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E.P. Daniels and True Revival

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


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but in the future that in this little church a number of you quite a number of those were member secured going to end up in a fairly public signing confessing your sins and there are going to be tears and there is going to be a heartfelt repentance and it's also going to happen at also fellowship church in fact going to happen in the address churches all around the world now that's what happened everywhere what's happening many of those places and in all likelihood right here is that there are diabetes some fanatical elements that will take advantage of a true revival and will end up taking a leading position because your next revival while many are becoming meek and lowly it's quite an opportunity for those who are anything but that ought to end up kind of being a leading part of that process I'm not making this up and find Roma describes this happening I'll tell you references from Verdun just about a month ago I received an interesting e-mail from Doctor Phil Mills just because I know who's friends with who wouldn't surprise me if he's been here the past given her the past been here more than once okay it just happens that it's private I noticed that he Doctor Phil Nelson sent me a forward and you should notice a special because it was like for his ever sent me his entire life just sent forwards I don't read them but since you sent me when I read and the this particular forward it was a testimony by a conference pastor who is sharing about how he better workers meeting for the was the because the Allegheny East conference I reserve the right to be wrong about them and down in this worker 's meeting there was quite a according to the letter quite a revival going on people felt that the moving of the Holy Spirit people were confessing their sins whether in an hardness of heart and bitterness that was melted away and the people were getting along and then there were some pretty exciting things happened one of them for example was that I membered this is a forward I didn't pay a lot of attention forwards ever in my life and so I'm when I get the don't quote me on this view listen to this on recording no one listened that should take this as the gospel truth cheek is like a rumor a lady who had had a long term illness some man stood up and said I believe God wants to show that he's behind this revival he wants to seal it with America and brought her to the middle and it another go pray for her and she was healed and film melts invited me to comments on what I thought about so I'm in the scope of the floor per minute this might not be the smartest and ended the day but to give you a chance to comment on at least as far as I described your to say something brother I well I hear your comment is no and I don't have on you and will you are you a you will you of your work and I are you my other messaging greater real or her winning are you okay in a you a good angle in your mind and he is as you are not the easier the way you will so let me repeat I think your same as going to let what line you have your lacking clarity I was sounds like what you're saying is that you reckon that this was a false revival going on I is not sure if it could be that okay guys I think what you're saying is what if that guy never has to send a silly thing that if a man stands up and does it can you turn its revival of the false one by being silly it's a valid question phenomena telling the story I was a story that this story is more reliable you can find it with some upside to forward way back in eighteen eighty five there was a man of the name of the EP Daniels this is not a G Daniels they're not related to each other if you don't know her to be the one of them that's okay e.g. Daniels was a charismatic speaker and he first Mac I don't mean Pentecostal I mean he was really able to the people can identify with him in a lot of enthusiasm really could move an audience he wrote he had those kind of gifts also an unrelated to that is pretty bad at using money so that she could go into that very quickly without anyone to help him do it and they and these two gifts by the way is not too uncommon for them to go to I mean the vivacious nests in talking Smith goes with vivacious Miss 's lifespan and the easy Daniels had a sort of made a nuisance of himself in the years before this in the sense that he is the brother and had lost confidence in him it looks like that what he was good at doing that was preaching and what he was bad at doing was other things remotely like that not enough you so if you Daniels was invited to do a Sabbath sermon maybe like what I did this morning at the church in Healdsburg we had a school in Healdsburg old training school California really the audience felt like they had been revived the hearts of the people and they asked him to speak again that evening he spoke again ninety and they were excited they asked him to speak again on Sunday he did and they other two are predetermined by their friends to come to make the story short enough to match with my memory of it a week later he was still holding a series of meetings how well planned that all and during that week people began to make confession of sin and this began to grow until hundreds of people were involved the students were reporting conversions in the school split and hardhearted and then the news got to some pretty namebrand type Adventist people like Wagner and Jones and Wagner staff was also lack of CEH and JH EJ in JH and also to long for them in the name law firm you know when you're when you are a consecrated organized hard-working person was worked her way up by being responsible and you know someone like EQ Daniel Sue can mess something up in short order is given business responsibilities it can be really hard to ever trust him with anything so makes sense to you in a human sense and of these formatting became very suspicious that what EP Daniels was doing that was fanatical now if you