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Personal Ministries Leadership Training- Part 1

Jim Howard




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Father heaven we're disgraceful for this opportunity we have to meet together it's a wonderful camp meeting more and we're sure that according to your promise that you are here to meet with us so please bless us Lord give us wisdom and understanding in how we can do our part in mobilizing the laity and giving them resources and training and doing what we can to reach our own communities the Lord that you have planted each 1 of us in so bless us during this time with your spirit we pray in Jesus' name amen OK Well let me. Well about that. You know come back I am about that anybody know what that is by the way. Any guesses on what that is. That's the church and you'll have out that that's the church manual I've ever seen what person Ministries is goes to be in the church may know. Probably helpful you have never seen it I like to point out that 1st paragraph this is the most recent church Maina by the way which made some changes and I'm not happy about all. There is some good stuff in there but that per square paragraph has been tweaked a little bit it still has the main components it says 2 sentences personal ministries provides. Resources and. Trains members to unite their efforts with those of the pastor and officers and so on and service it also has primary responsibility for programs insisting those in need so there you have it I like to say that you can really boil that down to 2 primary things that personal ministries does provides resources and provides training so those are kind of think about what you do you get to be thinking about that but there's more to it than that of course but those are the key components. I don't have the the Lisi. Somebody want to look up for me or know that you'll do that or look up for me the work of the church board where you work at a church board. While she's doing that I'm going to pass something out to you it's it's a quiz it's not really a quiz but you guys can you can you take 1 just pass it around you know you taken 1 pass back to 1 passed back and then we'll collect whatever you have left that's fine I want you to browse this page. And 20 This means 129 the church board OK so I remember years of a series of meetings the work of the board OK look at number 6 on the work of the church board you see at the top. Encourage the personal ministries Department to do up. In List What do you that word in list what do you think of when you think of an list. Drafting ride hey look I felt like an army recruiter as personal ministries later I mean doesn't that fit you know oh don't you want to do this is great come to battle with us right I mean that's just about how it feels but that's exactly what you and I are called to do in list what's the next word. Is that an important word wow that's incredible enlist all members and now children in some form of what's next were personally all oh let's say that word again person all doubt you would think that he would know that since the job is called Personal ministries that we would be trying to get people involved in person all outreach or missionary service but you know often happens with personal ministries we get people involved in corporate church events we have them help at the Fair booth and the cooking school and evangelistic meeting I ever thought about it but the reality is we are encouraged to enlist all members and children in some form of personal outreach service what does that word Personal mean anyway individual. It means that we're intended to try and help our people are lay people to do the kind of outreach that you do as someone who's investing in people personally and sure there's personal every service that happens at our corporate events I'm not saying there's nothing personal that happens there but it's very clear that this is goes beyond that this is trying to help everyone to see themselves as a missionary themselves as having a role in sharing the truth with others and so I just wanted you to see that that is actually not in the personal ministry section that's in the church board section because the church board is to make sure that the personal ministries Department is working to get every member involved that's a pretty mix you see how important is you know see it saying under the church board encourage the deaconesses to make sure that everybody is on the communion bread rotation you know see it's a encourage the elders to make sure they visit every member you don't see it say encourage the men's ministries God to make sure he has men's ministries brunches but for some reason the church board they make a special point of saying the church board should make sure that the personal ministries department is enlisting every member of the church in active personal out research it's tells you the importance of personal ministries and I'm going to let you know a little secret as a pastor. I believe that I am leading personal ministries right by the side of my personal ministries leader I don't necessarily lead every depart I don't have quite as much. Time and investment in every single department. But I do make sure that I have time and investment in the personal ministries Department and the reason is because it is the centerpiece of the mission of the church you want to say and I personally believe that there is an entire. I'm I'm pontificating a little now forgive me but I believe there's an entire philosophy that is wrong in many places in the avenues to that we're seeking to change and I believe it's happening right at the very top and that philosophy is personal ministry is not 1 of many departments it's not 1 of many auxiliary departments so you have so many equals personal Ministries is something that the highest levels of administration should be deeply invested in personally that's why you see I'll give you an example elder Ted Wilson of the General Conference a man I believe in God has raised up for that role and has been doing things that have been reformatory in this area if you look at General Conference they have many different departments and they have general vice presidents of the General Conference of 6 general vice presidents and they have their world division president vice presidents Well all the division presidents are vice presidents of the General Conference but then they also have 6 general vice presidents and they have all these different departments and the general vice presidents chair these various departments but guess who chairs the personal ministries and Sabbath school department said Wilson does. Because he knows that that is how the church moves OK and that have you ever