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Spark Training: Public Evangelism- Part 5

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

Speaker/Director for It Is Written




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Father in heaven we're grateful to be here. In your presence want to shop and out tools and be as effective as we possibly can your service so I pray that this time would be blessed of him to that end in Jesus' name and then we produced a. Mail. To this people. To mail. Bible study it was a Bible study in the invitation card is that what I'm going there I think you know to make a mailer because you know we've explained this make a meal or so we were we printed up. Thousands of these and then we discovered that a mistake had been made it wasn't good it was too big well bigger than we had planned and you know when you're mailing stuff the bigger it gets the more. There the more expensive it gets and so. We say to ourselves well maybe we should not do this because now it's going to cost a whole lot more to mail although an alternative would be to drum in the trash and print again so either way it's going to cost more money the cost of reprinting all the cost of mailing more mailers so we just say to ourselves. That's my elem again I sorry let's just mail them as is don't eat the extra postage cost now that was scary and no 1 was very happy about that ordinarily if you mail out something like this you'll get back 12000 or frankly that's not bad if you got 10000 addresses and you can get 10 these are people writing back saying I want to study the Bible so we get 10 I think that's OK you got 100000 you get 100 of these back that's all right too. If you're mailing goes well it comes back at $2000.00. My friend pasta Tom said I said what would 3 put 1000 be anyway this hand in the air like this and he said. 3 Put 1000 would be hallelujah it happened not often and you're going to say well I heard about this I got 5000 you know it happened it doesn't happen very often the average average 1 point 20012000 or e-mail these out and we're blessed to discover that up to having mailed out a 1000000 of these we're getting back 10000 that's after a 1000000 to 1 mailing or 2 mailings or 3 mailings but that's up to mailing out a 1010000 which is pretty spectacular we've had churches where the church mail out 136 of them and get back 31 Bible study request that a problem they don't know how to follow up 31 Bible study requests a church and other church that I can think of mailed this out and had again way more bible studies that issued a message only and cry to people to come and help them do the bible studies or to have it's a pleasant problem to have. And a church in North Carolina operating and it is written bible school through this. Is currently studying the Bible with more than 170 people in the community that OK and this operates a little bit differently. Correspondence Bible School is a good I mean I believe in the I think they're good they're really good but here's what happens you mail to your community they mail to us we study the Bible with your people that really works for you you don't even know studying will tell you how many but that's it and then when you get to the Sabbath question you going to lose something when you get to the State of the day you're going to lose some so all will tell you is well we start with 50 people from your town and then we got down to 40 and now we're down to 18 who are those 32 people we can dig up the names if you like. It's not bad it works many people have come to faith in God like that it's valid but I don't think it's best Here's what I think works better I think the it is written bible school works infinitely better because what happens is you get 50 names that we get you mail and they come to us or we mail them really they come to us we package him up and send them to you and then you go and knock on their door Hi I'm here with your Bible study request of course some people are going to say oh I got this or through the mail and then you're going to say something like Well we want to make sure you've got these and we believe and in exceeding your expectations I just want to drop these with you and wish you well and then you carry on from there so it's working great can put 1000 there's nothing else out there they get even close Stroup you know I know that would grow in Michigan you may already be on a on a on a plan on a trajectory may have other things that you that a prescribed or that you're doing but we want you to know about this because it's shooting the lights out we've never seen anything like this in more than 20 years of ministry it is a blessing. You know the guy who invented Silly Putty tipped something over in the lab and discovered it had made silly putty and this is this is kind of the same mistake was made I don't even know it was made by us or by the printer I don't want to find out but we just ran with it and got his place all right we started didn't we prate. We will talk about overcoming objections if. This is like this is like the wall separating the United States from Mexico. I mean it exists but look you can just do that. But a very definitely exists. Overcoming objections. You should expect objections and do not be afraid of them I had a couple whose name were Monica and Chiles years ago an evangelist experience they came to me and they said we cannot be baptized we cannot join this church why not because our friend has told us everything about Ellen White on and what a dear friend tell you Well we're glad you asked and they pulled out something this high page is that that printer from the Internet here. I said well why don't we just go through it together you don't do that I didn't know it was and they had no idea on how Sure well it starts we don't have all day but next. And so the 1st 1 was where other White said you should never say you say but I think that's in Christ subject license by 257 might be wrong but I think that's right I said all this is a good 1 just a moment I ran to the pastor's office and got the book I brought the book back I said read the paragraph and I said Oh she's not she's not saying that a little is she saying that oh let's go to the next 1 the next 1 was patently false I went to the next objection and they said forget about it we're fine we'll be baptized. Now I don't know what is going to come up against genocide and know what was in there because there are some