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3. Make it Inviting




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father thank You for this beautiful sunny day bringing us here to this meeting to talk about these amazing things that you have created for us we ask if you would give us power and strength and and encouragement inspiration to enjoy these healthy foods so that we can have a healthy body mind and spirit where we can understand your calling toward us and that we will have energy to sir and we thank you for the time your today in for us our heart we pray in Jesus name a man welcome again this is when say isn't it yet at our cooking seminar. Fast we're talking about how to create healthy food in a hurry and. That it doesn't take forever to be in the kitchen but you can have some really great things for your family and hopefully you are inspired to even and share this in your community today feature is about roasted vegetables this is 1 of my favorite ways to cook is in the oven because usually when it goes in the oven it doesn't boil over and it rarely burns my sweet potatoes or they got a little bit too roasted some of them. But the 2 batches both that you casted today are beans and sweep a CATO 2 of my favorite ones too to roast and I just scrub both of them I did not peel them I scrubbed them and then cut off the pieces that needed to be trimmed and then cut them into. Bite sized pieces. And put it in prepared hands and I really like what Joanne said yesterday which I don't do yet but I'm going to is that she prepares her pay end with a mix of lecithin an oil and that keeps it from sticking what I did was a little bit of olive oil on the pain than and then just put the pieces of B and I really like using the pans that come with them and you know what I'm talking about those are they porcelain. I don't know what they're made of anybody know. But the oven pay ends and I think both of them are pretty much a mess S.C. S.T. could you get the pan that I wrote these vegetables in show them but they wrote I feel like that they roast a lot better in these cans that come in the oven then then the other pans that I buy but you can even do it in Glassman Yes there are mass. And this 1 happens to have some remnants that you didn't want to eat but these kind of hands are you if you get these with your oven like this but I don't want you to see what I did but I read it. And then this way potatoes after you I usually wash them you know maybe the night before and then it is just so easy just to cut them into bite sized pieces and put them in your pants and sometimes I'll put different ones there of course these beef might run a little bit and onto other vegetables so take that into consideration. I also do squash the same way in cutting into small pieces and yesterday I think it was yesterday Joanne was telling you to use a heavy duty. Carrot peeler or Bestival peeler and it so much easier if you leave a hole and you can just do this it just feels really really fast can you see what I'm doing yeah and then you know just be really careful when you when you're cutting and try to always cut. With the with a flat side put it down and then cut it with the flat side because it can sometimes be pretty daunting to peel and cut these things they're pretty hard but then use Of course you take the seeds out. If you want to do the vegetable another 1 that the longer cooking would be the cherries and I usually get I love organic carrots I think they even taste better and so I just grab those and cut those in the better by 5 pieces and I don't peel those Either there's some great nutrition in the peeling as well and sometimes then I'll have just quit her cooking that shovels that you wrote and cauliflower and broccoli asparagus is amazing growth and have us roses Vergas So you just with that I just put them along wise in the pan with just a little bit of olive oil and saw that's all I put on the vegetables today just a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle some salt and that's what I like cabbage just cut the cabbage into round and just put the rounds in there and sometimes I'll do the cauliflower like that so you have this big slab of cauliflower and then and then it kind of gets brown on the edges and roast them that way. Of course New Caney and red. Peppers are also really nice roasted any other ideas on growth think vegetable or you half Yes Yes The longer cooking ones and when they need to say in the oven at least an hour depending on and this 7 was a little different than mine and some of the little brown but usually it's at least an hour on $375.00 or $350.00 for the longer ones and then about 20 minutes $1520.00 minutes depending on your oven I usually use a higher stamp sometimes even a 425 depending on if I'm right there watching it for Farragut and can flip it if it needs to be but some of these these would just take 1520 minutes on a high Hi Evan I.E. it depends on how long they're I try to look so watch them to see if they need to be split and usually if the fair guess you know you can just kind of shake and they kind of roll around. But I love Rosa vegetables and people who don't like vegetables usually have a different experience of eating vegetables when they're roasted. Is there different I think roasted is just a higher temperature and anise baking is more of a longer temperature and a lower lower temperature in a longer cooking time and roasting is is more is a dry cooking method so you don't have more sure you have a little bit of oil or roasting No you put bake yet you use you put it on bake but then you turn you just dial it up to 375 or 400 depending on what you than the other yes if you have a roaster you have a roaster on your oven Oh then that's even better yes and you can also do these on the grill if you do such put on the grill. The other thing that I love to put in the oven is tofu Z. and this is the water pack tofu go and it comes as you know and a nice big. BLOCK And I cut him about this size and then in the pan what I'm going to roll it and is nutritional yeast which is 1 of my favorite seasonings and you use about a 3rd of a cup or so for for a. Lot and then a tablespoon or 2 of chicken seasoning this is the make a stick in seasoning or you can use the any kind of vegetable you can seasoning and there are that around and then you just dip it like this on both sides and then put that on a prepared pay and with this a little olive oil on the pan and then just drizzle and I didn't bring with me what I use at home is have you seen those toys soft containers has just a little hole at the top when you go into a oriental restaurant