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  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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So welcome welcome and in the beginning God created Heaven on Earth and then he sent his sanctuary to demonstrate he is. Ever on earth and then Jesus. So show us the heavenly father on earth and then he said we are the temple our body things are that temple of the Holy Spirit to experience heaven on earth this is about a lie of abundance not deprivation it's about abundance and I hope as we are here in the next few days that you will see some great ways to add abundance so your lie and to your family menus and to your your church outreach that will help others to experience this abundant life so today our focus is on fiber your fabulous friends why were is spam in moods like God May when he made apples and oranges and carrots and squash it has the fiber and that helps to release the Blue Posts only so we have energy for our body but this specially We have energy for the brain why do we want energy for our brain why does it matter how we think. It matters every day that matters on how we get along with each other it matters how the Holy Spirit communicates to us and so when we live in a world of fast food and refined food and process we're missing that come that's special component of fiber and that has many functions but 1 of the major ones that I want to talk about today is just the importance of brain how to think the brain what it needs and so when you start your day in the morning. Briber How can I get enough. In my diet and so I want to show you what my husband makes for us or breakfast every morning 364 days out of the year. Just the route we love it and every morning when we're eating we go this is that this is so exciting this is so yummy So we take 3 different grains and. Never up would you bring me those 3 grains that I have there on the table we mix 3 grains and these are already mixed and does anyone want to guess what those grains are there's a barley Oh and how about the other 1 it's. I've never heard of can't lose so I'm going to pass these around and you can see if you can guess which 1 is which. But those are whole grains and so good trick is the not before you got it and you have your crockpot. And so in the crockpot you would put 1 cup. Of mixed grains so we buy them separately at contrie why $25.00 lb bag of camel $25.00 pound bags of. It looks like we're pretty horses and we have these huge fans that have a nice lady had that goes on them so we never want to eat and then we have 1 called mixed and that's the 1 we mix so with each half a brain. You know well and. A half. Of water so if you're putting in 2 cups or grains how much water but OK You got it so you get 1 cup of grains. And a half cups of water for each brain and then you have a timer no like the ones that make lights come on and off set it for 3 o'clock AM on a 3 in the morning and by 6 o'clock breakfast is ready and you can tell they're quite sure is a chewy grain isn't and then on top of that grain you put they are raise then and I am. Fresh apple and walnuts and if you need a little egg Ave or honey but all that on which we don't oh I don't know and it is an absolute delight. Does anybody do something similar you buy do something similar like this or that he does she has is 1 of my but I know I keep her supplied with her bag your brain she does not need 75 pounds. So I wonder maybe willing to try this serial Anybody willing there on the front and you if you come up and get this and then hand it. To the lady right there I knew I your me and I saw 1st and so you'll take that home with new 1 cup of grains and 2 and a half now some people like it a little superior and your crockpots or your slow cooker may be different so you know you need to experiment with that but this is just our very favorite right high in fiber you got to go power for hours after eating this great cereal OK Debbie are you here when you come up your plate and don't you think that's the way I think the food is that is that there is a high is in buy for you know what the food is a very high fiber. Being how much fiber. How much fiber do you need for the whole day how many grams of fiber. Yeah 30 to 50 so if your number was somewhere between 30 and 50. That is right so but you slowly increase fiber What's the average intake up fiber for most Americans and so you don't want to go from 10 to 50 in 1 day. Only increase. So you think about where can I you know yet more fiber happened I put See every time I'm making a meal I go how can I add to this you know what kind of being not am I going to have how do you know how am I going to use beans. So so anyway I want to show you a recipe for that in just a minute but I want you to make Debbie know our. Lives in the past year yes and she has invited me to her supper club there. When did you get your supper club started probably in about 7 almost 7 years. And what attracted you to do that well I have done things like this in the past but I always work behind the scenes I'm you know I think that what really put me off doing something was the knowledge today and I was running the powerfully hardly