pretty creative stuff written about Ellen White. But just take the objections head on Look if someone comes to you with a question about the state of the date and proves that you are wrong in your position thank the Lord you can now leave the I've been assured and go join a church that's teaching is the truth I mean wouldn't you do you think that's going to happen on positions are rock solid So we have nothing to fear. So you don't you don't need to worry about getting into a discussion with people about the objections that they have by the way objections are either excuses or opportunities there are that well I just want to say no and I don't know how so I'm going to use this flimsy excuse and when you see through that I'll run to another want to run to another 1 I will never in or I genuinely have an issue and I'm genuinely trying to resolve it so objections are your friends it helps you see what people are I thinking there are 2 kinds of people that worry me people who believe nothing you tell them and people who believe everything you tell elite people with objections on falling into the 2nd category and I feed them more than I fear the 1st if you faithfully sharing the truth filled Bible messages containing the word of God expect that people will have questions Jesus encountered objections objections are often the way that people overcome. Issues hassles and get to a place of a trust relationship you would be surprised if people didn't have objections someone's going to church on Sunday for 4 decades and you tell on Saturday and they say OK you know that's that's not even the likely that's not even likely. I've preached entire sentence on the state of the DA and had people shake my hand on the way out and say preacher thank you for helping me see that my mother is in heaven tonight I feel so glad about that. Now what did I say I am a wreck in my brain. Some people check out I suppose. You can expect people to have objections they should they should have questions so let's read on many a labor of fails in his or her work because he does not come close to those who most help as most need his help. With the bible in hand he should seek in a courteous manner to learn the objections which exist in the minds of those who are beginning to inquire what is truth carefully and tenderly should he lead and educate them as pupils in a school notice this your success will not depend so much upon your knowledge and accomplishments as upon your ability to find your way to the hot by being social and coming close to the people you may turn the current of their thoughts more readily than by the most able discourse so the work is really done when you get close to people and learn what's going on in their minds and address that in a kind way again you've got nothing to fear you've got the truth on your side of course it's not always a question of fearing that you'll be proven wrong you should never worry about that. The concern is whether that person will come across the line and choose to follow Jesus Yeah. There was. No I mean. That's right so what we've. Seen. That's right. Yes it does. I agree with that it's interesting in preaching evangelist examines you meet people at the door who will tell you wow I was going through that every time a question came up in my mind you oncet it every time a question came up in my mind you oncet it and that's because you learn beforehand what the objections are likely to be and you address them as you go you do that in your preaching and I agree with you do that in your bible studies and you'll be way ahead of the curve answer people's objections before they ask and that's these are ways to overcome objections anticipate questions and weave them into your evangelist presentations after presenting the Bible's teachings on a subject address common questions such as absent from the body present with the little most everybody has that question most everybody in the United States at least anyone halfway conversant in the Bible they are being the thief on the cross they want to know about that when I preach about the state of the data I get to the end in sight I know what you're thinking what about the rich man allies or us that tomorrow night and no in fact I do that maybe afterwards. You've got to address it otherwise they leave same but what about the rich man and Lazarus What about. And again again you've got to know your place we preached in 1 place even the translator when we got to the people on the cross made a mess of it because really it's not a question that comes up in that culture. When we were in Mongolia recently the you can go talk about the people on the cross. The cross let alone the thief on the cross so some places you just don't need to don't feel like if you go to Nicaragua on a mission trip or Honduras or someplace that you've got to preach to people as though they are Americans although it's interesting to discover when we go overseas to places that some people have some pretty sophisticated questions about the Bible point being Know your audience so that you know ahead of time what you need to talk about and what you've done when it comes to the Sabbath people are going to be asking about the 10 Commandments being nailed to the cross Jesus didn't keep the Sabbath the Sabbath was changed you cannot know what day it was these are questions that are going to come up if you go on a Bible study with somebody and you've not really sure what questions are likely to come up ask someone ask the pastor ask someone in your congregation that has tons of Bible studies contact us and we'll help you with with that gladly when it comes to the health message Peter's dream he did declared all beings clean no Peter's issue was that he was racist that was Piers problem you can tell people and now that something interesting about that if everything about eating food and stop change the cross why didn't Peter none. You think somebody would have told Peter Peter No I'm not a net that is unclean. It's a red herring of course it's not that which enters the body that matters but you know there in Matthew Chapter 15 Jesus was talking about meaningless traditions he was not talking about the menu Jesus changed water into wine Yes he did but it was not fermented and you can demonstrate that 100 of WEISS Well 6. You will not be able to address every question in your seminal Bible study due to time constraints so focus on the most common again I said yesterday you're probably