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6. Christian Story Telling




  • June 19, 2017
    1:00 PM
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Do you really bother thinking that we can all here do this at his get meetings he's going all of us closer to you it's the same in our people in the. Well they're going to keep us in the buses got dressed as we. Eman Thank you. OK We're going to look a little bit at worships the heart of every Christian is a relationship the relationship should be excuse they express in some form or praise often with a group of people who think about Christ in the same way. We usually call it worship because a centers around a person's need to be alive and dynamic Hopefully this isn't what you find in your worship service. Says it's. Been used. Well you're something. That is. Now. To the. Yes. Yes. I saw this and I grabbed it worship gets you through the hardest times in your life because it shifts your focus from the problem to the problem solver. Attitudes young people need to learn things besides facts and skills they need to learn facts and skills but they also need to develop healthy attitudes. And what kind of attitudes somebody has is going to have a big bearing on what how they learnt long ago far away I went to National trumpet symposium I was a college student wanting to buy a different trumpet and I had some ideas of what I wanted in and 1 that I sorta like but didn't want for a specific reason and so I'm trying out stuff for small sorta manufactures and and the ones that were seemed to work for me I didn't like the price range I was looking at. My mama's often accuse me of having the taste in the rabbit budget. But anyway I end up in in line for lunch with a guy and always been grateful for having done that because I learned some wonderful wonderful nuggets of wisdom from him and he told me he says so I told him that well a GETS IN C. trumpet for space the flat is way flat Well how are you fingerings and 2nd rows Well no wonder they're all flat that way says the shorter the trumpet the weirder the fingerings get all C. trumpets for Spacey flat U. D. 2nd and 3rd really yeah and he went in to talk about some other stuff and then he went to to on talking about some of the lectures that we had been through and how this 1 guy was terribly disorganized but the guy on that did the historical thing not he was organized and he went and to started talking about this historical stuff. And because of his enthusiasm for it this is a guy I just met we went through a separate We went through a dinner line together our lunch line together so you know I mean it we weren't it wasn't as long as as what I spent today in line yes OK so this was an and this was not an extended period of time but in the short time we had together he impressed me as someone who was friendly very very very knowledgeable someone that had answers to questions that I had and he liked music history so I somehow got interested in music history. Which I really hadn't been up until that time but thanks to meeting him. I did make it through my music history courses. Now I never saw him after that I don't know is name but he what did he give me and what did I catch from him. I caught an attitude toward music history and part of what we need to give our kids is good attitudes toward worship attitudes in some areas are not taught we can try in teaching you know really but rarely are you successful in teaching in the attitude that you're most often they're caught that's been my experience. This is serious serious you're. Here and. She just says see. Here. You have horses she says she just says she's you know. It is. And. We indeed it is. You know. It's. It's. Nobody can really be forced to learn anything if they don't want to. Even the people learn and discover important things ah if you don't have the right attitude you're probably not going to hang on to it and develop the attitude you need here a mom is counseling her daughter as they going to church services pay close attention you can't rewind vocational choices are largely dependent on attitudes and. Application of ideas in large measure depend on positive attitudes I recently heard an interview with Mike Rowe on many of you know who Micro was Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs OK and. Part of what he's working on today is changing the attitude of people toward working with their hands because we're starting to have a shortage of people willing to work with their hands for decades people have basically been told You need to go to school you need to do you need to go through high school and do well there so you can go get into a good college so you can get a good job so you can work at a desk and earn lots of money and. That works for some people and for a lot of other people it doesn't work that well. I personally do better working with my hands. I remember hearing. A guy that I looked up to a bit in in another situation I remember hearing on the phone catching up was with somebody from the from a kid Academy days that he hadn't seen for 30 years and he said you know there's no so what do you do ANY says Yeah yeah I went to school and got all that stuff but now I'm using the gifts that the Lord gave me and then working with my hands. And you know that was a really really accurate and nice attitude. I had. I ended. Turmoil. Either 1 or. 0. Just as you know more now you know what. Yeah. We want our kids to develop positive attitudes toward worship and 1 of the most things we need to do is to provide pleasant experiences for learning about God themselves their world and their church here we have somebody sitting in a pew that says suddenly I feel the need for some intense and prolonged acoustical privacy we want these to be and pleasant enjoyable experiences for our kids we want them to develop an appreciation for nature understand its components and who is at the center of it you know having the