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Spark Training: Public Evangelism- Part 1

Yves Monnier




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for a glorious Monday morning here at the Michigan conference camp meeting Lord I'm thankful to be here and I pray that my friends here are thankful as well to be present Lord guide and direct our our time together I pray that they will be insightful helpful and fruitful and Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit will be present to oversee this time together greatest in the name of Jesus Christ amen other way since we're just a few of us let's not hesitate to in the ract And this this is the this is the good thing about being a smaller group well so what would you say is the. Is a good definition of evangelism let's start with that how would you define evangelism. That's a great answer there might be others Kathy does not have the corner on good answers there might be other says Well I think I mean yeah. Exactly exactly. That. Evangelising that's a good 1 sometimes we don't do that as much as we should Emily I think you're going to say something. Here's how I would define it my definition does not supercede yours I think that everything you said is correct here is how I see it and I think it complements to what you've already said sharing the good news bottom line evangelism is sharing the good news what good news I would say the good news is Jesus loves you all people. Regardless of what they have done their background etc and he wants to spend eternity with you that's the good news and I'm so thrilled that we are as a church in the business of sharing good news I opened the news online and all I see is bad news. Fire that kills at this time they've announced a 79 people and in London a terrible fire in this 24 story apartment building we we read about another car that rammed a group of people in in London again just the trouble is mostly over there not here we've got our trouble we've got our trouble. And it can be depressing all this bad news so aren't you glad that we as a church we deal with good news we share we give people hope in a world that seems to be so hopeless so why am I here. Today what I believe eventually is a makes a huge difference. I'll share this not in this quote with you in your in the notes that I will be sending you but I find this in the church manual it's very insightful and I hope you listen carefully because it says a lot this is page 90 of the 70 Amatus church manual and it says here the Gospel commission of Jesus makes evangelism proclaiming the good news of the gospel just like we just said the primary function of the church so what is the primary function of the church evangelism. Then the church manual continues and says it is therefore also the primary function of the church board to serve as the chief Committee of the local church so the primary function of the church board since the primary function of the church is eventually the primary function of the board should be also evangelism how many of you serve on a on a church board OK So you'll be interested in knowing what what what the next part reads you know what it says it says when the board the votes its 1st interest and highest energies to every member evangelism most church problems are leave gaited are prevented. You know you go to a church not your church obviously but I go and it is written we work with many many many many churches in the from parts of the world and usually what I have noticed. Is a nice breeze but churches that have problems the vision and conflict are usually churches that are not involved in evangelism there seems to be always a connection but churches are more involved in evangelism involved in in all that is related to evangelism or churches that seem to have less trouble so you know if you want to have less trouble you know what what you need to do I want to clarify 5 big myths about about evangelism and this is actually quite important number 1 myth number 1. There is no 1 left to evangelize. There is no 1 left evangelists i believe me there are some people who really think that that the church now is all about status quo maintaining what we have make sure that that we have the best programs etc But but really you know people have made up their minds and and that's it there's really not much oh no don't sit back there. Come here 1st. Coming here my dear says. All you need to do is add your name and your email address and I'll send you my notes. So that you don't have to worry about taking profuse notes you can do that but you don't have to so I think the words found in the Gospel of Matthew are still ring true today and it's found in Matthew Chapter 9 and I'll just read just a portion here Jesus has been going from village to village teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom just like what we are supposed to do and that's the purpose of the church that's the purpose of 7th Day Adventists Christians and that's the purpose of it is written. Or not just like I said another program on television just to fill another slot in the morning Sunday morning menu it says here Jesus verse 36 but when he saw the multitude he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scatter like sheep having no shepherd let me tell you when you look around you go to the supermarket you go to the gas station you go to the restaurant you drive on the road to work and you look at the other people driving to work as well you see it you see the same thing you see