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4. Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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My father we thank you again for the blessings you've given us a chance to learn more about your love for us and help us that we can better learn how to communicate with each other so that we can share your love the people hear your words not mine we ask this in 1 name in. Unfortunately. When we're involved in relationships of any sort conflicts sometimes happen and different people are going to view things differently. Sometimes they're minor sometimes it's not a real big deal and we just say OK if that's how you see it this is how I see it but we need to work together and we're going to move forward. Sometimes that isn't quite how it works here we have a picture of 2 people who are involved in what 1 guy terms a naval and Gage meant their belly buttons are together. And. That's what they call it enabling again hopefully this isn't how your staff meetings go. Some people are going to look at conflicts with horror because they figure it's going to be threatening a relationship and everything they're not conflicts are always going to. Screw up relationships. And we shouldn't run from them but we don't want to ignore them when we when some of them definitely do need to be solved hopefully this isn't your main method for resolving conflicts. At Sears. And high. So how that works. OK so here is if you if you're going to take on somebody arm wrestling. You need it you need somebody who is going to be the 1 to say go up and so you're both going to get ready and when the other guy right before he says go you're going to tense up so that you're solid and we I mean the laths abs everything is tight and then as you grab the other guy's hand what soft skin you have and that's might be there are his response and when you laugh you relax and then you have a better chance to pin. So there the SO but arm wrestling is the general rule of thumb for resolving conflicts you can edit that out of the recording please. OK conflicts solving We need to choose the best time and place there are times. You know where we we don't want to always do things in front of everybody else 1st club I had I was very blessed. I didn't realize it but why had 1 kid that had the ability to push another kid's buttons. And I was totally oblivious OK I when I saw the 1 kid misbehaving and so I was about to speak to him Thank you Jonathan my boy's counsellor said just quote just take him out lobby and so we went out to the lobby and all of a sudden he's not in front of everybody else and I discover he's just he is not the problem he is a symptom of a problem and 1 that when I found out all was going on because if we were to do it in front of everybody else that was not the place to do it. And so that was really really really good counsel. Sometimes. You can't deal with the situation right then and there because of other stuff going on that has to happen and so you're going to have to do layout but don't delay too long and if somebody else doesn't bring up the issue then you need to take the initiative to solve the problem and trying get it at a time when you're not going to have a lot of interruptions sometimes interruptions have names of our descendants or ancestors or. 1 of these things but you you know if you want you can do with these things try you actually can turn them off and that sometimes there's advantages to doing that. And that's sometimes it's it's it's needed you have to do that but it shouldn't be the every day should not be the if it should not be the numerous. Yeah. Hopefully or conflicts don't end up looking like this so I'll say it straight state your feelings openly and respectfully through the effective use of Imus is really speak directly clearly and concisely without anger. Explain why you think the problem can be how it can be solved what's at stake speak calmly and lowering your voice rather than raising it so or are we going to be working on just our self-interest or or what really needs to happen we need to stay on 1 subject at a time you can't solve all the problems of the world that one's just let's just work on 1 at a time there may be that more are going to be brought up but the more you bring up the less likely you are to get anything solved. Make up a rule of ID additional problems can't be brought up until the 1st ones been dealt with and don't drag up old scores if it's over 6 months old we have in admissible evidence there are however sometimes when you're in a conflict resolution mode it's kind of like. The bowl at the rodeo if you have to stay on otherwise you're going to get trampled Now you maybe not agree with your friend's position he might be violently opposed but you can still respect their opinion to have the net have it you're not going to be doing any name calling wild threats put downs about appearance intelligence physical anything you know because words spoken in anger can't be recall. Speak in listen with respect here's a situation where someone isn't being properly respected obviously so what kind of solutions might we have when feelings have been described constructively and openly need see what the issues are what order some rational alternatives What are you know let's get a list of as much things as we can. We're going to evaluate it once you've got the information you make an intelligent choice of the course of action that's most likely to succeed go back through your list what are your thoughts on a so if we do this 1 what happens what happens if we go this Rob what's the most 1. Now this is important commit yourselves to choosing the solution closest to meeting the needs of the 1 hurting the most this choice might take a good measure of negotiation and compromise winning should not be the goal because