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Personal Ministries Leadership Training- Part 2

Jim Howard




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for this Dave bless us with thank you for the spirit that has been leading and for this opportunity we have to talk about personal ministries how to mobilize our churches how Lord we can see. A revival and a reformation that happens when we get active in your work so please Lord I pray that you would give each 1 of us understanding and wisdom today and speak to our hearts we pray to Jesus name Amen All right so I All right Janet is there we get started. Do you have dance you have your. This OK All right so what we did yesterday was we started kind of going through this plan or set of responsibilities for a personal ministries department in a church and we talked quite a bit about literature and other witnessing resources yesterday and look what I remembered. Just barely. But this is not going to pass out and talk about it. Just pass them or. Are you cold really under skin turned toward me you know mine yeah it feels really good. OK anybody now get 1 of the it's OK to pass that back in you America. Anybody else not get 1. You just got 1 ever said on your show. I. Mean. He raised his hand and she took it you know I saw that you know next or. What he always read. You. Know now. It's all right you know will spawn to be a person minister later. So this. Is not a new list OK this is like. That's right for good for good reason. Because it would be a little old but most of it is still available and it's not that far off it gives you an idea the prices though don't go by I don't know if they're true or not but they're not that far off. When you see under you know just to give you an idea the 1st section there says miscellaneous books and magazines so I always had steps to Christ there's a little book called Your friends of 7th Avenue that's probably the best overview type of book with that I found so I put that on there a lot when God said remember. When God said Remember I mentioned yesterday as a good Sabbath book amazing prophecies is a magazine that goes through all of day on revelation in a magazine and it's pretty good so I put it on my rock. Hidden Truth magazine anybody familiar with that for amazing facts it's got several doctrines in it and it's good so then A.S.I. books these are the ones I was telling you about which was the conflict series and at this time those prices are under $2.00 I'm not sure if that's still the case but I will say that in order to get their price you need to get case quantities so $40.00 a case of 40 basically. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I'm glad you asked that Sisters of. The A.B.C.. And we get a lot of people who think that they order through our department all kinds of things even like Bible study offer dot com You don't order that through our department that goes to the website and they see fulfills that ever since I've been in the office I've tried to get away from us serving as a store because we have an A B. C. so pretty much everything will go to the A.B.C. even if we're promoting it and we try to like I mean we have great arrangements with the A.B.C. they've been very good to us I mean I'll tell you basically how I said it to Tim our A.B.C. manager I said I really would like to put a lot of this stuff through you but if if I'm required to. Mark it up. For the churches so that you can have 40 percent or something then I'm just not going to do it we're going to sell through our department because the church is art they needed a better price and he said no we'll do it and I said Praise the Lord so they get a mark up but it's not a big markup it covers their cost and maybe just a little over that I wish I could give more Mark but I know the church is struggle to so it's kind of how we're doing it for instance Bible study offer dot com If you look at the stuff that we're selling and how much we're selling it for we're discovering ourselves and it's and that means that we're losing money because when it's all said and done there will be stuff that gets thrown out him and Tory shrinkage all that kind of stuff take it back we're probably not losing because I build in a few percent on everything so that hopefully we get something. Well it's been this way we will. Anytime you do something like that. Visioning here you're not going to have the same exact stuff year after year after year or get old so you have to freshen it the glow track will have to be fresh and the. The studies that you offer are my e night need to add something or change it or whatever so when will you ever you come to the point where you freshen something then other inventory becomes nobody wants it anymore OK So we will do our best you know how to manage that and bring it down and have a schedule in place to do that anyway on and to get all that with you but that's what I'm that's not not that we're going to stop by was that the offer. Was you still there. It's just part time she's part time she's there. Vicki is there more than Diane she's there pretty much full time Kenzie Yeah and now because of Bob's they offer. I mean they were really hammered there and. You know they don't have a lot of resources you've got Tim and Vicki in Tim's managing not just that A.B.C. but Indiana and. All over the union and so and the Berrien store has employees there but he's still got to give oversight to so whenever he goes somewhere it's just Vicki it Vicki calls in no it's just a very yeah so if you ever wonder why you things are lazy or whatever I mean it really is a lean crew there and you know it be great to get more help but from a conference standpoint we can't afford it and so what ends up happening is you know find ways of doing it and what we did end up doing they brought on Vicki's son Dakota for part time and he just goes over and Phil fulfills Bob said he offered orders we've had over 370 orders there Bob say obvious that you know there's a lot of stuff that's dealing with so anyway you get the idea on the A.S.I. books these are just a few tracks on the glow they've got newer tracks now since him then that are really good but I was like why go to church on Saturday and a couple these others are really important ones that I like so I put some of those that I liked on there. You know about below though you're very familiar with that but the pocket books was the 1 that I think was really most valuable to show you because I told you that there's over 100 titles at amazing facts and I said I just try to have 1 that covers each of the doctrine so if you look at this I say each of the doctrines but sometimes as more than 1 per doctrine absent from the body that is a pocket book about the state of the dead but specifically it tackles the text Secretariat's 5 after the body present to the Lord what that stalking about so it's a good 1 because it's just. A common stated a dead question all that glitters is a is no longer in print but that was a more of a testimony pocket book on the topic of jewelry and I found it to be helpful because it's written from a woman's perspective and all that but I don't think they're printing it anymore they have another 1 that I have on here as well anything but secret is on the secret rapture assurance justification made simple as simply salvation and assurance baptism is obvious can a man can to save man choose to be losses on once saved always saved the Christian and alcohol obvious on alcohol drugs the Twilight this was put together back when that was really big and so I was on my list but might see something else now this God's grace about the laws on the law offices and Sabbath says on just that hogs and other hazards is unclean foods hot topic of hell you know that 1 they have wanted to mazing facts but I like this 1 by Walberg better but you can check them out for yourself on that particular topic the topic of hell how evolution flunked the science test so that's