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9. Principles of Youth and Children's Evangelism




  • June 19, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Our father was so thankful that you have given us this day the preparation day for the Sabbath and we pray that we'll be found faithful and having our hearts ready for your Sabbath day we also ask you that your Holy Spirit will be with us during this this seminar that all that and said and thought would be to your honor and to your glory in your name I pray him and. Yes so they've probably mentioned this I'm coming in so that we could could be repeating but. Skill Development in a full scale development this year and I don't think we've ever done the full scale development maybe we have. Welcome and what. So there's the 2 big some in our time as we usually knock off during can't meetings and next year we'll do a full basic staff training there is some speculation that we might have a full adventure basic staff training and that's where that's where we'll talk about that Sarah you know of which what which way you want to go. We do have a. We do adventure basic staff training at the adventurer workshop of the leader shop which is the 3rd week in August and we do half of the basic staff training on this and that weekend and then next year you can choose to pick the other half so in 2 years you can get your basic staff training and then at the Pathfinder leader shop we do on a Sunday morning I do 4 of the 8 basic staff trainings and then we have 1 in the afternoon to get 5 of the 8 at their leader shop of the basic staff training. At a camp or Savile as well and that's the 4th weekend of of the of August. 3rd is adventures. Third is adventures and then 4th is was or archery are basic etc our pathfinder staff training and adventure staff training are back to back weakens a campus album so we expect all of the Pathfinder leaders is actually a requirement to have a Pathfinder director or leader come to our leadership we don't require it for adventure folks. We haven't gotten to that point where you require that. Is the path path and leadership it. And then we will have full skill development and full basic staff training the last weekend in October and places to be announced they're going to be regional and. We'll probably have 1 most likely we have 1 into Detroit area Sara. And then we will have most likely have 1 either in Grand Rapids or in Lansing and maybe 1 down in Berrien Springs the probably 1 in Indiana and Illinois as well so depending on teachers instructors and so will be combining with Lake region and instructors will be doing a tag team effort with that probably have adventures we as so we could never get anybody to commit prior to another in the middle of summer camp and so it's most likely going to be August before we know that those are some of the things is coming down the pipe you can choose from. No it's not there it's all in all you will be sending an email alt so we can put it on the Michigan website of of the training so I will do that. All right so that's that let's go into inviting students to accept Christ I've put this together I've used this for the school teachers as why it's the students at the top so apologize for that but this is for moms and dads Pathfinder directors Aventura directors Sabbath school teachers just local members of the church because it's our responsibility to have these students accept Christ. Obviously we're just going to through these sex these 6 stops here number 1 is to build your own relationship with Jesus because there's no better person. To designate a faith than a young person they can pick a fake out pretty quick and but if you truly exude Jesus you don't even try to be like Christ right because the Bible is really clear that. If you accept me I'm in the Father I'll be in you and you are in me and so you can't help but to exude Jesus Christ with when you have a relationship with Him So what is real what does it mean to have a relationship with Jesus because the thing is just thrown out so easily now I have a good relationship with Jesus what does that mean what are some very tangible things that we can start putting little bullets on trust OK all right with some of the more tangible things. TIME What is time I mean what is well you know what is time mean I spend time with Jesus I spend time with Jesus OK 10 seconds I despair time with him. But that a thoughtful hour every day that's true so. Prayer and Bible study OK. All right so all right son Those are tangible things right and our thoughtful hour. Starting off the day very good all right and what is trust being I'm looking OK believe what he says. All right all right so as we're going through this how are you doing a lot and all of these things right that's what number 1 is all about how are you doing on and all of these things so what are some of the things we have I said prayer and Bible study prayer I will study all right what else. Yes. OK. So how do we know how we know it intimately. OK All right so that's that so relationship is an intimate relationship which is OK all right yes OK So so let me kind of part of Bible study you do you're some tactical stuff here so memorizing OK. So. OK So actions. Is that that's another word I heard fruits. Yeah. Oh. OK good so I was yeah all right ah there are sort of I think when I think of love the 1st thing that comes into my mind Jane Harris. Is I did it's part of my D.N.A. right and so the 1st thing you get up in the morning that's a really if your 1st thought when you get up in the morning is Jesus Christ you chances are you get a really good relationship with him if you all of a sudden doing a checklist of stuff then perhaps there's something where we can work on it all right good excellent So number 1 is a biggie and so the question is how how Ryall how we all do it on that right yes. Oh yeah oh yeah it's like it elation elation is within relationship. Cited about Jesus did so with that we need to build that doesn't mean. That I'm baptized I must have my master guide and so I have attained it right now is that the idea is we continue to build it the same to case and process is an important thing the Lord still working on me and if you're like me I think the Lord still working in all of you right and so we want to build our relationship with Jesus so that's pretty and that's a that's the key without it you really can in you really can't invite young person the Holy Spirit can do what every He wants but if he's going to use you you have to have a vital relationship with him number 2 is praying for the students individually. Praying with them individually how many of you find yourself doing that you pray with with kids that you don't really know