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4. Fire

Jay Peterson




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Their father I want to thank you again for candy and all the different stuff that we can learn here and thank you that we have to look into the stuff today. Where. We can get where you don't have a message so we want you to come here and be with us and put a smile on her face and help us learn things. OK Today is the day when. Usually when I cover the subject everybody goes through a knot. How do you start a fire if you don't have maps now you know we already talked about. You know God people are going to get the signal from the Holy Spirit and they're just going to leave and we kind of settle urgency there because Jesus told us it was urgent. You're on your house top you know I'm going to get stuff that you know your field you're not going to go back and we kind of learned why there's urgency today and we know that they can shut the whole city down in minutes. God knows if they're going to shut that city down he's going to say you need to get out now and if you if you move now you'll get out in time. And so when that happens you man now you're an avid chance you know you can matches her. Or your starter or whatever and help there in the wilderness or. Purify my water. So today we're actually going to go over different techniques now today we're only going to be valid just scratched the surface we're going to you know you're going to want a big Jerry can here disc and what you're with. And there are several areas that have lots of different kinds of fire in each area. And we'll cover some of the areas. We're going to look at solar to full little bit is a bunch of things you can do solar wise with. And you know you can do chemical whole and normally I don't even cover in the go and do a lot of survival because the stuff you need to do it the chances of you get it is point 19 percent Sadly we covered that in that. There's electrical although there are some things we're not going to touch on that today but use it use a lot of times I get a chance actually demonstrate several of these lives that we can't players here today live so you know I used to do several of them live and a lot of times I learned this 1 trick from a fire extinguisher salesman in a piece of steel wall 9 volt battery He says everybody's got a kitchen drawer this their junk drawer stuff goes in here and he slides a junk car in or you do take down IMO there in you touch this thing is go on your blog are. All kinds of stuff in there no a lot of houses burned down just because of that. We're not going to touch on that today except for what I just. There we've got spark that's where all my men used to do and even back before them there was techniques you know for the I won't talk too much time Rick show us how to do some of the really old Squire some you can't do if you go to the other schools they tell you you can't make where to Stones Well we have enough time on average do that for us. And then we're going to get into the friction fire. Compressed air we're going to show that 1 to correction fires are the hardest ones to do the hardest ones to learn and so people say. Well if you're out there and you don't have anything those are probably the ones which are going to be fine materials to make the friction fires so we teach those. I have a bunch of stuff out on the table after all done for show and tell and look things over so we're going to do a lot and again remember Matthew 633 that's a promise that Jesus gave us and he will take care of his people and if you give this is a chance to learn we should do that OK 1st thing you have to do if you're going to do fires if you have some tinder Yeah have something you're to set on fire that we do fires we do it state. Maps where you're sir no 1 thing you're going to move that to another song you're going to. Surrender something that is just smoldering and you know. That until you actually get to playing sometimes marble status you know if you get a chance raise it takes 3 cities you're going to get playing. Anyways we're going to do it the stages and sometimes our tinder box on the set up that way as well you know we're going to see how we can get some of the tops out here off lucky. Cat tails you guys at cat tail goes and goes and it's done or you got to have a sit in on something else and when it goes then it ignites that sees you got stages and then navigate so low that in. So many ways we're going to do stages and I set ups low she notes for me and I left it at home. They may have done a thorough and over again with. The mayor of the screen. There. Things to use their mother nature. To go and. What do they really. Care the. Easiest ways to pieces either. Make. Them. Sometimes you can. Hear. There are. Inside. That. Make there. Are. Clearly. To. Be. Going through. All. Of our quest. And you get there. Is that there you. OK. That's. Good. Actually. And. As you can see. Has. Been. And. Can and that. Is. There. And the burn. This. Thank. You. For. That. To. Make. Things that. Mother Nature. Yes. This. Is. True. This is. Because they're. Really. Just. They are. Losing the very fact. That they're. Here. Because. This. Is where Krueger who. Works. Here. Here are. The. Same with her. Still. It is this is. Very. Actual. Here. When. You look at. This. School like. Char this is. Good stuff you. Say. A different way. That this is sweet. There are things you can use. Even the. Second Stage of the 3rd. This is the best of. Any. As you. Could use as a yes or. No. There are. Times that they go really fast that's. Where. 30 states. Want to show you. It's good to go actually make it into the. Do. And that's good to practice. This practice if. It is $27.00. 