heard of total member involvement. OK where do you think that's being driven from. Yeah right from the general Commons president that's it's being driven from who chairs that committee he doesn't micromanage it he works through his team but he hasn't invested interest in your say what I'm say I want you to understand I do not view you in your roles and personal ministries as just 1 of lots of different departments I'm not telling you that you should feel like you're better than anyone else or anything like that but I would be saying this if I was not in the position OK I believe this because I believe that evangelism and personal ministries needs to be at the forefront of what the church is doing I mean I read Acts of the Apostles the very 1st couple of sentences in the acts of actually pop apostle says that the church was organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world. So the very reason that the church was organized is to carry out the outreach activities that you are seeking to resource your church with and organize and that sort of thing so the church was organized to evangelize That's our purpose and that's why personal Ministries is so important do you feel important today I hope you leave feeling important today I hope you don't leave feeling oh when I get myself into but you know it's too late for that so. Buck up OK up it's time to accept it OK. So now you've got this hand out everyone let me talk about it just a little bit at the top of it has the mission of the 7th Heaven church this is been tweaked a little bit in the church manual but it's not that different I want to read it to this is actually from the 2010 version the church Mail says our mission the mission of the 7th Heaven is church is to call all people to become disciples of Jesus Christ. To reclaim their real lasting gospel embrace by the 3 engines messages and to prepare the world for Christ's soon return that's pretty good mission right that mission should not just be the mission of the person ministries department but of every department of the church OK now you understand that personal ministries in the church manual has a personal ministries council that has essentially already been laid out for it by what you read in the church manner and if you look on here I put on here all the different individuals that are on the personal ministries council such as assistant person ministries leader course the council chaired by the person ministries leader and in includes any assistant person ministries leaders the person ministry secretary a pastor an elder or more than 1 elder 3 service leader interest corner by a coordinator health ministries leader public relations religious liberty Treasurer sab school superintendent and other ministry leaders Business Council sound like anything else you can think of. It sounded Ali good church board doesn't it somewhere along the line they got confused this is the only thing I can gather. And it goes to show this is what they're really saying is that personal Ministries is the role of the whole church and so you see this element of so many different department leaders being involved in it and it is quite frankly. Close to the church board when you look at the person ministries Council for this reason I am careful not to. Not to try and. Drive everything in person ministries in the local church through the person ministries Council. You can meet monthly with a person histories Council if it's not you have a small church and so these people are lots of people that you know you may not have half these offices and you know you may have people wearing more than 1 hat you maybe only talk about 6 people you know what I'm saying OK and that's fine if that's the case then no problem but if you had a larger church like a Grand Rapids or something like that you may not have this group meeting monthly in the same way to tackle all of the details of personal ministries for those cases I just want to tell you having pastored a bit of a larger church what I tried to do was have a smaller team that was more able to handle day to day kind of stuff if you understand what I mean so it might have been me as a pastor the if I had an associate pastor at the time a Bible worker they would all of course be on it and then the person ministers leader anyone in the personal histories department like secretary assistant and that would be the teen you might include your head elder if they desired to be on it but that small team could handle a lot of the stuff that happens and then person ministries council could happen more periodically it might be quarterly or whatever. That's just because it seems odd to me to have your church board where you're driving a lot of person ministries things and then the same time a person ministries Council is meeting the same month you know every month and same people and you know so the other thing I'm encouraging about with personal Ministries is don't feel like you're necessarily the committee that plans all of the events. Keep in mind that your focus is a person all ministries the church board should be doing far more to coordinate the events. Then just the personal Minister's Council I would even say it this way let's say you have a health and temperance leader in your church that person might have an assistant or somebody that helps them out with things and they might be able to plan the cooking school and those types of things without having the personal ministries department have to plan all the health of events and all of you know the community service events and all of the before long personal ministries can just be planning events if you can do it if you have the personnel for it you can have those different departments basically plan their own events and when you come together to meet for personal ministries you're focusing on how to get the lay people active in personal ministry what am I talking about well let's make our way down this alley what I've given you is what we call a department ministry plan it's been 2 weeks over the years here but basically this is how you do it if I was a pastor and you were my person ministries leader I would give you this plan just like this I would hand just to you and say. Let's work on a personal ministries Department planned for this next year and let's use this as our template you'll see it tells you how to develop your department ministry plane you see a little list number 1 hold a meeting with your person ministries council or smaller team so that could be those people on this person ministries council list or it could be that other smaller team if you're a large church if you want to do it that way number to review the key responsibilities of the department as provided below and so you have