on creation and evolution is Sunday a really sacred that goes over the Sunday texts Jory how much is too much that's the replacement for all that glitters I was mentioning light for the last days that's on Ellen White in the spirit of prophecy. The millennium that's by Walberg as well so you get that through the A.B.C. but it comes from Whitehorse media rich man Lazarus is on the topic of the rich man Lazarus solving the mystery of death is the overall 1 on death and I like and it's by Walberg spiritual Israel is just that on Spiritual Israel then you have these in the church that's on top of the Trinity the ultimate resources on the authority of the Bible under saying tongues is on the issue of tongues Michael the Archangel is on the issue of Michael the archangel and why God said remember is about the Sabbath so can you think of anything that's left out there as pretty. Pretty complete you've got the Sabbath you could say the dead you got hell you got millennium you got baptism you got salvation. There's a lot of good ones and amazing facts that go into end time events and that sort of thing but I just use my magazines like The Amazing prophecies and that sort of thing to cover those topics Yeah. Different totally different 1 is a pocket book and I put it in there but when somebody really has questions I get when God said Remember it's a book it's not a big book it's like a sharing book size and it's like these pocket books have 30 pages and they're about that big you know what I'm talking about but this is a sharing going probably has 100 pages and not 5 I 73 you know whatever it's it's taller. That's the pocket book Right right right right right that's right OK and then balance magazines I didn't mention that yesterday but I usually put balance in my literature stuff so anyway that was that that good enough a little sample phoria OK Don't quote me on any of those prices or anything. And all the list but it gives you an idea. OK then the Bible School I do want to talk to you a little bit about I was setting off or. Make sure that you are thinking about a couple things not aware of a couple things. Maybe I can wonder if I can get that. I don't know if I showed you yesterday. This is a this is the back and OK none of you have this but this is kind of what I look at this as and I had 5 requests today yesterday 904. Goes and I'll show you this this takes a minute the status page that I have. Pulls all the requests and what kind they are from all the churches and so it takes a minute before it pulls out all that information together while it's doing that. I want to encourage you something encourage you to do something this is the card that Hamblen will send in the mail and if you've never seen it that's the back of it that's the front of it and it's a pretty good price I don't know how many people know what it cost to do this kind of thing but the something wonderful cards which are are cards that have been around for a long time that seminars unlimited or any of these printers in the agonist her church will do is like a little cards as a gift for you something special for you whatever and I know that came up to give you 2nd and it would you would mail it and then they would have a perforation something or the other and you would tear off a piece and mail it in and this does not have that because you're doing it all on the Web site unless you don't have the internet in which case you can just call the phone number OK so that's why the phone numbers there and I think I showed on Sabbath that almost 20 percent of our Bible studies come through the phone number. So it's good that we have the phone number. But at any rate this those cards would cost $20.00 to $0.24 to mail if you go through it is written they have a car a big car that's supposed to get really good response and cost 33 or $0.34 to mail this car cost at least it did. Cost $0.17 to mail OK and I was really pushing everybody to mail it and we were subsidizing on top of that. 50 percent of the cost up to $400.00 So 2 thirds of our churches did it which I was really excited about from the standpoint of most of our churches have not done that before even though it's like something I've always done it kind of feel like ever the director this a lot of years of never done it and it's a way to get interested in something you should do every year in fact when I was 1st past bring up in our opinion they were already doing it I like the way they did it they did it quarterly So instead of doing 1 big mailing or something they took their whole territory broke it into 12 parts and then every quarter they did a 12th of it and so every quarter you got 8 buy a set interest that came in and you go from up or whatever and just did it regularly I kind of like that approach you know however you do it is fine but ultimately in order to get $0.17 I had to tell Ray Hamblen Hey print and I had to guess OK $700000.00 of these or whatever OK then he ran out. Because I was trying to be careful and I said Can you give me the same price if I do another printing of say $75000.00 he said OK so I did that 3 times. Anyway but then he finally ran out and I said OK we're past our subsidy date so I'm not doing that anymore if people want to do it they can still do it but you're going to he's going to print them as you do but what happens is when you print for just your church he can give you the same price as when we bought as a conference so now the $0.17 becomes $0.22 or something like that more like the price that you would normally get that's OK it's still worth doing it OK but I will say that my plan is that every year from now on we will subsidize we will we will make it part of our evangelism. Budget to subsidize the churches to do mailings So I'm hoping that 2 thirds grows because I 1 hand I'm really excited about it on the other hand I'm really disappointed about it because why wouldn't you do it and for 2 for a whole 3rd of our churches not to do it I mean I'm talking about. I don't have this up but we had I don't know how many of you were there on Sabbath when I gave a little report on by would say are who is not here on Sabbath and I gave a report for Bob so they offer I'm just a mere not trouble it's OK if you weren't here it's OK you were doing something legitimate I know you were whatever it was and I you live stream is it so you all saw it OK Well then you saw I showed the numbers of how we got it and and the mailings and I had to extrapolate it OK because it's not exact how we did this but it looks to be around 8 to 900 requests that came in through mailings well in Michigan we've received around 3000 requests. 1803 mailings if only 2 thirds of our churches did mailings then that means we really could have easily gotten another whatever 500 requests you're sent I'm saying and a lot of churches thought well I'm not getting I'm not going to do this because I'm already getting some requests that are coming in right because we're doing other types of advertising Internet and other things and they're in somehow some way they're getting a few interests the problem with that is and I don't know if I talked to this yesterday but I don't care I talk about again the problem with that is that you need a lot of interests to get a little solid interest you understand I'm saying you can't count on those 5 to somehow all well we got 5 people already we only have 3 people to follow up so we've got enough no you need more like 30 and then you can trickle it down to where you have 5 solid ones you know and of those 5 solid ones maybe 1 will be baptized you're sad I'm saying I mean this is a percentage game and you cannot just give away interest or not take advantage of interest if there's 1 thing I did as a pastor and I'm trying to instill it in you in person ministers leaders is you want to get as many interest as you can that's the game you want to scatter the seed in any way you can because you never know which 1 will prosper this or that the