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Experiencing the Power of Prayer

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • August 20, 2009
    7:00 AM
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as you suggest and how God has brought are you about and I know some of the key leaders very well and I know a bit about the similar interests and as a one liter put it yesterday most of that has been out of the gutter most of the world and one cannot achieve in other testimony to the power of God and we need to learn to connect with this God through the word and to bring it in with a word of prayer to God thank you for the privilege for the last month to give you thanks to repair the use not on the Christ honored that is not by the claimant BC I heard a link for agencies I work for this organization I enjoyed this story and this morning I fed began with a mission story back in two thousand for us finishing am excited and his university on the seminary and I was excited about going out for admissions my bloody the one thing I do not have in the blood was babysitting what the Lord wanted out for me to go out in Washington to what should be in charge of English ministry a creature and just like you know what the strict life they wanted an experienced it and I knew I was in trouble because I'm a big gift I just knew I had him needs and I'm not in trouble I know I would not survive there and that's my first sighting through the uprights I began training however it is the Parker morning devotional I do know how to pray but when you're desperate for the precious metal has been about half an hour in the morning and about half an hour in the afternoon spent about an hour and being in the back to see what the Charles Spurgeon integration feature of the nineteenth century he has said anything is a blessing which makes us he was in a Charles Spurgeon was an incredibly gifted and powerful creature some have said that he was the greatest preachers of apostolic times Gina why she was such a great is because he was amended for Charles Spurgeon said our gratitude one mentor Craig Finn says something about the value you place your and he says the first such a blessing that anything is a blessing I pray that God will humble in our lives amen I don't know what you're going through maybe you're going to financial troubles maybe you're going through relational marital troubles maybe you're going to be expecting figuring the downturns the blood platelet even balance a prolific author on prayer was written many volumes has said in his book the essentials of prayer Jesus prayer is of great value trouble trouble is under the control of Almighty God and is one of the most efficient agents in fulfilling his purposes and perfecting instincts as anyways I'm praying and a year later I have this team of praying leaders who believing in the power of prayer and reunited in praying for this church we've got answers that are indwelling God listening neighborliness and a year and a half later we had about seventy using adults and were saying Lord Roger just ourselves we exist here to do you want to take the gospel to enter the car how do we help our young people understand that we're here to be about your business and as we prayed the Lord gave us this idea of setting aside arguments offered on the third Sunday of each month and sending it overseas to help the less fortunate and since we are creative we thought of our less fortunate neighbors in Southeast Asia another visiting this idea this is because a missionary who'd visited our church for a mission rally on dignity inspiring talk any share this one quote all my income for workers page four sixty five cents to show a liberal self-denying spirit for the success of coordination is a sure way to dance the home missionary work for the prosperity of the homework because upon the reflex influence of evangelical work done countries of world in numerous places just deafening similar God will bless the local mission work if you get involved supporting before so we were inspired and so in December of two thousand five we decided to collect our first offering because archers can keep the list offered on the first and third status of each month we think and what we collect about you three hundred dollars in this offering each is that it were to die if we don't have one sabbaths of this offering but overseas it can make a world difference what people survive under the authority and so far first offering we collected two hundred eighty eight dollars and then in January we went to retreat but we decided they would cut we collect enough of a hundred and four dollars wealthy at a later I think that this tape now sitting in my office room for a few months by this missionary and I decided to listen to in this missionary will show you story after story but how he is moving forward it and how God was blessing and his that somehow never forget he said will never have enough money to finish the work how much will be in a million ten million hundred million he says we need to move forward in faith and trust the God of infinite resources to provide a sick guy he is so right I forgot on a step forward what can I do I don't believe that I have to be out of the will country in the malaria high risk area to see you do mighty things I believe that the United States is a great mission field and you will work ethic on what he wanted you and I thought about thirty seven this often we collected about you three hundred dollars on average I thought I charge my members to pray for others below but then I thought about the requirements for that unless and until offering I finally decided to take faith to pray for a thousand dollars offering and because in January we provide a rice for the people of Vietnam twenty dollars you get down for a month back then now we want to provide Bibles for their spiritual nourishment as I shut up in church a few theories that challenge my numbers this is what we pray for the next month no and we send out e-mail reminders every Saturday we made announcements in the next month God bless us with an offspring of four hundred four thousand three hundred eighty two dollars we were able to send over eight hundred