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1 Peter 2:18-3:10 "Following the Example of Christ"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • October 24, 2009
    9:00 AM
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I want everyone to prevent your continuation of our study through the first heater and we are in first Peter chapter Steve Finley got through about the first eighteen verses while someone can the last part of first Peter chapter she is going to focus in on a very important concept only study so far is talking about the salvation that God has provided for us now that we are a royal priesthood built of stones on the foundation of the rock Jesus Christ and how we hear through the trial of our faith and her parents that she receive it some salvation that we are born again of incorruptible seed in so on and so forth now as we got a check is here talked about why aside all guile malice and hypocrisy in the evil speaking as a warning made to desire the sincere milk of the word and serve the beginning of chapter three talks about this is how we begin our Christian experience and we drove from their and in verses nine and ten Peter Smith and especially to the Christian Gentiles of his time that in time past they were not a people mover now the people of God is not teamed them are receiving and called out of darkness and the gods marvelous light and in verse eleven detox of the stranger the employer through standard fleshly wants which organs the soul and then he talks about submitting to those in authority over is whether the governors are the keys and consume that's an important concept that we do a him or him and never seventeen this is where we finished last time I thought all men love the brotherhood fear God honor the same so we fear God of course that reminds us of the first Angels message dear God give glory to him they are visitors residents offices honor the king so once again this is concept of honoring those who are in authority over us now this is where things get close to home address today because I never say machine the methods that we see here is certainly applicable throughout so picking up University chances servants be subject to your masters with all fear not only to the good and gentle but also to the Ferrero word and the word for a work means those you are and are not jet engines so the resilient all be nice to hear you're nice to me I would be nice to my boss of my Boston check on me and the Bible is saying the subject to your masters with all fear not only did a good and gentle and before you have a good boss targets each harasser is someone like that diet hand says the subject of those also who are not given to an end now notice what Peter continues his anniversary seems for this essay for the if a man for conscience and short job in your grief suffering wrongfully for more glory as if we need be buffeted for your faults you take it you shall take it patiently but if when you do well and suffer for it you take it patiently this is acceptable with God now Mrs. him and will continue to fly your thing okay so you must maybe here at work in you is something that your Bob Simpson don't do this when they need to edit and then you get penalized maybe you'd have to work over time more on allowing you don't get some bonus time working for vacation something like that and you legitimately not something you knew it and what Peter said Sahara if you take that personally analysis buses par for the course is enough and you deserve the punishment so what glory is if you take a punishment you deserve although all want to say this in the work environment that I sometimes cross sometimes people not something where you and their punished for it and they fight back anyway and so I mean that's not even par for the course of the city is like God is directly you must your ring tone is for you take occasionally watches up with expected the Messiah fight back to you must not take it patiently learn from the mistakes however notice what the true point is in in the last half verse twenty is as but if when you do well and suffer for it you take it patiently this is acceptable with God so now were talking about here are doing everything arrive you're doing everything that you are asked to do everything that God has asked if you are doing everything that those who are in authority over you as needed the and despite all of that you take as you get criticizing foreigners and what Scripture is saying a honest following or take that patient we also know why is that so far because human nature says wait a minute I didn't mess up our gear you condemn your criticizing your punishment for something that I said that was wrong you can do that to me and so that's why you see things like lawsuits and all sorts of things because people are fighting for their name fighting for the rights and the Scripture says what is acceptable with God is when you do well and suffer for it and you take it patiently that now that it is impossible to do so for the grace of God because we don't have God 's grace organ fight back because our name and our reputation is very important to it we want to make sure that people now that we didn't mess up and we need to remember to look and see that Jesus made himself of no reputation and that we want to have a good reputation and so that the struggle and of course the obvious ploy is therefore fighting back for our reputation we must certainly any fighting back when we don't miss and so we definitely need to learn starting point is we must and we get punished for it when you learn to take that patiently that's just par for the course and God is saying you also need to learn to do what is acceptable to media matters we need you what is right and you suffer for it and take it patiently that's what I'm calling you the other hard thing to him question is how and is and we had that kind of this very is is there any example and the obvious answer is found in verses twenty one and on the verse twenty one it says for even hereunto were ye call because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his sorrow analysis