people who are weary and tired and confused and something is clearly lacking and that's when Jesus said to his disciples he said it back then and I think it applies to us as well today the harvest truly is plentiful but the problem is not the lack of people to invent or lies the problem is the lack of people willing to do the work of evangelism the laborers are few so what is your name very. Very good Mary this is a place where we'll we'll get to know each other so we got Olson and Richard and Kathy and Emily and Mary beautiful good to have you here Mary. Ellen White adds this she says the great mass of mankind are engrossed in the things of this life I do wish she wrote this in 1902. And it's like wow even back then they were engrossed in the things of this life if it was if it was true then imagine how much truer it is today. And divine truth can find nobody in place in their hearts so she seems to say listen there's no 1 left evangelize I mean that's what she seems to say. But then you gotta keep reading and yet all the blessings which the world can give fail to satisfy the wants of the soul there is a nameless longing for something which they have not the peace and rest that is not born of or all around us are people with a nameless longing steppes the Christ she calls this nameless longing in page. Page $28.00 she calls it a inexpressible craving inexpressible craving so nameless longing inexpressible craving we've gone to Boston Boston is that is it is written in Boston I don't think anyone would confuse Boston as the as the Mecca of Christianity Boston is probably quite far from that and yet And yet when we did meetings last year in Boston we found people there with a earnest desire for for something better we had a gentleman come to our meetings who was who found the handbill came to the church and he was a a P.H.D. in. The he was doing research on the brain so a neuroscientist and and he came because just like so many others he had this nameless longing this inexpressible craving for something far far better so Myth number 1 there's no 1 left to evangelize that's not true there's plenty left lots left Miss number 2 eventually is missed preaching that's what people will say when you said a word evangelism when you say to your church that's evangelism people automatically think all he or she is talking about preaching. It's it's like me when I go overseas and people tell me oh United States that's New York City that's Washington D.C. That's L.A. But hey hello United States is much more than that what about Detroit what about Saginaw What about Grand Rapids What about Ann Arbor What about New Holland what about all those cities in the great state of Michigan that's the United States as well so. Preaching is evangelism is much more than just preaching eventually isn't is it small groups if you're churches doing small groups that's eventually as I'm sat us goalie's evangelism Savage's school. Me Pathfinders is evangelism you know people don't think of some of the things that we are radio in the church as evangelism health Expos Bible Expos you name it all these ministries that were involved in women's ministries men's ministries that is all an opportunity for evangelism so to say that evangelism is just preaching is is not having a broad enough view of what evangelism truly is so that's myth number 2 myth number 3 public evangelism and I'm referring to this to 1 aspect of evangelism and that's the public part and that's really what we'll be talking about this week requires a hired gun a professional. You've got to hire someone to come in and that person will come in like a knight in a shining armor riding a white horse to save your church to save the community to preach powerfully because no 1 in the church release capable of doing that and I think that's a myth that's a myth now there's no question there is no question that you know these individuals who go from church to church doing evangelistic meetings I think the Michigan conference has has a conference evangelist maybe 2 or 3. There's no question there they have a special gift there's no question that Pastor John Bradshaw who's done over $100.00 evangelistic meetings he has a special gift and many others like him but it does not mean that that in order to do a series of meetings public evangelism that you need to hire bring in 1 of those great speakers. There are some in our churches who are very capable I would say pastors should be able to do an evangelistic series and many church members are very capable of doing it as well I would say there are still requirements maybe I'm simplifying too much but 2 requirements love Jesus and thus love souls because you can't love Jesus without loving other people the 2 just go hand in hand and then have the right tools to do it. You know in order to do a series of meetings you need to have the right know how in the right tools if you have the wrong tools or not enough tools you're going to struggle I give you a quick example from my own life you know I've got quite a bit of land that I need to to mow and so you know I can do it with a push more but I will take me. I would think it would probably take me easily 8 hours or more to mow it all. It would work but so I got myself a writing more and I cut down the time to 4 hours that's pretty good and then by God's providence I have a 0 turn with a $72.00 inch deck and that's massive and suddenly I'm able to mow my whole place in 2 hours so you know it's all about the right tool if you've got the right so you can