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5. Make it Happen




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Other have and I want to thank you for each and every person here were many are tired many thin the many needing and yet we're here thinking you because we hunger and thirst after you've done and we're given us a special message just for the 10th time and I pray that as we focus our attention on the big picture that it will inspire us and motivate us. To to look beyond our own particular circumstances and to the great big plan we thank you want to participate in your plan and your will for you your power and your purpose Jesus' name. Can you hear me OK this. Is it loud enough. That no 1 here that they're OK You know what we've been saying in our balance living there. What if you'd be hydrated. The wonderful up of the fabulous Lisa didn't we can't I had 1 of the hydrate or you know 1 of those 1100 I don't know kind of thing put them on. Yeah. Yeah but you can get those little brick like I put in the salad this week this little They're already pretty dry they're shrinkwrap as they're at Myer's they're carry off your Chipotle and dry those out. Kind of extra hard crunchy crunch factor. All right I'm going to open up with a scripture this morning and the Scripture that I would like to present to us this morning is a very timely 1 it down in Luke Chapter 21. And it says in verse $25.00 at this there will be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars and on the earth the breath of nations with perplexity the thing in the way Rory meant heart failing them for fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken then will they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory we are right on the threshold of the coming of. The sign occurred at the beginning of the great awakening in the United States in a 100 in the early hundreds in it and there are instruction today verse 28 and when you think of the things begin to happen what is the instruction look where up and another thing lift up your head or your redemption drop NY 2nd incredible piece of information it's very very easy for us to look down look around look back and focus on all the things that are stressful and out of our control but when a ship is out the storm they do not navigate by looking at other ship they know how do they navigate how to shift navigate they navigate by the start and end so I always think when I read this I always think of Bacchus have that it's 1 of the bigger picture of Jesus and so he said what did he find he had he had a disability that was keeping him from being able to did this he was really short and he didn't have access not that in short is a disability but in that situation and in that circumstance for him it was and we have what move again. So in our lives we have challenges and and we have problems and we have the facts and we have disabilities and we have limitations and we have liabilities and we have what they say in the south some of us have a hitch in our get along as we get older you know you have to do a body part check where you get out of bed in the morning and the Bible that in Ecclesiastes if it needed observe the cloud will not go out and nothing and he did observe the rain will not go out and do the work and so we can be so absorbed in looking at each other and the laws and the problem and the reasons that we cannot work for God either personal limitations or our circumstances the problems in the church that we literally never get anything done but we are all concerned I could go to a cocktail party tonight and talk to people who don't know got and who are without hope in this world and they would be can learn about the thing things that you want to I.R. but it is time for got people to leave the ranks of the concerned and join the committed that means we're going to look away from ourselves and away from our liabilities and away from art that you ation away from our problem and we're going to look at the solution which has got and he has something for each of us to do and so in our program today we're going to be a greater picture look at what God wants to do with you and I with all of our flaws and problems in fact inspired writings we're told and I really believe that apply for me it doesn't apply to maybe a lot of people but I think that's the meat that God put some people in ministry meal there the month. Because you just have to keep repeating things that you need to know and it just think in and I thank the Lord that but what we say is going to shape our natures in our characters and I said this in the afternoon Quest is a beautiful update meant that says that sought and the emotions come bind constitute character and of all the things that we let loose like a wild animal. And don't discipline it's our thoughts and. It's kind for us to start doing what we know it's time for us to start speaking truth instead of feeling thinking that our own random thoughts whatever popped out of our mouth and our emotions they have to take a back the truth and then you will it's great power and stability in your life over time and then. So I love those maps that they you are here you are here and then from where you are it tells you where you need to go so this for lied as we asked the question why health evangelism and why now we are asking the question. Where are we and why are we doing this I'm trying to position myself so that my microphone is in the right direction I'm going to move the back a little bit I want to learn to navigate my life every day by looking to Jesus and not my father and he