seventy six was amazing the Sabbath before we had a visitor they came to announce that we were making money keep it up right and left a fifty dollars check on the Sabbath we were collecting another visitor who is eighty five what you must remember sister generously but he do not think that ought to think of is what the missionary would think the missionary on the tape would say God bless you Jacob which is the limit more and that the way you grow in faith and so we decided to ask October the twenty dollars suitability bamboo churches for the people of Cambodia three hundred members pray the next month God bless this with an offering of six thousand six hundred eighty four dollars so what do you do you guys are great bunch we decided to pray for a seventh on the offering we could support ten Bible workers in Vietnam for one year custody dollars a month to support one level worker workers who are risking their lives to tell others about Jesus and we prayed I pray the Lord bless us with an offering of eight thousand four hundred seventy dollars bill at this time we knew that the authors were coming in not because we were lucky and not because we wheezing money as some people suspected it wasn't because we had a lot of walking members of that we had to know a few physicians in our condition we knew that we had a prayer hearing printing and we set the God of that all which is the God of infinite resources and the work is so watch is the focus below the more one step in and ask God for whole ended five 4G is the descendent launched out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch and we just don't economist economist 's launch on the deep and so we decided to pray for fifteen thousand dollars to support the Cambodian antinomies radio ministries to provide radius once again encourage our members to pray and by this time our members were excited about right him you think I was doing something and the next month Douglas is offering a twenty two thousand seven hundred thirty dollars deposition during the winter singular bonus letter winner but it's not in the monthly print this off and the Lord impressed her and she turned in her bonus and not a friend down in the Melinda who two weeks earlier since unfortunate because of the story with enough money was flowing into lectures because people want to get involved on the Sabbath we are collecting more agonist phone call to spend them Linda and he says as if the subject of collective offering he says the Lord just impressed me in the morning during the morning devotions to send the double with our center so we got to be gotten from him and the rest of our members started sacrificially because they knew God was doing something and they wanted to be a part of it so what you do we decided Ascot for twenty five thousand dollars at this time we started contracting agency and asking them with the greatest needs were because with all the funds flowing into we wanted it to go with the need was the greatest once again we start praying this time we are praying for the Vietnamese youth evangelist project they were needing funds for this we were praying and praying the next month in June I was at the Auburn can be on the filling my responsibilities as an employer the conquest but our church we join locate claimant the waves decided they want to have church enough that it can be because he wanted to a cognitive walk after church I called one of our deacons who helped the money and and the deacon sounded a little discouraged he says we got a little over ten thousand dollars what do we do because up until then every set of numerical him him the Lord really prepared me for this experience dedicated to attend meetings I got a bunch of CDs from a friend of enduring spirit that Osborne who tells around the world talking about friend of the Christian life as I listened to his messages on prayer to shut the stories about how the individuals prayed to God for a specific amount and felt sure that the receipt and when the whole amount did not commit it is to wait on God and sure enough the remaining milking and the stories they prepared me and encouraged me so I told my I told her deacon we just need a new vote today just rejoice anything he got because we have prayed and believe such a sky one afternoon that they can talk it over with his wife and they decide to put in an extra five thousand which Ms. lets you it's invaluable what we pray for reprieve for twenty five law that evening one of our members got baptized at ten minutes and then we went to the numbers home for reception after the reception as I'm about to leave an individual purchasing and asked me how much came in and offered his that the Lord has impressed and other day to put in whatever is needed to cover the remaining I got back to him a few days later with the amount she wrote out a check for nine thousand some amount with the rest that trickled in a week twenty six thousand dollars way to we decided to pray for thirty thousand the offering without a fight for you about that the next day my knees in person I just so amazing where we go from here the and I was on the computer I remember world looking for perhaps office letter Allawi had written to Captain Norman Henry astounded daughters of God page one of seven NNM region is that it says someone said that assurance was given me to call it in America for help the Lord said continue to pray continue to ask I will move upon science and means will come in the way I appointed Vincent God are you speaking to me as a contributing single forward the Lord said I understand the whole case and I will send you help continue to pray half-baked than me it is for my name 's glory that you ask and you shall receive multimedia to move forward so we began praying for thirty thousand dollars for the Phnom Penh church planning project we received an offer of ten thousand and six dollars and fifty one cents to be exact what can we do we saw how God is vaguely provided we saw how God came through for us the month before that letter they all liked the God spoke to us through all we could use us move forward and a week went by and on the trickled in but we're eating twenty thousand dollars to meet our goal another weakness