do things more efficiently and better and and have better results as well so public evangelism does not require a hired professional to do to be done effectively myth number 4 public evangelism is expensive and you need a big venue people or a churches are afraid of doing evangelism public evangelism I should say because our that's that's such a huge chunk of our budget Well let me just say 1 thing in response to that well isn't that what the church is all about to begin with so but Aside of that it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg and it doesn't have to be in a big venue we'll be talking about this in the next few days but if we prepared the right way you don't need to spend a ton of money to invite people to meetings if you have if you have prepared yourself well you can have a nice group of guests attending without spending a ton of money it can be done and and eventually serious can be done in a living room. Why not. If you have a group of people you rearrange your living room and you've got half a dozen You have 8 or you have a dozen people there. That's good there's no reason you need to have a big venue could be done in your home in your basement in your living room. And it doesn't have to be expensive either I think we are always looking at public events alyssum in the same way higher to person A big venue big expense it doesn't have to be like that and the results can be just as good it's all about preparations ahead and finally myth number 5. That's the big 1 public evangelism doesn't work doesn't work anymore used to work 50 years ago that was the heyday of public evangelism That's when a an evangelist would come into town the hired gun and he would pitch a tent and and you'd send out. And bills through the whole community and people would come you get a response of about 10 or more per 1000 handbill mailed and and and people would attend and you'd have huge baptisms it worked back then but today it doesn't work anymore people have changed times have changed it doesn't work any more have you ever heard that I hear that all the time all the time so yes how many. Out. Well what we'll be talking about Mary this week is is relying less on handbills and relying more on the on the Personally evangelism aspect so and I'll touch on this I will I promise you we will specifically talk about this. And I think in my answer here I will kind of touch on this so back then go back 50 years 60 years. Paul get a handle there's nothing else to do in the evening. And there's no there's no there's 3 channels on television there's no Internet of course. And Bill looks interesting look at those beasts paw. Let's go check it out it's just just not far from here so they go there and of course they're like. And many of ours 7th they have to church members today are the product of public evangelism or if you're not the product someone related to you is a product of public evangelism am I saying the truth how many of you know or connected to someone who came into the church because of public evangelism now the same thing with with me I mean. I grew up in the 7th Avenue his church but my mother my mother came in because of evangelistic meetings. So Mom thought and their hearts were touched or baptized and so you know that's how many people came to the church today we do the same thing we may go through those of handbills and instead of having 10 or 20 percent 1000 we get maybe 1 percent 1000 or often 0 per 1000 people do not attend and then people will say told you so public evangelism does not work anymore. What does not work anymore is is is is just using handbills to draw people to the meetings in other words we have become a victim of our own success because in the past all we needed to do was just mail handbills then we assume that you know just continue to just mail handbills and people will attend and so because of that we have gone down a road that is just not right back then we should have been doing it the right way just as we need to do it the right way today in the right way is you need to plan and prepare well in advance build relationships with people so that when you do your meetings. You know the handles complement the people that you are already inviting let me let me walk you through through that. I share with you that the only way that public evangelism will work and does work is if we follow Jesus's method and this is nothing new you've heard this quote from ministry of healing many many times and it applies very well here this is found on page 143 and ministry of healing it says here Christ's method alone will give what true success in reaching the people and notice what Ellen White says next the savior mingled with men as 1 who desire their good he showed his sympathy for them minister to their needs won their confidence and then at the very end he said. He bade them follow me so you see Jesus then not start with follow May he started with other things ahead he mingled with them he desired their good he built a connection with them he showed them sympathy he met their needs he won their confidence and then after all of these steps finally he said. Follow me but sometimes we as a church we we don't follow the steps and we go right to the follow me and when people don't follow we say well you see it doesn't work there's no 1 left to evangelize and all those myths are then believed when there's no truth to them. So let me use this illustration I think this this is a good 1 friend of mine shared this with me and I think it makes sense