wants us to walk in your eye even while we're learning and growing and making mistakes in the minute you commit to do something new you that you're going to make me think your team is going to make mistake things happen we grow spiritually time with got That's how we grow spiritually but we mature when we work together. The Bible says 1 will take a 1002 will put 10000 to life what do you think so we've got to be builders instead of those just here down. In Revelation 14 at the beginning of the message of God's call for the judgement hour which we are in we've been in the judgment hour for a very very long time now for many many many years and in that gospel message this angel if you picked it as being in the midst of heaven crying with a loud voice at the confident voice it's an eternal gospel it's a call out of error out of God errors about God errors about the truth errors about living error about our very lives and eternal salvation it's a call for us to announce that the our judgment term because when he comes is rewarded with that friends we're not at the beginning you know that you are here thing well as you progress along the trail now you're somewhere else and Revelation tells us where that somewhere else is because as things were right than in the great controversy right before Jesus comes the contest can be if you get more into the event that in in the world today in your life in the personal battle in the call the Holy Spirit on your life God has a call on your life to do something for him and he want to do something in you and now this angel doesn't just have a loud voice Yes great authority is crying mightily and the earth is illuminated with the glory of God The Bible says and I'd say at Chapter 60 that darkness will cover the earth and great darkness the people there are models of darkness that get deeper and deeper and deeper but God people are this glorified in Jolo I believe it chapter 2 as a sermon over him and. Every firm even amazing thing and the earth is a little unaided with their glory with their message at a time when the doctrines of fallen churches have become full of corruption there is spiritual ism verite visitation and the Lord announces that it's the end of the judgement hour not the beginning I believe we are closer to here then here this is where we are now we are not here and God has a work for us to do and why are we doing health evangelism now and what isn't healthy Gadgil is in the call to God People would come out of air or doctrinal personal corruption God is calling his bribe to get ready on the negative side of the ledger where we are in our world today there's more danger and risk there are more trials and persecution and risk of death but on the positive side God promises power that we will glorify Him even in suffering the Bibles and we show his glory in suffering in efficacy and resell our work will be more efficient and it will reach a wider group if the set up is a cycle greater works than the than the will you do as I go into my father it wasn't greater in type but it was greater in magnitude it was worldwide and in the end eternal life so our commission is to let courage rise with danger and the only way we can do that is to keep our eyes on Jesus His message is the 1 the big 1 in the room the 1 that's going to win this kind of rip the look at this now this we're going to have a little a talk back and forth I want you to talk with your neighbor the gospel of hell is to be what. Wormley link. Firmly link to the Ministry of the word it is the Lord designed that the what a rip roaring influence of Health Reform Now this is an $1800.00 word that we would say Health Innovation we would say recovery review a restoration rebuilding people's lives at the more modern phrase but the hell innovation health reform shall be a part of that what last great effort to proclaim the gospel message we are informed that when we separate the Gospel from the help work that it brings evil into our churches and into the health worker I'd like to talk look at this data for just a minute we're only going to take a minute we have a number of lives to get through today and I want to have several points of discussion but I would like for you to talk to each other about what this what this is. Not what it means to you what it actually saying and then because we all have something that means something to us but we're given very pointed we're given very pointed instruction here and I would like to hear your take on this. Find a neighbor talk it over for a minute. Wherever. I want to when you go there are. A little bit OK. Better. OK thank you appreciate it. We want to and we want to have the men are here. And. Then you know I think it's at all that likely. We don't. Want to leave that. 32nd ad OK you can wrap up your comment. So what is it what what have you been saying to each other about this message this this statement of this being the last work. How does that impact and yes it's a resource in message. Yes Last night John Bradshaw said when the character of Christ shall be revealed in His people then Joe he comes to claim his own right yeah and so this is a message of amazing. Positiveness isn't it yeah that the end that this message is helping in that step because we can't separate the physical from the mental from the spiritual another thought yes yes yes I was just reading that in what we are reading right now the the parables Christ of the Christ object lessons Yeah just last night that said that we are to learn as much as we can to keep learning to keep learning but not just for ourselves but it's also to share