where there's a winner there must also be a how many of you like to be losers 1 of the things I really like about P B is there's a potential for everybody to win P B Pathfinder Bible Experience. Yes So once you've got your sofa your solution it's time to implement it and you after you've decided what to do when where and. That is the time to do it and remember 2 people are often going to perceive agreements differently so that's a part of why you need to get it done right away at a different board me a couple different board meetings that I told you about the 1 where we had church discipline there was another. Item that came up once and sometimes in board meetings things come up and I was a little bit of an outsider in the church I'll admit it and to me. I wasn't sure how much we really needed to spend time on this issue but there were people dead so are we going to keep this pulpit or are we going to go to a smaller 1. OK OK And so we that now. Looking back. It's interesting because remember I told you that other discussion was was very vague and nebulous and nobody wanted to call a shovel a shovel Oh my now we get into this really important stuff like are we going to keep this pulpit or are we going to go to something smaller now now on this really important item we can get really clear about what the issues are and I mostly just sat back and tried not to grin act I didn't I really didn't care I really didn't care. But 1 of the big issues with this 1 was that it took 3 men a strong boy to move it every time it needed to be moved and sometimes when you have a school program or whatever you need it out of the way and it was a big it was a big project to move it out and then it had to get moved back and that was 1 of the problems and so the decision was made that for a trial basis we would use the smaller 1 and that there was a designated time it was for I don't care 6 weeks or 2 months whatever it was it was written in the minutes and so at the appointed time it came up. And so there was a little more discussion and there was a vote this was the last next to the last item on the agenda and the vote was taken then and the vote was we're going to put it back and is there any other bit and that's how it was and is there any other business OK And then somebody moved to adjourn We have prayer and before any right after amen and I mean right after Amen. I'll give the pastor big kudos for this 1 he said you know what we have to do right now. Dave sometimes it doesn't catch on stuff real quick but he says we need to get we it's we made the motion it carried so we now is when we need to move the pulpit and we did and it did take 3 men in a strong boy to move it had a lot of gravity but that was implementing it and that was the time to do it. Because what would happen if we hadn't done it then it's. Hard to get a crew to do it. And when you're going to do it yeah yeah. Yeah yeah you're right yes very true. Feedback is a process of providing information through which a person can find out so I said this did this stuff was out at going over so here's we have somebody that got some feedback. And apparently it's pretty clear each person's behavior is their response to somebody else's actions and words and they're going to interpret them in the light of their background values experience and sometimes people are going to misunderstand things and we can't really know what feelings we've aroused unless they tell us what feelings they've aroused Hopefully this isn't quite the way things get stated without feedback the distortion between our intentions and there is spent response grow a lot of feedback there. So unplanned feedback can emerge in a number of ways. You can be conscious it can be unconscious spontaneous. Solicited unsolicited verbal informal formal you know there's lots of ways it can happen. But let's face it some people really aren't looking for feedback so let's look at some of the forms of feedback get a plan together and how are we going to do it reflection Sometimes a group can appoint a process observer that doesn't engage in that but just watches how they go about something and looks for OK when when she said this he thought he'd respond to the in and have somebody that's just going to see OK what's going on here and. Are we going to have time for people to ask questions about things or not and. We don't always see ourselves as we are she a number of years ago. My youngest son alone some scuba scuba diving equipment to 1 of his friends. This friend lives down in Niles area of the country there somewhere and. So Steve was supposed to get air and scuba equipment back to him and he says Well well my dad's going to be down at Merion in October for some Pathfinder stuff so you can just give it to him is OK And so the appointed time came and he says so I don't know your dad So how do I know him well he's in the building where they're doing the Pathfinder stuff and he's the guy with the red beard and so Steve was looking in all the rooms in the sea and lots of prayers and lots of people presenting in different rooms but. There's nobody here with a red beard my wife overheard this part of the conversation says errant It's not read anymore. It's really easy for us not to see some of our things the way everybody else easy so that's why now. I'll be honest I am not the 1 that put these together initially is the these slides were put together a while ago some of you might be old enough to remember what a tape recorder or what video tapes are what we use today. Cellphones are the most likely thing we're going to use and you know there are some really cool things that we can do with these. For instance. We found we were greeted in our room the other night. Would you like to hear the greeting that we got it was part way into the evening not to I could not capture the visual of the greeter