and I think it will help you to really grasp what I'm saying here think of it like this if you own an aquarium how many of you here own an aquarium how many of you have ever owned an aquarium OK so you may relate well to this and so you go to the pet store and you buy a fish and you bring this new fish to your tank do you just dump the fish into the tank if you do this the fish will go up. It will be in shock and probably die so what I've been told is you need to help I climb made it to the new tank So 1st and you do you take the bag it's still sealed and you put it in the water because then it helps in terms of the temperature making sure that that the temperature in the bag and the temperature in the tank is the same then what I've been told I'm no expert in this but someone told me how it works then you open the bag a little bit and you let some of the the tank water go into the back. And then you wait for I don't know how long but a low while later you add more water so it's really a slow process until finally the fish feels comfortable with the temperature feels comfortable with the water and then you can just dump the fish completely in the tank but it's it's a slow process and it's called acclimating acclimating Well that's the same thing when we do evangelism we can't just jump right to and shock people we need to pave the way there is a progression we see it here with the fish we see it in what Jesus did there is a progression and when we follow this progression we will then enjoy successful public evangelism. We call this preferred progression and I'm sure Emily knows the turmoil because having attended Emmanuel they better know the term Well it's called the evangelism cycle evangelism cycle and. It's it's a little bit like the harvest cycle and I think being here in Michigan I've noticed as I was driving here from Grand Rapids there is a number of farms along the way the lot of farmers here who lot of orchards and people understand the term harvest cycle how many of you have been involved in farming 1 way or another it's like the garden cycle as well so if you've got a garden you understand it as well so what are the some of the aspects of of the harvest cycle and then we'll compare to the evangelism cycle 1st the farmer at the beginning of the year what does he do. You're a step ahead. And that's the same thing is preparing the soil before the preparing the soil. The tarmac has to prepare himself and what I mean I was the same of those a few months ago and and there in the winter just like in Michigan it's very very cold in the winter and but when it starts warming up that's when they go out and start their work and what they must make sure because they've got to make sure everything is working order they prepare their equipment to make sure the tires are work are you know just the way they need to be and the engines have been service to their tractors I don't want to make sure that they are ready because once the season starts they cannot afford the tractor to break down and that could be a huge problem for farmers so they make sure that their equipment that they are ready they have the seeds they have everything ready so that when it's warm enough they do not waste a moment so 1st prepare yourself then Cathy prepare to soil I mean that's the next a new 1 make sure the soil is ready and after the soil is prepared what comes next that's that's pretty obvious you've got to plant the seeds and after that you have to take care of the seed cultivates and that's where that's when you've done all that work which is quite a bit of work the farmer will do the the harvest and then after the harvest that's not over yet then he has to preserve has to preserve he has to take care of the harvest and then people think well that's it it's not because when you're done with all that guess what the farmer does. Starts all over again start all over again just when you think you're done you're not done you start all over again a great harvest doesn't mean the farmer says Well guess what now I'm going to I'm going to take a year off can't afford to do that and as 7th Day Adventists Christians we cannot afford to do that either so that's the same thing we followed the harvest cycle we follow what we call the evangelism cycle. Sure sure we have estimated it's between $12.18 months so a good time to actually start evangelism cycle as I see it it's the new year you started the beginning of the year and and it's a good time to to just prepare yourself spiritually it's a good time to to have like the church has done over many years 10 days of prayer it's a good time to just get in the right mode at the beginning of the year and then as the year progresses you just progress through the cycle 1 step at a time now that does not mean that as you progress that you stop the spiritual element that that continues all the way through but I think at the beginning of the year it's a good time to have a special and facetious as a church and of course as individuals in in really starting the year the right way. I'll come back to that. When we fail to follow the some type of cycle and then we do our meetings we do the harvest and we say oh look at that no 1 came to the meetings and we say we didn't have any baptisms it just doesn't work it's like the farmer who not if I know I mean I'm insulting farmers here by saying that it's like the dude who thinks he's a farmer. He goes to his field with his tractor ready to do the harvest and there's nothing there just dust and dirt a farmer