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1. A Lost God

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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I'm going to share with you thanks a lot hope will do something for you to bring about whatever God needs to change in your life in any time you deal with change it always is painful but I pray that you will allow the pain if it means salvation when he say the religious community in the sixty's was shocked by a professor who made a statement and the statement he made was that God was dead us that the ocean and that's what was shocking that a theologian would make a statement such as God is dead and pass a Bentley to you just put your finger on the on the mousepad is put your finger the mouse pad to move the 1st 1 and if it moves a 1st 1 or OK. And if it doesn't I'll ask you to use your finger again and wound just proceed. It came out of a magazine Time magazine and it shocked a lot of people because. It seems to appear with all the atrocities of taking place during the 1st War 2nd World War. And that God really did not exist when I became converted I was working in a machine I beat I got a job in a machine shop and I got a letter from the U.S. government telling me that I was drafted during the Vietnam War My boss told me that I didn't have to worry about it because he was of personal friend of the colonel and he could get me released from military duty I said to him no thanks. Is that what you mean no thanks I know the colonel I get you on you don't have to go to Vietnam why would you want to go to Vietnam anyway you'll get killed I said No I don't want you to do that thank you he said well what's wrong with you I said nothing wrong with me I just want you to do this why he said because I've manipulated my life all along all these years and I decided to stop manipulating man lives I want God to lead my life and not me trying to figure out how I can get out of something he said God There is no God and then he explained to me how as a little child being a Jew trying to skate with women and children and old people all of a sudden a plane and a Tamiya plane came down and began to shoot them and kill as many as possible and he says a little boy you hid under the train and he watched all these people be in moment down there and the question again to his mind is where is God so is gone lost Let's pray together as we study father Heavenly Father thank You for the opportunity we have to study a word and we pray for your spirit to guide to the rector asked him a clear thought I ask in Jesus' name amen the question about God being lost it's not something that just atheists agnostics infant downs. Deal with there are many many young people who grow up in the advent of stretch who really do not and are not and do not understand or know or experience the reality of God Is it possible for you to grow up in the evidence Turchin never know God was the answer yes is it possible be able to be religious and never know God yes. And so while it is true that there are atheists and agnostics and then for the elves that don't believe in God. You would expect that but you don't expect it in a religious setting but the highest number of people who don't know God are not found outside is found inside the millions are religious people in the world who don't know God That's the reality and I know of young people who have left the church because they have never experienced God I've known of young people back when I was in the military who came into the military at the same time that I was there who though they grew up in certain areas of what we call at Venice ghettos on these young men gave evidence that they knew not God even though they professed to be Adventists yet the sad commentary was that they did not know God Many people have that challenge him a hard time trying to find God And that's interesting because in the Bible in the book of Jeremiah that's if I can get the next 1 can you put your finger there the magic touch and in the book of Jeremiah It says each shall walk seek me and walk and find me when you shut certainly what I much with all your heart why is it so difficult for people to find God then. If the scripture says that you will seek Me and find me when you shall search for me with how much on your hard Why is it that young people make shipwreck of thieves leave the church lead the church family leave the favor and go out into the world and live a reckless or not so reckless a very prosperous life without God why I'm going to give you the answer I'm just presenting a question. Show it has saved me and find me when I search for me when how much have you done on your heart now the the reality is that in the scriptures people think God is lost but what we find from the scriptures is a god is not laws he is the actually. Looking for example Jesus gave 3 parables in the book of Luke Chapter 15 the 1st parable was of a lost sheep the 2nd parable was the last calling the last parable was all lost son 3 lost conditions the last she was lost by the way she did not have G.P.S. when she got lost they got lost the 1st group they are lost but do not know how to find their way back is a terrible as scary sense it comes over you when you realized your loss you don't know how to find your way that true and here you have been lost and found you couldn't find your way and it's even more exasperating when you need to get someplace and you can't get there because you're lost and that's what happened to me the. OK so 3 last conditions the 1st 1 lost but doesn't know how to find its way back and the interesting thing about that last condition is that someone went to find him in other words the sheep that not initiate the search the shepherd is the 1 that initiated the search the 1 of ing about that story is that it doesn't end with the shepherd coming back with empty hands when he say the shepherd comes back with what he went to look for the 2nd condition is the last card but the last comment is lost where in the house is it possible for a person to be lost in the House what's the answer. Again the condition is a loss condition and Aquinas not know that is lost and then many many many many many is a people who