Bible says you don't know where the person who's open who's really searching who's ready to take that step OK to follow the truth all the way that that person is not. I don't want to say that that person is is is. Rarer in the sense that there are lots of them out there but it's rare percentage wise for sure I mean the way I look at it is this Jesus said The harvest is great right but he also said that the road is narrow and there are few that find it so what's what gives How could the harvest be great and there be few that find it well very easily just because the minority the vast minority are open doesn't mean that's still not a lot of people right so there's a lot of people out there who are open but in comparison to the population it's a very small percentage so that being the case you've got to try to get as many interests as possible and never let go of opportunities to get interests. Of course. And sometimes that's true. You're absolutely right sister. So this is understandable but this is the mailer and I just want you to to talk to your pastor find out what the plan is but make sure that you do at least 1 mailing a year that's what I want and that's how I would encourage you but you might consider staggering it in doing multiple mailings too and you know you know you're not going to get a subsidy the rest of this year maybe your church already got 1 maybe they didn't but next year you will Lord willing if everything goes right budget wise and so be planning on that as well. Oh yeah. Well I don't mean in the same year. But I know I know I would probably go to a I mean most churches do not send like for instance when you do a mailing of handbills for an evangelist meeting. You might send out a I mean every church is different here so let me give an example let's should I should I use a small area or a big area because most are small but medium OK owes us a year in Jackson Michigan OK And you said a mailing out of handbills and it is let's say. 30 or 40000 handbills let me see if I've got. Really there's a master but any. OK I'm going to tell you exactly Jackson. Jackson is sending 13000 handbills and I got to talk him out that. I've seen a lot more than that but anyway. Evangelizing meetings you know Here's Holly 34000. HOLLAND No not for handbills No this is an event you don't do it multiple times in the year you do it once I'm telling you as a rule we go to life on our handbills. I would I try to send OK let me back up again yesterday I said that I would talk just a little bit about of Angelus admitting budget let me just give you a little rule to go by and Mark friendly 1st share this rule I really think it makes sense he says if you're going to do an evangelistic meeting you've got you know your budget putting together 50 percent your budget should be in your hand bills in advertising OK about 25 percent of your budget will be in your meeting hall renting a meeting hall and about 25 percent will be in your other supplies and resources and that sort of thing so that the what if you don't get a meeting hall and you do it in the church keep the same budget. Because your your attendance is going to be lower and send out that 25 percent of your budget use it for more and bills in advertising so then you're at $7525.00 are you following I could sometimes be at 8020 or 8515 because I'm telling you if you're going to spend something spend it on the advertising send more handbills some or it's a direct equation to how many people you get coming in if there's 1 thing I want is people in in the seats OK yes. OK so how about if I write it up here. What's that. What about it. Yeah yeah. What's the problem with it. Oh OK So if how many to get if you don't send any Ok then. I'm just telling you our problem is we we don't have a substitute and so we and so we think it's better not do anything and that's a problem if you had a substitute that got me 5 percent I'd say to bring it on I'll take it but if the best I can get is 1 percent 1000 then I'm going to get 1 for 1001 do it every day versus. Yeah. Yeah and this is what I say I say let's do this let's invite people like we're not spending a penny on advertising. Let's pretend that we are not sending out a single handbill and the only way anyone's going to come is if we hand invite OK And then let's send out $50000.00 handbills I mean we should be spreading the net in every way possible you tracking with it so this is this is the mentality we have to have and I would say. What we're talking about here. Are ties in. The hall. And the other which would be supplies and that kind of thing you're talking 50 percent. 25 percent and $25.00. And if you do it at the church then this becomes 75 and this goes away. You follow that makes sense OK so that's a general rule but what I'm telling you is if I'm Jackson and I'm setting up 30000 handbills that means that from the handles themselves I can count on maybe 13 people and that's way too low because I'm only going to baptize you know 10 to percent so I might have 1 but no 1 baptism I want. More than that. So what I'm saying is we've got to get it through our head that we've got to invest if we're going to win souls you just have to do it now some places you can't do any better than that you know but on the other hand in those places where you can't do any better than that you're thrilled with 1 or 2 baptisms you want to say what I'm saying so it makes sense like pick on a way you know we held a meeting on a way and we did it in a neutral hall we found a little what is at the old the. Old veterans place Yeah and you know it was not the best we cleaned it up and you know work with it and the town has a 1000. Roughly people and so we said to the town plus I mean I always if I'm in a small place I'll send to a 20 minute drive OK whatever that is and by the way I'm OK with overlapping with other churches Oh yeah no problem because whatever I don't care if you go to mine you go to there's whatever they get to more power to you but obviously churches have to coordinate with their district and answer for it but I would send a 20 mile radius and it might only be I can't member how many we send out but it might have been 12000 or 15000 I don't know what that radius was but when I was also undone you know we had a lot smaller meeting then we had over now Pina you know but we had probably opening night teeny guests or something like that and a good number of them came in you know in and out in and out by the way your opening night is not that 1 person. So to me that's closer to your opening night but you're going to get. A lot more than that you'll get almost double that through the course of the series of people who shuffle in and out who are new people so when it's all said and go. You know like these 2 and his dad are baptized and in some in some churches that's like oh you know. We're having you know. Right we're seeing in the doxology the whole thing in another church they may be like that's all we got was you know what I'm saying but for reasons you're in this huge metropolitan area there's all these people you have I mean I had 1 meeting that I didn't actually hold but we had had somebody else hold it in a church that I was pastoring because I was doing 1 meeting and they were doing a different meeting and they had 150 people there on opening night 150 guests on opening night ended up with like 2 baptisms when that happens you're a little right but it happens in a small town you're like hey praise the lord we've been looking for new blood for 10 years you know whatever somebody who's not related. And or somebody who is. Anyway what's happened in my thing here so bottom line is let me see if I can wrap my brain here before I get the time it's a way for me. More to say so anyway I'm just saying you want to be. Aggressive evangelist a CLI and I I think that there's a good argument for that I mean I understand there's always going to be those people on your board but I think that you know you should