down here 1234 key responsibilities with different subcategories do you see that that's the key responsibilities that you'll review. Number 3 Create an action plan for each area of responsibility so as you're looking through the different things a person ministries does you say OK well how can we do that here and in our church and you begin to develop plans for how to do those various things OK then number 4 Create a calendar of events and activities and you'll see on the next pages a template or. A calendar of events and activities and there's a sample as well and I'll talk about that as we go along. Number 5 Create a personal ministry spot light schedule and I have a template for that on the next page and there's a sample for that as well and then 6 schedule regular department meeting. Schedule regular meetings that's awful Now let's be clear you don't need to have meetings in the church you really don't if you're just planning on keeping the factory running. You know Sam saying like I usually use the deacons as an example for this. Because a deacons you try to tell them to have regular meetings and. Faster we really don't need to have regular meetings we are ready meet Well when do you meet Well we just meet as as needed you know it as needed means NO YOU NEVER That's right never Why do they not feel that they need to me the reason they feel they don't need to meet is because for their concept of what they are responsible for. Which is putting together a schedule for offering and you know communion schedule and deacon of a day schedule or whatever that particular church does to do that they don't need to meet the head elder can put together a schedule he passes it around to get around hey we're covered We Don't Need To me the only reason you need to meet is if you're actually putting your heads together to think of how you can make this better. You understand and if there's 1 thing I've learned from holding a lot of holding and sitting in a lot of meetings in my ministry days both before I was a pastor plenty of them and after becoming a pastor and now working in the conference office if this just about every time I leave a meeting I have more I have to do then when I came into the meeting I've got now something I got to do be able to like meetings oftentimes because yeah they say it's boring. But the truth is they don't really want to be challenged to go beyond where they currently are working. I'm telling you if you want to have a strong personal ministries Ministry in your church you've got to periodic we meet with people to put your heads together you've got to do that to stay organized you've got to do that to stay motivated you've got to do that to keep in front of you what is coming next and make sure you keep the ball rolling if you don't do it you'll get into cruise control which ends up being you know same ole same ole dead church. And if there's 1 thing a personal ministries department cannot be it's dead. The person ministries department is the very fuel of the missionary 6 period of the church you say oh it's so hard pastor I stand out and I tell them about the good things we're doing and some of them they're looking at me with their eyelids and others they're looking at angry and I just I just don't know you can do it anymore let me tell you something God has called you he's called you to a ministry that requires a special level of strength and a special connection with God and I'm not to say that I'm I'm dead serious when I communicate that to you Ellen light if you want to read an encouraging chapter on this ministry of healing the last chapter of ministry of healing is I think it's the last last a 2nd the last it's called I think development and service and the 1st is got 1 little opening paragraph and then the 1st section in there is called force of character force of character and you read it and it's incredible she talks about how God is looking for those who are more than mere weaklings in his cause those who can stir up the Saints and encourage those who are discouraged and God is looking for people who are going to keep their courage even when the church seems to be languishing if the personal ministries department is dead the churches did so but others and sisters you can do it by the grace of God 1 person who seeks to see the blessing of God in going to work for others and seeking to plan that work can start a revival in the church we're told that by inspiration so that's my encourage men to you. Now. So that's pretty easy right those things no problem you can do that let's look for a minute at the responsibilities what I want to start with is just overview read through them and then ask you a question actually I have you think about the question while we're going through it you know I'm going to be here for 2 days you can choose to be here both days I would love it if you did or you could go hear something you know more entertaining tomorrow but either way I would like to know what in your churches and in your ministries that we are about to go through that you feel you would like most to talk about because I mean we're going to go through all of it to some degree or another but I kind of like to know where is your real boy I really would like us to spend a little time on that OK so we're going to read through it now the number 1 responsibility is promotes what told member involvement hey we're part of the world church aren't we and this is the role of the person ministry department so we need to promote it how they provide literature and other witnessing resources I'll talk about that be operate a bible school or other Bible study ministry a that's a good idea 3 or see I should say coordinate weekly personal ministry spotlight and you might have a different name for it but you know what I'm talking about a little spot 5 minutes or so right usually right before the worship service but it can happen in various places D.C. organize regular group outreach by members if that's promoting told a member of although there may be other things in there but those are key categories to provide training and mentoring how can we do that and a. Conducts training classes in various lines of service you may do the training or you may coordinate the training and have somebody else do the training but you make sure the training happens be coordinate new member discipleship ministry see coordinate opportunities for inexperienced members to accompany experienced members on outreach activities OK when you talk about training and mentoring 1 of the best ways to do that is to help connect members with those who have done visitation done Bible studies done things that they've not done so that they can gain some experience and then deep promote conference training events