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1. How to be a Christian, Leader and Leadership Skills




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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So we have hand outs here. Congratulations. For I don't know. OK So let's talk a little bit about cards there are 2. Primarily 2 different cards that are being used today and this is your personal preference I like the look of this 1 better. It yeah this is the newer 1 what is the difference between them the big difference. Is that this 1 says among your prerequisites you're to a completed a basic staff training course in adventurers or pathfinders and so if you're working with adventurers or pathfinders this card is very very very adequate The big difference is this 1 adds use ministry so if you're not so if you're not going to be getting a basic staff training from use ministries either card will work and the other differences there's a couple if they corrected a typo in this 1 from here and put in a different. You know. It says use ministry so. Good question. And I don't have an answer on that. But you can. The how fine. I believe at the adventurer leader shops in Michigan over a period of I think 2 years you can get all of that. If you go to consecutive you're going to offer a Part A Part B. so you can start would be get a the next year or. A little. Yeah yeah. OK. I think I believe the card says 3 years. Yes and I. I I ask a rather pointed question of Pastor Harris once about that. And I am plan to not ask him again because he said we will. We believe in grace let's say 5. So so I plan to not ask him again because I like that answer yeah. Yeah yeah but but should he find a reason to change it I don't want to hear about it. So you know you know I think you have I think you've got a feeling for where I'm at on this I know I want people to get it done. And I wanted to be as excessive bill as possible. Yes. I like the pastor. Yeah so this does need to go out go to the conference office and it can go electronically if you can scan it and or fax it. To scan it and attach it to an e-mail. Welcome. I don't know how it looks like we have a little room I don't know how how many are coming but it looks like you can take a few Yes you can take chairs but not people. Let's take just a few minutes to just to go through the card. Because I know there's always some questions on. On what do I have to do to pull this off OK so let's just go through a card does everyone have a card a 1 form or another I don't care which card you've got. I'm going to go through I'm going to go through the more 1 I prefer that that's got this pretty or OK. And I'm starting at the back end there e back under documentation. It says 1 the Master Guy curriculum must be completed in a minimum of 1 year maximum of 3 years OK so it isn't something you start this weekend and get invested in in 6 months and based on what Pastor Harris says why he's accepting 5. To all Master Guy candidates must document all work in a portfolio and this is. I should have grabbed a new binder but I grabbed an old 1 that yanked the stuff out you can see there was transfer to the cover but this is just 1 way of doing it if you look closely it doesn't say how the port what the portfolios post look like it if according to what that says. Under that heading of portfolio it could be done electronically day and that works for some people I will however say that I want you to finish reading. Because it says curriculum completion is under the supervision of the conference used Pathfinder or adventurer director or their designated master guide representative that person might not be as technically adept as you are this is the problem I the potential I see for a problem doing keeping your port hole economically so I'm an old fashioned guy I'm trying not to be totally buried under technology because I have to use some of them but this is just 1 way of doing it I put this together and if you like I can send you I can email you the file I started with so you can you've got a starting point. Just as Mastercard portfolio of your name your contact information so whoever reviews it can get it back to you we want you want to you want this to be in a form that easy for you ever reviews it to look through it and say yup they've got this Yup they've got this Yep you don't want them to have to go looking for anything you want to make it easy so that makes sense. OK And I have some notes in here. But then I just have 1 page where it lists the prerequisites behind that I would put whatever documentation is needed for that such as the master guide candidate application OK And so. You can. Anything that you send off to the conference off is an advantage of scanning it and sending it as an attachment to the e-mail if you can keep the original in here and then and. Basically this is just a card. Like this but it but I have a page for each thing and so I had figured behind to spiritual development I would put it you could put in all of the. Handouts that you get an if you're supposed to be keeping a diary or something you can stick it in here. That makes sense OK. So if you want I can. Email you that. That file it's go to let's go to the beginning of the book I wanted to start with that so you know where we're headed. OK this is written for the whole division and this is a division