gradually try to encourage. You know more aggressiveness in how much advertising those types of things you do but what I were I was going to let's look at a better example because I talked to him about it this is Cameron in Kalamazoo 60000 now that makes sense to me. Kalamazoo $60000.00 that's $60000.00 is a lot of money OK but I make sure that my church budgets for that every year so there's money going in from combined budget into evangelism every month and if your church does not have money going into personal ministries and evangelism 2 separate funds or at least 1 that combines what you need for both of them then you've got a problem and this is so common in our churches because what they do is they say OK well we budget the school subsidy and we budget the Sabbath school supplies and we budget the utilities but when it comes to evangelism that's optional so what we do is we get up front and we do fund raising of it please give to the evangelism effort please you know we have to beg to do evangelists like why do we have to beg to do evangelism but why do we have to beg for the schools of the why do we have to beg for the Sabbath school supplies why do we have to beg for this other stuff oh no that just gets taken right out of budget and put right in you all and I'm saying what is it in our thinking that makes evangelism an optional thing and everything else just seems like you know run of the mill OK My thing is let's get evangelism and personal ministries into the budget so that every month it's going in their net if you're running short on budget it's not just that that's causing it it's the it's the the whole and you've got to you know find a way to build up the whole but anyway let's take this Kalamazoo 60000 they're not going to send 60000 by the city interest cards and that's what I was trying to say you might do you might do 60000 handbills but you might do 10000 or 5000 interest cards and do that 4 times a year or something so for most people the mailing for a you're going to get a similar number 1 or $2.00 to $3.00 per 1000 OK on a Bible study mailing but if you send out. You know 5000 and you get 10 interests you're probably OK with that is different from how many people you've got coming to your meeting so stagger it and then you won't hit the same people who are trying to say you know have to do the same people twice in the same year if you're going to send your entire territory at once. Then only do 1 mailing a year. You're going to do that part of it listen series because it's a 1 time hit but for bible studies you don't have to do it all at once and you might find you don't want to because bam you all you know and then all of a sudden you don't have any interest in what do you do now and you don't have enough people to follow up and some of you know what I'm saying it's and you've got to time your interest to because you're going to get interesting you're Vangelis at meetings that are by the city interests so I went to a Bible study mailing right around that time I wait see how that is a sick meeting when I have a Bible studies are going after that you've got a lot of work to do after that and then once you see things are starting to die down do a mailing you always want to have people in the queue you know I mean by acute like like like you don't want to work a process of as a process where you're OK you're studying the Bible with these people in there or let's say you have an evangelistic meeting and you're working with all of them and you're spending all this time with the real hot and interests and the other ones are kind of sitting on the back burner and you're working and working and then 3 months or 6 months later all this and you start having a bunch of baptisms of these and you baptized them and then. You start over. You never want to start over you always want to have other people that are already halfway through or already you're saying I'm saying you always want a steady flow because evangelism is cumulative it happens not in big batches but 1 here to hear boom boom and all of a sudden there's this sort of snowball effect that can begin to happen so that's what your goal is all right there was a hand yes it is. I don't know it's not real high I'm not I did and still would do that type of advertising but I don't do it a lot I try to find the free and cheap stuff and do it in a paper and I do do that I get a you know the last church I was at I had an advertising coordinator who called and got all the free you know whatever you could get right but it's more of a supplementary type of thing you know so I would spend a significant amount of money on it if I was in our urban area and I was doing a lot revelation we had all of us churches down at the same time I would do radio because you can with when you're using the same website you can get $5000.00 worth of advertising and if you have 10 churches you're each paying $500.00 or 5 $105000.00 with advertising that is if you were doing your own meeting you would advertise on the same radio state if nobody else was doing a meeting and you had to get $5000.00 that same amount of advertising to help you you would you would do it exactly the same way because anyone who is nearest to you is going to be assigned to you in other words they're going to come to your meeting so it just makes sense they always do yeah yeah nobody advertising their meetings so yes. Yes. Facebook page and even Facebook advertising and I'm you know we're going to be doing Google advertising and I'll tell you what on Bob said the offer which I was getting ready to show you but they the Internet advertising has turned out very good like it cost us about I would say on a mailing we do a mailing if you calculate it out for how many requests we get for the cards we send out in the cost of the cards and all that it comes out I'd say around $100.00 to get a request you tracking with me. If you do the Internet Google search it cost me about $30.00 to get about a city or Qwest That's pretty good deal and so somebody will say we'll just do internet that now are you talking about because the people that I get through this are different than the people I get through that OK and the people I get to the billboards are different in the people I get there in the people I get so if just because some is cheaper another course I want to invest in than to make sure I'm getting the most I can get at that which I do that the truth is you can only get so many people who are Googling Bible study you know I mean to see that ad pop up and go in and whatever so you know there's a it's not like you can keep getting more and more and more by adding more more money to it at some point you can't get any more and so we get whatever we get out of it. But you want to advertise in every possible way you can I'm really disappointed in the globe to be honest when I did. You know unlock revelation in Metro over in Detroit and you guys have seen these are I Ok so. I did my 1st year we did 35000 so we put out 35000 of these for Metro. This year I got orders from all 100 churches for about 100000 they can do. It When You Talk About 100000 everybody want I want 500 gold tracks for mitered I want to 1000 go tracks mitered we're thinking so so small 50500 at the fair. Well yeah but you have to hit somebody anyhow to get it out of the fair. You know I'm saying he had to do it every way you can all I'm saying is you know we've kind of slimmed down you can tell that people are growing weary of really getting aggressive on stuff like that you can't let that. Deter you. Anyway. This I want to remind you about the Best Buy was cities that we get are the ones that we asked for in the church with friends etc Every church event you have it you can take this and have a stop a stack of them we sell them right through the website it's called an Intro Pack and you simply say Have you heard about our Bible School Oh well we'd like you to have this this is a little sample packed with