and it's more what we share more through our example maybe even than through our words don't we awesome Yes Yes When will they improve their health then they can better understand the Bible the Gospel here the Holy Spirit it clears up the mind doesn't it yeah yeah there was a. The clarity of mind and that is probably the biggest deal when Vicky and I are creating materials we're always going what's going on in the brain because that's where the Holy Spirit communicates with us so we see this big picture of being able to partner with God in this amazing message. Here we're going to have more time to interact because Evelyn said so she said you are not talking time. So we're going to stop again a few minutes but I've said it nice guys I didn't take it nice but she said it nice. You know that's an amazing positive backgrounder nobody ever did negative. Her mother would say we're not. My family it's always something. Try writing a book with somebody like that you know it's like we would write 1 paragraph and say. It 1 with people that are different and then great saying all right what can be a better preparation for the coming of the Lord and the reception of other truths either through the we can't separate these things if sensual to prepare people for his coming then to arouse the people to see the evils of the aid and serve them to personal responsibility Reformation response of would be another word from self-indulgent and unhelpful habit is not the world in need of being aroused on that subject if you want to have an interesting read read what happens with people who win the lottery suicide rates go up murder rates go up people beg for their housekeeping jobs back. They ban the day they ever got everything they wanted are natural Harpic the selfish and that's 1 reason why we can't separate the Gospel from the message of healing 1 of our only hope with this getting better physically what about somebody who is dying of a brain tumor we have no ministry for them. I think God want to minister to the whole person and we have a hope that much deeper than just in the physical realm if the people see that we're intelligent with regard to help they'll know that we're more ground in our Bible doctrine so sensational fantabulous quick cures that is not our man it's a basic sound we sensible and valid method of wholesomeness in body mind and spirit and people have different areas of their lives that healing their people who are health and dubious who have diseased mind who really need help who inside of their heart are really there really suffering and they're really unbalance of they're not with the best food in front them and they're still unhappy and so how thankful I am God calls us to balance and reasonable miss in our message yet Christian Temperance and Bible hiding I love this connecting verse in the Bible it says Paul reasoned if you recall to go before Trump or Obama or pick your politician whoever some world leader the queen. And you had a 10 minute interview with them an audience with and what you thought about will call a call before Felix and he reasoned with. 3 areas. Righteousness the right by faith the gospel message temperance which is actually biblical living in the. Camp where there's not it's a part of the fruit of the spirit it's not something you do character trait of gone and then buy the product the judgment to come out and so biblical listening connects righteousness by faith and prophecy because right does this by faith result if it is going to in encourage and create right living right living gives us the mind to understand in 1 of them so you can't separate them and then intemperance lies at the foundation of how much evil in our world oh that you think of the 4 children the i children who are practicing beheading people by beheading doll and yet God has given us a healing message for all the world people whose heart thing at heart of that Dony ground and yet when we become living that will reduce Christ and when we go for so that beautiful seed of truth you've seen we'd come right up out of the cement heaven since it can crack the man and Jesus he brought the disciple the Kingdom of Great and His Grace is in our heart that's the kingdom he brings us now but we are to announce the coming kingdom of glory so what the vessel message at the end of time and temperance alone is the foundation of all the great Does that come from God The foundation of all victories to be gain the relation that exists between the mind and the body we have learned we are you know this but we learned it maybe. A more what we remind ourselves of this it is very what it is very intimate when 1 is affected the other sympathizes. The mind is seriously affected by what we eat and drink and how we live and if we move in our sleep habits Iranian eating and drinking result in Iranian what thinking and acting now here's science that was inspiration here is science can what you eat influenced mental function the answer is certainly affirmative that direct you know I don't have an argument with a cookie but the problem is we're having a birthday party for breakfast lunch and thanksgiving for dinner for the July before we go to bed like the fireworks but fireworks in the brain that we don't want and that we are becoming an addicted decided and addicted society repeated poor food choices that actual fundamental catarrh and in the production of brain chemicals that regulate appetite and mood so that we actually become a myth you just want to set a rainy that you can break every you know that and Hebrews break every out so that you become a victim of what