North American division card if we go over south get outside North American division their card is probably going to be a little bit different different conferences 2 master guides differently there are some conferences where they have 1 person the only thing they do is Master Guy they do nothing else but Master guy grab some from down front nobody you know people never want to throw 1. Yes Yeah. Now I think and she may need them in the morning. Yeah but. Basically here. We're looking at best with. My knowledge. OK we're ready to go to the beginning you need if you need a car OK you can have 1 card or you have your choice of cards pre-requisites be a baptized member of the 7th Day Adventist Church now. Are you going to document that most of us if we were ever given a baptismal certificate and no idea where. It did I'm being honest here Jay I don't know that I ever got 1 you know so. But so so what are you going to do to document that. Yeah so what let's get let's come down to to have a written recommendation from your local church board they think that the candidate is in regular standing that should govern number 1. OK now you know you're not going to be a member unless you. Be at least 16 years of age to start the master guide course and at least 18 years of age of completion if you've got a driver's license to slap in a photocopy that's my Or if you've got another way of doing it. For have completed basic staff training certification and been involved for a minimum of 1 year in 1 of the following ministries adventure ministries Pathfinder ministries or if you've got the newer card youth ministry OK OK Moving down to number 2 spiritual development read or listen to the book steps to Christ or steps to Christ youth edition and submit a 1 page response focusing on the benefits of your reading really scuse me really like the fact that today they are saying you can listen to it. Because in years past people with reading disabilities dyslexia or whatever that's been a real problem and it's easier today. To do that to get that kind of stuff than it ever was before so where do you get the book steps to Christ A.B.C. or. Online a lot of us have been here. So what is what does the Mrs White app cost. Is 3 Apple or in. The UK Ok complete the devotional guys encounter series 1 Christ the way or complete another year long Bible reading plan that covers the 4 Gospels and read the desire of ages or humble hero the card that you and the actual encounter card look like this and it's really nice because it fits inside of a normal hardcover Bible it doesn't fit in here. But in here they have readings it is set up as a daily devotional and you can check it off each day as you do it we do have those available here. They want to pass them along. And if you choose to get it from from Advent source get the card like I have that's just fine either way. It's a fun way to do personal devotions the from this 1 takes you through the 4 gospel and the related readings part of desire of ages the frustration I had with it is you're supposed to read and desire of ages. Pages X. 2 X. to Y. or whatever and sometimes when I get to the spot where I'm supposed to quit I want to keep reading yeah Yeah. But you know what we can deal with these things and we pull through welcome. Though have a chair we don't charge extra for you. Right now all we're doing is just going through the card explaining it. So we're you get the desire of ages same place OK the 3 DO want of the following keep a devotional journal for at least 4 weeks summarizing what you learned in your devotional time in outlining how you are growing in your face or be complete the steps to discipleship personal spirituality curriculum that is a book that is available from Advent source your poker around enough online you can find a P.D.F. if you want to read all 300 pages. But it so 1 of those 2 Now if you are working on the encounter 1 that can be your source for your devotions for your devotional Journal her week OK so you can be working on both of those at the same time. For oh here we get to another difference I believe this 1 says earn the Pathfinder evangelism award is yours any of yours say anything different alright that's the other difference that I forgot about so the newer 1 is more inclusive and om 5 for Parrot 2 paragraph summary on each of the $28.00 fundamental beliefs. That sounds daunting but I was talking with somebody Sunday that and that is 1 of 2 things that they have yet to do to finish up their master guy and I said and I found out that they're here all week I says OK can you do 1 bully a day. And write the 2 paragraphs just wanted a yeah I think I can do that. And her husband has to be down in 28. So that's how you can break that up OK if you want to sit down and in 2 sessions and grind it all out that's fine but I'm just trying to make help you see a way to a little bit easier thank. The 6 develop and present for the following. Beliefs use of creative medium is encouraged and they give you a listing you pick. Now where you're going to present it this could be part of a worship or adventurers or pathfinders or it could be part of a Sabbath school class. I know a guy that. He was working under a different card though what he did on the 28 fundamental belief. He was Junior Sabbath school leaders and that he presented want to weep and he wasn't there because