And I was just really write this and so didn't want anything. So I have to say that I was not a liar. And our pastor was supposed to do the class will so then a friend of mine just kept pushing pushing the you can do it you can do it and I just felt overwhelmed and when I sing with it. Moving the floor. When you get involved like in action so I really felt that we're talking about that this afternoon addictions to what help is always the health ministry has always been in my blood and then the husband I spent a year in the Dominican Republic we were at a bus this morning institution which 1 of the things they did is teach natural hell to the natives there so you know that about it's always been in my blood and I've always I've done a lot of reading and I know that it's right on the. How many people are in your church we probably have about Unfortunately about 50 active members 50 active members how many usually come to your supper club from our church family know how many attended Oh OK We have anywhere from 15 to 35 gas that are not and then and so and that's really quite consistent do you have people who are not Christians some oh gosh yes we have a whole table of ignosticism. So it's really exciting and they come a week after week after week you didn't tell me that till after the program which was Yes yes what is your passion What is your why are you doing well. This is kind of a little bit of a long story but I think it's important that you know this because of vandalism is really important to me and I really feel that a church without evangelism is really. We had really been moving forward we had a couple of inspiring pastors who really believed in the band and then for some reason things and I'm not sure how you've all experienced that but there were probably a good 7 years that there was. My heart was this aching and there was 1 time where I was told that you know and then to resume wasn't important doing that type of evangelism you know with the Flyers and all of that was an important thing that what was important was preaching a good sermon that was what was and then the Sasser would convert people so I tell you that because I after that conversation I cried and cried and cried because all of our evangelism. We are eager and everything was just horrible so when I got back involved back in doing the club and I saw people coming out God Truly spoke to my heart and he said this is. So your supper club are an evangelist outreach because you never know who you're going to reach now over the last 7 years we've had people it turn our eventual who say now we haven't had a baptism yet but I'm not discouraged because you haven't planned and the most incredible thing is. 6 and they've been coming so I know what you and it's so exciting you know they'll be there they're very involved in discussions Oh yes very much so and I got a phone call telling me you know not to get too churchy because they still want to attend but we still haven't changed our method you hold this in the church. Yeah we have a fellowship hall which is just behind our church and so you know have been is the main advantage is everywhere we've had so many exciting experiences there was a lady who has helped me she's from the Traverse City area she came up and did a health for us because she had the credentials and you have to help me with this it works overnight they they do credentialing in which for each Anyway she was she told everyone if the Advena tell you to come you better come because they have they have this right they have it nailed down so we have you know so many people out there that believe in this message and if we don't do something about it they will so you are doing your part in the past thank you very much. Isn't that exciting. Exciting. So you drive 45 miles to go every month to her supper club. Very nicely. When I visit and heard her story I share that I know a lot of you would like to work your community is great you're here. During this OK my last recipe I want to demonstrate is the way let's get something may and you can use this so many ways you can do it over hype that put it over rice for the want to have it as the only true. So it's all insane now Joe is going to show you how to do it the right way and I'm showing you how to do this way when you are just you know you just gotta get this together and I think that band things are fine we promote me to give you the only thing from. Me is the only way you're going to be in this room of me and then don't use it but go I'm going to show you some other great way says beings as well so I'm starting with the Daily Mail and jelly this is a chilly hike like for Sue's in a crockpot and then I'm going to add a can and a black baby 1 or 2 other kinds see any kind of scene like and I'm adding some black me and some and hope they. But you could use red beans or any other and then I I like to add some type to my toes and now this 1 happens to be even 1 with basal and oregano and so forth but you don't have to. Use a title that you don't want it and then if you want just a little bit up there you can ask themself that too and I did not I did and a little bit. Open people come to my house had an affair or your. Meal. And