a real farmer comes along and and says Hey what's happening and the guy says Man I tell you what farming doesn't work kicks the dirt farming doesn't work why farmer says well OK what did you sell so you know that's the same thing here in public evangelism we sometimes get very critical of public events alyssum but it's the same principle here if we don't so if we don't prepare ourselves if we don't follow the cycle then it's the problem is not the harvest problem is is the lack of work that wasn't done before hand. So let me let me quickly walk you through that in. What time are we done here. 1045 OK good we're getting nervous here is that 1045. Let me just say this there's no shortcut to to success to lots of baptisms because I believe that there's no reason that your church that any church cannot have a steady flow of baptisms every year in a church that is growing in the church that Hearts having parking problems space problems Sabbath school problems because we have too many children those are the problems we should be having when you do evangelism the right way then you will have those problems and those are kind of problems you want to have. You want to have There's no shortcut to this it is written doesn't come here and tell you it's close a door in the ME share with you this the secret no 1 else knows but there is a shortcut to do this there's no shortcut it's it's hard work it takes commitment it takes sacrifice L. takes some money as well you know I know I said earlier doesn't have to be an arm and a leg but to say that it doesn't cost anything is foolishness as well there are some investment necessary but it doesn't have to be. And ordinates amount of money for handbills we should be spending more money on on how to to till the ground and and so the seeds so that when the harvest comes we'll have a whole lot more I just about a year ago just over a year ago it was written was in Zimbabwe and if you know anything about Zimbabwe pastor there has like 30 churches 30 churches the church there is growing leaps and bounds just as it is in the Philippines and other parts of the world and people will say well you see. You just put a baptistery and people rush through it it's just they can't help themselves you know that's in that part of the world but hello Eve come back to reality come back to the United States those types of things do not and cannot happen here because you put up a baptistry and people are not interested it's not in our culture it's not in our mentality and I'm saying to you I sat at the feet of pastors there and they talked to me they took me to school and here's what they said Eve The reason we have so many baptisms is because we work there's no shortcuts we work we work we go into the field we connect with people we knock on doors we make friends we work and when you have the whole church working then you will have results and you will have lots of baptisms and the church will grow it's no different there than it is here in the Philippines the same thing I was just there a few weeks ago and and that's what I observed the church members and the pastors are committed to the work of Eventually some the whole evangelism cycle in the church is growing there not because you just put up a baptistery and it acts like a magnet people can't help themselves it's because people are working very very diligently give you an example. Back in Zimbabwe so we were asking them so what are you doing to connect with people oh they said we have about 33 going into the community 33 want 33 teams of 3 people scattering throughout the community and they're doing this for 4 days at a time just just visiting and connecting with people letting them know that they have friends that care for them and they're turning future so let me tell you this I think that if our churches embrace this type of mentality we're going to see some huge differences but unless we do this we're going to keep spinning our wheels and getting nowhere Here's what Ellen White says this is Christ's object lesson from page 35 talking about the work that needs to happen before the harvest she says but to harvest to be gathered after after patient toil and through losses in this appointments I'm just reading the last part there the point here is the harvest comes as a result of patient toil. And and along the way losses in this appointments we are you are going to have a setbacks and you're going to have some disappointments people that you thought were going to come through are not going to come through it happens but doesn't mean that what you're doing is wrong it just is part of the territory I mean you take a farmer believe me farmers go through losses a lot. You know there's too much rain or there's not enough rain or there's some other devastating thing that happens so farmers know all about it but this does I mean they stop following the cycle while you know doesn't work now they keep at it and along the way they will and have success the same thing here let me read another 1 manuscript chapter not many from chapter it's manuscript 24887 she says this and this is a it's a longer quote but it's worth reading it and I'll make sure you have it as well. It is essential to labor with order following an organized plan and a definite object so if if we're just doing something without a plan. We're probably will not have the results that we we would like to have no 1 can properly instruct another unless he sees to it that the work to be done shall be taken hold of systematically and in order