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The Nature of the Book

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 19, 2009
    7:00 PM
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tomorrow I'll things I have never seen him and what words what wonderful work Milos is on a nice and on the old one just need how many of you that's your prayer this week and Lord all in my family the old one just out of your law when asked you to decide is once more as we pray heavenly father what a momentous time we are living the Lord you are looking for the people who will D D a defined should be aware and to make those chains known world help us Lord our children I sent my car may arise the open may we see Jesus we pray from a you know Bible study is really all about seeing Jesus 's vessel we alternately want to see who we are we want to see her want to see Jesus like you to open your Bibles to the book of John chapter seven verse fifteen thousand message is entitled the nature of the book the nature of the book this is a message is also my class with I will be reading and we are from the spirit of prophecy laying the foundation for understanding this book that we call the Bible John chapter seven John chapter seven beginning with verse fourteen the Bible says now about the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple and talk and the Jews marveled saying how you know what this man is absurd having never learned what opening text all know this man letters having never learned Jesus did not go to the school of his time many of you may not have the privilege to go to one of our schools for theological training you have other things in your career some of you are older whatever the reason may be you may not have the privilege of sitting under in one of our schools to actually learn the various methods of Bible study and attend conventions the scenario when looking at here there asking how can Jesus come learn the Bible saw while not having letter and I want to suggest to you that if Jesus could learn the Bible and not having gone on to our schools then none of who you are what your profession eggs you're annoying or your doctor you don't have to be a theologian Warner to understand the depth of this book and so there is hope for you there is full I thought I read this a couple of different translations the English standard version says the Jews therefore marveled saying how was it that is not as learning what he has never studied international standard version the Jews were astonished and remarked how can this man be so educated when you've never gone to school contemporary listeners with the leaders were surprised and said how does this man not so much he has never been talked yet we should not worry because you'll remember that on the day of Pentecost God poured out his spirits on unlearned fishermen in fact the teacher with me to the book of acts chapter four verse thirteen acts chapter four verse thirteen the Bible says now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and angry man and then an ignorant man here raising are learned and intermittent and they marveled and they took in college and then that they had been walked with Jesus beloved the most important point that you can walk away with this week about Bible study is this if you have been with Jesus if you have been with Jesus you can do incredible things for you and through you we want to talk this evening about the nature of Scripture this book that you hold in your hand what is it on about how we approach it how do we open the word out what is the mindset that we must have what is the mentality that we must have as we approach the word of God I believe that in order for us to truly break open the Scriptures we must understand the nature of description James chapter four verse twelve notice with me he was chapter four verse twelve by the way some of you wondering past in my concordance tonight know you'll need a concordance night we've asked you to bring your concordances if any of you have a laptop that you brought Bible programs on the laws are for you to use in your free time here we want to encourage UK we want to encourage you while you're here to go back to your rooms and break open the Scripture for your self displays a boot camp if you will gain this chapter four verse twelve the Bible says the word of God is want to make and powerful and sharper than any two with its sword piercing even to dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart has reasons in the translation English standard version service for the word of God eliminate and she and let's pause right there the word of God is what he and I did the book that you hold all are in dynamic book is on active book and when we appointed we setup phone sits at the landings they make sense I stopped page one twenty seven wife says this Christ and his teachings presented old shrooms of which he himself was the originator shows which have spoken to pay charts and profits but no shop on then a new life how different appeared their meaning of life and spirituality was brought in by his explanation and he promised that the Holy Spirit should enlighten the disciples that the word of God should be and are unfolding to there should be what everyone unfolding that means get in the lot it is ever unfolding we never get to the place where we say we have unfolded everything when we are processed for ensuring that matter we automatically cut ourselves off from the blessing that God has in store for me to go the saving would be able to present its shoot the new beauty and many posture for you heard truth and heard it over and over and over and over again thought that before the preacher can't say I was now you know what is the missing dinner and sometimes your mind shuts down because your life I want I've heard this before but when Jesus comes on the same knowledge lunch is good pizza also holds presenting them in such a way that no him go what is nothing new is almost rules and sullen then in a ever since the first promise of redemption was spoken in Eden the life the character and the mediatorial work of Christ have been the study of human minds yet every mind through whom the Holy Spirit 's work has presented these names in the life that is fresh and new economic how many people have come to Christ since the beginning of time we don't know the only and really hear them the Holy Spirit present the same truth to his mind in a different way while