and some people came in and had my. Meal and then. What an amazing cook I don't know how you do it. Now you know how I do it. Well I kind of thought everybody knew how to do this you know how you think everybody knows how to do things and so when I demonstrated this so many people have that oh why do you make those products so if you put this on in the morning before you go to church it's ready when you get you know you that really for hours they're pretty Cimarron love. And by the way the cereal is on. But you know you can also just with this in a soft man a CD that lets the flavors mix a little bit and you have something. Really really great and very high in fiber right and that's what we're what we're going for any questions about the. No Well it depends on how stupid you want it if you're going to make it like a chili lead those in if you're trying to reduce sodium rinse them so it depends on the consistency and so I just kind of look as I put it depends on you know how much I'm going to make like I when I made the big pot I thought oh it's getting pretty simply I better start raining so. It is on yet. If you want to use and are like and you have the time to do that then you do your onions and garlic and put it would probably it depends on how long it's going to be in the process and. You can rinse that means and get rid of about a 3rd of the Saudi M. If you're trying to reduce your sodium. Or over that the right to add some corn frozen or can form. Yes you can put anything else in here that you have the time to put in there yet that goes with killing. Some veggie burger kind of stuff in there sometimes you can use something like that OK now we're going to turn over to the egg for the moment expert Mr Yellow and how many of you know yelling and yet you Joe and. Joanne if my inspiration is he just is an amazing woman 1st of all and. Just Id like whole person and she has created so many amazing recipe to cookbooks that you can find in well more than that we're featuring 2 of the cookbooks here. But he's. Got lots of them and you know he's a crock pot we or a slow cooker point what do you call it doing. Right. Well. You know and Rob you're. The only 1 is also. And she has me in 35 well well oh well it's just well poaching and others with the material on her business there in the back and she help people read in the ME They're helpful so if you're struggling or you know someone. Thank you Miss Emily. I have these back there and I also have a card on here because if you want my email address I have. I have no because how do you hear do you separate club or cooking classes that there is a of those M M M A hand I do have. Handouts and I can see now you that things that I do that help me when I do a class. Or recipes or for preparing things. And also if you think that that's coaching classes that Evelyn and I did last year a meeting that helped to create conversation in the classes and so today we're going to be looking at crackpot recipes and I have a I I have to cook I don't have more than 2. So this is the correct cookbook that will be using today and probably some of you have this 1 already I have revised that this is a few months ago and so there's some pages in the recipes and then the layout of the pictures. Is different I have a lot of pictures and here things are too to make in a crackpot So the. Where I want to start though is on your recipes and getting to know you're welcome here and there maybe and I have the 1st pages that I found out when I started doing cooking in a in a crockpot I found out that they don't all cook the same and that's why when you buy a cook what you might find where in $11.00 cookbook at says something or organise 6 hours and another another Read the people it'll say in a graphite you cook up for $8.00 to $10.00 hours have you notice that sort of variation I think it out. Because they don't want the same thing really and so that's why when I decided to work on a cookbook I had to get 1 to crack pots and and so I at 1 point I think I had about 30. I think I'm down to 25 now but I always say that some people buy shoes. And anyway. What I found was that I would and what I did was I cook literally hundreds. And all my different crackpot. Compare how long they took in different parts and I found that I could divide up the craft but I think crackpot that's actually copyrighted name that rival or the generic maybe slow cooker but I divided him up the average pot fastpass and extra fat and it doesn't matter the brand it's just that. The way that I decide is that I cook a pound of beans and I had those instructions on here it says here is the test you cook a pound of Great Northern maybe 10. And then it tells in here how much water to add about 5 cups of water and you cook it on the whole they're not so they're just put down low with the water and then you dig sermon you know you find out how they think to get up and that usually an average pot and they have it on here an average Patnaik $9.00 to $9.00 and a half hours so this is a pound of being. You want and. That helped with making be easier to digest and some people prefer to rinse their being you know to soak them and rinse off that water and start with the things