want to read about why they suspected it you can find it in an article by Arthur White on this topic but the truth yes it's been a year since I read that part I don't remember what the fanatical elements were some makeup some for illustration they're not the real ones that make assessment saying so perhaps there were some people who had begun said I jump up and down in the aisles are there had been a couple people who had began to the call out the sins of others in public and say you are to confess such and such order some kind of some some strange going on not my thing that's what really happened until I really remember what happened right there was something of the character by the people who heard it the responsible man thoughts on what fanaticism and they came in and told brother Daniels to stop the meetings and as they had authority they are the meetings stopped in the way of the Loughborough and Jones felt about it was and whether Wagner 's best stop that one note one fanaticism down check and they got a letter from home like that I'd like to read to you I wish to say some things in reference to the revival at Healdsburg I wish to say I'm not in harmony with the treatment with your treatment of this master that there were fanatical once you pressed into that work I would not deny but if you move in the future as you have done in this master you will be assured of one thing you will condemn the work of the latter rain when it shall come for you will see at that time our rates are evidences of fanaticism is for comments on that permit all white is not saying there than the latter rain calms that what they consecrated people under the power of God 's Spirit will do will be this far greater fanaticism what she is saying is that when God 's people are truly revived it's not like that all the own country people is our Sundays after the nonexistence nor arriving with their tails between their legs in fact they get kind of excited by the excitement that's in the air I don't think there's been a do nothing and so in the case of VP Daniels they did some develop my confess that they might have been fanatics that did something they will but the mistake of the brothers was to think that because the revival involved fanaticism therefore the revival itself was false and just as a cogent logic then is that USA is entirely possible that a truly viable would be would be accompanied by varying on the true fanatical weird and strange elements I hope you understand the value of knowing this before you end up meeting one of those situations read you a little more I believe the work at Healdsburg to be genuinely I believe there where the deep moving of the Spirit of God I believe I'm consecrated unconverted ones writers themselves to the front the enemy always works through those of unbalanced minds and perfect characters I do not believe that Elder Daniels moved wisely in all kinds carefully about the sentence and it would be a new chapter in the experience of workers if there was not a mistake made in some things it's not quite excusing brother Daniels for goofing up but it's condemning those that condemned him for goofing to understand the idea when effort shall be made in the work of God Satan will be underground to urge himself to notice but shall not be the work of ministers to stretch out the hand say this must go farther for this is not the work of God I wish you could see when a delicate dangerous matter it is not old with the work of God unless you have light from heaven to guide you in your decisions I fear you have grieved the spirits of God the fruits were good the work in Healdsburg but mysterious was brought in as well as a genuine than it needed man of discernment of well balanced minds to come in there was parallel and indiscretion and to have a molding influence upon the work you could have done this what she said to Jones and Wagner Loughborough was God is giving you a deep experience in his work you have a broad knowledge of how things are you could have recognized the true revival at the same time that you recognize that false excitement and fanaticism and you should have been on your guard to be altered to start nicely between the two so as not to condemn the spirit for what the devil does wrong talk to plainly even a little further so my guess is that church like this the probably two thirds of view of heard of Ernie no review for regarding all more like one fifth not disappointed that's only one fit that you I really think it's a false profit are some very confident about but I'm not asking to take my word for it I think that that's just not sensible ever when I was doing my research regarding removal is what messages were only describes what's going to come in the future in terms of fanaticism it was really quite intimidating it sounds like that they're going to be many false prophets out whether we sent to be more than a score of them I can chalk Ernie down as one for me that leaves a quite a few to go those of others in the past so I don't like is that minute ago the point is what she said is that if one of these false prophets would be picked up by a man of respect I forget which uses the light by Mark Finley type for example by men like that and he would and that man would recommend the work is genuine that there would be such a tidal wave of fanaticism as we have never known as a people that's a lie I was so shaking in my boots went for a brief time one prominent preacher was behind Ernie don't and I was so relieved when he wasn't behind him anymore because from what I read in second selected messages that that was exactly that mix for the recipe Satan was looking for to launch a major counter revival in the church and were not ready for something like that we had a hard time with a profit that was pretty easy to debunk and I don't know what we would do with some difficult cases I want tell you another story this is about a family by the name of Brother and Sister Mack and what are your short while study just because of the principle always been people something because stories are not reliable I could be telling lies