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How We Can Be Ready for Jesus to Come

Glyn Parfitt
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  • May 26, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Jerry just barely heads. If you. Think you do it for your 1 for about 2 hours your private. And as I understand this for us this morning. You speak 3 miners who are still from you can ask to receive Jesus. Tonight I want to share with you as you will live a study that I want to tell people Betty White selfish. In fact if they were married 1. Of our study was. That I could get this would be. So with United before I must be talking to you again. As I said yesterday that. It's really smart. To see them responding to our. Usually begin by asking the question now can we be ready with Jesus. We turn 1st to Medicare to 3 and just to. My right and right is coming. And he has your stand with him here for here's why refight is 5. And not for this side. So we might ask why should you just having a problem. We provide the answer in 2nd grade in chapter 5 and who is. For we must all be here before the Judgment Seat of Christ. That everybody say that things done in this party according to that it done whether it be good or bad. Right serving or have to face a judgment the judgment seat of Christ. But how good do we have to be to get through the judgment of the right side that's the question. They did tells us in 2nd day to chapter 3 verses 2 of the 4 day. Looking for off and just being on the coming of the garden or in the heavens being on fire just meters off and the elements you're not with the heat. Nevertheless we according to his promise look for new heavens and you are wearing righteousness. We have for you not. Seeing that he looks for such things be diligent in the night he found Are you in peace without thought and likeness. And then your pretty high standards and. Begin to time to. Repeat it. Could go off. How could anybody. With as far right. That has not been saved are as I have to say I met a man who turn 1st to chapter 6 where are the writers of vision of God. In the end it again as I write our story goes for sitting on the ground I am lifted out and he's trying to hold the camera. Then Sara why risk being I not because I'm a man or I'm playing Listen you know everywhere in the midst of the table I don't play in the lives of mine eyes have seen the king the Lord there's. When I was there I still go I had a feeling. We're very thoughts are surely right. Now he carried on with the engine. Don't you think that we would feel the same way. And that was near the beginning of our eyes we history to alleviate any severe injury I said I was inspired to write an academician in character 64 or 6. Or IRA that I don't claim then nor righteousnesses our history of the rags. And we only fight recently. An hour a new piece of writing we have like a house where I. Was eating out with things. I never thought I had. That is for sure she. Is there 1st. Yes the reader before I tell you that. I did more our share of you trying to prove a point rhymes Chapter 7 vs 99 tame. For another day maybe it isn't my fish brother never again for you we always present with me there are good for nothing G.'s good going out for the good that I would like to know out in the evil which I would not that stupid. What do you do Robert Reich Betty Ford and sure. There were things that he wanted to do and he did not get to do that. They were bad things that he found himself doing. Is the sign here. Or do you not apparently ceratin your out look I think you there are not I think. This interposes are pushing your grammar to retain as it is written there is nothing righteous no not 1. And if he said it in the 1st Timothy character 1 verse to tame. This is vital sign it will you actually action that Christ Jesus coming to the world just says oh good I mean she'd be saying to her. Your bridge sisters. You are no use to you out of Jesus instant that I know. I've let my normal day out so often. I will myself free agent. Thank God there is a very. Good 10 now you actually cherish true this is 3730 I did pay to be pretty cheap on that I have any cars and the holy spirit is broken they can just I answer these years. There when I heard this is pretty good and I don't see it or say that and to the rest of the Apostles meaning bridge or what shall we do there in the days of the week painting and be baptized everybody here in the night of Jesus Christ for the remission scenes and usually receive the gift of the Arctic ice. Yes deviants Peter pointed them to Jesus and that through the night apparitional forgiveness of their C.N.C. that everybody read Angel. Investor 1 night there is a wonderful promise to go through it all for me with it if we can see our sins he is frightening just to forgive us our sins and to preach or ask for him or underwriters. Sarah as well as revenge into feeling sorry for seize and turning right and then we are told that we must confess Him to God where he did it his promise to be sure he will forgive us isn't that what. You really do have exceeded your wiring to be a power star sieges for the ways. He will cause me to the depths of the see. That there is more of you know that. God doesn't just give up now see. You guys the 2nd Mile as you where. You got to ask Chapter 30 versus 339 record he's preaching I want to be visionary