technology the technology in church can be a blessing it can help and it can just be a distraction it all depends on how it is used we want to nourish curiosity provide opportunities. We want the worship time to be significant for everybody and we want to have some open ended questions and some and leave people with some problems for thought and personal exploration we want to build a confidence in them in and a loyalty to God be a person people can accept and want to associate with we want worship times to be a pleasure present the material so it can be understood use a variety of methods materials now. We're looking here print we're talking here primarily but not exclusively about the worship time. In our club meetings some of this is going to bleed over and take over when we do a worship service when we when my club did a Pathfinder Sabbath we didn't have to follow the same order of service that was used before sometimes we did sometimes we did but like I said the other day when we did Pathfinder Sabbath the pathfinding will let the elders do the announcements and if we don't if we didn't have a pianist then we'll we will rely on the church pianist but the passengers are going to do all the rest of it. The bulk of what we're talking to toward here though is each meeting needs to have a worship time in it it's not going to be the whole meeting usually a maybe you can figure out a way to make a whole meeting a worship service that they're going to love. But until you've got it figured out how to do that don't try and go too long if you ever heard the saying the longer the spoke the greater the tire. So. Make our worship times a pleasure present it so it can be understood use a variety of materials and methods and if you're using a variety of materials and methods that provide student participation in discovery and discussion all of the sudden it's not all about a Long spoke we want to nourish respect for worship times stress the times and things the participants involve themselves in and we don't want to be punishing your humiliating them in a worship setting once in a while we you may need to pull somebody out. And take them out for a private talk what you do not punish her humiliate in a worship setting worship can offer unique opportunities for creative and original thinking it should center on a relationship. How do we build relationships with our kids how do we do that talk about things that they're interested in ask him questions and time with them outside a church observing. How now I'm going to pick on you because I know you can handle it. You. Know when we work together you are single you are not now and there's a big smile on your face. So. Apparently between then and now you've got to know somebody how did that happen did it happen all at once you know gradually. Pretty. OK OK. So we thought it was either that lives or you know in it. OK. Doing things together OK So you've been married how long almost 5 years so so after you got married you stopped doing that stuff right now you'd be do you still talk to each other. And why don't you talk is this because you've taken a vow of silence for the other during camp meeting. I if so is it is it for lack of opportunity that you don't. OK so it was for lack of opportunity that you know but as you are you continue I'm and I'm really going out on a limb here do you continue do you plan on staying married to him. OK So do you expect your relationship to grow so why kind of do keep on doing these things that were tree. Now isn't that really what we need to do with our God. Now you commented that that the as the relationship developed part of it developed quite rapidly come out happen with our Lord. Ready ready OK so we're being ready and open so we need to set the stage to help our kids to be ready and open how many of you play golf. OK. So OK we have 1 hand that goes up I have played it a few times the summer after I graduated from the academy my best friend from high school took me out to the local 9 hole called course he had he had a memory he and his brother both had a membership there so I used his brother's clubs and he had that have so many guests a season so I was 1 he explained again to me and before I just knew you hit the little ball and this post end up in the hole but he explained all kinds of stuff about it and I discovered that for me I think I've already told you I'm rather athletically declare. But I discovered that on a par 3 course or any you take part that's what a good golfer will get it to how many how many times they have to hit it so if you take par and you cube it. Then I'm within sight of it OK. And 10 years later my my wife's younger brother graduated from Academy I again end up on a 9 hole course and I does and you know that 10 years off now we only need to square it and I within sight of it. But something I did learn is each shot is supposed to put you in a better position for the next shot you not very often going to do a hole in 1 and so as we're working with our kids we want each thing that we do each worship and really everything that we do to put us in a better position for the next thing that we're going to do and hopefully it's going to be 1 step closer to our God 1 rung further up that ladder like we were talking about hopefully in your clubs worship segments they'll be room for some creative activities now I will be the 1st to say there are times where you don't have time for a long extended creative worship that this is just 1 of the facts of life and there are also times when you might have something lined up and something falls through. And so I'm going to give you a very very simple non optimal but functional backup plan OK fine a daily worship book preferably nature related and you look up at whatever day it is you're not trying to go through the whole book with these kids OK but whatever today's date is that 1 can work because they're each a standalone worship. We will get to a few