we're going good gravy. Or sleep habits and other emotional problems why out because of eating habits that are affecting the brain and the function of the brain. So we serve a complete savior that they completely We don't separate the gospel message from our the well being the bible says glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God Amen I love this Bible verse Have I not written to you excellent things in council the knowledge that I may make you to know with certainty the word truth that you may answer words of truth to those and then. So God wants us to be filled with truth filled with sympathy filled with love filled with our own story and in experience we don't have to pretend to be something that we're not but as we humbly profess what we know and that we're all on a journey we will grow in grace and truth I'm so thankful for that today so that we're going to take another conversation break in a minute in a 2nd. That. Really we are. So the heart of hell I love that this is so important to me personally as a runaway as someone started running away but Alina get 11 drugs smoking years and years of reckless clinic if somebody had invited me to a health meeting and asked me if I wanted to live working years longer I would have that forget it at the last thing I cared about was living and and there are a lot of people who live quiet lives there so the heart of help is not perfect lab test we want to have improved labs those are important but the heart of health. Have you ever been so crushed with information that you just want to go out and get a piece of cake I mean it's just too much and so. It is hote hope we want to show you I like what Evelyn that we want to show you what to do how to do it and help you to be motivated to want to do it that those we want to combine education with motivation and inspiration I'd rather somebody reached the halfway mark or the quarter mark or the 16th mark in hope than to be driven. And so readable that the Asians on that you will find that God gives us hope in our. He's able to do all things oh in our 100 forgetting those things which are behind I like the way Gary shields that our path is a point of reference not a resident and then hope in our hand or in that hole in our heart and hope for heaven that where our citizenship is here we can expect things to be perfect here we're going to have trials and problem here we're going to have sickness and sorrow you can do the right thing and they'll die of a terrible rare illness it happens we want to reduce risk but when you have hope in your heart that outcome isn't the most important thing you don't lose heart because you have cry now and. We didn't plan it to grip it that that's a problem. So how do you instill hope how do you how do you help in your own life and how do you share it with somebody else talk to somebody next to you how do you think it use you you create this cult How do you how do you get it in your own life how do you share it with other people the hope that the key is. Talk to your neighbor. Now sounds like you've got lots of wisdom want to wrap up your thought. OK. It sounds like you all know a lot about whole Ok so how have you found hope in your life how have you found hope in your habits. How have you found hope in your life yes. Oh you that was that the smartest thing you ever did. You came from an inner city I have to repeat with this oh and you stop some bad habits. You nearly died 9 times and your wife was there beside you yes so what does that say that says that other people are sent to into our lives to bring hope yes and you have been that recipient and I bet that you have shared hope with others because you have been through some of these heartaches and you know what it feels like and you can understand and empathize and give them that hope back it bounces back like because he said yes while he was dying. He would go to the other rooms when he was in the middle of challenges and dying you would go to other rooms and pray so that was the bouncing back of hope in it so when we understand that hope in our own lives and that is a continuum isn't it it's not like I get it today and it and it's just they are they are there but we are continually reminded of God's entire month relationship in our lives you have experience that the little things that God does forces big things like you know bringing you back from from challenging health issues but other so another comment on how you haven't have a hope has been instilled in your life yes where you were talking about yesterday you know that you. Think you're talking. Now you're. Say you know just because you have just because you don't have a feeling about it when you say what's true it strengthens you yes we simply learn to speak truth because sometimes we don't think truth. And we have to think truth before we speak truth and how do we learn to think truth. Read it you find out where truth is and you read it don't you start your day with when everything fell apart for the disciples. Jesus said Will you leave also and they said Lord where we go you have the truth so when everything falls apart God's truth holds us yes. When you had depression you went to a seminar on depression and you were the worst 1 there. Oh the teacher said it validated that OK. OK You were the 1 that had the greatest success even though you had the greatest need it was difficult to even focus 1 scripture a day you started praising the Lord in spite of a price journal your just your mind was so tired you could only think of 1 and you did that 1 thing Vicki and I are working on a yes the rate of 5 