do not know that they are lost the term that describes them as call strangers to divine influences what is it strange to divine influences these are people who are lost but do not know that they are lost and again what you find in this 2nd condition is that the calling does not initiate the search who does the woman the woman who loses a coin lights a candle in begin to sweep the ground in the house by the way in those days there were no carpets fours but dirt floors as you walk on dirt into the dirt actually become polarized. In Pretty soon you can drop a coin and it falls underneath the level of the dust and unless you sweep in the south of the way you will not find the coin so the woman doesn't searches and finds a coin again the story does not end with a woman coming back and say I can't find it on the contrary she comes back and says what we just with me for I have found my coin the 3rd condition is a condition where the boy who is lost once to be lost is hard to understand why somebody would want to be lost but the 3rd condition is a lost son who per person fully gets lost and he does not want to be found 3 last conditions but is interesting that even the 3rd condition while it appears that no 1 is doing the search the reality is that the vase agonizing for the son to return and his prayers are answered when he sees the morning coming down the hall from electronic and the father runs and hugs a boy to launch conditions 3 found conditions so in reality then it isn't the last at initiate the search it is the 1 who has lost who initiated the surge so in the Bible then it isn't real it does not reveal that you and I actually found God It is a God actually went and found us but now did you you considered this then you have to ask the question if 1st true they gone is the wonder the negotiation the search then why is it that people have a difficult time finding God. If he's searching if he's the 1 running after if he's the 1 sweeping as it were if he's the 1 waiting until the sun comes to his senses then why is it that people have a hard time finding God The reason why people have a hard time finding God is because people become escape artists become 1 escape artists 1 of the most famous escape artists was a fellow who'd lived not too long ago who no matter what they do to chain him up Center he always had a way of escaping I mean if you remember his name what was his name all right so when people don't find God It is not because God is not searching it is because people become a scape artists and their interesting ways how people become escape artists number 1 people become a scape artist by simply. Denying that God exists if you deny that God exists then to you God does not exist in show it becomes easy for a person who doesn't relish the idea of God for them to just simply say he doesn't exist and no even use arguments like show him to me you can't touch him you can feel what you mean it exists no God And the interesting thing about that is that there are a lot of things that we can see that exist in the real which are true how many of you have ever experienced gravity and if you how do you know exists. Is a except if never fall and if you have never fall fall on you would never know that this or any such thing as gravity but you don't feel ground he do you I mean if you have a felt gravity don't raise your hand he didn't have to correct you you experience the fall you feel the fall you don't feel gravity. How many of you have gone around the corner and feel yourself being pushed beyond where you are traveling what is and call. Jentzsch if a call for you would never know it exists unless you experienced it is that true how many of you have ever seen an attrition the any of you have seen are explicitly and again not a soul on the planet has ever seen and actually now you say what do you mean pass I've seen the spark OK what you've seen is not electricity you have seen the result of electricity the spark is simply electricity passing through elements that heat out and by heating up they give the light but you have not seen the electricity you have seen the result of interesting lightning when you see lightning all you are seeing is the elements being heated up by something that quickly passing through the elements and so the elements light up E.S.A. abseiling Chesley No you don't feel like just the you saw the result of electricity you saw the elements heat up is not a soul on the planet or service and electricity I mean if you want to know who is real put your finger on the in you understand say in the other day I was working on an electricity also that had. Not no. Somebody through the sweat shop and so I went to the breaker box and turned it off make sure the next pairs of the again and then I was working on us as outlet and I was sure that it was off until it actually kind of exploded. In my face and I realized that somebody again turned on the switch and so I went to turn it on OK you know see it you simply experience the results of it. There are many many things that can go on and on and on and on about many things that exist that you never see you you never know they exist unless you experience them or see unless you you are the victim of that particular element that we're talking about and so people who are arguing the IGS the nonexistence of God on the basis that you cannot feel or see them. Are using arguments that really if they were true to their arguments you would have to admit that there are a lot of things to do not exist simply because it not seen them but they wouldn't know that to argue such would be in vain because there are many many things around us we know air exists simply because we breathe you don't see air how many of you have ever seen their I mean can you grab it try to grab it can you grab it no is it there yes we know they exist simply because we experience the results of it so there are people who think that by denying that God exists have done away with God but they haven't. There are other people who are trying to find a way of on not experiencing God by simply getting involved in activities that do not permit them opportunity to reflect on the reality that there is a God there are people who are moral people