well on an individual basis or did you just you just prayed with the just pray with kids that you know obviously if your own kids or maybe you pray with kids that they were assigned toward the just happens to be that the you're teaching juniors and they're in your junior class and so you automatically pray for them but do you pray with them individually do you do you call them on the phone do you go out of your way to make sure that that they can look Lucas was over there standing by himself in the in the foyer of the church are you the 1 that's going to go over there and say Hey Lucas How you doing if you do that that's that's in the vital thing if you're not doing that I was a junior teacher junior team teacher and Pathfinder leader in Charlotte for years and years and years and I never prayed with those kids except at the club meetings I never prayed with them and then I wasn't intentionally going to the eard tensional calling them now on a daily basis I'm even ailing I'm texting Facebook messaging prayers to these young people all over that they're all over the United States I'm very intentional about it because I want to be found faithful many of them are going down the wrong path and they know that someone's praying for them will get to that it's a little bit but intercessory prayer what is what does it mean to have an intercessory prayer I mean the idea is. You are the middleman between God and them is that an important place to be is it a scary place to be. It's to me it's it's intercessory prayer is kind of taken on a new meaning for me here in this last last 2 or 3 years I heard it from somebody I'd give credit if I knew who it was but it says that the person has said that you know there is that there is that agreement between God and Satan whatever those agreements are how the devil how much the devil can put on you and and sometimes God can't move on somebody without permission and that permission may be your prayer and so I pray when I have intercessory prayer of sin Lord if it is my prayer that I'm move the hand of heaven to move Satan out of the way for the for the well being of Lynn in Jesus's name and for your sake that's my prayer please move Oh that's a pretty powerful prayer and sort of prophecy is very clear that those type of prayers are heard intercessory And so if you're praying intercessor really intercessor rarely was way to say it. You will have a different relationship with that young person because you know what you're praying with them is have you ever had and basically we're in a conversation you tell me all your problems and you go who pray for you buddy. And then I and I may have good intentions but I forget all about the conversation anybody ever done that. Right but if you're if I hadn't really truly value Bob's concerns that he brought up to me. And I pray intercessory for an intercessor a prayer for Bob I'm going to be following up on how things are going right and so that's a vital thing and when young people know all they know and since I see Leon you know wildly and have been praying for you young lady and then I just walk off you're going to go if you had been praying for me to decide to make conversation pastor Craig but if I say that Lee N. I prayed for you on Thursday. And you know what how powerful that is there's 1 pastor that calls me just out of the blue and is random. He calls from Tennessee used to be a pastor here in Michigan and he says it Kraken I can I pray with you I go as only called for you call to pray with me he does it to all people all over the United States and I just say I'm buoyed up from that and that prayer I'm 55 years old and what it does for young people. Yes. It's right it boils down to to that bridge over there it is that time that felt full hour 1 of the things that I asked the young people to do and this is 1 of the 1 of the things that I do all the time I just identify 6 times here on campus with kids I know I'll just go up to a woman and all of us just say. On the scale of 1 to 10 where you was Jesus 1 being there wouldn't most these kids already know what I mean when I went on a scale of 1 to 11 being I barely remembered to say a prayer before I eat. Or 10 is I spend as much time in prayer as I do eating that's for that thoughtful hour if you think about how much time we eat breakfast 20 minutes lunch 20 minutes supper 20 minutes or so that's kind of that thoughtful hour in prayer that's 10 so let us go where are you a scale of 1 to 10 let's Jesus right now and the disco I go What are you going to do to go to the 3 you want to be a 3 and they always say yes I want to be a 3 so what are you going to do and that's where I have these I'm texting people as much as I possibly can remember I write into my phone and have the reminders on my phone time to text you know time to text Lucas because I made an agreement that I would text him on a weekly basis of see if you become a 3 right and so if there are 1 I go praise the Lord when you can to do to be a to write I barely remember to pray and so the next time I see about you praying before your meals and they go yeah that's a 2. And so you continue to grow that and because you are asking them and holding them accountable for that every time you see them every week you see them at church maybe you see them you talk them over him every month or every 2 months you just stop by and. Are you doing you for still or what some of these kids will say I'm down to 1 and then and they won't tell anybody doubts but they're telling you because you're asking. And those are some important steps to know your relationship with Jesus and with you praying for them you're already building it as Doc said you're already building a relationship with them because you're praying with going to get to some things about earning the right to talk to these kids. As a pray with them personally over the phone. I've I'm a big I'm not a big quick person I'm a click Buster kind of person maybe we have time what we'll do some quick busting here but. Of So when I was pastor in Holland I wanted I didn't want her elders talking to each other at all I wanted our elders going to where the lonely people are and going over there and this and robbing choices of we see each other talk and says that's I'll be frustrated if I see you could just walk in together we can talk I'll swear but in the foyer and so I'm always looking for the person who needs attention I'm looking for the young people mostly and and just praying say hi you know and just some small chit chat but then I'll ask that question How you doing spiritually and I didn't always do that. I've done it as a pastor all the time as a lay person I didn't do it for years and years until about the last 6 or 7 years we'll talk more about that