but my wife says we'll just run the video. So what was that that was a tree frog but it is possible you can get little stands for these 2nd problem up and I mean let's face it you can go on youtube and find all kinds of stuff or song you can see where it starts out with somebody leaving that they had just punched the on but the Go button on their video camera and then they go to say or do whatever they're going to do we can do that kind of stuff now this this particular 1 is more of a dog thing cat versus dog thing. Going on sometimes we'll have some for a coach and have somebody else that will observe us here. Not every. Group is going to have a personal coach that the break is in. But sometimes personal feedback if now a lot given with the intention of helping K. the intention of helping that's very important here so let's look at some guidelines about that feedback and reinforce can confirm behavior by encouraging it's repeated You really helped when you clarified if it can help bring behavior in line with intentions it would help the me more if you had stood up to talk now is that something somebody had control over whether they stood up or not but frequently we have the ability to stand up I mean that's that's not. A real toughie Hopefully this isn't the attitude we're going to have this where though at the board meeting the 1 guy say get this straight Harris you correct me if I'm wrong only when I say correct me if I'm wrong sell feedback feedback may help identify persons and their relationships Joe I thought were enemies but we're not are we Zig Ziglar he is tell a story about this little kid that was confronted by a group of bullies and he looks them over and he walks up to the biggest 1 and he draws a line in the ground in he just takes a stick and draws a line in the dirt and he looks at the biggest 1 he says step across that line. And the big guy steps across and he looks up at him and says Now we're both on the same side. That probably is a pretty clear indicator. So. Feedback is is helpful if it's descriptive rather than evaluate to by describing one's won't own reaction it leaves the individual free to use the information as they see fit by avoiding negative evaluative language it will reduce the need for somebody to get all defensive is it specific or is it general to be told one's dominating probably won't be as useful as to be told just now when we were deciding the issue you did not listen to what others said and I felt forced to accept your arguments or face attack from you that's that's pretty specific but they're getting right to the heart of it and they're being unclear now is that appropriate does it take into account the needs of both the receiver and the giver it can be destructive it is if it's only going to serve our needs and fails to consider the needs of the other person is it usable is it directed toward behavior the receiver can do something about you know if you remind somebody of a shortcoming they can't do anything over what have you accomplished you know where I work. In the music store there's a retired band director that comes in on Monday Wednesday and Friday and Shias and in value of all part of the team she looks after ordering all the music for all the band directors and whoever and an answering the phone and general Girl Friday fabulous and she is vertically challenged she's about this high so now with Terry we can tease or a little about being short but but she knows we're having fun and not we're not we're not criticizing her. And you know what I'm saying them about the difference because she will sometimes say well I could do it myself if it was not on that shelf way up there you know sometimes people are not looking for feedback and feedback is most useful when the receiver has formulated the kind of question with those observing him can answer is it timely is it at the right time to hear it or not so here's an old farside comic to look at the hat got these eyeballs all over it and lo Zell gave it to said Alice Key just to get the baboons mad at Sadowsky icon. It's a Far Side cartoon is our feedback clear 1 way now 1 way of checking it is can they rephrase what it see if it corresponds to what you had in mind I remember a number of years ago when I actually 1st started I was informed I was supposed to teach a Sabbath school lesson adults of us who class I did not want to teach a class I'm a great believer in so I was cool David never taught 7 school class successfully I did not want to do it but I somehow got pushed into doing it because I'm supposed to be able to do it and I've been a band or actors so as I was there for I was a teacher there for him so still a teacher guess what. Yeah yeah it didn't work but the blessing was I'm really looking back I'm very very very very appreciative I got pushed into it because whoever did the lesson that the teachers helps for that quarter really really had achieved or an effect on line meant they had their ducks in a row or. And it was wonderful because they had. Simple questions that you could ask though it was really easy to figure out what the answer was so anybody could feel safe in answering the question and then there was a nice follow up question which could then promote discussion and Dave being a little slow to catch on in the quarter was about over on. I see the pattern Oh hey and maybe I can do this on my own a little bit and all my a whole new world opened up and I started enjoying teaching 7 school class. Talks about feedback being clear. Here's a clear. Crystal we want our feedback to be crystal clear right now I've ever been to the Smithsonian Institute if you are here OK I got to go there when I was in 5th grade at cousins lived in the area and they took us there and my dad being a well driller we ended up in the division of gems and minerals or whatever they call it