that is the data on this word uprising can preach on Psalm thirty sixteen from now till the end of his life and never preach the same sermons while and I unfolding she loves it she was a prevention are capable of the sentence anyway to Sony that's rules are rigged and send are capable of constant development and expansion think about in fact think of August we are told in heaven that we will look at the cross and find a new true throughout the rest of eternity now if that is true how dare we uphold the word of God as though we have mastered the the best lending us personal or another twenty some fundamental doctrines fundamentally not about a song once more in the one God and the problem with many of us in that we opposed the word of God though there is nothing else to learn we know what already we know about the South we know what they did that we know my visit so we don't think so but we but but but he will say that the Scriptures the children on a armored articulable up on the stand development and especially son the old they are ever new constantly revealing to the seeker for truth a greater glory undermining our power our greater glory on a mightier power the more obvious like the word of God we will see a greater glory and a mightier power in those two words ring a bell for you Bible students Revelation chapter eighteen thousand one seventh Angel and having grades how are and good already visually understand the need to try this about forth into all the world so the question then is what in the brings about the loud cry a study of the ever expanding the word of God are you following child on his page five oh five in the most simply stated shrooms are involved principles that are as high as handing time .com this eternity in the most simple stated troops out of content you read on verse not even paid attention to the rest cause you thought that you knew exactly what numerous was thinking all I know the verse Sweden is when we possess what I call a spiritual Elysée I chalk that is find that in Italy which the Bible diligently and tirelessly every day we should every day see some beautiful shows in a new cut their forcible lack if we were to study the Scriptures every day prayerfully every day we should find something that would make this goal old one all were how I have to tell somebody makes it is the word of God really living when you look at the ocean is beautiful in understanding off on the seashore and the ocean is beautiful when you get in the water on hand this is really beautiful where are the real treasures of the ocean underneath the surface so many people are surface readers shadowed to go underneath the text failing to understand that there are greater implications in the word of God and so we have that name I do want to an end because of the meanness the deep treasures of the word of God we know were not to you exegesis what is exegesis is the attempt to discover the meaning of the tax by seeking to understand the authors intent what was the intent of the author as he wrote what were the circumstances surrounding that time the culture in all these various tools that we use to execute the text and basically it boils down to the authors intent authorial intent and so we didn't design the Scripture is important for us to understand what was the mullahs is as intense as he wrote the book of Genesis and Exodus what was Paul's intent as he wrote his books Galatians and onward however I want to suggest that there is something even more important than understanding the intent of Moses and Paul you see the reason why why why why people seem to understand the intent is because the best way to understand what is written is to understand the person will rally so they want to get into the mind of mouth is one of the more listless thinking how to reconnect with his mind one eighty one was his understanding as he wrote and seeking to get into the mind on the authority we can better understand what the breathless pain what was in the Bible tells us that the Scriptures are ultimately learned by God God is the divine author on the word of God as so in the case then the highest form of exegesis is to figure out the intent of the author why did God intend this was written at this farm are studying the word of God we have to get connected with them are trained on the author that estimates and not what is written is to try again and see what was the author thinking what was he a phenomenon problem right here we present another problem here's the problem Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty seven Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty seven Jesus here is speaking any subsidies all things are delivered unto me of my father and not let them know what that song but the father neither not any man the father save the son and he was one of the son will reveal him what's the problem we want to know the intent of the divine author but we cannot know with the divine author only choose us the sun now was the father are you following on the Jesus knows the father so how do we solve the problem is very simple Philippians two five out of their mind are you following me let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus why do we need the mind of Jesus in conflict with one another father the only way that we can get to know the father and by having the mind of Jesus God wants us to think God wants to teach us Jesus wants to teach us something like a are you following in other words beloved when we come to this service please send me thinking like Jesus would be thinking we want to see the Scriptures and the way to do one single scripture and earnest reverence study of Scripture is great controversy page ninety four on Ernest Reverend study of the Scriptures brings the mind of the student and direct contact with the infinite mind when we study the Scriptures the intent is to bring our mind and contact with me and send it my why White Star line come in contact with the infinite mind we want to see that infinite mind and the Bible tells us that might be a holding news .com C God wants us to think like he does he wants us to see the strictures in the way that he's done as a means of intense intellectual training the Bible is more effective than any other book of all any other book or all of the books combined the brightness of the screen the dignified simplicity of its utterances the beauty of its imagery question and uplift the thought of nothing else can no other