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8. How to Lead a Child to Christ




  • June 19, 2017
    3:00 PM
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Our Father you haven't made us all the same you have given us all the same gifts but we all have different opportunities and situation now we asked this you send your Holy Spirit to be with us all that we can better understand your plans for our lives in the the people here are your words not mine this 19 mean. Actually she asked what and what what my personality what my temperaments are and I'll be honest it's been a few years since I've done a study but every time I've taken an instrument my 2 dominant ones are like magic and melancholy. And going with you commented about your band director I having a short fuse and sometimes that can that can be part of the a lot of musicians are melancholy and and some of the Merkle Erik's. But some of them have can have that they just can't understand why somebody else can't see it the way they see it and hear at the way they hear it and do it the way it needs to be done understanding spiritual gifts is important for Master guides we need to be you know we need to be developing personal skills and helping for in our selves and in the youth that we work with so what is a spiritual gift and is there a difference between a spiritual gift and a talent. Natural ability maybe something you're born with like physical coordination or maybe there's a talent you develop through the years such as playing a musical instrument you know it seems like there are some people that are born with the ability to play the piano. And there are different degrees of being able to play the piano there are some people that can sit down at the piano and play and wonderfully and accompany people wonderfully and really really really really struggle with reading music there are some people you could put wallpaper in front of the naked read it and play it. And make it sound great there are some people who can learn that OK we've got those symbols therefore I push this key down and therefore it will be done at this time and they can technically do things but it doesn't follow and it doesn't really have the. The musicality that if those paths those the emotional parts the we like to hear you know natural abilities and talents can be useful and or entertaining but they deal primarily with the surfaces of life the real concern of one's relationship to God is left on top abilities and talents affect people on a temporary basis not an eternal basis and spiritual growth isn't necessary for their development for example a woman who frequently opens her homes for dinner guests and social gatherings maybe doesn't have the guest of hospitality she might be selling Tupperware or Amway or whatever but as but maybe she and she's inviting people home after church you know. What is the motivation behind it. The motivation for a spiritual gift is based on love for God and love for humanity self glory or gain is not the incentive Paul tells us that our communication knowledge and faith might be perfect but there you worthless unless Love is the motive and the goals of spiritual gifts differs from that of natural abilities spiritual gifts are granted for the common good to equip the saints for the work of ministry for building up the body of Christ keep in mind this motivation and goal if you seek to discover your gifts and ask yourself what's my motivation and goal in this area remind yourself that these gifts form the basis for individual and collective service for God There are a lot of this is why I talked about spiritual gifts in a lot of different places and. I think you've got a lot of the references in the in your books there so we're not going to read them all to you different gifts or place in the church not all imparted to every believer the poorest and most ignorant and believer can have them that's encouraging you know their promise to every servant of Christ Unfortunately they're frequently we don't talk about them like we should unity and cooperation are essential in the use of gifts a spiritual gift is a special ability given to a member of the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit that enables him or her to work effectively with joy in helping the church carry out its mission in the world have you ever heard 1 of the saints observe that they're working really hard and there's no joy in the labor. Yeah yeah we all have that experience sometimes because there are sometimes things have to be done and sometimes we have to get WAY outside our comfort zones to do things. And. We don't want to confuse spiritual gifts with natural talents all people whether Christian or not have natural talents but only Christians receive spiritual gifts these gifts enable the Christian to minister in such a way that he will have a power that will tell on heart we don't want to confuse spiritual gifts with the fruit of the Spirit fruit of the Spirit is to be reproduced Meech Christian by the Holy Spirit and all Christians are to have how many of the fruits. But not every spiritual gift is given to every Christian. You know all these things a lot of things take a while to develop and we've been counseled to go to nature and observe things and yeah. And an apple he I don't I remember as a kid eating some green apples off my grandpa's orchard. And. There were some apples that I I preferred when they were just a little before they were ripe. But. We don't want to confuse spiritual gift with Christian rolls this going to year. The story you mentioned I may be an evangelist will someone else as a gift a teacher yet we are all witnesses witnessing is not a Special Gift of The Spirit given to select persons It's a role that all Christians share every Christian is to show and tell what Christ has done in their own heart in life don't confuse genuine gifts with counterfeits the devil is not an original person he counterfeits and whenever the Lord has something he likes to come up with a counterfeit Connor free gifts are more often associated with them