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Country Living: Is it Salvational?

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


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what about this afternoon is country living by think particularly what really I cannot assert a living I mean what what were talking about is whether or not it is a salvation issue to live in the country but almost always the question is is that a salvation issue to get out of the city and where you live and I I put this on my Facebook note just a couple days ago health status line I recall speaking about country living about three times in my life the last twenty years and it's always been in big cities of the most ironic when I think was in New York was asked by a Korean church to come speak there and just just go into the church just reminded me everything I saw all around me that God 's intention for us his athleticism who would live in rural settings and down this is look at a few thoughts about that we really are addressing turn your Bible to Genesis Genesis send him references are in my head so I have two of my notes just decrying right Genesis chapter four were going to address two questions in order one is given the what does God think about cities and living in cities and the other is what makes an issue of salvation people use that term is thrown around quite a bit the question is it a salvation no issue is really just as important if we answer the question about what is salvation both thoroughly then it wouldn't really maybe many of you could answer the question about city and rural living is that salvation no all by yourself from what you are now Genesis chapter four and were looking at the first number is not soluble where seventy and Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bare in now case you're feeling confused this isn't the unit of fame in the Bible this is the infamous and he built a city and called the name of the city after the name of his son in simply tell that the he in the middle verse seventeen is carrying who built the first cities mystify the quiz and how were our contention today came to the person and just as addressing some things really know was Kane basically a good guy or basically a bad guy in Scripture he's basically a vampire I for a short time he was the only member of the second generation of humans and API he undoubtedly sure about that not sure from one another brothers I think the visual exist to limit up white and the train built a steady he named his city and he named the city after his own son the next city that shows up in Scripture history is in Chapter 11 's look there for a minute Genesis Chapter 11 are looking at verse four and they said go to let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven and let us make us with the same name by reminds me we're in Genesis four I made the city got a name was named after him after being lastly be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth now you might wonder why they would be worried about been scattered abroad on the face of a whore but they were worried about being scattered so much as they were saying they weren't willing to be to do it got set God had told mankind to spread out over the earth to subdue the earth and readily when he gave Adam and Eve a garden that was a model that he intended for everyone to understand that this is the way life works best for humans so I'm all in all I showed you so far is that cities do not begin very own mode they are started by Adam were able herself to follow and commitment created you they begin with a desire for fried and refusal to follow what God sets and that just is not a very auspicious beginning for any project course you know that the second city did make a lot of progress got interfered with the progress and the result is that we have English and Spanish churches and salsa today right I mean that that's that's for the language thing came from I thought there might be Korean I didn't want to risk excitement on all eligible pulse turn to Genesis chapter eighteen this is where we get to the third significant safety to show up in Scripture Genesis eggs were looking at verse twenty four her adventure Abraham praise there be fifty righteous persons within the city will now also destroy and not the place for fifty righteous that are there in Abraham began with what he thought was a conservative number of good people in the big city of Sodom but as soon as got easily gave him what he asked for it felt nervous about it from the start I add that he started out as going down very slowly went from fifty to forty five but you know he worked his way down a long ways how far down that you get and you know he didn't think you needed to go any further than ten and God said he would not have destroyed Sodom had there been an righteous man and song anyway just what we said so far to make us think the first city was built by Kane for pride second city was able but by Nimrod for pride and to avoid obeying God and the third city is Sodom and after it's been going for a long time and had a life I was a lifelong resident but a long time righteous resident still it doesn't even happen the whole city ten righteous men and course often gets destroyed like us to talk a little bit about sodomy just think it through there were two righteous leaders in the vicinity of Sodom one inside the city lot and wine are well outside the city Abram which of these two ended up having the greater witnessing the impact on stock to know it was ever it was by miracle God allowed in Providence that sought on that beautiful city would become the object of lust and covetousness on the part of song not warlike kings they came and conquered that land they took the lute with them and who was at the save Sodom Abraham saved some system is it's an illustration of something that God has told us throughout why a number of times that is many people plan themselves inside cities with the intention