we are called to suffer when we do well for verse twenty one is telling us because Christ also suffered suffered for us and we know that Christ didn't hear anything worth suffering for I and you notice what it says about Christ he suffered for us leaving us an example is somewhat indescribable outcries specifically in the next few verses is an example to us that we should follow in his status now if you're following the context the context of this thing that is acceptable in God is when we do well and suffer for it and take it patiently that acceptable to God and this is what we've been called in and tries to the left is an example in this way so that we should follow his status and what is the example in a crisis let's is not very underhanded and that just one of the Munich crisis in himself of no reputation and he studied Philippian sees Christ was God he took upon are your service became a human being anywhere fermenting of kings and Lord of Lords being a humble human being here on this Earth shoe and was born in a manger I made himself of no reputation right so going back to position you Christ left is an example that we should follow the steps what is the example of a crisis like the celebs continued in verses twenty two and twenty three verse twenty two uses that this is the example did not send neither was guile found in his mouth to when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not in fact committed himself to know that judges righteously now he knows this is Christ did not send no guy was found in his mouth when he was reviled he reviled not again we suffered he threatened not be committed in something that judges righteously what experiences this speaking about the experience of a life of Christ this is describing Christ's healing through silence judgment call and also before the priests and Pharisees with the artists hung the moon from Thailand of course on the cross and surprise through that experience price deserve to be there I mean he didn't answer and so here he's being condemned to death when he did nothing wrong and she's not saying anything that is not saying this is so unfair I can you are saving children who I am on King of Kings and Lord of lords and I can hear to this Earth to save he and the best you can do for me as for me and how dare you do that in your way on converting human beings would say that that's what I'm converted human beings with that thought on trying to help you out trying to be nice seeing and hearing you are not the best you can get back to me you see if I were healthy again and yet cries says when he was reviled reviled not again here he was fondly was Martinez and everything from the site who said he communicated to give something like that oh yeah John Smith you were born on October ten nearly eighty Sand and your father or mother the Sunnis are all the sins you never committed in this velocity is committed Jesus can of them and as human beings we have a tendency to want to fight back and then when people mistreated us when we are trying to do the right thing and yet through that experience I would encourage you read through the desire of ages through the chapters of the closing scenes of Christ's life as you see how Christ committed himself to his father since I mean it is impossible humanly speaking when you are being falsely accused of being a finished around since the to not want to fight back and do not fight back and so only by the grace of God through his power can we say Lord I give the situation the gondola your name be glorified through the situation in ten that's what Jesus did as she stood there any safari in a day in Gethsemane the night before he said not Manuel was your year is the time you edit with the father as well have for him to go through that experience and humanly speaking Jesus clearly did not enjoy going through that experience but she was there some father this is your will for me to suffer in this way here allowing me to give through this and I'm going to trust you that when it's all said and done take care and Antoninus this is not just a great story about about Christ verse twenty one says Christ suffered for us leaving us an example that we should follow his steps so that the example so are we following in the steps of Christ because to be a Christian means the following the steps of Christ and if we are a Christian that means if the Bible says here's the example these are the steps to follow that means in the experience of Christ should be our experience of course is only as we are born again as we talked about in chapter one being born again incorruptible seed so that when you go to the fiery trial in an and will play well I like to paint him a worse trial and then she'd be completely rise to be condemned as completely wrong and slight units one thing if you are to have a disagreement with someone and then there is a lot of issues and in trials or trials that Christ went through the ultimate trial so to speak because he did nothing wrong and he was him for you and you are interesting in the Scripture is saying a word in the following the steps of Christ if we take as many so in other words we if we follow the life of Christ we will view that which is right and that we will be falsely accused of doing that which is wrong and God wants us to experience that which is acceptable in the site is passed through those trials and do not fight back even when were right and nothing happened possible to be humanly speaking but through the power of Christ it is possible only through the power of Christ and so it's interesting now some of these statements from chapter one argument the trial of our faith being moved much more precious than gold the parishes with flyer there would be tried with fire might be found in the praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ the one assigned about a fiery trial what Christ went through in Gethsemane and in the judgment of all of them across the fiery trial and the way we are purified is also good through fiery trials and humanly speaking this has to be probably one of the most unpleasant for the trials and yet if you look