in that line you can do that but you don't have to use it just some of them. Without the you know and this is how long to cook them on low it takes $9.00 to $9.00 and a half hours of an average Pat It takes $88.00 and half hours with a bath and a nectar bath make this in half a 7 hour so there's a big difference isn't there. And that's 1 reason that you know we might cook something with something in the pot and be gone all day and in a bird even though the recipes as it would take you know a longer period. So you. Can see why I needed a lot of right. And this yes. Is so in my book I have I have charts in here. To show you well actually you've got 1 chart in here and you're on the 2nd page and this shows you that the if you're cooking them on low and that So in there's all these different kinds of beans and how long they take to cook and I also have a chart on if they're not so put on high if they're so focused on low or if they're soaked and put down had it so yes cooking them after they're so we'll say yes yes yet. To do that the question was you know I never cooked beans on high and yes I do and I actually I have a chart on how to cook them on a high whether they're soaked or not so. I'm your. Absolutely and so that on this chart since he's a cook down low I don't recommend trying to do garbanzos in an average pot though it just doesn't seem to cook in the same way with going but if you're cooking them on a high yes that will work fine. Without make a difference to say. I'm not sure and that you want to be careful with boiling water if your pot is cold it's good practice. For. Yep yep and I put out I have not found any difference in the length of time that it takes. Whether you put your saw in the beginning. That. Was. Left. Well I call this the name of my cookbook at that looking in the well cooked or and what what really is that's poking in the slow cooker if you're if you're running late like I was this morning I got here at 7 but I needed to cook a couple think faster and so I put them in the microwave to get them hot and then I put them in my coffee pot and that's really that's. Just that a figure out what going to work there any other questions as a chain is an additional value if you put them on low or on high. I don't think. I've never heard that. But it's important that the beans are cooked thought you want them you want you don't want to maybe you want them nice and software they use. In your fingers and they can. Say So you know and I'm so glad that you ask these questions because to me in my book I have. I can't remember how many Anyway there's quite a few recipes in here ways to do different types of direct ways to do a lot of different entrees how to bake bread even how to make ice cream you know there's a lot of different ideas how to make cookies in your packrat. But if I were to only have 1 recipe in here that the most important to me is how to cook the. I really appreciate. Like. I would if you will if you wanted teen while there I think I would add it at the what. I haven't tried it was probably get pretty dissolve for you. I see OK well I want to show you so here we have what I thought are they were black beans and the reason that I did then that is because black beans. I haven't watched this was all these I used to use like Navy being our Great Northern being or a garbanzo beans because I like those I like that pretty color and I put a little bit too rake in there and they give that a beautiful just a little bit of a yellowish day but if you're. You know to bring the A class to serve a bunch of the they get they get much less see in there and so I like to keep them safe and I find that the black beans look more of a state that way and they're you know they have probably the most fiber of beans so that people like to do their Blackie that way use them that today now what I prefer to do is add my Thies name at the. I did what the south and here to begin with and I put the oil in here an oil is absent it just gets a little more flavor for a pound of beans I put a tablespoon of with oil in there but the season a in this is so simple that's why it's called Simple but this is a delicious is no chopping up of onions No any of that is just within your beans and then I had seasoning in your knees like onion and garlic powder and they salt and. You can see Matt what I'm doing with my satellite you can get the inside of there but usually after you there after being the cook the news there then usually there wider that comes to the top that you didn't see before and so I throw them and then I pull the being to the side and then then I put my seasonings it because if I were just open up the lid and drop the seasonings in without doing the searing and pulling it to the side it would just you know onion powder organic powder and clump together very easily once you get the moisture and so I pull it to the side and there's always a little pocket of wider and I put my seasoning then and I There it in with the wider And then there are together the whole combination and that is all there was to those beans course you can add any of your own sees me that that that's yet. There any questions about that that. I had onion and garlic powder