study can impart such mental power of the effort to grasp this dependent strings of revelation with the next sentence the mind is brought in contact with the thoughts only infinite cannot but expand and strengthen you what your minds to expand and strengthen when you look at the word of God you want to see the word of God in the way that God sees the word of God Psalm thirty two cents Robert Burstein says this I will teach the and instruct the in the way that now cell phone I'm going to be deceived taught and instructed by God himself I will CCM instruct me in the webinar 's uncle I will not be visited for me my eye will see when I will give you my eyes and you will see things the way that I see that God wants us to see SEC the question was asked or rather the question asked during the saviors ministry no with this man letters having never learned does not indicate that Jesus was unable to read but merely that he had not received a rabbinical education since he gained knowledge as we need to since it was as or where did you miss that since he again always as we may do is intimate acquaintance with the Scriptures show us how diligently his early years were given to the study of God 's word on everything from designing his pizza spread before him was the great library 's works you may all things sunglasses which is on hand and written in Europe and sea and sky apart from the automotive ways of the world he doesn't start of scientific knowledge from nature to study the life of plants and animals and the life of man by the way I speak again Friday evening tonight 's message or Friday afternoon 's problem tonight 's message is entitled on the nature of the book Friday's message is entitled the book of nature fourteen for this years he possessed he was possessed of what purpose do you have to bless others for this he found resources and enter new high in all the ways and means glass into his mind at the starting plant life around them online in other words Jesus was always trying to find one new ways to say old name in the life God is trying to encourage you may not find new ways to say old me continually he was seeking to draw from things he illustrations by which to present the living oracles of God that's what you'll hear these things things like consider the babies will talk more about that on Friday the panels by which to join his ministry but they didn't know that Jesus had a favorite way to teach did anyone know that that Jesus has a favorite method of teaching I have listed who do you remember him and listen the parables by which joy his ministry he is to teach his lessons on truth shall hope in his spirit wants to the influence of nature and how he had done in the spiritual teaching from the surroundings of his bentonite what was Jesus 's favorite method of teaching parable can travel be confusing if I like taking in all one of the powerful anyway compatible is really a word picture that likes pictures seems like it does not create pictures our next is Jesus the creator of any of following me artists like to do things a certain way I like the present he is really neat and interesting and artistic kind of way and absolutely is what it is a creator and he will presently is true that is absolutely amazingly creative ways and not that I want to the lifetime I want you to see like I see Isaiah chapter twenty six verse three thousand space that will keep him in perfect peace who was what mind is stayed on the now if you look at that word mind in your margins if you have a cage of the Bible you would look at that word mind and noticed that in the margin may have looked for the meaning of that word imagination that will keep him in perfect peace cools imagination is saved on the anomaly doing imagination we can show things that we a lot right could be possible that Jesus Angel always reaching people throw the imagination the Saints will be on while on the seat will be on one side the goats on the other you conduct a safe seat now he was trying to enter to illustrate and why are you sure are a horrible and amazing statement here Christian service page one twenty five p.m. to meet the prejudice is on the prejudice minds and surprised them with illustrations what are illustration illustrations that a lot of their attention through the imagination he reached the heart argument for the imagination he reached on his demonstrations were taken from things out there tonight and although they were simple they had him a wonderful of meaning the burns of the year the lives of the field this is the shepherd the sheep the wind these objects Christ illustrated in mortal to and ever afterward when his humorous chance to see things in nature they recalled his words Christ illustrations constantly repeating his less stress on the Bible says in Matthew thirteen thirty four thirty five that he opened his mouth and spoke to Dan and parables and without a parable spake he not one of them Jesus love the parable and we want the mind of Christ then we too set attempt to see the Scriptures the way Jesus saw signs of the Times August six eighteen ninety four bikes as this seated upon the monologues what is over against the Temple with his disciples around him Jesus seeks to make clear and prophetic discourse the deeper mysteries of the kingdom of God through his favorite medium by how horrible he endeavors to imprint upon their minds the special troops connected with his second coming our what was Jesus 's favorite mold medium of teaching powerful teaching was popular and come out in the respect and attention not only of the Jews but of the people of other nations not all more effective method of instruction could see how to employ to minds that were open to the Holy Spirit the significance of the Savior 's teachings unfolding more and more mysteries grew clear and which has been hard to grasp became evident Christ object lessons page twenty one no more effective method of teaching could he have important you know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever if you don't like parables even if you use the vent though that's when I saw the structure is sufficient of it the lady often would think of me and so on the complete Word study says this those tries things about the salt of the earth of the field don't understand what it sepulchers fishes of men lie under the bushel already shaken in the wind and rain and dry trees and water it feels while the harvest a woman in travail and so on and so the plot is