of things in his life he's traveled here and there periodic lease all it took a while to get through but over the course of the year he got them all done so that's another form that where you could develop where you could present it and set yeah. OK. Yes So the ideal is to have either a pastor or another master guide check it all that is that is the preferred way of getting these checked. Good question and hands knowledge of the church heritage by completing the following are in the end Adventists heritage on being read a book about Estee a youth ministry such arrows. And we have depending on your card 1 or 2 books listed and then it says another book approved by your conference youth blah blah so that if you get 1 of the master guides Michigan conference helpful in this this paper here we have a list will take 1 and pass them around and that's where you get that list. A You have to do A and you have to do B. you know so that's that 1 OK. Read the 8 read a book on church heritage such as in they have a listing 9 attend a seminar or complete a 2 page research paper about a standard temperament analysis program and completely affiliated temperament inventory if you're here this whole week will get er done OK I'm Dave. OK onto part 3. Skills Development attending complete a seminar in each of the following 10 subjects and so we've got a listing of ACE or J. that we're going to get some of those knocked off this week and hopefully to open today it where it says attend a seminar on risk management the focus is on adventurer Pathfinder activities. Good luck. I'm going I'm being honest OK I haven't found anybody that want to do it other than the few people I mean few people in the risk management so if you ever are at a leader shop or union workshop and you see that on the list take it take it take it unless you've got it checked off take it skip anything else and take it because if they don't get offered often and. Sorry to be blunt but. I'm going to call it the way I see it attend a seminar on child abuse prevention on the this. On the candidate application it says. They completed shield the vulnerable if you have completed shield the vulnerable that covers this so that means you're going to print out another copy of that certificate and put it in your portfolio and yes and they have switched programs and I don't remember the name of the new 1 and we haven't got it into that form yet. Yeah yeah the same yacht Yeah I. Do the new 1 print out another thing that and stick it in there. Yeah now they're only good for like 3 years or something I think now and it's now OK for have earned the following honors if you already have them it's easy to check off if you don't have a me the new ghetto Christian storytelling that's 1 Amr camping skills 1 to 4 that's for honors basic drilling in marching not. A You need to have all of those 5 earned 2 additional honors not previously earned 1 from the list below as skill level 2 or 3 honor from a list provided by your local conference that should be in that list of help. When you taught it did you get the honor OK so. There is a there are a couple different views and I will give you mine because it's the 1 I have when I teach an honor I like to do it with them. Because then I have done it and I have learned that if in some conferences when you teach an honor that you've earned you then can put a little diamond like that on the patch and so my counsel is if you if you're teaching an honor do it do it with them there are some people who say well if I taught it I ought to have it and I'm not going to get into a big argument on that OK. The only honors I've put on my sash are the ones that I have earned to where I completed everything and I did it myself and the. Problem for me isn't finding it finding honors to put on the sashes getting around to putting this about a bag that needs to get put on a new sash and. Then answer the question. OK the next page hold a current to 1st aid and C.P.R. certificate or its equivalent instructor require. Some Red Cross offers classes sometimes community education. Classes do this. As a number of years ago 1 of my sons was up a campus obl and he taught the lifeguard program and so to do that he had to be certified to teach people C.P.R. And so when they left they have a current C.P.R. certificate so if you are someplace some of you may be working where you get to. Where you have to. Have C.P.R. and stay current so you just get another copy of this to fit and it goes in the portfolio. So do you have the honor. OK So to my if you can pull off you know all of the stuff in all and memory serves me there's a there's a clever person but you know if you can pull off well that's that that's not an issue if you're and you're an R.N. if that's current you know that should not be an issue and Fair Question 7 supervise participants through either the adventure or curriculum or Pathfinder investor it's your achievement or teaches Sabbath school class her children ages 6 to 15 doesn't have to be all of the. Bank or its equivalent for at least 1 year candidates under 18 must have a supervising adult if you are a staff member in a Pathfinder or adventure across that's the yeah that Beth that's 1 of the easy ones that you get checked off I mean that's. Not a problem for a child development to read or listen to the book education or you get the book education. Advents