I keep olive oil in that and so then you can just barely do the olive oil it's right there in my oven on the top and you bake that at about $354.00 an hour and it almost tastes like chicken you said you love chicken before. Has a knife and why and make sure that it's nice and crispy but anybody cooked it like that before where you roll it this way. Well if you love hope you're going to really love it and it's so easy when I'm in a hurry I'll come in and I'll put the tofu in the veggies in the oven then you can go for your walk or do whatever and you've got about an hour before everything's ready. Hey any questions about that you know the other thing I love to do in the HAVEN'T is being so I have a pot like this is a cast iron pot you can tell I've used it forever and put dry being 1 cup of driving to $3.00 to $4.00 cups of water. And I usually forget them so I found that it doesn't really matter and so you cook it with the lid on and an avenue and I set my timer for 3 hours so I close I'm just put this in the haven't for 3 hours and put the beans they don't boil over or burn you may want to check them some of the beans need another cup of water when they start to get a little bit dry. Nacho Uno's these precise measurements but $3.00 to $4.00 cups now for lentils or split peas is $1.00 to $1.00 so if you have the lentils with peas if you put 1 cup of lentils and 2 cups of water but for dried beans like pinto and black thing I would put 3 and a half to 4 cups of water probably depends on how stupid you want them with them or $350.00 for 3 hours and I just put it on time back so I can put that in the oven and I can set the time bake for anytime so they can actually soak for a while and then the oven come on later. If you have a time make. 1 Cup for each cup of being 3 and a half cups of water kind of in between there so I would put probably put 3 cups of beings in this as with $1211.00 or 12 cups of water with it in there but it's so easy yes. No I just do implying when I cook I'm in here after doing a so I do a lentil soup in the oven like that where you do the lentils and all the veggies and then it can cook in the oven for an hour and then I take it out Nancy's Yes So I want to have precooked them race out them when I remember but that's not real often when asked why did you say for lentils Yes an hour for lentils of whisky is what I did with 2 cups of water with lentils is OK too would you come up here please. OK wait wait we have the opportunity Vicki and I am going to defer supper clubs throughout the day and we'd love to come here some time and I really enjoyed visiting suit now where do you live I don't remember where I went while the church's is 1st flint so it's when township but I live in London OK What inspired you to start the Supper Club Well when Jesus heals you I've been through the ringer. And with with mental depression and you start to heal me and the love of God so and that that part and start and you know after Jesus heals you you want to pass on that blessing to others and so I just I just prayed and prayed I said Lord I and that really put on my heart that you know I've been doing Bible work for ever and I love it but I want it to work like Jesus work and so I wanted to combine more health because it demonstrates the love of God and it shows the compassion of Christ and I have just been so super pumped ever since I started this and you know God has been doing amazing things because we've had we've had like extravaganza and our church and we've had supper clubs at our church and but you know people from the church have been telling me I haven't been Suzy you know people in the churches have been telling me that we have never seen people coming out like this how many people have been coming to your supper club we we have 30 the 60 people that come out and we've been doing it every month you know pretty much and I have I written my plate for 30 you know but but he's that's been the minimum there were at least 60 there when I there was there was over 60 when you came Yes absolutely and what is really exciting is that 3 fourths of the people are from our commune. Yeah it's an all ages there were teenagers there were other people there were lots of men oh oh oh when I made the kill Bruce shut up. That 1 night I had a teenager there and he was about 15 and he said his stuff is so good I can't stop eating it I thought you know as a teenager you know so so I was really really super excited but you know I have found you know because I've been in the vandalism for a while the same techniques that we use because this is health of Angela's on the same techniques that were using to get Bible Study dot com out you know I thought well I can do that you know with my new start you know so I bought magnets of course the conference's not subsidize. But you know I think that's pretty sad but. I know we got to talk to them but I got this new Vistaprint Vistaprint axle and. Pretty in company and I I get I have my own business. Yes all business cards she carries with her everywhere she goes and I make postcards I started getting it through Vistaprint and she gives them to people in line when she's at the grocery store that's right you know that's this 1 time I saw this lady she was my a slow cooker and I said oh it looks like you do some serious cooking here and she said well I don't know I said well you got your crackpot you're all set and she said yes that's going to change my life and I thought oh. And so I just happened to have my purse my 1 of my postcards and we were just getting set to have our Mexican fiesta because I always have a special theme you know and because I like to decorate and make it all look very beautiful and she loved it she was. But what Anyway I think you came for the best Yeah and so so anyway and I always make the food you know just glow on the postcard you know so I can just put it right in front of them and soon as people see that I want that and so she come out and she's been coming up to every single 1 and this is 1 C. that I'd like to plant is you know we have done extravaganzas and and people and we've had people come by the droves but they're not all modern extravaganzas Well extravaganza is what we have in our church and you know we fill up with lots of different tables for breakfast lunch desserts juices you know that sort of thing and we've had a lot of people come out it's a 1 day event it's a 1 day event there's little samples just like for a cooking class you know and and you can buy a cookbook and they have been great. But we only see those people once a year and my burden is building relationships and you know because in Bible