27 and. It would take. You out of practice you. Is what you can do. Actually. This is. To. Physically. Behave the sake of this other stuff. It's a. 6 It's. Likely most of. That. Using this. Phrase. Here. Is. A good piece. Here. And I use these. And use this. Is a pretty good piece of. Do what I do that. Just gets stuck. They actually go through. These. Acts who are not. OK. Do you. Think. After put all your skills together to actually get some playing it when you get to that point you want that flame to go ahead and work and if you're fired that use is poor you can lose a new guy go through all the work again to get flame again so it's very important to actually. Adult Pathfinders for a lot of years and we had an event where they had to come in and there their group you know they had actually taken go find materials and they had 1 match and they had set their fire and burn a string on there were times when clubs were there for half an hour and so concerned string on it so this is very important to learn how to set a fire. And. There is 1 thing. You're. Asking. Me. That. Are there. Things that you can do. What we do. Here reality hit me. Grounds where. They're the best way to get. Me. And the ground. Around. And that's that. If you give something that in the air than that great. Rain. And rain. Even if you rain all day get well and. Get. A leg to make. That. And. Unearthing. And. Fairly quick. Things are. Very small. And there are. Carol serum. Been around for a long time cigarette later that's fair else are there. And they make these rods and I I encourage everybody to get 1 is put your packet I've got 1 in my bag right now but I'm going to try and do you know just your stuff. And. You know what you can get a. Lot of places. Actually I've got a box. If you got 1 of those and just carry your pocket if you get in a survival situation or when the Holy Spirit says then to go fire becomes a whole lot easier if you go. You know you you can get them wet and you still can get fire out of it you know try it with a box of matches. You know allow your Champus store to carry and your magnesium black like. Mine internet but you've got to watch. Someone selling really cheap. A couple bucks that shall look at the fine print because it's a slightly used much as slick but. You had a lot sat. That was not a flint and steel it was so fluid still a little bit less feels actually flint and a piece of rock a plant and high carbon steel. That was a feral Rod serial serum they got a lot of different names farm player odd stuff is in the local. This will. Take. You. Do. Survival situations are day for her owners because I don't know where I was last night when the we can actually make fire use your flashlight to the loans here who uses this and see if we can do fire here with a similar to what I watch and notices all here at their desk filler that's the sweet spot for this NG This way they've engineer to say sorry we're much tender or use a piece of tin or fungus or check up here or see if we get it going and we would take this. And here that's where you want to hear in this it is a theory that I used he uses rings here if you can look inside and. Use it rings tell very focused. When they get this draw those rings are a down there in this new day as it. Is is just great. Sin. Was a get it started when we let a girl that. Is a girl as it was is. Very quick to try to sleep. Where. Never. Zuni in your article. In this very border or sometimes just. This is actually. Here. And this is or. Other black. Look this color when you 1st see it in. This way. And you think. This is 1 in a very. Or in. This section here. There's a good piece. Here. And. There there read. What Apple. Carbon steel. They. Don't. Work really well. Or. Really sure for sure. In the menus you. Base. Your. Piece of. Do. You know. This you. Mean. 3. Here. And you won't steal you know straight search where you are. Always teacher whom. Do this. Straight. Just. Scratch. Things like. Getting good very very. Never like to do. Especially. If. It. Is a church. In the. Section. Here Michigan minute is really high time we're surrounded. And so this is the actual. Method the. Maker fires. There are a lot of different friction fires that. They chose like Syria. Have enough. Fire to stop. This is going to be 1 of the signs of. What I want to. Be. A good lot of the other way to do that. Robin and. You have a lot more. You know on any other. Friction. 1 of the things I do. If you. Are. If you have a fire. Drill. If you drill more you get less heat. So that. You don't draw too much. Heat and if you add it all the way. There's an actual There's actual pressure. To do these and. That's 1 of the things you go. When I do this my arms. They're. Doing. This. All this. Love pressure. And. See if we will. Relieve it in the socket till we actually see. Their. Dinners. In the sock it. Was Really. You when you do this just could just. Leave it in the. Into. A lot more. Just. Use it a little softer so you could do it with the whole you got to bear down on their. Dust So you're really hard stuff you know that you were so you know got her it's really well we got that. Done the Cedar. With Aspen. Families So you know that around. I was told way back when younger I was told well you can't do high and. So I just took their word to have it well then I was teaching some people up a new you and I went up there and here they are we used by and they were good fire and I thought well wait a minute. And I think maybe they could do it because it was their technique it was the material. So there's a lot of I think you probably do it just about any wood but those harder ones are going to be. There. OK let's see. Where from to start this is renewed here. This is a moment who will do question outher new Iraq to the people who are the little on the in the. Guy here is a little bit of a horse's hoof fungus which occurs on dead perched trees in Scotland and on just frame that up ready to make in far. As my tender very fine comes up like cotton wall and what I need to distill generator start to drop into this get us to catch light start small to make the spark I'm going to use a method that we know is used in prehistory going to use this is 1 of those nodules of our priorities I collected earlier remember I said that nobody's really certain how it's formed or my favorite story and straight from the mouth of a professor of geology no less is that it could even be the blood of dinosaurs Well that might be unlikely but that's my favorite story without a doubt and I reckon there must be dragons causing it but spots are. Interesting material with a new nodule of this neglected brown color is an oxide layers that rust on the surface and I've got to scrape back behind that before I get decent sparks now to strike this I'm going to use a piece of flint and I've got a blade here a