our study lessons and this is a card and tell you how to sign up and it's all free and we have study leaders here that if you want to go then we go with it through with you they'd be happy to I be happy to or if you want to just sign up and have them delivered to you so that you do it yourself into that way too so here you go and there you have it every 1 of sorry. Yes because the Bible School Health Expo cooking school Supper Club Pathfinder outing every event we have at the church there's no reason why this can't be part of what you give them so we want to let you know about our Bible school there's no reason. It's not intimidating it's not offensive for them to get so the idea is you don't have because you don't ask if we are for you never know who that person is who's going to find out so not as many people or these as I wish and so I'm just encouraging you to make sure that you're making that a part of your process in your church to offer Bible studies and train your greeters and train your people your church that when you have a guest when you have a visitor you make sure you say oh I have you we're going to buy a school. $1.50 that's the D.V.D. both lessons it's basically the cost for us and this is about a $1.34 and then we give it to the A.B.C. and they have to get $0.10 and then we have to get 5 or $0.06 because we got a cover to make sure that we don't lose money but it's close to cost. What are you talking about oh NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO WE DON'T HAVE WE are to give you quantity pricing on everything we give you when you buy 1 so no unfortunately. It's number 1 lesson of make sure. It's hidden behind there but that's it is written. OK that's a glamour prophecy This is actually not the number 1 D.V.D. It's a sample disc it's just number 1 that matches the 1st lesson. And then this is the church sign up card which on the back they can actually write on this 1 so that if you didn't want to sign up online or didn't have internet you should have a basket in your church or a box or something that's part of your Bible study resource center where you have all your literature and all your stuff and they know how to go and put it in there to request a Bible study and then you as you or your bio school coordinator can process it and assign it to a study leader and all that good stuff. Excellent OK Let me show you before I do let me do this just want to give you a quick rundown right now so far we received 3588 studies our request for studies under 19 are new that means they're within 2 weeks within the last 2 weeks 370 are late that means they have not been visited and there are over 2 weeks ago they were requested 2249 is active that of course is not true but it's what it says because what happens is once they stop studying or you can't find anywhere any kind of give up on I mean you say give me a call when you have or do you get to it and they become inactive you're supposed to go in and mark them as inactive OK But nobody is doing that because this number I mean I can almost guarantee you that out of 3000 you probably have a 1000 active and 2000 at her something like that you know I mean the percentages don't match up here but that's OK 21 baptized that's not true either you have people who are. Anyway. You'll notice though the churches that are doing something the church that are here is 1 and alcohol are alcoholics. Are. Going to go take a nap I'll be back in just a bit. Arkansas Louisiana conference Arkadelphia church they've got 26 active you know that's because they are getting serious they're doing stuff they're dead they're probably done a mailing they've gotten a lot of stuff out and you know I know I've had contact with them and they're very active you know there's really not a church in Honolulu that's my testers that's not an actual church. These in Indiana are actual churches and they got with their hands of course nater and he's just not following up with them and they're not doing a great job to be quite honest with you but every once while you have a church that says we're going to do it like South Bend boom 25 active studies not only 1 late you vote I'm saying you can tell the churches that are just leaving a box in the pastors office of supplies versus the churches that are actually making this a ministry and in priming the pump and getting people involved and the other conferences there's a lot more that are not quite active yet Kentucky Tennessee has a few more that are active Clarksville Hopkinsville they've been really the same pastor same pastor so. It's outside of Michigan too yeah these are my wife noticed not 1 late by. A man she's got 221 active now. Everybody has late ones it's OK It's not like you know but it's supposed to be like a flag like OK get on it and a lot of times are late because you tried to visit him but you haven't found a home yet and I know we want to change the site to make it possible to mark it that way and we're going to work on that we've got a long list of things my web got to work on so we haven't done it. Anyway but this is all correspondence with people who have made requests outside of our area that has a church of participating and we're to sending them to them by mail but all these are Michigan churches now and you can see the. Bigger numbers now Fairplay is doing great they've got 34 variance Springs. Has a few quite a bit for burial Springs. You can and in 1000 is not a big church every once in a while but you probably have at that church is a coordinator that was signed up to be the coordinator and they don't even use a computer so there so they're getting the emails they're getting the emails that say you know you got a Bible study request and they're following up on it but they don't even know how to go into the website and log in and click them as visit or whatever and we've had multiple situations like that where you can see I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this but I'll give you a couple the big ones Detroit Northwest is the biggest 73 active 39 late 3 a lot of these have been given over to Lake region and we're just waiting to find out if they've gotten to him. And Oakwood a lot too that's because we do a lot of Internet advertising in our highest popular you know half the population of Michigan is in Detroit so you get a lot more biases are and so those churches are getting bombarded a little bit just because of the Internet advertising they were doing they may have not even done a mailing I don't know use Lansing but you know you got a lot of 15 twenties in here and some that are not so much Hartford 30 Hartford as a GREAT TO few great testimonies but old Lansing at 72 active. 1 I'm going to have Rod Thompson up on Wednesday he's. No do it we pass that. Course to come see has 47 and 19 so they That's a small area and he's got to walk there and row had a good bit to where were you taking me. Yeah look at that that's impressive they didn't have very many at all but I did a mailing who's a St John's You guys are Santa you did a mailing as Pastor Monte see Pastor Monte believes in personal work and by work types of things he's done it wherever he's gone and wherever you see that you'll see high numbers I'm just telling you this is soul winning this is what you have to do you have to get interest you have to generate interest you have to follow up and then you have to get more interest and you've got to be continually working it because it's not a high percentage thing you can't be easily discouraged by OK Now having said all that somebody asked me Well how do we or the stuff I'm going to take you back. I'm going to go into my wife's. Location which is. 000 and she write down her password I wish I could tell you her password that it's hilarious it is but I'm not allowed. It would be. Yeah OK so right here on any church this is what you see if you're a church except for here you have your new requests that have not been. Followed up yet and right here or