you like and they thought. Thank you it's that and the 3rd page simple but simply delicious. And so when we. When you look at that recipe that simple but simply delicious the you say that this is the kind of this is the layout of my of my book and. So that you can use any size crockpot that you have it was new you can make a smaller recipe and all the recipes are like that in here or a larger recipe it tells you what size crock pots you can use to make those recipes then. And you'll you'll see on these other pages if you want to cook it on high or on the wall how long it will take to put in there they're within about 30 minute range of time of how Ali But all right let's look at the I want the little pot in there next Roni Yeah yep just like what Evelyn. And Evelyn mentioned Evelyn mentioned about using that time or a lamp appliance timer and these are so great this is what I did like with the beans I set the beans on I put it I put them the pots out last night and then I set the timer for it to come on at night and so the bean and. At the very convenient way to do now if you're at it yet yet yet thank you for saying that you if you have the digital kind or the or the smart pot type thing you can't do that with a timer and so that's why I prefer just the regular that I'll and then I make my own hot programmable and the nice thing is that I can make it start and stop whenever I want you and not with what. Now this is the next thrown in seize and before I do anything more than just that this off heat is that and I was playing the recipe here in a minute but I want I want to show you. I use dry pasta I don't prefer that and I wait until the sauce and here comes the light simmer and so that's what in the you think Whole wheat. OK now we is. The whole we you can often use a gluten free pasta in this macaroni and cheese. You just have I know that there's more brands out there now that don't dissolve you know through cooking process even on that so they use the kind of break apart. Just make sure you use 1 that you know when you saw them so they really well to and then it should work fine in the crockpot but the whole wheat is what I use here but. Of course you can use the white pasta or you can combine them you know because the texture is too we're with the whole grain the concept here when you're looking at the arrest see the snack and see the idea here is that you're blending up this earth table of being greedy and. Blend the following The gradient for 1 minute until very few this is an important point and I'll be saying that today and tomorrow but you want to really blend those things tell their mood and if you have if your blender is not a high powered lender then you might want to blend it for 2 or 3 minutes if you want to move in that way it will look at that. And. I use the I'm using Oh and in here because oh can cook in the crockpot and they don't give a curdled look something like If you were to put corn starch in your crackpot right from the beginning on a recipe or if you were to put our in there as it gives the curb a look eventually doesn't affect the flavor but it does here isn't that great but also seems to work really well so you can use 0 hour or you can blend up your oath in the letter. That this is the looted because it's actually that it's the cheese sauce but it's off of the water to cook the pasta at the same time I do have a cheap sauce couple teeth was in in the recipes. Just strictly she thought to do that across at work. So you're blending up your water oath like a mental in your seasoning and you put that in your process and then the 2nd table says how much water to add and so if you're making a larger recipe how much water do you at 5 feet there's a couple wider and then the oil the reason I put the oil directly in the crockpot rather than in the blender and so that it's much easier to clean a blender if there's no oil in there so I always try to find ways to keep the oil contains cleaning up this afternoon. Now that you have your thoughts in your crackpot you're going to cook and how in this table down here if you want to cook it on low if you want to cook it on hot I do have a a next page in here I have a macro easy that does have the cashews and. She said it that if I don't want to use oil what can I do and so I do have a regular mac and cheese. Without the oil. But it is actually probably lower in that using the olive oil in the recipes and then use a not so you had here your thoughts and the idea here now is that you're bringing it to a light boyo and in this table down here it tells you if you're doing a small I'm asking you now if you have an average cook or an average crockpot and you doing the Mahler recipe how long will it take to cook the macro Nietzsche's I've a 5 and a half hours and actually in the tape that's how it takes the thought to come to the light simmer around the edges of your pot that succumb to that light boil that light simmer before you put your pasta in. If it wasn't you know it was like room temperature then your pot would dissolve. And then use there your pasta in like I just did and what the macaroni it takes 40 minutes for it to cook but if you're using I've also found that I can use