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Last Generation Theology Bible Study

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


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or to learn is through this mortgage renewable Bible truth to help us understand the truly nice afternoon Jesus in what is that if you mess tonight looking at the last generation theology in the Bible and then open up the question answer and I just really anticipate you're going to ask questions that will will embarrass me and him again not to your questions embarrassing that my inability to answer the embarrassing and yeah I'm against my very best to go and I'll be happy to receive the advised to Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew chapter thirteen are looking at verse thirty nine Matthew thirteen in verse thirty nine speaking initially about the tears it says the enemy that some of them is the devil the harvest is what say the end of the world we're going to begin our last generation study tonight with this idea it's the metaphor of the harvest you know in the Bible there are two significant harvests of people in the Jewish year you had a harvest and then you had a second harvest in fact both in this brain and in the fall harvest festivals and when Jesus was a lifeguard hurt he said the fields are already white for harvest there was a harvest in his day it was viewed at Pentecost and there you have thousands converted in one day that wasn't just an act to form the short space now the mothers converted really there was quite a harvest that point but use universities is rounded that there is another harvest the fall these represent the events that take place at the end of this world and the final fall feast is the feast of Tabernacles otherwise known as the feast of harvest it was a time when there was a celebration over the grains being ripened and ready for gathering the garner if you plant a seed you might say the seed is perfect you might say that West browse the sprout this perfect you might say as it grows that it's perfect and in this sense you could say that is perfect at every stage of development which he will say the scene was right and you want to say that the sprout was right you women say that it was right Intel had completed its growing cycle and whether you look at tonight 's a few verses that show that the harvest is time on the basis of the ripening of the grain in your Bibles to Mark chapter four Mark chapter four and were looking at verse twenty nine but when the fruit is brought forth immediately what happens he puts it and the cycle because the harvest is so that reminds you of something revelation chapter Revelation thirteen was the Revelation fourteen just after the three Angels messages Revelation fourteen and looking around verse fourteen but we just landmark is that the farmer puts in a circle immediately when the harvest is ripe relation fourteen fourteen and I love you and behold a white cloud upon the cloud one sat like the Son of Man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand what a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy sickle and reap for the time is for indeed to rate why for the harvest of the earth is right I can say this plainly you would think very narrowly or poorly about farmer who sold his grades irrigated in his field put on his calendar that he was going to harvest at August nine and when he got to August nine because of some drought and other problems they were still lacking his grades were lacking a week or two of being right you would think very poorly the farmer who say I'm sorry but it's August nine it's time to read what you consider him to be a fool according to the Bible when does Jesus read it's when the harvest is ripe and that has been and is a logical order poorly thought through fear on the part of many at the nest for generations that Jesus might come back when the church is half-baked it just doesn't stop he was going to come back when the harvest wasn't right he would already have been here but the Bible is very clear when does he come back it's when the harvest is right so I don't appreciate that haven't appreciated for a long time I hear silence it would indicate that God has a timetable on when the clock hits midnight is coming up whatever ready or not that's just not the way the Bible presents is coming the Communist time on the harvest look at Matthew thirteen verse thirty there are two hard this the right bend at the very same time Matthew thirteen and looking at verse thirty speaking again to stop the tears and the weeds let both grow together Intel the harvest and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers gather you together forced the tears and bind them in bundles to burn down but gather the wheat into my far it is true that in the harvest there are two categories of right bins items normally word for there is the grain and there are the tears and I was fourteen it uses different metaphors the righteous are represented by the grain of your member right after we read what happens next another angel comes out and says it's time for you to read the grapes of the earth are full legal right and the grapes are read and what happened to those grapes that are thrown into the winepress oh the wrath of God then in those grades there harvested at one strong into the winepress and then they are trampled in the winepress and blood comes out of that winepress alone weighs in very deep was reviewed with you I remember revelation fourteen look at Shoal chapter three Joel chapter three and were looking at verse thirteen assess what she had the cycle for the harvest is ripe engaged down for the press is full the bass overflow listen carefully for their wickedness is great you see it in the Würzburg to harvest the grains are right and the grapes are right when men are fully righteous other men are fully with you and the harvest comes in that process is done I remember when I first what I first heard laceration theology and another to find out for you because you might not think of it the same way I do I just want to know what I mean when I say it I'm in my last generation theology that while every generation has been sanctified are hardened by the truth that the laceration on earth receives such a revelation of truth that they are either wholly sanctified are thoroughly hard so that they are right in either case and that that's thorough N this sauce that they will not fall