number 3 is promote service to the community and this 1 is kind of going into our school system but this can be I changed it here to Bible or family labs never had family labs where you have a specific time when you're going to go out into this to do something for somebody else and there's a few families that I know that of college family labs and the kids when we having a family lab are good and that is to be involved dad is around and they just have such a grand grand I mean it was grand and yours have a great talk with the board of grand come from that's what my grandmother but and so Bible or family live or family labs on a weekly basis so that the young people are involved in serving other right and then. And if you the maybe you invite some kids that are part of adventures or part of pathfinders and part of Sabbath school if you invite them in along with your family to do some type of outreach and and then you can connect with them the outreach is or are some of the most. Important things that get young people involved imagine Lucas if we were to say some of your most fun things you've done has been stuff is outside of the club right stuff that you do for other people and it goes by it goes back to our prayer and Bible study time if we just have prayer and Bible study time sitting in classes then and we don't have any service then or we're very selfish group. And so and prayer and eventually prayer and Bible study goes away when we're not serving others as that's where Pathfinders is so strong and that adventurous to a point is that you teach and then we have the share your faith every single month that we have some opportunity to go share what other young people are doing or to other people. Teach them teach them to pray. Teach them to wash cars 1 of the most frustrating things to do is to have a car wash with a bunch of teams and people come up and they give you 10 bucks that for your car wash or give you 20 bucks and then walk away in your car is filthy and is most of our kids don't know how to wash a car. I did that 1 time and I'm going all boy I blew this 1 so we stopped we didn't have any more cars come in and I said you and you and you you're going to go with you know this fellow over here and teach him how to last this car and I had to teach another 1 so we stopped our stop the whole car wash production so we could teach them how to watch the cockpit and then we could I could feel so much better about it and the young people loved it because now they've got a skill that they didn't have right so we teach them skills teach in the wash kind of teach them how to pray they'll send them out going door to door we're going to do a prayer walk today and this is how you do it you know let them get comfortable with that another they're never going to be comfortable going door to door to door doing a prayer walk but if you practice it at it's your home or at the church and let them practice with their friend and it's get their confidence and then send them oh we had this boy and Chris Chris was 1 of those guys who wouldn't say anything he said in the class up in Cadillac. And we practiced for 2 weeks of how to pray at a door with somebody and we had a little prayer walk thing a little card and so this was pretty simple and Chris did not want to go and says You come with me and as I'm going to do 2 doors and I know you and you can you know the stuff you're such an engaging and man don't be afraid so I did the 1st 2 and I says OK Chris you're on and I'm in another going to go to the door you're on you're all I'm going to stand back here and he went up there that guy Hi My name is Chris. We're just now our youth group in the 7th heaven the church is out getting prayer requests them go this guy he's been holding out on me right now and what a blessing he came off after he said that person in a prayer I had tears in my his prayer was this beautiful and it wasn't you know does what we taught him how to pray but it wasn't a checklist day he prayed a prayer and who's talking to God not talking to the people you talk to God I mean it came off his big smile a whole wall so that was a that was a powerful prayer and then for the rest of the time on I just followed him around. And then he became the prayer cord neutered he was the leader every time we had prayer he was a guy that sculpted so his his faith grew and grew and grew with you join the Army and now he's out of the church he caved on Sabbath anyway but he'll be back will be back. And so you don't. I always said Bible labs is the playing time that's the most fun to have in school as Bible labs if you're doing something that's worthwhile and for the community and you're rightly trained. And so those are some important things and having students accept Christ when we were in Cadillac I had the pleasure of being a youth pastor under Clinton Purvis up and up in Cadillac and I was the Bible lab coordinator and haven't a clue what Bible Labs was then having when I was a kid and I heard about it but I just seen that they just want the nursing home you know I thought they did nothing wrong with that but and so I said Man we gotta do something and the Lord just led to the play it was a place called Love Inc love in the name of Christ and they were kind of a clearing house for people to of need instead of them coming to your church asking for a handout. We say oh you know what we get if you call loving they will clear you and then they will call us and say this is what your needs are and it's this 1 way that churches can can get out of that thing about you know who to accept or not and they somehow they got ahold of my number 2 that we had a bunch of you and so praise the Lord long story short love and whenever they had something to do with it nobody really wanted to do they call the 7th they haven't a church school and that I'm still thankful that the principal at the time understood ministry he was interested in young people he understood the mission of the 7th Avenue Church they'd call me Pastor Craig we've got we've got about 50 yards of gravel that's jumping on this and this guy's lawn or and his driveway and we need that spread tomorrow can you help out I said let me check I called the principals 930 at night I says I need 5 guys tomorrow who do you have he says Well science was going to school work. And this guy's been kind of on it. Send him because he's been mouthy or whatever it could be 5 guys and I'd call those 5 guys Bible labs that are all their own you know School. So they'd get there and they'd come into work clothes and we spread gravel and but we trained them as was this is part of. We it's all part of this we train them to how to have a prayer with these people that we're serving and so as Don't wait for me