so when you look at the the evangelism cycle there is a purpose there is an order there is a plan that ultimately leads to the climatic event called public evangelism called the harvest without following the plan you're doomed to failure. Well the fine plants she continues should be freely presented to all whom they may concern and it should be a certain that they are understood then require of all those who are in the head of the various departments to cooperate in the execution of these plans if this sure and radical method is properly adopted and followed up with interest and goodwill it will avoid much work being done without any definite object and much useless friction and that essentially says it all so as board members most of you are church board members you know it behooves on you to to to share with the board some of the things that we are talking about here God wants us to succeed but there needs to be a plan to be followed then success will take place so let me go through quickly here the the. The evangelism cycle for some it's like oh I know it already but again without understanding. That to just jump ahead and talk about public evangelism is kind of jumping ahead without understanding what sets up good good public meetings So number 1 number 1 personal preparation I think that's what is most important before you get going just stop and spend time with Jesus you look at you look at Paul before he got going as a missionary then he spent time in solitary devotion before God He went to Arabia and just. He didn't jump and get going he stopped and he needed to take care of some things 1st. So it's it's following a good council here. The disciples What did they do they spent 10 days in the upper room before they really got going before the Holy Spirit came upon them so I would recommend that for your own personal preparation there's good books to read the Bible but I would focus maybe on the book of Acts the book of Acts has has a nice way of just inspiring people because the miracles that you see there are the miracles that God is ready to fulfill in in the 21st century as well acts of the Apostles the book by Ellen why the book evangelism Christian service these are all excellent books that as you read they will inspire you and they will they will I think could draw you to activity. This is also a good time to seek training and let me talk to you about training a little bit you've come here for training but it is written has created something that I believe could be and is very useful we call it's all 365 Have you ever heard of salt. Salt is it is written by the work school so it's the equivalent of the manual except it's it is written by work school and salt stands for so when ing and leadership training salt and and of course we know that we are to be the salt of the earth now salt $365.00 is is a component of salt and we call it $365.00 because I believe we believe that God wants us to be his disciples $365.00 days a year but also we believe that people should have access to training $365.00 days a year so what we have done it is written we have created online training and so at any time you can tune into this everything that I'm sharing here everything that I'm sharing here you can actually. Hear it all online you can turn tune to it anytime you want and it tells you there exactly how to get to it it's. I don't want to hear that would be terrible sult evangelism dot com So you go to Salt evangelism dot com and it takes you there let's see if I can. I can bring can bring it up. I told her and she took I can see why you. Knew. That. Mary I believe that that's very possible very likely actually. You know I'll put it this way. And I use it is written as an example. There is millions of people watching it is written and watching other Adventists media ministries as well and I believe that these people God is preparing them for something bigger and better and there will be there come a time when when things are really happening in this world that they will come to us and they will they will want to be part of the church family so there is no question that there will be a time when when this will happen but in the meantime because I don't think we have quite reached that moment in the meantime here's the thing people more than likely are not going to come to us I wish they would. Something will have to happen for them to come to us and that's coming but right now people are not coming to us so it means that we as church members need to go. To them we need to find them we need to find the people who are watching it is written who are watching 3 A.B.N. who are watching the hope Channel who are who are who are who have this remembers that inexpressible craving this nameless longing they're all over but we have to find them we have to to go to them and how do we do this I'll be talking about that tomorrow and the next day but there's ways to to find people and to draw them into the church it would be nice if we if they would just come to us but reality is we're not quite there so anyway this tells you how to get on and now I'll quickly show you tomorrow as well but we have about 30 to 45 minutes each session on a multitude of topics so if you're wondering how to find people how to how to give Bible studies how to deal with objections how the ventral cycle works. In the past 6 are just so so varied so you just look through the man you say oh this is something that I'm interested in I want to learn a little bit more and so we have provide training we