not going to deal with. The which of the indoor but you've dealt with 2 or 3 or 4 other objections and so by the time somebody gets to the Witch of Endor or 9 times out of 10 they'll say nothin about it that can contradict everything else that we've studied and along the way you're going to want to tell your bible students that they've got to go with the preponderance of evidence the overwhelming weight of evidence that's an important thing so how do you overcome objections use a question box at your me when you conducting me. That's very important in fact you want to use the question box to go back over the key points in last night's subject last night last night's presentation want to do that. Or during question time you can simply say look here are some common questions that come up and so I want to just address this in case you have had this question. Again as I mentioned yesterday with the 2300 days people don't grasp it or straight away they can't they can't. You can't expect someone to leave your sermon on the state of the day Ed and and have every objection settled in their mind they can leave thinking OK the data are asleep and I've heard all that evidence and I remember something about absent from the body didn't mean what the preacher said it meant so go over some of that and nail it shut because it's just not easy for a person to get out of the mines or the false words that they've been exposed to over what would be a period of many years invite guests to place their questions in the question box at each evening's presentations you want to do that and then select a few from the box each evening and to them don't feel obliged to answer any question that comes in some questions are a waste of time some are irrelevant Some are clearly They just because someone's argumentative. You are not under any obligation to answer the questions you does not but to those that help go through them beforehand select the most common ones the ones that are the most relevant don't spend an hour on 3 questions just don't spend 510 or 15 at the most minutes if you know people have a question I want to put in the question box place the question in the box itself that is if somebody out there has said to you. I'm struggling with absent from the body and it's not in there that's a question put in the question box and answer because of that person has had it and it's a legitimate question you can be certain other people are struggling or dealing with that question as well the question box is your friend in ways to overcome objections sometimes. Delay on surveying the question there are cases when it's wiser to delay the question based on its subject by the way with the question box you're at night 3 and someone says What's the mark of the beast do you want to the question no you don't you don't have a get out of sequence you've just done you know it's 9 nights into the meeting and you got to know the Browns really well and so well you make them for Indian food and and you say they invited you to their home already and they they brought their collection of arrowheads to show you because they just thought you'd be really into it and then they say by the way you can tell us what's the muck of the BE. No Yeah that's right and that's right keep. Going and it will get to that be nice about it you know we're going to get to that. Avoid answering questions and subject is not having There you go speaking in tongues no no don't do that to send anti christ don't do that just in the rapture. No that's a great question so good I will be dedicating an entire hour to that topic coming up soon because it's so important so hang in there with me and I will tell you much more in an hour than I could tell you now in just a 2 minute answer so that would be better for you and better for me as well yes. Yes. That is an outstanding question. Let me get to that we've got some other people have to. Hang in there with me if you don't mind. The whole presentation about that. Yeah. You'll find in series building any series The Suman order has been. Carefully put your you may not know that it's being carefully put together and there are reasons for that and I recall my 1st ever evangelist experience calling the banjo as an coordinator and saying oh man I'm rushing out in a way to do this 115 and that 116 well that 115 in this 116 he said man just make a decision. Now that's was 15 and 16. But when you begin a series of meetings you want to accomplish certain things you want to establish trust in the Bible and trust in you and so you start there and then you build that's why we always start with either Daniel to all the signs of the times I prefer to start with Daniel Chapter 2 because it's prophetic it's a little bit meaty for those who. Knew the prophecy altogether signs of the times I mean what we with respect what we preach in the signs of the Times about the same as Billy Graham to be preaching for 50 years I mean with our own band so that's not new news but it's important important. So we start and we build you preach the law before you talk about the Sabbath before you talk about the mark of the beast. You talk about. Before you talk about the millennium before you talk about hell you do it probably in that order. If you were wise about it you could do millennium death and hell but you've got to be careful not to raise too many questions so the the sermons build on top of each other and the appeals built on top of each other so that by the time you get down later in the seminar you are in a logical sequence helping people to make decisions so that they're ready for the next decision and they're ready for the biggest decision. People have got to have adequate information before they can move on to the next level of understanding in the Bible so it's important to stick with the order if you are going to drink around with it a little a little bit you know OK maybe but be careful with that keep your answers to guests questions brief and easy to understand most of the time less is more most of the time you can get away with less time rather than more time. Objections or excuses an objection is a legitimate question and excuses a mental attempt for where a person. Tries to release themselves from what the Bible is asking them to do and you can differentiate between them by asking diagnostic questions for instance so this wasn't a problem your job your spouse your whatever you think you'd be able to see your way clear to keeping