when the opportunity comes to pray you guys are in charge of praying and so I was I was several along with them and next thing I know it was is Cassie she's over there I see this guy this guy is holding out his little scratches and is leaning over and cast his God has got her hand on his shoulder and saying a prayer I'm going. To come Chrissie. And that guy came up to me afterwards he said are these guys doing community service because you know kids are in the middle of a minister doing community service I don't know these are kids from some of the evidence church they volunteered to do this he says that young lady right over there I had seen what she had done this she gave the most beautiful prayer and never been around young people like this and so you train them expect them to do stuff and then they want to do service it just builds their faith really really really strong more than we can even imagine right you guys are we've all been there we've all grown up when you're doing something for somebody else this makes you feel good not for pay but also promoting service to the community a lot of communities why have some type of a. Clearing House nowadays whether it's love incur whether it's helping hands or friends ministry or whatever a lot of them will have something there and it's a shame that our administrators are more plugged in to some of these because we have our own we have our own community service center and but if we can get them plugged into the community maybe your family maybe your Pathfinder club maybe your adventure club. Would be urs Sabbath school would could plug into this community service type of thing so so we've got the building a relationship it all boils down to that and. Praying for the students individually teaching them to pray and promoting service to the community to the community and them are for is the worst 1 that adults do it just drives me crazy it happens all the time I'm driving around here and in some of our tents here and in some cases all of the guys are actively involved in some cases guys stand and some of our passes standing watching and not throwing them into the bus but we need to participate in the activities that don't be a plan and part teacher right or so you plan something and then the kids are all over there and all of the adults are over here just you know we haven't we haven't been able to catch up at all right so we all. Know you guys well hold on to hold out. Hey guys have fun. Good here's the next game oh so you'll do it oh by the way Sarah. You've all seen that it happens in all of our churches don't let that be you you be part of the activity that's what's good about path and is a path and a director has to be involved I mean. That's the that's the power of Pathfinder ministries. Is you're in there building the fires you may not have to do everything we don't want you to do everything but your staff comes in but certainly you should be in there digging in as well I love March and drill I didn't like teaching it and I like being part of the team with that and if I messed up and then everybody would have a lot of fun but. And you hear it all the time when we were running junior to overhear Pastor Ken Mitchell of myself and Chuck Hanlon and Kurt De Wet that we had a bunch of buzz most old timers read used to run J 2 about 7 years ago and we our philosophy was we need to play with the kids to earn the right to talk to them about Jesus Christ. Because. We might feel we have the right because we're pastors and we will do this but we're more effective when we play with them they come in after playing and then we talk to them about Jesus and we were going to use what we just did out there was intentional playing we're going to set things up room a do a particular game intentionally comes back to the main meeting in the main speakers plugged in and just like what you did out there and bring the relevant Bible truth home and so when you're involved in those activities and laughing and those type of things and then drive that that message home is so important 1 of the 1 of the guys that. Was a time when I 1st quit 315 good. I was 1 of those kids that. In that generation most of us in here are in that generation where kids were important but. You kind of are there right Mike my particular church pastors I don't remember a pastor ever really ever speaking to me. Individually and as a group yes but individually I don't remember a pastor ever doing that 1 time I was I was assigned my dad was spreading asphalt or the top on the asphalt next to the pastor and they had to be called away and he called me in and so I'm standing on this far from the pastor working side by side with him for 45 minutes and never said 1 word to me I can't. Say I love what I was doing but they can try to make conversation with him he just didn't he didn't know how to identify with kids and I understand that now but back then I'm thinking. Yeah right and so when someone says you to be a become a pastor and I found Jesus Christ and I decided I'm going to be how I'm going to get I want to work with young people who make a difference in young people's lives someone said you should be a pastor I'm going to. Right I never got to summer camp and never saw what passed what some used pastors do as I just laughed that off I go right that's not happening and then a Ron Mills that passed around knows oh he's been in town with the kids so I got a new picture of it but there's the pastors that play the pastors that go into the schools and the Pathfinder leaders that go into the schools and say hey guys can I come can I come and visit you guys or talk to the teacher those people those kids is loved by Pathfinder leaders here by adventure leaders here and so this plan and plan and be active is an important part of being able to earn the right to access these young people to accept Jesus Christ now here we go those things with us all kind of setting it all up right we're just we're breaking barriers down Rip we're praying with them and then now 5 and 6 is where it gets a little more difficult sometimes because we're a little afraid of things. But let them know that you really care about their spiritual life and you can this is my personal belief you can really only do this if you've earned their trust and so we've been learning to trust the 1st 4 right 1st. And evolve I've seen that we don't preach it to them it is going to mention it to them and if there is that letter C.. And a scale of 1 to 10 how is your walk with Jesus and it just casually not announcing it to the group I I teach this class similar to this in at lift 1 up similar to this but I asked the question. They lift kids these are 7th and 8th graders and I just had to close your eyes and I have to hold