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How YOU Can Bring Closure for Jesus

Norman McNulty
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Dr. McNulty continues from the first presentation, "Why Jesus Needs Closure" with thoughts on how we can heal the pain in the heart of our Redeemer.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • May 20, 2018
    1:00 PM
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Well so I work for them you know the secret. Our Father we thank you for the scan him for where you are doing here. And. We thank you for. How you're always spirit such an R.. I just pray for the runaway spirit again during this work. And I pray that the words of the wrists and Moby-Dick according to your will they will. Challenge this to a higher 1 with the. I pray that this. Weekend with just wouldn't just be another meeting. That there would be a moment was. A life changing. Opportunity that we a. Come to a higher walk with you right now that we would see through good and evil and. For this mother just how do we bring closure to G.-D.. This morning we talk about why Jesus be closure we see the brains and the heart of. But how is it. Does this world US and suffering. Will finally see when. And here we are. And maybe. Maiming and seems. He saw the scene. And I think it's fair to say. Never and then that for us to be here this long. And how what is this word ruthless. And suffering will be brought to her was. You know I rose to her education page 63 this morning and I'm going to repeat part of it as we can see you and her message morning were below my of the bronze is a revelation to our tools some of them. From a very inception and then brought to the heart of. What we see the agony that god. The Father the Son when 3 on the cross is should know are with respect to my son are alive. And do not have a purpose. Which is where Jesus went through on a cross and I'm going to turn to John church world versus 23 inch wife for and we find that in the experience of the cross God households life so Brandon and choose this as suffering and those who are the world there is 23 and 24. And Jean-Louis of them saying the Elmers. Of the Son of Man should be glorified. And obviously Jesus speaking of the Jesus big war with the devil on a cross they are words the Son of Man should be glorified Verily verily I say to you except a court of we for want of a ground and it is a bible 1 but is it done by branches for us much fruit so when Jesus is saying the an hour's time when I will be glorified and I will be glorified by my father. And not only will I be glorified but my. Is what I. See plastered into the ground and I. Know many of you are into farming or gardening if you know the understanding of what I mean planted the. Seed of we were a seed of corn you could use the secure kernel of forms were not a particularly Speedo we she to eat it and being nursed but. If you plan to see. That as she will I bet it will produce a plan that will actually start off of the way and then become an ear that you know about a little more and be nearer where you have. Kernels of corn and numerous seeds of we there are no wise this see what happens. If you want to. See the corn you don't have a tree. You have horns on. And Jesus is. My little boy do I. Much in Brussels. These are the same I. Will pray for much. The fruit will be in the white of the sea was planted the root will be our hearts and our will will be in the light of this is what happened in other words Jesus those on the cross will produce people that are why he died on the purpose. There is much lower in from. The sorrows. As Jesus alluded to John chapter of wells is described in The Runaways in chapter 4 scene where we read a verse 14 and I looked and behold it was. Once not like of the Son of man James of again he was glorified on the cross but he's coming back Sunday so the harvest of fruit is the result of the dust of the crop. 1 life of the Son of Man on a golden crown and in his hand a sure the world. And verse 16 to see the. Thrice into so that the peak earth and the earth was read. You know James Chapter 5. In verse to me creation therefore brother and under the coming over. And we're in the 1st part of the verse of I cannot respect patient waiting for achieve them. Someday Jesus is going to come again the result about this war I'm going to bring it all alive sorrow and suffering but you know the Bible actually paid a different picture you were waiting. Really waiting for a. Burst of the whole the home of Jesus the 1 who is coming with the sharks that will waited for the precious fruits of the earth and have 1 patient for he received the early 1 hour rain so she is the who of the farmer is actually waiting for the precious fruit of the year for the seed was planted when Jesus died on the cross and he has waited for that. And to come up and look around and shoot much of the level then surely he will have a harvest where you can rest in his will and gather the grain that sense of incentives to make sure when he does the crime. And. Long vacations or did you realize that Jesus is waiting for. He's waiting for the harvest grain to be turned the lights in this time when he died on the cross. You see religion 14 versus 14320 describes the harvest of the right choice and then of the wicked the righteous are the heart of the way is the way good of us are with the upgrades. To the harvest are we the right shoes they have our shoes. In an interesting sequence you're actually Revelation 14 vs 135 describe the 144th who are like Jesus and here and there about this no guile just like Jesus of the 1st Peter chapter 2 verses 2322 were those when he was relied on to revive a lot again 20. Pretty through a novice a man of themselves and then the judge righteously him we see that he was an example