work that's what we do it's not just the information we're giving them from the Bible it's they are connecting with me the Bible worker you know and hopefully I'm connecting them with with Jesus that's the same thing we want to do and how the vandalism we want to build friendships we want to build friends for Jesus through everything that we do and hopefully you know we can also make them hungry to know Jesus if they don't already but you also have the Bible study offer dot com available for them yes we have a gift table and I always say that well I always give away prizes I always give a cookbook away and I also give a some sort of cooking device but but I also wanted everybody to have the opportunity to get a gift so I tell them that so I just have this nice gift table and we have we have our Bible study dot com Our our little cards we have we have some we put out like packs all rigid books we've had the patch a book out so I mix it up with with health and with Bible gifts so they can pick and choose there's no pressure but you know I'm just very perky and friendly you know and you know really vibe them to take a go or they go and we have we have gotten out so much gospel it sure and we're making friends and people are starting to talk to us about Jesus and their health needs and their and their spiritual so I am really really excited what God is doing. No we are I do and I want to tell you about the reservations we are free because I don't want that to be an obstacle I we're in the Flint area it's a it's a depressed area but you know the churches gives me some money but I invest a lot of I invest my own money because I believe in this so very much and 1 of the things that I've done the very very fruitful is this is on line place called Meta and meet up is is not free but you that people go there to find a club or a class or an organization that they want to be part of and so that's M. Yes yes dot com Yeah and they have 2 plans I started out with the basic plan it's $10.00 a month and you can get 50 members that way and when we 1st started men we just got tons of people and they still came so I got from the basic plan I got a good return but right now I am unlimited so I can have unlimited amount of members because not every member will come to hear your class but it gives them a place to R.S.V.P. and I can connect with them I can text with them and I do so even people who can't come out because maybe. Things kind things happen life happens you know and but I still always keep tabs with them so it's an it's an ongoing friendship ministry and we could use it for like I told my pastor we could use this for Angeles for you know the revelation and I put things up there because it's like I said 3 fourths of the people who are coming out to our meetings are coming through meetup So I really you got to use a lot of different ways we don't we can't put our posters up in our area a lot of grocery stores have stopped doing that the Farmer's Market downtown of Flint at 1st took our fliers but now they've got their own they have their own class which is not plant based you know and so they're feeling threatened you know who but what we can't do that but the health food stores is a very fruitful fishing hall but for me I just feel just like for biased Bible Study dot com Take your literature with you everywhere you go look for opportunities and I just tell people I'm a cooking club ordinator an. Amazing how the specially women. That's all they respond you know I just I do like to you know and of course they see I was picking up some north from my garden the other day. And the guy that was loaded up for me a sign on my arm and he said he says is that your business and I said well it's not really a business I said it's my passion and I said it's a ministry I have and I told him about our next class but he has a friend who's just found out he has got prostate cancer and it was right before our our class where we were talking about that you know so you think you came out. Yes absolutely there are so many people who are and I want to I know you want to keep them out from going to the hospital and when and when you know even if they are you know we have the tools God can heal through plant food and our motto in our club is love food that loves you back so loved you back with help write a thank you super Serin with. Thank you Sue isn't that exciting Yes the meet up AM He U.P.D. dot com It's a it's a way to get people online to to be interested in your class dessert writes is coming up all this their news the art that's in Flint So on Friday we're going to have a time of discussion here on how to get customer club started how to do ministry in your church so come and join us we're going to have lots of discussion of that OK Next up it is Stephanie Howard and Stephanie has written a couple of amazing books this one's called Kid lists and we're going to have recipes from that 1 tomorrow and this 1 is give them something better and this is our new book cookbook that we are featuring through Michigan conference that Stephanie Howard has put together it is an awesome book and she is going to be telling you different features in that book as she shares her recipes with you today so would you like to come get. It. OK So I'm curious why you guys come to this particular seminar can't means I'm going to give you 3 actually you can tell these are. The 1st option do you come because you just love to cook me what the recipe is raise your hand that you. OK so the 2nd action is you really hate took what you're hoping to get inspired to actually cook write more of those OK I'm kind of 1 of those the 3rd 1 is you have a health ministry at your church and you just want some new ideas and things going on. OK and good make some you guys and raise your hands so why are you. Yes me more recipes you have big recipes so you don't love to cook or you don't hate to use here look at recipes OK so we're all over here I'm hoping to inspire you all to get involved in Your Health Ministry at your church yes or. You have seizures and you're hoping that a change of diet would help I don't know about that but miss someone might. I cook I don't really have any medical credentials I just know from studying think you're right you're OK I'm looking any and. So and realizing oh I don't have any credentials here so I'm just. Not yet they were just OK. I feel like I'm moving in like I got past the whole suitcase I'm. All right so I am 70 heart again I wrote cookbooks do you ever feel that you have today are this summer salads are you I do a supper club and well I used to a supper club now I have joined a church that has a