their fingers up. Of where they are in a scale of $1.00 to $10.00 and. You can usually tell a family that has family worship they're going to be over that 6 you know over being about 6 or 7 nobody ever puts a 10 up rarely do I get a 7 is there or they're all about some of the kids I have family and I ask them is how many of you have family worship in your little bit later and all those kids that are in that area they had their relationship their time with Jesus was a 6 but most of the kids are about a 2 or 3 most of our kids at the 7th and 8th grade it's very sad to me. In our schools these are in our schools and they're about a 3 to 3 some There's definitely some ones and there's a lot of men that 5 and 6 but nobody really ever goes high you know because that hour that thoughtful hour scares them to death when I don't is no way I spent an hour and for some of the knave greater. But if you ask them that and then if they say I'm just the 1. Can I help you with that can what do you have a plan if they say I don't have a plan and you just come in I've got a plan here's a book read the book of Mark start with the book of Mark it's full of stories read 1 story heading to the next and I show my Bible that my bible is there. And you can do each day just read from 1 disk 1 story heading up has only 2 verses that's all you're going to do you going to read that story and then you're going to say what does that story tell about Jesus and how did Jesus treat those people. As I got to do can you do that can you do that in about 5 minutes they go oh I can do that 5 minutes I headed to 0 people tell me now 1 person has said that's too much. So I just asked them for 5 minutes to read that what how did Jesus treat the people and what happened in the story and saw it's them I see if I remember to say you know how those you know that you read Mark and I have some e-mail folks coming in it's going to dwindle down a little bit I used to have a Bible study an email I sent it out people have to reply back and kind of had a lot of fun with that but. But we're not preaching it 1 of the dangers of a pastor is they Lucas expects me to talk about Jesus you guys expect me to talk about you because I'm a pastor right as a lay person they're not always expecting you to talk about Jesus and so the power the you guys have so much more inroads than I do I have some doors that I can go through that you can't but you have more doors I believe with all my heart more doors to the hearts of young people than a pastor does because of his if you follow these things because relationship because you intentionality of having them know Jesus Christ. And then everything in the letter D. introduce Jesus into every class introduce Jesus into everything everything possibly that preaching it there is a is a fellow by the name of Jim I was I'm thinking I was 12 or 13 years old now I haven't given my hope to Jesus at all kind of looking forward to 18 because I was going to my 1st thing I was going to do in my life was go to university football University of Michigan football game and south when I was 18 years all the parents would allow me to do it before and so my mindset was it was all sport sport sports and. And like I say the pastors really didn't seem to care they had teachers that did and. Those on a golf course. And it was the men's golf tournament and we were disavow age I think there must been 12 or 13 where we could we were invited and everything evolved wrong or baseball for me I could not wait to go to this my dad pumped me up you know were all excited and so maybe 3 buddies were standing right there and they had that morning devotion that had elder had that had the morning devotion is good you know but what better place than a morning to boast on the 1st tee. And it was all done wrong admitted what team I would think of what team I'm going to be chosen. And I hope I'm on my dad's team could win that type of thing. And that head out of the guy that just gave the the devotions said what are we going to do about the kids here because whatever team they're on is going to be weaker and it just like you all did the same thing and we did the same thing musta been our faces shown or something that I remember it like it like it was yesterday really not wanted here but there's a guy back their name is Jim and Jim had a ponytail and he was 1 of those guys that we were taught you know people long hair or rebels that type of thing but I think I'd seen about Jim was positive but all the adults were saying negative things Jim saw our faces and it lit him up. He said That's OK guys don't worry about it I'll take all 3 of these guys on my team and he came by and it just it just patted us on the shoulder C'mon guys a skull and he was so hot he put the the T. in the guys and we're going 1st he said he put the ball in there and you know who I am you know. We're going we're going to where. We were. And everybody just grew quiet and his feet up guys and he's encouraging us courage you know us we're going to we have I never had so much fun in my life on the golf course with this rebel but this rebel Colts for those of you listening on tape it's in quotes mention Jesus's name I don't know somewhere in the golf on the golf match there mention Jesus his name in a way that I had never heard of before he didn't use it in vain at all he uses some analogy of God that's kind of the way Jesus is and I'm go. What are you talking about I'm not born again of what and then rethink as I'm thinking a lot and so that's that's really weird you know and you know your kids it's weird. And then as time went on he did it again even mentioned the guy was intentionally bringing Jesus in to a time when really enjoying yourself on the golf course he intentionally brought Jesus and and made things relevant to us I don't remember what they were but at the time it really made an impression on me and at the very end we we ended up tying the long story ended up tying we had to do a part off on the putting green and Jim had a pop from here to live in a way to Macon he invited he was going to make it but he invited all of us guys to get a read of the pot which way it's going to break and they're on the greens and you know we're all looking down there and he says it is we would done with a run through a we run into the street for it right get hit by a car it's a start but it's not because they go that way so yeah I think you're right guys and he put that thing and we just mopped and we want we got ice cream got the ice cream right and. But it was great then and there that I incurred down that that's what I'm going to be like to young people it was just a long haired rebel Jim making Jesus Christ relevant in everyday life I said that's what I'm going to do is