so I got to see the Hope Diamond which is. At that at least at that time the world's largest perfect diamond and it was I was told we were looking through 4 inches of glass in this special safe and because there's a big curse with it blah blah on and saw some gold from Sutter's gold Mel that started the gold rush to California in all sorts of cool stuff and the most amazing thing walking back was they had the world's largest perfect crystal clear perfect crystal ball there and it was on a pedestal that I could get to. So I'm 10 years old and I'm curious and so I mean it in it's just sitting out here you know and I was it to me then it came up to me here and I was curious how heavy use it so I went over and and and I picked it up and I found out how heavy it was fortunately my dad had a very clear mind at them the time he says David Gee Please carefully put that down and I've been taught to abase so I put it down fast forward a whole buncha years I've got kids of my own and 1 day this wild thought cross and I just happen to remember this in the thought crossed my mind that happen if I had dropped what would his happen so when my daughter ended up on a field trip to Washington D.C. and they were going to see the Smithsonian I told her this story and I says Look for it and see if you can still get that it came back that I saw but you're right it is BIG No you can't get Abba you can you you can't get Will you only about 10 feet close as you can get to it. So I don't know some guard saw me. And they decided to make a change or. I can't believe I'm the only 1 that did it you know. But at any rate we want our feedback to be clear all our communication should be clear it needs to be accurate and if we've got a group both the giver and receiver can check this with others Is this accurate or not is is just 1 man's impression or is it shared by others now. If do we have an atmosphere of trust where we can trust the person are they actually is a person giving it actually concern for the other person as an individual are we dumping all kinds of stuff on it or we're giving it to only in amounts that they can actually deal with when we give kids directions. So we need to do this this this this and this they're usually not going to be able to remember all of that. Depending on your kid you're in given 1.2 maybe 3 steps and when you get that done come back. Yes. Is it timely inappropriate is you know is it derived from group experience are and are we going to keep this within the group now let's let's talk about keeping it within a group number years ago back when I was in Minnesota I ended up at a constituency meeting in the small nominating committee that nominates everybody else and so we ended up I got told or found out ahead of time and we nominating committee was meeting our the constituency meeting was on Sunday morning but the nominating committee needed to be there the night before and so we meet in wherever it was that we met and we've got the conference President is there the union president is there. And we have to worship and then the union president starts given the ground rules he says we this is the rotation where all the conference offices need to be at nominated and all of this stuff and it's very important that not only in those but in all the other nominations that we do all the discussion that we have about people is kept within this room nothing can get out of here it's very important that we keep it all in here yeah I have a problem with that what's that I said if I hear that somebody over there is doing something really great I want to be able to tell other people about it no I've no problem keeping law if there's somebody there if there's a problem situation no problem keeping that in there but when there's good stuff going on I want to be able to share the vast you can that's fair enough that's fair enough so sometimes we're going to keep it in a group but you understand what I'm saying here if we catch some of body doing something good do we want to keep it in the little group or do we want to be able to share it with other people are people open to it or are they are they ready to change are the do they respect who's giving it you know do you trust the group or are we violating someone's personal integrity are we free to reject that or not is it meant to be helpful or is it meant to be a punishment. Some behavioral people can change some not so much somebody ready to give an illustration of something a behavior people can't change. Nothing's come into anybody's mind. Now you're in. It. People are happy. To help. Yeah there's a lot of stuff that can fall under that and a friend of mine is coming down with he's been diagnosed with Parkinson's and. Another reminder of which planet we're on and. You know he's so he'd He doesn't look me in the eye like he used to use kind of look at the side of his more. He can't help it you know. THE SON No I like this next 1. When it describes what the person is doing rather than placing a value 1 in for example when you yell at me it makes me feel like I don't want to talk to you anymore that's very nicely stated and it's getting at the real the real problem rather than it's awful for you to yell at me or you know write you know Tolly different now. I hope everybody has a piece of paper that they can write on and something to write with now I need a brave volunteer your your brave volunteer All right all right I like brave volunteers OK come on up on up here are the instructions. Study the series of squares below with your back to the group you are to direct their participants in how they are to draw the figures begin with the top square and describe each in succession taking particular note of the relationship of each to the preceding 1 no questions are allowed and you have to hold this so they can't see it and you've got your back