tolerable even the hidden miracles many consider it tolerable and action not how many times you read over America will do just what WAP is not wonderful Jesus can heal DiGenova there is greater significance of the miracles of Jesus not me now it's all rather much to her seventh eleven Mark chapter two verse seven through eleven notice of the Bible says here why does this man nothing blasphemies who can forgive sins but God only as a community when Jesus perceived and is there that they so reason with them within themselves some of them while reasoning these things in your hearts whether is it easy to say the Sigma pocket I seem to be forgiven the officer arrived and think about that and walked by that you may know that the Son of Man has power to forgive sins he says is the policy I found to be derived by bed and pulled away from our house what is the true intent of the miracle Jesus performed one particular man one want to show you how to forgive me bizarrely displeased to sixty seven in the healing of the paralytic or not Christ again talk with Saints showed it was the manifest this power to forgive sins but the miracle was performed and the healing of the power that it also illustrates on their presses through an human looking for those strings already does read over the summer and I thought one of my story and AVI Matthew chapter eight verse one into Matthew chapter eight verse one and two the Bible says here when he was coming out of the mountain great multitudes followed him in the hall there came a leper and Washington say Larry is not well how canst make me clean the lower courts basically you see anything there on my eyes Lord Emmanuel wondrous things obviously anything they desire because digital twenty six the work of Christ including the network from his terrible disease is an illustration on his work in cleansing the soul from the same over I know the miracle had another meaning on top of the literal obviously not handle it it was something there actually being illustrated are you help me out in theaters on the store is on the scene on the book the storm of the lunch not apples on Paris Stevens runs up and says please refill what a nice story Jesus has control over the way it is unknown the boisterous knees wow is there something bigger there you got your beginning everything is the seventeenth some storm intemperance but he do the stormy sea undoubtedly was sent to the troubled heart he these new therefore but when we remember that Jesus wizard happens all the blind though the name the death all we can begin to fail okay there is a deeper purpose of these stories than what appears on the surface so we have Jesus teaching his parables and is numerical as parables okay well what about the Old Testament how good God close all testament I want to notice the behaviors chapter eight Hebrews chapter eight before we go them in a result now singled to place the incidents Jesus manner or I'm sorry you read the story of Jesus cursing the figtree rest are being planned the fancy cursive century the next day they came back in the final sodomy was not involved in three saleswomen are and you've got to step down this street person and now he is endorsing anymore this is what I want set about restoring the passing of this century what I said how rubble the balance refund in its prestigious opera are pretentious phony authorities in the basis of Christ was a sham goal up on the Jewish nation the segment is out to make playing to his disciples the cause and the faculty of Israel's delay for this purpose he invested in midstream with moral qualities and negative eight diggs stop the expositor of the mind through the bin Laden started his page five eighty three days of the entry you're not become Israel treat your history and he uses this miracle happen and tolerable Jesus matter of teaching was beautiful attractive and it will affect how to modify simplicity he unfolded the ministries of the kingdom of heaven through the use of fingers have single with mixes cameras were familiar and common people heard him gladly for they could comprehend his words there were no high sounding words to you to understand which it was necessary to consult a dictionary now I know we talked to bring dictionaries another reason okay when Jesus views simplicity and yet that the illustrated the kingdom of God barbecues on the experience is an account of the yard and compassionate love and tenderness each shared incompetence stopped all who heard on phone craigslist part on appointments and convey the truth and then in most attractive ways the treasures of truth this is the manner in which he would have us present is true on Christian experiences on Christmas versus page one twenty six but guess what the insincere could not discern this power for example Nicodemus accepted a born again when it came accountable trade blog on Jan you must be joking our schools born-again theology and that born again and Jesus said and known to be missed on my telling you something in a physical sense I'm telling you something in the spirituals when Jesus said except you eat my flesh and drink my blood what do they say is is mad crazy watch on the theology of the building 's landlord Lindon Jihad against the new talking about they could not see the spiritual implications destroy with some of our already opened an inquiry has watched the telecast and end-all for forty six years what are are you talking about the city they constantly were blind he to the death of Jesus is more why because the Bible tells us that spiritual things are spiritually discerned another in order to understand the depth of the method of Christ teaching we cannot do it without the Holy Spirit it doesn't matter how many dictionaries and how many languages you understand that you catch that you know what praise God fought for exegesis but guess what they are atheists that can look at the Scripture as a remember the seventeen calendar seven day Saturday I'll take Saturday's asylum maybe you can get an atheist can read the Bible and see that the seven day SSL that plainly send their income potential the supernatural and all you have to do is not read and you can see but they are true but other than the height underneath the structure went out the Holy Spirit it is impossible to discern that spiritual things on spiritually discerned do not get me wrong we should use our dictionaries and we should use our concordances and use everything tolerability but ultimately