when I was asked to go into the ministry and when I was in college I go no way to be like Jeff and be like a pastor. And throw in the pastor of the bus just he had different different you know understand you know I don't mean to be less than that but so if you know that you care about the spirits I didn't get it when I was 12 or 13 you and think and that's that's kind of weird but. You know as things a little low end as my journey with Christ came and I could go back to that point and say that's 1 of those anchor points that really help me that's what can't meaning as you hope that somebody it can't meeting on the playground or in a tent or something come 1 of those pastors or somebody will come up and drop an anchor point for that for us for our young people they say I went forward to 210 in primaries I made a decision for Jesus Christ and is this kind of the journey's right. We've all had those you guys all have a link or points and so if we can be kind of helping no way with some of these anchor points. I remember that Lee and Gail I don't remember her last name but she prayed for me and she had no idea that I needed someone to pray with. And you don't know right. And then I put in a Bible class must be fun Mabel but bible must be reviews I could little frustrated sometimes with with our curriculum were it Bible class but the Bible isn't used but get a little frustrated with that and it's maybe it's just me. 1 of the things again I'm this is part of my journey a part of things I use a part of my journey I had a teacher who then was Welton Ingram and he saw that the Bible curriculum for the 9th and 10th graders in our school system was not meeting the needs of this particular class as so he got from I'm assuming he got permission from the conference office I don't know but he went to this book pray here and little book called steps to Christ that was a workbook for the entire year our 9th grade year. And what we do but do is in this works with young people if you're looking for some way this is I give this assignment to young people. All the time is on the front cover you put 2 different colors on there 1 to say 1 be blue and that's what Jesus does and 1 in the green what I would do what I'm supposed to do and so as you read through you'll find out you Mark in blue those things that that God does for you and if I find out that most of the stuff in here is what God does for you in steps to Christ green going to find 3 things if you boil it all down you can find 3 things that we're supposed to do where to pray or to have Bible study and were disposed just to tell others about Jesus for or to serve and so we would be a homework we'd sent he'd send a book home with us and we'd read certain pages and we would we'd come in and we just throw the steps to Christ book and his and his in basket and he checked that he'd grade it and that was all the grading we had we never had a test we sat and listened to a tape on the steps to Christ and and then when we were all done with that to give us a brand new steps to Christ we started all over again and in the meantime I started falling in love with a Savior that I never knew didn't know what was happening but I am realizing my need for Christ and and so that's 1 of those important things we had our Bibles open and says you know it says I notice Craig you'd underline the thing this is Matthew 2746 did you guys read that so we opened up Matthew 2746 and it's make it very relevant of what we do it as a teacher that understood his his. His kids his students. Took that risk to have us really and then and 2 of us were we became born again at that time. And so this is a really good books out there you know C.D.'s These are the good ones for under a dollar. And then these are kind of a nice little book here that look but they're hard to they're kind of that waxy paper but they look good if you give them a high later they could use that instead of a crayon but and so teams really like this 1 this colorful 1 it's got the pictures and it's got a lot of white space and so this is. This is I think it's like it can't be right this is $399.00 if that's not right it's not $39.00 you know maybe it is this is a $1.29 who can't doesn't it is something wrong. Or something wrong it is only just a few of these up there but they can order him. She's got a lot of these but I suppose. This is specific press and I think this is Pacific press 2. You have to say they're both Pacific press but this is a powerful book for helping young people know Jesus Christ's teens juniors to teens but teens really get into that because there's. It's tactile they have to think and also have to do is underline but they have to think about is this something that I do or is this something that God has. To give them something fun with that and then anybody ever familiar with the love languages The 5 Love Languages I believe with all my heart I just think that I think is true is true but everybody needs to be affirmed. 1 of the most frustrating things to myself and Pastor Ken is is you get some boy or some young girl that gets up and read scripture and at a local church and they discovered a mumble like this. And nobody heard nobody knew what the text was and I didn't hear what do the people do you know did such a good job you go and no she didn't she didn't really do a good job you didn't tell that girl that but you can take her aside and say you know what I've learned let me show you something this is how this is how I like to read scripture and maybe you can use it some time ago so you did a bad job but next time she gets up so you teach the young people this is this is how you read the scripture you say the text John 316 is our text for today an account to 6001002003004005 and and this and 6 they go John 316 and they wait 3 more seconds of the. 3 The Bible says and John 316 and then you read that and everybody has a chance to get to it you're not saying if you're if you're there saying amen you're not saying all these things and then you coach them to be successful and they will read scripture all day long and so when we have firm people we want to give them a a real affirmation if they didn't if they knew they didn't do well and you said they did excellent that's that a true affirmation same AMSA product you got up there and then this kind of coached them a lot right. Right it's exactly right that's exactly right and so anyway that's a spasm 1 of my soapbox things and then the yes. And. You know the silly to just say. Yes to his students say Court. The men are. Yeah yeah pay for me you know sat there. And they struggle. We still do it because you know. Who you love. To get well. Yes 1st time they think you're. Being. A man so yes thank you for that you want to affirm them