resources I believe. But right now I'm just talking about a backup plan that to have a backup plan and I always had a briefcase that I took that had assorted stuff that I needed for pathfinders and that lived in there. Along with my drill manual and some other stuff but. You need to have something hopefully you will have room in most of your worship segments for some creative activities now here's somebody with an illustration that uses a lot of cliches Bob I didn't realize you push the on Volpe raised the bar and saw outside the box out of the loop for a. Lot of close shaves their. OK now if we only give our kids facts and rules in worship are we going to get a lot of creative thinking now if teachers think there's only 1 way to solve a problem then guess what they're not going to have a lot of incentive to be created. This would be a good thing for woodworking class to figure out how to make. I remember years ago I had boys that were 2 boys that were junior age and we needed a new junior leader and so I decided OK if I'm going to be a junior leader I have been in junior department for a long time I want to see what 1 looks like and I don't want to look at the 1 here I want so I went Top 20 miles to the big city and to see what that to see what happened there and in that met the teacher and global we actually knew each other from days days before an easy and told him what I was up Jack Monaghan in and he told me a little bit about his philosophy and. I was fascinated. He said he didn't want to do anything for his kids that they could do for themselves. 1 of their 1 of his kids was in charge of the song service 1 was in charge of the mission story 1 who's in charge of prayer. All of this kind of stuff they did because they weren't in primary anymore they were juniors gave him something to live up to and. Then he did the there was a main lesson for each day and then there they broke up into 2 or 3 classes and I was fascinated in the classes 1 of the exercises there was. There are some objects to be manipulated to. And the purpose was to show that there's more than 1 way to do this and in the teachers helps it showed how you can fit it all together so that it all works guess what some of the kids hadn't seen that and they figured out what really different way to put it together. And the guy that was teachin the thing on being open to new stuff. He had to rearrange it so it was right. Oh well. But now I learned there's a hazard when you teach kids that are junior age to be able to do the mission story in the scripture reading and all this kind of stuff because all I know I had 6 kids and by class and all and this is a small church where most of the folks weren't travelers so everybody is there every week and all of a sudden I'm having problems with my kids in the class because the adult class has pulled the man to do mission story or scripture because they're having trouble getting the adults to do it and they saw that kids can do it so really that was a good problem it was it was tough not to keep my program going but was it good for the kids to get up in front of the adults. Students are actively looking for concepts through reflective thinking problem solving and experimentation with news perience is a neat reflection there in that picture so we want our kids to we want to encourage them to ask questions discuss different opinion pose new ideas with their classmates we want them to give reasons for answers statements methods and rules so they'll know the why and the how of what they believe. Here's someone learning 1 of the facts a life algebra class will be important to you later in life because there's going to be a test 6 weeks from now. He. Needs a 1000000 years. So what. We. Choose is. Easy you know you don't. Think you're going to go through her purse was this. Is. This. Really this. Is like. Oh. Well you know why don't I just. Ordered now the dogs and understand. He said. Well. Yeah and speaking to this based on personal experience sometimes reading this has everything to do with it and there are some concepts that I have to hear over and over and over before all of a sudden I will figure out what they're about but we do need to try to find ways to help them to not be reflectors of other people's statements we need to help them learn to think for themselves in to see that if we do this what will happen and sometimes that is just a simple as saying so if we do if we do this what's going to happen. And then you just wait and let and and try and draw it out of them and sometimes depending on what it is maybe they can do it easily and maybe they're going to have to really struggle with it and if they're really struggling OK you're going to might need to break it down like you say so what is this part. So what's this so when we put these together what happened does it make any difference which order we put them in. You know now it is a speed up the process for us. THE MEMORY VERSE takes forever how long do we want them to have the memory verse. So may you know I had 1 expecting to go here but sometimes. If you might find a worship that you'd planned was going to take 5 minutes if something if something takes off be willing to go with it. And keep it go on because sometimes things will you never know when a seed is planted what's going to come out of it. And sometimes things don't bear fruit right away. How we do it if you think you. You know speaking to this you know on the elves are but will be important to you later in life because there's going to be a test 6 weeks from now and what he said later in life he probably was he wasn't thinking 6 weeks it wasn't thinking so we have to remember that we have both short term and long term goals and you know sort of like what is the sign of your return and the end of the age. So you can have all sorts of materials and illustrations and object lessons to help them understand the concept of what's inside or for our going to Pathfinder