that we should follow this 124000 or whatever so that they are with small for the throne of God He resigned for things of that Jesus presented himself without a sponsor of the word in the Greek for spots is the same word us all in Revelation 14 Jesus prisoner the son of without all the warnings we were thousands are found well small before the throne of God. So the migrants were a 1000 or way of Jesus we see them in Revelation 14 vs 1 through 5 and then Revelation 14 resisters 312 so those of the 144000 are pretty Jews find the preaching of the 3 angels message. And when the 3 months that just produced the 144000 then we have our 1st 13 a Revelation 14 photos but there will be those who died in the preaching of the 3 days of not those who heard shots of him in the spiritual resurrection of the great harvest at the end of the world is the result of the stream to which is produced and how hard was. Known of the 144000 who are on the March through the sheaves of the scribe Why not accept a corner with on the ground or go on but if I bring you forth much group and Brent's rhythm of truth by the outpouring of the yearly rain and the whole latter rain. Them. Well of the 3 do nothing to reduce the hardness and out of this brand who are here for a gene pool a lot we could say I'll mention them have been the 1st days of message the everlasting of the preached of those around the earth that every nation tendered signs and people you do realize that the 3 angels messages are not just for North America now has just them. Every nation 200 times evil and if you go out and see the rest of the real you're going you will realize just how large of us have. Received. And if you're not even preaching the message where you are. Were always in. The everlasting arms of the Gospel that never changed is this right in Romans 1 verses 16 and 17 and this point of awesomeness by almost all of Christianity and some of the muscles that will be a but if you turn around that $116.17 which describes the are wise enough will also try not ashamed of the gospel of Christ were in the power of God is under salvation the worst power is the Greek word do not know which is the word of Dynamite's meaning the things gospel has explosive dynamite powered so blow up your system for the heart. And a power of God and the salvation to everyone in that book even though I were 3 believe in the Greek word that is the same as faith so for everyone to have stated the gospel is the power of God as of causations and earth and also every man that is for every. Now. What is so powerful about those. Like Diana. You believe in the Gospel and that's what I've done my. Well you know her son he knows for certain he's the. For their friends and we're going to hold off this is not so serious but it's him or gospel is a righteous God revealed from seeing the face but you know what most Christianity teaches they say that in the Gospel the right god is the Twitter. And then you say in the book of Romans Purus the Gospel is only a legal transaction that is you forgiveness but doesn't change your life and that's not what holds featuring move or Brahman in the earth around the SO but the everlasting gospel do I know my power to change or why because in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed in the lives of both you know the power the power and the righteousness of God is not simply whereby I will but in demonstrating this. And I do it on the said faith the faith in out that it is written that just show live by faith and I was supposed to remember to inquire if there's another generation by a bit of the 3 angels now there's not absolute is 831030 in my mouth playstyle rather that if these are the beginning my fable 13 was not a simple legal transaction and that she got a lot of the say she 4th row estimating 1 of our with a superhero room of your labor 1809 she says Close run away see if you want to go to the front of them for 20 years and she goes rotation if you want and with these things I saw no brains or come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with His glory and she'd do a lot of things right with glory and power being connected with the 3 angels mothers and will and conviction will follow whatever in the preached in demonstration of the Spirit So in other words job of the station by say is connected to the righteousness of being. The old which is connected to the brain a rotation 18 we're trying to come down from nothing to having great power in the world scene or right just done when the earth is light movement glory of God character and require the reasons why Jesus now and come back is because my son if they hadn't believed that justification by faith why simply keep saying I'm right. And your reality is justification by faith properly experience with the right of God been revealed in your life and money supply something if you have some in your life the righteousness of God has not been revealed when front. Product comes once and you know the $1000.00 the price goes up. So what is it about the 3 days with most of the prettiest of the 144000 our local C.B.S. Early right page to $54.00 of us were unable to close as most of us here the patients are the same here they keep the commander got on the base of his own people with 31 others are hurt a lot of them are right verse for part of their day. He repeated these words sequence of that only sanctuary the lines of all of them are great businesses are directed to the places where Jesus them before they are making this final intercession for all those for whom Mercy School enters and for those who are ignorant they've broken the law. Here's 1 of the Honestly we're going to be. And then hopefully you'll see. Josh my patrol cars and 23 and 24 the same identical Macross Is this the that produces the hard. Early in 14 shows that