and training schools so that training and mentoring number 3 track interests and member involvement. Organize interests in a database or other system be ensure that every interest is promptly followed up by the way this is the work of the church board to the church boards involved in this piece too but they make sure that we do it and and of course if you have an interest coordinator and you're a personal ministries leader then you're going to work to your interest coordinator make sure they do see regularly evaluate interest and work or lists this 1 we need to talk about D.D. give status updates on key interest to the church board you know the church board is to evaluate the interest from time to time and he set and track goals for key outreach activities I'll talk about some of that and how you can do that and lastly there were 4 developed budgets this is the part you're most excited about. Annie present a personal ministries budget to the church board you say why do I need to do that I'll tell you why I need to do that because you need money that's why you need to do that and your problem is you just never gave him a budget you just thought oh we don't get any money well give him a budget and tell him this is what we would like to do and presented and make sure it's clear and make sure it has good reason behind it and you might find that your pastor and your church board just might get behind it and I'll talk to a little about what really there's 2 primary components but what components you might have in your personal ministry budget and then be present public evangelist to meeting budget to the church board let me say something about this I mentioned that if you have a health ministries department you may not as personal ministries necessarily do all the planning for the health ministries events but what department is there to plan the public evangelist meetings. That's us really sensing So basically if there's a if there's a corporate type of thing that doesn't fit into another department a corporate outreach type of thing that doesn't fit in another department then we would take responsibility for organizing that and getting into the details you follow what I'm saying so another 1 might be like A Fair booth. You know we don't have a specific department unless they help Mrs apartment was doing their own you know what I'm saying but but we try to limit the number of corporate things we do because we want to make sure that we're not losing sight of personal ministries but we do take those responsibilities when there's no other department that clearly would do that in some churches the board of elders might organize the evangelistic meetings but as a general rule that ends up falling to person ministries in concert with the pastor and so you may be involved in that kind of budget even if you have not been I kind of like you to see a little of what it looks like so you understand it I want you to be an incredible resource to your pastor and your church you understand what I'm saying I don't want you to just be in a corner somewhere I want you to be invaluable to your church board and to your pastor his that's why it should be yes. Yeah like this person. Well tell me 1 of the ministries you mean example and. HUNT. Because OK I'm going to give myself away here I hope these are usable. I'm just going to give you real quickly the 2 areas that I believe you need a budget for and it falls under none of that. But him there may be more than 2 areas but no 1 and when I was in a church I had a budget of about $3000.00 for that they're not talking about if we're going to do this right. So yeah. You know. Oh. This is number 1 on here is I can probably already talk about it let me talk can I talk to you about literature OK. This to me is 1 of the glaring problems in our churches personal ministries departments is that we don't put proper emphasis on literature let me or these are not good so I do the chalkboard. Let me just. Talk here. Get ready for the meeting and this is a new. Oh all right. Now are you. OK so here's here's the problem and I'm just going to tell you what the typical thing is I just went I'll give you an example outside of our cars. So I was safer to do that so I was asked to go do a little training on discipleship for a. Lake Region church OK I will tell you which 1 was in the Chicago area. And I said OK I'm happy to do it and I went there and I walked in the church and to the left they had a wall and they had a little display right 1 really a rock but kind of a wall rock you know and it had a little things promoting a couple of events or something and. I think it had a mission 360 magazine and a couple other little things. This is very typical if you go into a church. Oftentimes what you'll find are Adventist periodicals So you talk about evidence or view evidence world Lake Union Herald. Mission 360 frontier magazine address catalog you know you name it you've got They're all in there are some mixture The problem with that is it communicates that we are serving our members and it does not in any way communicate that we are trying we have a message that's incredible that we're trying to get out it doesn't only communicate that to visitors it communicates that to our members let me ask you a question we looked at it a moment ago and here what were the 2 primary things that we looked at. OK 2 things what were they. Resources and training I mean right in the church manual and I'm going to spend 10 minutes finding it. Because I want you to see it again just to prove it. In any. Way there comes 1st the mystery person mysteries provides resources and trains members to do what. Do you Knight their efforts in soul wedding service so what kind of resources do you use in soul winning service OK all kinds of message literature right so. It's a $100.00. 