the Sabbath then I absolutely all right now you know what to deal with well no because then there's this other thing. And that's difficult it's difficult evangelism is bittersweet I'll tell you why in just a month you know. Now. You know. You kind of have to play that by ear you don't want to get bogged down for a period of weeks if it depends upon the objection. If somebody say is well wait a minute what do you try to establish when you say. That the Sabbath subject with somebody you not always it's not always even appropriate to expect that that person is going to make a decision to keep the Sabbath and start working that out in their lives that might take time if somebody says I see what you're saying I see what the Bible says. Man I'm not sure I can do that yet you've kind of got I'm about where you want to they see what the Bible says they understand what you're saying they get it Nonna not saying I disagree you can keep studying the Sabbath until they say OK that's it I'm going to see the boss tomorrow or quit my job you know that's too much to say but you want to get a person to the place where they say I see it I get it I understand it I don't argue with it if they do have questions such as well. What about. What about in the New Testament where. I don't know I don't even know what the objections of the. That's a tough 1 that a tough 1 because it doesn't even mean anything the chasing the wind that. If someone has a legitimate spin long enough on the subject you know it's going to it must vary from person to person. Oh sure. Sure they're kind of. I was I wouldn't get bogged down I would get bogged down for a couple of reasons if someone's digging in the heels the longer you stay the B. But they did they put themselves into the position the other thing is this if they have a question about the Sabbath and they're not sure if you go on and study the State of the dead and they say yes hellfire Yes health reform yes suddenly they're saying yes yes yes yes yes and they realized this probably should be yes as well so that can be helpful so my answer is do not get bogged down it just doesn't help be careful what it is you're looking for you cover the when I preach the separate subject I'm not looking to people stand up and say That's it I'm keeping the Sabbath from now on it's too new for that you know the next time we cover the subject we might might press a little further so yeah don't get bogged down don't be afraid of moving on moving on can be a help to you. Every No answer is an excuse when they've said yes you found the real issue that. If your wife was more agreeable do you think keep the Sabbath on no no I couldn't be in so you can see the in this is somebody just just making excuses and not looking to really arrive at a place. Feel felt. Found that if you're looking for the right woods you don't have to worry that oh I chose a wrong wood this person is never going to go to heaven. But you should be thinking about the science of persuasion you should be thinking about the psychology of some of this I understand how you feel you're not the only 1 who has felt this way or I felt the same way some time ago and some of us like me we can remember that very clearly but what I have found over and over again is that Jesus is able to give people victory in areas of their lives they might never imagine could be possible I know how you feel a felt the same way he is but I found you don't to be telling people what's right and wrong I hear what you're saying but you're wrong this is the truth it doesn't help and I you feel I have felt the same way and here's what I found that's a gentle way of moving people along in the process and it is time tested attach the found statement to Jesus let a person see that Jesus and His way of life are the solutions that will lead them to victory in the struggle they're facing at that moment and you can do that point to Christ is the answer to Jesus as the help to Jesus is the source of strength identify Jesus as the solution. Because really will not be a to have people agree with us or to become disciples of us we want to see people become disciples of Jesus Christ if you don't know the answer to a question don't make 1 up don't him in horror don't get nervous don't worry they will think that you don't know your Bible very well don't worry about that instead that is a great question I'm glad you asked I'm not sure what the answer is but here's what I'm going do and I got home tonight and study the Bible study it out and when we get back together I will share with you what I have found. Easy if you're honest I don't have all the answers I think people respect no 1 is expecting you to be the fountain of all wisdom nobody at all that's a great question. Telenet great question you happy about that question I am glad you asked you've done me a favor you have really helped me by exposing my ignorance. You have really helped me that's a great question I'm very glad you asked I don't know what the answer is you're a human you're not a know all people are OK with that I am going to find out your question is so valuable to me I'm going to put in some effort and get to the bottom of this I will take some time out of my busy schedule to look into something that is important to you you've made a friend you haven't lost any credibility. And when we get back together again you set up your next visit and then when you come back you can say you asked me a great question last time I spent some time looking into that here's what I found you can't share with people things that can only be proof in the spirit of prophecy we are Bible students after all and and I don't know when this might be tempting but it might be you have got to shun like the plague the temptation to dig into the spirit of prophecy to answer a question that somebody. I don't expect you would do that but there might be times depending upon the question depending upon the question where you would be tempted to do so and you do not want to do that. Also I don't think you help yourself when you say well this scholar said. We criticize Roman Catholics that rightly so but I want to appeal to the church fathers. That is you can always bring supporting information but if somebody says to you what about the people the cross and you said what Dr Brown in his seminal work on the subject stated. That person is not going to want to study with you again and I don't blame them there is no reason to fear objections or