or in any of the stuff reading stuff that is listed in here you can also get from Advent source. They may have A.B.C. dropship it but you can get it from Advent source. And I think it's wonderful that the A.B.C. and Advent source are working together like that. Good question and I am glad you brought that up because there's something that I want you to put in your portfolio that is totally on require but here's what I want you to put in there everyone if you're going to order anything from Advent source I want you to write the name of your account. Anyone can have their own Advent source account not everyone can order investiture supply. These are educational supply. They have uniforms and lots of others lots of stuff to help our churches rural 1 function that have nothing to do with Pathfinder so anybody can order from Advent source but keep track of the reason I'm saying put it in your portfolio is so when you before you go to call or log in. All the sudden if you've got an account number lo and behold you can get back in and it causes problems on their end when people when 1 person has an account because they didn't remember what the other 1 was a OK om to read or listen to either child guidance or messages to young people submit a 1 page response focusing on the benefits of your reading 1 of the gals in my church elder went through master guide training and she came across this requirement and she said you know my kids change without a manual and I just found the manual Child Guidance. Now I know what to do you have 2 mothers at abroad at a baby shower I know what to give them the 2nd half. But you read it. Yet but you but it is and but your counsel is wonderful and it is very very very realistic that's real world OK I. Attend 1 seminar dealing with child development real it relating to the age of your primary ministry group again. You see 1 listed somewhere take it. Out for people who are involved in education and nursing sometimes you're going to get some of that stuff as part of your professional growth and that kind of stuff the question. Then younger than mine. Answer your question it's supposed to be according to the. The thing in here thing it's on the back within 3 years and we're doing a grace period of 5. Observed OK For observe for a period of 2 hours a group of the venturers or pathfinders and write a reflection on their interaction if you're involved with a club that means. You're going to do that and that should the hard part is going to be to sit down and write out your stuff and nowadays we have stuff that can help us with that for some of us we can just talk into something and words appear and we can go through and add it but. You know it's not hard to watch kids. For 2 hours attend a seminar and discipline stick around this week and keep coming back. Leadership Development read a current Burke about leadership skill development such as and they to have they have a listing. Om another book that's improved by your conference youth Pathfinder I'll just grab you I assume there's a similar 1 for adventurers. I'll be up front they've just Miller's much about Adventurous. I've been working with their friends and I don't know as much about half miners as. I was at a seminar like union number of years ago and. 1 of the guys who is in the same seminar with me. Made the observation that whenever is club ram the club by the manual they really didn't have a lot of problems and the club rules and the years when they stopped following the manual closely they had more problems and their membership declined so that book is on the official list OK demonstrate your leadership skills by doing the following developing conduct 3 creative work shows for children or teenagers remember that thing before where you were supposed to do some presentation a this is a this is a place that can be plugged in a. Yes yes participated in a leadership role with your local church children's youth group in a conference sponsored event what is a conference sponsored event what amphorae their. Conference if it's a conference sponsored. That OK So and then that's a fair question I will make the distinction maybe but there that is if that is done locally and there are a lot of conference sponsored events that for instance that venture funding seems no outing Om and you'll know there are camp arrays workshop. This it these are conference sponsored events and those count and so I think that's you know. I think that's in the fairly easy 1 the to do teach 3 adventurer awards or 2 Pathfinder honors you're going to do that in the course of the year assist in planning a field trip for a group of the Benchers pathfinders or Sabbath school class you can but that can be part of that 1 we were just talking about on the conference sponsored event and E.B. an active adventure a Pathfinder a Sabbath school staff member for at least 1 year and attended least 75 percent of all staff meetings show up do your honest part 3 write personal goals you'd like to add M.F.I. in Iraq compilation your ministry or identify 3 current goals in your life at least 1 of which is spiritually oriented the list 3 goals or object 36 fitness lifestyle development participate in a personal physical fitness plan by completing 1 of the following A A personal fit physical fitness program of your choice and according to your abilities for at least 3 months. A school