juries. See it be it 90 they're all named grid that through this man has preached how do you do forgiveness our cities and. Right over there lead us to. Promote these from wish he could not be judged by their mothers. As well as for giving us our guys a step further and justifies us what does that mean. Yeah many times in the early hours of the Scriptures God gives us the meaning of the words here just in the rest of the hour. In this crisis we write are just a question remains in Deuteronomy Chapter 25 while. They may have controversy between man. And then coming to judgment that the characters might just stay. In the nature of justifying the righteous. And indeed that we could. Again you see what a good judge of what I mean here. Is the officer can do it isn't it. And it's you who are. Dangerous quick. Isn't that 1 of the years. As it might reveal. Your not ready to gives us he declares us innocent just to suit we have not done it. And it is for us to start you here using the strike of Lindy try to. Imagine you were the end of the story. And then you're not going to market with came here it is wrought with caves. There are over. 1 evening and I was sitting around the campfire doing Guys are starting to detain to be indecent right. I think you heard crying managing the pain just in time to see the dangers in the white carrier something in. The bag was nearer than. The start of each crowd was. Of course there was an investigation and eventually Lynn even charged. With killing her David area and she was put into up to several years another base to the Irish trying to manage my jacket which really had an incision dividing which is where it. Was found the rigging esoteric advice of years Rob on the basis of this fine lady with the pound and their jar. Which isn't tainted with that which you can take we're just being. Now. She persisted through the course until it was declared that she was innocent he wanted everyone to know that she had never killed a right. So we see that Jesus curse the 2nd Mile. Charity ribbon. Or the regular bear since. That would have been are not serious about it wouldn't it. Be as it were the Jesus girls in the 2nd Mile we are acquitted. Every word of this claim is if we have not done that bad things. Are what is the result of that speedy trial we finally enter the randoms chapter for our investment. Being justified by fighting we have pace with regard through Jesus Christ. We have patiently Doris it there is nothing we are separating the stronger our several peace with him. That is a man wonderful thing that ever happened to a man or woman or boy or girl. That is a good citizen by right that we're just. We can't see it ourselves we can still remember our scenes. We have to accept it by fact we have to believe Garcia us this year never seen. Out in garbage African government just and yet. I don't justify. The ends of the course is Jesus and Jesus died for us. It was MY seems to put him on the cross it was my seed injured. Crew and I was going to be weeping for a place and Jesus prayed for me he prayed for you to. Give them with and I know what they are. There and you know Jesus for them. I know. It is this is our lives are inspired apostles to tell of their Jesus to candidates your way to decide for you even to die. It would inspire us to 83 years life in Jesus ourselves here was a price that we will gladly accept any of yours even did so because there. Is an answer. So we have now seen our Jesus Christ the 2nd our. Justify us. If you know Jesus Christ good models are. Rated very 2nd printed in Chapter. And verse 20. 1 might even to be seen for us in your Nicea that we not ignite the righteousness of God in him. What does that mean. Iraq's invasion into their search area for the garden at night in Jesus to be seen for us. Jesus to guarantee that we might ignite the righteousness of God in him that. We got by the righteousness of God I say. Is this real reason just might be. You're running. Jesus really truly our scenes on the cross. Did he really suck. Wasn't the wire of acid still mighty sour I said. Yes it was it really did actually tight seams. He took full responsibility for their supper for they. Said giving us Jesus' righteousness is just as real leverage Jesus righteousness really comes they are as we giving ourselves to the. Jews is just not sight they are at a given a job right here here is a green shade Yeah you fill it up a good day's night the grain She gives us he's already filled with all the righteous deeds that Jesus. Can say as if we had really done all this and I want to go. Doesn't your I don't try to. Let me share with you because conclusion history I'm going to live in St 19. Here all looking forward to the height of the resurrection and the prospects of the shooting having a part in it. He said he was angry that they are looking in not having my righteousness which is of the war and the true issue is not there until the passion but that which is through the fire cries the righteousness which is. Right there are right and out of his resurrection and the very cheap to be sorry in my problem which did. IT FOR YOU be termite China and the restoration of did. All that is yours. Are being cited here for years. He did better with not by stories energies it was by selling on the righteousness of Christ that he would surely have every night in. We might have the same surety