your back to them OK so you have to turn around. Sorry OK so you don't get to ask any questions you're just going to do she G.'s you heard that there are squares OK you know everybody knows what a square is 2 dimensional object you know how to draw it and so you she's going to tell you about these squares and you were to draw them like you understand her description OK. All right go. Where. There are. Or. Were just. But. First. This is. Darren. And yes rats. Are well raft who are. The. Thank you I've done this exercise a whole bunch of times a whole bunch of times these are by far the best directions I have heard that. So this is what you're supposed to have yes you do for the. Law or you did it for. Me OK. This is a very. Special place and so. So that was that was far far far far better than I have ever seen done before I mean I am impressed I am impressed now I need another brave volunteer. OK Come on up. Now we're into to it that was 1 way communication technically she did she did she did violate it when she asked for were you ready you weren't supposed to do that you weren't supposed to do that but this 1 is 2 way communication here are the instructions study the series of squares below you heard before facing the group you are to direct the participants in how they are to draw the figures begin with the top square and describe each in succession taking particular note of the relation of each to the preceding ones counts kind of familiar and snow but this is new answer all questions from participants and repeat if necessary. You have a hard act to follow but yes yes ma'am. Now. OK. Where. Time and time and. Place where you. Live. Right me on our. Right. Correct. Yeah. I know. Why. I'm. Where I want to live and work outside and I thank you for my. OK. Here's. Where I was writing. This is. Not only did it said So do you remember the directions did it say that she couldn't always use is said and search all questions I have to see your answer. Yes ma'am little letter. To. OK where is that I was. Right. Or. Narrated by. The right. Correct was a. Little bit big. Just. A very nice. Record. That way. It's directly below. Ground. 0. Then. So for trying. And I'm almost. Over. Right. Right. Right. Yes. That's 1 time about 3 questions in somebody asked that so thank you. OK now I need but now I'm looking for 2 brave volunteers. Yeah 1 there if I see your hand OK OK. So we're going to meet in the back corner and. Here's what's going to happen. Up there you see that football. You are going to tell him where it is. And he is going to pick it up and he's going to put it on the other stool on the other side but he's going to have 1 hand told he's going to take off his glasses and put them in a safe place and then he's going to have 1 hand totally covering his eyes because I didn't get a blindfold Oh man I'm going to reply OK yeah so here's where you take your glasses off and you put them in a safe place 1 hand is going to go over ice totally covering them now you understand he goes picks up the football and it goes to that other stool right. You Yes and you don't you cannot touch him but you would but this is verbal commands only. Not. Forward. Or again. Right. Basically stop. Right face. Forward. Let's face. It. Right here right. OK. Well done. Yeah. That was a pre-planned maneuver but yeah. So that is I have this last 1 is just slight modification is something that would happen at the last 100 snow outing in the afternoon. And. There we had traffic cones and tennis balls or softballs that were placed on them and. Something that I found really interesting is I am going to pick on you because you're on the front row so you just stand up you stand up close your eyes now walk heard the sound of my voice just walk toward the sound of my voice just walk toward the sun keep coming keep coming keep coming just keep walking toward the sound of my voice can you hear me is keep coming walk toward the sound of my voice walk toward the sound of my voice keep coming keep coming keep coming and OK you can stop you can open your eyes that was 1 of the simple list ways of helping people do that was for somebody else to get in front and just say come to the sound of my voice. You're afraid I was going to polish up a lot of the banners. OK. There are lots of resources available from Advent source on listening and are on communication all this. Whole on Advent source as I understand it if you have an account with them and they do not charge for you to have an account and you sign in with your account online all of a sudden and I don't I cannot explain this I am reporting. After you sign in to your account all of a sudden there's a lot more stuff that you can find that you can never see if you don't have an account I don't know I don't know why that is but it is so. Whatever I don't know why they did it that way they did it that way so. Did anybody get the the Word file on how to put that put your binder thing together you should have gotten I only got had 1 that bounced back and it was because I typed in our long wrong letter and I tried to correct it. But in the back and in the back page there isn't a spot where you can put your name your account number or what whatever it is and your password or whatever so write it down figure it out when you do it in and write it down so you can keep track of it anything else. OK And how much time do we have left 15 minutes do we want to try and do the rest of yesterday's. This is the part on enthuse onto me as I'm. Strong warmth of feeling keen interest fervor causa for. Want You know it's interesting you walk around camp meeting just looking at people sometimes you can spot people that are more enthusiastic. They hold themselves differently and they're just more bubbling and outgoing and. You know enthusiasm is a way to attract people. And how if you learn how to