who would not stoop to do anything quote. Him along but who do not on the same page want to commit themselves to God who will deny that God exists simply by being everlastingly involved in doing good things knowing what kind of things others just simply punch themselves in pleasure in 1 and i'm sure how many of you have heard of the phrase party song. And if you have heard that phrase. You know what a hog is right. A hog suggests that there is a desire to to take in as much as possible beyond its limit and show a parting Hong is in a reference use especially where I come from New York City where people work throughout the week to make enough money so they could go partying during the weekend and so they left from 1 point until the next pointed to the next partition and park there constantly constantly involved in pleasure and what. In pleasure and by being involving pleasure they cannot come to the place where they can experience God So being involved in pleasure or there are people who actually get into reckless living living in such a way that their very experience with suggests a denial that God even exists the tricky 1 is the 1 where people are can see sensible enough to understand that perhaps there is a God but they have no desire to submit themselves to God and the reason for that is that they have interests that they want to pursue and they know that in order to push other interests they have to try to create an environment where God does not exist there are other people who are even smarter than that they become religious become 1 religious or play religion I remember when I was a soldier. On 1 of my friends died and the government the military ordered me to take his body back to the States so I flew to California and then how to escort his body up to a place called like port Clearlake in California and there I had to stay with the body until he was funny buried in that area I met a family as a husband and wife and a young young son and the the particular husband was what you would consider to be the the it to me of a saint. He had Schober white hair he always dressed in a black suit and he was an elder in the church and played the role of being a very godly person and he always talked about religious themes. But finally the wife came to me and I'm not sure why she did this but she came to me to reveal that the saintly husband was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing I think you've heard that term and you know that the man the at home was was violent he was very abusive verbal and physically to both the wife and the son but yet out in the open he looked like a model Christian so the man then was hiding behind religion the reason for it I believe is because he had a high position in a certain institution and that high position suggested that whoever was in that position was a model person the worst. Moral Lee upright etc So all the time while he was acting that way it is home life he was a little different person and so could a person be connected to God who Virgo the and physically abuses their wife and son was the answer was yes or no and so we know of people in the Scriptures who likewise played that role as it were covered up all the time because they didn't want people to assume that they were not holy so they played honing. And 1 of the biggest challenge that I had when I was in the military when I went to basic training was where young people who like myself were drafted but who grew up as Adventists and during the daytime they would. Do the same thing that I did go to the draining cetera they professed to be conscientious objectors they professed to be savage keepers but when it came to Friday night they were found in the bars drinking and on Shabbat morning when we went to chapel they were waiting outside smoking cigarettes until the chapel opened and then they went in went to sleep and the sole reason why they claimed to be Adventists was because they knew that the military usually preferred choosing 7th Day Adventist to send them to a place called Walter Reed Memorial Hospital so that they could become whether to call white coats and just a new that they stood a better chance of being selected because they were conscientious objectors in the military they need conscientious objectors any that people could shoot that they would have a better chance of being selected to go and become 1 of the white coats and spend their 2 years in the military in Washington D.C. actually from Frederick Maryland but on Friday night they were doing their thing Savva morning they did their thing and so they had the benefit of not working on Saturday and Sunday while the rest of the soldiers had to work 6 days except for Sunday and that was a good benefit would he say yes but who are they using for their benefit the name of who God and 1 time 1 of the sergeants came to Maine and said to me we're confused I said What are you confused about Sergeant. If I were confused who is a true avenues you order is a very very difficult thing for me because I did not want to give my church that name and show and I did not want to incriminate them so I simply sat by their fruits you shall know them so what is hidden What is it that people do to deny the existence of God Besides these things well all these people who I mention all of these cases I mention simply are cases that reveal that people are not willing to admit that they need to surrender themselves to God The reason why people can't find God is because most of the time people are running the wrong 1 running and they run in these different ways and I just mentioned either by denying there is a god by getting involved with pleasure by getting religious there are many different ways that people can evade the reality of God in their lives while they're going through these different phases of running from God Think about it Jonah what do they do he ran Samson what do they do he ran Paul what did they do he ran there are people who ran from God because they recognize that surrendered to God would mean that they would have to give up on themselves and recognize that they need God in their lives and sometimes human pride is not permitted for that. It is hard for people to to yield to God when pry