we must depend upon the spirit of God to reveal to what the slow death of his word so we got Jesus 's words as parables Jesus his miracles at horrible and now the question and talking to the Old Testament and what was he I want to laws with me were willing to Hebrews chapter nine verse nine Hebrews chapter nine verse nine we are talking about that make sure on the book of Hebrews chapter nine verse nine this is what the Bible says here August eight the Holy Ghost signifying that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest as the first tabernacle was standing waves one day want everyone soon hereby the first time in talking about the what they are actually sanctuary says here that we are precisely what a strange error you are not the great work that were theories palatable the bigger the parable watch yes the sanctuary a horrible all well so not only does Jesus change in tablet mode in the New Testament but God gave us sanctuary and sadness and pay double the time and blood and colors and bowl and Selmer Tennessee cities all these names were several goals to reduce the need my father likes parables to go that he was adversely in he was a personal goal and three talk about the priest in the Old Testament cosigned onto the example and shout all other heavenly things as Moses was admonished of God when he was about the maintenance the tabernacle for seafood that dominated all things according to a pad area she would be in the model the pattern in the grade one to one five one Whitmore Lisa Lisa here the Old Testament sanctuary in trouble a symbol a tight end that happens on the positives letting submitted through limitations on the sacrificial service crimes must in the optimistic before all nations and all who wouldn't love to him and all who would love the Internet Christ was the foundation of the Jewish economy the whole system of types and symbols one of contacting prophecy on the gospel a presentation in which were bound up the promises of redemption that is my being you which was also in Christ Jesus our pastor well that historical accounts of Scripture I want you to notice something with me going equipment to the book of Galatians chapter four you know this is really on a Bible camp because it's hot in here and we are nearing their Galatians chapter four Galatians chapter for our luncheon and those of me verse twenty two for it is written that Abraham had two sons one Narbonne made the other by a free woman but he was of the bond woman was born after the flesh but he of the free woman was born by promising the story boss Paul talking about here a story Moses wrote that story signals across the next waste things I a lot of and I worry how dare you call was anymore the him him someday that's the start of an allegory about wasn't molded and intent to write when you don't what you write about it or have an historical event obviously an historical event but content that Old Testament historical narrative process the way is an allegory the one thing it wasn't sure what was literally able to say beyond the actual story how to live in this story the intent up on was greater than the intended of mold Madeleine who had called this interpretation the Holy Spirit when we argue the Spirit is spirit spirit a missing something this was not the intent of most of a nonfundamental the Spirit of God the James Paul 's interpretations why because spiritual things are spiritual disparagement the siren in the same chapter first Corinthians Paul says there you have the mind of Christ while spiritual things guards inside what is learned by those who have the mind of Christ and another window with me quickly just reconstructed ten verses one to four first Corinthians chapter ten versus one two four this is a worthwhile associate moreover brethren I would not then you should be ignorant that all our fathers were under the cloud and I'll pastor this disease all were baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the city where the minute but on second was the motive and intent when he wrote only on the children of Israel marching through the Red Sea whether you intend to indicate that in England after the now I sometimes also called home this is an analogy of baptism who was about to fall back the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit who likes to take stories of the Old Testament what might we faithfully also with many of the stories in the Old Testament that we doesn't read over the Internet a nice bedtime story nightmare before their implications in a story Peter can't take the start of the hour and Thursday by the way when Noah and that they not only on the no understanding on the art this was a symbol on back to zone and at first Peter wasn't Moses and King when he reported the sort of know what to say that no one be insane is the family that we are saved by water the spirit of God takes that which was natural and applies spiritual actually was not led to you when I know you don't have to be the Old Testament story and really get rid of AVI save one illustrations what's truly God 's pharmacy was through these story Peter said I'm sorry Jesus says that the Pharisees you shall receive no sign but the sign of Jonah what Jesus takes the natural story of Jonah and makes spiritual applications to in the Old Testament and I performed the miracle if you are really bother with me right we second instructed to send consent to and you know what I pray that you came here with the intent to study the Bible good size returned from tête-à-tête I just really and I like them to sort a lot of sex that's part of the boot camp thing you know my serious rigorous okay just checking second Kings second Kings chapter two and all we're not want to look at an old Testament miracle second Kings chapter two verse nineteen to twenty seconds to nineteen twenty one the medicine is something lots of you are likely to the situation of this is pleasant my mostly as but the water is mocked on the ground in anything bring in new close and puts alderman and they brought to him and he went forth into the spring of water than task of solving the art and sent us that the Lord had healed the waters there shall not be from thence any more death on down there Reverend four you read that as fast as you read he doesn't want with your life will never be another year on one why would God put this in a Scripture maybes as needed space flight feathers save must be just the Philip K Mazie I made long-distance pumpkin