more directly Murlak miraculous such as miracles healings speaking in tongues and prophesy being more spectacular they have greater power to catch attention miracle working is 1 of the signs of the end manifestations of this order must be carefully tested by the church where there will be miracles on both the side of truth inside of air in the last days only by the Scripture can they be tested we need to be careful about dismissing any miracle or healing just because it wasn't performed by an Adventist. So. We're going to look at a whole bunch of spiritual gift categories you're ready administration the ability to organize manage and supervise working with him through others to achieve goals it's meaning is to steer as the helmsman or pilot of a ship they have the ability to plan and launch projects to meet the needs of God's cause apostleship this is a title we don't use a lot today. However it means to be set out especially commission to represent the church in a broader ministry this gift may be represented today by the Spirit given ability to begin the work that may need that may lead to new churches being established discernment the analytical capacity to discern between truth and error evangelism the ability to so persuasively present the gospel of Jesus that people are led to become his disciples I like this guy here in the Molly says Sir while your wife finishes her shopping perhaps you'd like to get ready to die. Yet no right to the close there you now but you knows he did have a smile on his face yeah exportation this word is derived from the same word Jesus used for the comforter or Holy Spirit 1 who comes along side to encourage also it's the ability to stimulate people to action in the service of God and here we have a pastor. Going into church in these wandering. But lo and behold when it's over no means his great sermon Pastor now I have news for you our pastors need prairie they need our prayers they are humans just like the rest of us. And they get the same problem you know and they get that people come and dump bomb. And that's not easy and so pray for your pastors and their wives yes yes because they get abused to the same lying face. The ability to see a vision of what got a what God wants done and the end swerving confidence to accomplish it regard less of the obstacles giving the ability to share personal I repeat personal assets with joy and eagerness so that people are helped and God's work is advanced There's a lot of people that want to share other people's asses but people with this gift have can share their assets with joy and eagerness helps the ability to on selfishly meet the needs of others through some type of practical help the exercise of this gift often releases those with teaching and preaching gifts to minister the Word of God Yeah they're helping it in practical ways. Sometimes And but sometimes they're getting up making presentations you know sometimes that is sometimes that is what they do today hospitality the ability to opens one's home graciously so guests are put at ease and are refreshed both physically and spiritually intersession the practice of praying earnestly and sincerely on behalf of others and their special meaning. Knowledge the ability to easily master a body of truth it's also the ability to score and recall a fund of knowledge from God's Word to meet the needed an Have you met people maybe not individually but maybe you've heard them from the front that. I have this incredible ability to pull all sorts of facts together and show how they line up stuff that you would have never thought that together. Yes and 1 white is is 1 example of that. But was it a 4th grade education or maybe not that. Leadership the ability to inspire and lead others in various ministries within the Body of Christ this exercise this gift is exercise with the attitude of a servant serving the end usual desire and capacity to render service to others mercy the capacity to feel sympathy with those in need especially those who are suffering a miserable and to manifest this sympathy in some practical way with a cheerful spirit so as to encourage and help those in need missionary the ability to minister across cultures Hastert or shepherding the ability to shepherd counsel and encourage believers in their walk with Christ and service in the church and community also 1 who enables and equips prophecy primarily this refers to the gift on 1 who is called to receive divine revelation from God to be communicated to man secondarily to the capacity to preach so that the Bible comes alive to the here he Ching it's the ability to instruct and explain the Bible truths so clearly in such a detailed way that those willing to learn will understand wisdom the ability to penetrate into a matter seeing the situation in its larger relationships and imparting wise counsel from God's word. Yeah the illustration here I like this age doesn't always bring wisdom sometimes age comes along so how do you discover your gifts well you're going to need to prayer and honestly that God will reveal until you consider the desires of your heart get active in the work of God less in the comments of Christian friends sometimes other people can recognize our gifts better than we can. Evaluate your successes so if you do all of this will kind of results Well you know God's will for your life and where you best fit into the work of the church you know better how to cope with the versity and conflict in personal relationships you'll ever a greater sense of identity in partnership with Jesus you have greater join service for the Lord because you're matched to the work that you enjoy. Your be better equipped to and your friends relatives and Pathfinders to Jesus you'd be better able to develop and apply these gifts in your Pathfinder ministry. There's another gift that we really sort of sort of alluded to but didn't mention I'm looking for a volunteer to read something that the group OK yep C'mon up and read it. And I'll take this off and hold it for you probably want to get out of the light that all preface on this. My 1st 3 years of education was in a 1 room church school. 