have guests who command who have expertise in different areas and and we have tons of people watching this and saying boy this is so so very helpful you can you can watch it by yourself you can watch it with a team of others who are interested in doing evangelism you can show it at church it's it's it's all 365 and I think you will appreciated very very much so keep this a little card handy and you can turn to a tune to it any time you desire. All right. Let me continue here. So that's part of preparing yourself that's number 1 number 2 is a soil preparation whatso preparation is the way I define it is making people aware that there is such a thing as a 7th Day Adventist Church it's amazing we think everyone knows about us. Maybe a lot of people do but I can guarantee you most people do not. Your church may be on the main street and you think people know we are here and they made be driving to work and back home every single day past your church and then you do a survey and you'd be surprised to know that most people there is a 7th Day Adventist Church I didn't even know there was a 7th Day Adventist Church I thought that was a Latter Day Saints Church I mean stuff like this so we really have a job to make people aware that there is such a thing as a 7th Day Adventist Church and we are more than just people who worship on Saturday who don't eat meat who have maybe some peculiar idiosyncrasies as the world may look upon us we are a people who care for others we need we have a job to make people aware of the 7th Day Adventist Church that's all about you know building that runway that leads to public eventually ism if people are aware that we are a good group of people caring people they're more likely when we do have meetings to step into our church give you an example here a quick story that someone told me a few years ago. So there is this husband and wife traveling across the United States from east to west and it's Friday and in the side we're going to stop in this town in this city and we know there is a 7th Day Adventist Church they have an idea where but they're not sure but no worries on Sabbath morning we'll ask someone and surely they'll be able to tell us where it is now this is in the days before online internet before G.P.S. This is the days when you still use a map you know what a map is. And I'm picking on young people because my kids I don't think they know what a map is they always pull up their phone Yep Google Maps right left. But there's something called a map paper. So they follow the map to the town they stopped Friday night they got in their car after dressing for church and they went to the nearest gas station and said hey can you tell us where the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is and person says 7th and sister well never heard of it no don't know and they went from gas station and store to store and no 1 could tell them that there was a 7th Day Adventist Church. So finally they run into someone who says well actually maybe I think and they gave in the rush and I think yeah there's a church I think it is a 7th Seventhly adventure. Adventist church so they followed the rections you know up the street turn at the tree right and up the long driveway and they finally reached the Adventist church they were law for Sabbath school. They walked in they sat in the back and the Sabbath school teacher was in the midst of an energetic study explaining how in the end times in the end times we're going to have to go and hide. A couple looks at each other and they say you know they don't have far to go. No 1 knows. They're here and that's I think the plight of many of our churches people just don't know that that we're here and so you know we need to do stuff in our communities and I think we're in some ways many churches are doing better in that area tomorrow I'll be talking about some of those bridge building events that we ought to do in our churches not not because we're you know trying to make them 7th Avenue that comes later but we're just building relationships with people in our community making them aware that there is such a thing as 7th Day Adventists and 7th Day Adventists are good Christian people who care about their neighbor who care about their health who care about their well being We'll talk about that tomorrow bridge events so as as you do this of course you're building a database of people because people who come to church with sense of your programs it's a shame if you don't keep track of who they are just like I'm keeping track of you and since. Na na na na There you go. And now it's I want to know who's here this here is Richard this here is Kathy Emily Olson and Mary and you are Angie and and Jean Kendra C. I'm building a relationship here I'm Eve and we get to know each other and and what happens to this list is I'm going to send you all. Than those for today and I'll do that tomorrow and the day after I'll keep sending you the notes as you keep attending the same thing with people attending our bridge events at our churches we want to make sure we know who they are and we connect with them and we let them know that they are appreciated and we're glad that they've been coming to some of our special events at the church that's all part of of. Of soil preparation. But after that comes something else and it's called seed sowing what seat sowing here is what I define it it's connecting with people who have this inexpressible craving this nameless longing and inviting them to study the Bible for answers there