with our site the selected way trust but the good news for you as you can look up the stores and telling a check on the stories family sex like the messages as well as in the book by Arthur White Brother and Sister Machen were very spiritual people they had a reputation for being a Christian humble people and then got been given some very interesting gifts I mean and that they could preach the extemporaneous late of very moving set of messages and if brother Machen was preaching sister back and often would actually say be given a song that matched what he was saying that she could send it never having that song before never having heard it before at the North Asante noted she could just say at one point she had the gift of tongues and this was not the gibberish Indians communicated that it was a language of a real language but they knew and they came to Ellen White to ask if she would please take him humbly by the way the way they approached her to ask would she please validate or invalidate their experience absolutely that story there for minutes on another one Mister Martin Luther was on his way back from newborns as soon as you get home he would lose his protection that was capable of safe conduct Charles the fifth and on the way home he was kidnapped it really made all of Germany angry you can read about this in the great honors Germany became so angry they thought that the Catholic Church had caught him and killed him and they began to intimidate the priests and the priests felt that their life was in danger I was just a rough time and how was the capital priest of her hoping loser would be found but but less than the truth as they weren't guilty and you should be careful to you should not feel that it is all right to falsely accused enemy it's a violation of the ninth commandment this is a reason that you should be very careful how you get into conspiracy theories I mean that is when you shared that you only have a few options you can either develop enough research to find out for certain if the thing is true but that might be more difficult than you think it is very easy to manufacture a large body of documentation and so the whole thing could be a joke even separate layers deep you either have to do that Carter research doesn't take a lot of your time and ushers the best use you can make of it was understandable isn't where you have to trust the person who shared it with you or your can I have to drop it I think you should trust him I think you should spend the time slot highly recommend that you draw and tell you that I forgot I was talking about forgot to in some intelligence is talking about a man accusing the enemies falsely yes no we can't afford to do it and in this case the Germans were accusing the priest but not sellers know he was in captivity but it was nothing like President was very great being kept very comfortably e.g. well and having lots of time to write I just treasure that kind of thing lots of time to write and then you and that hearing that at Wittenberg something scary happened he wasn't afraid of potency wasn't afraid of councils he wasn't afraid of death we heard that fanaticism was going on in Wittenberg some profits from SoCal had ended up arriving and they were preaching a bunch of things one offender preaching is that you should drop out of school and you should learn to work with your hands and do trades like God originally intended but a mixture of truth and error and that they haven't quite and other set of mixtures of truth and error no Martin Luther left the Wartburg risk his life just think to Wittenberg and deal with the analysis he only dealt with he preached six cents and they were not his typical sentence they weren't the typical loud energy sentiments wondered what they recall cool simple sermons that never even mentioned the fanatics this was Martin Luther 's theory it was because the people got all excited that they were easy to confuse and if you just called them down in Belleville to see that these people aren't on trap and you know it worked so that's the end of that story were now back to the napkins were in the office of the light and allow why did what all good preacher should do wonder on the spot if there asked a question on the answer to they should be willing to say I don't know it's always acceptable to say you don't know it's better than making something she didn't have any light for them so they left what God was doing is giving them a chance to develop their character a little further but she was given some light after that and she had another meeting with them the light should been given is that and if anyone ever offers to show off the spiritual gifts that is a decided evidence that it's not a spiritual gift because you don't work the spirit the spirit works you and when they came the second time and they offered to show her one of their exercises she politely said no thank you and then she had her answer is anything since you are talking about but you ought to read the Mac in case in fact I encourage you to read the first hundred pages of the book second selected messages that is where it all went describes this coming fanaticism in short what's coming in our future is a combination of fanaticism and revival it's likely to be overruled really next up mess of the two of them and instead requires some really delicate discernment to make the right steps and take the right steps at the right time here are some of the things you want to accept is as a gift from heaven us look at some of this the Bible of your Bible acts chapter three Chapter three we were looking at verse nineteen that status repents you therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord now that Jeff mentioned verse nineteen is one that God gives Israel what is the gift mentioned there God gives the gift of repentance that gives it to those that obey and with that is going to come confession of sin really is one of the saddest visions L whatever happened what could've happened whatever general conferences I think it was at the nineteen oh one General conference of God was looking for a class