be enthusiastic you're a lot less liable to be lonely How do you become enthusiastic well have some faith in yourself guess what there's somebody it was well know die for you they believe in you you are worth a lot. Faith is 1 psychologist puts it is the inner core of self confidence optimism and enthusiasm. Is this a little like you felt walking across the. OK you combat skepticism with positive thinking then convert your thoughts into actions trackdown solutions instead of concentrating on the dire consequences of defeat. This is a really interesting 1 1st of off I'd like to thank Dr for his creative solution to our conference table being too small I would have never thought to do that I love this comment from a quote from Mark Twain wrinkle should merely indicate or smiles have been have you met somebody like that you know I or went to my 40th class reunion and. And I met a girl where. We had had 1 date long ago. But it was interesting this I could see where she'd had a lot of smiles. And she is 1 of those people that bubbles give generously of yourself the enthusiast is fond of people has time to help others and has energy to spare focus on the advantages instead of dwelling on reasons why a project or idea won't concede won't succeed find ways to make it work. Don't let obstacles get you down there here's a whole list of people Beethoven went deaf Edison was a total failure he got kicked out of school. Yes he was and like many dyslexics he was he he had he could visualize things in his mind and he works better with his hands. I can relate to that. Teddy Roosevelt was a physical wreck as a youth Fanny Crosby was blind Helen Keller could not speak hear or see Booker T. Washington overcame considerable prejudice learn to rally other steer cause. People are naturally drawn and willing to to give their enthusiasm to go getters we don't want you to be in a rut. Like this car. Enthusiasm doesn't permit room for anything derogatory we're going to discard some criticism converted into praise. Enthusiasm can help you develop develop an attractive personality its can be gracious recognize the value everything leaves no room for boredom is a method of diplomacy and persuasion to keep opens doors anticipates ideas portrait of praise indicate self confidence and droll is a way to get the others to want to help themselves to help you. Enthusiasm establishes spirit and Cooperation at little or no cost and leaves no or opportunity for sarcasm anger sadness or he know it's going to make other people feel good a man said I'm like a car that's capable 60 miles an hour but the self-starter won't work in the batteries flat I'm in a rut and life has lost many and now last I am full of aches and pains no energy no inspiration. So is there a remedy for this sort of dilemma is it possible to recharge your batteries and refuel our enthusiasm our minds may be full of what has been or what might have been but for the present or despair there is a way. However make a habit of prayer and Bible study pray for strength and enthusiasm develop your relationship with Christ consciously ignite your smile your hello your eyes in your words make your conversation sparkle color everything you do with friendliness let the warmth and friendliness of your personality shine that anybody else see the rainbow yesterday oh was it a double I wasn't in the right pretty spot to see that. Cool. Office I praise the Lord yeah I was. Yeah. So that was witnessing so if you want to be enthusiastic No you're saying and doing talk about it be warm kind sincere compliment people for it they do spread compliments in all directions wherever you are whatever you're doing make someone feel your enthusiasm through praise people hunger for praise. I remember 1 time I was in Home Depot early and fairly early in the morning I don't remember what I went in for but I went in for something or other and. There was a gal with 1 of these walk behind scrubber sweeper e things you know what you've seen him and she is not an actual employee of Home Depot I don't think she works for a company a cleaning company that they hire but I thanked her for being there and doing a good job and she looked at me a couple weeks later I was in there again in the morning and she saw me and all the sudden her face just lit up. I got a feeling she doesn't get that sort of feedback real often she was doing a good job OK just praises power make sure that you mean it sometimes we act all comfort and luxury were the chief requirements in life when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about. And especially with adventurers and the younger Pathfinders they can get they can have a lot of fun we can have a lot of fun with them but you know what the smore ning. I was in the teen tent again. And a bunch of those kids actually had fun in a song service it can't you know. Don't be this person I'm not opinionated I'm just always right don't be them. Look for good things in and about people. Could sleep in all that goes a long way and. Hul. That's interesting that's interesting. That the only. We need to be someone who will encourage other people sometimes people just need some encouragement. Case you've never seen what that particular species looks like OK so if you want to make friends be enthusiastic and it will happen OK let's have a word or prayer Our Father we thank you for the blessings that you've given to us we thank you that we do have so many things that we can be enthusiastic about and that we have things that we we really have something to share with others now we have to chill be with everybody that's here and maybe have be blessed for having spent some time here maybe that way for me they find ways to use this in their everyday lives and be a blessing to others we have this and I need him in. 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