by LOL ventricles and not the twenty thousand dollars and saying Lord were waiting on you and look at promises like Romans chapter four twenty West speaks that Abraham saying he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened that they can employ single God help assist you continue moving forward in Faith doing a half weeks later I get this e-mail from associate director of a CPR she says that we were at ASI a donor approached us we do not prompt and in what areas to give he wrote out a check for twenty thousand dollars to support the church planning work in Phnom Penh in and we believe they got it compared at eight fifty exigent partners these prayers will be next set of global forty thousand and half that money came directly and tortures and the other half when therapy to ACP as you know cynical forty seven to make a long story short in one year the amount of money we saw flow directly into my church seventy union involved with over a hundred thousand dollars in one year as faithful as an easy back in May when we pray for the fifty thousand dollar offering I know where the money was I just got a constant phone but during that month as we were praying my wife and I felt impressed to put in the money in our bank account with offering we had a little I felt in our bank account we had with a mean everyone got pastor salary entities for everything that economic but we thought about the great needs and we thought it best to put the money and they also had a point on the school but have loans as they got the money that I have on my kid to help those less fortunate as far as my loans unless you declare them because you're worth the cash of burdens on the Lord and he shall sustain in and claim this promise in Psalms eighty one percent which I heard was George Mueller 's favorite promise said opening up white elephant and I just started clinging on step on the statement promise to God everyday Singapore I'm looking to you to come through for me on these loans is about seven months later in December an individual who knew about our loans approached me and says my stuff and I have talked it over and want to carry loans that got us the good I learned a few things from this experience the first thing I've learned is that where there is much prayer there is much blessing by the way also beautiful to see so many of you here this morning affirming the six fifteen in the morning is optional for those of you who like you come in and spend more time in prayer I love I love the motto of the Jefferson Baptist Church in Oregon Ricky Duke is a senior pastor much prayer much blessing that all prayer little blessing no per the blessing he will blessing Jesus says in Matthew seven seven and you'll receive seek and you will find knock and the door will be opened in phones two eight God says after me and I'll give you the nation 's again heritage and as it is the position what amazing promise in Matthew seven eleven Jesus if you evil know how to give good gifts to children how much more will your father in heaven give good just to those who ask revision three twenty now to him who is able to do exceedingly openly about all that we ask or think no wonder Paul in first Thessalonians five seventeen says pray cc from not just the mealtimes not just in the morning when eating or not just when crisis hits or simply when you have something you need from God the crane without ceasing it doesn't mean you have to be on your knees at all times but it means having a continuous attitude of communion with God the second thing I learned is that God is a rich provider we are called in dessert ages he's three thirty get out of a father has a thousand ways to provide breath of which we know nothing you know some ways of which God can provide maybe you have your own expense if you still have a thousand ways because of the thousand days of which we know nothing France whether you're going to a recession or depression you don't need to worry him and maybe you heard that a recession is when your neighbor does the job at depression is when you lose yours I don't know what you're going through recession or depression but if God is your provider and you have a connection with him you'll need a word in the we can pray the Lord for the economic downturn leading with Bonifay but there can learned is that when you step up to take a leap of faith God is so pleased and he shows you how previous they just point out his blessings on you in Hebrews eleven for success but without faith it is impossible to please him for he will come to God must believe that he is and he is a rewarder of them that there's any seek and the last thing I learned is that there is more power when God 's people unite to pray together and only says administered releases line nine page three of three the promises made on condition that the United prayers of the church are offered and answer any answer to these prayers there may be expected up our greater than that which comes in answer to prayer the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and for one another friends we want to spend some time each morning unites praying together I don't want to leave this this conference with just a lot of knowledge and want forth about how to study the Bible I will need this contact filled with the Holy Spirit and him and says he will give the Holy Spirit outpouring of voice the Chronicle seven verse fourteen we are told that my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face that I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal the answer at this time we want to get into groups the student groups of four suffice and want to pray together we want to humble ourselves we will seek his face and where pray that God would pour out his Spirit on us that God would bless these meetings that God would really be with our speakers especially as they seek to change the message that God wants to give less so at this time as the count against plaintiff will get into groups of four supplies and for each other will end with each other and are will add about seventy five when you hear a song leaders pinging URL 's time to read it and you can plaintiff in thing


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