separate club and this I am a rather suffer culture the great job we just started up and all kinds of people come right how do people do we have coming. Some cities some people dislike that are coming in we don't like live in a big area and we like living here so it's not like we have you know people drop from we don't live in a big city like reference or something so I have often together as ever come booklets on how to have a successful cover separate class based on my past experiences I was not ready for Candy I'm sorry I would never topics in the book like. The purpose of a sub or. Schedule for a supper club how do we get people to come to work a separate people he she coming to the program what kind of producer what about what kind of topics but you know the whole book The best part of the book is in the last appendix it has a menu plan and ideas for each of the balance living tracks so if you use the bounce living tracks for your health tops then you have a menu and some ideas to do that make it more interactive and work so hopefully that will be ready so. OK so today we are going to make several sounds like done for you the next 2 days is serve what I would typically serve at a supper club I like to serve. A fresh salad usually a main entree an hour or 2 and sometimes a side dish or 2 and then a dessert today I also do seems and so my theme for today is summer salads in summer time you don't want to do a whole lot of cooking and sometimes what a lot of pressure just because it's available now you live in Michigan and you're always a lot of really good fresh so I have also been doing and. Unofficial and unscientific experiments are potlucks every 7 and I think most people don't bring salads now to our potluck is not to get lots and lots of salads but most part like that we have a lot of salads and usually the salads don't get taken as much as because they are you know their lettuce salad but then they have. You know a bunch of dressings beside him and I don't know if you have those don't seem to want to take the time or the trouble there was in the south get less so I like to fried rice my salad and make a special salad they sent seem to be good always gone and I also had lots of goodies in my salad and that's why going to show you today mainly what I want you to take away is not to say the recipes from the salads but the goodies you can put into a sound you can throw at the any salad you can make a bunch of math ahead of time and you can freeze them and just put a handful in your cell whenever you want to salad and you don't have to make it every single right because if you had make it every single time you probably make it. So today I am News ing the same with a salad has what he calls a long trail line so we girls and it is like a salon Shalon chicken salad only we're not using the chicken and I am using so it hurts so does anybody know its way curls are most people as it may not know it's like girls are a few people I forgot to bring a dry silly girl but here is what a sweet girl looks like you'll be lucky when you get. A Yes OK. A lot of people don't know how to cook so I curls properly they sometimes can taste play and or can I tell her they're basically the same thing as tofu only difference they have they're made out of soybeans the only ingredient in them is soybeans So they're really healthy for you. But if you get them they dry their dry the dehydrated I have and 1 of these and. Soak them and then I drain all the water out I you know kind of squeeze the water out and I don't like it to be too mushy and so that it was like oh and we're going to cook these up today and I'm guessing this is not ever going to get hung up to use or going to. And and this is a method that you could use for any flavor because what I do with my sweet hurls in this recipe and I'll show you another 1 tomorrow is I cook my swig curls until they're browned and while they're dry they'll Brown quicker so then they'll be nice and brown that gives them a nice flavor and then I pour a little bit of the salad dressing on many uses out on them and that's enough for that you'll need to so you don't have to make up 2 different things that a bunch of different things to it so all these Cook We're going to make up the salad dressing on the move this year when to and again you don't have to make your own sound dressing I like to make my own because I can. I could just a matter of well I use my south if I use a salad dressing I buy a bottle of salad dressing you have a lot of oil and a lot of vinegar. I don't like a strong vinegar taste in my salads so I use lemon juice in place of the nigger in any salad dressing I'm making and I also use less olive oil and I show you a little trick to make it still sticks to your lettuce so the 1st ingredients in my salad dressing it's on page I don't know whereas in years. So lunch or a lime salad dressing 1st pitch I am going to let him have a HOW HE No Again this is optional if you don't like it we'll spicy you don't have to add it if you like it real spicy you get a whole house you know or you can also add the seeds I took the seeds out of mine because I don't like it too spicy I like to be able to eat it. Here's some garlic I'm using some minced garlic for the 2nd time and then I'm adding. 1 scallion also known as the green onion. Or a spring onion some people call and then we're going to. Lime juice and I have some balsamic vinegar the balsamic vinegar is actually no but usually south doesn't have a going to go in them and if you and if you're serving the people who are used to eating. Healthier diet they may miss a little bit of that bite so most of my recipes are recipes that I would serve to yes. They're healthy but also I try to make sure that they will serve the standard American diet how as well because Mr White tell us and this is an interesting quote last quote for your help is not taken she said she says that. The health reform diet. Certain foods that. People will the health reform will really relish the love that but they'll be accepted to the to the typical person because they're not their taste buds are so perverted by all the other things so I try to make a bridge recipes are kind of what mine are that will kind of suit any palate. It seems to work and hopefully. There's some salt and this is some honey I'm guessing it's going to be really stuck in here because I started. I only need part of this still to think heavily hung in a big around here we have a lot of B. farmers in the B. farmer you say you keepers that no you don't and so I get these jars of honey and so they're hard sometimes. For so I got too much aluminum container and then