verses praises $3.00 to $5.00 prices and they have to be different every day stinking thinking you get rid of it by focusing on the positive thinking on the attitude. And say seeing it right it that's right and then that because our thoughts our habits and we can change the habit of the way we think changes the way your brain looks under an image to the Bible says the father's name is going to be written in the forehead right so the thoughts and emotions constitute character which is and so that name of God in our sport has that means you're going to have a more beautiful brain under imaging So how many of you would like to have a more beautiful brain under imaging Yeah the than the knowledge of God shall increase and I think that we see that in biology that were actually able to see the transformation of the brain just like you are explaining and how exciting is that and I'm sure you share this testimony that becomes hope for others so sharing hope with others what it what it what are some ideas on sharing hope with others how do we do that you can complain and remain or praise and be raised you could go to the throne or the phone yet when you're on a walk and you see somebody else walking you invite them to have a prayer how exciting that shares lots of hope yes or in the in a snowstorm in a snowstorm you took the some being sued next door that is Love in Action yes my neighbor my precious neighbor's she's she's got high cholesterol she confessed it to me and I brought her some homemade waffles and I said what are we going to have the cholesterol clock she says no I already know what that stuff but thanks for the waffles. Pray the Lord that she didn't want to talk but she enjoyed the waffles and sometimes that's what it takes Yes and what is that testimony that personal testimony how does it manifest itself yes yes. When you tell people about how God help you recover. They say that you have imperfection and you give them hope that's right that's right OK She wants your Mike Vick. Yeah it's really true and you have mercies are new every morning we don't want to rely on a on an old testimony all the time right we have new testimonies everyday new challenges new problems that manna. I mean I'm sorry the that show bred with brought hot and fresh to the sanctuary every week every week for fresh bread so we want to fresh new experiences Merton's our new every morning great is his faithfulness OK The very essence of the Gospel is restoration restoration and the fader would have it and then the thick the hopeless the a quick did take hold upon it Frank it's never 1 thing I've had people come and ask me How do you make corn meal and by the time they get you're telling me their story that this is the opening sentence for a life that's been bruised and beaten and somebody that needs. It can even fix the things that Jesus is a great deal or a man I think came to heal the broken hearted bind up their wounds he went from house to house. Healing the thick comforting the mourner soothing the afflicted and speaking of the disconsolate and in fact most of what we did is mystery what occurred when he was being interrupted so I'm really trying to learn to pay attention to what the around me make eye contact with people and be available all too often we want to hand out a piece of literature through the literature and we want people to change quickly because we don't have time we don't want to take time and it's annoying to have people with problems when we don't have time and this is the natural heart. And so I understand that God is pruning that selfishness even charge of our time our time and our schedule belong to him amen and so we will help us to utilize our time for him and his priorities for your life will not crush you they will not wear you out they will regress you become wing and to them that have no my increase and strength I read this morning those to consecrate mind body and spirit to Christ will be constantly receiving a new endowment of mental physical and spiritual power. Praise God He kept the little children in his arms and he blessed them and spoke words of hope and comfort to weary mothers with unfailing tenderness and gentleness we met every form of human whoa and affliction Dan I don't know if you heard Jerry story about Roger with alcohol and the gin bottles everywhere and he had several relapses but Yuri was there for him he didn't censure him they didn't he was there for him as a friend and that man died without a single trace of any of that stuff and like who died in Christ because somebody was willing to go that road with him and believe in him don't you want somebody to believe in you when you're at your work that's what makes the difference it was is me and drink to bring hope and strength all with whom he came in contact we need to learn his method of laboring This is Jerry we've been doing our afternoon boot camp with the Dallas boot camp and so in Dallas boot camp we want your ministry to be purposeful we want to be practical and we want to be personal with broken it up into 3 parts every day that's what we've been focusing on the Jerry came from Canada he was a runaway with every addiction you can imagine and he helped this fellow Roger I'm a retired Air Force pilot Royal Air Force pilot had fell into bad time with his home with his life Jerry came and did a living free program with him here Evelyn talking about fiber in his path as they went through the program together and look at the man so you know Jesus passed by no 1 as unworthy of. No 1 what I have thought going into this and everything will count up everything