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2. What a Personality




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Our Father we thank you again for the opportunity to gather together here Camp Meeting and look at ways we can learn to better serve you help us that we can develop the attitudes of service and that that can be a part of our life now and throughout eternity we have this 19. North American division master guide mission is to empower leaders through effective training equipping and the ploy NG them for service. If you go to this particular U.R.L. This I believe is part it is affiliated I think with 1 of the Texas conferences and you may find some things there that are a little different than what we have them the way we do things here they have a very very very big master guide program down there they have somebody the only thing they do this is a conference on someone in the condo conference I was the only thing they do is stuff with Master guides nothing else. But there are they have there are some resources there there is something that is starting to show up around om some of our conferences that we haven't seen for decades long ago far away I went to Maplewood Academy mezzos I went there my junior and senior years and they had something called the master guide club. And the whole idea behind that was to help people become a master guide I didn't get it done. I made progress on it but I didn't get it done then and it wasn't actually about 20 years later 25 years later somewhere in there that I got it done totally different card and between now and then the cards of many cards have come and gone and we're working with the current stuff back and then when they back then the focus was master guides we're going to be leaders in the missionary volunteer society. And I see a few people nodding their heads that they might remember that term missionary volunteer. Was a wonderful wonderful term and a wonderful society and it got killed by politics let's talk about those politics that was and wasn't in this continent it was on another continent and people went to former M.V.P. societies there and some of the people in government did not like the idea of missionary. Government government government government and so it became necessary to change the name and so we ended up with a Y. Adventist use and but it was never as strong in some in many conferences now if you get into some conferences. More of color we will find a Y that is strong and thriving typically in the white conferences not so much Master guides our master guides and master guide clubs are coming back. And they typically have as I understand it and my knowledge is being I don't have it all trust me trust me but I am learning to feel that as I understand the true primary functions of a master guide club 1 is like the 1 I had in the academy to help others become a master guides. The other function and this is the 1 that sort of goes back to some of the old M.V.S. stuff but not yet has much of that spirit is to serve now while ago I asked how many of you were at the fair you remember we had a parade Do you know who organized the parade Do you know how that was done is really interesting. We have among our area coordinators 1 who is bilingual this is not his he is an American citizen but this is not his country of origin but he is an American citizen the very bilingual he came from down south he was. 8 or 12 I don't remember his dad kicked him out of the house and been on his own since they found the Lord and he became a master guide along somewhere along the way and. When Pastor Harris was looking for someone to coordinate the. The parade at the Union jam parade member about 1 that's a tough 1 to coordinate a lot to be done there he said I will do that my master guides and I will do it and he had Master Guy who are willing to serve and their function was to help people know where to be when to go where to go same thing happened at our parade. At are when we go to our camper ease it either down it Berrien or in the Northwoods We need someone to be on what we call security not because we're afraid of somebody stealing someone's phone that might happen that's not the big concern we hope it doesn't happen they concern is the safety of our kids from outside. And we want the gates closed that night and somebody is at the gate and you know who's been out there Yep Mr Guy they're serving service can take many many forms but that is 1 of the parts of being a master guide I came across this I think when I was on Facebook and I copied this image if serving is below you leadership is beyond you leave it. You know what is the purpose of master guide ministry we want to develop Christ like leaders to disciple children and youth that is what we're about the pledge loving the Lord Jesus I promise to take an active part in the work of the adventure and Pathfinder ministries doing what I can to help finish the work of the Gospel in all the world so how do we help in all the world we're here right now I should have done this earlier or. Do we have anybody here from a conference other than the Michigan conference jury some years we do OK we're all from Michigan conference OK. So we're all here in the Michigan conference how do we help finish the gospel the work of the Gospel in all the world if we're master guides how do we do that some of our kids can become missionaries you know I when I I moved to Michigan 21 