of people to repentance Stacy asked a question earlier was in Sabbath school safety so here you are here about confession and you should just know that Satan hates confession of sin he doesn't like she has a few times used it for his own purposes a regular confession is the Catholic doctrine those has been used as a means of spiritual blackmail for a long time so that there is no sense in me confessing to you my secret faults but when you have a group of people that know each other there are enough slights and neglects and hurts and wounds and attitudes than other than Christlike that we have things that we can confess to each other as we can confess our faults to one another and pray for one another that we may be here confession is a good thing his confession required for salvation in your Bibles at first John chapter one first John chapter one when my fair verses in the whole Bible is now in this chapter is the one that begins in verse seven it says if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have wasn't saying no if your church has issues again along first John one seven is about them how is it the weekend that fine fellowship with one another that's it as we harmonized by doing what God says and look what it says in the end of verse seven and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from it I want to be cleaned up God 's plan a is that I walk in the light walk in the light is God 's plan a for being clean was supposed one walk in the light I end up taking a step in darkness that is I do wrong that's verse nine I just wish verse nine was more famous in percent because it really verse seven is God 's preferred plan that access to an insane but if we do wrong that if we confess our sins he spent one just to forgive us and he still cleans us up you say in verse seven through nine you get cleaned up either way but there is a condition of getting the interview walking the liar you confess that you didn't but you don't get clean if you don't walk in the light and dormant but it is called walking in darkness that's just no good at all until you another story related to what we talked about but really this isn't a service market history class but history sacred history has a place in the church brother Prescott after eighteen eighty eight he ended up being on the right side and there's something about it on the right side that I can about old kind of propels you to important positions so Prescott went from being not much of an anybody to the point where he was at the same time president of Walla Walla and Battle Creek College if you know about geography those are close to each other that's Michigan Washington and so it happened on a certain time and that he was visiting at Walla Walla where he was president when back in Battle Creek something strange began to happen there were a couple boys who were notoriously rebellious one of them had been in school for years and was an avowed infidel he didn't believe it looks like we can trace things down to a start that a few students in their dorm rooms began to pray for revival on campus but however it started it didn't stay that way for long cylinder worker groups in many of the dorm rooms and they began praying earnestly for their fellow students who were not giving evidence of having bad fruit bearing Christian that evening wrestling with the students began to leave their realms in agony of mind to begin the knock on the doors of spiritual students asking for help to make the story short enough at midnight in your legal whole school was awake the teachers were in the dorms there was a price service going on in Laos people were excited Goddess Odyssey moving by his spirit on the campus for the next week classes ended up being nearly dropped it was just religious meeting after religious meeting unplanned services the spirit moving on people confession it was just a tremendous revival and that Prescott looking at it he arrived back model while in the midst of the start he was pretty excited he could see this be the beginning of what was there to fill the entire world and bring an end of next week but investing his heart in it didn't happen what happened some people of long-standing experience that were in the area saw the whole thing was a bit fanatical and they began to oppose it besides at least one important person was in favor of it that might not of been enough to destroy the thing but then they ended up having a high school social where they had a whole day of recreation playing all kinds of games and they enjoyed it so thoroughly but you know the goofing off games dying it really is the very office that mentality as humble confession of sin under to tend to cancel each other if you end up confessing your sins it's hard to be excited about the game and he excited up again it's hard there so now these two and really what outlines described in her letter about this is that that game day was a master trick of the doubtful disk who wish the revival that was happen the two together the game day and that accusation of fanaticism worked and then there was a corresponding darkness because he imagine the poor newly converted infidels the defendant they thought was the good rate moving of God 's power on their heart now they hear their trusted teacher saying this is fanaticism and sure enough that their big excited feeling ends up going away and they concluded that the whole thing was a quarter until the latter and with them is worse than the beginning it's just a very sad story I'm only telling you set stories because if you get in the middle of one of these you could have something to do with making sure does and this way I saw this one happy story that's happened recently I was in Houston for a call order rally and that Doctor Pippin was there and I was there and there were a couple other or since they are speaking and really there was quite each a revival going on in the weekend you could see a guy spirit movie but Doctor I sat down and looked we were worried because on the schedule Saturday night was a party with a bunch of polarity and glee and games and you know it just