in mind or at least the stated intention in mind that how else are we going to reach the people in the city but they don't understand that God does not use causing missionaries does that make any sense to you in communicating and when that Mister Lott moved into the city I'm sure many what is righteous your that second Peter it's very clear the New Testament lot is righteous reserved righteous man effects to soul from day to day with ungodly deeds that were being done inside but here is the lots evangelistic accomplishments on gained zero lost one wife all sons all doubters it all sounds a lot unmarried daughters and if were only talking about life that's what he lost but for talking about spirituality he also lost his two living dollars and for talking about since ability and sensitivity to the spirits moving he even lost himself to remember Mister Lockwood he moved out of Sodom wanted to settle in so and don't think that Zoeller was a righteous town I mean God said well there is no art for your site I wasn't too long after that the lot had been moved to the hills because even Zorn was destroyed you might wonder why God has been destroying cities are percents was pretty clear in the Bible look at second future second Peter chapter two are looking at verse five and God spared not the old world but saved Noah the eighth person the preacher of righteousness bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly and turning the cities of Sodom and the more I into ashes condemned it down but with an overthrow listen carefully making them want to say an example unto those that after should live ungodly net talks about the righteous lot so really God could've let Sodom and Gomorrah go a wicked way the same way he lets cities go so often today but Sodom Gomorrah were sacrificed for the benefit of also in Oklahoma City for centimeters read in second Peter what God did as he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah making them and example to those should afterwards live on God it be worthwhile construction to spend another moment or two on Sodom look at Ezekiel sixteen this is an obscure passage but one that is quoted by old white very often interracial Ezekiel sixteen forty nine in ratio to how well Israel is a known outside of her writings Ezekiel sixteen forty nine those are mathematical recognizable symbols squares it's mostly for twelve -year-old boys are set up a Ezekiel sixteen forty nine behold this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness was in her and in her doctors neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy what was the wickedness of Sodom if you want to say the wickedness of Sodom was immorality you should understand that this was the fact and not the cause what led to this kind of a moral dissipation dissipation was a and abundance and easiness of life and that abundance and easiness of life combined with whatever she did for pleasure led her to view the needy with well be within the hour she didn't she didn't really help them in other words it was she granted an abundance she was but it's great clear in this passage she wasn't condemned for her abundance she was condemned because she used her abundance for her self to God intended her continents would be for the benefit of others and it didn't work that way and so that I was not that was at the iniquity of song this is one side of the equation let me talk briefly about the other side of the equation in the New Testament we read where Jesus began to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works work done I gather from that a couple things one of the cities were guilty into the Jesus did most of his mighty works in the cities and if you're going to do a study in the testimonies on cities you would find that God really upgrades us as a church from how we have neglected to reach the cities there is a tremendous work to be done in reaching them I think many of you here know what you know about the truth because someone went out of his or her way spend some money and spent some time to warn people that live in the city of Tal 's and that's not being done in all the cities there are many cities where it just by some misfortune you had lived in essence of this one you might not know anything of what you know today I guess I wrote my name in the name while I don't share all the values of Bill McClendon I think that I would love to have a chance to to share with him my values I really give him a lot of credit for doing something really do because the condemnation of testimonies is that a lot of people are doing nothing no points for the one God intended is that people like Abraham would save people out to cities like Sodom because the truth is Intel they move the half that's the society around them makes it extremely difficult for their children to grow correctly and it would be fair to say that when you read the little booklet country living on you for this booklet country living so smart half of us thirtysomethings as long the truth is if you cut and paste those thirty pages into a Word document a ten point type it turns into twelve pages is not a very long document what you find in country living is one of the real reasons to move out of the cities for children so for someone like Heidi or I heard Eric over here are three of us don't have children we don't have as many reasons to move out of the city as those who have children to God does make it very plain that you don't want to play Russian roulette with your children which he talks I say he taught for a friend what's in that little booklet that talks there about how some people move into the city because it's easier to make a livelihood there but then they realize that they ought to leave for their children but they can't find any convenient way to leave and there's two sides of this coin the first site is they ought to make any sacrifice to make it more likely their children end up in heaven really children eating bread and water in the country