years ago this month and in the Lansing church there was a guy there he and his family were there and I got to know him a little bit not a lot but he went on a king mission and he got this bug. The idea of being a missionary and right now he's over in southeast asia been there for 10 years. And that's where he's working that is a job so some of us get to help support him in a monetary way and it's a privilege. OK And then it can yeah yup that's a big part of how we you know there's this catchphrase I think globally act locally you know that's what we have to do and maybe part of acting locally is a yard sign what might that yard sign say. Why do. I have my. Bible Study dot com OK So that's 1 way you can act locally right. We are yeah. Sure if we. Are. Here. There is a guy in my home church who. Has connections. I don't know but he did. In the G.C.C. he was personal friends with some of the presidents and I have overheard him comment overheard him say that. Realistically the North American division as far as giving supports a lot of the rest of the world that can't some of them there are some divisions that cannot support themselves that's just how it is and there are some churches where people pay try to pastor and produce and. Those As an aside on that my father when he retired he was a welder alert but when he retired from that. He went back to what he learned from his dad growing vegetables which was a mixed blessing because my mom might be busy doing something and he'd bring in a bushel of corn that needed to be dealt with or half were full of tomatoes or whatever it was you know and so based on that little experience that I've seen in my life I suspect that sometimes if our pastors get their tie is tie this paid to them and produce that can cause some challenges in their household too sometimes it's probably a real blessing because they've got something to eat. But. We want to help finish the work of the Gospel in the world that's what mass that's part of why we're master guys right so we're going to try and develop some leadership skills among the things we need to learn about is motivating the active What does it mean to motivate. And see that in the definition there it refers to actuate propel move or so when we talk we touched on this in the previous 1 but sometimes 1 of the shortcomings in any group is the inactivity of certain members any members in activity cause can cause problems to the group and the leader obviously we've lost their resource that they had and so the whole thing can't be as effective as a group but realistically 1 of the more demoralizing things is just the effect it has on other people we need need everybody needs to learn how to shoulder their own law their part of the way now here's a quiz for you how many people do we have a whole calling that. Most likely which 1 has the most weight color sometimes is the 1 in the middle Yeah but the taller typically ends up with with their full share sometimes the reason some people aren't active because they don't understand what needs to be done what part of a supposed to play and or they just haven't gotten anything that's going to motivate them the ball doesn't always why in the members. That they'll usually respond to the motivation they get but if it's not at all. Going to happen and there this is an interesting 1 we must maintain in sense of urgency speed is the key we must be faster than our competition that mean you'll sign the stuff has been on your desk for a month. And it homy says logical questions don't mix with motivational messages. Hopefully that's not the situation you're looking at so how do you motivate a group so motivation if it's the source of all of our action what how do we do this effort doesn't necessarily pull it off group action is a result of in the motivation of individuals within the group sometimes there are key people in a group and if you can get them going everybody else falls in behind them the 2nd club that I had in Minnesota if you had high to go 1 in the right direction but club was going in the right direction that's just how it was and. Heidi was a real challenge for her quite a while in the club. And there were. I can remember there are many weeks after Pathfinders I was evaluating was I going to still be a Pathfinder director. I don't know how much of this I can take and the last year I was there I.E.D. earned her master guide and time not the friend and companion Klan. Member you don't lead groups rather you lead the people that make up the Group H. as an individual when you get it every year. With some exceptions but frequently you're going to have a new club with a bunch of people that you had the year before but you got some new photos or you can be like in the situation I've been in a few times were you meeting a whole bunch of people who's This is a totally new club to you and it's all a big challenge 1 thing that helped me learn names was to get a roster put together and this is how I and I should have this in the handouts I don't so you're going to I have a board I will write on the board so we have the name of the club the church you know as inland Lansing capitals then we have the friends the companions the explorers etc and I list them by class alphabetically by last name that's what works for me that maybe won't work for you but find something that works for you. That's I have that printed out and each 1 of my staff members had 1 so that they could get so