might be a little bit different but the but there's a lot but there are some similarities for when I was when I was a kid. 1 of my aunts gave me a kick of the visible dissecting frogs and so I had this frog that was about this that it was made out of translucent plastic and came apart and it had all the organs it stacked up in and I learned a lot from doing that and guess what in later in class I discovered that I had that same stuff inside of me and it was arranged in about the same order. Almost as if same person designed this or something. That. Some of our kids never seem to get very enthusiastic that's just how it is but at the same token I remember member told you about the 1 P.E. teacher class to toss to social studies classes tried to convince us that in England the classrooms were kept to 58 degrees because it kept people alert and they they learned so much well I also remember him talking about why is it that some people in the classroom just are you off. You can hardly hear. But when your brain dies a ha moment that you know can be totally different well you know different parts of life people are going to react differently and remember we're talking about the different learning styles I know exactly who he was talking about and everybody in the class knew he was talking about Larry and Larry was really good physically he was a he was a good natural athlete Looking back I think he also had dyslexia and nobody in my little town had heard of this lexia worship can happen in many places and occasions within the total club program sometimes you may want to do something different unique and special. I personally have never seen a worship that involved pizza. But I don't see any reason why you can't have worship before pizza. That's a really good question is our goal for worship to be fun. On. The. Whole. Right. You or. Right in this room where. Him play. Oh man whatever the reasons or in the that. You. When you know. That. You know that. When you're young you're. Leave that. This is the 1. And rightly so and thank you for bringing it up I really do appreciate it can worship be fun sometimes. Is it going to be fun all the time. And you just touch sums on a very crucial point what is fun for 1 person isn't necessarily fun for somebody else. Going back to my previous story when Larry was involved in doing all that athletic stuff Dave who's naturally athletically declined wasn't having as much fun as Larry was OK And so we have different gifts and. No upfront that way as you plan worships that you probably are not going to have 1 worship that hit every kid it's not likely to happen. There are some that are going to get. 1 here to some but times over here sometimes they're sometimes a bigger bunch sometimes a smaller bunch that's how it is will it can it all should it always be for fun if it is always all fun is it really worship. Because who is it about so let's let's look at our Bibles here a little bit in our might get a general overview that everybody always have fun he didn't you don't think that being out in the wilderness getting free food all the time and having having air air conditioning by day in central heat at night you don't think that was fun. I'm all. And. There's. An a part of what happened with you in your experience is the family setting that you came out of. Yes. Yes because you came out of you grew up in a family that that strongly believed in Pathfinders with your both your parents having ventilators and ardent supporters of it. And involved with it and involved in your church and helping you be involved and they were modeling good worship behavior. And I hate to break the news to you but not everybody in the club had your advantages. About. The words you're that's part of why we're having a c section which should be. Heard you might be right. I have a fellow I just know that's the way it is that is fun and crowding out the. The real that. Providing you things you rate. The very young lady was once she struggles very struggles city song and. Years actually. It was not her it was of course she was interested in how do you she was just a sexist and kids do that or the east. Is not that it is now about that and aren't. Question was a long. And. Eat little girl's citizens. He. Was probably. The oh there's the it's all. These bugs. Are everywhere who are so very very dangerous near. It was actually used to sit here. And started to spin out on the generals. And actually 1 of the students because I didn't respond to the 1st minute when they wanted to do and so homely kids get spanked. Their wrist. It was loose and yet you know. It is for children that are so I'm going to do it this year my job was to go wrong basically they said the adventure each of the parents of the passengers with his daughter their own is that I'm really into that school and so there were ways. Really you never did you see much stuff. About this he says I just love the city indeed they're getting there it's all the time. They have got me here. And we didn't want to be sneaking. Who were making was that yeah you know it was live and she do there it. Is this is is Mr sure it isn't you know close treaties you know you see. Stricken but they're used. Yeah. I think you know. As they get back. Into the. Heart of the character you know. How I was kind of old Hershberger recently how close that it was that was where the war about the war and there was something after our. You know my daughter was let go of like this of so far. As. I could sell him of the carers and workers where we are and it is you're absolutely your sister over there is that you know it's over you know she's or. Not our system that in fact the church did I do know a big thing his last 2 Hood the longest period in the church in the circle in the old story and he took her away. There was very little experience of the nations of the. That's. Just 1 of the leaves. As. You know. Sometimes you know among the things that we've touched on