going to happen it will not regret it a billion years from now even if they left something kind of plush downtown alike reveals that God showed her that many people stay in the city is not because they really believe it's best but they just don't bring themselves to make that kind of sacrifice that needs to be made to save their kids that's the one side of the coin here comes the other one once upon a time in a land far far away there was a lady named Ellen who sent a bunch of letters to Battle Creek to call Battle Creek the city back there my whys but you were I think some of you when I think of as a city if you've been back there knowing what you think about also society I mean it was just smaller in every way this is to have to be very big to be very corrupt I mean it to have a few kids on the street teaching your kids on the street how to spend their time it doesn't even take two thousand people in town to do the and really it isn't the great size of the city it's whether or not it shows your kids that makes a big difference anyway the letters came to Battle Creek and a very gifted creature I don't even know who it was because I learned all this from reading while not wrote about and she didn't need if she had named and I'm not sure if it would complement current on compliment the point is he preached her messages he preached them with such vigor and zeal and persuasiveness that almost immediately off hundred and fifty families were ready to sell whatever they had it up and go in part of country living was was written to slow them down God didn't intend that when you leave the city that he would for example listen to a lecture like this go home and a sundown real estate agent and say sell my house within a week or whatever price you can get for it and then fill your car up with what you can take and moves out and start looking for a for sale sign of course you can buy my to buy it so I guess you're tempting anyway that is the way sunk the react to God 's counsel and God doesn't want that reaction was counsel really intends that you if something is as big as moving while on one hand you're not take nine years to find a way to go on the other hand you shouldn't do it in nine hours really what God is asking is that immediately and on the ball and get busy doing sensible plan and aiming for an executive action at some point in the rational volume of future genders and illogical were talking about your gun is just looking for children act sensibly and anytime people act rationally based on a sermon it really is bad for God 's cause thinking of some sermons I've heard recently I'm not ignorant twenty two preach the but someone from one of those sermons might have got the idea that he had better sell his house last August quickly before it's impossible to sell it and give the money to God 's work and to sell a house last August was difficult by the way just like it is now right and so at that point you might have to take it at a loss and now that same person expecting the world to have been in a cataclysmic problem by now and to be in the woods somewhere might really be hurting for shelter and food and the needed comforts of life God never wanted sermons to be reacted to like that fact can you follow my logic here if you can't find an article you need to read called untimed charity but he follow my logic that if I mortgage my home and then put the money in the offering plate that that is not charity the bank is the one who gave the offering I do not want to do that they just want to make money off and what I really did as I gave God 's work fifty thousand today instead of three thousand every other month for the next forty months the truth is that not only would God 's work get more money that way but it would get in a much more useful way I mean if you give I work at a school when he writes a check this afternoon for forty thousand dollars to the school and give it to us if were very sensible we will use that money for for development I'm in for paying down the debt on a building if there is a definite building for example something like that if we were on sensible the way many people don't have business sense and ministry we might consider this donation and use it for operations and so maybe we now with no good now we can hire two more people we see that would be very sensible business lines we hired two more people hoping that someone else it was forty thousand dollars four months from now but when they don't now we have to fire for people and related and less gods organizations have business sense giving them big lump sums of money doesn't help them in the long run what they need is systematic benevolence that is regular monthly amounts that are the is a sacrifice rational for what you can do something that you can sustain and in the long term they will get much more from you than if you do that strange thing I didn't tend to talk about this at all it's not my list of this talk about signing to stop were talking about city of living and country living the book of Revelation is largely about two different cities the second Angels message is about the city remembered battling the big race is following his fall and that rate sixty which made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication the Bible pictures that babble and is said to you that has many other cities affect Revelation says after talk about that great city falls that the safety is of the earth fell within ninety chapter seventeen early forgot shepherds the cities of the earth fell that something old White collaborates on some cities of the Earth orbit to fall and what happened to Babel and the top of the top of the tower came down and what happened on 9/11 when two of the many towers came down all of these things are just like little pay attention and know what's coming thanks for us because in the final analysis everything 's coming back I was talking to a lady she's in Europe right now but she's in America talking to her this week