at it from God 's perspective this is how he purified because if we can learn through the grace of God to commit ourselves to the one we are being falsely of keys the bad traits of our character will be burned away why the impurities that are burned away when gold is tried in the fire so our tendency to talk I see you have a sharp little return someone back in their place only for the seminar place of those things purified away when we go through these kind of trials this is how the Lord she revises how he prepares the analysis Jesus committed himself to send to his father that judges righteously and we are also called to commit ourselves to him who judges righteously because we are living in the time of the judgment and so in the judgment we commit ourselves and to God two judges righteously and in verse twenty fourteenths is thought to his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree that we being dead to sins should live in the righteousness by fuchsia stripe seaward hill the powerful Jesus bore our sins on the cross in a way anyone originally that Jesus didn't really die for Arthur is just an example for us I know the guy for Arthur he bore our sins on the cross and the kids so for us because were dead in sooner were dead to sins that we should live unto righteousness in other words we should live the way Chrysler now and this is like a strike he were he keeled some years you by the blood of Jesus Christ notices what's interesting here's a few key points in the end first Peter chapter one verse nineteen it is about how we were redeemed with the precious blood of Christ as of a lamb without oneness and without spot and consumers Chapter nine is also talks about Christ offered himself without spot of the worker 's marginal translated by without a fall in the receptor nine North in first Peter Keith served with fries was without one is without fault and in first Peter chapter two verse twenty two and he did not send neither was guile found in his mouth not the example that we should all accept Christ in first Peter one verse nineteen is without blemish and without fault response first few chapters she can did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth of Christ without fault no guile and is now that's all familiar and yes absolutely Revelation fourteen if you look at the relationship to fourteen verse five says and in their mouths of the hundred and forty four thousand and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God so here you have a group of people who evidently have followed the example that Christ set for them and so they followed us that's what would've he knew he didn't answer neither was guile found in his mouth and when he was reviled he reviled not again we saw pretty threatened not the committed something in the judges righteously their analysis these people are without fault before the throne of God they committed themselves to judge righteously that in the judgment no guile found in their mouth they are without fault before the throne of God to how we live in the judgment do not send no guile in her mouth and we commit ourselves to him he judges righteously to be without fault in Ciudad Juárez the people to him in their mouth have no guile they are without fault before the throne of God is to sell you something these people have passed through experience that is very similar to the experience of Christ Christ went through experience where he was reviled where he suffered and yet he did not revile again he did not fight back he did not leave supper he did not threaten in that he committed himself to God card and forty four thousand they go through extras rather to suffer for their to be reviled theories the experience of prices is because they taken the hard the message of first Peter T that Christ is left as an example that we should follow the steps in Scripture clearly pay the price as our sacrifice of our Savior in the Scripture also clearly paints and as our example and that we should follow instead of being a Christian means that we accept Christ as their Savior we also follow his example that the complete picture of Christianity since we may wonder what how can I be among the hundred and forty four thousand all the example of Christ that's easier said than done because the word pictures that I've taken earlier a lot of his struggle when we mess up and were criticized for we want to fight back even when as we at least get started on the right path we might learning to see surrender license price of that handle enough that were criticized for it we take it patiently because that's just what is expected and if we can't even be what is expected how can we do that which is of which is impossible except for the grace of God we have started him out which is expected only home we stopped fighting back pulling massive failure on the cell phone sorry I and and we don't not something we are criticized for it take it patiently now it's also interesting is the universe choices that when we suffered when we do well and so therefore we take it patiently it's interesting hundred and forty four thousand of Revelation fourteen twelve are also described as having the stations in the same because they learned to stop her in they learn to do well even through suffering so you do the right thing you sucker for you continue to be the right thing and ye that which is acceptable to God that requires patience because were not talking about just one day in the office were talking about the life experiences a day by day is not a one foot while I finally get it today I made a demonstrated patience yes it's like every day by the grace of God we exercise rotation is because when the trials that more severe only a staffer for not passing easy trials now apart from the even more challenging and of course this all complications and Hebrews twelve talks about laying aside every way to send stuff so easily beset us and running with patients the race that is set before them how do we do that we looked in the Jesus the author and finisher of our faith she's the one who set the example horse that we should following us that he ran the