this really is not to just produce the harvest by producing the 144000 who are alive so what can we show from the Bible says a certain angel's message in the description she is just across so that produces a harvest that is just like Jesus. Can we show the 30 message of Revelation 14 wells is a description she's of on the cross so the other will produce a harvest of what we know of the 144000 who are alive she is unfair and I assure you today that absolutely they will be something that this Being is an absolutely mind but 1 powerful but I. Still have. Revelation or Seems world. Religion 1412. Here it is the patience of the saying. Here is that keep it coming out of the God of the face of Jesus and we've heard this verse many many times and we think that we don't know what this is time but surely. These 3 elements patient obedience and the faith of Jesus and how each 1 of these elements is connected to Jesus dying on the cross and how it will produce the harvest in the same time during the restructuring will versus ones the. Secret service to our souls want to see very familiar Earth were forcing way also a composite of so great a cloud of witnesses let us latest by every weight on the system which the so easily misled us and let us run with it was the same word revelation for control of the Greens not of been which was wrong with patients but a race but us before us now we have diverse to look at and since Jesus the author and the finisher or face who are the joint I was a for him and you are the cross the spies in the shaman a sudden on the right hand of the throne of God was. Looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith too for the joy that was set before him endured the cross that I want to endure is in the Greek is the same word is patient but we don't say that the patient the corrupt. But the same word in my group says here is the patient of the same. Jesus endured the cross we're running with patients or endure as the race both of us were surprised by the long translation they let us from within during the race those who are us here and around the marathon you don't do 100 yards friends use you and our race then Durrance and were told to run with patients or in durance the race but before us in the way that she goes into your cross or demonstrated patient on the cross you might say OK enter the cross unemployed sense and decency since you are the cross you needed someone to a higher plane because this is Jesus on the cross he sang on the cross 1 of these concerts give us the money already and then go through this mock throw with a blindfold and there him and they are spending a lot of understanding process on 2 smiley and you have a month that he where did. You would be like trying to be a good Christian and so a certain point and finally the wife is from. And you and then you've been through the entire Lemon on the cross and as I hear you being the thing that was really come down from the cross in the Middle East and you and you're the 1 that created those people who were Simon finally along to cross and your wife that was a on a search on her flight and I'm going to show you who I am and you don't believe me then how can you get even more time with my son. Jesus in you're a perm. Here is that each. Of these things. When their religion 14 trolls us here is a patient of the same interests far beyond learning how to be. Home and to employ those when things aren't going so well to that. Part of it you know I don't live in the book very much on the mercy of 621 the season of The Strokes and anguish before us where we're wired to say that Ken and you are we're in a delayed time hunger a phase that will last thing those severely try those and. I can be patient. When I've got a good night's sleep. When I know I was to my stomach and the meals are on time and when the winds are running on those. Now if you can even be patient then maybe the world of letters. But I can say in my own human effort apart from the power of God which is not what we want but even apart from the power of God I can be patient when I picked my way. When the suits say goodness coming up on and when plucked from it for me my thing will be are the patients coming through a proper rate so that I'm not running my time my stress level will go up on my mind and I want to do so. And you can apply as any other scenario there was. On a patient because the day I got a artlessly I had just diversions and so I sued and my clients running on time and the visions were actually reasonable the consequent. On how the 1 so they had other words not was not my question but up into the room look at your butt they don't know they think they need something as they don't do this on their own. So it's a longer visit. But what are you why. When you sure are NOT SLEEP OVER understand I'm just an adult with. And in and I need to get a meal on time so surely the work done understand now and everything spiraling out of control nothing is running on plus of course the we're going to understand that I snap to her will and I'm 1 of them to be around and it sure is or I understand that wasn't friends this is just the start of 1 that's just part of the routine day you're not hanging on the cross. And when will I should be 14 troll says here is the patient of the same or here it can be a difference of the same here are the group of people who have learned to look at she thought across as he endured the cross and said because I was looking at Jesus I will respond I was the way Jesus did when he was named on the cross and. The $144.00 development is not just like the other 1 to be. I'm on the base. So I doubt when I am I'm frustrated what a good heart rate whether it will go out we only raise my Or but this goes even beyond that is talked about a space that will not pay those severely try and