I had somebody that was in charge of pen of friends so me it was in charge of companions so it was in charge of explorers and so they knew who their group was but this also help them learn who the other people were in the club and that part of how we can learn how they are as individuals Here's a couple of really inspired guys what do you think you'll get most started on that motivational research you know look like they're liable to not no time soon I don't think salesmanship requires a great deal of individual motivation so that's big part of what it's about a successful sales person will help a client discover a desire for whatever it is that they're that they're selling now if salespeople only see what they get out of it. Then and they don't spend and that a quick time helping other people see that they're solving their problems it doesn't work Zig Ziglar commented about and this is. A loose paraphrase which you can get everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want if a leader disregards the desires of the individuals in the group guess what or long they're not leading. And so they're going to they have been motivated there's no motivation to meet their needs so they're going to do nothing so you need to get it going in the right direction and keep them going in the right direction Abraham as well came up with this hierarchy of needs and we're going to be looking at these. Individually. I recently came across an updated version of this something that mass low probably was not didn't have the opportunity to become aware of. In our current generation. Y. fi is seen as a basic need. So physiological hunger thirst sleep these are a person's physical needs. I work my day job is repairing band instruments I fix trumpets trombones French horns tubas that kind of stuff and a lot of this stuff you know I've done the same thing is that there's a lot of routine stuff and. I've been doing it for years so I don't have to concentrate. With all my energy a lot of it is all off listen to books. 1 of my coworkers loves to listen the classic rock and I'm not interested in in hearing Born to Be Wild or bad to the bone or any of that other trash so I listen to books recorded books sometimes and I can remember listening to 1 that dealt with some P.O.W.'s in World War 2 in the Philippines and. These guys were not getting enough food. And. They were they have a list of of anomalies that were that the doctor was seeing that he had never seen before he'd heard of them but haven't never seen them but they weren't getting enough food and everybody was hungry all the time and it just didn't go away it did not go away physiological needs are very important now there is another 1 that's not even on the list but here here's a real quick exercise I want everybody to take a deep breath and hold it. Now you get the idea. But let's just turn it around take your deep breath and blow it out and don't breathe in. And you'll find you're not going to go very far. Away to think about what if you're underwater. And. You know a lot that. You want to get up there quick stick your head out and get some air OK that's what we're talking about physiological means safety. We think we're seeing more and more signs of this today than we did 20 years ago I could take you to the spot I was I was working I don't and I don't remember if it was a trumpet I was working on but I can take you to the spot I was when I 1st heard that a plane flew into 1 of the Twin Towers in New York I remember exactly where I was and initially they thought the initial report that I heard was they thought it was a small private plane. But. That some of you know we have kids that are uptight today about stuff that I never worried about for my own post and move on and steam self-respect achievement status Greg you know we all need everybody wants to be logged right. And you know that but if we can't if we don't have enough food to eat we're going to worry a little bit less about these we want this for all of our kids we want them all to achieve as much as possible to find out what their gifts are and to develop them as much as possible but if 1 of our stronger needs is threatened we're going to jump down however far it is to defend it you don't worry about status if you're starving and if you appear to threaten people security by your proposed changes as a leader guess what. They're going to respond probably not quite the way you want Secondly a satisfied need ceases to motivate before I ask you to hold your breath how many of you were thinking about air. You're all experiencing it at all you need 1 psychological and security needs have been satisfied data move this is strongly how far this goes up could be a matter for discussion he was a secular humanist and we're not going to get into all of his stuff but that part I think holds water and Hertzberg or has a 2 factor theory and I don't we don't have a lot of time for that you know. That these are things that you can check into more on these if you're interested. Achieve but a sense of personal achievement in the work being accomplished and brought to a successful conclusion a sense that 1 is making a worthwhile contribution to the objective as a group and you see this happening in a Pathfinder club or an adventure Yeah. Now you maybe aren't doing a North Pole Marathon but there are other things of that you can do together as a group and help them see that they are achieving something