under temptation even under the pressures of the time of trouble that's what I mean by laceration theology when I say that can be taken further and when it goes further I think it probably is right but because I cannot prove that nearly as thoroughly as I can Dennis I don't go there and I is I don't go in my teaching to the point of saying that the brightness of the last generation is what settles many of the issues of the great controversy over proving that are vindicating God 's character and what he says Cameron cannot be done do I think that's accurate I think it probably gets but this is where I think we can prove our point biblically and satellite when does the harvest from this when the harvest is right and we seen that plainly in Scripture turn in your Bibles to second Peter second Peter and looking at chapter three so when my favorite verses but I just totally love this chapter can't assure you beautiful things the shepherds are all related to this topic I'm going to anyway not just one after permission it if you look at verse three says knowing this first that there shall come in the last day scoffers walking after their own lost insane where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue rumor on the beginning of the creation but I think this verse for my think this verse through I think it protects theistic evolution I mean it's talking about people who talk about creation but they don't believe in a defeated creation by God speaking in where it doesn't place the timeline based on a belief system access the last things right it's just an incredible intuition like only profits have two two thousand years ago project but at the end of this rotation of the people that knowledge that God exists and that he traded everything but typefaces backplanes of years and don't really believe that in six days he did art or that there was a flaw that is a common belief system today that would have been unthinkable just two hundred years ago but as predicted here a very long time ago I like when you look at verse ten I live in Arkansas I live thirty miles from the Baptist University but more precisely where church planting in the town of the Baptist University if you've ever been to an Adventist University town you can sense that over the course of a hundred years many boys and girls met each other fell in love got married broke couldn't move anywhere settled down and staying growth had kids and they settled right they are in the vicinity of the local school is not just Adventist also have the Baptist towns and solar church planting Anabaptist town full of this kind of thing first tennis for them but the day of the Lord will as a thief in the not in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise all so nice to have those ideas combine the speed and the noise I will I will save last night I'm hiding everything with our kind host Justin and Angela and we slept well that just didn't sleep too well and at one point he thought he heard our van door opening the sliding Manville now if there were these children are car is no wonder that they close it back up again at the shibboleth to know on the back trash thing you can have as a thief in the night 's anger comes with a great white in this verse with a great noise that just does not match the secret rapture theory very well in all that you know another passage that even matches it less well this revelation sixteen in the sixth now to get the finger and second gear is really what it's really goofing even going to this request sixteenth nine but what is to briefly in Revelation sixteen in the sixth flag that he was a red letter edition see a water rat B person there but it was fifteen right sixteen fifteen and was a safe sunlight behold I come to that interest now do you know where this falls in the timeline this is after six less in other words we are six seven the way through the tribulation and what does Jesus say busy the things that you still come out out of faithful people still on earth he says you better make sure that your robes aren't defined it just doesn't match very well at all with the secret rapture theory give following saying guide I like I like those two verses I think the really simple but you should be careful to use simple versus like that while we might chuckle about it here it will never do to chuckle when showing it to someone who believes a different way that feels like mocking down and you can never win someone by mocking you don't have to push those things very humbly and solemnly worried yourself you'll do it wrong turn back to second Peter chapter three which is rest alas I didn't actually need to turn to Revelation second Peter chapter three the end of verse ten says that the elements will melt with fervent heat in the earth also in the works that are therein shall be burned up seeing then all these things shall be dissolved what manner of persons ought you to be in all holy conversation and godliness covers eleven missile interest it looks like that the logic of verse eleven says that if you are holy when the flames are burning your trouble can you see that the logic of Ursula if the truth was that you can live any which way the burning in verse eleven wouldn't make any sense at all verse twelve says looking and hasting unto the coming of the day of God when the heavens being on fire shall visit it is all in the elements shall melt with fervent heat nevertheless we according to his promise look for new heavens and a new artwork involved righteousness listen carefully wherefore beloved seeing that you process things be it was the word diligent then you may be found in the MPs with out spot and blameless to suggest something that you really consider it to do your own study that what is called Ryan and Matthew and Revelation is called without spot and blameless in second Peter chapter three and you see in this verse we have anything to do with whether or not were found without spot wasn't afterward diligent was all about that's right you'd be diligent you work towards this end that you can be found without spot complaints now some people at the end of working hard for someone like that might give themselves credit for being saved so that's the logic of the next verse to rule that out and account at the same time that the long-suffering of our Lord is salvation the logic of that is very simple if God is saying that you need to be what have been without spot and blameless anything a comment just