if you keep reading on a very small set of numbers read the For consider him. That if you are there is a word of men and you are such contradiction of Sooners again some so lets you be wearing the faith in your mind you have not yet risen on the world's striving against us and sometimes we use the sinners I mean how to deal with maybe if someone in church is promoting a pompous and I mean I've been in the church were people were promoting adultery and the sure Chian all of these times the school should put terms on and we use that as an excuse to say oh well because of apostasy on assuring them but consider him died and you are such a contradiction of sinners again and so much you get tired of the oh. We have just 1 time that I want to get it from us we say that. And scripture says you have not yet resisted and the blood meaning striving again son so learn to look to Jesus and you are the way he and you are. Here because of Haitians of the same. Here are those who learned to look into Jesus as the author and finisher say so though no matter what shape should or SURE ARE comes our way. We know mediately look at Jesus hanging on the cross and we gain strength and hope from him. We're not going to harm so among ourselves I well you know even the pastor the whole of the world and there are some for some time that word means so I guess I can do. A lot I was not in the jungle work in the city didn't look I'm to Jesus. Here is the patience of the saints can you see how this seed that Jesus was planted when he died on the cross is designed to produce R.S.. By the same likeness. And he responds so with the he wears on hell and he will be by the end which is. Being made perfect him the author of us eternal salvation and all those other they have not so I waded into our next point not only are the hundreds whatever the described as I am dangerous if you are so this here are as a that keeps the Commandments on. Richard's hands verses 5 years. Jesus is described by the Apostle Paul and actually quoting from a messianic prophet in phones for him and give or send verse 5 of those words where many of the world they say have provided an offering what is not the bodies of the author appear in your burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin as a flood or so in other words a body was prepared for Jesus to be a sacrifice on the cross the number of syllables in a sort of low lives and the voice of the book is written to do Hi Will OK now we see that they will and give us some of the wealth to go to our. Now. Not only to have homes 40 years of experience for sure but the will of the hood. Because remember her saying how she feels on the cross is precisely why the 13 with mothers a revelation or things was written for him on a story verse 6 that provides an offering about the proper briar my dear is about open for operation on her for another person Sunday then so I though I come of a liability this written to me I don't like to do you know I will go to my God gave my watches with my heart so the will of God was in our heart in Jesus the eyes are light to do your will of My God. Can I see many of those who try to make their profession of keeping the same man them with him and. The. Indians. This is not legalism that when. 1 knows which of us. Well you know. I don't want to say that my time has your idea as. She says so why 2 who behave the same. And when you love the we're capable of if you want me to keep my commandments and I'm not going to religious see. My wife and what I know said a lot of you that man. C. Are you sure in a life like those of us. Frustrated. With the flow of blood and I stand out of hand OK. Some of it was. And we think it's OK to treat Gaza right. So. Jesus as the body that was prepared for me was to do your will my God and I will live to do your will your launches within my heart and as he sang on the cross as a perfect 75 he is a perfect demonstration of perfect obedience as a way down without blemish he to hang on the cross as a perfect lamb because he is perfectly the obedience body was preparing for him to be perfectly obedient so he sang on the cross as a demonstration of what it means to keep the commandments of God and she still lives in doing it. And so when you look at the 144000 they have the patience for the thing they learned to read and you are the way she has endured the cross and just as Jesus delighted to do the will of God which is God and start with. The 144000 in the same way kept full of us because I am sure thing lately he resents hers about Jesus as God's will and hope for a show of on my well the new because he resents 16 and 17 so the gossip I will write my walk into your heart and mind Sochi for a new kind of life as a people trying to say the love of God with them away with on the cross went to reality Jesus is the does tradition of the needs of the why were you have it the why didn't he a lot God and he's going to produce a group of people which he writes with blood or heart of mind as a mediator of a better than a high priest so 1 of the holy places he's working to write who was in the. Our mind so that he will have a group of people which keep the commandments of God and a group of people really wish for huge wealth to keep the canals of God's will to live to keep off the. And not livable. If you find it sure that she will say. It's probably a thing says you have it in your heart. And indeed our conversion experience so we're waiting for him to appear in the paper the same fear they that keep the commandments of God I'm alive element and the face of Jean. Marie Da Silva States from deserve a this. Is a certain fish those 33. The Savior could not see through the portal to the same. Hope is not presented to him this coming for us from the greatest conqueror or sells them of the father's acceptance