here is where are you doing it. And such and this isn't something needs you could do for a lot of your meetings but when you can go outside somewhere and do something based on something that's there. A lot of our kids today like you yeah they're so busy with technology that they're busy speaking in thumbs. And. That's you know. Most single I was. Finding. Them. You know here. Yeah. You know Abi honest it's been a few years since I was a director you were probably among the last that I had at that time kids still had fun with sword drills. This is. You know they having fun with it they're not just yeah OK. I hear you. So 1 of my favorite text to call out was Hezekiah 317. And. So just so that you know the correct response. If this is your sword and when they say dry your swords and you say Hezekiah 317 you know when you find a step forward the correct response is. Because there is no book I Hezekiah much less chapter 3 verse 17 but you know now when we in doing sword drills I enjoyed sending them to specific texts and and sometimes I would mix it up give me some I want 1 of the Books of Moses they were down to 5 books that opens it up quite a bit I want something in poetry I want something in history now I want history in the New Testament I want something in prophecy I want to promise and those sometimes took a little longer. I want something about the Messiah coming the 1st time I want to text on the 2nd coming and. They still had fun but that but that that isn't where you started you started I'm out just going for the book only if you've got friends they're all X. must learn the Old Testament so let's keep it down to the Old Testament but let's make sure that they can find the minor prophets and which ones are the major prophets and which of the books of poetry you know. You know. I make fun of it. So. They've done that and I just think that we know that. They come up with them really we do. You know. A little of that and they really did look. I don't know who came up with the teal T. program. That the human came up with it but I'm pretty sure I know where the general idea came from and. Where it's used properly it's a wonderful blessing to all the kids. Because they come up with ideas that that some of us older folks never can and they have perspectives on things that are different their experiences are different. But Lee and I have to thank you sir for bringing up the idea of fun sometimes worship can be fun but not all of life is fun and to expect all of worships to be fun is very unrealistic I think it's very a but we need to talk about it and it should not be painful in the sense of I am being singled out for something that I did and I am being punished we should not have any pain like that if we feel any pain that should be the result of the Holy Spirit's work. Not ours. You know what I'm saying. I am not and. I have no idea the guy J.C. you asked me where did it where did I get where did I get my slut where did I get whatever spider was the bulk of these presentations I got from David Jones you might remember David Jones. He was huge when I 1st moved to Michigan 21 years ago he was head of the Lansing capitals junior club and he also was interested in teaching classes and workshops and stuff and he was boozed was the leader of the club there for a while and. 2 of my kids were in it and then as you might some of your Remember I ended up starting a club in St John's and. Then. He ended up moving to Florida I bumped into him at. A camper E. in Osh Kosh and we were it was after. A big worship Sabbath afternoon or something and. That they could know it had been earlier earlier in the week and Sabbath anyway where there'd been a big gathering and so we're working back and we bump into each other and so. In passing he commented that he had put together Power Point presentations for all of the Pilates seminars and I had taught a couple of the Pilates seminars and and with the supervision of a couple of my kids I had struggled to put together Power Points and it really had no I'm not a lot of understanding of how that work being rather technologically challenged but I had kids that could they could supervise me so I didn't damage anything and so in the back of my head I'm thinking to myself Go away when or how I can get a copy of those and that's a that's a good So later on in the day Dave and his wife Deb stop by the club tent and we're talking and so I ask him you know so what club are you with well he's not really with the club now he's just doing training but he wrangled a chance to that he could hang out with this other club and but now he's just doing training training stuff and his wife really wanted 1 of the Michigan rainbow pins and. They were they were a fairly hot commodity among certain crowds there. But they were with the club so. So she didn't have much for friends to trade and some of my kids. I ended up I was at that point I was directing a club and an area coordinator So I actually had 2 different pins and. I and my kids had learned that that there were certain times I mean I could just say I'm not trading now. And it took a little bit but but they quickly caught on that when I said I'm not trading now what I actually meant was I'm not treating now so don't even talk to me like because I'm just you know and so I was in 1 of the non trading times but there was talking to me and she wasn't a part of my club and she said I'd really like 1 of those pins. That you don't have anything to trade you know I have an idea but I had kids around us so it C'mere and so we walked over here and I said I have an idea of how you can get a rainbow pin. But I'm going to ask a higher price than I have ever heard anyone ever paying for any pin but it is a price that can be paid. Yeah she is saying that what in the world are you talking about. Ever so I said I remember Dave said that he had a Power Point presentation for each of the P L A. Seminars and I will. Give you a pin in the