100. So. So when you're talking about literature what kind of thing is well I'll tell you that you know and I did it in their defense around the corner they had a little glow thing and they had about 4. Different glow tracks and in about. Just to be clear about 5 empty slots. But anyway so a really easy 1 is global right why is it easy because it's easy for people to distribute it's small and it's inexpensive OK How much does Glo cost anybody want tell me. OK so you're bound to a nickel or a globe right now if you buy a Bible study offer go how much is that. Reason. OK so you have glow I'll tell you what else I like Personally I like your inner call. Pocket Books you can get them through amazing facts you can get them through. What Steve walrus Whitehorse media has got some really good ones. And different ones are coming out with him all the time now they see that size is a common size and you'll see others besides this amazing facts putting him out now but maybe fact has tons of now when I say tons I mean like over 100 titles 10150 titles OK so you're not going to put out 10150 titles so what do you do I'll tell you what I did as a pastor and I found it was a real blessing was I used I was very intentional about the topics that I got and I made sure that I covered all the fundamental beliefs. And to say not just the fundamental beliefs but the areas where people need to make decisions for baptism so on time out practical areas too like alcohol and you know unclean foods and Christian drag and all those things I put all those pocket books out there in and you know what I did I had. A rack I'll even tell you where I got it because it's still the best record I know of out there although I'd like to get 1 made ourselves some point is not an Adventist but it's really hard to find a rock for Pocket Books amazing facts used to have 1 is called Tree of Life but the Tree of Life had a place for like 6 pocket books and then you had a couple places for full sized books and a couple you know I want a bunch of pocket books that's how I And so John Macon's promotions is Macon's promotions dot com I believe somebody can check on their phone it's either Macon's promotions or make and promotions I think I can remember check somebody check online for me M A C O in let's go let's go take a look Sally. We've got the Internet here promotions. Let me see if that's it's making me yeah that's it right there you see it. OK So you see that rock. That is an 18 pocket rock but they also sell Where is it you've got 1. OK So somewhere on here there it is $32.00 pocket rock I get the $32.00 pocket rock because. I need needed more titles I didn't necessarily need 32 but I needed more than 18 to get where I was trying to get but you can get 18 if you want whatever but the idea is you see how it's just this clear plastic Well what do you think happens when somebody takes the last of 1 of these out. You don't know which 1 it was and so what happens. Somebody you don't know who but somebody takes something and they put it in there. And before long you've got this hodgepodge of whatever even if their pocket books that aren't nice but they might not see unintentional about making sure I've got 1 on the rapture up there so that when I'm talking to that person the foyer I can give them 1 or when I when I you know I want to make sure that every topic or keep in mind this is not just for guests this is for your members to give to people that they're talking to so if they are talking to someone about death you better hope there's 1 on death appears so they can take it to their work and gets on your resourcing them so what I did was I took those removable labels you know just like like an address removable address label and I printed out you know I just a word document with all those labels I printed out all the titles to the ones that I bought and I put them right there on the clear plastic so that was that last 1 is gun it says what's supposed to go there you go and I'm saying and that way you always know you're going to have in there then you have to communicate to the powers that be and every once in while you as person ministers' later may go through and clean it up make sure that people haven't you know messed that up but that's what I do with pocket books as I use a rack like that I'm sure there's other things you can use but that's help that's work for me yes. You know I go into so much detail and people always want more until I find that it's a it's a cycle it's a you know how. Do. I do I do I do I do I do let me see what do you do this for me I will see if I can come up with that tonight and so my computer somewhere and and then I will show you tomorrow or maybe I can get a print off of a copy of it or something like that it'll just be something to go by you don't have to follow exactly but I'll give you an idea OK so that's pocket books you know what else I put in my literature. Yes I put. What I would call. The conflict series you guys know what I mean by that. OK now you can buy. From there called A.S.I. version of these and you buy them in a box of 40 and they're $2.00 or less and they're not they're very inexpensive and now your members have a great great conferencing share with someone or desired a thing share with someone now the nice thing is I don't have it with me but have you seen the publishing departments great controversy they just did very nice they did it with a very thin paper. And it's only about that there is this really well done it's light it's is this really nice and they're working on it for I think they're going to get to the whole series but it's the 1 that's with the advent heralds D.V.D. if you go into A.B.C. right there on the left there they've got a whole display of what's that called again but great a Marine and they've got it package so that the great controversy is on 1 pod and 1 side and let freedom ring is on the other side so you can take a look at that great controversy once if he continues to do that in fact I would use that set and you'll see it has little number 5 on it which tells me he's planning on doing all but it just might be a little bit but in the meantime to ask version for $2.00 unless you get to the A.B.C. in order those I would I would encourage do it I also do steps to Christ and in that series they also have like a bible readings they also have Ministry of healing so you know it's got that good books in that series I also like in terms of books. This is 1 of my favorites. When God. Would. Remember anybody know what that is. It's a mark Finlay. It's Mark Finley it used to be under the title. The almost forgotten day mark really and he lost his heir he gave away his rights and it took a long time and finally once that ended he had it redone under 1 God said remember and you can get a box of a 100 something for like a buck 29 apiece they're really nice but they're a substantial little book on the Sabbath that you can your members can give out so they're not just having to give out of the tract on the Sabbath or even a pocket book they can give out something that's got some real solid stuff to friends and quite an says or what have you. OK Good question I should put some dollar figures here I'm not positive and some of these are going to be within some sort of margin here but these are right around a dollar OK they're going to be maybe $0.90. Something like that if you buy more sometimes you get a little bit of a discount but a be I like to think of it as just a dollar OK because it's going to round up to that these are going to be somewhere in the ballpark of $2.00 there might be some that are to $0.40 other $1.80 I don't know exactly these steps to Chrisy get these for