phrase if you are only 972 to me reminding. Give yourself to it every day I remember it when it came to action comes you say. Jesus. I do not want to lose my connection with you. There as about our study our big day since this is a series I want to share more with here. We have been talking and gesturing action the minister Basinger's it brings to us. The principal vice with its grain or in these stories in the course of their children. It is very right the director didn't share with you the why of all present justification in the Romans. Begins by saying. Rather nice sharing the gospel Christ for interested our car under salvation to everyone it really. Works only going to get us a Baptist course but we're usually right preach to us. Only say no to show you this fish for us are arrant you bring a lot of sir right into the gene pool you really see it and believe it. How does it happen for characters. For there it is the righteousness of God revealed from fight to fight as user John Kerry live right. Jeff Sharlet by factors. In good season is just I don't care because they're living right. Fighting those fires. For you credit for having triggers for weather girlishness besting of any changes in the size. It was it is staggering the gesture by which last in your lives is mine and she was fine and on each of these settled I'll stay tight right. He ran to the scene all right said be gay right. Up reality star your reverence once you contain or proceed to share the great symbolism and that you're again. In a great need of salvation which Jesus was in there saves to that danger locating will not do it. Everybody in danger though that you are neither British be justified in the sight of the bilateral issue nor your scene. It is a purpose of the over to show us the unseen that you cannot claim. Since we are in the embodiment of God I just have to find another writer might ask writers. Or say it's been just to write 3 vice Grice 3 given that you seem Christ Jesus. We might be justified to sit in these free even though leaders are there were used by Christ and no words invited or going to bridge therefore we conclude there are many justified I fight with the age old. So justification is fight for the grass in order to receive it we must believe the promises of God that he doesn't really justify us. Do we risk rightly point over coals on a Keiser idea for a while said scriptures I very I am believe in God and it was kind of I don't hear the righteous. Bullies crying through Genesis 156 with this story this hour and I never am with our audience children would be as numbers this is dies in the sky. In the darkness wife Sherry was by the order Charlie ringleader's I married believe God's promise to him and good account of that belief that fight the righteousness this is the essence of our church to be kind to all of our it is accounting for reckoning which God likes of us when he clears we are innocent just as if we had never seen. That happen Jesus out for us the just for the unjust the innocent for the guilty. He missed Christ to continue his great book Bringing celebration to us. Speaking of deeds because it is it was delivered for our pensions and was right for our justification. Since Judge indication is essentially a judicial act whereby we are declared innocent because we are fighting words Jesus did for us every. Jesus is our priest in every century if I do tonight after additional declaration that we are innocent in his sorrow when we come to hear convincing our singleness and expecting his forgiveness. And what is the result as we saw people out there it will be unjust of our we are finished with God through Jesus Christ. I love the light Jesus has given it's written in the church when I will get over this period prophecy which is Greece edited by and mighty created to us are like Mary share with you some of the right kids that are out and over the years on the subject of characterization. Some of you I recall that I have any idea where and Jerry presented the subject or judge or the question and righteousness for. This court order stood and 2 years later on white bread. In the reviewer there are. Several average meeting part of a sheet or justification by writers to the actors faces an ice age it is that their idols invariably it really is. Our mission. In Ashley's possible we really worked for writing the writers. With great clear isn't. It possible presented to Dr justification by faith in Christ through Niger's the great truth our justification our right and stood as well mighty baited to guard against seniors in the Bible. In which this light is scattered in the darkness which in their ruthless mind revealed it in the era of the Christ in Keynsham seen this a mighty garden they are an obscene bird and so true the true source of power. In great controversy you read of the great poem Luther and world tour she gave birth to the great Dr Jack to the passion by faith says clearly taught by Luther. A few hightest further Our she tells the story of John Wesley the great Methodist preacher to. He had gone astray recently to America and I did return voyage. About It by an ice storm. Which really was great praise for the right of some Arabian Christians. When it seems that this shit might seem wispy tenets you know who are out. There might tell us the story on his return to him in whisky under the instruction of the