exchange for a disk or however many disks it takes. This time around I had no concept. I really didn't. And so she understood and so she says OK let me go see what I can work out. And so she would say today if ever there was a brief discussion she came back with a smile and she was not in her it's not in your head and so I pulled out and gave her a pin later that day I got a compact disc and on it it said am G P L A P I. I didn't have a computer with me. But I thanked her and. I haven't seen her since so the kids got home and you know with. The camper he came to an end we all got home I stick this thing into a computer and there's this whole bunch of folders and then there's this word. Document that says they've read me 1st. The brilliant This is a brilliant thing that he did here brilliant and so so guess that's the why open 1st and he says Hi Dave These are of course a work in progress Ah and he says. And anyway that is where I got them and lo and behold the M G stood for master guide. P L A is Pathfinder Leadership Award. And then there was also P I A Pathfinder instructor award. And in the North American division P L A N P I A have been sort of replaced by the A Y M T at Venice used training materials but that's where I got a lot as I've stuck a few other things in here now this particular slide I look at that the hat and that and I think Shakey's Pizza you know that's that's what comes to my mind. And I don't think of worship. But you know what that slide sometimes can be a wonderful stimulus for discussion above all what worship what do we want our worship to look like are there are some things that we really really really don't want to bring into worshippers I think there are some things that we that to me aren't really compatible with worship this isn't that you know I'm not saying we can't tie knots during worship because it can be part of an object lesson and object lessons are wonderful object lessons are wonderful because they go into another part of the mind. And they sometimes tend to stay. Yes Yeah and that. Can be a way of what you were saying where they have trouble getting the printed word to fit into their lives how do we relate to that now not don't work with a lot of scripture you know is he going to have to really work to find as how to get it not into some scriptures but there's other stuff besides not. In maybe you're going to bring in a frog or a butterfly or a blade of grass or I don't know but if you get outside you have a lot of chances opportunities for distractions. I mean I'm going to call it the way it is you have opportunities for a whole new world of distractions. But there's also some potentials Let's see what else is on here. Accept the challenge of doing things differently be imaginative What are the details in a story so. That Bible alive was at the name of that 1 honor that was an interesting that's that honor is a really interesting idea and I think there are things about that that we could pull into this and I don't have those that stuff with me right now but so when when you see this what story comes to mind. OK. Are Moses OK so let's just go for for fun look at the idea from a variety of angles of love thinking of somebody in the bullrushes What do you think the water smelled like he said funky. It's. OK Is that real. OK. Include opportunities for participation you know maybe you're going to have maybe you're telling the story of Moses in the bullrushes and you're going to all of a sudden. Says there's the river right there in and help them walk through where we walk through a story and if you have a small amount a group this size and smaller it's really easy to get them to get up and do an accent stuff out of the 1st time you're going to get a lot might get a lot of blank look saying what in the world is he doing now if he just go off the deep end but try and find a way to make application to the present just like you were talking about we do need to deal with current times there's no doubt about that so in your handouts I believe you have some texts listed and some thoughts on how to do some of this kind of stuff we've got the 1 about the gentleman that was. Vertically challenged and. It will be funded to research what is a 2nd more tree look like. Is it a good climbing tree I don't know. Do you. Know who our street here. Are. Do we have branches near the ground. In the distance to the. Booth OK however supportive of. People who were. Related to. Your. People. Who. Are there. I'm just. Maybe just 1. Thing that I'm ordering them to actively driving like. Most of all my mother has and Mario Kart we plan to marry or even make a. I'm curious how many of you. And that's good too how many of you when you were kids spend a lot of time climbing trees and I have to have my head all work we are family we are family. Here. I mean it was. OK. So here are some of the resources I think this is in your handouts that Advent sources. Oh yeah. Well and any of any of the activities when you you need to look through it and say Is this going to work for us with the research in our situation with the resources that we have. And there are some there are some things you're going to look at and say this is never going to work for me OK So now you don't you've successfully found something you're not going to look at again and say you're going to move on. Do you have these in your slides in your hand out OK I'm sorry. But this is all stuff that's available from Advent source. So. And like I said there's if you go to their website there's a lot of their stuff you can't see until you sign in with your account so you want to always be able to sign in so in your portfolio somewhere have a spot where you've got your account name and whatever signing information you need for know for her or her advent source. OK find ways to get the kids involved there are times it is going to be a staff member up front OK and that's it because there are times you have to do it