kings page two thirty one ninety seven with everyone many are the spiritual lessons to be gathered from the story of the healing of the water come on you got to be kidding you know the way the new homes the spraying off I use embalming the solvent in the spring a lot to talk the same spiritual lesson imparted centuries later by the failure to the fiber when he declared you are the salt I have to run your guy you have assaulted him after father keep the salt mingling with unpolluted spring its waters and brought life and blessing where before there had been delighting and bullpen now mine eyes North County to see you see so we got the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament the miracle of view the New Testament that the sanctuary methods on the Old Testament and even though miracles of the Old Testament not to mention songs Proverbs Ecclesiastes and song of Solomon which are highly metaphoric well at least we have the book of Daniel all I want a prophetic sense of Daniel Daniel Toole symbolism Daniel for symbolism Daniel seven symbolism Daniel a symbolism Daniel not symbolism Daniel ten symbolism Daniel is symbolism Daniel twelve symbolism of entities there is some historical chapters and Daniel Daniel chapter one what happened under chapter one Daniel refused to drink the wine of Babylon Wiley says Daniel chapter I was startled on the beginning of another in order to get the debt the nature of the book we must understand the love of the author so we don't solve the problems please got to solace on we got the prophecies of Daniel not to mention the prophecies of Ezekiel and Isaiah and Jeremiah all these highly symbolic we get into the New Testament got the teachings of Christ and of the miracles of Christ we noted the writings of Paul we got all the analogies like the woman representing the church often as you want him even as Christ loved the church the old man and the nomad on these demonstrations the nature of the book determines how we look at me and then we get to the book of Revelation at it and if not were not enough this is what analytes this year the time of tests is just upon us for that I'll try other side Angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteous is a crisis and burning redeemer this is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth for it is no mark on everyone to whom the message of warning has come to Jesus to enter the world as revealed in time and symbol and manifested in the renovations on the property as unveiled in the methods given to his disciples and in the wonderful miracles wrought for the funds of name search the Scriptures for they are they which testify of me are selected messages page three sixty two it if I were to get like the sun this sequencing system is our biggest page two twelve in every page weather history or precept or prophecy the Old Testament Scriptures ought be mediated with the glory of the son of God do you understand that in every story you read you should be attempting to find cool Jesus the son of God the Word of God mother is living in his quickness powerful it doesn't then it's like starting and I was studying a shell or studying science it does hold deeper and deeper and deeper the more revelation we see the more we know the block have a divine designer divine you see the imprint of God as you begin to unfold these deep and powerful chose another listen there's a reason why the Bible says John chapter three verse verse three John chapter three verse six rather John chapter three verse six is what the Bible says he is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit modeling allows sound to me you must be born again the wind brought with wariness and possibility you know the saying a thing you can't control the spirit the Spirit blows where it wants to blow when we come to the word of God without it we cannot define how the Spirit is the teacher 's we must come to the market got a face to face me the only human reasoning conflict encouraged page twenty two knowledge and reasoning of the most learned men can define the operations on the Holy Spirit upon human minds and characters yet they can see the effect upon the mind and acts I'll call you encourage page two ninety two but there are not assembled what do we come up with all kind of crazy things that known the Bible says that along and to the testimony if they speak not according to justify not a creature with just lots Jesus was really a female I have the evidence to prove it known to belong to the testimony closing years don't miss no need to fear to love it if you understand the web there's nothing to fear everything must be tested by the word of God some of the oldest spirit gave this to me the spirit will never contradict the word spirit will never reveal never contradicts our or horse shots down old line into somehow Jesus said he came to magnify the law PB virtual running in the Bible became to magnify the development appointments in the read the Bible like Norwood a minimum that really with him Matt concept I want to close with an illustration for this well it says such counsel some schoolwork page thirty four great troops which have been neglected and unappreciated for ages will be revealed by the spirit of God and new meaningful out a familiar demonstration but for such count how many marginal tax your pocket-size notepads this will want to do with your pocket-size note given a walk around for the next five days with your pocket-size notepad in your pocket you are paying in your hand or in your pocket and you want to ask the Lord Lord I want to keep my mind stayed on you I am waiting for you to bring some new shows or illustrations and somebody working with you I'm really thinking and when I when I get something new medicine is argued that Howard identified in the Bible when I came to this Earth had no one to teach me I read anything I could from Jo Cruz Saucedo Cruz is my teacher didn't even know he was going to die I can't wait to meet him one day and I already got it from Joker is not highlight my Bible and then I ran into a book called entitled lessons on me my eighteen zones anything but evidently read this book and see how they began to how they would break down Scripture was a slight one these guys actually doing some and so I would read Milton Mableton by the way one of the most expected Monday Bible study in the book by a man named Louis Wayne Lewis where the name of the book entitled the certainty of the third