that's worthwhile you know let me to speak to the worthwhile thing is a bit for a couple of moments long ago far away my mom was a Pathfinder director and I got to be in her club pathfinding then was different than now and I I never asked her on this and it's too late now but we never worked we worked on a lot of honors and I learned a whole bunch of stuff doing that and I mean in my kitchen to. Around my kitchen tables or my dad showed me how to tie a bowline and I can still tie a bow line. And I use them from time to time that is 1 of the keys of learning how to tie knots by the way I heard 1 club director talking about how his kids had no interest in learning to play to how to tie knots until he explained that in a few weeks they were going into camp out they were not taking tins they were going to take tarps and rope. But they were not taking 10 and so if you don't know how to tie the knots you might have a problem and he says you know what all my kids learned how to tie in. But anyway when my mom was the Pathfinder director we were working on real armors and. You know I I don't wear the belt anymore that that I made it doesn't fit unfortunately but or if I was a lot smaller than that anyway. Bore out the wallets and but we were working on a real honors but. My mom was also my dad secretary and he had a ran a small business and she was also the church treasurer and they came the day when she says I can't do this much and she let Pathfinder in go and somebody else became the Pathfinder leader. She called the pathways and 1 of my cousins called it baby finders we did these little craft show her idea was you needed to be able to finish a project and wanted in 1 session and 1 that I remember was you had a paper plate and on it you put you glued on. Pieces of colored egg shell to make a picture. So I was a little kid then and I thought it was stupid. And I can see from your responses that you're not getting inspired. To. Try and develop an honor and make this a big part of your program and that's good because. We had nothing when we were done you know. Acknowledging a person's contribution you were talking about that a little bit with that 1 guy whenever he does something you know when our kids do something we need to point out hey he did a good job you did a good job yeah guess what some adults like that too. So a couple weeks ago I couple months ago I got drafted to 1 of my coworkers plays in the capital city brass been NICE been after me for a couple years to get it Dave we got to get a cornet we need more corn employers in there. And he came to me a couple months ago whose days we have a real problem we don't have a flugel player and we've got a concert coming up and I know you've got a following and so I ended up I had 1 rehearsal and under a substitute conductor and then the real thing I met the regular conductor at the concert and. It was a real adventure because some of this music was kind of tough and I had been caught in these much practices a show and I can remember 1 piece where I knew we were about in here somewhere good as it was able I didn't you know there was no way I was going to try and play out when I didn't know I was in the right spot you know but I was able to get cooked up and get finished with everybody else. We had another of her another concert after 3 more or hearses which was a wonderful help and. You know I've been playing for a long time and but it still was nice when the director came up to me afterwards was really liked how you played in that once well our kids like it too our kids like that a lot and they needed more than I did they needed a lot more than I did sometimes the recognition we give isn't for big things sometimes it can be food just for something really small I remember once. They've screwed up on a camp out and. We were working on camping skills and stuff like that. And there was this I had this 1 friend who really really really looked up to a couple of P.L.T. and he really really looked up to them and Saturday night I should have made him go to bed sooner that he wanted and he was enjoying their company and they were you know there are some older kids that don't want to be bothered with little kids but these were gracious Unfortunately he didn't get as much sleep as he needed and he needed more than they did and the next day when it was time for for us to pack up our stuff and you know everybody has to pack their stuff and everybody had to load their stuff all he wanted to play with the soccer ball. And know who this was at the time and and we had a big discussion. And I simply you know I informed him that not is not this isn't the time for the soccer ball and you need to move your stuff into the trailer 1 of the T.L.P. help and. As soon as they got on in the van and were there a mile down the road this kid was friended. He was out but that's when it was time for me to talk to the T.L.P. and say thank you you really did a good job you you did your honest part sometimes we had to do things that were not that interested in. But sometimes things need to be done obviously here we have somebody that's not that fond of what they're about and you can tell from the monitor that this isn't the latest in today's technology you know. Do we trust our kids. How much are we going to let them do do they have the authority to make decisions are they going to be accountable for what's done how much responsibility can we give to the L.T.S.. You're