1 of those years I remember our pastor. In the district that we had we didn't see a lot of him because of the situation that the other juror needed to spend most of his time but I remember him coming to our to our school and I remember going out ingathering with Jay lamb truth and this is a story about something that happened to him real story or the title is called expect it to happen and we began planning for impact India 2006 Ron Watts president of South Southern Asia Division informed us that a modern day miracles are taking place in India he wrote expect it to happen permit me to share 1 miracle which happened in November Jay and lean Lantry phone missionaries with my wife and me in Singapore 30 years ago just returned from India where they participate in a 100 villages series at the close of each evening Me team members prayed with those in attendance I will now quote Jay within moments a man stood by my side and pointed to his withered right arm and badly twisted hand both bring us the US he too wanted prayer for healing I asked the Lord if it is to your glory these grant his requests immediately it happened I open my eyes and watch his arm slowly strain and extend and tell it match the other arm then light time elapsed photography of an opening flower I watched his fingers reshape themselves normally Gradually he began to Waco each 1 simultaneously then he waved his hand in arm while jumping for joy and praising the Lord that is the last I saw of him I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit magnitude I have never sensed previously. So between the Old Testament and now how much is God changed. He hasn't changed he's changed lives hopefully he's changed each of ours hopefully he can change our Pathfinders lives so you have in here a spiritual gifts survey this is not something we're going to do here today this is something that you need to do at home when you've got some quiet time when you can prayerfully go into this. But hopefully as a result of doing it you will better figure out where you fit into God's work there's room for everybody. That there's work for everybody and we sometimes joke about the advent movement with our pastors moving here and there 1 of the reasons pastors move is because the needs of churches change. Sometimes. The there'll be 1 need in a church and somebody new will come in that can fill that but they're not going to get all of the needs met and somebody else will come in to follow them that's going to meet another group but the local congregation still Lehr right so we need to each do our honest part. We find well what our gifts are and we need to do our honest part and my part may be quite different than yours. I can probably do some stuff that some of you can't do and I know a bunch you can do a whole bunch of stuff that I can't do Jesus used to tell stories when he's out in nature yelling when and say you know consider the lily there was 1 there for people to look at each Oct about sheep didn't a no show of hands honestly in the last 2 weeks how many of you have seen live sheep OK a few of you have most of you have not and most of our pathfinder do not see them on a daily basis on a weekly or monthly basis truth be told I'm about to tell a bad joke there's a reason for it may get but Jesus told his stories about sheep and lilies big cuz he knew that the next time they saw of those they would think of the stories that he told OK that's the preface for the bad joke Are you ready what car did the Apostles you says they were all together in 1 accord. So my challenge to you is the next time you see a Honda Accord that you say to yourself selves what can I do to create more accord in my shirt. What can I do to pull my family closer together 21 years ago I was in mint I was in Minnesota doing much the same work that I'm doing now and. That I had my own Pathfinder club and. And was having a blast with it but I job opportunity Cain in Michigan. And so that there were some people in the church so where I was attending and Redwing that got together Sabbath afternoons and would pray about stuff and so I brought this. Idea of this job potential job to them and the pastor said to me now you know don't chew that some of the time when people bring stuff like this doors just get slammed in their face and if the Lord wants to slam the door then I don't want to go through it. OK Well it comes to find out I was offered the job somebody in the church said to me Do you even know anybody in Lansing Michigan and I say honestly said no but I have family there I haven't met him yet though. It is it is very true OK. We're going to tomorrow we gather again and I'll be honest I wasn't paying close enough attention if Pastor Greg is going 1st or fine going 1st but tomorrow he's doing the seminar on leaving a car child to Christ I don't want to miss that you don't want to miss that and what. 2 o'clock is the 1st seminar and I'm not sure if he's doing that 1 or if he's doing the 1 in the 2nd time slot but he's going to do whichever 1 he should he shows up for and the other 1 that I'll be doing is the discipline 1. So maybe you will have time while you're up here at Camp Meeting to do the spiritual gifts inventory maybe not but again this is 1 where I want you to be able to take to have some quiet time where you can prayerfully go after it and maybe it's going to be a Sabbath afternoon. I don't know what but what whatever works for you but take some time to go through it how many of you have ever been through a spiritual gifts in the Tory thing before a few of you have whatever word or prayer. Our Father we thank you so much for the blessings you give us on a daily basis. Now we ask that you will be with each 1 of these master guides that they will depend on you that they will find your plan for their lives and how you can help others learn more about you this 9 in. This media was brought to you by Adil to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it W W W audio verse or.


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