maybe $0.60 or $0.50 or something like that. And then when God said Remember if you buy enough like a $1.29. So you're here now. And. Yeah. Yeah yes it's 1. Yeah yeah yeah up. Route Yeah those are old yes they're very good they're very good there are some good ones out there on the Sabbath but you're right you bring up a good point when you're doing Bible study offer dot com There's a review card that the person doing the studies fills out and there's a place on there to say Would you like more information on this topic we ran into and we were doing the Sanya does that all of the correspondence studies with people around the country who don't have a church near them and we've had some of those who have asked for more information on the Sabbath we go get a when God said remember from A.B.C. and we send that to him so you're going to need resources for people who want more information by the way for unlock revelation we are encouraging our passes to try something they don't have to in your past or may or may not but I'd like to try it where instead of having a decision cards for like 5 different topics we're having a response card every night. And it basically every night will say I'd like more information on this topic. Here's my questions or comments of the topic was presented clearly from the Bible yes or no and write your comments below so it gives them a chance to just write a little bit about it instead of just night 5 for the 1st time giving him a decision card in the way what's this or whatever it is something they get in the habit to right from the start and then it also gives a couple places on the top where you can just check a box there's nothing next to it just as number 1 with a box and the speaker at the end will have a statement up on their slide an appeal slide and all have a statement and say response number 1 and they'll say if this is your desire then Mark box number 1 on your card so that way you're using 1 generic card every night but they can have a different decision slide at the end of their presentation every night you understand what I'm saying by that but on every card it says I would like more information on this topic so what are you going to do with a jacket Well you need resources to get them on topic right not just whatever OK So those are a few book ideas. Something else that I put in my. Arsenal of resources is in the D.V.D. prophecy series now if you're doing bombs they offer dot com then you have the. Prophecy right and you can use that. But I like to make these a vailable to the members I would put like. You know I had this done in a couple churches where we had a big rock with posts on it. And they would hang on bags the D.V.D.'s. And then the members didn't have to take a whole set. We just duplicate them as we needed them and they would take number 1 or number 2 and they would have liked to presentations per D.V.D. and they would just take what they need and then they could share where they went so I didn't hide it in some back corner and let me just get on a soapbox here for a 2nd year where you're going to do a literature ministry and you're going to hide resources to your members you can't hide them in a back room I put them out in a very visible place that people go by that reminds them on a regular basis whether it's visitors or members I want them to see it and even then after a while they just walk right by so then you have to up front in your purse a ministry spotlights you have to highlight some of your pieces of literature sometimes to remind them of that it's available and how good it is a set or so. So you'll go to your board and you'll you know talk to them about a literature budget and when you do you might find that. They're open to it but they don't want to make an eyesore in the beautiful. Foyer you know it's so beautiful out there. So they don't want you know you get this big argument because they're not thinking of soul wedding they're just thinking of beyond its OK look I understand you try to make it look good OK you should do what you can to to present it nicely I mean I've had some good craftsman who have made some beautiful wooden. You know pieces that we've used for our literature and what have you but any way you cut it literature is going to be different sizes and colors and whatever and that's just the way it's going to be and that's what we're about. So you know we've got to make that a priority and I would encourage you and if they say you know where you this crazy idea say the personal ministry director told me that we were supposed to put it somewhere that was visible not somewhere in a back corner and then they can call our office and that's just fine. It's all in a cabinet somewhere nobody knows is there drives me crazy and you know who's going to find the next pastor and usually clear what's all this you know and you pull it down and it's some you know it's yellow it's you know from memory you can go in some our churches and we've got literature stacks of literature from 1978 I mean it's it's crazy and you know here's the problem with that I'll tell you the problem literature is always. Replaced you don't want to use version 1 if version shiny version 3 is out right I mean we try all were brave and some people just don't like throwing things away so they give these old crust the pieces of literature I mean granted the continent is Bible etc but it looks dated the people are wearing clothes that you're wondering where those came from I mean seriously we should be doing things yeah Pichon get good literature and then stay on top of it don't be those people who waste inventory and put it in the back corner and do all that stuff so when we go like Bible study offer I mean we're talking about a significant amount of inventory that we haven't seen the offer but it moves and I'm trying to be careful that we're not going to have any more than you know 6 months to a year worth of inventory on anything. Because I don't want to have 10 years of inventory on something because by 10 years it will be obsolete and we'll be losing lots of money and what have you so you have to think about it you don't want to overdo it but you but you should use you know the best stuff and the last thing I would put on here is Bob instance. So you need to have a real accessible place for your members to get bible study guides you can have all of this and your personal ministries resource center that you create in your church. I like wit Cameron Pass came out of Asia did he did this in Muskegon it just did it again in Kalamazoo he built like a counter like a kitchen counter desks I think with CAB cabinetry and everything and cabinets behind and they have it's a resource desk and they have somebody who's there on Saturday morning