both right a lot and only what they can handle how do you know how much they can handle. Start with small things and work up to the number of years ago we had the face on fire camp or 3 and so I was at that time I was the director of the Lansing capitals and we'd been to the evening meeting and we were just leaving the evening meeting actually and 1 of the girls came up to me all of Mr Christian's are missing including in the choir can we sing in the choir on. It so I got her slow down enough to find out what in the world is she talking about but come to find out they were putting acquired together of campers and she in a car and some of her friends wanted to sing in and when's the rehearsal now when is it going to be over and she gave me a time and she thought it was going to be over and so I said. OK So then I just took whatever the time she gave me and added I don't marry 10 or 15 minutes it related to how far we were from things this is so then I can see you I will see you then she said yes this is I will be looking for you and now and I got a list from or of of the 3 girls that were that wanted to be in it and so I'm back at the camp and you do and what we what you do you know and. Kids are going to bed that 1 kid disappeared 1 of the friends that he has disappeared and so he went looking for him. Using his sleeping bag he was. Smart kid smart kid and this is a different 1 than the 1 I had been talking about report and. Anyway so kids are growing that means it's time for most most over in bed just a few staff sitting around and I'm watching my watch and I see the time is coming and I hear the the the. The sound of running. Their footsteps approaching me and lo and behold the girls are come running in to make it did we make it. Yep yep you made it with time to spare now question was the rehearsal over no. OK you have any idea how much longer it would have taken and she said Yeah I think about how long is this and how long would it take you to get back without running and so now we've got an addition number and says OK you just showed me that you can be responsible so now I can I can trust you with more yes want they were back on time the next night without running but and I now knew I could trust her more you know it's simple Do we give our kids a chance to feel like they're advancing in their abilities sometimes it's easier than others but we need to provide the right climate in opportunities for each individual but sometimes Achim finding ways to do that can be a challenge but I tell you as it when I was a director I all the sudden figured out that I really really really need my T.L. these because they made my life easier sometimes. We need to be flexible. I learned that sometimes we may have plans for what we're going to do in a meeting and we may have backup plans and sometimes it doesn't always work 1 time. 1 year we have been to the. To the Pathfinder workshop and 1 of my staff Carmen she had taken a class and Shelley taught how to teach the shell on her and she had the supplies and she came back with a disk that have the power point and it had worksheets and all sorts of cool stuff so and we had planned that that Carmen was going to be teachin the show on or on this particular night and we knew that the Power Point was going to be really easy because the 1 classroom had a projector and all of this stuff and we always met at the school we started out in the gym and we could go to this 1 classroom guess what we get there and we'd found out the school board had decided they were going to have a special meeting and guess where they're going to have it it wasn't in the gym it was in the only room that had a projector. With a computer and so we had a quick staff meeting and I pulled it and I made sure that the L.T.S. were there I mean. I'm looking for all the ideas I can get and so I say that I said this is our problem what are we going to do and I didn't they did not have a solution it was really look and staffs looking around and 1 tail to look at another 1 says well if there are that 1 projector in the gym for that thing that's coming up yeah well as a projector we can pull down this aisle we just need a laptop. And I knew of 1 at home that wasn't great but it was going to be adequate so I ran home and got that you know I. I was at a total loss another time we had a snow storm and this is 1 of those ones that wasn't expected and not everyone lives close by and all of a sudden we got a bunch of folks that a bunch of Staff that couldn't come and but we have some that did some kids and staff that came but there's no way we can have a normal program I mean we can have the do our devotional and and some stuff but because of of the lack of bodies that was our normal programming isn't going to work out so well you know what are we going to do so we went out outside in the snowstorm and we had a snowman building contest divided up into units I wouldn't a thought of that kids did I also wouldn't a thought of doing snowmen some of the ways they did it ended up being a dry powdery snow so but it was just we had I think 3 groups and they weren't normal units but they were equal size for and the 1st snowman that was brought to me for inspection was this side. So we hadn't said how high they needed to be you know. I did see $16.00 foot 1 though. I had never seen a snowman in repose before but the kids thought about it you know yeah you know I was so proud of them you know so how