questions anticipate and expect them welcome them and use them to lead souls closer and closer to Jesus when someone goes to the doctor the doctor says what is wrong in the person says I have pancreatitis the person says I have acute myelogenous leukemia a person says I have this there wouldn't make it there's a 90 percent occlusion. And there's 2 others that are 85 percent occluded it's not the patients job the doctor starts prodding does it hurt when I press the yes does the doctors Oh my goodness a patient has a pain the doctor says Oh good now I know there's a pain the Does it hurt when you do this not OK The doctor asks diagnostic questions so she or he can get to the bottom of a patient's situation and help them find healing that's what we did and so when the patient say is oh this business about the state of the DID THAT hurts right now you know way to work way to bring treatment to bring that person to a place of healing Don't be a question by the way you do know that not everybody you study the Bible with is going to accept what you have to say. And that can be discouraging but don't be discouraged when a gold mine a travelled from the east to the west to chip away at the side of a mountain with this pick he wasn't offended by the or wasn't offended by the rock he was happy about the rock. The more he chipped away the more he knew he was getting closer to a seam of gold so you know some people who study the Bible with their rock but others a gold when you strike gold shipping through all that rock was really really worthwhile Well I'm just going to change gears here OK calling for decision. Question for you what makes a great evangelist. Is it that she or he is an eloquent speaker great graphics. Shop we dressed. Good Hand out there by the way I discovered years ago we were just giving people too much stuff so we give you less we still give handouts just not that boatload of material I discovered in the end it became a liability because we'd be talking about baptism and someone would say well preacher you gave me this whole big pile of stuff here though you said was important and I haven't read it yet so I need to read that before I can make a decision objection or excuse I think excuse but maybe objection that worked against me now you want to should have said as well if I take that away from you know. How about there what makes a great evangelist he is the answer it's their ability to help people make decisions to follow Christ I worked once at a hospital and 1 of the hospital staff had singlehandedly lead 50 people to faith in Christ and baptisms 5050. He was not a surgeon he was not a hospital administrator he was not a nurse he was not a therapist he was a god and. He spent his days cutting grass. Spreading mulch fertilizing trees trimming hedges and leading people to Jesus 50 people did he have a giant intellect my suspicion is that he probably did I don't know they were dressed say what he could do he could lead people to this it wasn't manipulated. Don't be manipulated don't be. Sometimes it may not be easy to see the line between. Way Cygnus and manipulation but if you ever feel like you're at the place where you could just manipulate a person to making a decision don't it will backfire on you sooner or later and. Very hard to imagine how God is on and by that you lied just said how long Holt between 2 opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if they all follow him and of course Joshua spoke to the people and said Choose ye this day whom you will see as for me and my house we will of the Lord Moses stood in the entrance of the camp and said whoever is on the Lord's side come to me the sons of Levi did. Today people need to make decisions as well it's important as so 1 is our privilege is to encourage people to make decisions and frankly to make it as easy as possible all those people to make decisions you know again like I spoke yesterday about making an altar call and some of the dynamics involved with that of a friend a former colleague. He was a he flew. He was a fighter pilot for the for the Air Force in the United States and. I don't quite know exactly where he was in his journey but he came to an evangelist. And and all to call was made and he struggled he knew we should go forward and then he saw a 7 year old girl go up and he said Man if she can do it then I can do it and he went out he made a very good very solid very reasoned very appropriate decision but he needed encouragement you need encouragement so when a person's making a decision do all you can to make it as easy as possible hold that person to make a decision you really want to do that. It's a privilege God gives us to encourage people to make decisions and frankly it's our responsibility to help people to make the right decision evangelism page 294 thrall for appearance of apathy and lead the people to think that there is life or death in these solemn questions according as they shall receive or reject them as you present testing truth often who is now willing as they have heard the words of God pointing out their duty to consecrate the hot and minds with all their affections to Christ Jesus so how do people make decisions I'll show you 4 steps 1 they need to have information to conviction Dury there needs to be desire and then for there needs to be action so now let's look at the steps in some greater detail information conviction desire action you don't want to just give information as though you are performing a public service when you go fishing if you go fishing you go fishing with a fishing rod and buy and a book. If you just take bait and toss it into the pond you're just going to end up with big fish or you're going to end up where we don't want just big fish we want to Holeman is you in your Bible student you and your partner your partners pray and your Bible student but the great controversy is going on and Satan is telling you a Bible student depending of course on where he or she is in the Continuum don't do this now if you want to you can just leave Satan to have at it if you want to or you can say as Christ's representative here I am going to speak up and do what I can to counter the suggestions that Satan is making so we'll get to some of this I'm sure we'll get to some of this but when it comes to well let's walk through them step by step information good decisions are made with good information if a person is misinformed or hasn't done sufficient research or decision