a. Lot. I don't know that I would have the same hopeful at 2 that Jerry did but Jerry has been there so he knew and here's Roger men they knew in the gods and him in a man filled with hope going to Bible study group got a job back this is the cabbies to take to get liquor and now he got a job driving. The heart of the Gospel is restoration the spirit of the Lord of the pond me because he is anointed me to heal the broken hearted priest deliverance to the captives recovering of sight to the blind that liberty them that are bruised and I that chapter 5053 the Bible says that he was bruised for our iniquities right but before extent that we know he carried our sins we know he died for our sins but before that it says that he carry our weaknesses and our thoughts are we can allow ourselves to become so sorrowful over the things that we're praying about that are not happening that we actually become weakened and the great Jesus alone everything about us including our capacity to grieve and we we do not have permission to grieve ourself to the point of insisting. While you are doing the lord's work he will take care of your business. You are waiting on loved ones you are waiting on relatives you are waiting on that you are waiting on that that you ation that property net problem that terminal illness whatever it is while you take care of your business of God's business will take care of your business the Bible says in blessing you will be blessed Amen so trust him and don't wait for the the right there can you just start working for the Lord here and now in any way that you can this is an amazing statement from desire Vegas knowledge but in Neverland what is benevolence What is it. Charity is kind of doing desk 1 of the paper currencies 30 though I give my body to be burned so I give all I think less to feed the poor give my body to be burned and have not love my well that phony itself which are getting really good people are giving their lives for a cause no it's just invented the core of it is a cry that's the problem the Bible says in 1st John 45 then you will know that you love the brethren when you love got and keep a commandment that means you're going to be a dick like that you age and that means you have to stand for God When people get angry with you it means you do right when others are doing wrong and no you're not going to be friends with everybody in the world Marvel not if the world hate you know that it made me before I hated U.G.. And saw the love that God places in our hearts with a strong love of the firm love it that the love that is rooted in loyalty to God hurt and every other repack is that immense eloquent gratitude and zeal these are all in the good work without a lot of Jesus in the heart the work of the Christian the failure Wow Powerful and then so we have a message that you cannot separate the mind body and spirit it is only through the grace of Christ that the work of restoration mental physical and spiritual can be accomplished when I came to in contact with them today and then if I had to have a reason for living I didn't care about. My cholesterol I had to have a reason to want to live and that reason was a value that Jesus Christ placed in me his ability to break the power when he hears of the Lima. And the fact that he is a just God and that paydays me the Bible says and Isaiah Chapter 61 for heaven whatever Shane you've been exposed to whatever you've been through whatever horrific circumstance you've been in whatever the gene choice chance circumstance whatever mess you've gotten yourself into it then I will repay you double the thought is work a couple things I think we need start collecting a mint worth in a bounded great. I think the 1 verse 7 you get double for your trouble any gentleman double for your trouble. I love this strength to resist evil and death gain by aggressive service not aggressive servant they Tonight we being rescued from all we were in we were like Attila the Hun for a number of years when Lady came to me and I think you are with it then at the nose and then at the I did at the camp meeting that I knew years ago and I was afraid to come to your class but I thought I'd give it a try. That you're really different now and I said well you know that's what happens when you go through the paper shredder a few times. But God has plenty of glue and then though I'm really sorry I don't I really hope all the cassette tapes that are out there don't make their way to 60 minutes or. Any of those people on T.V. I hope they did disintegrate this is the day when I read this morning that interesting I didn't know was on here all consecrates all body and spirit the guy will be constantly receiving a new endowment a physical and mental power we have that morning over what we don't have and what WE LOT And let's start gaining some traction in men the better work for this time must be done in reaching the people through what hurt the mill effort Evelyn I'm calling you up here it is this kind of labor that will be what highly successful My husband used to say the reason they call it organized crime is because it's organized. So many of you have come here because you are interested in. Making available in your community some experiences to come to the church for hope and healing and I'm wondering if if. What are some of the questions that you might have and starting this kind of a ministry how many of you are actually doing a ministry right now of of how in your community Ok so many of you are looking to maybe to do that. How many of you would like to take some of those 1st steps which hand up high I want