I'm going to some of oil and we're going to run them so let's do that. Thank you no I did that a whole lot of I will do this recipe because again I want to tell you I want to adjust my offer Well I don't want to put too much oil the problem with using less oil in a salad dressing is it makes it really that well helps it to the most surprising kind of picking up a little bit and that goodness help stick to your vegetables but if you don't use any alum well already oil and all that it will run off to the bottom and who up so I put a little oil in then I use something called them or. Ice is a tiny tiny little bit will think of that just enough so it sticks everything without adding a lot of extra fat so you can do that's that's just a way you can kind of healthy up your salad dressings and so I'm going to do that we'll see what happens because I forgot to bring. Any help in store we're having this came from country life I think as you can see in this jars been around for a while it lasts forever and you only use like a teaspoon so it doesn't you know right run out of it very often so if you live around here we have it Rogers if you live in I hope you haven't ever you know wherever you do you're ready by East lakes you can buy them from them. Oh I forgot it's not for lunch or lime dressing without That's correct you guys are so smart I'll give you those Alondra 1 thing that if you want to look kind of pretty is if you when you get the full entre in there last you just pulse it a little bit and that kind of chunks up the salon Charlie's a little less so the flex make it. OK so that's ready and this is not even close to that. So we're going to move on. And well of that cook for just a minute I'm going to kind of tell you my space and I want to show you something I just learned that I thought was extremely brilliant and I'm like why did I not think of that before right so. What we had a cook where we go OK So here's our salad. And. Let's do this Elvis didn't let's hear me to be a wide angle camera but you are a hell of a man. Who can crank OK so in my bow I already added my lettuce I used romaine lettuce and I also added cabbage I like to add cabbage to my Mexican salads because of that we'll watch it also add a little bit of more fiber and add a little bit more. Nutrition because you know romaine lettuce is it has nutrition business has a lot of nutrition so why not add something more now than what I've done for this particular recipe is sometimes you know slice it since finish and put it in there is that it will bring in anytime you get dark green in there you're better off so I do that. And then my avocado is going to go in here and you know how we usually cut the avocado and then we have to use the knife or what are they should you use a knife and go like this in the new twist that comes off was totally not that I have nearly killed myself that way so. It might be just me I don't know but I found this just as a really brilliant thing OK so you you cut it like this like you do this way and then you also cut it this way so that it's in 4 pieces and look you don't have to worry about the silly little bit coming out is that not brilliant should somebody have told me that like 20 years ago but nobody did OK and then all you have to do is you know kind of do this thing. And then lost your avocado. Williams somebody was Roy Roy and then I just opened some beans because what on Monday we learned that role being the everything so let's put this. Idea. And then we stirred up OK I'm going to pretend like my sweet girls have brown on them so when you look at them at home it's 1st starting to get hot you know what I mean that. It's starting to get her that I'm debating what would you suggest I can either go ahead and do this now or because my parents what my next thing I'm going to show you in the panel are to be hot you know get that you want to see me there's the next thing I finish this thing. OK so what I would do at this point I would cook this in so you see Brown you want them to be brown like you you know you have 1 is when you're cooking something 1 of that 1 of people. Maybe be in the right never mind that joke OK. And then I would just pour a little bit less our dressing on these and I would cook it and so it kind of all dried up and it was soaked into the soil curls and then I would put the rest of these in here and put the rest of the salad dressing and stir them all right so we're going to do this I'm just going to 0 a little trick these make them taste more like meat fish because you know I don't know why the smoky Chipotle or the smoke flavor sense of a people think they're eating meat even though not. I had a little of a smoky chip out way to my sweet girls just to kind of give them a little smoky flavor and make them feel like they've got. You know something substantial. I mean. It was a signal Yeah and I knew. I mean look at the minerals in the blender the blender doing. To make it work again. OK So she's going to come and take these 2 of her all the way and we're going to make tofu so the next OK Oh I forgot to ask you all did you all like the salads which 1 was your favorite salad you can't be there all hit me or Bay Red. The 1 with white so I froze you like the so girls those are really taking tomorrow I'm going to show you the a similar thing but we're going to make a B.L.T. pasta salad and the. Girls are going to be the be part that really tastes like bacon because they can usually crispy and stuff and you know it's like are all those that make it but if they taste really really good they and those are good in the salad because they add a nice sweet. Salty kind of touch to your salad that's always good yes and then I don't know I like that meringue. I have what So you're saying parsley. Should you know recipe you can probably the salon or out in this have a nice line dressing for your answer or in the cookbook in this well you know there's a recipe for talk away and should be really good on that salad also it's a variation of the ranch dressing something about this cookbook which is really really great and I'm really glad that somebody thought of it. Is that there's lots of tips and variations to change up a recipe to make it different so at the ranch dressing you can make a talk around your other things to do so this recipe is actually from Kulish this. Is from this. Because I'm of the opinion that children like valuables and if we tell them that they like vegetables they'll think they like that Suppose you tell them they don't like vegetables then they'll think they don't like this right so this is always a great way yes ma'am. Do you OK That's 5 of them all