the. Shallow the whole grain shells I think you can use probably any pot that I have and actually ferret it out. And what I do is that I way you have a little. Way the macaroni pasta. Free Cup for the rest because before you know what that weight is and then you can get another kind of pasta out that you want to try and you will come up with the same weight itself but 6 ounces Neka Roni want 6 ounces of another pot. Because it will be the same amount that makes sense yes and the other thing is like with the medium shelf if you look at that and you see that there is a lighter weight or not as heavy as a Mecca as the macaroni so this is going to take less time. Probably 10 or 15 minutes. And the peanut was really pretty through that but at the same time as the running and you can you 3 cook. You might be able to but. You would still have to cook but I don't know if it was short in my article. So the starches another factor they'll be less is a book the less action recent past and another thing that you can do with this kind of recipe that that makes it convenient is that you can make up your sauce. Make your blended ink greedy and freeze them and then take it out of the freezer and when you're ready to cook and put your rest your water in your oil and your frozen sauce put that in the crockpot or you can mix up all of these ingredients for several recipes dry ingredients I mean this is a very convenient recipe if you want something something fast you can do several of these at 1 time the soft part and then cook them later at the mention that I as the. You can buy some mental involve Now Ingrassia there as they often have larger containers but this is 1 that I get your country life in the knife as I will measure it out last phrase and ask up for that many not familiar with that a lamp appliance primer into any P.S. around I get 2 different kinds the 1 I use all the time actually that create these but really there and. That's the clean 1. All right the other thing I wanted to mention with when be like if you do end up having too much water in the beans I will I will use some CD you know some texture that's protein and like when I take a pot of beans to church I'll just let it times out but put some of this in a in a little jar maybe have a couple that would make it look like towards it would be about time to eat it looks like there's still too much water in there out for a while some of this is and then they look you know absorbed that we're going to look at that artist that's the most the neck I like the combination of the carrot and the butternut squash and the sweet potato it makes a pretty color and when it managed to this kind of the recipe is that this is cut up and chant You know it's not a lot of tedious cutting it's just little that eats the side chunks 1 by Chuck and I brought I brought a part of a butternut squash So how. Is that what I use when I peel my squash is I just use a regular peeler and I just peel off that outside layer there you can see that there's still the green right in your you don't have to get rid of all of that you don't have to get down to the really orange color you can just feel off the outside layer and that works perfectly and. Show You A Here's the butternut squash is a sweet potato so they're pretty good sized chunks. And a little quick trip or if you're doing this for if you try to do a little bit after that you can buy baby carrots and then chop them up so that there's no feeling on but you know want to chop them up because carrot seemed of all your vegetables probably take the longest to slut so you want those to be the smallest now. So in this 1st of all that I've put together the washing the pages in here it's an onion and that and I put the cement so in there and the seasoning in the yeast wake them out of oil and salt now. You can you can put this in the blender. Specially if you just move out mostly that's doubles and not much in the water that's how you would do it in the lender get it loose and if you have a merge of a blender these are really handy and like I had. That you know that let's see how many cuts I had 20 cuts suit and I did I blended it up in a little over a minute and had it in there all the whole that right consistency I like to do this because if you have you you know the blender stuff in it and that sometimes what you know come out of there so anyway and that's it I was going to put my beans in there and that it takes time to do that but you put your beans in there and I say sell for the seasoning but it's already a little That's the bills are already smooth that was all it. And again if you want to leave the oil out you can make it read the crockpot is very cool. You can i don't think you'll be able to see my picture here but I'll just show you 1. You can in the cook in the crock George has these books in the back and you can look at these pictures but probably the easiest way to make bread in the crockpot is where you mix it up in your bread machine or by hand but if you want to do it your bread machine and it's about a 1 pound or a 1 and a quarter pound low ball of dough and you put that for a year crockpot with some. You know up for a sense that right and you put your ball of dough in