race we followed this fax and right right I like this that God puts her heart is like a highlighter I'm glad you said that because if it is turning greener kid and say you know this is so okay I'm not unified is the history of the grace of God we can say father forgive them for they know enough season passes all understanding it's only through the grace of God that Jesus is a father forgive them for they know not what they be we would be saying a gorgeous way it's you I really wanted to I could come down from the cross and show you a thing as an idea of swearing-in is for the leave who may not have heard in the book of James James is in town all joy when you fall into various temptations of sufferings and that takes divine patients seen as a counter and join the soccer and yet if you look at the early apostolic church when they would be tried or attempted as a root like Peter James serving a prison and debris were rejoicing that they can suffer from the name of Christ and sometimes soon and I understand your suffering and trials are difficult and sometimes from the church will send you pray for me on to something really life right now is not sure where God is in and in God is trying to teach us something in the double try to sweep in and say hello how can God be a God of love the elongated through this and God is trying to teach us pay if you learn to trust me through these experiences the cure of five and learned in a shoe walk with me no matter what him I'm not saying it's easier and often anyone down please have this feeling comes I know I have a natural human response the trials that God wants to call us to a higher plane of experience in with is the oldest here five five five six four guy to be purified reviewing the file yes let's turn our characters as when we are testing such an opportunity for our character to be refined and in we can learn to be more like Christ through each trial of media three said that the high calling is a question about it humanly speaking it is impossible by the grace of God all things are possible if Christ left is an example that we should follow that means God 's believes that we can follow that example soon the other and right right anywhere and she half he's in Christ's peace that passes all understanding here and I write in absolutely in the life of Daniel and Shadrach the Second Amendment you are a fine example of how this plays out in the faith on the issue of what they would e.g. in the God gave Daniel prophetic understanding and then check directly Second Amendment to the downtown everyone else including all the other Hebrew chapters that were there any so and then Daniel variant of his life he would rather die than do not worship the true God as for nothing illustration is living in the judge is so Christ is given as an example of how we should liberalize since he when he went through the fiery trial of Gethsemane the judge Malone Calvary when he was reviled he reviled not again we Saturday threatened not to two-minute insulting the judges righteously in math is the example that we should follow and soon in verse twenty five assist for ye were as sheep going astray that are now reassuring and in the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls so we are aware that the saloons were described as weighty words she and your adventures in the hundred and forty four thousand fewer described as being without fall coming out while they're not just like Jesus they are described and stunningly worksheet as following the Lamb whithersoever he go so if you want to follow the Lamb whithersoever he here within half you learn the following whithersoever he do it here on this Earth see you follow Christ who leads us an example of which of following steps to see that so we were away when she and now we follow Christ only get the family the following whithersoever he by Mike via how mighty and God has called us to me that people hundred and forty four thousand two when we get to heaven we will follow the Lamb winners celebrity Eunice Sansone Lafleur to follow Jesus Christ wherever he takes us now here on this Earth because one hundred and do our own thing on this earth and suddenly follow Jesus around her now I can be an experience that we gain here on the service and prices may have possible for us to have an experienced by faith but seriously you can see the book of first Peter is really a powerful book coming install all these special truth to have special application for God 's wife a people and certainly a Christian counter time after this was written in about sixty six eighty if they follow the teachings of the can exactly be found in having with Christ especially forgot about the people who are described in the way that first Peter chooses writing the experience we should have this book on the socialization for us as we strive to be among God lastly people in such a chapter to him if he was reading the entire chapter three chapter three makes an interesting transition because in that chapter she were talking about what the subject to the authority under you even if that authority is wrong you're still obedient servants following the authority they got a place over you you fear God you honor the king you're subject to your masters with all fear and certainly the context that Peter was talking about about doing what's right and suffering wrongfully what have special applications of those who were servants or slaves is wrong but of course a lot of application guidelines that people 's well now chapter three Peter makes another application there another illustration of how to live your life even when you are being mistreated perhaps in first Peter chapter three verse one is likewise you wise be in subjection to your own husbands that if they obeyed not the word are they also may without the word me one by the conversation on the wives while they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear so their Ephesians five Paul of course talk about how the house is that of the wife as Christ is the head of the church and yet he also says husband love your wives as Christ loved the church and that's humanly