. And they're good. It's impossible and they teach the things unfortunately especially and in the world of survival schools some of you will spit something now and everybody will acknowledge it and that's unfortunate and I'm going to check things out. You have to get right down to the cell started understanding why this happens your year is only slightly less salty the sea is now many here knowledge you can't drink salt water from the sea or ocean yeah OK Same reason you can't drink your own year it's because what happens is each cell as its memory. Things can go in and things can come out. As most. Potentials if it's having on 1 side and light on the other wants to go through water can go through that really easy salt takes to get through so what happens when you drink your own year is you end up Lowden years bloodstream or the bunch of Saul you know your cell inside sees all that Saul outside it can't last most get it through in a hurry and so what does several studies done what the cell would do is of a kick the moisture there are tea has out into the bloodstream in order to dilute the saw south there now what have you done that you helped yourself is made or saw. So unfortunately these guys you know tell you Well the 1st time through it's not too yellow. Stars can really dark then you better not know you came into 1st time. Yes. Well a lot of times when you're close women and you come out the salt stays on the surface and then you go shower off so I think profit is same type of thing so a race. Need to move on here but there are people that have been trapped you know there was a couple earthquakes here a couple years ago a little boy spent many days and he. You know told the people that he survived by drinking his own year and knows no better say you survived in spite of drinking your own here. That's all water no no and we talk about that OK you guys need search training your eyes. You know what I mean by this well let's look here here we've got a field here we have some trees but we want to do is we're on a get closer to that tree line who are here a little bit closer and then we're going to get right on the tree line and look what we found hey that's a quick run in there right. How much you guys have now just are watching and spotting things a spot things when you look at this we've got a desert you know we see some trees and if we look through the trees what we see a lot or something is making those trees you know has to be some water there somewhere and this 1 is pretty easy to spot. Look at another 1 it's not quite as easy a when we look at that picture what do we see snow OK Snow is a good thing that's water tank of what I want you to do what is the snow doing it's not known. It's melting snow see how can we see here you know you see here go to snow as if it's melting and here we've got a valley come in and we get down to the bottom of the valley Can you see those big trees right there if I tap the hill and I was out of water I would head for those trees. Because I can there's maybe even a stream there probably a but if not I could probably dig a gypsy Well there there's enough water to get those trees on and if I could and then I'd spend the energy to go up to where the snow has. Hey so train your eyes to spot water sources and do it now because when God says Time to go here I be trained and you'll know what to do and you'll be the hero no gotta be the hero. Because you're changing I hold look at order on me I see that you know it's so keep that in mind and at this point we're going to throw that 1 up during a practice to have any questions OK I get that question a lot when I'm talking about whether survival What about if the if the ground around as contaminated great that's kind of what you have other well I was I would go I had you know in any case I'd say all the Spirit lead me is a sun contaminated youth radio activity or not you know but if now if it was you could send it through some sand and that will fill it out to you but. 1 of the things that people ask a lot whole lot about the ground itself is contaminated and then your Watters come to pick and well. You know survival situations it takes a lot of people in order to overcome mother nature's ability to clean herself and to get a section of dirt that is now full of stuff that other nature can't take area so you gotta be in a heavily populated area in order for that to happen and if you're going to have really papillary elated area then you're out of your survival situation some ways areas go knock on your door and say can you help me you know in the end times when I read she talks about bands and they're moving to the deep forest. I think of a get to the beat for us will be in areas. That have to meet late and. If it is too large and tell us that tell us what to do. So keep that in mind to. Any other questions let's go here no go way back where is the deep forests you know I've had discussion with several people already. You know I can't tell you a other just say at the Lord. But I get this feeling that here is what's going to happen you know some people I was idea of. You know I'm a travel up to you he let me ask this question if it's got to the point to where the nation has set it up the world is set up so that if you don't have the right Mark you can't buy or sell if it's gotten that bad and things are coming on the earth that men cannot handle and the pope's coming across and saying well it's all the Sabbath keepers fall when it gets that bad don't you think they're going to have checkpoints up as well I mean it's not said Scripture. Yeah you know so I don't and then how far are you going to get before you have to buy some gas you know no here's what I kind of vision and I can tell you this again I don't have a say a lord but I'm feeling that it would be more like you know. This lady here there's a swale over here the Holy Spirit says that's where I want you to go and I'm going to hide you over there James there's 1 right over there and that's where I want you to go and that's where I'm going to hide you over there and she does talk about beings moving at times hey she talks about some other of the bad guys trying to jump the gun on a Sunday law OK the death decree and she talks about their weapons falling apart and her hands starts about other groups where these little bands walk right past them and they never even see them OK She also talks about other bands where the bad guys are trying to come and all of sudden they see that oh that band is protected by army and actually they're angels. So this type of thing or read the statement you'll find him there out there and so this kind of makes me think that you know Holy Spirit is going to guide his people into where he wants them to go and it may not be a great big deep force it may be across the road from your house OK maybe where it's going to be you know I don't have saith the Lord but God's going to have quite a few people do not have spots to hide them and I don't envision people traveling any distance at all. I don't have a vision of in their vehicles at all. I don't you know as I read I get the feeling from the Holy Spirit I don't know if that helps you know. Listen it always fear he going to tell you where that forest is for you OK we're only back there OK I didn't talk about that you know backpackers can get this chart in the chart says that if you're on top of Mount Everest that you need to boil for 10 minutes if you're down to sea level and you boil for 3 minutes and then depend on where you're acting at these charts and you can figure out while I'm at this level from sea level and so see my chart. Does anybody know what level we are a here. Some people do 958 you may not know I've got a rule of thumb. No matter where you're at if you don't know I got a rule of thumb you know what do you think my rule of thumb is. Hey you guys the same rule. 885 degrees some of last a little while so well if you water source that you're trying to purify you can so so anyways because if you've got something this big you know on up with somebody you don't know he's so that's all and so anyway so what I'm going to do is take show and tell and also have the D.V.D.'s we're going talking about I'm a shut this down it will go out to that table because we've got another class coming and you're just a couple minutes of what I want to do is have a prayer 1st. You know if I want to thank you for these techniques and Lord you know what it is that will run into who are out there so and still on our minds whatever topic is here that we're going to need and learn if if there are others that we can help who are out there who still those things in that are going to help us take this home and. Learn encourage everyone to practice he sings because if you practice and then they really become yours and they are really good still. Help them to have time and also the record of your interest. In just me with. This media was brought to you by Adil 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st point if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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