do we motivate kids well build relationships with them if you're going to be a Pathfinder or adventurer director live by the pledge and law that's what you want to do be careful of stereotypes. And provide opportunities for them to pick a nation tip as much as possible within reason involve them in decision making now they can't make all the decisions. Because we need more on our on the menu than don't it's a nice thing to say we've all heard a lot about peer pressure sometimes peer pressure can be positive and if we can have positive peer pressure we want to harness it and just like you saw the fear tap young adolescents desire can they can that. Provide safe opportunities for risk taking risk taking can take many many forms it could be in the form of a physical risk where you're learning repellent OK but do it in a responsible way and make sure we have people and equipment there that are appropriate so that to train people who can be done right what's another former risk taking Yeah just handing out a glow track so sometimes for some kids is terrifying to be involved in Pathfinder savate Now different people do Pathfinder Sabbath and what I'm about to say is not the only way to do Pathfinder 7 feet not doing it like I am I'm I'm not saying you're doing it wrong I'm just saying you're doing it different than I did. When I did it I wanted when my club was doing it I wanted the pastor and the elders to look after announcements and on most of the time I wanted the regular pianist because we didn't have 1 that could do it. Other than that we were going to do it on and. There was now is it a friend that I'm going to stick in to be the Pope a tear the day to get up and do the preachment. Probably not there might be sometimes. But but there are a lot of kids who are really terrified. Here but I wanted my kids doing everything everything and for a couple of reasons 1 is I want them the experience of doing it to have that experience this is a part of growing up and some of us. Are going to get translated though there's a whole bunch of folks that were going to the Lansing church when I showed up 21 years ago that aren't going there anymore and it's not because they found another congregation or another denomination it's because they're arresting bank. And all of those people need but we're doing stuff need to be replaced by somebody and my Pathfinders going to have a part in that. Just like this 1 guy that's over in the not Thailand anymore it worries about somewhere in Southeast Asia you know he started out you know that Pathfinder says where you learn to get up front and. From based on my experience 1 of the hard ones if you're looking for volunteers 1 of the hard ones to get filled that hat and things to do on the Pathfinder salad is the morning prayer so you're going to want 1 of your more mature Pathfinders to do that but in your club meetings Your kids need to have a chance to get to offer prayer in front of everybody else. Last club I had in Minnesota 1 day we had a meeting and I said I was in an interesting situation and any 1 of you could have done something that most of the people couldn't. Oh yeah well I was at a wedding and the the officiant that proclaimed them man and wife was not at the reception and they wanted somebody to offer a prayer for the food. And so mother of the groom comes to me a little embarrassed David. And you offer the blessing or. You know it's no big deal you know not a problem for me but I also know anyone of my Pathfinders get it done but we want in our meetings and our kampongs we want to give our kids that opportunity in unit. In front of the whole club and in front of the whole church we want to give them these opportunities because these are life skills that we're teaching right 01 other thing on Pathfinder Savak something else that I always did is afterwards I had kids standing at each exit with a plate. And that went into Pathfinders. That's good that's good that was it adventurous also has a booklet out on half an hour Sabbath with some programs in it and 1 that I used. Was based on I think it's Pathfinder so on and you end up with about you can have like 4 or 5 different speakers each 1 just has a little bit and that makes it easier for them what we need to do when we do that. To make it to make the service work is to practice them getting up and down so we don't have Johnnie go down and then. 1 says we're going to get up here you know we need to be really smooth you know without a big it's not like you're trying to get a committee to come to order and then you have to wait till we've got a quorum you know we know let's get on with it. Really. Pays for. It really. Helps them a lot. To. Get it and that you know I've been involved in inductions where stuff gets out of order and you know what that's years ago the sun still comes up yeah. Yeah. So you want to have a relationship with your kids now if you if you're a part of a big club. You maybe can endure the directory maybe you can have a close relationship with all the kids but hopefully you've got a counsellor that can and hopefully you've got a good relationship with the counsellor but our kids need to be encouraged and they need to know that we care we need to be an adult that they like and respect now sometimes stereotypes can cause problems sometimes we can afford assume that just because Johnny Got His big growth spurt he's probably all mature now right maybe maybe he is and maybe he's