this so much alive that they admit that they have weaknesses so that they need God their lives. Would be upright shattering and many people can't deal with hurting ego so they run Iran they run them when I was in show business I came to the to the place where I found my sense and maybe there was a God I was a show business for 8 years and during my time there there were moments when I sense that something was missing but I I had no way of connecting what I had missing with God because frankly I had turned away from the whole idea of religion because of all the things that I saw that made my stomach sick when I saw it when the priest would come to take my friends to his apartment and the priests are supposed to represent who God when the altar boy who had the filthiest mouth on the block would go on Sunday and with his hands folded in the form of prayer walking behind a priest and then after that come out and use foul language it was worse than a savior when my buddies who took me to the synagogue to show me how they can get drunk for free while the we would go in before the rabbi and Sadia because which were the holy prayers and then they would dismiss themselves by saying we need to go to the bathroom and the rabbi remain with the rest of the people doing his thing is that they would then lead me to. The kitchen where generally speaking in the refrigerator dozers gallon fault of Manischewitz wine and while the rabbi was busy they too were busy drinking as much as they could only get drunk and leave the synagogue drunk free when I saw all those things I have to tell you that I began to think that religion was nothing more than a cop out people who did not doubt me now sense about them and so when I was in show business and there were moments when I felt there was something missing I could never connect it with was because to me God did not exist it was not until a drug party where that particular night among 40 odd bikers like the Hell's Angels who threw the party everything that you wanted to participate in you couldn't speak English all the drugs in the world of which were free and when everybody was intoxicated herbal tea was in a new breed it right was I whatever term you want to use for the mind was altered somebody raised a question who was God And so we spent the whole night trying to figure the guy out here we were in our drunken state of mind trying to figure out it was amazing is this that I still tend to remember in detail the conversation and I don't know how it was possible because I can tell you that there are many things that I did during showbusiness that I have no idea that I'm participated in I mean there are just blank bands of time in my mind relative to my time in show business but I remember in detail the discussion and that night and when I left the 4 o'clock in the morning. The terrible thought struck me the terrifying thought struck me if there is a God I'm in serious trouble and the thought was not very comforting therefore I immediately shot the father way with the idea that I would never again consider it when the brother are trying to catch catch up with my Power Point presentation so now that it's working let me go away so here are the conditions I will mention and now I'm way down toward the end there I am so doing that time then I became frightened about the idea that it was a god because if there was a god. The things that I enjoyed I would have to abandon and therefore I did not want to abandon the things I liked so I had to then conclude that there was no God so I spent time in showbusiness and I kept out all the way for a while until I met it again when I saw my brother getting baptized my 1st time in a something happens church and when I thought came back I did not want to contemplate it because I begin to merely to equate God with I can't have any fun if I become a Christian I can't have any fun I quit a god with humiliation if I become a Christian I would have to leave the high position of recognition that I have and I'd have to end up working in a dingy old factory in the inner city. I do rest of the immigrants and I don't want to be considered in immigrant so I waited God weird the 1 who took everything away from you that you liked the 1 who wanted to make your life miserable so that he couldn't rejoice over your misery I fought it but the more that I fought the idea of God the more that I realized that I needed to do something about it and before I went on a world tour I was confronted with the reality that perhaps God does exist when I saw my brothers being baptized and saw the change in their lives the question that came to my mind was could they have found God and it became a great struggle for me is that the time I was 21 years old had reached a peak of showbusiness and I didn't want to surrender what I thought I had worked so hard to gain and then I realize that this was real I shan't and God knew what I was thinking and there began in me a terrible struggle over having to surrender so rendering it's very difficult giving up on self admitting that you need Guardian Life is very difficult but I knew that it was my time had come the judgment hour had reached Aida who was going to have to give myself to God accept the reality that he was God or turn my back on all that I was experiencing and it was at a at a dance party that I decided to throw in the towel to quit fighting I went home and when I got home it was a terrible struggle. I never felt being lost before until that night and there's nothing worse than a person coming to the reality that he had lost when you lost your it's a scary experience I began to struggle because I began to realize that if I was going to follow God. I needed to give up things that I did other strength to give up and I simply played a simple prayer when I was struggling I said God help me take these things from me when I get so that prayer of peace came over me instantly I realize that I was no longer a drinker a smoker a druggie. I said instantly it was. A reality and awareness and God really was very young when he instantly took those things away and I stood up and I remember the peace it came over me and the joy of flooded my so when I experience go on in my life I knew from