is going to be the result that starkly we don't want for information we do OK a 7 day I guess we give good information because we have got really good information so we are OK there something is on how it's gone away. We've got light from the Spirit of Prophecy we've got 150 plus years of research we have scholarships we have the Biblical research institute with Anders university we have evangelists and Bible teaches down the is let me say this please be careful that you present true information there is no need to make inaccurate claims about the Roman Catholic Church is just not. And if you're not sure what was written on the papal tiara don't go there at the MET YOU do not need to make inaccurate claims about the Roman Catholic Church. You just done I remember when Ben Carson was running for president C.N.N. did a very large front page article about what bin Cason believes what his church teaches man I was worried about that other than what they said about us and I got in there and discovered that it was basically all accurate although they had in there something that said Adventists don't go to funerals or weddings on Saturdays. You know and I'm sure that's true for some had been a sport there's a bunch of funerals all the more a service is conducted on 7 so that was wrong it wasn't damaging harmful but it was wrong. Please be sure that the information that you share is accurate should be how do you check that out so information we've got that even I think I've. Now maybe I'm good you just knew the walk of and the right here is like. Like Peter and Paul when they shout I receive on people they were healed look at that. Did some of that good decisions good information and we've got that we've got lots of. Conviction Now this is important you can know. When you speak with people that the Holy Spirit. And pray that the Holy Spirit you can do. Once there's been sufficient information shared the Holy Spirit works to convict the person that something must be done so like when Peter preached at Pentecost they said Men and brethren what shall we do. God was at work and conviction came and they said what do we do about this I want to stay with conviction for a moment. You can help with that you share the subject of the Sabbath. And you say So Barbara how do you feel about that we feel about this. I mean what do you think God's will for your life would be when it comes to this subject Ana what did Jesus do we looked at this can you tell me what it was Jesus might get the 7 And what about Peter and James and John and over the year they did. So what do you think God's will for you would be Bob or you ask a question like that and convictions going. Well something's going. And you wouldn't necessarily do this too soon in the study but you're going to get the place where you say so would they be anything keeping you from keeping anything preventing you from keeping. You see that is God's will for your life you ask the right question if you ask none of those questions and you just hope that like the common cold just going to catch it because she did the Bible study probably hoping for a little too much something people are so fascinating they're in such different places they'll be folks who hear the subject on the Sabbath I said wow well this fantastic We're going to do this right I can't wait to go home and tell my husband Wow this best thing I've ever heard some people will say you know always wondered about that others will say what in the world of heard about you people. So don't be afraid and look I think administers generally we're pretty cerebral generally you know always wonder when I speak in cant meaning Who are these people sitting on the front 2 rows if you are a real advantage of a certain way back you are these people. You know what I mean right I'm going to churches fill from the back to the front like Catholic churches do. We don't want to get too close to the action you know. We martyred you know holy ghost or something we want to. And so my thinking is that when we get into studies many of us myself included we might take a more cerebral approach without really wanting to invest ourselves in that and go for the hot studying the Bible that somebody is about going for the. Really going for the hot what's going on inside the mind don't be afraid to ask those questions it's you making suggestions all the devil and you know the devil is making plenty of them the devil saying what about your job what about your dad what about your church what your neighbors think what about the kids you can't afford to do this what a crazy person you met someone like this once and they were. Mad. And you're going to sit in the CLI and say go go for a Devil I'm just going to read through this Bible study I have the best no speak. And seek to ask questions that arouse conviction in a person's mind questions that make them stop and think and consider and realize what God wants for them that that's really important and then desire that's once conviction sets in a person feels maybe maybe uncomfortable and they're going to do something to get rid of that discomfort so now you want to help them to understand that doing the right thing is the way to get rid of that that discomfort. You might choose to use what is called the mini max principle. When using this principle you want to many my eyes the negative results of following Christ and Max him on the positive results of surrendering to Jesus and yielding to the would of God where was I I got to be careful. Oh yeah last week a young Muslim fellow was baptized where I was and I was really fantastic. And so the kind man who was conducting the baptism and he and he knew this young man well that studied together he stood up before everybody and said it's going to be rough it's going to be. You are going to be attacked you are going to wonder how you can possibly go all on. The other have I been standing in the baptistry when the preacher said that I was it. I'm changing my mind what is that all gone Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world you don't do that Laura if you keep the Sabbath but you said you're a nurse they work 7 days you have to lose you lose your job you said your husband's not a believer I'm sure he'll leave you your children are going to think you're crazy and your mother you said she's in a nursing home she probably died of a heart attack but you should do the right thing Laura. Now let's say that she has told you she has a dear