right good preacher a writer a clearer understanding of our right. At a meeting of the right in society in London the statement was read through Luther describing the China churches fear of garbage and the way there as basically Listen I was killed in use are. I felt much strangely warm and serious I felt I needed Christ trust in Christ Christ a celebration and it was sure it was given to me that I write my sins in the night through long years are weary soon coming to the striving we're sitting next to ask each of this 1 purpose of Satan. Now they are an event of the grace when Chipchura when by creation the writers of the agency are a new guy she was a good with their money and their priors. Once established in the fight of Christ is our hope so although we did use OUR to spread everywhere and knowledge of the glories of our guards free Christ. Included in your district and self-denying are not now as a grain but as a result of. Not the root but through partners. Which be Scottish divided in the preaching of the great truths we charity justifications refight in the a turning right or right. And we doing our history on the out and actually the apostles we are given any more of course. None of the Apostles in prophecy ever trying to be with the obscene. Being ridiculous to god had convinced sinfulness of the night they put no confidence in the British crime no righteousness of their. Trust in all of them in the righteousness of Christ. So today with all of our Christ. And here we come to Jesus and the movie really did certainly really scare the book to be sure we seed the exceeding seriousness of seed and then this year with the Writings are here still. They were leading a genial reaching out of the starting guard a continual good I reckon confession of sin and really people. At every invested in their Christian experience every pigeon's need. We shall not have sufficient season Christ alive and sure might be possible confession now. I know that in me at least in my fridge. There are good. Steps to Christ out there celebration repeated. Conditional eternal life is now just where it has always been. And she goes on to say it was all over every day for the court to 1 righteous character Iranians are still ready and it is. Because of you see how ninety's out for you we cannot care so much writers since we are single and how are we kind of good lead by all and all. That it could be about Christ characters agent myself out there and you are accepted if you are just as if you have not seen. More than this Christ change them. It all right now. You are mine and its connection with Christ. And it continues to render your will to him so long as you do this it will work in your too willing to do good in which they are. So we are not doing any ourselves and we. Are underground it. Is in the righteousness of Christ appeared to us and in that order by those who are working in and through us. You probably never get a feel good mission with writing should look to the mission to. The righteousness I reached there just to try using. The right answers for which we are sacrificing. The 1st if they are targeting the 2nd is our fitness for. They are sorry to hear that justification by their works. Might lead to a lifting of one's appreciation of the importance of living are in our. Surprise when record turns my depression tightens you know here I mean I hear investigation now. That it is not sad in fact I am justification for our strongest possible my life for us to want to be righteous free this is illustrated this way. It's easy to judge of the casualties there are a jet crash here but. They're surprised I received an invitation from the plane. To be a special guest at the next but I. Entirely being my target a bit. Well that hardly inspired me today. I think are going to get myself ready then to. I do not think it would be appropriate for me to just waltz up to the Queen site can I when I get a good 1. I want to be I probably in the interest of Queen and I wanted good quickly for someone things might try to practice. What would be my marriage I should be doing this my retirement abated. Without it in life I would have married him too old to learn how to bear our speech equipment. So when he's been there I. Truly appreciate your work car speech to give us the wonderful blessing to judge of a parish and a Mile gives us the outlet merit I should rush to learn to be right in the area set up with enough in their lives when getting. In fact we should be sharing my guiding light up to the wider society ice and they are 2nd to mine just are crying out to share my writers we will be very sorry indeed years even the loss of martyrs all the other universes for us. You have it my house through with the understanding where Jesus turned for us in just the right house and here in his writers as for him here giving us his righteousness. My dis inspiring us research. We were asked to do work in the course which years from my father's right across America then we will be made to Jesus and Tara and you have the history. There to tear others of this 1. In the way. When we've been there 10 years and Lord. Please find each 1 of us there and here and these for assures that we move. Through the greater Jesus to me and there is just too much. Games. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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