supplies it's pretty easy it's a coordinator panel because you're logged in OK landmarks across the guides D.V.D.S. landmarks prophecy review is written guides and is written review cards. General and advertising so I think that it's either advertising or generally. You know General there is. Training Manual answer tracking car pocket or certificate. Advertising enter OPAC right there this is a 7 inch by 12 inch clear Ziploc bag containing a number 1 it is written study guide tells you everything that it is you have to use it is a dollar 50 you click Add to Cart and then over here in the car it was successfully added and into a pack and there it is a $1.50 then you go check out and then when you go to check out it will give you when you put in all your information it will let you are charge it to your church account with A.B.C. and then you either ask them to ship it or say you're going to pick it up put in a shipping address and boom then it sends an e-mail to the A.B.C. they fulfill the order if you're going to pick it up you have to give them a good 48 hours and they're not doing anything in June and you might know why. OK so I send out e-mails. Now if you need something for it what do you do in your fair B.B.'s of July OK so what I would do is I'd tell you to talk to them this week or or get it in you know whenever you can and tell them call them when they get back in the office and say hey is there any way you can get this to me you know and whatever that's enough time they should be able to OK So that's all really about 5 study offers an OK little rundown. I know there's a lot more that could be said about that is there any question that you might have about diversity offer before we move on. I will say that the the 1 thing that I am having. A milk concern about I'll give you an example of 1 church they gave me their results of how many studies it had or whatever and they told me we've had 2 that have actually finished their whole course and they haven't yet requested any further studies now when I hear that as a pastor I think to myself well what do you mean they haven't requested any further study you do not have to wait for them to request for the studies you should never be waiting for them to request for the study you should have already been visiting with them when they study the Sabbath you should have been asking them hey what did you think about this was a something that you found interesting is this something new to you Have you ever thought about keeping the Sabbath you should be finding out where they are on these testing true that they're learning about right and trying to find by the time they've gone through 24 bible studies 26 whatever the number is you should have had some interaction and already have an idea of you know what's going on now might not happen the 1st 6 OK but as you start getting further along you've got to start winning that person and that means interaction sometimes saying something so that you will go you know I've been there 3 times and they never go out the lesson and so you know I don't know what to do I say Well have you talked to them about it. It's like we don't want to talk to them about it you know say I'm saying you go there and you say you know what I notice that you have been through is it just a time thing or is there something else you might be interested in is this something that you know sure that this is for you or maybe would it be helpful if we sat down with you or you know would you prefer a small group or I challenge him a little bit make people think in sometimes they just aren't interested. And I don't want to be the guy going back and back and back and back forever with somebody who's not really interested you understand so sometimes you have to work with people and talk to them and by the time someone's finished a whole set of studies you should know where they are either they're just not interested and they just did it for you know curiosity sake or whatever but you should have already asked them about certain things and by the way you are using the review cards I hope these are I asked my wife to give it to me so I could look through and I haven't had a chance to do it yet here to me. These are the. Yeah it's it's baptismal preparation. Anyway this is the stack of review cards that my wife has gotten back from our correspondence studies and the people write on these review cards OK They write all kinds of things on here so when you're going through the studies and you're picking up the review cards hopefully it's giving you some conversation material you understand what I'm saying that's the idea and they're asking for more information or they're writing down a question or a prayer request or whatever. OK well what the deal is with every lesson I'm looking for here with every lesson well just hold on this is it is written as good as it gets every lesson we've developed a review card for so when you give people when you drop off to lessons and I do 2 at a time you give them the review cards for each of those lessons and then when they when you go back to drop off next lessons you ask for the review cards if they've not filled out the review cards I don't given the lessons. And I've noticed that too some are saying well yeah no they have it in their view cars were giving the lessons they're not going over the lessons you're just giving them lessons they're not doing what so. Yes they did and you can order him on the on the website so it's just a way to have something that you're able to talk through or hey I've got a good I'm going to speed this up by doing something I'm going to give you an assignment and I live do that yalla do that on the person Mr Director I'm going to sign it. Read this. Read it everything that you need to know. It's funny I don't live here do all of your churches got a starter kit and they all had 3 of these but if you have access to your bible school coordinator and you can go on here you see this go to resources. Right here training manual click on training manual. And there it is you can read to your heart's content orientation benefits of bombs that offer dot com. How buy was that offered dot com works. Yeah and I would encourage you to use the study leader training portion of the manual and take every all your study leaders should be going through the study leader training portion of the manual it has it's not real long but it's how to respond to a Bible study request. Whatever request type requests that is how to conduct a personal or drop off Bible study how to lead a 1 on 1 study and then how to do how to set up in lead a group study so this basically is your. Yeah yes chance yes. Yes. Oh I know I know. I know and I think I can do it OK I'm going to move on by to say offer because that I think is what you nearly need is the MS That is the manual and it how many of you are the Bible study offer coordinator in your church OK how many of our personal ministers leader but you're not the Bible Study author coordinator. OK I'm. OK so you're going to be OK. You need do you know how many of you don't know who your Bible study offer coordinator is. There's a bit of a core caucus going over here. Well the problem is if you guys get a Bible study. If you get a bias that any you all. Yeah it's got to be a pastor might OK well what you need to do is ask start with your pastor but find out your corner is and get the password if they are willing to let you have and I think as a person ministers later it makes sense. What you do what you do is you go straight to Bible study offer dot com OK just write in your web browser type in by was it over dot com to bring you here click on menu log in and then your username is your church offer code am I dash do you know what your church overcoat is you don't in St John's OK I should have grabbed it while I was in there but I can get it for you guys it will be Emma. 112 or what's yours 00 so you understand is a 3 digit number that every church has and any of you if you are in your church and you get a problem and you need the password reset and a new person put in place you just let us know and we'll do that very same thing OK So there's a little on that and I wanted to give you obstacles what was the obstacles they only. Oh I kind of talked about that yeah the the main thing I want to talk about was the importance of. Processing it and and talking to people and not just dropping off the lessons that's been a problem where people have not been getting anywhere because they're not interacting with the people so that's why I brought up the review cards has a great tool to interact with people and if you're going over something I mean when you get to the last part of a series you should be saying So how has this been for you you know if I've not heard anything if I'm not getting thing they're not coming to church they learn about the Sabbath already they learn about all this you know it's been they've been through. 