impossible to need a lot of your wife as Christ loved the church is not only divine law that confirmed is not some unctuous minorities from his father talking about a type of one that whatever happens I now got Veronica get along and be faithful to her and love her new matter where that's what were talking about and in so as the husband is like that of course the wife should have no problem with sending the head person to speak to your site will look what you do when you're married and my husband is a big east wall is not a Christian he's not sure eating you the way he should does likewise he wises so if I can likewise hazy how we talked about you even when you're treated wrong you suffer patiently and take it likewise be wise to be in subjection to your own husbands that if any will be not the word they also knew without the word the one by the conversation otherwise here's what Peter said what's maybe your husband is on a Christian and be like Christ in you when the mover is my guarantee that there's a good chance because you're deathly noggin when it looks like Syria others like Algeria the Church of England in so have fun during your handling all the squares and yeasts fiber is a well aligned rather hang out with and hang out with you and him on in your noggin when anybody is safe so what peters talking about here is Eli Christ even if they are and if you are over time and often worth here is an Sony mercy while they behold your change conversation coupled with fear Isaiah continues on verse three instances adorning let it not be that outward adorning of explaining the hair and wearing of gold are setting on of apparel and let it be the hidden man of the heart and that which is not corruptible even the ornament of the knees and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God and great price papers five for after this manner the old time the holy women also be trusted in God adorned themselves being in subjection under the room this is interesting in that picture that Cedar is feeling like my life and when your husband if he's not a Christian by fighting back you're certainly trying to win and win him if you try to phenomenon which shown by adorning yourself hitting yourself up doing almost hot stuff that's not which is corruptible and it's it's interesting he says what you should view is how the meek and quiet spirit which is not correct if you remember first Peter King was about three morning and incorruptible seed and often times when people see you to make up for a meek and quiet spirit and is set on the big outlets should know whether the wearing of jewelry or makeup or whatever word to to do other things that make this thing outward appearance him for an inward experience I have so often times see this is a Scripture speaking that oftentimes when people are cutting on the apparel to take the jewelry of all that God is in unnatural and outgrowth from the want of a meeting quiet spirit and if you try to win someone over in Canada when someone over by the outward sure and later to win someone who is not of faith is to show the men meek and quiet spirit notes in the heart and and if you have any inquiries here in the heart and identity sharing yourself off from United from the time up on something similar but I cannot address everybody else today the bus is not a centimeters wide spirit of Christ coming guys have their own issues with being me why we like to be accomplished in the recognizing alumni so I guess it's true for everyone which is used to notice for a little great price so to speak is a meek and quiet spirit Christian adornment be meek and quiet become that's true and during the so chapter three that you transition into the concept that what figures another illustration your marriage and your husband is treating you well or maybe it's the other way around have a meeting biosphere and they will be warm by that date universe five for after this manner in the old plan the holy women also do Shrestha do not adorn themselves in the business how you adorn yourselves with the needs and quiet spirit is not him all the wearing of no less frequently or set forth in a datacenter taken a stand on the issue jewelry and adornment about that that which is real we the demonstration of adornment is being meet in having a quiet spirit which is in the sight of God great price and that's how holy women of all the door and solves continuing in verse six even as Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him lord whose daughter ZR as long as you do well and were not afraid with any amazing set Sarah is an example to God 's daughters today were seven likewise ye husbands dwell with them according to knowledge beginning on or into the wife is under the weaker vessel is being heirs together of the grace of life in your prayers be not hindered some husband certainly have their own plans while honoring the wife hung as honoring the Tigers weaker vessel giving consideration and being kind and loving and tenderhearted mercy finally be ye all of one mind having compassion one another in love as brethren be it a full week surety is soon the church figure long way if we can be of one mind being compassionate and pink telephoning courteous to each other courtesy of the lots are in today's day and age courtesy just so hard by the grace of God versus nine not rendering evil for evil or really for railing the contrariwise blessing that ER thereunto called that he should inherit a blessing so again this is the concept of not fighting Babson survey they say a hard thing to you they cut you down to you under you five minutes that you demonstrate the example of Christ and resources for heat I will love life I see good days when referring his tongue from evil and his lips with a guy out there again we have an account of speaking no guile the example of Christ and that is the experience of God lastly people we will be of one mind with courteous each other that we will not fire we'll be like Christ following this is a doctrine which will have a very frugal Sunni study of first Peter chapter three all we


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