of the sniper's life the fear that was so offensive their God their celebration that was the peak Sure enough so that it was a sign of the cross humanly speaking he doesn't see a way out. His son says Hello this is the man. Christ. Didn't write about the anguish which the center will feel. When mercy shall no longer play for the guilty raise. It with a sense of the number in the father's rattles on this man but he made the stuff he drank so the other. And broke the heart of the son. So now Jesus have sections with him that every single 1 of those concerns. Seal. What you feel and what you can see by so I. Versus what. The sperm. Jesus Chronos from the father and he says knows for sure from our signs that he is going to come forth from the grave with hunger even the little bubbles or the phone number of medium you know. So the 4 you know. The 1 he's hanging on my process he's not feeling that. And a lot of times we get the circumstances of my where we come to church and we hear the word maybe when you get up and preach there were a lot of them and we say we're the Bible so that means there was a spirit of prophecy so we get into a circumstance alive and we look at every circumstance and so the area where we are facing in that trial and we don't seem to live with. And we're forced to confront living by stealing or living by space. And I sell you some of those trials are good for us because they are helping the 2 ones who actually Times pay when we can't see a way out. And Jeanne who didn't see a way out of my life she's hanging on by. Her fear. That eventually Pretty soon I'm going to go to sleep and come forth to my grave the time birds and all the. Other will not wait until he's. On the cross and the double is tormenting him saying Jesus you've gone too far you have. Them on you and have to approve your father he didn't want to kill you because you love those people so you want to save them so you're going to take 1 for the C.M.G.. Is this is too much. It was those who dream back chuckles the sudden and I will die journalist and you have your guns Eugene. And they are trying to get them to come off the current US. And that is what Jesus feel I am and she may times we just go what we feel and what we see and we don't go back to the Word of God I am. 3 days later the lives of those are major fish those that are so made they dilute lifted from across the next they are true about life from the seem to resent him throughout creation Jesus Christ is a Spanish so he's speaking differently than 1 of us felt father and I have like him in my spirit a light in the face of the theatre sure we're going like this he then but not on the rest of the. Awful darkness apparently persisting in the God right to try to drag the human world I was into the in those hours he had a light upon me and I was his father's acceptance here she's forgiven the blows and he doesn't feel it on his acceptance on the cross so my face he realized what he before. When the trial came by big he wrote Light. From before he was acquainted with your through his father he understood his justice His mercy and grace by behave with them I say he rested in Him whom it had ever been in this jury to obey and that has in submission he to Moses also if you have the sense of the laws of the smallest favor well drawn were overthrown by the right with. So when he actually thought I was saying that feeling of his bare lead and your. And a lot of Roger saw him say we just fill those holes and we cherish your love the children of Israel in the wilderness where we don't see now we don't see water and we live our lives or so I follow a god of the sinful summit in the spring now my years now and I've been doing your work and you are the son of me a lot. Of the children of Israel and then we say oh high sample that is when they say they went through the real sea and they started complaining oh yes how many things you did if you just sat down and looked back at your life as 9 times of God as we really was in your life and you're still to Clinton. Knows. She did this demonstrates space on the room interesting when he says the latest ensures a standing up that are not in effect was a time when the reality is for later to see it happen is going to be real and so I think that outside we talk about them is like if you want the hearse My wife has to have another word not us well I would rather have to sit with me and my surroundings even as I also go over came so cheap for the same way a bit you can come alive but there's something perverse if they can't overcome some of the homes that Jesus visible Laodicea the 1st contractor fires for sure that we are this is the victory that overcomes the world even our state so she's of over came here to overcome as he overcame and we overcome by fate at the cross demonstrates overcoming by the face of the. Of the most of the way that the church so. Good. Relation to working general public school is actually scripture Jesus on the current. Here is a patient with the same Another want to hear that you and you are the way she has endured the cross here they keep the commandments of God Here are those who are will be here and to walk to the will of God the way Jesus was I was heard and the way he demonstrated a perfect well I will beat him for hanging on my promise and here that I have the face of Jesus another word here is a group of people who exercise say the way Jesus did as he's dying on the cross and the fence about his father who was wrong says favor but he relied on the help of those fathers wrote them based on promises from before and the 144000. Withdrawn from them but they claim God's promises from what they know about God from bus 4 and 5 cities they are have to worry about the motivation for control so they're going to hear sometimes people with patients. They prefer