that they did that but if they need some coaching you know 1 of the continuing the the bad journey reading Scripture poorly thank you for that now well our society has really done something up our churches had to respond to what society is doing and touching. There are there are so many kids that need an appropriate touch are or there's kids on this campus that need an appropriate touch unfortunately. You know really not encouraged I I well I'm constantly because Jim touched me on my shoulder he says come on you're on my team a minute and when I made the call to the baptism Joe Malashenko that same shoulder right and so that's what I do with guys I'm going through a go. Good to see a body doing all right and I'm if I'm closer to him oh a good mahogany is going to pad I'm going to pat him on the shoulder as well and all appropriate touch of course with with gals I'm going to still use it we'll get high fives to gals but sometimes I know there's a particular gallery here that tried to commit suicide because. Somebody. Touched her inappropriately. Her father touched her inappropriately so she's seeking a. Somebody that she can go to have so I've given Bible studies to her so when I see her I'll use you as an example if you can stand up when I see here I'll give her a high 5 but I know that she needs she needs a hug and so I'm going to give her a side hug I'm not good she would want to give me a hug like this but I'm I just do the rules had been a stance right I'm going to spend I'm going to spin around but some. And there'll be some places in some seminar is probably right here on this campus or say hands off. I understand that I do understand that. And so I'm very very cognizant of the fact that I need to be very very careful. But I'm going to you know all that I'm going to say Hey How you doing good to see you and then that's that's an appropriate touch. And so you just have to especially with that girl that needs a dad you know I have to be really careful with her but she needs a hug she does they don't sell. Me. You know like this. But it really. Oh absolutely absolutely that was really frustrating that you know. That they were in Islam they did that. Yeah. Right and it was dangerous for me to be saying this being recorded. And so but you guys get the I get the idea there's an appropriate touch and then there's inappropriate touches as a but we do have to be very very careful very very careful with that. Number 6 is the vital thing we've built relationships you've got a relationship with Jesus you've been building this you've been asking them and now you need to ask them to accept Jesus as their Savior and they would never done that to anybody has anybody ever in this room asked someone OK very good. Very good. This is what you know that the key is to ask them what can I do to help you know Jesus better can pray for them hold them accountable we talked about that and then just a matter of just asking a question. If you thought about giving your heart to Jesus and the answer usually is yes yes and then what to do after that would you like to give you her to Jesus today and the answer is usually yes or maybe not quite yet I don't know how you don't know how his or he go right to get some steps in how to do that bring the pastor in. Not every pastor is kid friendly right that of a pastor has has that a natural kinship to young people and and so you made it so they may not want to have the pastored study with them but you never leave the pastor out of the loop on any and anything some some folks who want to take their kids because I'm the youth guy I know how to connect with them but you never leave your pastor out of the loop and so. It's this pastor who says I got a young person that wants to study the Bible to be baptized you mind if I give the studies every pastor would say yes yes. And then include the pastor in a because he didn't want to clear them or if you trust you to clear them you know this work very closely with them. True story and closing here there was a I was a Pathfinder director I was the junior leader and the head elder of the Church in Charlotte and we had a bonfire out to our house many of us have had bonfires and we had juniors teens and Pathfinders. There and Janie you know Sarah knows my wife how do you throw it out Sarah throws a lot of big parties too. It's just all done up well decorated nice and so Janie call everybody in and I'll buy the bonfire and I'm just poking around a little I love fires and as I think how this guy loves fires and the Pathfinder guy loves fires right as a poke around in it and Christie is there Chris is about 13 years old or so and and just just poking the fire and she's is hanging around the fire with me she's a firebug too and just chit chatting and the Holy Spirit you know is a Holy Spirit said ask her about her walk with Jesus to this point I hadn't done this before right I had never never asked that question I just pass it off as. Don't know what to say and. And so token I changed the subject very quickly in my head started talking and but little of this but soon I got choir. Quieted down again poking around and Holy Spirit said to me ask her how her walk with Jesus and I'm arguing with Jesus. The Holy Spirit say and they can do that. I was afraid I was afraid and finally in my mind I'm going to write I will. So I don't know what to say I just said these words Christy how is your walk with Jesus going she started to cry Yeah it's exactly seem to go. That's why I don't want to do this so I got a girl crying at the end there's nobody in my wife's not here and then when is the crying started I just said they say something wrong she goes I want to be baptized but no one's asked me and I was rebuked right then I was rebuked. And I says that's pretty easy to do what you want to do goes would you study the Bible with me I said sure. As it was my 1st The Lord help me with my 1st 1 be successful. Right and from then on I just realize you a Lord has called me how many people have gone through to be sitting around a campfire sitting just having an opportunity 1 on 1 that the Lord saying OK. And he never and I never did I didn't do it and so I try not to have any of those moments passed by again I want to be faithful and to be a gym right that's OK I understand what you're going through and so that's how I spot yes or. You know what that's a really good question the question for the people listen in on tape is an A and A C. here I got. Let the pastor know that the decision has been made and then hold the pastor accountable to follow up. And if the pastor doesn't want to follow up what do you do and we had several of those type of folks. Situations come through and call the youth department. And while we do we don't really