then on that I was going to serve this gun who I ran away from was on many of us want to experience God in a more personal way but some of us have and visions we have habits addictions that Ntozake to drugs but addictions to things we like things we don't want to give up we don't want to surrender and we somehow are smart enough to sense like I did that he's there someplace but I have playing a mind game thinking that. In fact this is what I thought if he's there I'm going to look and let them see that I need to keep this way of life and that's why I went to a dance to prove to him that I could not live without the excitement of the dance but the place I went to to prove to him that I could not live without the excitement of life was a repricing that he used to turn my life upside down and it was from then that I decided I will follow God and you know it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be yes I thought I would end up in the dingy dark factory working on the humiliation that would come when you are star and then I was certain you know you're working in this that you factory but you know it's interesting that when I thought it would be the feelings sensations that would come over me the shame the embarrassment actually became a wonderment of living a normal life for once the real what. Are normal life for one's the clothing that I used to love to wear and I mean I used to love to wear the hip hugger Rango color bell bottoms and. When I became converted I realize that all of those things that we're using to bring attention to who will get me they're going to. Look at me difficult to die to self when I struggle and surrender is when I found the reality that God is real. And why. And when he changed my life that night and I decided to follow him the things that I loved I began to detest. As I looked at my 10 rings and I have them I think is I thought. Oh well no I have all these on before I took them all off and threw in the garbage can the bell bottom help hip hugger the right leave the tuxedoes Burgundy in the golden tuxedo the Blue took see those that I had given to my mother to give them to the poor the equipment that I had. Showman fenders and paid amplifiers basted time I. Got rid of them for $20.00 The change was radical but it was great because now I knew and God was real you know what you were here and when I decided to follow the Master when I thought we'd become the end I thought I would have to kind of fold my hands and sit in a corner and wait until Jesus returned but when I decided to commit myself to God I discovered that he had plans for me to do beyond anything I ever thought God did for me things I never thought could be possible yes I have seen the things that the Bible writes about miracles to take place I've seen them personally experience and personally I've seen the reality of God and what God could do and then I would I wonder why I was so stupid why was I trying to flee from God the 1 who really could do for me when I could never do for myself and so when I surrendered to God it and then I discovered his reality I could go anyplace that's why I told that man that you said there is no God I said to you there's no god to me he's very. No I don't want you to get me off I want to go wherever God wants me to go. And rather than going on Naam got some of the Korea and today I can stand here before me and tell you that it's been a rich experience so rendering to go on doing what. I'm doing. So sometimes young people get into relationships boy and girl and that relationship means more to them than having on their lives and if you try to talk to them and get angry because they don't want to give up that experience that they're having and if the experience and so to talk to them about. Senseless to them because they want to gain keep holding on to this that they have they do not realize by doing so they're forming a god that can help them in the place of the God who can so are you running if something in your life that you can't give up you don't want to give up and sometimes how you play this game with God He won him but you don't want him in so I'm saying you want the benefits of having God but you don't want to have the the deficit's of having God because you you're too smart you realize if I except God completely and fully I'm going to have to admit what I am and I have to give up on what I am and then I have to quit following what I want to follow and then I have to surrender my will to him and I don't want to do that but I can tell you this friend that if you put God 1st in your life if you let him catch up to you if you quit running your experience that what he brings to your life is far better than anything you can hold on to and I'm sure and that is a personal testimony on the know how many of you we recognize. That article the something there do you have any idea who that is how many of you have heard of Happy Days any of you may remember the theme song of Happy Days Rock Around The Clock you don't remember 123 o'clock 4 o'clock rock. I was a bass player of that group in our day we were more popular than the Beatles more popular than I was personally so yes I was a bass player of the at that time and the most famous group in the world and I'm only sharing that with you not to boast but to put in perspective with I'm talking about do you understand this young girl was to 13 years old she grew up in a home in Michigan by the early Christian home and she hated that constant Don't do this don't do that don't do this don't do that you understand I'm saying she didn't want to continue to be a good girl all the time and she wanted to have the liberty of doing whatever she want to do when she wanted to and at the age of 13 she ran away from home she came out the window and left rather than going to California she was smart of their own she decided that she would go to California because most runaways went to California step she went to Chicago and then when she got to Chicago. She had. A sense of at least falling part of what the parents would tell of don't talk to strangers. So she was looking in the in the store fronts in the big store windows of downtown Chicago all the beautiful dresses and all the beautiful