to keep it meant to go they come to church on stuff. And they have faith is so much deeper than not friends these are people that are nice for this Jesus' death on the cross Jesus is the see he's 12 to see the old bear much fruit John Paul 24 that is going to produce the harvest the harvest is going to look like the seed that was planted the seed that was planted is a geezer along the cross and demonstration of the harvest in the Revelation 1412 where you have a group of people who have the patience of the stay who keep the commandments of God and the things that Jesus in the same way Jesus them serially on the cross and now this is the Middle East erode both of our of the earth a little bit of progress of official on a close by making a very productive I've. Heard I thought it was. Page 60. So for example I said the reason why the 3rd Angel's on the chess power. Is because it is a demonstration of genius on. The fly and not. I thought it was unfinished sixties the. Week develops 1st ladies and the year after that before the year the object of the moment and the SO I have a seat in the culture of a dry land is a production of grain he desires bread for the resigned Reed and seed for a future hers so the line I love most I've seen for what it's for are as bad as the real worth of this labor the sacrifice was who ice is seeking to reproduce themselves in the hearts of men now I've heard people say already as a reflection of my. Members like I was on start with the rest of them basically any. Reflection and reproduction are not the same or pep. So when Christ is seeking to reproduce themselves in the heart of man is not a saint or a selection the way the nation reflects the sun it's a reproduction of themselves. Create the seed in the reproducing of the heart of man and he does this through those who believe and. I was the object of the Christian why is group there. If you are not. The object of the Christian life as fruit bearing It's not to live a comfortable lives. The reproduction. Companion of the logic of the Christian life was true very the reproduction of Christ character in the believer that it may be reproduced another so sometimes well I will if I can just over time I need her and her time so I can be like. The life of Jesus is reproduced in you so that you can then go out and win others to Jesus so that they will be licensed in the purpose of a hat to was is not simply. Baptisms to people who believe in us but who are of the change and heart and life is so when people who will be transformed into the likeness of Gene. She goes on page the fruit of the Spirit has a lot of the Christian life as fruit there and not through Perry is the be like Jesus thing here considering the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace on suffering and gentleness goodness same meekness or way 523 and she's a this true can never perish but all previous answers trying hard not to eternal life but he won with a furtive like a relation 5. This is the sum of all your part we usually skip a part but I just read some of the other weather for the From Who are some of the media at least for those in the circle blathering of course because ours has come crisis waiting with alarming desire for them out of the station of the church. Or Friday shopping perfectly reproduce and people then able to come and land on. This knowledge a program school or by reproducing the character so that seeing them growing or control them with ignorance is a privilege every Christian not only that looks for but that he's in the coming of her or Jesus Christ and she concludes by saying we're all who profess his name was on the supply and demand we were all who professes the name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be some of the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest will be running and Christ's work there. 1 of the 1st great how this is the Niven. We're all to profess is very rich in the glory how quickly the whole world will be with the seal because you know why people are wonder the so the message that we have. Because of us. Now what are the fruits of the spirit. Love joy peace longsuffering gentle goodness faith meeting with them. And thus there is no law not a nice word by the way which we have worked with and they are right that crucify this watch with the affection was a little part of being crucified Christ or prison but I was correct proof of the Spirit seen in your life this is where it is very practical. Your layout was and you are. Full of. Love in your room parents and church will does not mean that you are a Christian. Atheist love their children if you take care of the room it is make sure their kids have something out of their jam that doesn't necessarily mean that you have 1 on the street about they are not. So the bible says a lot of you are in 1 of them which Percy do you visit them which despite leads you see Christian love is a local tour to everyone including the people who are here in time. And shrieking them and I cry like Ray and sort of people look at something out of life and then those people none of us. I mean. I'm not asking us but I know on a Facebook. And I see all the different Facebook groups and you know Facebook groups about the truth about the stuff here is about the true madness of the US and then if you look at the comments of after the students are debating these topics and I've I have gotten away from it. I'm going to call the judge 1 of the most or so as you just see this seems has spirit takes over the balance on the Facebook that they fly over Sri Lanka where we have we have a sort of. We love each other so much of the call each other names I. Was sure that. I hate to say this but there's a reason why this term and that there are a lot of stuff happens. And I was seeing some people that makes you