struck off earlier. In the smell a slight burning smell like a cigarette lighter and that's a good sign means I'm getting sparks now the sparks that come of this are very small and they're very low temperature though and dull red color sometimes you can't always see them in daylight you get up smell of burning and you know you're getting somewhere. I don't have much oxide. Burning. Wonderful thing about this. On the floor that's just going to go another you can see there's a bit of a very poor. Another fungus with me this is a king. And this is 1 thing if I break this in. This concentric rings in the middle. It will burn like a truck and I could have ignited it with 1 of these. With in the here so I. Get there. Now we're going to do that. Into Bracken. You know you do that. You can't do that. You know. The. Guy Fieri 3 today to do everything before. You just get a little flavor of the different areas that you can make fire and then in these areas with the exception the compressed air there different kinds of things you do any ceria And so today we get just kind of like I said just wet your whistle. Scratching the surface and can be done and. We have just a few minutes we could take some questions yeah OK no. It does grow in the U.P. I've seen it up there Japanese knotweed actually. It's an edible plant. And. Anybody here like asparagus anybody like lemon juice under asparagus you would love Japanese now because that's what it tastes like. And when it see it come up in the spring you know on a harvester right away because it will grow about 2 foot every week. Yeah really go well but right now you're going to find it about this top that's going to have long things and it's going to a little white flower on the bottom. And just just before this period you can actually see the stars shaving cocoa. Rhubarb substitute in our hit and well tomorrow is actually tomorrow's food isn't it. So anyway any other questions. Danced out of my can test your question here. They smoke too much for tender use the 1 of the things that I get a chance to. You're going to find and use it what I'll do is I'll take a piece of paper on tearing off and have a big plate or. There later in the I tell you there's a 1st mass with spire. And I tell you that surfaces actually edges start easier than surface. And so take that flame and put it under the surface and just walk around there at the same rate and when it hits the edge of the surface. So I needles are not quite fine enough. To go ahead and catch like you can get him to go. A little harder so you want to you want to think about making your tuner a lot like here because that's a lot of edges is a surface. Ship that my edges started easier surface that's why I took that piece of birch bark and I cut it up you know the big surface at the beginning but once I got it up through a whole bunch of edges then when I had it would aspire to. There's 1 couple. Well actually the 1 I had there that was a Gerber. Right now I use 1. More like premier who style if you go on line you can get Premier's knives. But. There's like $400.00 hours last time I checked and in the crossover and it is a 10 year wait. And. I found some from El Salvador as exact same shape he has which is great and. You know a lot of a lot of guys want to scream. When you start to get in a lot of this stuff and you're making things you know. Bushcraft because when you're making things nice I found for me just too clumsy and so I like a shorter nice. USALS shorter. I always like a higher carbon Laden knife. You can get high carbon or you get the steam to the stainless steel or rust but it will all the nejad near like with care and if I do have a knife blade and actually you know I will survive. Here is still striker with him. But if I have my knife and I can buy some stone that has to look at it I can make fire with that. I carry a striker in 1 pack and then I can just get. An English but that's kind of the Gerber there. Are very. Very grills 1 that does a lot of those but if you get to 1 of the guys. There are a lot more expensive you're saying you want in here like substances for 10 years in a pinch can here be used in your. Use was not sin or use like your actual hair as to your like cut off a peep here and you know it's hard to get hair to actually burst into flame but it could smaller and get something else go and actually what I would do is take my knife and stretch my pants and keep going until I got a bunch of lit that goes pretty quick and dirty. Doing your packing and maybe. That fills the 2 kinds of stuff in each 1 of them Gerber names and then. A flint like a rock rock yeah and the Gerber knife if it's a high carbon blade then you can guess. What's going to want to do to get your share pads and it takes a long time to get a nice. So what you're going to use is the backside of the night the other end because the new not record here ends laws of the high carbon made and rock that has Silicon. Put it up as we have some plant here in Michigan but we also have agate and we also have a lot of quartz and works as well if we can take new 1 more and we're gonna have to close off because we've got another group of men that see hand over here there and we will do more question and answer not at the table. 1 knife that I really like is more a. There are carbon you know OK well. The 1 I have it for expires nearly 30 years ago all. Yellow high carbon all that adds a lot longer but it will rust and so that's 1 of the drawbacks of that and that's why they start doing the stainless steel once. You get the sales you know but you know you get a spark if you need it. And the ads will not stay on there as long as the high carbon ones you get a nice edge and a lot longer. And you can use it to spark but it does rust so you got to hear that anyways we need to go clothes off here and then we're going to go ahead and move out to the table I've got a bunch on top so I look over stuff and also got some do you. Know the fire has for for you know if either 1 thank you for all of these techniques you're still here we still learn and that we have any. Time in the end there so help us remember these things help us to practice these things yourself you have to. Help us to give time. To. So be with us we take you to. 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