comes a point when you just simply need to find people who have that that desire so let's say you have that that database of people been attending diverse programs said your church then you need to take the next step in and say hey by the way would you be interested in digging into the Word of God and you have to ask and tell you if you don't ask you'll not have results if I didn't ask I would be married today right I mean I had to make the ask the questions sweetheart and she said yes. Mature she said yes. But the point here is if we don't ask you'll never know and people most of them there will be exceptions some of them will come too often and say you know we like to study the Bible with you but most people won't you have to do to ask and 9 out of 10 will probably were probably say not right now it's all right and that's OK you continue your relationship with them don't press them but 1 out of 10 who says yes praise God. Then there's other ways of finding people who have this nameless longing of POG about it tomorrow great ways of building that that connection with people and studying the Bible with people in that seat sowing and then comes cultivation because once people say yes to Bible studies then what comes next given them Bible studies Here's what happened in a church nameless church in a nameless state because we do not want to reveal too much stuff so this church did a mailing inviting people for bible studies you know they receive people receive the cards and people responded and they had a tremendous response I mean tremendous response they had over 100 cards returned to them people having checked saying yes we are interested in Bible studies and so they brought this out to church and they shared the good news with the church family look we have over 100 people saying yes they want Bible studies and everyone said how lujah and then they took those cards and put them in the back office and forgot about them. 6 months later someone pay those cards so the solder to start following them up and when they did. Person after person said You're just too late you're just too late. You didn't respond and then afterward came came the Mormons and boy I tell you why what a great message they have a great message oh. After you've done the cultivation of come of course comes the harvest and we'll be touching this big time with Pastor John and I will be on Thursday and Friday but also on Wednesday the harvest is of course the public part of the the whole cycle and then And then of course what follows the harvest is harvest preserve preservation you know often people will say you know people come in the front door they leave the back door and some of them just leave the front door as a matter of fact we lose so many people come to our meetings you know why we lose a lot of people I'll give you 1 simple reason we haven't built the relationships head of time you know the people that you are connecting with and giving Bible studies to come to the meetings to make a decision do you think they're likely to leave Of course not they've already connected with you for weeks and months. So the best way to preserve our gains is to make sure we follow the cycle ahead of time so that when people come we already know them we're ready connected with them they're ready our friends and they're not going to go anywhere. They're ready trust you the people who usually leave are the people who simply come as a result of the handbills but those during the meetings we can also I need to really work to connect with them as well. Again we'll talk about this another time because time is up and number 7 we repeat the whole FICA all over again over again and a church let me tell you a secret here it sure church that follows the cycle year after year after year it's a church that's going to get better and better at it and it's going to grow every year a little bit more than it did the year before the 1st year you apply and evangelism cycle I guarantee you'll sputter our guarantee you some people in your church will say. But that's OK don't worry about the whole church is not going to be onboard just have a few who are willing to invest into this and as success is seen because success breeds success people will want to be part of this and every year you will see that that this whole thing will continue to grow and grow and grow but it takes work it takes commitment it takes sacrifice and God is calling you to do just that and with that done any questions. Don't miss tomorrow because the best is yet to come this was just the intro just to whet your appetite we're going to have fun tomorrow at 930 God bless you I'll send you some notes this afternoon so that you have everything everything I have here I will make sure I send it to you Well it's fresh. Father thank You for this morning I know I just was a flood of information but I hope it was helpful I hope it was inspiring I hope it was motivating I hope it was energizing Lord this is what the church is all about it's about doing this kind of work and Lord I'm excited to know how Richard and and Mary and Kathy and Olsen and. Help me out in the back Emily and G.M. Kendra how they're going to do this in their respective churches I believe that your calling them Steve something great and wonderful and awesome so Lord give us a good remainder of day here and at the Michigan conference kept meaning we pray to soon name of Jesus Christ amen. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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