wonder if they think that the census my. Going to church inflected I'm going to be a writer on face. Like we have this righteousness position where. We have no joy in our hearts and borders in the blood and then they're online and we're just so are we strangers bearings. We're live and then as a struggle the sun. And the fruit of the Spirit is showing. If you have Jesus in your once you have everything and you want to share that with everyone around you you have we are not supposed to be down as he gestured to keep. My the way I was. Born and I need to wrap this. 1 assumes that we're sort of strangers on the earth not full of a strain. To. Take over the earth. Was sure he. Might have I heard some of the strange noises but I was so. Weird awful black the idea. Of balance is not the life. Just a little out of. The Spirit of Prophecy and the weird picture that was never enough of a handful of. Lows sure way to see. You know what I was most about of heat the house of the women and see how they wish to live i want to show love and when you are fall on the words your hopes and. That's through the Spirit on suffering I was patient we stopped at the end of the offers and I've just gone. Through the Spirit you know that the end of blunt shine a shot is not a question. Now the time to speak up and the staffer was right though I was all but. Not with a scorched earth policy approach. You know I'm talking about a take no prisoners ass feeling you're either with me or against me on I take you out if you're not on my side. Fruit of the Spirit is gentle. To see which side of the main. Room. Where we know the whole message but we also get plenty of rest and we're separate in all areas of our lives were paper not go around you know something of ourselves as a whole. Those fruits. If they are all seen and our lives are at us but as always we are. Just such another. And we are like the wider group of the Matthew $25.00 that extra always will that when the crisis comes I started playing at the end of the world we were prepared to be in the crisis because we loved her when she was suffering just more than any and some parents and there was no price is too great through the power of God Only because the Holy Spirit is our mark and we are ready to go we're going to the crisis and the truth is that once you have a fruit of fear in our lives people will be attracted to us and they will want what we have and then a lot of rain us poor out they will even be trying to live in a more significant fashion but listen friends if you're killing around and people being churned off by by the way you share truth with them you know just the sting of I'm sure the truth of that was too hard to handle so maybe you will back them up and your method and make sure that you're not turning people away on the harshness in her current edition I must assume that a public 1 time 1 of them California and there was a young man who was actually achieved as he was a moment in Venice not to and he will turn to our group which is the fall of the spirit and he came to our club and there was an individual absolved days who started. Just really tough for him with Russian ever again for free it's time so close when he has so that's. Why I'm not accepting. 1 of your 3 subs it's yours or your life I and mine you know why you know what I'm worth and so on was was going on and asking the questions were inappropriate. And trying to get out of this well in resentment. The way we live. Will either attract people so they will want to be part of what we profess Who are they were I have nothing to do with this post but I'm not from those people's schools where I built a house so much sure I have peace and love in their home that I know my family we look forward to the time that we get to spend with them because the play it seems about on her. And not the way our home should be there should be love surely the. Patient just did the same sentiments all of these things in a very practical way. That was not Jesus is going to run with. The scenes that Jesus planted in my ground. When I die on my Frosties was a demonstration of him done on the cross and I'm a perfect character that demonstrated all the fruits of the Spirit patience obedience and face and the harvest that Jesus will harvest will be ripe and by the outpouring of a lot of rain will be a demonstration of the way. He will spend on the cross. And so when they have time when God is going to go down from heaven. When this world will be brought to an end of suffering and the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit will look at us and also it was in the heavenly century where. And they will quietly say and the universe will be 1 thing not they will say here they are. Here is a vision of the same here they that keep it ma'am and the face of Jesus and God will have looked the arguments of the whole emigrate over the UN as does were the result was a perfect been a perfect environment. For a while we were bankrupted we follow what you say and not have a generation of saying from the week that generation that ever lived if you the power of God He is going to produce them a demonstration of the way Jesus was on the cross and you know what I have started. And helping universal say just I'm sure your ways or go on my we have now further questions case closed. And my question I have for you today. Either you. Or you alone Jesus to come into your life on a day by day. So the through you. He will ring and so they're very conscious. Is not your of or your your power or your strength that the great Congress will be brought to both through the power of God. Is through going to working through the same but through must be a submission and will it willing to see your rooms and she is. Not available in a room closing for to you. From God because I fall. Is an