everybody put their hand up any way I'm doing it is going to make a change in your brain that's right so you have come here with some questions and I'm wondering you know we're talking about this putting forth personal effort this personal effort and organizing in everything what is it that you have come here wondering about doing this work. Do you do you need information do you need inspiration yes yes how can you incorporate health into the bible studies that you're doing with other people. OK so you're doing Bible studies and you want to incorporate the message of health and of being biblical living we would I would call it Biblical living it's a big picture isn't it living so yeah you want your home to be a Home of Hope How many of you want your home to be a Home of Hope so that you can even do something in your neighborhood in your living room in part of that is having your tools and supplies ready that's why we have everything that we've been showing you on power points in the afternoon they're scripted they're available to you we're going to have plug in place of the 24 balanced living tracks available I gave in my exercise class I belong to a silver sensations silver and it is over and I gave them all a set all the ladies a set of the 24 balance living tracks and the lady came up to me several weeks later she said I keep these to my bedside they inspire me and I know what it is that's inspiring her it's not the health stuff it's the it's the gospel that's in there she's connecting it and that's where the power is so we have resources and tools that we've been hired to produce for you to make it easy how many of you've seen the balance living tracks or magazine. Things ya know they were doing in End Balance boot camp today we're doing lessons on loss and there's a track you get we've done we have all kinds of tracks we've been handing out that class so we have extras to want to come by and just pick some up at 2 o'clock on your way to another class that's fine too and that's exactly why there's 2 of us working at Michigan conference and health ministry is because our administration understands exactly what you're asking that the Gospel and health ministry are together and so they have invested in that and so that's why we are always creating and updating and science behind the things that we do with the biblical principles so that we can reach hearts we can reach minds to understand this connection and so that's why that tables full of resources for you yes. You were studying with a young woman you went to someone's home to get bible studies and she was sick with the flu so you told her about taking hot baths and hydrotherapy for helping her feel better. So you were Sherri something very practical on how to take a hot bath and go to bed and it helps your temperature rise and helps you feel better and it work. That increase the that increase the confidence that she had in you because you gave her some practical information that helped with that yes yes yes or. A friend of yours had cancer on his face. And then he was cancer free after this surgery how awesome Yeah and so you helped them through that whole experience and they saw the miracle that it happened yeah yes in the back that you're talking about health ministry here at Michigan conference. So it's recognized that Michigan conference invest in health ministry. Yes oh yes the Lord You're welcome. Yet did you have a comment yet. You've been in health ministry outside of Michigan conference. You wondered if it was really making a difference. Yes yes. He doesn't know God doesn't want us to do this health ministry in our own strength. Yeah. Awesome so you have you went through a journey understanding that you needed a total surrender to God and it's about God It's not about us and I think that's such an important principle because we think that we have to be at a certain level of health or we have to look a certain way or we have to have a certain skill but God can take that that desire of wanting to serve regardless of we think we still always keep learning but we can take us where we are and bless others in spite of our deficiencies and these materials that we have can really speak for themselves in so many ways Oh you didn't see that you had those deficiencies you you thought you had it together and it should be really connecting Yes. Yes. It's not about you it's about him yes this last comment here you know off the wall OK. So you have someone in your life to has asthma and they want to do some surgery yeah. Oh well we'll ask that and if you know somebody that can help with this situation would you talk to her afterwards yeah OK we're going to move right along and get to your point I just so I was 1 of those helicopter moms my kids weren't going to go through what I did they were going to you know I mean it was we were while there a long while and I still sing from any of that in my kids but a lady came to me not too long ago because at supper now and she said You're saying the same thing. And I'm so grateful this message is not about. It's about a life that is hidden with Christ and God So now instead of feeling sorry for people I feel sorry with them because I've experienced the error of the brokenness and disappointment and death and sickness and crushed expectations disappointed hope they are precious jewels in the hands of got to shape our characters to be able to do real ministry for him amen So like those fruits that get Burke by the sun and it brings out a sugar and so that what the were doing so were not the same under the trick chastening hand of God because shaping US