right and so in this could work I had There's a couple of sound the B.L.T.'s out of that here they're going to have tomorrow in this particular salad and I think sometimes kids like vegetables when they're with noodles because kids are like noodles so that's why we had a noodle to ours and this is Asian little salad and I'm still getting feedback and I usually are further down maybe it's just you know you think that better you know me now are you OK Miss Nancy can you hear me. OK we're here. Is that better you think. OK There we go I don't have to look good I don't have to cook it right. OK so what we're going to do is the Asian little salad and we are going to do the tell so part of this again is a recipe that you can put any salad and some people will put. Almost everyone but plain tofu in salads of different things and they think oh that's great but I honestly don't I have a tofu problem I don't know maybe I don't know that's the right word for what I am when I 1st became vegetarian I was raised in I mean potatoes family we were not from the Adventists we were not really Christians. And I think we a when everybody else. And when I came became a vegetarian and then I begin I had to. Figure things out until you are just like the recipe books just like oh that's chosen I would just like skip past that. But I learned that tofu can taste good and so what we're going to do here we're going to see if we can do it this thing is a bother to me I'm not going to move it. You got me covered OK so we're going to cut this into cubes and the best way though. I sometimes think that I'm like that possible. Yes it is so my job here I am so good to be back I soaked overnight you don't have to do it overnight I reacted in a towel. I read my tofu in a towel to dry it out and this particular tofu Thank you. This pretty good over I slept overnight because I made up my recipe last ones that when the bread I did wrap it up and stuck in the towel it dries it out when it's dry it cooks faster and also it's not mushy somebody I don't care from a sheet over so I dried out overnight so it's very dry and then I'm going to cut it here this is just making squares I cut twice that way so. Like a little book and then I do it this way I'm going to make big squares just right so I can be done and then I put them in a little. And this is never set for very long but I like to that sit for a few minutes so I usually make my dressing rolls do in those I put a little bit of Bragg's rest because for a quarter cup of Bragg's or. And that just seizes up it makes it salty and I just let it kind of soak that way for a few minutes and this is this is a ways off for those of you who don't know if it's a little healthier version of soy sauce and get less sodium and stuff in it so as I use you can if you're cooking for a non-evidence group or non healthy group you can just use a lot of tell them to do a low sodium soy sauce they can buy at the grocery store but I have been able to see the some grocery stores to be OK now it's time for salad dressing. But this is a piece that dressing and in our peanut dressing we are so we start over the top of the bread you cook in your past now I already have the pasta and then you add in you start making your dressing which is going to be peanut butter when over here. Get a spoon because the peanut butter is not going to come out I like to use. Natural being a better this is Smucker's because it's my favorite but there are other natural peanut butter is that are good these are the kind that you have to stir I know you don't have to get that kind but I like that kind. If you get that kind you can buy this really cool thing on Amazon that stirs your peanut butter you put it in and you have a lid to do the right kind of have to fill in that you buy you put the lid on going to have a little thing that goes in and you just what kind it doesn't spill out the stuff I mean it's so cool but you look look at Peanut Butter stir on Amazon if you are concerned about a pardon so when we were I cooked for a man you institute and then it was did is Michigan conferences Bible school and I used to cook for them and we tried so many ways to get this peanut butter stir we had 1 lady and it was really kind of funny you know how do you you know a mixer I hear next or what she put 1 thing on the mixer and stuck the other 1 into the thing about a jar that was. It was. It was so far. There's a little nazi However. She actually did a really good job with it was when I would have done I can't even. Get into. That was how me little bit of honey sweetener now doesn't generally have a sweetener in them so I like to try to use honey when I Kenyan and this is some garlic. As everybody likes garlic right. Here some chicken stock. I did you go south easing for the brass chickens out heating plus water so there's a chicken style seasoning plus the water for the broth if you don't have if you're cooking again for non agonist people who don't have access to chicken south is going to tell you that it will draw most of them vegetable brought from the grocery store. You know these cooking schools or separate clubs for a lot of people. They don't know from the things that we know usually use like they're like you know it's like fish you know. You show them. You know you tell me chicken tell for you thing and they're thinking you know the boy on cubes of the grocery store and so you need to clarify and try to help them find things that they can buy at their local grocery store because if they have to make a special trip that was ginger if they had to make a special trip to the health food store they may not try the recipe certain things that you can deal with and certain things you can like let them know you know make 1 trip to the store buy a bunch of you have on hand like nice places you place a really really good so this is you may want to guess. You're right I'm so glad said that this is me well and this 1 is a rags Sesame was a test kind that all that's in the oil is toasted hosted is better because it has more flavor and there are some lemon juice. And then we just blended that OK So well that's going I'm going to go have to start this on is going to dump this in here oh see if that's what you're looking for you're looking for sizzle so I'm going to just let that cook for a minute and I'm going to go and so it's going to be loud for just a minute. You know this recipe because there's peanut butter in it you don't have to add oil to it like you know it or olive oil or whatever they don't have to do that what I did now is I'm going to let this stuff cook for a little while and while this is cooking I don't have to cook