Angels message they didn't get the books from amazing facts if you get a hold level get a hold of that I promise you you will not be disappointed with the certainty of the third Angels message by Lewis at weird WTR okay so take your time and every time and I will take my house is the walking around as you know an IBM work in are you supporting Staples obviously the boxes who consider the policies and him and him went down with injuries and have way is not that's how it was in the business of the all round the clock around the clock God wants to teach and keep your mind speed on him okay now that's thought to a familiar text Revelation chapter one verse seventeen originally set Mathis on Revelation chapter one verse seventeen Revelation chapter one verse seventeen when you get there sine notes of neighbor seventeen and when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead anyway in his right hand upon me saying unto me fear not I am the first and the last bouquet at that I actually seen it we read before nothing particular there it's just traveling what happened but I believe that if you take a look at the Scripture if you ask when you scriptures you will you and the Holy Spirit will begin to enlightened mind to see principles of true none are found through the spirit using what comes to your mind when you look at this here John is the remedy ACCC was a father to see if they were also that happen in Scripture it happened in the book of Daniel okay not nominated what do you want anything from that John saw the feet of Jesus and that many saw what you accountable going reference Verizon overwhelming submission not in the log with all your heart and not see how all these things are wrong guess what it saw there with you on a regular floor and say oh this is just you don't give power of God is the also unbelievable I be unbelievable how were ongoing what's really happens when a man sees Jesus will forgive a regular surely happens when a man sees Jesus on the London business simple little just don't believe it they start one day I was in my end of the front and Christian I was in a mall in Freeport Long Island which subordinates their bows in the moment and I was walking by and on about this one is small enough so like a bunch of people standing and it would looking at this picture and I was going on now look at that will come with it is limited by the crazy when you saw one of them and I look at this picture that they're looking at and it's like a frame and this is a whole bunch of zigzag lines and looking at the young looking at them in the light outside native muscular dystrophy and is unofficially known about the do the same with you I am English and I think it's a 3-D picture I saw Michael really what can on their life piano and sidewalk kind of a so what they buy the phone and I all of a sudden guess what it was a three need pacer and it was Samson Bartlett and it was one I will get more now like will I and I cannot let a lot of guys crazy with what they put on the many Hamas and the Scripture angle off I see the bunch of things online but when we begin to see Jesus he went legitimacy atmospheric fees he things will be revealed to us in the word of God things that are just mind blowing what happens when a man sees Jesus feedback feedback when you see this all the alcohol the train of thought for it now if you are going with me the Daniel chapter ten verse eight Daniel chapter ten verse eight and notice what Daniel did when that happened Daniel chapter ten verse eight the Bible says here therefore I left I was left alone I saw this great vision and have remained no strength in the form I commonly knows what's turning me to come back Shane and I retained no strength when Daniel Jensen Albert Hall on things of God he says there was my communist must turn to corruption what happens when a man sees God your all your good and all your man I'm pretty worth returning to come much and any strength is not to ask is gone you are weak in the presence of God mine character personality one sixty two just dimensional right track as well it says on this virus table levels tries to do something envelope in the will be constrained to say that no one he may have one like the Son of Man my comeliness was turned in the end to corruption and wine make the application person what happens when a man sees dollar to Connaught and Isaiah saw Jesus on the sign what is I always made I want on God network undoubtedly you destroy his disjointed items and then what happens when a man to God he got bilateral on this virus is not what she said the Sabbath and due out in the presence of Jesus yet named down their wings with their wings and phases of their feet they look upon the king in his beauty and cover themselves when I last saw the glory of God his soul was prostrated in the dumps because of the uncommon vision he was graciously permitted to behold he was filled with self abasement this will ever be the effect on the human mind when the beams of the sun of righteousness shine gloriously upon the soul the life of the glory of God will reveal all hidden evil and bring us all to the place of humble confession as the increase in glory of Christ is revealed the human agent was a normal blogging itself for the concealed deformity of his solidly there in self-esteem and self blogging are extinguished to have dies and tries the I found his feet as well and self dies by political December three eighteen ninety four so then sold and if all this is true that is also through what Don said to Moses when Moses said God show me your glory why did God chat on the holidays are you excited for you now what I will not had to see my essay and why is how do you see the first in a once again the design of an interest to see his face on it we can do is go to you that solves all then what is the answer to the man who cries out like found in Romans seven twenty four all rights in and I am only sound I remember me from the body on this one in the answer Paul wanted to estimate the finance he wanted to them why am I having so much trouble one of the answer see God and God see how and what that is true and I want to take a look at segment is shut the fiber statements trust me with coming around the bend on this site encourages chapter five verse eight octets that we haven't this had always seen in one way and one way only second Corinthians chapter five verse eight notice what the Scripture says here second revision by birthday we