amazing time to think about the 144000 who have the patience of the saints keeper to map we're going to see the Jews are like Jesus in character especially as hanging on the cross and our moment they will suppose we come to Christ the more perfect we will hear in our own eyes but what that means is we shall only want to part from Jesus and as we keep our eye on a Jesus we don't realize that we've been transformed into the people around us will see the change. And we will be a typical like. And that is God's purpose for each 1 of those things God didn't bring you into this earth and so just be another Christian another THE who have. Both and we're going to ordinary life on this planet to be extraordinary. Demonstration of how we arrive otherwise. There will be revealed that will be seen through your eyes while we are. The people who have patients the way Jesus endured for us who live the way to achieve this they. Are the poor. Who is going to come up and become. But I was when he was. There with us or Suppose I had a very stable. Or I'm so weak way through. Whole industry ritual and idea what I was a bomb making is is. The same. And God will keep working for the people who can be the star. Of the reality that is and I will leave the coming Sunday very soon that God will have the service and what I see nothing about US church today is meant as evidence that Jesus is coming soon and he is running out of people that are ready to be him and glory. So I can feel that we're going to. Give her the message from this morning and then again the small. Maybe or convicted library and to the heart of I don't want to do that but I need help I will have a power of you. Maybe your inner conviction while I need to be through others of the life of the cities that was plastered on the cross and I don't have the luxury to feast on suffering just to save me and I have done this resentment anger I will look at the person ensures that on pales by the issues that all me all warm and loving and trying to focus on the people on my side of the hurt and show the love of Jesus in my life in 2 seconds later when the other person from the other stuff comes onto the bus right and so I'm not really having a row due to my heart and I don't know how much of what I was I'm always. Settled into the holiday season but I haven't I'm not suffer I'm not there to try to save a lot of philosophers from us and I need the grace of God My wants. I realize this is not feel for everybody but listen this campaign isn't just about warm fuzzy feeling or like 1 of my messages which is about whether. Some of you are serious a day because of those who are brought here because there's something in your waddles that is keeping you from being ready for a cheeseburger. And you are under conviction you have heard these numbers. And now you're starting to think I don't know a lot of what will people in a sense. That you realize that we've also been short of memory as well and has not a revelation she any of us that we most wrote was 1 of them and ensure. We are here to show the support so those you respond to the prompting the Holy Spirit. And this is not a feel for everyone I've talked to for people to come forward as you or others. Of there is something in your mind. That Jesus needs to work on as you need to surrender to him. So that Jesus can come. And we're not talking about people who are out there promoting evolution of the old even We're talking about others who believe in the streams of messages but there are still some of our lives that are cheap in Jesus for having a little I don't want you to come out of the storm. And those of us you come for we're going to have you know we're going to heal and have a special prayer but we want you to surrender everything. Or maybe just for we're going through and we're think or forgiven. Or thank you for your Grace thank you for your opponent thank you for your promises and this camp meeting is going to change my life with the power available to me. I'm doing my home. The nation changed maybe I was spending time on the decision on the start spending a possible honorable or because I love it and I'd be surrendering things that he reveals to me how I'm going to stop making excuses. And even if everybody else in churches didn't have I know what the Lord has revealed at the end I'm going to be famous or the. Lord will for us both and I'm. Going to deal with this as we currently. Father the 1. You were a few years ago. You are far better to be there or do they are. Your mercies are new every morning. We don't deserve them but the story of. Everyday is a new day that we can choose to give her life the. Word forgiveness for taking so long. Or I pray that today is going to be admitting that for. The slice of this. Will. Pass and moment of. Good feeling but that it will be a change which. A clear change or response that we churn in a different direction. And by the grace of God We come to an understanding the arse. Has brought of our. But you were promises are such that we can be more than her through your great time and there we can overcome the she was our words but I pray that we will learn just an awful lot that we will learn to have stayed on the promises of the more I pray that when the trouble of life come rather than to last and not of the weight of the trials we would exercise they so that they would be tested and sure I want her. I. Mean we learned today on the use of the look this is wonderful face each and every day or was 3 or 4 of us braces than the strength of. Those rows we do some or all of those are very simple solutions that you will be ready to give back to those. Who they were before them. And they will be faithful in Jesus and the 3 G. in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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