and proving us the policy instrument in his hand we have this if you more minute. Him when we give I love this when we give ourselves wholly to God in our work follow his directions he makes himself responsible for as accomplishment everything and he says Not once did we think of failure we are to place our situation in the hands of 1 who knows no failure and I remember the 1st time we did a simple solution program we prayed over it it was we were given budgets have produced this book and this module in the scrum it had never been done in any conference it had been done in the general conference we were everything with consecrated guy how could anything go wrong we knew that the angels were going to drag people to the meeting we knew that the police were going to have to direct traffic we knew the letter writing was going to follow. What 1st of all the 800 number in the book was the number of a special because back a company the wrong number. And I remember thinking that morning this is be a good day to be hit by a train I mean I deserve the right to tell my boss and he was so kind and good when you're kind and good to the people who make serious glanders they'll be loyal for life to you but about 30 people showed up you know we have to learn and advertise last year we were both to hold a meeting in the winter with a spin a bunch of money to advertise in the big blizzard came and nobody nobody can we had to cancel the thing and and so the lady called me and she said why did God let that happen why didn't God let that Blizzard happen on the day of our meaning you know everything was perfect the advertising knows we can are your budget on this and I will you know what if you did that for us every year then we would never learn not to do this in December. I don't know if we're going to do something in December let's just make it cheap sandwiches and free. So you know where we're really going to learn the most by the disasters and the problems and then you don't give up successful people are not the thing really yes refuse to give up everything you're a member should be engaged in some line of work for the master 1 precious elderly lady with wanted to be involved so badly she didn't know what to do at 1 of these depressions seminar that was being held in Midland at the cheap that at the door and handed out cough drop of nobody would cause her meeting love her with her idea you know that's what they do at concerts and so they loved her it was the way nobody dared got. Everyone to do his utmost to roll back the tide of disease and distress seeking their brain that is sweeping over our world anything we can do to relieve under necessary suffering in a little suffering will come unnecessary suffering we can help. Many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin they need to be instructed and encouraged and that would all be Klug and slaves and scripted things are for and all the tracks of that and we would be training we can come to your area and do a training for your church when in the in the church of today it is a nd by the power of the Spirit now here is our part of what it is that the members have taken their affections from the things of the world oh how the Spirit of God has been speaking to me about the little ways that money just slip through my hands over little things through my hands and I'm praying about the work and I'm praying for resources but I'm not being frugal you know. The Lord big to me about these little things and so I'm thankful that my heart is tender can hear it and I want to be cured of the self-indulgence and selflessness because it really nowhere and the Lord isn't done any of us in this area yet that they're willing to make that a fight is in order that their fellow men they hear the gospel the truth proclaim will have a powerful influence on the here so there's something about our lives that will make a difference as to how powerful the message we share and we don't fully understand but it is 1 of God's principle many many how many MANY will be rent youth from physical mental and moral degeneracy through the practical influence of health reform health UK will be given publications will be multiplied and many will advance step by step to rethink the central truths of Jesus coming closer growing in the end of all things the false doctrines of the Bible that are holding people captive. They will be freed from this the truth and righteousness together in hampered that every kind is taking the world captive and those who are true educators at this time or have their reward now is our time now is our opportunity to do a blessed work this is no time for any of us a call to Do Not Disturb sign on our door a min. You are the like the world got a call back to be a light in a dark place how many of you would like to make that decision today that you'd like to be like Britney the 3rd day have your literature ready fill yourself with the Word of God Let it transform your life day by day and let's make a decision right now that we're going to have joy in this journey and that we're going to keep saying yes we make a mistake we're going to get up and not give up that's a good day I'd like you to stand with. Heavenly father we have come here today because you have called us and we ask that you would. Prepare us in our hearts to do the work that you have called it. That we will be transformed in our own lives and transformation will flow out to other people in our church and are. Empowered with your spirit right. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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