and do it very quickly because you don't have a lot of time and a lot of people who would rather to skip it and get on to whatever has to happen because whatever has to happen has to happen but you need to do it and you're going to have an adult that's going to do something and this might be 1 of those times when you pull out the devotional and let's see today's date is. June July and. June 20 want OK so we're now learning about the middle of the book we find the June OK 2021 OK and that then you read that there are times that is wanted you have either you or some other adult do. But hopefully is memory serves me you have to do some worships in here right. OK. You have the opportunity. You know no you don't but you do have the opportunity. And. So for the ones that you plan on getting signed off for don't do 1 of the ones where you just read out of the devotional. OK spend some time figure out what kids can I get involved are there some kids who are there some bump on the log kids that are all introverted and shy that never want to do anything that I can give a small part and maybe they just. Hold something but they but they do and other people interact around them or something but find ways to get a lot of people involved. And. The idea that the. Use of the. Right year is in their eyes kids are not. Have to find everything they're up right. Kids ever think much. Less are. Some odd looking at my partner not just off to the left to get problems and. The 1 thing right it is that they're coming together that. Serves the best of the salt shirts and those on. The ice for. This there. Are together some of these fronts. Now the puppets and the. Words. So when you're done with this is this something that's going to be used as part of a worship service in. There are others where you want things on. Its. Own but that couple who lives. Here. Says a lot to do. So. So that it's not in the good talking less. Rights. Don't hold up records so that they can see it here maybe a little bit better than the doll. Does margins to the. Oh let's see. Now we're back to the you know it's the spirit of the so. You see that in the news that school about being a well. We've talked. Things. What I think is the. Actions you see oh yeah it was. Just see here in these few. Times comes. Is. Any. Time when maybe in the long OK. Any other ideas people want to share. How to get kids involved I think we're running out we've got to be coming up on our time. OK. I think we've had a fun time here. I think we've had a productive time. And I thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas and yourselves of the noise. The. It'll. Be all season. Yes. Indeed. You know there. Is. No. I don't. Have. Doubters. Let me tell you about a very unique worship service I experienced in the Lansing church a number of years ago we had and I can never keep track of it's an associate or an assistant pastor why I can't keep track of the title but it wasn't the main guy it was the other guy OK OK And this was his I'm going to call it his sunset posting and right after this he retired but 1 of the he got up this 1 time and he was a wonderful guy for many things he was not a great papa to or get up for the preachment this was not his forte he was really good at the interpersonal stuff you know and visiting the sick and doing Bible studies and all this kind of stuff that was he was really good at that stuff the upfront stuff not so good but he had a fabulous worship service this 1 Sabbath unlike any other I mean we did all the normal stuff OK all the normal stuff came time for him to get up here and say what he had to say. This was planned ahead of time he had 2 people with handheld mikes A P A People had been clued in and. He gave a short testimony and it wasn't like your normal testimonies this 1 he got up and said the 1st time I came into this church and he pointed to somebody and he told what they did and what it meant to him and he thanked them in front of everybody. And he said this is going to be a service of thanksgiving. We have many people here doing a lot of things that they never get thanked for and this is a chance this is an opportunity where you can thank somebody for something that you have seen them do and there were a lot of people got up and talked about a lot of different things it was it was a neat service it really was with 1 exception all of the young people and I'm talking college age and below with 1 exception and there were like a half dozen all of the young people that got up thank their Pathfinder leaders. And I have to also say this I at that time that's when I was in the St John's crusaders and this was in The Lancet church so I had no part of that this nothing of the day this was the people that were doing this there and you know who some of them were. So you so to your point they're observing and them they may not be grateful for everything that we do. Then. But I have heard many stories of some kid who 20 years later calls up his Pathfinder counsellor because he's got a problem and he doesn't know who else to talk to so I'll be that person in. My part here and I've. Just seen of that. Yes like. Yeah I think that. You know the right down the right 1. Yeah yeah David. Yes and it's a nice Villas I love that phrase because it says so much. You know it really does we're probably over time so. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU let's have a quick prayer Our Father we thank you so much for the blessings that you've given to us we thank you for being a God that we can worship in so many different ways help us that we can help kids to learn to love and serve you in all aspects of their lines and now I ask that you'll be with everyone here that your Holy Spirit can go with them that they can be a blessing to the people if they need this and I need. This media was brought to you by Adil to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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