don't message therefore we are always confident knowing that whilst we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord for he will not be publicized we are confident on student living rather to be absent from the body and to be present at the lower we think this person be saved this is what the verse does not mean the verse does not mean that when you die you go straight to the web I welcome there be a spiritual truth in this verse that we missed couldn't be really true that to be absent from our community outside the body anyway it means to be one for the so traditional that actually are sent from the body then and only then gently the president with the Lord of death moment in the gas is not the Christians will live the Christian school resurrection and unless we know that when the present died dies down goes straight to be with God they must be one they must be resurrected right into death and then when he comes again read an excerpt then we are with the Lord right someone I trust about Christmas means not only was a Christian I Colossus three one two one as it is trouncing the coming around the bend this is boot camp on the way yet with you but we are in the business running training here Colossians three verse one if you then be one reason with Christ seek thousands on one worker requested a moment I am not professional things about weapons of your four UI dad and your life is hid with Christ in God the Bible tells your anomaly once we die we should also be one resurrected and settled in a neutral doctor the from the honey is the present with the Lord abide with them and you can't even call it into the air so we let them so that we will meet him where in the air the lettuce season two six tells us that we are now in the air with Christ in heavenly places why because the guy been resurrected and called up into heaven please click the resurrection of the resurrection be a lesson for what the Christian must be experiencing on a daily basis now for you are dead the Bible says in fact Roland tells us that at the old body is crucified the Christian should be happening and I'll of body is so sure that when John Sassafras on three goals and things have not seen God is eternal what is the evidence of seeing the you are you following me when we inadvertently only say I'm not wishing to enter Singh also seen anything new old which is seeing old shows in new way we haven't seen why because we're not that I was an mother is enormous to thought of course is in his that is true in the opposite through Paul says to be at home in the body is to be absent from the Lord are you at home in the money are you at home in the flats are you yeah are you just checking back in the flesh to the home and nobody is to be absent from the Lord as I continue most like Dale in fact we were told that my view holding the holy legal she is one of the Bible say which of the change in a moment thank you in the twinkling of an eye I am really almost finished in a moment in the twin phenomenon this we are changed in a moment this electrolyte systems the moment the one everyone shows faith in the merits of the cost in nineteen sacrifices exercise claim in Christ is a personal savior that moment the sinner is justified before God are we changed in a moment now the moment we accept Christ we are shy chain and not listen to what she says justification and I I what is justification by faith it is the work of God is saying that we are all mad and that you didn't get back look at Revelation chapter one verse seventeen and see a picture of justification by faith John sees Jesus and he falls before you speak that assessment does not think the wife am not in the land of the command in the past and doing from now backwards it is not to outmaneuver himself when then see that all you nothing that's why John filed he saw his own nothingness why I thought he's on his own nothingness by Daniel design is not being that then they are prepared to be called the right price when they begin to train the dog on all day long I hold and they become changed into the same image is regeneration it is revealing that what is in his own real nature and that in itself he's worked with this is what job experience when he saw Jesus special testimonies A1 nine page sixty two this word we see Jesus in this book the reason why many of us are not falling down in the bus going old my is because we have not truly seeing him in this book off then Alan White said I laid on my pen and see impossible impossible for finite minds to grasp eternal truths and the holy principle to express their living input I spent a limit and helpless the rich currant of the case possession of my home being tried in vain my opinion and say old dog I think the items I know I am we simply didn't like crime and holy revelation I can never find language to express justice jobs so just as Daniel fell just as Isaiah fell when Ellen White opened this book have you found shows in this book that caused you to say have you seen Jesus because if you see self eleven tonight we have come to understand the nature of this book that we hold in our hands is infinite is ever expanding and it is best understood when we see Jesus in this when we see when we see this book as soon as is your desire tonight to let this mind be in you which was in Christ heavenly father is spoken for hearts tonight you granted us a glimpse of who you are through the nature of your book Lord help us to have on my such as your guide us Lord with your eyes not all the Lord help us to see one just things out of thy law Lorne let us know then that we may not have the matter your book was not written for this I know but for the poor behind me and assess many consequence Lord of the use of this book that with John with Isaiah and would then we may fall as one game five hundred dollars of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to his word we pray in Jesus amen a agency were introduced by Colorado amendment 's mission is to help prepare people for the coming of Jesus Christ I cleaned the supernatural power of the Lamb of God Therese Christianity for more information on our multimedia resources incurring on speaking to these log onto our website at www. power of the Lamb .com www. how were our homeland .com or call us at area code eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero eight oh five two two six eight zero zero thank you and God bless a new


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