in the foyer at behind this resource desk who provides for people they have some things that are out some things are up here but there's somebody there who's actually servicing people I mean it's like a it's a focal point you want to say what I'm saying and it's beautiful but it's a focal point. Are you in Kalamazoo or in musky muskeg and yes thank you so anyway you get the idea why you need a budget right. Now there's something else to your budget besides literature. Yes no yes you're right but I want to put it there is the you have different budgets you have an advertising budget that goes in the. Evangelism category which is your evangelistic meeting budget but you have other advertising that you sometimes do as well health ministries will have their own advertising budget so why does person ministries new budget Well primarily for. Your buying school. Who runs the bible school what department personal Ministries is there money involved in running the Bible School OK you got to do mailings right other advertising you've got to buy resources for the members you've got to buy T. shirts like these 3 well clad individuals What's a. No I'm talking about Bible study Yeah. Now we can simply say by a say over dot com But there may come a day where it's something different or whatever there's the idea is every church should have a Bible study ministry and that ministry will include resources and supplies for that and advertising for it so you might have literature Oh I put it up here you might have literature might be you know $2000.00 and Bob's school might be $1500.00 you might have if you're a large church you might have literature that's 3000 by a school that's 2 or 3000 and others your personal ministries budget might be about. 2 thirds of what individuals and budgeted are you buying into do you believe me or are you like he'd know what he's talking about there's no a. I don't really let's stop for a moment and just let me ask a different way regardless of what you think anyone else might think about it in your church or the church board or whatever you see why we need it I mean we are the ones who have to sell it. And promote it and help people understand why this is at the heart of the mission of the church and let me remind you of something else. Really right there Ellen White says that if you could take our extensive efforts like our big events that we do and Vangelis at meetings and things like that and personal individual ministry and you could take both of them and make a determination of which was more important she says Let it be the personal labor individual labors which actually says individual labor of ministering in households and sharing the Bible and what have you so let me ask you if the most important work of the church is what the individual members of the church are doing in personal ministry should we not reflect that financially in our church we have got to come to grips with the fact that you know I've never seen Ford Motor Company you know they may get upset that they're buying you know too many soft drinks for their employees or they may get upset that they're buying too many perks for their salesman or whatever but I don't think they're going to set about buying too many car doors to put on their cars or buying too many tires to put on their cars I mean they make cars that's what they do. We win souls that's what we do our our widgets our literature and Bible studies and getting the word out right so if there's anything we should feel is a priority when it comes to our spending it's personal ministries and you need to be convicted of that so that you can share it with your board in a loving way so that they don't come back to me and say boy what did you create that person ministries training and it OK so you didn't answer the literature question you've got a little better idea. Tell me what else on here is like if you said I really want to talk about that. I'm going to touch on each but is there anything specifically what's the tracking interests OK We're going talk about tracking interests yes. Actually. We're doing a guy and maybe they think that. Your course. And you mean actual. Not just. Yes. But a nation mostly. I never could have guessed that that would be an issue I. Mean what we need really here is we need 1 meeting or person ministers leaders to get training answer and then 1 counseling session. Where we can vents and just you know all right look let me just express to you my sympathies but also tell you you know before I was a pastor I was a lay person for a number of years and I was a person ministries leader and. I know all about the restoration. Of while trying to figure out the right method you know there's the whip. Right and there's the smile and there's the banking there's multiple. Methods. Banking probably works the best not. 1 thing I do know is that is that the whip doesn't work very well. I. You know you know you. This is a typical person ministers in law OK you mention your situation. You plan a big training event you're going to do it on Saturday afternoon maybe get a train and then go out and do something you tell everyone everyone's invited we've got something for everyone we're going to tell you how to do it it's you know it's going to great and the day comes where you actually have it so the Sabbath arrives your mind them during your personal ministries time you make sure there's a potluck so that they don't have a reason the you know they leave you know you never get them back. And you look out you know at potluck and you say to yourself praise the Lord look at all those people who stayed for hours. And about 5 minutes before potluck is over you say hey just want to let everybody know make sure you wrap up because in 5 minutes we're going to start in the sanctuary with our train. And suddenly the plates are getting picked up and people shuffling around they're giving hugs to each other and they're flying out the door and you go to the sanctuary and you're waiting and you see them but they're like walking by the sanctuary door and you see a few church and you've got 7 people and those 7 people all land there and 3 of them you're not so sure you won't go out but. That's what you've got and you're going to work with what you've got right is that sound familiar. So then the next Sabbath use and up when you say I just want to. Let everyone know that you know things went well for those who did come out last week. It would have been nice to have had a few more but from those who did come out the Lord really blessed us and you know Baba So there's the passive aggressive person ministries leader. The 1 thing that you have to do and I just can't overemphasize this you have to keep your own heart right with God. Because. The what