old mother who'd been a faithful holiness Pentecostal all their life and she's got a husband who's slightly antagonistic and she said yes job issues and you know the children are not kindly disposed towards religion accentuate the positive eliminate the negative. You don't want to be going on and on and on about how your life is going to go all down the drain now that's a last thing you want to do you ought to be talking about can you imagine the joy you're going to have in your life have God would use you as an example you said that your husband doesn't really have any any love of faith in God or you certainly don't want somebody who's not into Christ to keep you from following Christ and imagine how God do you think do you think God might use you to reach your husband if he sees faithful example and you think you might do that I'm not promising anything but I'm certain God is trying to reach your husband and the Daniel all this business about the dream and all that stuff and Daniel Chapter 2 What was God trying to do God was trying to reach never can as a so so you can know that God will use your situation to reach people now you've turned a negative into an absolute positive and you want to think you want to think about that so how do people make decisions let's think about this principle of action once the 1st 3 decision making steps have been taken it's time to ask for a decision information conviction desire desire you know want to be asking for a decision of the desire is not who you know helped by that it's just not going to fly but when the desire is there why would you not ask for a decision why would you not and so what do we have here once the 1st 3 decision making steps are being taken. US don't ask for a decision to. Our subject tonight Eduardo is we're going to study this the 7 own you have heard about this yes Sunday you know what will it study through this together 7th day it was. Sunday NO NO NO read this this is Saturday. On it water God wants you to keep the Sabbath are you willing to surrender to Jesus on this important point now an audio life of the example of Christ and His followers to. To. But you get to the end of the study and you see and you're seeing Eduardo say. Us head. Off cos my brother. My brother was right afterall you know I thought he was crazy but now I see in the Bible he's absolutely right it was a what do you think what would you like to do about this what would you like to do about it well I need to think about this all right well I mean this is the 1 I've gotten is it wider so sound the person out and then you can make it this is for a decision soon or a little later or much later but do consider where that person is don't ask for a decision to early and then we talk about the clearances method you know when I go and visit people during an event you listed meeting I have enjoyed these many great how do you find out about them as a weather goes visiting with me they just sick of hearing me because as a same questions all the time how do you find out about this meeting while my brother told me how did your brother know about it I as a member of the church how do you find out about these meetings I found out about them at church well then you got to find out if the person's in administering the person's what found out about the church how did you find out about these meetings I got this thing in the mail at this thing in the mail and then I will ask Have you ever attended a series of meetings like these if they said oh yeah we have met at church all the time now you know you're dealing with an admonition or you know I went to 1. Like 11 years ago. Vale STEVE Yeah that's the guy Ah so now you know they've already been through a series of similar haven't Meaning what do you think of what you all like to somehow you know you're going to have to ascertain how they got to from like that to didn't do it but anyhow always ask someone is this new to you how did you hear about the meetings you learn a lot by asking couple of very simple questions is it clear to you on that question is it clear to you you have any questions about that was a so we talked about the Sabbath question was that new to you No no I've heard it all before yes yes was it clear to you oh yes sure clears anything and then is there anything preventing you from now there aren't many even even many subjects where you is there anything preventing you from changing your view on what happens when a person dies wrong question so really I guess what we're aiming at is the Sabbath question here that is if anything preventing you from or baptism anything preventing you from being backed anything preventing you from becoming part of the remnant church. So those are decisions that you would you would look for when you're dealing with a person 1 to 1 I spoke about this yesterday and so will do it again from the pulpit you can ask for a verbal decision I have with me tonight can we see that do we agree with what the Bible says can you say man a man that's really easy but keep in mind people say I'm in autopilot they don't really mean anything that they said it and you raise your hand with me people raise their hand that's OK most people are going to do what the flock is doing most. Jesus referred to us as sheep. And we follow an awful lot most people will do what people around them doing when you make it easy you can ask people to stand I'm a little I'm a little you do that early in the meeting on an easy question if you want to join the 7th Day Adventist Church would you stand that. I wouldn't do it I wouldn't not that I've done and in fact I did it once we're dealing he stood up and a husband reached up from behind her and pulled her back now. But I'll tell you how that ended that was Eva came to 3 evangelist meetings that I did the 1st 1 was in the town where she lived the 2nd 1 was in a town 15 miles away and that was where husband reached up and pulled down the 3rd 1 I came back at the beginning of the meeting was like oh I bet you again and she's a pastor I did want to tell you I am being baptized and joining this church at the end of this meeting out of what my husband says and by now he got the message and this was going to happen and so we did this thing where. Right after the baptism right after the baptism our pastor invited the people to come up the front door stand it's been many years now and and this was done and then while I'm sitting on the platform I see a this has been bill raises hand. And this is not good my wife is your problem. And I'm thinking and I'm thinking are not good you know who has the most faith in our family. And. And the pastor did something I would never have done he said Bill and he's it passed if you don't mind I'd like to come and say if you would. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY And I'll never forget what he said The past is it well we know you Bill I mean I'm saying that we know you Bill so sure come up and say if you would oh my goodness I've never seen this I've heard about this but I've never seen it now I'm going to see it with my own eyes and Bill came up and he took the microphone any cleared his throat and he said Brother Sister. You know my wife Abel was baptized and you know that I've. Attended churches or a few times over the last few months and attended the series of meetings that John did and the last 1 and if you would have me. Never forget that if you would have me I'd like to become a part of your church family today as well and so. Here's the guy the antagonist with the hot hot and the mean scowl on his face reaches up and grabs his wife pulls it back down into the seat you will not stand up for Jesus and. And Bill became a member of the church as well fantastic So stand in cause because if I may can. Cause a great gives people privacy and privacy I'm probably not going to tell you the story for minutes we had a lady all the stories too good not to tell you. In a way lady asked Pastor Dave to come and study the Bible with their atheist husband and so he did and he thought that was a waste of time that he went back the next week didn't take his Bible he went to talk about classical music he went online and googled classical music and read about it so he'd have something to talk to this fellow about man was impressed with Pastor Dave's knowledge of classical music he went back every week to talk about classical music 11 night at 2 or 3 in the morning I don't know exactly when it was Pastor Dave was awoken from a sleep with a strong impression pray for Oscar. Climbed out of bed so as not to disturb his wife banged his knee on a piece of shit on a piece of furniture and stood on a piece of Lego in the hallway. And that hurts. Anyone upright his heart out for us cannot really knowing why he was doing so. It was that night or the following morning that Oscar said to his wife I had a dream last night I dreamed of the 2nd coming of Jesus and she said so what you gonna do about it he said nothing it was just a dream when he had the dream a 2nd time he decided he would start coming to church just to be there just to be $92.00 and an atheist probably slightly less of an atheist now but still an atheist when the meetings came. Agreed to accompany us wife to the meetings and on the 3rd night we handed out a decision I choose to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior not well. And her eyes filled with tears and when the meeting was over she rushed past today past the day to day and Oscar came out on his walking stick. Asked Why do I have to do to join the club. I feel like about us to 92 year old man who was an atheist and they kissed stand up in front of a $700.00 people 1000 people whatever it was and another he did on that but the cat gave him some privacy to have the story ended not too terribly long after that Oscar was on hospice care. And he said to the hospice nurse you've got a big red book at home haven't you and she said yes I did he said if you've been reading it now you should be reading it and she went home and looked around and found a big red book which happened to be a bible how did I ask another US how I don't know maybe in the last weeks of his life he was blessed with the gift of prophecy I don't know. Perhaps he was just close to God and she started reading the Big Red Book died she began studying the Bible with lost his wife I need to check in with Pastor Dave to see how that story's going to fantastic story so called Make a chemical altar call Don't be afraid to make an altar call Don't be afraid to make an article I said this yesterday so I won't go every day in great detail if nobody comes for that's not your problem you do your best you pray you you invite make it easy have everybody stand up before you make the old tickle have them all stand up want everybody to stand please stand where That's right no no I mean you as well thank you please stand and people stand by now the music is playing tonight I'd like to do something special I want to make a special invitation listen very carefully I've made all to cause where I had turned people back No no not you I want you to remain standing and pray this is where for some reason the musta been with what I said some of the saints got confused and soon we were going to have a stampede I wasn't looking for that I was looking for people to get to Christ for the 1st time. But you learn from the mistakes I guess I made 1 or you can make a combination called you know I've not done this foot. 18 years but you can have people fill out a card and bring the cow to the front not quite sure what that accomplishes but maybe gets them used to coming to the front you can have people raise their hand and then stand in do that you can make a combination of these it has been said and I think accurately any appeal used exclusively is a poor appeal. When you're calling for decisions from the pulpit alternate the kinds of appeal that you use stocked with easy appeals you know really Ah I remember 1 night 3 talking about salvation and making an altar call Way too soon I know where I got that idea. But I do and dream it up in evangelism I love innovation. I love it when you innovate and I learn from the success of failure of your innovation that's the kind of innovation I like. Begin with the softer appeals to sort of things like the Will decisions or raising hands and progress toward and all to Coles for the bigger decisions All right let's pray if you have questions you can stay behind but those you need to go to whatever's happening next and do that Father in heaven we are thankful that you have privileged us with this wonderful opportunity to be in a series of the Gospel your ambassadors your people so Lord we are praying for your blessing that you make us as effective as we can possibly. Love you and thank you when we pray in Jesus name name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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