and they just part of the ministry team that intends to spend the summers going city to city doing ministry and then and then they do something else the rest of the year and she decided not to do it because she didn't want to be in one of the settings when the grapes calamities I really think that's not a valid way of thinking the next this is the good one not the one who built the city the next did not live in the city we spent a good chunk of his life in the cities and this is that he spent a good chunk of his life and were the ones that were destroyed by a flood it's all right if I am in a big city warning them when the city is destroyed even if I die whether it's just not that bad the truth is I shouldn't be so afraid for my own life as for the life of the people in the city will then why shouldn't I just live in the city it's the kamikaze spirituality that is the problem I can't afford to be constantly surrounded by the sights and sounds that we can of my spiritual resolve if I'm really going to help the people under the have to be stable and so God I am about to switch into the second half the talking that is how you know what is and isn't salvation images buying this part of the bind it up by saying and I'm writing an article that country living it's good to be on my website because right now there is quite a message of revival going through North America and elsewhere telling administer leave the sentence and I'm with that message we ought to leave the cities but I really am not without some of what's going on in that I really am not I don't have time here to go into it and I don't so use Internet rightness we do and if you don't you have it here at the church I found that out this afternoon so the sky can help you to need to find something I saw him do it looking back University SSA some will depart to what is salvation let me see if I can paint a picture for you what has God done to save money you know he's done a great deal I mean a whole lot more than what can be summarized in what happened at Calvary that's way down the line and what you did before he ever got there he created an atmosphere that was so good for me by working with the curse I would learn lessons about how development happens in God 's universe development doesn't happen by magic and people who work with with nature you know it develops that's what you might call a spiritual common sense is just so good for us God intended that I would have a nuclear family in this sense this is not even related like nuclear reactors this means I have a family that has like a mom and a dad and that if we have children the children grow up with the same mom and dad they began with and that in that family that that that would be the priest of the home so that they would get proper discipline and I would get proper discipline growing up I'd have proper nurture in that process I would have a feeling of stability I would end up having a side of me desires that would just push me to seek after God the desires that are inside of you include for example desire and method desire for power and lady is a desire for beauty and the devil is really worried about where these desires will move you if you don't get confused because the only beauty that really satisfies his desire is the beauty of holiness and you know when you meet a beautiful lady if you say that she's really a beautiful person you don't say that about someone who's gorgeous and mean some excess children sang a beautiful person is one who has that he has sold a kind of beauty that really satisfies that desire and men who are powerful we don't use that word as well as we use the word beauty but the only real power this satisfies is desired is that power that can move hearts and minds and it's the power of character Satan trying to cheat just out of what God is given us is trying to lead women for example to to satisfy that desire for beauty with something that is how low or surface namely adornment and I really an adventure to this as a stepping on toes this is been taking some of your some of you in your your heels off someone else's toes vibrant do it anyway I don't think that you can make a biblical moral case that jewelry is inherently bad I think that you can make a biblical case that God has asked his church to boycott that type of declaration to highlight the only kind of beauty that really will work in this universe and that is the beauty of holiness the beauty of holiness is what satisfies you said there was two ideas arrival one seven so God has given me desires is given their family has given me a church and then he's given me values I mean it for example he's given me a dog and when I follow this diet and get this kind of exercise and get this kind of activity and then I go in read first Corinthians it collects and that is quite a blessing because the truth is if I don't get the sleep I don't get the exercise and I eat the big Mac and I can go on with just a few of these things when I read first Corinthians I get very drowsy right and up now I'm not even saying that you get dressed talking that is because you're a lazy theater big Macs because the truth is that I go to sleep listening to other people talk and sometimes they talk with much more energy than I did and so it if you go to sleep with me talking not even the black account that against you as meaning anything I buy I am talking about what God has done to save me and once needed to say these is given me quite a system that would make me a large in my devotional exercises and now the comment to this big question what of these councils that he's given me our salvation no issues and here's what it sounds like to meet its as if God said I'm been a help you ten ways to get to have and you said which the ways do we have to accept to get there it's just a very silly quite as if as if you don't need as much help as you can get don't we need all that we can get now I don't want to tell you that help helpful point number four if you