physical fitness program so it's if if you're going to school and you're taking a P. E. class you're going to need to get something just something from your P.E. teacher that goes in your portfolio that says insert your name has been has been in class and blah blah blah make sense see the physical component of a why silver award are already done that go for the gold award OK and we're already talking about documentation any questions on the card. So that's a wonderful question and you nailed it you need to write down what you're doing. Keep a log. It doesn't have the real real fancy. I need to update mine when I get up to my room because I didn't write down that what I did this morning I've already got my master guide but I still try and keep a log of what I do so I can keep a look back and say hey there actually is some progress setting in not as fast as I'd like but it is setting in good question Any other questions. Yet. When I was working on my Pathfinder instructor award I had to do version 3 of this and at 1 of our pathfinder area coordinator retreats Om I showed it to 1 of my colleagues that I had done it all everything was checked off and then I She handed him my card and showed him which line and he put his the initials on. So you that you find a way to document it and because the documentation is supposed to be in there. That help OK Are we ready you been ready right OK for those who are involved who are editing the recording he she don't know I am being recorded. They are going to start if you buy the CD I don't know why you want to hear but that they are going to start editing. Their editing out everything before the opening prayer and after the closing so. Our heads our Father we thank you so much for the blessings you've given to us in the chance that we can come together thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you help us to be inspired by their energy their Baumberger source of ideas help us to know how to help them to grow closer to you we ask this money. So this is where we're at how to be a Christian leader and some leadership skill Here's a clear message right I'm not bossy and leaders have skilled leaders understand so leaders can't be leaders without other people so we're going to explore lip roles of leaders within groups we're going to look at some of the leadership asked for adults the hopefully this isn't the type of. Leadership you're going to be embodying or that you're working with so really look at modeling attitudes and values valued in all its beliefs purposes and attitudes that are chosen possibly and acted on and let's face it society does change rapidly so we're going to be looking at value 1 of the ways. Modeling is setting in the example of how people behave appointing the good models in the past like Washington we've all heard the story of George Washington and the cherry tree a deceased wife was faithful to him even though he was gone on the Odyssey for I don't remember how many years. Long time I don't remember. Something else though some people do is try and persuade and convince you of arguments for this or that set of beliefs pointed out fallacies that ball so you agree with the math equation here. I can imagine why. Sometimes we need to set limits. Sometimes we'll give children choices only among values we have. Such as ask and argue want to wash the dishes or clean the floor and that's one's way of doing it but then how bought you want to tell the truth or never speak to anyone again is that realistic no no that's not realistic so by giving children choices only 1 values we accept such as ask and children to choose between helping wash dishes clean the floor. You can see the big difference here. Let's be realistic Another thing is your magic or emotional pleas for certain values often account made by models of behavior that show it also there can be rules regulations that are ended in. Behavior and sometimes we use rewards and punishments to help with that so do we have being analyst rated here reward system look like it might be working well then we also sometimes have cultural or religious dogma that's presented as unquestioned wisdom or principle such as saying that something should be believed because our people have always done it this way you know what a dogma is. 1 example of a dog. Moralizing telling the way out of be nice and he feels that the conscience. Sometimes will arouse feelings of guilt if one's conscience doesn't suggest the right way though we want to encourage kids to make the right choices and let's face it when they're not under. They're going to have to choose for themselves and we need to help them learn how to. Help them learn to. Weigh the different alternatives what happens to them. What is it that they prize What do they cherish and give them probably chances to make public affirmations how many of you were at the Pathfinder fair recently A Was anyone given an opportunity to make a public affirmation of a choice. What they do they gave their life so they wanted to give their life to Christ and then what did they do to show it walk up from the up front all repaired Yep that's what they did what are the repeated behaviors or patterns in their lives are these working for them or not what are the consequences of if you keep doing this what's going to happen where are your choices leading there are lots of publications