things generously anything like that before she said my own this and all of sudden it carbon black car pulled up parked by the sidewalk and well dressed man came out went to the window stood there looking next to her and she kind of moved away of the bit and he said it's in that dress just gorgeous and she kind of went like this and then he said Doug A young lady. I you was a stranger in town she want to give an answer you know and then he said well you know I I I just saw you standing and I thought. Maybe if you do you're just a passer by and on you by yourself again try that and then he said I would like to go inside and see some of the dresses you know firsthand and he said Come on come on come on come on so she followed him inside and she began to look at 1 dress and the other dress and then he went and fetched dresses and see how they fit on her and all that so he said would you like this 1 and she couldn't believe it because her mother had always said you better be careful don't talk to strangers you know they're bad people out there and all that and she said she thought this guy was not a bad guy after all that I've been been told about you know most people in the cities are. And so would you like this 1 would you like that 1 so he got her about 12 dresses and and he said look because you're good younger on Taiwan I'll buy them for you you will do what I'll buy them for you she can believe in it's goods Gaius and. Perfect Stranger Why why is he doing this for me you know show. Any tape a he went out and put the clothing in the car and said By the way he had lunch now. Well look let's tell you what I'll do. I can take you home you can try the dresses there and all that and you can eat lunch you can take a shower. So she was a little bit hesitant but she went with him and he showed her beautiful room full of beautiful bed and said Go you know lie down there and take a nap and when you're ready to he just I mean oh and cetera so she took a shower she went on to lie down and then began to try the dresses and everything else and and then after she'd tried all the rest and she said You look like my I love them I love them and so he said OK down how you going to pay for them and she said pay for them yes I bought these dresses and now you need to pay for them well it turned out to be a pimp another into prostitution and because she was a young pretty lady she got a high price so she became a prostitute and. But finally 1 day she developed some sores and when the pimp know this that she had those sores he knew she could no longer he could no longer use or so he took her out of the house and now she found herself sleeping on the cardboards and knowing then the thought would come of home but shame and reproach would block those thoughts she would think my parents have a new when I got into it would die so she definitely wanted to go home but she was afraid to go. And besides she didn't have any money she was sick she didn't have any money. She got a knife to protect herself from other street people and 1 day they said she began to think about home again and she decided that she was going to do a collect call when she called the parents the parents were amazing fans they were concerned she had died so they begged her to come home and she cried and said I would love to but the but if you know what I was into Never mind is come home I don't have any way to get home was saying the money to the parents sent the money for the bus and she got on the bus and she's rolling on the way back home she thinks of all her experience of what she was like when she was growing up in the wholesomeness of an environment she realized the mistake she had made the running away from home the mesh she had gotten into and now the house facing the shame but as the busk got close to the bus station she was surprised she wondered who was going to come and fetch me what that would mom cetera and there was a large crowd and a big sign which said Well welcome home when the bus don't open and she stepped out of them as a father jumped from the midst of the crowd 1 and grabbed her and swung around and just cried and she wept and wept and wept and she realized then that there was a longer another part of the family to have a come home and friend it's a long and a part of your father's hard to have you come home you know all those people who are out there who are running from the. All it takes is for them to finally stop running into what was running. So if there is someone here tonight who was having problems finding God could it be that there's something in you that keeps you back from finding him because he says he will seek Me and. In me when you shall have search me with are your time anyone here tonight was had a struggle and would like to say I recognize that I know he's not running into something in your life that you need to surrender so you can experience God or the much richer fuller way and tonight you're going to say Lord I want to quit running a body or a man everybody else there's nothing better for him than to experience God falling in line but you have to be willing to surrender those things that are hard to give up but when you do go find the joy that comes let's put it together it will be Father how the enemy keeps us distracted by either wholesome things that appear to be morally good or by the will escape and evasion hoping that somehow. We never have to face the reality of self-surrender the Lord you know our needs and we know that according to your scriptures that when they are the ones who see we may be the ones who awaken to our need to begin to surge but if you went into that reality in us and we discover that you have been chasing after us how long or forgive us Father. We have become so blind so dull so senseless that we would rather hold on to that which would destroy us than to give ourselves to you who will save us so father tonight you see in the hands draws to the we pray it was the victory over those things that are in an impediment. Make us more in tune. To know that was true. For the news. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it at W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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