looks like it's just going to a race what's been done but Sam with his clarity of thought and purpose he went and talked to the president to himself the president institution of himself felt the converting power of God that weekend and you know the meeting schedule was canceled and instead there was additional speaking and testimony that evening and really I'm telling you the stories you can be part of something like that that wasn't the latter rain but it was a revival like what God wants to be happening regularly in our churches and that God will bring it when we ask for it we just have to be ready to take charge in a holy way and not confuse the right in the wrong nest of the rest you have a question you will and will and so it's a different topic done address just a little part relates to this and save myself from all kinds of troubles and a very very bad time for hilarity and Lee and games is as a follow up solemn impressions Jesus never did and in your own experience you recognize the impact it would have how is the same reason why it might be perfectly fine to let her laugh and tell funny stories with your friends on Tuesday night but when it be a good thing to do at the podium on Sabbath morning what happens if you do it they are is it ends up fighting against what God is trying to do in fumbling the hearts of men here we want to cooperate with what God is trying to do for going to be most successful beyond that suggested a Bible doctor or under the element materials that you look up the article they are called sports and games I think what shall find is that Satan is called the real fast one the really guy did attend we would house church socials and have a lot of joy and fun and happiness together but so useful so many useful things we would do like that would end up really hurting his kingdom the same type of find some sort of perfectly not useful thing to do with the place and he succeeded and it's always a great thing to replace perfectly useless things with useful things but I did not eyewitness that I do not preach to you about sports and games I only nearly referred to an article about it right that's the truth let me review it talked about during this period and were close on the basis of jolt chapter two we know that revival is coming on the basis of Matthew seven and Revelation sixteen and thirteen we know that fanaticism is coming on the basis of those chapters and others like them another are going to be a variety of miracles in the end of time on the basis of those chapters we know that miracles never will be in evidence in favor of the general are there to my chapter is about miracles being agents of the suction experts will relish and thirteen that's why the world follows the beast is because of the miracles that he has power to do on the other hand were told to quench not the spirit we don't want to grieve the Holy Spirit of promise and we would not be using our best judgment if we thought that when God leads out in a spiritual revival that Satan 's hands are tied he's not able to interfere with fanaticism it just isn't so he's often mixed into so that you could help avoid Jesus stealing someone and right next to him have a demoniac saying we know you who you are you could have an apostle kitchen the truth of the heathen and next to him a demoniac saying that this man has the message of the most high God he's bringing us truth about the way of life and the blessings trying to do is to combine the true with the fault in such a way as to give the good of bad rep you Tatian but we would be thinking things through very well we've fell for that trick because we need revival so badly we want to be sure that when it comes that should come repeatedly that we accept it and take part in and add our our power to it and when fanaticism comes we want to review get yes we need to review get in such a way as to not cloud the reality of what God is trying to do now could not expect to happen and discernment it really was the elders were studious men of long experience but you should know from the stories of your elders might not get it right it's all appear to help yourself to stay are we knowing what's coming so at least you can put your templates in the side of right and maybe someone will become one of those old for myself my favorite part of all of this is that a revival began with a few people praying for one a revival really is the greatest of all our needs and it can only be expected an answer to prayer were told to pray for the latter rain during the time of the lettering and this is a true if you pray according to Johnson well it will be done with Scott tells you what to pray for them when the price for it if you pray for that at that time don't you know it must be his web we live the time the latter rain then what else might writes about this seems so obviously true not one prayer for the latter rain in this time of the latter rain has ever been lost if you pray flight an hour tonight not one minute of that is lost when the latter rain comes it will come with unwanted power in proportion to the end of prayer that has gone into asking for that power you don't waste any time you spent praying for that revival revival doesn't come until the except more generally the revivals that come before that's were talking about today but still proposing our father in heaven I'm sorry that you have had to use madness week 's VP Daniels or myself or others to forward your work and as he made mistakes everyone here and myself are likely to make big mistakes in trying to help would you please accomplish something despite that and more particularly I asked you would give us discernment that we could add our voice and enter favorable revivals we could be part of what you want to do when softening and converting the hearts of your people spare us from being led away by the false excitement keep us from quenching the true spirit grass commuter cultivates an awesome wisdom beyond our experience we can need to emergencies are I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus


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