that you can find on valuing. But remember that leadership isn't about advancing yourself it's about advancing your C. A few years ago at the. I think it was at the fair we have a really nice exercise where people were supposed to you know people were going from station to station doing different activities and I only saw the 1 I was at by 1 of the other area coordinators and I had this 1 work people had to walk across a string. Rock and so everyone was given a paper plate and this was their rock. But they only had 1 and so they had to go from an area about the size cross an area about the size of this room. So you put down your paper plate and you step on it and now you need another 1 down so you get another 1 from somebody and you step on that and then before you know somebody has to keep handing them forward and then somebody has you have to go up on the toll 1 foot so somebody else can step their toll behind because we can't let our rock go downstream. And it was interesting to watch there are some people. That were really good at getting themselves across. But the left half of that half of the wall behind all idea here is and let's advance that the that's what leadership is about makes sense so we're going to look a little bit a process time or is this part supposed to be done $315.00 and you got a little time OK. I hate all I hate taken all the time. I hate that it takes so much time to go through the card but I want to do it because I want people to understand what what they're getting into and how to do it I want to be something you can do so we're going to have to move quickly for a group to be effective the members need to be able to communicate. Clearly with each other and we want the other people all the members to feel like they're involved too in the in the decision making not just having everything imposed on them. But just because we have members doesn't mean they're going to always function as a group they've never been in a group that's like this where everybody's looking. You know away from each other. So let's look at something so that we can then try and have people work together trying to get rid of some internal conflicts any group can benefit from a skilled and dedicated a leader however an effective group leader must understand that each member is responsible for contributing to the total past of leadership no group can be fully productive until each member assumes responsibility for the way they hear back 1 of the tank. Getting responsibility for the way the group acts or me talk to that are just a couple moments the very 1st Pathfinder club I had been a church back in Minnesota membership ballpark 100 K. we did not have a Pathfinder club I had 2 boys that were a Pathfinder age I thought we ought to have a pathway in the club I didn't know much about. The way of the honest I really did but I thought it was a great idea and so I volunteered to start a Pathfinder club there were other kids the age of my kid and so I figured we ought to be able to have a pass when a club the board wasn't going to put up any resistance Oh here's an aside I have found through the years church boards sometimes well agreed to let you do most anything you want to do if you're willing to lead out in it and they don't have to get involved and I don't abuse that but frequently there are thrilled if anybody is going to do something for the kids long as they don't have to. That's just how it is OK anyway so 1 of the moms came to me and now I should say this is a fairly conservative church and 1 of the moms came to me and. Prospective members of the club who says if you're going to be doing all this marching stuff my kids are going to be a Nazi somebody had tried to have a Pathfinder club there years before and they had the next Marine that thought he was going to be the drill sergeant he remembered he have fond memories of boot camp apparently and he wanted to share them. And and this mother did not want her kid in that situation and another mother. Wife acts. Said if it was going to be a lot of drilling and marching she didn't want her kids and that go figure Well again I said I didn't know that much about Pathfinder but I knew March and drill wasn't the central focus so we said I said OK don't worry about that there's a lot of other stuff we can do as a kid I have an older sister and I remember seeing the I love to read her junior guides when I just had primary treasures. And I thought it was cool magazine and I remember seeing all these pictures of Pathfinders who had just finished their 50 mile bike ride getting their bicycling honor and they were in their uniform and most of them were writing. Cruisers with a coaster brake that you only had those fancy 3 speed race. I'm dating myself anyway so we started with the bicycling honor and. I didn't know anything about the A Y. curriculum or any of that stuff we started out and. Guy from the conference officer was out of our core hats on 1 of which was Pathfinder's found out that there is some guy down in this little church that had no clue what he was doing and he came down to give me the 2 hour version of BASIC staff training course. For which I've always been grateful and. I found out we're supposed to be doing all the class work stuff too and so we had to figure out how to do that so we started doing that and came time for investiture everybody got invested