you're trying to do is when people. And it's real easy to get self pitying and start. Lashing IT people or scolding people or ignoring people or getting upset at people or whatever instead of remembering these are people who they're not where you're at and you've got a whim just like you just like you have to win a soul who's never given their life to Christ you've got to win these church members you've got to wind them into helping. Me We missed you this past out of I know you can do it you would be awesome at this you've got to come out and you'd be friendly you'd be winsome and if there's anything that I can you know. I shouldn't have to tell this to the person ministers leaders but I'm going to say it anyway the best method is personal ministry. Not the announcement from the front so you want people to come you start mingling. You talk to and I know it's hard because there are She's coming. There like. You're going there oh yeah I'm coming. Yeah I want to touch base with you before you mean right. But that's OK That's OK because people are people and they're they're fighting the devil is fighting and you're trying to win them and sometimes it takes a little moxie little bit of courage a little bit of laying yourself aside and then you you know you need is in here the words of your save here well done well done good faith and serve God has called you to a difficult work. It's not an easy work nothing I say today is going to make it an easy work that's why I said what I did in the beginning I wish that I had a magic bullet but I haven't found it and I can tell you that the best I found is to be when some knots. Retaliatory and to try as much as you can to do it personally and you can be a sole winner with people outside the church you consider yourself a soul and are trying to win people to winning souls. And. I wish I had a better answer for you but praise the Lord will help you all right. Let me talk about a couple things and what I think I'll do is. Tomorrow I'm definitely going to spend a little bit of time on Bible study offer dot com Not a lot of time but I want to make sure that all of you especially understand what's happening how it works and that we talk about some of the common obstacles I've been hearing about and how to address them and that sort of thing are you OK with talking a little bit about that that you see what's happened with Bible study offer dot com without everybody even knowing it is we have brought Bible work into a whole bunch of churches that never did before. They really didn't know what was involved and they're calling us a pastor it just seems like we go there and the people all the sudden are very interested and I say welcome to Sola OK they said Hey Pastor we're not going to do a mailing because we would be overwhelmed if we did a mailing. You know we can barely keep up with you know all a few people or whatever to which I say you know not done this a lot but. OK you send a mailing out let's say you get $25.00 people who sign up within a month. That $25.00 will probably be down to about 10. So you might feel like 25 is overwhelming but you've got to get 25 if you want to get some it's a percentage thing so winning is we're trying to find those who are whisper looking toward heaven but there's a lot of people out there who are just kind of curious we can't assume that every interest we have is going to go all the way we've got to assume that a percentage of what we get so if you want to get a few you got to get a lot you want to say and this is part of the process don't be discouraged by this is how it works so we'll talk a little bit about some of the obstacles and how to get there with the bible school tomorrow. Personal ministries spotlight. I'll just touch on that tomorrow because I want to make sure you know the types of things you can do for her personal ministry spotlight. Or probably won't do anything with the group outreach unless you want to say something about. Anybody here not have a discipleship am book anybody who does not have a decides for him. No no no I just mean period like you don't have 1 law OK I'm going to I'm going to give you 1. Anybody here not have a fundamentals of faith booklet you know what I'm talking about is the little green book you know. It works where is it. Oh there it looks like this you seem to. Know OK. Well that's a little is a pack of 10 so it's. OK on as a living. No No OK so I'm going to talk a little bit about this tomorrow as well and make sure that any 1 of you who doesn't have 1 has 1 OK this is what we're trying to help fill the gap for for preparing people for baptism you can be used for different things but it's especially helpful for her and now pastor doesn't have to be the only person to prepare some math and they're obviously going to ultimately have a you know time with the candidate but laypeople can help do the heavy lifting and really prepare her baptism with this and I want you to see it because it's an important part of the process so I'm going to make sure that we talked a little bit about discipleship and what comes before discipleship which is baptism preparation so both of those I want to touch on. Tomorrow. And then you asked about interest tracking I want to tell you about a new interest tracking software that that we're working on. Is not done but I'm going to tell you about it and yeah those are the key things that I'll talk about. And then I'll show you the evangelistic meeting budget just so that you have an idea of that. And then anything else that obviously pops up that's really hot we can talk about but I can take it I can tackle those few things tomorrow with no problem so OK Thanks you guys are a special group I want you know that and my prayers are with you and I know the Lord is helping you and he's got a special calling for you let's ask Him to bless you as we continue this and as you continue campaigning Father in heaven thank you so much for this time we've had together we ask your blessing on every 1 of our churches we are praying not only for our communities Lord but truth be told You didn't tell us primarily to pray for our community but to pray for laborers to send out into our community and that's Lord what we need help with please help us to know how to see a revival and reformation in our churches to mobilize our church members so they'll be active in your cause so that we'll move from addition to multiplication and help to finish the work and usher in the coming of Jesus bless each person here with their personal work that they have both in their personal ministry and in the leadership of person ministry in their churches and bless their can mean experience to me thank you in Jesus name him in. 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