anything for my next record next hour and I'm going to just let this cut and then I'm going to. Mix up the salad after that and some of this here and I'm going to get rid of all this. Thing entirely like. And then I need actually I mean all of this. We're going to get busy now this particular recipe is a good recipe if not. I will say there's not the fun stuff in this recipe in this this is why I want to make this particular salad because we're going to put tofu Rony in it like a pepperoni that. May have a child. And I'm a had it. And we're going to make the afaik set up and they determined to go in any salad at a really good offense at the fact that A is in the something better mark and you can. Put that in any salad you can put it in anything that you would do Mediterranean it's not a really nice texture really nice flavor and you'll be happy that you in that. And then the tofu Roni also is 1 of those and you can put in a lot of things you can make pizza rolls or make a pizza limiter put in a sound whatever you want to add some protein to make the family sound more filling this hour is that we're making today can be a full meal you get your protein you get your salad or your that's the most. And so we're going to make 1st the children set up because it's super easy and I'm having a like. I can negotiate really see me in the kitchen I get stuff everywhere. Like here so the think the camera is really super easy to make again I drink it again same thing I did last time with a towel and in my container here I put my liquid ingredients the fact that it is on how the last thing in your book will. Never last the alto Hillary of fiction and so in this I have lemon juice water olive oil and then I'm going to just. And I this is so easy and you can make this ahead of time you can stick it in your fridge and just leave it there. And I put it in a most if I have if I had on hand up put it in the south it's got quite a lot of salt in it but it's yours getting little bits and pieces so it's like you're just flavoring your old cell with little pieces of tofu in the. Cellar you try that had little to lose it knocked over only when it you like it over a nice Yes you have a little white chunks in there that would you know that. Garlic OK And so once you do that and used to do that. And then all you have to do is crumple your tofu in there and think in the fridge How hard is that yes so that I was going to go like this and if you get big chunks of the cake if you know it's yes ma'am just with perjury I don't usually freeze my tofu ahead of time and then you can do that and change the texture makes a little more chewy Chewy sponge like more sponge like. So I have not I don't usually I mostly because I don't even think about it I forget I just grabbed the who I want to have it ready and that's my dues so here's your chance of that it's all done the recipe is on your SHE It's also in the something better cook book and then you just stick it in there it takes a it's nice if you can have it done about $24.00 hours that way it has. Time for the flavors to kill again yes ma'am. Yeah so she had the tofu press and you can get those on line too and it helps you press that you're watching the press at the liquid out of your tofu so it's drier. That's over here. So we're still working on this a little let us keep going it's starting to Brown a little bit but you know this when I made this tofu I didn't put any oil in the pan if you use a nonstick pan you don't need any oil just a drive here and so you're not adding any. Calories or fat to the recipe so now we're going to make the tofu runny again this is a recipe that you make ahead of time and you stick in there in the fridge freezer and you have it when you need it and this also is very simple you just get out here trying to get out without spilling all the water into it so I just put it in here and I'm making a half a batch today it's got 1 pound of tofu or they don't make an impound anymore because they're trying to save money $114.00 package over. This little honey again I get if I flip around here give me a lot of honey this is some analysts this is some crushed red pepper this is what makes it spicy wasn't too spicy for you I mean is that what was in there I don't read put it at the wrong thing in there. Oh yes let's see. Usted I did the tofu the salt red pepper flakes I just go in order I'd rather mustard seeds so there's not any in this batch but you had some in yours. Then also a lot of fennel seeds also. OK that's mean you have Joyce that is OK get peppery go. This is liquid smoke again the smoke helps it taste more meat like for some reason and then. Girl when all you do. I know I can't get off their. Words. I use 1 of the get really messy. But there you go try it worked. All right so they are that's totally runny that's all you have to do we're going to take it out here and we're going to put it. On a tray and we're going to bake it. This is what it looks like in the salad. Just a little I just collected a chunk how to fill. It and it's just tofu. As a nice. Protein and flavor noiseless all the little bit to add to your sounds and adding bacon or. Although they taste really good like the bread. They are really high and got you surely you would think that they could make bread you know that so and then all you have to do is like spread this out and you want to make it there. And you try to make it kind of even all the way through as that way it cooks. Could have about a half an hour to 40 minutes to binning on your oven and still it's. Dry Now you could put it in I thought about a D. hydrate are the only thing that would be higher than going to get really dry and kind of crunchy which if you want that would be hard really tasty this particular method makes it a little bit meaty year so it's like soft and it's not dried crunchy used there like a pieces that were only would be yes that's what I would suggest I would suggest you make a big bet that's why those 2 parents of tofu recipe you could make him and freeze them and then you can make sure 34 salads are far you know if you just make us a little south of the time you get it's taking info out there when you're south because who wants to. Yeah who wants to make this every time you make a salad nobody does so that's that's why we're going to make a bunch and get it out of the way right OK I think the next thing I'd invest in is going to be a new 1 of these he had it because this is totally not even cooking your little stuff I'm going to buy that for tomorrow anyway so on the run you can see how it's getting a little bit Brown he can't see real well but it's getting a little bit when