some given time than if we're not ready by that time were in big trouble so while working diligently to come to this point to be without spot and blameless to what do we credit our salvation is of the long-suffering of God is because he's not slack like some men count slackness but is long-suffering to us word not willing that any should perish this is the thing he's giving us time and she is the husbandman and he has long patience for the fruit until it receives the early and the latter rain when it's ripe immediately he puts in the sickle that by the Angels paying attention wife's one of them says go ahead and put in the circle the harvest of the earth is right and almost in the was the revelation that at the same time another one says you can do the other harvest to the grapes are ready to go but it isn't a coincidence because some school he talked about how the nature of how to sanctify its end one of young ladies are brought up an important point the truth doesn't always sanctify but this is the truth truth always sanctifies our apartments it always and when the truth goes forth as a lamp that burns when the glory of the Lord likens the earth sanctification is good to go forward out of mighty speed or the heart the heart are different the combined work hard and harder and one was not working the heart is going to be hard and very quickly you look at just one more thought in this passage than one other passage in ago the question answer look at the next part of the verse even as our beloved brother Paul according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you as also in all his epistles speaking in them of these was at say things listen carefully when I was in high school I was taught laceration theology I never heard of before but really it was pretty exciting the idea that I could become like Jesus was just a high paying and everything in me wanted to aim for that seems more significant than any other goal that could be put out there for my ambitions in a sense to get kilowatts on the push for significant and I went for that but when I was about eighteen I tried to check on it in the Bible in either the words starts exhaustive on the words perfect imperfection perfected and I was just plum disappointed I didn't find it honestly evidence that the lacerations would be any more perfect than anyone else but I found is that God expected people to be perfect in one sense at all times and all agents and that God said to Abraham walked out before me and be thou perfect and Jesus was talking to his generation he said being a perfect unit for partisan heaven is perfect and Paul is talking to everyone except perfect holiness in the fear of God and the truth is in my study of the WordPerfect of perfection I I ended up wandering just to what extent this was a legitimate Bible doctrine and then I found the second Peter three and a size that Paul talks about these things and how it is the epistles and this was the light that it turned things on for me instead of doing word searches on perfect imperfection I began searching for blameless and spotless and without review and a host of other words like that and what I found was a host of statements that in terms of timing were all talking about the second coming and when many of them stating just the idea of last generation theology that we would be like that at that time even be preserved like that to that time employment we would get to that point some point just before that time and in what had been before to meet up skewer became something to me that was clear if you want to see all those passages there at that website Bible or in an article called perfect in the last generation while initially one of them tonight and close without look with me nearby was at first Thessalonians chapter five first Thessalonians chapter five and were looking at verse twenty three and the very God of peace sanctify you what's the next word this is felt at the W it means all the way completely if anyone ever asked is a possible be only sanctified are completely sanctified the answer is pretty easy in this first coaches think and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be what's the verb preserved blameless and what your diverse history unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when I analyze the person tells me that under the view that weight is coming from have to be that way at some point before his coming and the miracle of this verse is that during the interim what's to happen I'm going to be preserved really but so that we can count on you know it's true that were not going to have an intercessor to intercede for our sins in a time of trouble but not ignorantly cut off from help from helping we have immense help of heaven the very kind of help we need in that time what kind of helped me get were preserved he keeps us from falling so you can present us faultless before the presence of his glory which makes us both exceedingly joyful doesn't it look at verse twenty four faithful is he that calls you also will do it the truth of the matter is that the burden of becoming right never has rested on the grain and perhaps I've been given some responsibilities diligently onto watch and pray diligently on to study diligently I need to share I am to put my whole heart and in this process but the burden of becoming perfect isn't the burden on me my diligence is required but on words that burden rests faithful is he who called you who also will do that is the courage that keeps this doctrine from being a source of fear or intimidation to me what he asked of me is to be faithful what he puts on himself as the brain that is drained to completion and I know that what he sets this have to do he can finish it he's able is the author and the finisher of our faith I'd like to close this off with a prayer and then open the field for questions or father in heaven I switch you would convert our hearts with the very comfort we need that she would find a way to persuade us of the truthfulness of what we've just wrapped you can and will only sanctify us and preserve is blameless but you called us to and also that you will do it join us for this next session also I has to bring up questions the answers of which would be a means of building up the church she would give me wisdom and if there is a answer that I can't answer well good with the wisdom to know when to send you these gifts and Jesus


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