but we had to go off of this fair and they sent us a list of events that we were going to be doing and. There are about 3 or 4 events and there was a mark and drill thing and I figured OK we'll we'll sit that 1 out and. Whatever you know the chips are going to fall where they're going to fall but that's how it then the week before. We go well I I learned that. These 2 kids. Aren't Going to the fair no explanation those 2 aren't gone my kids aren't going period thank you for telling OK that was the drill sergeant. I suspect that older sister didn't get to go because younger brother was 2 in the 2 I think that's the that is what happened because he could go she could go I think that's the dynamic that happened there the other mother who had said My kids aren't going to she came to me and said I guess it's OK if they do. So we've got 1 meeting the learn how to March and. It was a Sunday morning and we got to the church and we had a short devotional and then it was time for the introduction to marching girls this is something Dave had never taken a course and I had spent a number of years in public school and in the and in this small town and there was the band marched a little bit nothing like the stuff I see around here but I had learned. What attention was and you know the all the basic moves that I needed for this I had been taught I had to figure them out but I had the my little book. And so we thought you know you start out with attention and write face left face about face and how many of you have ever seen that go perfectly smooth at the 1st introduction you know it doesn't happen so but we worked on that for about 15 minutes and it was chaos and then we went in we left that and we went worked on 1 of the other events now we've been practicing that and so we're refining our skills there and I don't remember it was not timing or whatever it was but it at 1 was coming along pretty good I was happy with that 1 and then we came back to March and drill and more right face left face about face and a lot of confusion between right facing life bass and then the B. Other right and. And. But it's starting to get a little bit better and then I introduce him to forward March you know chaos results and about 15 minutes and we go work on the neck and we will drop that we go back to work on the previous of that or of the next event and we've practiced this $12.00. And it's coming along really good and kids feeling good about this now that I'll grab that knowledge that the work but we can do this and came back we got done with that came back in March and drill now I'm taking him outside we've been down the basement which are taking him outside because we have we need more room to move and so. By now they are starting to get it on the stationary command. And but we have I know a little bit up about probably how this is going to be judged they want it. They don't they're not looking for ripple effect they want everything all at once when you will. And they don't they're not looking for that you know that they want to be nice and crisp and so I started saying right face and I tried to be give them the rhythm I wanted it to do I'm in in my command right phase 1. Actually was the left. My mistake but that's the way I taught it and I gave them the commands in that rhythm using the rhythm I expected them to use every time because I want them to get accustomed to that rhythm and so I say right face. That wasn't quite together left face. Almost and Jeff were just just 1 and 1 or 2 and I've only got the kid and all the sudden they're thinking if I screw up I'm holding the whole group that. 5 minutes. We went from being. A whole bunch of individuals to a T.. That was really cool because all the sudden they recognize that what they did how they did it affected everybody else you know if you're in math class. And you get it wrong you don't affect the other people around him this was my plan and all of the sudden they figured out. I am partly responsible for how this goes for everybody like I said I was I'm from Minnesota a number years ago I don't remember what happened but there was a problem with bunch of kids in the University of Minnesota basketball team and. A bunch of the starters got kicked off the team so who's left all that stuff not much and so. But because of the nature of what they had done the coach felt it was important that they be off the team period no 1 no discussion but now he needs a team and he actually filled it out his team with a bunch of guys from the football team playing football different season so these guys all know. They're football players and they're good football players but we're on the basketball court and all of the sudden they knew if they're going to win it's only because they play as a team and that he did better without all the starters that were the great. Hole was the end all because they played as a team people in a group worked together to accomplish a task or doing something to and with the other members of the group you know each group is going to have. I don't care what how big your club is you pull a few people out and it's going to be different your club is different those of you that have been doing Pathfinders Well when people come in and out it's different every year. And that's a part of what we're talking about here we have to help them work together. They have the picture up