the middle of the process it needs to be at least a 5 point pot 6 or 7 or pot is ideal for baking bread but you put that Bolland So in the middle of your pot and then you put a towel over the top of that to pick up moisture as it heats up in there and when you put your lid on and and then it takes usually takes about 2 hours it rises and they and then you've got this really pretty low at round it's just a lovely low threat we're right yes I'm low. But sure you put that howl there or paper towels something to pick at the drops of moisture from the lit Yes Yes I've got it so the 1st 1 was asking about you put that on the yes and yes you bake the bread little and then are as different recipes I have a poppy seed in the whole Lacson of. Black bread in the Rye bread and also how to make rolls in the process that any time you you cook something a crock pot it there's condensation here in this in a drip down on the food so anytime you're baking something in the crockpot. Whether it's black think fires or banana buyers or red you want to have a towel there and then you and then you put your lid on and not and like if you or I have I haven't where I bake it in a like in a a just. And so that's another way to do it and so in a just and you might not be able to you probably won't be able to put your mid on there and so you put that paper towel there and then you put a little oil over oil act as your lid you have to put you can use the juice and in the slow cooker you just have to put like a little secret and trim it can be canning ring or you know just anything to get it off the bottom a little bit and that air to circulate your process can work just like an oven and it you know during the summer time it uses less heat and the that it was. Electric wise you say definitely saves money but if you want to only eliminate the heat and still bake your bread or cook your being you can put your crockpot in the garage and that you know set that a timer or whatever but that's the work to anything yet read in the crockpot. And that's Or maybe not I don't I'm just doing it today and tomorrow and I'm not sure about that 1 breath and I was so it was another kind of bread. This is a nice bread that is very fast this and no need to read that we're going to have morrow. Not gonna crack that button is no need and he said. Of the show you the 2 This is nice if you and you had your crackpot in the car and you're going somewhere and I drew. Doesn't that just like my husband I'm always thinking about you know what I don't think that quarter really matters. So anyway this is helpful because then you can put it on both sides of your pot and to catch up and it fires the sleep it is I use this is a couple that now that I use. To cook the sweet potatoes and you've got your recipe there. Will Shaddy didn't say that. Thinking might have cheated. Anyway here there's your honey coconut it is on the back there. That was an interesting thing I found something potatoes are a little more watery content you know potatoes and yams they bury a little bit in so it's just that will make a difference in your recipe I did not blend them I just gnash them up any questions about that recipe I did use the Honey I didn't use an evil spirit and I didn't put the omens in there but I did use of the necklace and I also have. Tips here that I be happiness and to anybody. About. When preparing demo items how I do that is to save me time and. Sample items. That we're putting together what I do in that respect I'd be happy to you know that anybody of you email me from that card that I. I write you know I think I started to say something and I didn't finish it or maybe I did but I'm going to say it anyway. Doesn't hurt to repeat right this is an important thing about crackpot So I so do I have now I probably have about $25.00 packs and several of them use the extra fat now they're fast or average. And almost all of my pot I cannot cook beans on low anymore because I like I said I have used them for hundreds of hours all of my cut over the years and they do you know they are there $23040.00 appliances are not going to say the same forever and so if you notice that something isn't cooking fast as it used to you know you just keep that in mind and you might need what I. Know you might need to buy a new pot that if you can at least I thought I can cook any bean in my pots on I but most of my kit programmer and. I love is a plain old they fully paid and nothing like it and they do great in the crackpot I'm telling you if you cook em on high they say a bright orange they're moving in it's so easy you don't even poke of it just grab them and put them in there and off they go so it's really great to be with you and tomorrow I'll be using recipes from my really eat what. Was that amazing yet the very big hand. Heavenly Father thank You for this mazy time we had here today help us to remember what we have learned help us take the time to try these recipes and so that we can fill our bodies with this good food so that our bodies and brains will work optimal ways good and that we can serve you in a mighty way right Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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