8 Lessons past the Sabbath they've now been through the mark of the beast and they're still just hand in the cards I mean you guys you got to know what they're learning right I mean this is heavy stuff they just learned any time test for humanity is going to be the Sabbath OK and they're to say me to you and not you would say so you know I have to ask you How was that was it something new to learn that yeah it was different OK So what do you think is it is something you've thought about before if you thought about keeping the Sabbath Well you know and then they start telling you what their obstacles are and their objections are it's it's called Solon and you've got to you've got to interact with people you know you've got to talk to them you've got to lead them into the truth OK and you can't just drop stuff off and expect that they're going to start coming to your church and that's the thing that we've got to start helping people to understand OK so I want to talk to you about a couple other things 1st of all. In case this comes up we do now have a man while do disappear lotto. This is the Spanish savage upin book and if I had time I would show you something but I'm going to do it during Sabbath school in the main auditorium this so if you're interested you can see it is going to be toward the beginning part of sabs because I'm going to do my mission report on the Disciples of Handbook and training center churches were close to having a website for training center churches and. Presented what to you. Know I don't well I mean I was here but I don't know what you're talking about for sure. OK I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing but at any rate. It's not this when I talk about train senators I'm talking about a committee in the Michigan conference is developing resources so anyway if you go to the Web site now it says coming soon because we're almost ready to have a website where you can order this stuff directly through the website I check out this testimony when you have time. If you haven't already it's training senators dot com This is what I'm going to show on Saturday morning but if you miss it you can go and see it here it's a 5 minute testimony from Manchester England where they're using that as Japan book they've got 100 of their 200 some attending members involved in their discipleship ministry they've got about 30 new people or people who felt like they just need revive and about 60 mentors they've got 3rd generation disciples meaning that they have used it where somebody has taken mentored somebody through it and then that person has mentored somebody else through it and that person is now mentoring somebody else through it. And this is all happening without us being fully aware of it but they ordered a bunch from us and then we learned about it when the conference leaders called me and asked me to fly to England and do a discipleship training and they bought a 1000 decide Japan books for the whole conference so yeah they really have taken it to heart and they've got to I had to write out a report and you can download it right here this is just a P.D.F. report that shows you what they have been doing and how they've been doing it it's really been very effective for them and you can tell they're not just handing people a book and saying you know we hope that this is a benefit to you they're using it with people mentoring people and sometimes in small groups sometimes in families sometimes 1 on 1 but they've got a whole system in place where they're using this to disciple people and then putting them to work to disciple other people and you know what this is really good for it's good for learning how to give Bible studies a lot of the people who are serving as mentors are now getting a feel for what it's like to interact with someone in what's in essence close to a Bible study format. And so I really encourage you in Michigan we've got some churches who are really using this with great effect and others that have them sitting on the shelf and they've been there for 5 years and they don't even know what you're talking about if you mention it so what it is for those of you are positive and I keep showing the English 1 or the Spanish 1 but we do have it in English. So I just want you. To be aware it's got $26.00 chapters it covers the devotional life family worship witnessing church organization church history Christian lifestyle evangelism cycle evangelism all that $26.00 chapters there's $26.00 weeks in 6 months so that means 1 meeting a week with mentor and new member going through the process and meanwhile there's a Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reading plan in the back and I'm a new member is to be having daily devotions using this reading plan which is only 15 to 20 minutes of reading a day if they can do double double that and they can do 2 a day it's not marked by date it's just number 1234 and so it's a process that involves accountability for their devotional life and at the same time learning about other things that are going to be valuable for the Christian life and then the mentors guy. Has different things that the mentor is got 1 page outlines for each meeting so the mentor knows what to do in each meeting and in each meeting there's little things that they're asked to do to help integrate the person into the church like invite them to vespers or let them see your family worship or give them a church directory or you know just various different things that integrate them into the church and so you don't want to go without the mentors guide and just assume that all you have to do is give people a hymn book that's not the way it works this drives this way so you want to be mentoring people it's the personal aspect not just the book aspect which is why for instance these 2 guys here I happened to meet a couple that I was I did a man a sick meeting in South Lyon and there was a young lady who came to a bunch of meetings she was deeply convicted I knew it I talked to him up occasions but she ended up the world and her circumstances made it hard for her to make a decision at that time she ended up evading us and kind of going into her direction Well she ended up she had just broken up with someone who was a son of 1 of our members and she ended up getting back with him and marrying him and the 2 of them decided they needed to change their life and they moved up north and got baptized Well they moved up 30 minutes away from these guys and they're here can't meeting and I said I got introduce you to somebody and so I have to go with them and I'm the plan is that they're going to take him to decide Japan but. The idea though is I could have just said hey you should really go through this is be really helpful to you. So you later. But that's not beside listen you understand I'm saying that because to discipleship is not this it's this. Anyway so I would encourage you to utilize the discipleship process that we have set up and it is being used in many other places