not you know. It's interesting some of the some of the most outstanding Pathfinders I have had were not the ones I initially had a great expectations of the greatest ones and I've just been blown away by what a lot of my kids have done just an amazing thrilling we act like we are treated. OK here's a short story I ended up. I get surprises from time to time I ended up in the teen camp doing I had not known I was going to be leading song serves so I did not go in with the belong list of prepared stuff to do. But I all the sudden I find that I am the song leader this morning. Life is an adventure right. And so 1 of the songs all that I figure we can do is Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah So typically you divide that up into 2 groups and you're going to Sam Hallelujah Hello Hello Hello yeah and then rangy the Lord we have 4 groups BOEM BOEM BOEM wrong. Now I've also seen this done in 3 groups and really have Allo Allo Allo Allo LU Yeah. And then praise either Lord but I have 4 groups so I told them Now this is the junior temp right no not what 10 is this being all then we can probably do this here OK since you're the teens and I and so we had we have 4 groups and we did the 3 version which means that you go and you keep you this keep cycling through it and it was a little confusing to them initially but once they caught on if I didn't take it too fast they had fun with it but I gave him something to live up to because I told them all if you were if this is a junior camp we couldn't do it but they were the team. And when before 22 years ago when I was still in Michigan and I was talking to my club there I said we can do this because we are the blackbirds we are the red winged blackbirds so we can do it and we did it and each year clubs you give them something to live up to. Yeah although sometimes if you give them real high ones sometimes they will blow right past you. And that's cool we've been talking about some of this kind of stuff already with the T L T program where the provide opportunities for them to take initiative give them opportunities to teach. We need to be consistent with them for acceptable behavior. And will get into the discipline more another time. Give them enough structure so initiative can most likely be met and given the amount of control that they can handle and appreciate find ways to get them involved in the decision making of the club and in different clubs it's going to it's the dynamics are going to be different but if you're open to the idea of getting them involved in decision making You'll figure out which areas that they can be the most help in. A simple 1 every year the club is supposed to be have an inspection with the area coordinator and before the coordinator shows up there's an evaluation of the club is supposed to have filled out you can have that done by the kids OK if you're brave enough to do that if you are brave enough to do that be prepared for disappointment because they may not see it the way you see it. May give them as much control as they can manage and we were talking about that. Provide controls to protect them from our from harm due to their own inexperience. If you give somebody the sermon for Pathfinder savages don't just turn them loose and say good luck you know often the pastor is willing to work with them. Not always there are some pastors that that don't for whatever reason or maybe you're in a district of maybe you've The pastor has 3 churches and you're the 1 way out on the end and it hurts for it is just not going to work out but maybe there's a local elder or maybe you can do it but. This is a slide I I'm starting to question a little bit and I'm open to your feedback I'm and I'm serious on this it says while appears to have an increasing influence on behavior most adolescents retain their family values today we're getting our kids our have the values affected by a lot of stuff that had never been thought of when I was a kid. And social media can do some wonderful things and it does some others adventurers in Pathfinders can bring a wonderful dimension into a community. And they can both the outreach. Plan activities that require collaboration rather than competitive efforts we want our kids to learn to work together too often in this world the world attitude is to hell with you and we want the attitude in our clubs to be to have been with us. And we want them to be working together. Not competing that's want to thank you how much time don't have a run over I'm done OK. So you know we could go for a long time I'm sure I'm not sure how many more slides I'm supposed to be doing here. I appreciate that OK. So. Give your kids. Opportunities to lead. We want them to give them a lot of positive out feedback when they do positive things. If they do something you want to catch them doing stuff right and the more you catch them doing stuff right the less you'll have to correct I'm hoping we can maybe touch on it tomorrow a little. We got a late start today and. But time is has arrived so thank you for bearing with me let me have a quick word or prayer and I will sign your sheet. Our Father we thank you so much for the many blessings that you've given us. We asked a chill help us that we can encourage your kids some of them are our age. Some of them are decades younger but help us all to encourage your kids and to help strengthen each other this 9 year. 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