won't do that sure lots that you want to tell you that we need all the help that we can get and I think the question is it salvation all this kind of backwards so you see upon talking now about sixty living in country living I don't mean that you if you die tonight and you live in tall said that you're going to help all I mean is that if you can manage to get out a little property and grow your own food you'll find it so much easier for you to commune with God and day-to-day basis that you will just wonder why you didn't do it sooner it's not the idea that those who are stuck in the city because of their circumstances that God frowns on what is the truth that God create a system that just works really well and the more you understand the system the better off you are more than that and more that you can help others who are in Satan system when the man stuck their talks to them their minds are blunted their their brains aren't working as well pollution is in the air and truly lot worked for a long time with zero impact on Sodom but if you can get one of those people to come out to supper at your beautiful place up here and to seeing your what you have going and make friends and invite them to come spend a weekend sometime no because the thanks awesome he's never thought before ideas make sense to him but never made any sense in the past really can you follow insane that we don't have to save Gillette or die to say do it all we have to do is show that it's a better way and if you do it any other way you don't want to end up condemning what Jesus did for it what he said for example Jesus said that when you're doing evangelism in one city and they persecute you in order said the fleet to decide another safety pacesetter when you go into a city to inquire who is worthy and when you find out who's where the essential logic with a satellite with them until you're done working in that and we just really don't want to talk in any way that you make a crime out of something our Savior to the cemetery since June or other counsel that his guilt on the other hand we do want to have our eyes open there is a time when we are going to want to flee the city 's and the wearer if I find myself mentally about what I do myself briefly I live in a beautiful rural setting I mean I have caught raccoons and armadillos and opossums on my property and the raccoons and possums I caught in my trash can by putting a lid on sans in their attitude sometimes that not the possums are not so cute on my wife's expositor to if they're not showing their teeth I I I I turned the duces tell you that live in or related I live in the words in the drive through a lot of trees and you wonder if your loss before you finally get to where we live but I spend a good twenty two weeks of my here in cities spent a lot of time in Atlanta and Nashville and Knoxville and Memphis and Eileen groups of students and we live in the churches and we will end up between March fifteen and April fifteen we knocked sixty thousand dollars in the city and we left books with almost ten thousand people three hundred and sixty boxes of literature and you know it's only forty students working with me it's just a lot getting it was all done in the cities GR was going to get to go back to our beautiful place to live it's very nice and if I'm been a speaker Loma Linda I fly into the general Los Angeles area and it just stinks to fly in I mean I remember more than once flying in and I could see the blue sky comes to them and in and turns into Brown and then you realize that the plane is going right for that and you're been a Landon and you can't hold children that needs to be done that we save the cities so the word that God gave thrilled white this outpost that is that she says for example if you get on this bandwagon and you decide you're going to live in the country you really should try to move into such the middle of nowhere that you have to drive seventy miles to get to Walmart you should do them you should look for the closest rural place you can find where you can have access to save the people that so well in the town and on the I plan to preach this summer in North East Washington in a camp meeting their sermon that might preclude me ever been invited back to speak their because I'll tell you what is going on in Northeast Washington scores upon scores of Adventist families have moved out of the big cities on the West Coast they have moved up into the beautiful woods of Northeast Washington house there that half a thousand people have churches with a hundred and fifty Athens and they all live in these beautiful little settings and it's just that it's like it's just so nice for them that wasn't God 's Council preventing in the country what he said it is when you move to the country one family are to ought to work together and to find a place where the message is and to move there as an opportunity for occupation presents itself or try to find one and work together to build up the truth in a new area and it just isn't fulfilling God 's plan when everyone moves to the same little neck of the hypervigilance suggestions of any need to move my life are planting a church in rural Arkansas city where they had twelve thousand people had zero Seventh-day Adventist and now we have average attendance of about forty I wouldn't mind if you move near there I know I would like it but there are other places in Arkansas still have ten thousand people and zero something happens not to be places like that here in Oklahoma to understand Chuck and the Guinness and the big picture were talking about here do we need to move women to leave the big cities the sake of our children and for the sake of the big sentence and for our own spiritual health is not that God is going to zap us for staying in them but we need all the help that we can get gorgeous mightily beat people so we leave the city to help the city when we mean by that we mean the law were there like lot people don't even believe that