there of the oxen 2 oxen in the open it I'll be honest I've never driven. Use oxen are horses for hauling him once and husbandry but I know enough about it to know that they need to pull equally they need to work together so here's a scary tune someone should take care of that problem you do through it I can't do everything you'll do anything not a single thing it's my job to I angrily identify problems Wally. That is not your job why everything here slam big it was here someone should take care of that problem is it just me or is this meeting taking forever you ever been in on a staff meeting like that hopefully if your director your church board meetings on someone. So there are some specific leadership methods that can help and there are people in every group that do different things let's look at some of them we have the initiators there a contributor there the 1 that gets things started this is a really cool picture of the starting to slip they got that the shutter clicked just the right. Then we have the information seekers these are the ones that ask questions we have information givers ones that give answers we have coordinators that are going to keep things rolling. Or enters the to go on that point the group toward the goal will be in the right direction. Summariser the 1 who both together related ideas they restate highlights the discussion different people have different gifts and abilities. And. This 1 reminds me of a Pathfinder Council a number of years ago Dr Atkins was there and he made this wonderful wonderful. Wish I could make these observations. But he said looking back years. My staff has had on my head. Looking back the years my staff didn't have on my kid. That's a cool observation. You know he came to a conclusion as a result of looking back on stuff all consensus Hester's another 1 of the leadership functions 1 who sends up trial balloons to see if the group is nearing a conclusion or 1 measure to see how much agreement has been reached their leadership roles to maintain the group we're going to look at some of those Next we have the encouragers they give support to others in the group to keep them functioning well we have Harmonizers. Group members working toward the same goal anybody ever have a chance to see. A dog that scale that working with sheep. Yeah it can be it just was amazing what they can do. Gatekeepers these are the people that can keep the group aware of the subject and try and keep communication open and maybe draw out some of the people that are a little quieter and hold back some of the ones that want to monopolize it we have bantered seekers the ones that want to. Say this is the standard that we need to reach. There are some personalities that can cause problems we can have blockers. They just like to go off on tangents react negatively to all who just. Good at showing everything down we have non-participants these are the ones with his very indifferent doodling daydreaming and you know they're not going to have they don't want anything to do there because they're hardly even there and they help other people not participate Sometimes you'll have a fight or it's going to work for status by blaming others and their group you know they're going to show hostility against a group or some individual clowns they like love the fool around mimic others and they're going to be this in general this disrupting cohesion calm things down dominators. Their dogmatic rigid they want to resist authority interrupt because well that course they because they are severe ear. Clicks or you have several people who gang up on others in attention hopefully this is part of a conversation. As I'm not convinced that the best strategy then again I was listening hyperactivity. Lack of the isn't poor organization you seen that. Some of our kids have lots of energy and we need to give them things to do. So we're going to do a little exercises where you're ready group exercises operation heartbeat should be in your hand. And because of the time we've got you have 5 minutes. And I. To be in the back of the hand. OK this is where I walk out for 5 minutes. OK do it. So while I was gone what did you observe. OK That's important someone stood up and took charge. OK It's interesting sometimes that was the purpose of this to sign is to find out what happens in the group sometimes when there is an extended period of time people have a chance we're 1 group what 1 leader stands up and starts going and sometimes things will kind of stall out and another leader will pick up on that was the purpose of the. Welcome we're about we're just about to wrap this up but there's another you can still stay we don't charge extra for the use of chairs so we're bought out of time for this session it's supposed to end at 315 and I'm right this says 314 so that tells me we're really close so any questions real quick ones by our heads with me please our Father we thank you for the chances we've had to be together and we ask that you'll be with each 1 of us. Help us we can recognize within our groups the individual and know how to help them with the individual challenges that they have that we can drop or people need to be drawn who hold that back the people need to be held. But that we can all get to your kingdom together that's really what we really really want with. 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