get it I love every single 1 of our pastors what I do is I disco over to the ministerial department and if I know that Pastor I'll call him up and say do what is good what is up right you know you get this and I just get there's always another side of the story most of the time and 1 of the pastor just just is not following through on those I usually go to the minister or department and they do is take care of it and and things always get better with that were my job is to help the local church my job is to help support that local pastor and so we're actually an assistant pastor. Yes hemp don't think you have a youth pastor in your church you do it's a Pastor Ken It's myself and Chad Barnard we're your youth pastors and so on and we can help you with that and we never will throw a pastor under the bus we will come in and say hey is there anything that we can do to help with with this particular situation and they most of the time there's always another side to the story but not always and I've had to go to the Minister Ariel as you know I hate this is this is kind of what's going on I talk to the pastor and maybe Is there something that you can do with this particular situation and I don't know what happens after that but seems to have gotten better because in the end result is that the young person was baptized. Which studies do we recommend that's it's really it's really a. An armory or and in your own armor the 1 that I think that is the best and I use it for adults as well I'm not a big fill in the blank guy. I'm more of an open Bible guy and not everybody likes likes that or not everybody can do that but the bible study that I like the best is a lawyer. With that. Would you say I am for getting it I know it's green. High. Because only it's my choice that's it it's my choice there's only 5 questions in the last 7 and there are just basically there's a work as a teacher's edition it goes with the. And the teacher's edition is pretty good but you may get some ideas from it that's really good there's 5 questions in this lesson it's not comprehensive This is really just for you to really get a good feel as to what they're really their walk with Jesus really is and this 1 focuses really and uses Christ if it touches on all of the aspects of the 20 fundamental beliefs but is really only 5 questions and each 1 and they have to read that text and then they have to write what that text means to them with some coaching. That's what I primarily use called it's my choice. To say the teachers edition is very helpful if you don't know what to do I took a read the teachers edition but I just kind of made made up my own lake. Let's at it does. It does and reading if the reading comprehension is not not high what I've done is I've taken those old time King James Version. Children's Bible studies there in that little cellophane little cellophane wrapper the A.B.C. Salzman there around for years I took those are very elementary reading and I put him and I typed them up in my own study so it doesn't look like a little kid's study and. If for for young people that have a hard time with reading comprehension or maybe you have a learning disability or an adult with a learning disability I go through those lessons they are very comprehensive very simple. But they think that it's it's a lesson that I just typed up but it's the same ones that are up here. But my 1st go to is it's my choice I really like the new it is written ones. And if you get home school kids you give them those that is written ones that have done in 2 weeks you know and. And with the homeschool kids I really like that it's my choice. And it's my choice is really more of an individual study as opposed to a group study I'm not a big fan of group study. I just think it's more more personal because because of this. Of that whole purpose of wanting individual attention with them it takes more time. But I haven't done a group study and or years and years and years. Again it's much my personal armor there are some good ones out there try Fitzgerald has. Book. He's got 3 of them is that 1 for juniors he got his 1 for. Teens and he has 1 for youth and I can't think of the name of that they sell him up here those are really really comprehensive. Again if you have homeschooled kids in those age range those are some really good studies are quite quite thorough I have yet to go through them. With anybody except a home school student the other ones are just too busy or that it's not as not a follow through with it. Those are the go to ones some good ones on line sometimes I'll send him on line if the kid if they have reading comprehension in that computer is something it's better for them well have them go on and studied for the week and then all of done it as well and then others hit the high points from it and and review that and then I'll go into the next weeks I know what the next 1 that they're going to go to in the computer and I went to that song so it's really a matter of taste I do have a Bible study I see if you can find a handout I have all of the bible studies. That the A.B.C. had as a 4 or 5 years ago and I rated over. And if I find them up pretty often I believe most here this is the last class even find it right now and when David's done I'll put it here so some good all right because I've been here for a long time I don't normally normally break Yeah but I had a lot to cover today that's all stand for prayer. And I encourage you ask them ask them how their walk with Jesus and then be kind of an accountability person. Our father we're so thankful that you have given us the opportunities to witness to our own children but also to the young people that cross our paths in our church or in our neighborhoods we ask you that we will be found faithful to you thank you for your Holy Spirit that will help us in this process and you know my prayer Amen. All right thanks getting other some really good books this if you never read to see him bones power through prayer this is his powerful book on prayer and then this book here is a really good book as well if my people prayed to some good stories in here Randy Maxwell is a guy who's out on the West Coast it's a really good win and then on the back I gave you some other books here on books that are helpful. How to Help your child child really love Jesus Vidana have a neck they have some of these up up there this is a dynamite book she doesn't repeat herself over and over some books you know the 1st 3 chapters are dynamite and then it is repeat themselves but she doesn't do that and I have never read this 1 but Christian values that every kid should know. Having read that but if it's as good as this book by Donna. I recommend. 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