you want it kind of brown all aside and just had to give it a shake every once in a while and let it brown and then we're going to go ahead and put together are. All the salad dressing for this recipe Yeah kind of. I feel like I'm running a marathon you guys feel that way I didn't really mean to make it seem like it was so hard it's really not that hard I think I try to do too much at 1 time you think OK so next time we'll learn from our mistakes but today we're going to make Greek salad dressing. In the set up was the little that let us obviously we all know that iceberg lettuce doesn't really have any nutrition to us but it does have water not all that and I don't generally use it even though my and my has been really really like I forgot as a child ever get it that the you see the little guys in here this is what my husband and a lot of people I've talked to just recently car weed and they say so why but we've been my falut they do not want weed in the south and so to try you accounting if you will take that people will pass by Sal I have a someone I don't mention a name to something here might know them now those are real and others they love these Sabbath airs we them the salad mail the skip the whole fellow young enough not get to that in their mind now so what I like to do is use a lot of romaine lettuce for a few weeks then so they can they might get used to the idea. And that way they're getting Am some of the nutrition but they're also the taste of a kind of ingesting I think a lot of the texture the you know these things are real country and they don't have a lot of so when you add things that are country to help well that but is also an appearance of someone's got in their mind that they want you know iceberg lettuce the cause you're going to get it are made so you want to kind of you know what when you're cooking for people who don't eat as in a food because obviously I was again I wasn't raised additive and OK so again I think it's wrong. And so you have to bring them along slowly and gently as they learn to like because it's really good it's really healthy and we like it but some new people coming in might. You know it's too much at 1 time so we got to do a little bit the little bits little bits and pretty soon the me in there 50 grand and they'll be eating their weeds or salad and it just takes time so when we do our cooking school I I at my previous ever glad I called it the meal was Monday because I wanted people to know that it wasn't We're not not be a vegan when they come to the US. We want them to you know if they're you know even plant based diet 1 day a week then they're you know 1 7th of the way to becoming a union and then if they get a 2nd then in their head that 2 sevens of the way which is almost you know 4 so they just do 1 step at a time so that nobody is stack or feeling like they can't accomplish and there's been so many. I'm not of 5 minutes Right OK so I was not talking now I'm going to make salad dressing I want to tell you a story but I can't tell you my story I feel so bad about the whole thing OK so. We're going to make. This soup dressing addressing a super super easy I get it if it's for the Greek salad that we're making so the Greek salad and all it has it is some lemon juice and obviously a little salt a little oregano now you know how to do this in the blender if you don't to get your blender dirty I just thought about that I do it because my blunders always dirty. But if you want you to put it there like a mason jar just kind of go like this and you're good to go to so there's our well and words do a quick lens on it it turns a pretty nice little pale yellow color I really like that's just in the book pretty. Neat. You very well minimize nice yellow color and that's our Greek salad dressing so in our great salad we have our lettuce our romaine lettuce a few weeds some onions and peppers tomatoes Kalamata olives which is a Greek however it's a purple 1 you did you probably had 1 in your and I say it wrong. And then this is a tofu that is about looks like when it's all cooked it's not only cooked you know and this is your tofu than you just add those here and you want the juice in here when you're doing your tofu very You just want the Fed apart so you can I do like so and you had your dressing which I may not add because then I can you know later so I'm going to say that for later when you add that and you're all good together so let's recap. Let's start the beginning and I have what I got 3 minutes so we made a sale of a salad and 2 that we added. The SO entre lime so we curls which we learned that we don't have to add a slant or if we don't want to 1 great thing about adding fresh herbs to your salad I added fresh lantern to the salad and that as you can also add parsley or pressure Fazel and add a nice strong flavor and gives you a lot of flavor to your salad without adding a lot of. That unhealthy stuff and so that's a great tip any sound that you make you can do that with and so we made us a launch alarm dressing we added that 1 thing I do for that also sometimes is put some tortilla. Strips on their I usually make my own but we'll talk about that maybe tomorrow. We made an Asian middle sound which is great from the kids cookbook because kids like little some kid like vegetables we put tofu in there which does not take us long to cook at home you can usually out that in about 5 minutes of the Browns up beautifully it tastes good and so we made a period dressing for that if you do not want to make your own dressing you can buy something similar at the grocery store or agent your dressing would be really really good in that salad and then we made a Greek salad with tofu Roni and fake that US. Both the steak that mtl Peroni are perfect for other salads and. And you can put them in anything basically. It just makes a great salad and remember to take Saudia Pollack take a fun salad a nice big salad and we're going have a drawing. Thank you thanks. Isn't she an expert at this amazing and I highly recommend her cookbooks are available in the back they give them something better this is an awesome gift for people who are moving toward a plant based diet it talks it has some great stories in it too about how Adventists are part of the blue zones and that's really cool Heavenly Father thank You for this amazing time that we've had here this morning thank you for the gifts that you have given to Stephanie and she has shared them with us and I pray that you would help us to remember all the things that we've learned with him into practice so that we can enjoy this abundant life. 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