with great effect and we just need to make sure that we're using it. Yes it is Senate me name in. OK this any body not have fundamentals of faith OK I want to make sure everybody has 1 of the soma give you 1 of these. OK can e-mail me. That's fine you can keep it and give it to somebody else. I'll show you the minute. OK it looks a little like this doesn't it. The difference is it's green but it's you see on the back this little logo that's T.C. see that's standard Trade Center churches OK So everything that the that our committee is developing has that logo on it it has the same thing so we're working right now just so you know on a large volume that's probably twice the size of this called The Bible study hymn book and it is an A It's a resource to aid 7th Day Adventists in giving Bible studies so it's going to be. We're it's going to be a good day because going to be used for training an asteroid of thing and we're really excited about it after that and that 1 will probably match this and I'll be green because it kind of goes with this and then the next 1 will be a dark red and that is the leadership am book and that will be how to infuse evangelism and soul and discipleship into every department of the local church so you see this. Personal ministries depart ministry plan they'll be 1 of these in that book for every department of the local church OK So that's the whole idea is to develop resources that help training center churches become reality in our churches so this booklet is. It's a summary of our Let me ask you this how many of you have heard of the steps. Not step to Christ. In his steps in his steps it's a booklet that you use to prepare people who baptism each page covers a doctrine but it gives the full fundamental belief and then about 15 bullet points and a bunch of it's a little bit more than what you need in fact like for instance I don't need necessarily if I'm preparing someone for baptism to have a whole thing on the father the whole thing on the sun the whole thing on the Holy Spirit whole thing on the Trinity you know some of those and it goes in an order that doesn't really make sense of Angeles tickly like it covers. Certain things. Well I'm trying to think of an example the remnant before it covers the South you know so things like that what we did was put this in an evangelistic order and made it sort of what what evangelists do to avoid the overwhelming ness of a book like that is they use a card they called a clearing card is just 1 card with just 20 points or $25.00 points or whatever they summarize it into and it's really brief to me it's too brief so we wanted something in between the full in his steps and this little card so we developed this fundamentals of faith and it's for preparing people for baptism it has check boxes so that as people feel comfortable they can check off that particular belief I'll go and then it's certain points it says my commitment like the 1st 1 if you look on page. 5 It says my commitment and it says by the grace of God I was strive to remain close commune with Christ through daily prayer and Bible study so these are the commitment points that somebody makes as they're preparing for baptism so each doctrine not everyone but as you move along you look at for instance the Sabbath page 12 when you're studying the Sabbath with someone in a series of Bible studies what do you study you're studying the 7th day of the Sabbath right when you're studying the Sabbath to someone you're preparing for baptism or not only studying what day is the Sabbath you're studying how to keep the Sabbath. And so this has to have a little bigger section on the Sabbath and it does and if you look at the commitment on the Sabbath this is my commitment by the grace of God I desire to keep the Sabbath holy from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown enjoying the case we've talked about Sunday and sundown that's important enjoying a spiritual blessings of worship fellowship and service in harmony with this observance I choose to refrain from all secular work or activities buying or selling or hiring others to perform common labor on the Sabbath which are all things that you talked about in the points above so the point is this doesn't leave anything out it covers all the aspects of preparing someone so they're ready and they know what the decision is that they're making when they're baptized even an elder or a lay person who's not done this a lot could use this and make sure that and they wouldn't have to worry that they're not missing something you understand and then at the very end after you get through all of the doctrines you've got steps of faith and it says if you have you know are in harmony with all these things then perhaps you would like to take these steps I think in a baptism or profession of faith to become a member of the some of them a church and then on the last part it has the 13 commitment points that are on the back of the baptismal vow because we want them to know exactly what they're going to be asked on the day of their baptism so this is something that you want to know and the very last page says they're going to continue a discipleship journey because on the day of their baptism you're going to give Miss. And they're going to start weekly going through discipleship with somebody so it's just a precursor So this a lot of times the reason people leave the church is not because they're not discipled after but because they were not properly prepared before and so we wanted to make sure we filled in that blank Yes. Any age. Yes Well let me tell you something let me tell you this way both of these you can use any age but let me say it's just like anything it depends on the the person taking them through because you're not they're not going to understand you're going to have to boil it down for them you are saying so but if you look at the Manchester report they've got young people level 1213 whatever who they've been using it but again they're not going to they're going to read certain chapters are heavier than others like the testimony of Jesus when it's been a process is pretty heavy they're going to need it boiled down for the other chapters of understand more easily I think that any teenager and up should be able to do it pretty much as it is but some adults need boil down for them more you understand I mean it's not we def a do that with anyone so I wouldn't shy away from using them but you might have to boil it down a little further the younger they are. OK I know that some people really have to leave I want to thank you all for being such good solid personal ministries promoters in your churches and leaders and I know I didn't necessarily go into detail on every item on here but I'm available that's my job you can call me and talk to me about whatever I will tell you on the track interest section because I said I would mention something about it I don't have a lot to say about it anyway but we're working on a software and an app hopefully by fall that will be a really good it will not only track interests and be in an app form but it will also have the ability to track members like elders doing member visitation things like that you'll have your church directory in there you have news in there you'll have a whole lot of good stuff in there. But you have to wait on all right let me pray with you Father in heaven thank you so much for this time we've had together please bless each 1 of these individuals who is courageously seeking to promote evangelism in soul winning in discipleship in their local churches give them wisdom from heaven Father and grace that they might be winsome and truly be able to motivate with love and with with great courage all of those in their churches so we thank you and I ask this in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio produce a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it as it W W W. Dot org.


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