we had to say for example about leaving the city one of the saddest and most solemn things only ever wrote is about lots life were told that if lots had left the city when he first heard the word had acted with wow to be destroyed let's go you know who would've gone with him his wife but he had been dead and that sum by being there she had lost his sensitivity and then losing that is dillydallying around communicated that even he didn't think it was overly serious and you just don't want to be like that not my switch to that person I got everyone to act rashly from Battle Creek I'm not trying to but I need that right away we need to get on top of the work and get it done okay I plan to end this at like six till I ran out of things to say at sixteen tell so does anyone have any questions you'd like to ask before I just start reviewing are looking at my notes so with menopause for about thirty seconds I do have six pages of notes you know I did miss a lot of things turn my Bible in your Bible to Jonah Jonah chapter three John is a little one until I found like panels that Jonah chapter three zero looking at the first two arise go into and then by that great city and preached unto at the preaching of that identity to Jonah want to preach in the city not at all so Jonah arose and went on to Nineveh according to the word of the Lord now and then about was an exceeding great city of three days journey enjoyment began to enter into the city a day 's journey so here's Jonah and he doesn't want to go on the city but he is a long ways into it is a picture of what women have to do in our day as a church we have done a lot of Jonah like stop I mean that we have done a lot of things other than reach the sentence and syllabus of been disappointed because the cities haven't been destroyed yet is it that when Jonah was in the picture but there was a reason that got delayed the destruction looked down at chapter four are looking at verse nine and God said to Jonah do you well to be angry for the Gore and he said I do well to be angry even unto death which only shows that John had a temper and that's a gospel message for many of you that God would use someone to save a lot of people that had a temper them access you are insane verse ten then said the Lord thou hast had fifty on the Gore for the which you have not labored neither did you make it to grow which came up in the night and perished in the night and should not I spared none of that great city where you are more than six score thousand that's a hundred and twenty dollars off hundred and twenty thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand and also much count you see there the godless animals would you see there the guy has picked young people that don't know anything and that he really wants them to have a fair warning and when God said that you love the Gordon you didn't even make it grow or take care of it wasn't implying something by contrast of what you been doing in Nineveh but you've been taking care of those people and raising them in trying to help them and that he wasn't willing to just let them be lost that's the truth God wrote to a G Daniels when he was General conference president say God wrote and I'm what I mean by that he received the testimony and he was told to make arrangements to clear his schedule as an administrator this is hard for presidents to do it wasn't for one afternoon he had to clear it was for weeks he was told to go to New York and conduct an evangelistic campaign in the city why age of vandals it wasn't because he was the world 's best evangelist was because he had the world 's best excuse for not doing and if God would have the man with the best excuse drop everything and go to work on the set an example for the rest of us we would realize that it's worth whatever it takes to drop something to go get it now summarize his country living a salvation issue it does have a lot to do with salvation for kids for the people that live in the big cities I mean the ones that don't know that they should live in the country and it might even have something to do with you in your salvation is not salvation but because God will be anger reaction for living in the city it's only that you were born with a lot of more weaknesses you're just corrupt and you have inherited six thousand years of rebellion and you need and I need all the help that we can get so God wanted us to have helped to set up a beautiful system and did you know that when you sit outside in green grass and look at green trees and blue sky you don't even feel overwhelmed by stress it's just a beautiful system that God has set up people need that kind of system and it will not even work for you to be in the city and telling them about how wonderful it is really you're going to have to live out there and demonstrated and bring people out to see you come in and when they see that you sacrificed even talk to them in town and God will even give them disasters so she was Abraham went out he will have a chance to come show that you love the people the city even though you would never lived there yourself and God will take care to make opportunities for you to witness to them but you can never create by your own imagination please ask us to make a priority of helping them in helping our kids and helping ourselves and helping towns that don't have any knowledge by leaving the Jerusalem centers and leaders in the big cities located in rural districts that are just I the best opportunities for reaching the people that need to be reached that's the truth with foreheads for closing our father in heaven I asked that you would organize the great big bunch of us on earth as we seem to act like a disorganized confused and rash and people to find some way to reach us with common sense show us how to prioritize as you weren't and how to follow the counsel that you've given so kindly ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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